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I was stunned. The steppe seemed to burst into bloom, heaving a sigh and drawing aside the veil of darkness, and I saw two lovers in its vast expanse. They did not seem to notice me, it was as if I was not there. I was walking along and watching as they, oblivious to the world, swayed together in tune with the song. And I did not recognize them. It was the same old Daniyar in his shabby army shirt unbuttoned at the throat, but his eyes seemed to gleam in the gloom. it was my Jamilia clinging to him, yet so quiet and timid, with teardrops sparkling upon her eyelashes. They were newly born, uniquely happy people. Was this not true happiness? Was not Daniyar giving this inspired music utterly to her, was he not singing for her, singing about her? ~ Chingiz Aitmatov
Two Lovers quotes by Chingiz Aitmatov
We do not have to do anything without you, malish," Boris insisted.
They were in bed, cuddling after dinner as usual, and Hans kissed Thomas on the shoulder. "We aren't children. We can keep our libidos in check for a few hours."
"I don't want you to," Thomas said. "Yes, I'm jealous - of both of you, really. Not just Boris, anymore." Hans wasn't sure what that meant exactly, but he was glad to hear it. "But you're my boys, right?"
"Right," Hans and Boris answered in unison.
"I know Boris loves me. And, Hans… you care for me, don't you?"
"I care for you a lot." Hans wanted to say more than just that, but things weren't there for them. Not yet. Perhaps they never would be. Thomas and Boris were always going to be the couple, and Hans, no matter how long he stayed with them, would always be on the outside. "I feel the same way about Boris," he added truthfully.
Thomas smiled. He put his arms around his two lovers, pulling them close. "We care about you too, puppy."
"A lot," Boris added. ~ Jamie Fessenden
Two Lovers quotes by Jamie Fessenden
For me optimism is two lovers walking into the sunset arm in arm. Or maybe into the sunrise - whatever appeals to you. ~ Krzysztof Kieslowski
Two Lovers quotes by Krzysztof Kieslowski
An amorous night is to approach a state of perfection that only two lovers can reach; you see this requires--no it demands, implores the deepest reverence, trust, insatiable desire, and mad lust for her. To worship her by abolishing the weakness of fear, the fear of betrayal, infidelity, the lack of reciprocation and bequeathing the body and soul to her, to worship her, to yearn and gain her unfettered permission to her body and soul, to accept the primal desires the animal needs that dwell inside, yet to have passion, tender love-making and violent sex all in the same night, as one--approaching this perfection is approaching heaven on earth. ~ Jack Serv
Two Lovers quotes by Jack Serv
When sugar kisses your lips, it's like an early morning kiss between two lovers. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
Two Lovers quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
Mac Rebennack, better known as Dr. John, once told me that when a brass band plays at a small club back up in one of the neighborhoods, it's as if the audience--dancing, singing to the refrains, laughing--is part of the band. They are two parts of the same thing. The dancers interpret, or it might be better to say literally embody, the sounds of the band, answering the instruments. Since everyone is listening to different parts of the music--she to the trumpet melody, he to the bass drum, she to the trombone--the audience is a working model in three dimensions of the music, a synesthesic transformation of materials. And of course the band is also watching the dancers, and getting ideas from the dancers' gestures. The relationship between band and audience is in that sense like the relationship between two lovers making love, where cause and effect becomes very hard to see, even impossible to call by its right name; one is literally getting down, as in particle physics, to some root stratum where one is freed from the lockstop of time itself, where time might even run backward, or sideways, and something eternal and transcendent is accessed. ~ Tom Piazza
Two Lovers quotes by Tom Piazza
The Museum

Two lovers went to the museum and
wandered the
rooms. He saw a painting and stood in front
of it
for too long. It was a few minutes before she
realized he had gotten stuck. He was stuck
at a painting. She stood next to him, looking
at his
face and then the face in the painting. What
do you
see? she asked. I don't know, he said. He didn't know. She was disappointed, then bored. He
looking at a face and she was looking at her watch.
This is where everything changed. There was
a distance between them. He was looking at
a face
but it might as well have been a cabbage or a sugar beet. Perhaps it was something about
near pink. He didn't know how to say it.
Years later
he still didn't know how to say it, and she was gone. ~ Richard Siken
Two Lovers quotes by Richard Siken
People have become afraid of love because in love also, death penetrates. If two lovers are sitting side by side in deep love and intimacy, not even talking ... Talking is an escape, an escape from love. When two lovers are talking that simply shows they are avoiding the intimacy. Words in-between give distance - with no words distance disappears, death appears. In silence there is death just lurking around - a beautiful phenomenon. But people are so afraid that they go on talking whether it is needed or not. They go on talking about anything, everything - but they cannot keep silent. ~ Rajneesh
Two Lovers quotes by Rajneesh
A woman should live with two men; one more a lover and the other more a friend. ~ Leonor Fini
Two Lovers quotes by Leonor Fini
If one of two lovers is loyal, and the other jealous and false, how may their friendship last, for Love is slain! ~ Marie De France
Two Lovers quotes by Marie De France
All that two lovers want, is to be one with the other in a moment of ecstasy. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Two Lovers quotes by Abhijit Naskar
September morn Do you remember how we danced that night away Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play September morning still can make me feel this way. ~ Neil Diamond
Two Lovers quotes by Neil Diamond
These seven centers, these seven chakras Yoga and Tantra have talked about down the ages, are nothing but five knots in your body electric current. They can be changed; they can be rearranged. They can be given a new shape, form. Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting. ~ Rajneesh
Two Lovers quotes by Rajneesh
A SIZEABLE LEGACY HE LEFT her. It was a legacy of beautiful memories, of love and passion, of desire and ecstasy, of nearness and the myriad means of communication two lovers could find. It was a legacy of experience, both private and public, personal and professional, encompassing all she'd learned from their brief liaison. It was a legacy of pain, of hurt and heartache, of humiliation and distrust, of frustration and disillusionment, of the sheer hell of a loneliness made worse by comparison with what might have been. And, finally, there was the small gold heart she wore constantly, ruby-eyed and shining, a poignant reminder of that part of her own heart which was, now and forever, lost. ~ Barbara Delinsky
Two Lovers quotes by Barbara Delinsky
Waking, dreaming. She felt as if a woman torn between two lovers - one of them calm, and sweet, and still and good, and the other magnificent, stone-muscled and taciturn and bold enough to seize her and pull her close to him in the darkness of the night. ~ Gord Sellar
Two Lovers quotes by Gord Sellar
A relationship wants to destroy itself and will work toward this end. When two lovers first meet, a destructive sequence begins. ~ Matthew Revert
Two Lovers quotes by Matthew Revert
Two lovers, two hearts, one soul.
Only joined can they be truly complete.
Only joined can they survive the darkness. ~ C.L. Wilson
Two Lovers quotes by C.L. Wilson
In that moment, the moon and the sun shared the sky. For all of eternity, the moon and sun have chased each other around the world. Long into the future, they will continue this chase, merging the days into months into years into centuries, until the day the sun cannot take the separation any longer and she shatters, engulfing the moon and everything else in a burst of light. Most will call it the day of final judgment. The end. To the sun and the moon, it will only be the beginning.
For the smallest of instants each day, they pause in this chase. They pause and look back at one another, smiling as if sharing a secret. Two lovers that can never exist as one, except in that single, brief instant. Lying there, Persephone smiled too. And as quickly as a smile parts two lips, the two sky wanderers parted ways. The chase was on again. Night gave way to day.
That is true love, she had always thought. No force but love can impel one to step willingly into the shadows so that the other may shine. ~ Kelseyleigh Reber
Two Lovers quotes by Kelseyleigh Reber
When King Mark heard of the death of these two lovers, he crossed the sea and came into Brittany; and he had two coffins hewn, for Tristan and Iseult, one of chalcedony for Iseult, and one of beryl for Tristan. And he took their beloved bodies away with him upon his ship to Tintagel, and by a chantry to the left and right of the apse he had their tombs built round. But in one night there sprang from the tomb of Tristan a green leafy briar, strong in branches and in the scent of its flowers. It climbed the chantry and fell to root again by Iseult's tomb. Thrice did the peasants cut it down, but thrice it grew again as flowered and as strong. They told the marvel to King Mark, and he forbade them to cut the briar any more. ~ Joseph Bedier
Two Lovers quotes by Joseph Bedier
You're so beautiful," he said on a slow exhale. "It hurts to look at you." She sighed helplessly, swaying into him as her eyes drifted closed and wishing - desperately wishing - she could ask him to come home and make love to her. She was positive he knew far more about making love than she did (she'd only had two lovers since losing her virginity at twenty, and she thought of them as Bad and Worse) and would be an exceptional teacher. A distant corner of her mind warned she'd gone ~ Ann Christopher
Two Lovers quotes by Ann Christopher
The two lovers walked among the willow trees, and the oneness of each was a language speaking of the oneness of both; and an ear listening in silence to the inspiration of love; and a seeing eye seeing the glory of happiness. "Astarte has brought back our souls to this life so that the delights of love and the glory of youth might not be forbidden us, my beloved. ~ Kahlil Gibran
Two Lovers quotes by Kahlil Gibran
To express the love of two lovers by the marriage of two complementary colours, their blending and their contrast, the mysterious vibrations of related tones. To express the thought of a brow by the radiance of a light tone against a dark background. To express hope by some star. Someone's passion by the radiance of the setting sun. That's certainly no realistic trompe l'oeil, but something that really exists, isn't it? ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Two Lovers quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
Heartache may be bad for the soul, but it's great for bookshops. It's when we are at our lowest romantic ebb that we are likely to do the bulk of our life's reading. Adolescents who can't get a date are in a uniquely privileged position: they will have the perfect chance to get grounding in world literature. There is perhaps an important connection between love and reading, there is perhaps a comparable pleasure offered by both.

A feeling of connection may be at the root of it. There are books that speak to us, no less eloquently - but more reliably - than our lovers. They prevent the morose suspicion that we do not fully belong to the human species, that we lie beyond comprehension. Our embarrassments, our sulks, our feelings of guilt, these phenomena may be conveyed on a page in a way that affords us with a sense of self-recognition. The author has located words to depict a situation we thought ourselves alone in feeling, and for a few moments, we are like two lovers on an early dinner date thrilled to discover how much they share (and unable to touch much of the seafood linguine in front of them, so busy are they fathoming the eyes opposite), we may place the book down for a second and stare at its spine with a wry smile, as if to say, "How lucky I ran into you. ~ Alain De Botton
Two Lovers quotes by Alain De Botton
Then between Sixth Street and Seventh Street, my mood was vastly improved when I passed a good-looking dog, a dark brown Lab. We locked eyes for a moment - two lovers from a former life reunited - and I felt quite happy. ~ Jonathan Ames
Two Lovers quotes by Jonathan Ames
I don't want to go through it all again. All that time without you, always waiting, my foolish optimism that someday it would be different-"
"Your optimism was justified! Look at me. Look at us! This is different. I know it is, Daniel. I saw us in Helston and Tibet and Tahiti. We were in love, sure, but it was nothing like what we have now."
They'd dropped back farther, out of earshot of the others. They were just Luce and Daniel, two lovers talking in the sky. "I'm still here," she said. "I'm here because you believed in us. You believed in me."
"I did-I do believe in you."
"I believe in you, too." She heard a smile enter her voice. "I always have."
They were not going to fail. ~ Lauren Kate
Two Lovers quotes by Lauren Kate
The objective of two lovers is almost always the same; to find meaning in their individual lives and in their life together. ~ Paul Pearsall
Two Lovers quotes by Paul Pearsall
We are just a few atoms
In the vast universe, stardust,
Yet who can measure the sum
Of two lovers and what's between us ~ Eric Overby
Two Lovers quotes by Eric Overby
The tallest and oldest trees that seemed to have just have casually always been there, hold the greatest love: as it nurtures love for others: providing shade for two lovers, becoming home for birds to build a nest, and giving food to the squirrels whom scurry upon it. ~ Forrest Curran
Two Lovers quotes by Forrest Curran
'WHEN two lovers are making love, and if they are both no-selves, nothingness, then a spontaneous pleasurable sensation happens. Then their body energy, their whole being, loses all identity; they are no more themselves - they have fallen into abyss. But this can happen only for a moment: again they regain, again they start clinging. That's why people become afraid in love.' ~ Rajneesh
Two Lovers quotes by Rajneesh
Two things of opposite natures seem to depend
On on another, as Logos depends
On Eros, day on night, the imagined
On the real. This is the origin of change.
Winter and spring, cold copulars, embrace
And forth the particulars of rapture come.
Music falls on the silence like a sense
A passion that we feel, not understand.
Morning and afternoon are clasped together
And North and South are an intrinsic couple
And sun and rain a plural, like two lovers
That walk away together as one in the greenest body. ~ Wallace Stevens
Two Lovers quotes by Wallace Stevens
Daybreak has extraordinary hypnotizing influence,
On us, idealistic observers.
When red sun slowly reveals on the rivers surface,
like in a mirror,
It reminds of two lovers embracing,
Just by looking into each others eyes.
In such deep and serious commitment,
Without unnecessary words,
That spoil the instant of confidence.
Water is not stopping it's course,
Neither does the sun.
That's what makes it so exceptional,
So magnificent.
The only tie is their gentle admiration,
As their love is greater than space separating.

And who ever had the chance, to witness that, just once,
Shouldn't say he haven't found God. ~ Aleksandra Ninkovic
Two Lovers quotes by Aleksandra Ninkovic
The first undressing of two lovers is a most special event. ~ Saul Bellow
Two Lovers quotes by Saul Bellow
She'd read books that said two lovers' hearts could race as one. This wasn't true for Miyoung. Her heart chased Jihoon's, speeding in a breakneck sprint to catch up. ~ Kat Cho
Two Lovers quotes by Kat Cho
Even if the two lovers are mature and experienced people who know that broken hearts heal in the end and can clearly foresee that, if they once steeled themselves to go through the present agony of parting, they would almost certainly be happier ten years hence than marriage is at all likely to make them - even then, they would not part. ~ C.S. Lewis
Two Lovers quotes by C.S. Lewis
Beneath the kiss itself, it is its meaning that interests us - which is why the desire to kiss someone can be decisively reduced (as it may need be, for instance, when two lovers are already married to other people) by a declaration of that desire - a confession which may in itself be so erotic as to render the actual kiss superfluous. ~ Alain De Botton
Two Lovers quotes by Alain De Botton
Though your vulgarian does not readily admit that feelings can change overnight, certainly two lovers often part far more abruptly than they came together. ~ Honore De Balzac
Two Lovers quotes by Honore De Balzac
Prayer is naught else but a yearning of soul ... it draws down the great God into the little heart; it drives the hungry soul up to the plenitude of God; it brings together these two lovers, God and the soul, in a wondrous place where they speak much of love. ~ Mechthild Of Magdeburg
Two Lovers quotes by Mechthild Of Magdeburg
The Sea of Glass
I looked and saw a sea
roofed over with rainbows,
In the midst of each
two lovers met and departed;
Then the sky was full of faces
with gold glories behind them ~ Ezra Pound
Two Lovers quotes by Ezra Pound
One can imagine the look the two lovers exchanged; it was like a flame, for virtuous lovers have not a shred of hypocrisy. ~ Honore De Balzac
Two Lovers quotes by Honore De Balzac
'Romeo And Juliet' is the classic love story. When two lovers are separated and trying to get back to one another, that's fiercely romantic and something you become glued to. ~ Saoirse Ronan
Two Lovers quotes by Saoirse Ronan
The shrieks were coming from two quite naked girls, who were pursued by a pair of apes snapping at their bottoms. [...] So he now raises his double-barrelled Spanish rifle, fires and kills both apes. 'God be praised, my dear Calambo! I have delivered these two poor creatures from grave peril; if it was a sin to kill an Inquisitor and a Jesuit, I have made ample amends by saving the lives of two girls [...]'
He was about to continue, but words failed him when he saw the two girls throw their arms lovingly around the two apes and collapse in tears over their corpses, filling the air with the most pitiful lamentations. 'I was not expecting quite so much tenderness of heart,' he said at last to Cacambo, who replied: 'You've excelled yourself this time, Master; you have just despatched the two lovers of these young ladies.' '-Their lovers! Is it possible? You're making fun of me, Cacambo; how could anyone believe in such a thing?' - 'My dear Master,' retorted Cacambo, 'you are always astounished by everything; why do you find it so strange that in some countries it is apes who enjoy the favours of young ladies? After all, they are one-quarter human, just as I am one-quarter Spanish. ~ Voltaire
Two Lovers quotes by Voltaire
This practice of arranging the marriage of a dead person was uncommon, usually held in order to placate a spirit. A deceased concubine who had produced a son might be officially married to elevate her status to a wife. Or two lovers who died tragically might be united after death. That much I knew. But to marry the living to the dead was a rare and, indeed, dreadful occurrence. ~ Yangsze Choo
Two Lovers quotes by Yangsze Choo
Equally disagreeable is the man who, when leaving in the middle of the night, takes care to fasten the cord of his headdress. This is quite unnecessary; he could perfectly well put it gently on his head without tying the cord. And why must he spend time adjusting his cloak or hunting costume? Does he really think that someone may see him at this time of night and criticize him for not being impeccably dressed?

A good lover will behave as elegantly at dawn as at any other time. He drags himself out of bed with a look of dismay on his face. The lady urges him on: "Come, my friend, it's getting light. You don't want anyone to find you here." He gives a deep sigh, as if to say that the night has not been nearly long enough and that it is agony to leave. Once up, he does not instantly pull on his trousers. Instead, he comes close to the lady and whispers whatever was left unsaid during the night. Even when he is dressed, he still lingers, vaguely pretending to be fastening his sash.

Presently he raises the lattice, and the two lovers stand together by the side door while he tells her how he dreads the coming day, which will keep them apart; then he slips away. The lady watches him go, and this moment of parting will remain among her most charming memories.

Indeed, one's attachment to a man depends largely on the elegance of his leave-taking. When he jumps out of bed, scurries about the room, tightly fastens his trouser-sash, rolls up the sleeves of ~ Sei Shonagon
Two Lovers quotes by Sei Shonagon
We were so intimate that it wasn't possible to flirt or fall in love with one another. For love, there has to be a distance across which the lovers can approach one another. The approach is of course an illusion, because love in fact separate people. Love is a polarity. Two lovers are the two oppositely charged poles of the universe. ~ Antal Szerb
Two Lovers quotes by Antal Szerb
They caught up with each other's news casually, leaving long, cosy gaps of silence in which to go to work on their muffins and coffees. Jerome - after two months of having to be witty and brilliant in a strange town among strangers - appreciated the gift of it. People talk about the happy quiet that can exist between two lovers, but this too was great; sitting between his sister and his brother, saying nothing, eating. ~ on the comforts of home. ~ Zadie Smith
Two Lovers quotes by Zadie Smith
When two lovers discover a language of their own. ~ Saleem Sharma
Two Lovers quotes by Saleem Sharma
That night two lovers whispering under the lead canopy of the church were killed by their own passion. Their effusion of words, unable to escape through the Saturnian discipline of lead, so filled the spaces of the loft that the air was all driven away. The lovers suffocated, but when the sacristan opened the tiny door the words tumbled him over in their desire to be free, and were seen flying across the city in the shape of doves. ~ Jeanette Winterson
Two Lovers quotes by Jeanette Winterson
To express the love of two lovers by a marriage of two complementary colors, their mingling and their opposition, the mysterious vibrations of Kindred tones. To express the thought of a brow by the radiance of light tone against a somber background; to express hope by some star, the eagerness of a soul by a sunset radiance. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Two Lovers quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
We got quiet. The garden was combing her hair and putting on earrings. The house was full of dancing creatures, not male and female but both, two lovers in one body. The books downstairs were reciting their poetry to each other, rubbing together, whispering through the leather covers. Wine was flowing through the water pipes. You had caught my leaping heart in your hand like a fish. ~ Francesca Lia Block
Two Lovers quotes by Francesca Lia Block
The more familiar two people become, the more the language they speak together departs from that of the ordinary, dictionary-defined discourse. Familiarity creates a new language, an in-house language of intimacy that carries reference to the story the two lovers are weaving together and that cannot be readily understood by others. ~ Alain De Botton
Two Lovers quotes by Alain De Botton
Prayer, said Mechthild of Magdeburg, brings together two lovers, God and the soul, in a narrow room where they speak much of love: and here the rules which govern that meeting are laid down by a master's hand. ~ Anonymous
Two Lovers quotes by Anonymous
I'm thinking, he said. To bed or not to bed his wife? That was the question. ~ Maya Rodale
Two Lovers quotes by Maya Rodale
I see two lovers looking over the edge of the cauldron of hell. Are they contemplating a double suicide? This means their love will end in hell.' I couldn't stop laughing. ~ Banana Yoshimoto
Two Lovers quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
there is a list of questions
i want to ask but never will
there is a list of questions
i go through in my head
every time i'm alone
and my mind can't stop itself from searching for you
there is a list of questions i want to ask
so if you're listening somewhere
here i am asking them

what do you think happens
to the love that's left behind
when two lovers leave
how blue do you think it gets
before it passes away
does it pass away
or does it still exist somewhere
waiting for us to come back
when we lied to ourselves by
calling this unconditional and left
which one of us hurt more
i shattered into a million little pieces
and those pieces shattered into a million more
crumbled into dust till
there was nothing left of me but the silence

tell me how love
how did the grieving feel for you
how did the mourning hurt
how did you peel your eyes open after every blink
knowing i'd never be there staring back

it must be hard to live with what ifs
there must always be this constant dull aching
in the pit of your stomach
trust me
i feel it too
how in the world did we get here
how did we live through it
and how are we still living

how many months did it take
before you stopped thinking of me
or are you still thinking of me
cause if you are
then maybe i am too
thin ~ Rupi Kaur
Two Lovers quotes by Rupi Kaur
With two lovers there is always one who loves and one who lets himself be loved; it is bitter truth to which most of us have to resign ourselves; but now and then there are two who love and two who let themselves be loved. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Two Lovers quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
I had a dream about you. We were two lovers disguised as librarians. We met in the non-fiction section, and that's the truth. Or at least that's what we told your parents. They didn't need to know where we really met - in the smut section, the corner with all the political biographies. ~ Jarod Kintz
Two Lovers quotes by Jarod Kintz
The beauty of traveling is understood along the way rather than at the end of the journey, just as the purpose of marriage isn't about becoming Mr. and Mrs.'s, but is about the love that is expressed on a daily basis between two lovers. A journey is not made up of the destinations that we arrive at, but is composed within every step and each breath we make. ~ Forrest Curran
Two Lovers quotes by Forrest Curran
If you will die for me, I will die for you and our graves will be like two lovers washing their clothes together in a laundromat If you will bring the soap I will bring the bleach. ~ Richard Brautigan
Two Lovers quotes by Richard Brautigan
I had written 'Two Lovers' before we started shooting 'We Own the Night.' ~ James Gray
Two Lovers quotes by James Gray
How queer it was for two lovers to suddenly turn into strangers? ~ Diyar Harraz
Two Lovers quotes by Diyar Harraz
Forever is not a word ... rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there. ~ Stephanie
Two Lovers quotes by Stephanie
The two lovers then hugged & embraced each other as Zeus said that he had to leave soon: he did not want the Gods & Goddesses of Olympus to get too worked up about his disappearance. Then Aphrodite kissed her beloved on the lips & pressed his mouth open with her tongue. And their tongues made contact & liked the feel of each other. And so they kissed with their tongues lashing excitedly in each other`s mouth, with love & passion. And that was the first time Gods & Goddesses kissed that way. ~ Nicholas Chong
Two Lovers quotes by Nicholas Chong
I am always in the hope to express the love of two lovers by a marriage of two complementary colors - colors which marry each other ... complement each other as a man and a woman do. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Two Lovers quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
Victoria was just as much in love with me as I was with her. We could not bear to be apart for a single second. We were like two lovers shipwrecked on a desert island. There was no world outside our love. ~ Andy Gibb
Two Lovers quotes by Andy Gibb
Once every hundred years, two souls are brought together through the veil of time. They are deemed the chosen ones by the Fae. Through their acts of kindness, generosity, and love to others, they often neglect to find their one true love. Their devotion to aiding others blinds them to their own happiness, leaving them alone.
Time is fleeting and only the strongest and purest of heart will be able to capture the spark of love. If the ember ceases to grow, then on the stroke of midnight on the Winter Solstice the two lovers will be returned to their own time. The doors of past and present to be closed forever.
In this year, 2016, the Fae have chosen Cormac Blaine Murray and Eve Catherine Brannigan to receive this special blessing – a chance of love – everlasting.
When the light of true love whispers in their hearts, Cormac and Eve must trust and believe in the magic that brought them together before the sands of time vanish into the mists of the Highlands. ~ Mary Morgan
Two Lovers quotes by Mary   Morgan
In addition to her boulangerie and fromagerie French, she knew enough of the language to realize that the title of Rodin's sculpture, Le Baiser in French, was part of its subversion. For baiser in French could mean either the innocence of a kiss or the animalistic quality of a f*ck. One could say le baiser and refer to a kiss, but if one said, Baise-moi, one was begging to be f*cked. Both innocence and begging were wrapped up in the embrace of these two lovers whose lips never touched: frozen together, yet separated for all eternity. Julia wanted to free them from their frozen embrace, and she secretly hoped her thesis would allow her to do so. ~ Sylvain Reynard
Two Lovers quotes by Sylvain Reynard
SAUL: 'We made love outdoors, my favorite place to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and dripping with sweat. ~ Roman Payne
Two Lovers quotes by Roman Payne
When Jesus says, 'Take, eat. This is my body that was broken for you,' He says, I want my body in you. (Pause ... shouts and claps) I want my blood in you. And every time you celebrate this rite, it is a reminder that you belong to me, and I belong to you. And he said, 'I will drink no more wine until I drink it new with you and the kingdom of God. Communion is the most romantic ordinance. Eh, Eh, Eh. (He laughs. Pause ... the audience shouts and claps.) It is the most romantic ordinance between two lovers. ~ T.D. Jakes
Two Lovers quotes by T.D. Jakes
The two lovers were inseparable. Well, I guess death could split them up. So could Ryan Gosling, because she has a thing for him. So does he, matter of fact. ~ Jarod Kintz
Two Lovers quotes by Jarod Kintz
It is universally allowed that, though nothing can be more interesting in itself than the conversation of two lovers, yet nothing can be more insipid in detail - just as the heavenly fragrance of the rose becomes vapid and sickly under all the attempts made to retain and embody its exquisite odor. ~ Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
Two Lovers quotes by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
Friendship between two women is always a plot against another one. ~ Alphonse Karr
Two Lovers quotes by Alphonse Karr
True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united. ~ Wilhelm Von Humboldt
Two Lovers quotes by Wilhelm Von Humboldt
Mr. Sue Me, one day we'll be reunited with our own two angels. If you get there before me, tell them I love them and never forgot. I'll do the same for you. ~ Tara Sue Me
Two Lovers quotes by Tara Sue Me
According to the dictionary, knock has two definitions: "to strike something with a sharp blow," and "to find fault with, a harsh and often petty criticism." Perhaps in human relationships both of these meanings could apply. Almost all men will respond to sincere praise and rebel at harsh and cutting criticisms. ~ Marvin J. Ashton
Two Lovers quotes by Marvin J. Ashton
When I wasn't working I didn't know what to do with myself and sort of didn't exist, in a way, when I wasn't working, so I was like two different people. I am not like that anymore. ~ Michelle Pfeiffer
Two Lovers quotes by Michelle Pfeiffer
Kaizen and innovation are the two major strategies people use to create change. Where innovation demands shocking and radical reform, all kaizen asks is that you take small, comfortable steps toward improvement. ~ Robert D. Maurer
Two Lovers quotes by Robert D. Maurer
The mystery of the Holy Night, which historically happened two thousand years ago, must be lived as a spiritual event in the 'today' of the Liturgy," the Pope clarified. "The Word who found a dwelling in Mary's womb comes to knock on the heart of every person with singular intensity this Christmas. ~ Pope John Paul II
Two Lovers quotes by Pope John Paul II
The choice in politics isn't usually between black and white. It's between two horrible shades of gray. ~ Peter Thorneycroft, Baron Thorneycroft
Two Lovers quotes by Peter Thorneycroft, Baron Thorneycroft
The first two concepts - morality and immorality - are well understood in America: codes and boundaries of behavior are set by principles, doctrines, dictate, or convention. It's the third one - amorality - that is largely misunderstood but crucial to identify and comprehend. Amorality is a state of affairs where there are no moral principles or rules to follow or betray. None. Even though a culture may have rules regarding physical behavior, if there are no moral standards regarding truth, for example, then one cannot be right or wrong in such a societal vacuum because there is nothing to be right or wrong about. Therefore, even if lip service to the virtue of truth telling exists on one level or another, lying is firmly established in many cultures as an amoral practice. ~ Alexandra York
Two Lovers quotes by Alexandra York
Cosette, in her seclusion, like Marius in his, was all ready to take fire. Destiny, with its mysterious and fatal patience, was slowly bringing these two beings near each other, fully charged and all languishing with the stormy electricities of passion, - these two souls which held love as two clouds hold lightning, and which were to meet and mingle in a glace like clouds in a flash.
The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only. The rest is only the rest, and comes afterwards. Nothing is more real than these great shocks which two souls give each other in exchanging this spark.
At that particular moment when Cosette unconsciously looked with this glance which so affected Marius, Marius had no suspicion that he also had a glance which affected Cosette. ~ Victor Hugo
Two Lovers quotes by Victor Hugo
His mind refused to accept that what he was hearing was laughter, and that it was coming from a human throat. He scrambled backward, and the shadowy figure leaped forward, grabbing at his trailing leg with an outstretched hand. As soon as its grip latched onto his ankle, he started screaming and kicking. The figure laughed, fighting to snare both his legs, and his cries of terror brought the other two back. They loomed over him, faces that he knew but that were distorted and pale in the moonlight. There ~ Neal Stephenson
Two Lovers quotes by Neal Stephenson
And the women spread their ntsaroz and sit on one side, the men on the other, like they are two different rivers that are not supposed to meet. ~ NoViolet Bulawayo
Two Lovers quotes by NoViolet Bulawayo
Why was the human race created? Or at least why wasn't something creditable created in place of it? God had His opportunity. He could have made a reputation. But no, He must commit this grotesque folly - a lark which must have cost Him a regret or two when He came to think it over and observe effects. ~ Mark Twain
Two Lovers quotes by Mark Twain
If you buy all the stocks selling at or below two times earnings, you will lose money on half of them because instead of making profits they will actually lose money, but you will only lose a dollar or so a share at most. Then others will be mediocre performers. But the remaining big winners will go up and produce fabulous results and also ensure a good overall result. ~ John Templeton
Two Lovers quotes by John Templeton
The table is silent again while we mull that over. Then Sophie reminds us that she dated a gay guy for two years.

"Dating sucks," I conclude.

"I got kicked out a guy's apartment once," Everly offers as her contribution to dating horror stories.

"You broke into his apartment, Everly. You stole his key and broke in. You're his dating horror story, not the other way around," I remind her while Sophie and Sandra laugh.

"Minor detail, Chloe. ~ Jana Aston
Two Lovers quotes by Jana Aston
The more we thought, the more they all sounded boring compared to Apple. You didn't have to have a real specific reason for choosing a name when you were a little tiny company of two people; you choose any name you want. ~ Steve Wozniak
Two Lovers quotes by Steve Wozniak
Very slowly, using only two fingers, Annabeth drew her dagger. Instead of dropping it, she tossed it as far as she could into the water.
Octavian made a squeaking sound. "What was that for? I didn't say toss it! That could've been evidence. Or spoils of war!"
Annabeth tried for a dumb-blonde smile, like: Oh, silly me. Nobody who knew her would have been fooled. But Octavian seemed to buy it. He huffed in exasperation.
"You other two…" He pointed his blade at Hazel and Piper. "Put your weapons on the dock. No funny bus - "
All around the Romans, Charleston Harbor erupted like a Las Vegas fountain putting on a show. When the wall of seawater subsided, the three Romans were in the bay, spluttering and frantically trying to stay afloat in their armor. Percy stood on the dock, holding Annabeth's dagger.
"You dropped this," he said, totally poker-faced.
Annabeth threw her arms around him. "I love you!"
"Guys," Hazel interrupted. She had a little smile on her face. "We need to hurry. ~ Rick Riordan
Two Lovers quotes by Rick Riordan
That was interesting.Who was that?"
Matt looks unhappy. "What?" I ask him.
"You'll talk to that guy,but you won't talk to us anymore?"
"Sorry," I mumble, and climb out of his car. "He's just a friend.Thanks for the ride."
Matt gets out,too. Cherrie starts to follow,but he throws her a sharp look. "So what does that mean?" he calls out. "We aren't friends anymore? You're bailing on us?"
I trudge toward the house. "I'm tired, Matt.I'm going to bed."
He follows anyway.I dig out my house key,but he grabs my wrist to stop me from opening the door. "Listen,I know you don't want to talk about it,but I just have this one thing to say before you go in there and cry yourself to sleep-"
"Toph isn't a nice guy.He's never been a nice guy. I don't know what you ever saw in him.He talks back to everyone, he's completely unreliable, he wears those stupid fake clothes-"
"Why are you telling me this?" I'm crying again.I pull my wrist from his grasp.
"I know you didn't like me as much as I liked you. I know you would have rather been with him,and I dealth with that a long time ago.I'm over it."
The shame is overwhelming. Even though I knew Matt was aware that I liked Toph,it's awful to hear him say it aloud.
"But I'm still your friend." He's exasperated. "And I'm sick of seeing you waste your energy on that jerk. You've spent all this time afraid to talk about what was going on between you two,but if you'd bothered to ju ~ Stephanie Perkins
Two Lovers quotes by Stephanie Perkins
Public television goes dark only in two circumstances: when a country is occupied by foreign forces or when there is a coup. ~ Alexis Tsipras
Two Lovers quotes by Alexis Tsipras
The examples seemed to fall into two categories: girls who used sweetness and girls who used pluck. ~ Marisa De Los Santos
Two Lovers quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
The only two things that scare me are God and the IRS. ~ Dr. Dre
Two Lovers quotes by Dr. Dre
Daddy," Ava says seriously, "it's been two years since Mama died. Uncle Cam says if you don't use it - it will fall off and die. I'm pretty sure he was talking about your heart. Everyone needs someone to love. ~ Jillian Dodd
Two Lovers quotes by Jillian Dodd
Round up and deport two million aliens who committed crimes. ~ John McCain
Two Lovers quotes by John McCain
And be careful of this, that each day at your meals you have two overseers over your household when you sit at meals, and of this be sure, that you shall be very much feared and reverenced. ~ Robert Grosseteste
Two Lovers quotes by Robert Grosseteste
The costumes of these two ladies seemed to me like the materialisation, snow-white or patterned with colour, of their inner activity, and, like the gestures which I had seen the Princesse de Guermantes make and which, I had no doubt, corresponded to some latent idea, the plumes which swept down from her forehead and her cousin's dazzling and spangled bodice seemed to have a special meaning, to be to each of these women an attribute which was hers and hers alone. ~ Marcel Proust
Two Lovers quotes by Marcel Proust
And what would you have me say? (Lorelei)
That you love me, too, would be nice. Especially given the fact that I look like a complete ass kneeling here in front of you while two hundred men watch. (Jack) ~ Kinley MacGregor
Two Lovers quotes by Kinley MacGregor
This is nuts," Travis said, putting A Tale of Two Cities back where he'd gotten it. "I'm giving plot synopses to a dog, for God's sake!" Dropping ~ Dean Koontz
Two Lovers quotes by Dean Koontz
The only two places where I can read for long stretches are in airplanes and in bed at nighttime. ~ Khaled Hosseini
Two Lovers quotes by Khaled Hosseini
I would be lying if I said I cut out all dessert. When I'm training, I try to satisfy those cravings with a slightly healthier dessert, like a piece of dark chocolate or whipped cream and strawberries. Those are two of my favorites! ~ Josie Loren
Two Lovers quotes by Josie Loren
My whole teaching consists of two words, meditation and love. Meditate so that you can feel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, if you can move without any effort, you have learned the greatest thing in life. ~ Osho
Two Lovers quotes by Osho
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