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Wanting is what we do to survive, and we want only what isn't there ~ Adam Phillips
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Phillips
It's pretty easy to see that ... wealth doesn't really equal happiness. ~ Adam Yauch
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Yauch
(This was long after hairdressers; in truth, ever since there have been women, there have been hairdressers, Adam being the first, though the King James scholars do their very best to muddy this point.) ~ William Goldman
Alonda Adam quotes by William Goldman
The only way that Hollywood ever skews toward liberal is because part of what we make out of Hollywood involves writers, actors, directors, musicians, set designers, and photographers. In general, people like that are going to be more progressive, more open minded, a little more altruistic. ~ Adam McKay
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam McKay
Adam had never been powerful in his life.

Being the magician isn't about being powerful when you have things and useless when you don't. The magician sees what is out there and finds connections. The magician can make anything magical.

Now, are you the magician? Or aren't you? ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Alonda Adam quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
The task of the Church, I suggest, is not to determine which is the theory of the atonement, or which theory of the atonement has pride of place among others. Rather, following Thomas (who stands clearly in line with the majority position of the history of theology), we ought to witness to the fittingness of the atonement: to demonstrate how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brings together a wide array of benefits for the sake of the reconciliation of all things to God, that we might have as full an understanding as possible of the work God accomplished in Christ. ~ Adam J. Johnson
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam J. Johnson
Tell them, Gabrielle," Adam urged impatiently.
Blinking, Gabby nodded. "I have one of the, er… fairies here with me –"
"Tuatha Dé," Adam corrected irritably. "You're bloody well making me sound like Tinkerbell. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Alonda Adam quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Anger is a strong, protective emotion that can help us through a difficult situation. But it's also what's called a "presenting emotion," meaning it often shows itself first but underneath it are more vulnerable emotions, like hurt or sadness.

Anger's second purpose is to usher us into the deep emotions underneath it and to give us clues as to how we can be healed... this is a matter of asking questions.

The AHEN principle helps shape your questions...
What am I feeling?
What is the hurt beneath the anger?
What is the expectation beneath the hurt?
What is the need beneath the expectation? ~ Adam S. McHugh
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam S. McHugh
Cyrus wanted a woman to take care of Adam. He needed someone to keep house and cook, and a servant cost money. He was a vigorous man and needed the body of a woman, and that too cost money- unless you were married to it. Within two weeks Cyrus had wooed, wedded, bedded, and impregnated her. His neighbors did not find his action hasty. It was quite normal in that day for a man to use up three or four wives in a normal lifetime. p.19 ~ John Steinbeck
Alonda Adam quotes by John Steinbeck
A true party-man hates and despises candour. ~ Adam Smith
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Smith
There is no such thing as illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents. ~ J.Adam Snyder
Alonda Adam quotes by J.Adam Snyder
What happened to me is I gained a little weight so I could be more accessible to people. They're not like, 'Oh my God, he's, like, a male model comedian; yuck, ugh.' It's like, 'Oh, he's a little squishy; He's like me. He's accessible.' And girls are like, 'Look how cuddly he is. I just want to cuddle up in his neck fat and go to sleep.' ~ Adam DeVine
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam DeVine
September 11 happened, and all my friends were like, 'Let's join the military!' and I was the only one who actually did. ~ Adam Driver
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Driver
At least I can say that I'm honest. ~ Adam Lambert
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Lambert
I have never declared myself an Indigenous politician; I am not an Indigenous Chief Minister. ~ Adam Giles
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Giles
They were always coming together in surprising moments, going from easygoing to urgent in the space of a few breaths. She watched them kiss messily in the car in the driveway and she watched them tangle around each other in the laundry room and she watched Adam unbuckle Ronan's belt and slide his hand against skin. With intellectual curiosity, she watched ribs and hips and arms and legs and spines. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Alonda Adam quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
That's an interesting philosophical question. When your boner goes away, is that one gone ... forever? ~ Adam Carolla
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Carolla
I have crushes on women all the time. ~ Adam Lambert
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Lambert
Lawyers and other professionals are using Quora to build their reputation and build their bonafides. ~ Adam D'Angelo
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam D'Angelo
We have brains and we have books. ~ Adam Carolla
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Carolla
I represent an emerging group of leaders within the Jewish community who are conservatives; not just fiscal conservatives, but social conservatives as well. ~ Adam Hasner
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Hasner
I miss it: the smell of sand, sweat, and gunpowder, rings of salt from dried sweat on my pants' legs, and around my waist just under where my armor sits. ~ Adam Fenner
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Fenner
In the spirit of science, there really is no such thing as a 'failed experiment.' Any test that yields valid data is a valid test. ~ Adam Savage
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Savage
The story of Eve and the serpent, and of Noah and his ark, drops to a level with the Arabian Tales, without the merit of being entertaining, and the account of men living to eight and nine hundred years becomes as fabulous as the immortality of the giants of the Mythology. ~ Thomas Paine
Alonda Adam quotes by Thomas Paine
You don't get to keep ignoring the past because you don't like it. ~ Adam Silvera
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Silvera
Tamquam,' said Adam.
'Wait,' said Ronan.
'Tamquam,' he said again, gently.
'Alter idem,' Ronan said, and found himself alone. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Alonda Adam quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
And I'd noticed her eyes, the lightest blue, and alive, moving here and there and then staring straight on. And now there's darkness under her eyes like she hasn't slept well for too many days, almost like someone punched her just hard enough to leave a little black, a quarter-moon smudge under each eye. ~ Adam Berlin
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Berlin
We are all descendants of Adam, and we are all products of racial miscegenation. ~ Lester B. Pearson
Alonda Adam quotes by Lester B. Pearson
The earth had two children
A son named Adam
and a daughter ~ Karan Patade
Alonda Adam quotes by Karan Patade
Acting, believe it or not, can get very self-involved! I feel fortunate to have been able to work on things with people who have a very specific point of view and perspective, and who feel like they're doing something very active. ~ Adam Driver
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Driver
And even though he's the father of capitalism and wrote the most famous and maybe the best book ever on why some nations are rich and others are poor, Adam Smith in The Theory of Moral Sentiments wrote as eloquently as anyone ever has on the futility of pursuing money with the hope of finding happiness. How do you reconcile that with the fact that no one did more than Adam Smith to make capitalism and self-interest respectable? That is a puzzle I try to unravel toward the end of this book. Besides the emptiness of excessive materialism, Smith understood the potential we have for self-deception, the danger of unintended consequences, the seductive lure of fame and power, the limitations of human reason, and the unseen sources of what makes our lives both so complex and yet at times so orderly. The Theory of Moral Sentiments is a book of observations about what makes us tick. As a bonus, almost in passing, Smith tells us how to lead the good life in the fullest sense of that phrase. ~ Russ Roberts
Alonda Adam quotes by Russ Roberts
I get less and less sketching done at shows, as more and more people want to come up and talk or get stuff signed. Most requested character? Probably Catwoman. ~ Adam Hughes
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Hughes
I don't have to answer to you, Adam said, instantly and harshly. He brushed his pants off like he'd just buried his mother. ~ Daniel Handler
Alonda Adam quotes by Daniel Handler
I like to write about teenagers because it's such an uncertain and dramatic time. ~ Adam Rapp
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Rapp
I don't want want to go to jail, I'm fragile. ~ Adam Sandler
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Sandler
When it comes right down to it, developing a critical sensibility about parenting isn't really about disapproval; it's about honing your own sensibilities, figuring out how you want to parent. ~ Adam Mansbach
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Mansbach
You don't need fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with the desire to better themselves. ~ Adam Cooper
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Cooper
Casually, out of the view of Ronan, making sure Adam was still sleeping, Gansey dangled his hand between the driver's seat and the door. Palm up, fingers stretched back to Blue.
This was not allowed.
He knew it was not allowed, by rules he himself had set ... She would not see the gesture, anyway. She would ignore it if she did. His heart hummed.
Blue touched his fingertips.
Just this
He pinched her fingers lightly, just for a moment, and then he withdrew his hand and put it back on the wheel. His chest felt warm.
This was not allowed.
Ronan had not seen; Adam was still sleeping. The only casualty was his pulse.
-Page 36 <3 ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Alonda Adam quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Great ambition, the desire of real superiority, of leading and directing, seems to be altogether peculiar to man, and speech is the great instrument of ambition. ~ Adam Smith
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Smith
Answers are too often held in a closed fist, fingers wrapped tightly around them. They can isolate us and keep us in the same place, leaving us wondering why no one else is coming to us and our conclusions.
Questions balance on the tips of your outstretched fingers, open and welcoming, inviting fresh possibilities and refinement. Questions move you toward the world and toward community, drawing other into them and you into theirs. ~ Adam S. McHugh
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam S. McHugh
It is dull, Son of Adam, to drink without eating," said the Queen presently. "What would you like best to eat?"
"Turkish Delight, please, your Majesty," said Edmund. ~ C.S. Lewis
Alonda Adam quotes by C.S. Lewis
When I do stand-up shows at colleges, girls will talk to me after the show, and that always feels good. I like talking to them. ~ Adam Sandler
Alonda Adam quotes by Adam Sandler
The division in human religion has always been between those who see the fall of man as a fall into freedom and those who see it as an act of defiance against the tyranny of an all-powerful father. But Adam and Eve were never in heaven; they were in the mud, and had to leave the only home they had ever known behind. And why? For choosing love and freedom over perpetual infancy and slavery of the will. Their sin was moral responsibility. Their reward is clear: "They have becomes gods
knowing good and evil." And for that, they were condemned to live in a world of discovery and choices. ~ R. Joseph Hoffmann
Alonda Adam quotes by R. Joseph Hoffmann
Mr. Darcy was not repulsed by Miss Elizabeth Bennet!" "Who is Mr. Darcy?" Adam asked, sounding as confused as he looked. ~ Lily Maxton
Alonda Adam quotes by Lily Maxton
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