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But the thoughts in his head were too exciting and they came fast. He thought, maybe, the love energy that couldn't find a host in a world full of selfish humans had somehow been attracted to him and formed that strange, unique power he had. "The Gift" was actually a smack down from God, wasn't it? Retribution. The atomic bomb of love energy. But maybe Vegas could reverse things and save the humans he was sent to destroy. ~ Charlie Fey
Save The Humans quotes by Charlie Fey
The deep roar of the ocean.

The break of waves on farther shores that thought can find.

The silent thunders of the deep.

And from among it, voices calling, and yet not voices, humming trillings, wordlings, and half-articulated songs of thought.

Greetings, waves of greetings, sliding back down into the inarticulate, words breaking together.

A crash of sorrow on the shores of Earth.

Waves of joy on--where? A world indescribably found, indescribably arrived at, indescribably wet, a song of water.

A fugue of voices now, clamoring explanations, of a disaster unavertable, a world to be destroyed, a surge of helplessness, a spasm of despair, a dying fall, again the break of words.

And then the fling of hope, the finding of a shadow Earth in the implications of enfolded time, submerged dimensions, the pull of parallels, the deep pull, the spin of will, the hurl and split of it, the fight. A new Earth pulled into replacement, the dolphins gone.

Then stunningly a single voice, quite clear.

"This bowl was brought to you by the Campaign to Save the Humans. We bid you farewell."

And then the sound of long, heavy, perfectly gray bodies rolling away into an unknown fathomless deep, quietly giggling. ~ Douglas Adams
Save The Humans quotes by Douglas Adams
Specialists are the animals that remind us what an incredible fluke it is that our world exists at all; that the temperature is what it is, that the air we breathe is 21 percent oxygen. They remind us how much damage even the smallest changes to that system can cause and they show us how badly we're screwing things up. ~ Rob Stewart
Save The Humans quotes by Rob Stewart
I see the whole field of environmentalis m and population as nothing more
than the survival of the human species. I have wanted to have some bumper
sticker made up saying 'Save the Humans'. At the bottom of it all, we are
trying to save ourselves. ~ Ted Turner
Save The Humans quotes by Ted Turner
In these years we are witnessing the gigantic spectacle of innumerable human lives wandering about lost in their own labyrinths, through not having anything to which to give themselves. ~ Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Save The Humans quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. ~ Charlie Chaplin
Save The Humans quotes by Charlie Chaplin
Earth allows several levels for Soul to gain experience in life, including the mineral, plant, fish, animal and human stages. ~ Harold Klemp
Save The Humans quotes by Harold Klemp
The gift of language is the single human trait that marks us all genetically, setting us apart from the rest of life. ~ Lewis Thomas
Save The Humans quotes by Lewis Thomas
We've had risk assessments performed by Harvard University, which said that even if we did have a small number of cases in this country that the likelihood of it spreading or getting into any kind of human health problem is very, very small. ~ Ann Veneman
Save The Humans quotes by Ann Veneman
Humans don't have rumens, multiple stomach chambers, or the enzymes to break down cellulose, so we can't extract any nutrients from grass if we eat it. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: rather than eating the grass, humans can let animals do the hard work of assimilating the nutrients from grass, and then we can eat the animals. ~ Chris Kresser
Save The Humans quotes by Chris Kresser
The right to lead a life free of fear is a fundamental right of all living beings. But this fundamental right is being brutally violated by humans in animal testing, meat and dairy industry, circus, zoos, aquariums, and sports. ~ Ama H. Vanniarachchy
Save The Humans quotes by Ama H. Vanniarachchy
He feels
adrift in his life. Purposeless, perhaps because
- dig a well in the Sudan and thejanjaweed come in and shoot the people anyway
- buy mosquito nets and the boys
you save grow up to
- rape women
- set up cottage industries in Myanmar and the army
- steals them and uses the women as slaves and
Ben is starting to be afraid that he is starting to share Chon's opinion of the human species
that people are basically
shit. ~ Don Winslow
Save The Humans quotes by Don Winslow
Airline food is not intended for human consumption. It's intended as a form of in-flight entertainment, wherein the object is to guess what it is, starting with broad categories such as "mineral" and "linoleum." ~ Dave Barry
Save The Humans quotes by Dave Barry
His gaze glued to the bed, Ned made a mechanical backward retreat to the center of the room where he had a clearer prospect of its crowning glory. His vision rose to the top of the headboard, to the heraldic shield seated betwixt the carved figures of a lion and a unicorn. His gaze slid with dread to the engraved scroll beneath. Dieu Et Mon Driot. God and my right, the motto of the king. His chest seized. The room began to spin. He looked to Phoebe, aware that the blood was draining from his face, and that his voice emerged as a strangled sound. "May the same God save me ... for I'm going to be hung, drawn, and quartered for spending last night rutting in the King of England's bed!" coming April 27, 2012 from Breathless Press ~ Emery Lee
Save The Humans quotes by Emery Lee
I just make what I like - warm and human stories, ones about historic characters and events, and about animals. If there is a secret, I guess it's that I never make the pictures too childish, but always try to get in a little satire of adult foibles. ~ Walt Disney
Save The Humans quotes by Walt Disney
The hardest spiritual work in the world is to love the neighbor as the self - to encounter another human being not as someone you can use, change, fix, help, save, enroll, convince or control, but simply as someone who can spring you from the prison of yourself, if you will allow it. ~ Barbara Brown Taylor
Save The Humans quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
Books are precious things, but more than that, they are the strong backbone of civilization. They are the thread upon which it all hangs, and they can save us when all else is lost. ~ Louis L'Amour
Save The Humans quotes by Louis L'Amour
The true ethical test is not only the readiness to save the victims, but also - even more, perhaps - the ruthless dedication to annihilating those who made them victims. ~ Slavoj Zizek
Save The Humans quotes by Slavoj Zizek
You mistake, too, the people of the North. They are a peaceable people but an earnest people, and they will fight, too. They are not going to let this country be destroyed without a mighty effort to save it ... Besides, where are your men and appliances of war to contend against them? ~ William Tecumseh Sherman
Save The Humans quotes by William Tecumseh Sherman
Justin Timberlake is the single most talented human being I've ever met in my life, and it sickens me. He is, like, 12 years old or something! He has 0 percent body fat, he is musically gifted, he has a great ear for accents, and he is hilarious. ~ Mike Myers
Save The Humans quotes by Mike Myers
Robin Goodfellow is a very old faerie. Not only that, he has ballads, poems, and stories written about him, so he is very near immortal, as long as humans remember them. Not to say he is immune to iron and technology-far from it. Puck is strong, but even he cannot resist the effects. ~ Julie Kagawa
Save The Humans quotes by Julie Kagawa
Humans are naturally elusioned in discrimination; it starts when we look for the first time in mirror ~ M.F. Moonzajer
Save The Humans quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
We would do well, as Orwell counselled, to see the traces of the dystopian around us, to find the ends of those threads and how far along we are; the most accurate prophecy being that people, and the allure of domination, never really change. We can Copenhagenise our future cities, make them as green and smart as we can, but provided we are still embedded in systems that reward cronyism, exploitation and short-term profiteering, that require poverty and degradation, it will be mere camouflage. Dystopias will have cycle lanes and host World Cups. What may save us is, in Orwell's words, a dedication to 'common decency' and the perpetual knowledge that it need not be like this. ~ Darran Anderson
Save The Humans quotes by Darran Anderson
If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was trying to charm her. Of course the transgenically-enchanted Alka Alon, male and female, were beings of surpassing beauty in human eyes, I'd learned. But few humans would have the temerity to even consider such a liaison. Tyndal apparently had a secret temerity mine somewhere I didn't know about. "What ~ Terry Mancour
Save The Humans quotes by Terry Mancour
Let the world feel your compassion: Help save kidnapped Yazidi females! ~ Widad Akreyi
Save The Humans quotes by Widad Akreyi
The last Bible I looked at contained over 2000 pages, and you humans managed to get yourself kicked out Paradise by page 5. That has to be some kind of record. ~ Dennis Garvin
Save The Humans quotes by Dennis Garvin
You can learn all about the human condition from covering the crime beat in a big city - you don't need to go to Beirut for that - but a foreign correspondent begins to understand poverty from a different perspective. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Save The Humans quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
Money is made at Christmas out of holly and mistletoe, but who save the vendors would greatly care if no green branch were procurable? One symbol, indeed, has obscured all others
the minted round of metal. And one may safely say that, of all the ages since a coin first became the symbol of power, ours is that in which it yields to the majority of its possessors the poorest return in heart's contentment. ~ George Gissing
Save The Humans quotes by George Gissing
Because, if you stop to think of it, the three Rules of Robotics are the essential guiding principles of a good many of the world's ethical systems. Of course, every human being is supposed to have the instinct of self-preservation. That's Rule Three to a robot. Also every 'good' human being, with a social conscience and a sense of responsibility, is supposed to defer to proper authority; to listen to his doctor, his boss, his government, his psychiatrist, his fellow man; to obey laws, to follow rules, to conform to custom - even when they interfere with his comfort or his safety. That's Rule Two to a robot. Also, every 'good' human being is supposed to love others as himself, protect his fellow man, risk his life to save another. That's Rule One to a robot. To put it simply - if Byerley follows all the Rules of Robotics, he may be a robot, and may simply be a very good man. ~ Isaac Asimov
Save The Humans quotes by Isaac Asimov
Virginity is such a personal thing. You can't judge anyone on it. A lot of young women feel they want to save themselves for the man who they think they'll love forever. ~ Joyce Brothers
Save The Humans quotes by Joyce Brothers
The system has already anticipated the freedom seeking mechanism in humans. ~ Bryant McGill
Save The Humans quotes by Bryant McGill
Seen from above, landscapes are made up of mountains and watercourses. Just as a transparent model of the human body consists of a framework of bone and a network of arteries, the earth's crust is structured in mountain ridges, river, creeks, and gullies. ~ Reinhold Messner
Save The Humans quotes by Reinhold Messner
The more one forgives himself - by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love - the more human he is and the more he actualizes himself. ~ Viktor E. Frankl
Save The Humans quotes by Viktor E. Frankl
Exemplary work, Agent Fraser."
"Thank you, ma'am," I managed to say. I gestured vaguely in the direction of wherever she'd been injured. "How are you?"
"Passably well. Well enough to do whatever is needed. And yourself?"
"Uh, good. I'm good."
She seemed to expect more.
"And I'm ready to get this done," I added with enthusiasm. Jeez, I sounded like such a dork.
She gave me a sharp nod. "Commendable.[ ... ]"
[ ... ]
Ian lowered his voice. "I'm ready to get this done?"
I cringed. "I know. You've got one more job as my partner."
"What's that?"
"Save me from myself."
"Spawn and doppelgangers I can do, but saving you from yourself is too tall an order for any man. ~ Lisa Shearin
Save The Humans quotes by Lisa Shearin
I learn several great truths; as that it is impossible to see into the ways of futurity, that punishment always attends the villain, that love is the fond soother of the human breast. ~ Oliver Goldsmith
Save The Humans quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
The belief that we some day shall be able to prevent war is, to me, one with the belief in the possibility of making humanity really human. ~ Ellen Key
Save The Humans quotes by Ellen Key
I love the 'Underworld' movies because the vampires aren't automatically evil, yet neither are they basically humans with fangs. ~ Jeaniene Frost
Save The Humans quotes by Jeaniene Frost
Many of those who have experienced trauma in early childhood grow up to become adults with dysfunctional lives and dysfunctional relationships, never being able to solve such issues within themselves, not even with the help of the best therapists in the world, because the root cause of it has been removed by the institutions in control of mental health training programs, mainstream media and public opinion. And the root cause of all evil, including self-inflicted evil, lays on the capacity to differentiate good from evil, which has helped us survive as a society and as individuals throughout the entirety of human history and up to this day. Once you remove this natural ability from anyone's awareness, no theory, despite the amount of logic and common sense in it, will ever work. As a matter of fact, not many people know what serves their best interest, because they don't even know what is good or evil. They relativize their ignorance to justify their stupidity. And this constitutes a thicker layer on top of their innate capacity to perceive reality. Many problems, including those related to self-esteem, could easily be solved, if one was able of properly differentiating what promotes survival from what leads to death. Whenever a large group of people lacks such capacity, they are promoting a dysfunctional society by default, and in doing so, replicating the same traumas that made them themselves dysfunctional as humans. And that's how an overall mindset rooted on victimizatio ~ Robin Sacredfire
Save The Humans quotes by Robin Sacredfire
The surprising thing is that I was not funny in high school. I was always jealous of the funny kids because they always got the girls. I couldn't tell a joke to save my life. ~ Seann William Scott
Save The Humans quotes by Seann William Scott
The unchallenged assumption is that humans may use animals for their own purposes, and they may raise and kill them to satisfy their preference for a diet containing animal flesh. ~ Peter Singer
Save The Humans quotes by Peter Singer
So you're in love with her?' she went on.
A word again ... When the minds have learnt to mingle, when no thought is wholly one's own, and each has taken too much of the other ever to be entirely himself alone; when one has reached the beginning of seeing with a single eye, loving with a single heart, enjoying with a single joy; when there can be moments of identity and nothing is separate save bodies that long for one another ... When there is that, where is the word? There is only the inadequacy of the word that exists.
'We love one another,' I said. ~ John Wyndham
Save The Humans quotes by John Wyndham
Humans don't exist on the same level as immortals. They can't even be hurt by our weapons. But you,Percy - you are part god,part human.You live in both worlds.You can be harmed by both,and you can affect both. That's what makes heroes so special. ~ Rick Riordan
Save The Humans quotes by Rick Riordan
You're cranky because you're tired," Amos said. "You got that I-have-to-save-everyone hangup, so I make it that you haven't slept in about two days. But listening to people bitch? Yeah, that's sorta your job. It's why you make the big money." "We make the same money." "Then I guess you're doing it for the fame and glory." "I hate you," Holden said. ~ James S.A. Corey
Save The Humans quotes by James S.A. Corey
Everything is on fire. My cheeks my hands the pit of my stomach and I'm drowing in waves of emotion and a storm of fresh rain and all I feel is the strenght of his silhouette against mine and I never ever ever ever want to forget this moment. I want to stamp him into my skin and save him forever ~ Tahereh Mafi
Save The Humans quotes by Tahereh Mafi
What, am I supposed to run around in a little red cape and save the world? ~ Kyle Chandler
Save The Humans quotes by Kyle Chandler
If one Egyptian tailor hadn't cheated on the threads of Joseph's mantle, Potiphar's wife would never have been able to tear it, present it as evidence to Potiphar that Joseph attacked her, gotten him thrown in prison, and let him be in a position to interpret Pharaoh's dream, win his confidence, advise him to store seven years of grain, and save his family, the seventy original Jews from whom Jesus came. We owe our salvation to a cheap Egyptian tailor. ~ Peter Kreeft
Save The Humans quotes by Peter Kreeft
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