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#1. Aren't you scared your kid's getting kidnapped ... RIGHT NOW? - Author: Aziz Ansari
Kidnapped quotes by Aziz Ansari
#2. Liv sagged against the wall. Their son was kidnapped and trained as a sex slave. Jesus, they were in serious fucking denial about his captivity. - Author: Pepper Winters
Kidnapped quotes by Pepper Winters
#3. So while the world thinks of you as a real-life Bruce Wayne with hundreds of millions in the bank and models draped across your arm, you're really Batman, aligned with the Resistance, and you kidnapped me for your own good?"
"Exactly," he said.
"Isn't that what an assassin would say in such circumstances?" She batted her eyelashes. - Author: Avery Flynn
Kidnapped quotes by Avery Flynn
#4. There are odd things in life, and one of them is pain. The odd thing about pain is this: you can't avoid it. You just can't. Maybe if you lived in a sealed room your whole life you could, but that would be lonely and cause you emotional pain, and it might mean you've been kidnapped, so...just don't live sealed rooms. can't avoid pain. - Author: Chad Eastham
Kidnapped quotes by Chad Eastham
#5. I'm a situational writer. You give me a situation, like a writer gets in a car crash, breaks his leg, is kidnapped by his number-one fan, and is kept in a cabin and forced to write a book
everything else springs from there. You really don't have to work once you've had the idea. All you have to do is kind of take dictation from something inside. (from Parade Magazine interview, 5/26/13) - Author: Stephen King
Kidnapped quotes by Stephen King
#6. When someone asks me about violence, I just find it incredible, because what it means is that the person who's asking that question has absolutely no idea what black people have gone through, what black people have experienced in this country, since the time the first black person was kidnapped from the shores of Africa. - Author: Angela Davis
Kidnapped quotes by Angela Davis
#7. What was that bit about fish sticks?" he asked, climbing back into the SUV.
"Oh, pretty clever of her actually, though I thought it ridiculous at the time. Sometimes Mom gets paranoid, thinks people might be out to get her, out to get me." I laughed nervously at how close that hit to home. "Anyway, one night she was really freaked out and came up with a code. If I was ever
kidnapped or something, she would say something about me liking fish sticks. If I said I wanted fish sticks, that meant I was in danger and needed help, no matter what else I'd said to her that I was fine." "So by you saying you hate fish sticks…""She knows I'm fine and she doesn't need to further involve the police. Who says bipolar disorder can't be useful? - Author: Christina Garner
Kidnapped quotes by Christina Garner
#8. She wasn't the same girl she'd been the year before, who though failing out of Foxfire would be the end of the world. Now she'd been kidnapped, presumed dead, banished from the Lost Cities, and helped stop a plague from killing off the entire gnomish species. She'd even snuck into the ogres' capital and helped destroy half the city--which happened to be why the Council was struggling to negotiated a new elvin-ogre treaty. - Author: Shannon Messenger
Kidnapped quotes by Shannon Messenger
#9. Something was in her mouth. Sami's tongue slid along the edges of something plastic. Flat, low ridges, holes-an adjustable strap. A baseball cap?

Another taste. Hair spray. Gross.

Someone had stuffed her baseball cap in her mouth, and from the feel of it they had taped it in place. Her arms were tied behind her and she lay face down on the floor-of what? Her car. The carpeting scraped her cheek every time they hit a bump.

Panic flooded Sami's senses. She came instantly awake. Inhaling deeply through her nose, she willed herself to calm down. Her working motto flashed through her brain, panic never accomplished anything. Of course she had never been kidnapped and tied up before.

In the dim light of passing cars, she glimpsed things-paper gum wrappers, an old straw, one whopper wrapper, a CD cover.

That's where Sting went. Been looking for that for days. Man did she need to vacuum this car out.

A metallic scent hit her nose. She'd recognize that smell until the day she died. Blood. And by the odor, someone had lost a great deal of it. - Author: Suzanne Ferrell
Kidnapped quotes by Suzanne Ferrell
#10. I bet I wouldn't have been kidnapped if my pet raptor was riding shotgun" - Author: Katie McGarry
Kidnapped quotes by Katie McGarry
#11. We must be quite a sight. A cloud of scorpion-tailed, man-sized locusts blotting out the sky. And in the middle of it all, a demon with enormous wings carrying a teenage girl. At least, Raffe must look like a demon to anyone who didn't know he was an archangel flying on borrowed wings. They probably think he kidnapped the girl he's holding. They couldn't possibly guess that I feel safe in his arms. That I'm resting my head on the warm curve of his neck because I like the feel of his skin. - Author: Susan Ee
Kidnapped quotes by Susan Ee
#12. Took you long enough to get here," Jorek said. "I was beginning to think you guys got kidnapped by the chancellor."
"No," Akos said. "Actually, we abandoned her in an escape pod. - Author: Veronica Roth
Kidnapped quotes by Veronica Roth
#13. My character was kidnapped by the Terminator and I was kidnapped by the Terminator production. - Author: Claire Danes
Kidnapped quotes by Claire Danes
#14. Now, as the party reached the royal hall the brothers shared, Tolners produced a note and held it up for Kell to read. "This isn't funny."
Apparently Rhy had had the grace to pin the note to his door, in case anyone in the palace should worry. "Not kidnapped. Out for a drink with Kell. Sit tight. - Author: Victoria Schwab
Kidnapped quotes by Victoria Schwab
#15. What do you know of love or marriage?" I asked. "You were all set to marry a woman ten years older than you before the King stole her away."
"I wouldn't have married her anyway," Loki shrugged. "Not if I didn't love her."
"Now you've got integrity?" I scoffed. "You kidnapped me, and your father was a traitor."
"I've never said a nice word about my father," Loki said quickly. "And I've never done anything bad to you."
"You still kidnapped me!" I said dubiously.
"Did I?" Loki cocked his head. "Because I remember Kyra kidnapping you,and me preventing her from pummeling you to death. Then,when you were coughing up blood, I sent for the Queen to help you. When you escaped,I didn't stop you. And since I came here,I've done nothing to you. I've even been good because you told me to be. So what terrible crimes have I committed against you, Princess?"
"I-I-" I stammered. "I never said you did anything terrible."
"Then why don't you trust me, Wendy?"
He'd never called me by my name before, and the underlying affection underneath it startled me. Even his eyes, which still held their usual veil of playfulness, had something deeper brewing underneath. When he wasn't trying so hard to be devilishly handsome, he actually was.
The growing connection I felt with him unnerved me, but I didn't want him to see that. More than that,it didn't matter what feelings I might be having for him.He was leaving today, and I would probably never see him again.Author: Amanda Hocking
Kidnapped quotes by Amanda Hocking
#16. What if - " I stopped, swallowing hard. Nope. I couldn't even say it aloud. We'd figure something else out because we had to. Time for a subject change before I lost it. "What did your mom say?"
"Mostly that she thinks my hair is getting too long and I should cut it."
"That's not helpful."
"That's my mom for you." He was trying for humor but his voice caught, and I wondered if he was thinking about how if she left and he didn't, he'd never ever see her again.
"So," I said, sitting on the floor against the wall as close to the kitchen doorway as I could get without Lend dropping like a rock, "do you want your Christmas present?"
"You got me something?" He sounded surprised.
"I've been working on it for a while."
"I, uh, didn't find you anything yet. I was actually setting up for your party, not Christmas shopping like I said."
"Being kidnapped by the Dark Queen and then cursed gets you off the hook for a lot. Besides, my birthday party totally counted."
"This isn't how I wanted our first Christmas to go. We were going to go all out, pick out a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, decorate it, watch cheesy holiday movies, drink hot chocolate, let my dad make his eggnog and then complain about how disgusting it was, then I was going to deck out my entire room in mistletoe . . ."
"Wait, you mean you didn't plan for us to be stuck in different rooms for the holidays?"
"Well, that part's kind of nice." I heard his head bang against - Author: Kiersten White
Kidnapped quotes by Kiersten White
#17. But he had been the victim of the world's most common crime - his youth had been kidnapped by a thing called time. It had likely also been raped, dismembered, and buried somewhere never to be seen again - Author: Aurelio Voltaire
Kidnapped quotes by Aurelio Voltaire
#18. He was very concerned about his children potentially being kidnapped or attached, and that's why they were covered up. When he went to Berlin zoo, there were 200 photographers. - Author: Martin Bashir
Kidnapped quotes by Martin Bashir
#19. Maybe falling in love isn't about someone wrapping his arm around you and shooting the bad guys while shielding you and then promising he'll always be around to do that. Maybe it's just about finding the right person for a certain time in your life. Maybe I do love him because he was kind to me, because he gave me a place to belong. Because he kidnapped me. And maybe one day, he'll let me go. Or I'll let him go.
It doesn't mean we didn't love each other. It doesn't mean he didn't give me a betterness that will last my whole life. It just means things shift quietly.
I decide it's okay for me to be in love with him right now. I don't have to tell him about it. I just have to show him. - Author: J.A. Rock
Kidnapped quotes by J.A. Rock
#20. Perhaps the old lady had kidnapped Michela, had found her in the park and taken her away, because she had a violent desire for a little girl but couldn't have children. Her womb was defective or else she was unwilling to make a bit of room in it.
Just like me, thought Alice. - Author: Paolo Giordano
Kidnapped quotes by Paolo Giordano
#21. You're going to see crime levels in America that are going to rival that of a Third World country. Welcome Mexico City. You're going to start seeing people being kidnapped in this country like they do in other underdeveloping nations. It's going to be very violent in America. - Author: Gerald Celente
Kidnapped quotes by Gerald Celente
#22. How can he possibly think that I'll do whatever that he will ask of me? Oh right, I forgot. He's my kidnapper and I'm the one being kidnapped. That's why. - Author: Ritika Chhabra
Kidnapped quotes by Ritika Chhabra
#23. Isaac's son Jacob has a daughter, Dinah. Dinah is kidnapped and raped - apparently a customary form of courtship at the time, since the rapist's family then offers to purchase her from her own family as a wife for the rapist. Dinah's brothers explain that an important moral principle stands in the way of this transaction: the rapist is uncircumcised. So they make a counteroffer: if all the men in the rapist's hometown cut off their foreskins, Dinah will be theirs. While the men are incapacitated with bleeding penises, the brothers invade the city, plunder and destroy it, massacre the men, and carry off the women and children. When Jacob worries that neighboring tribes may attack them in revenge, his sons explain that it was worth the risk: "Should our sister be treated like a whore?" 13 Soon afterward they reiterate their commitment to family values by selling their brother Joseph into slavery. - Author: Steven Pinker
Kidnapped quotes by Steven Pinker
#24. Ove looks at the group assembled around him, as if he's been kidnapped and taken to a parallel universe. For a moment he thinks about swerving off the road, until he realises that the worst case scenario would be that they all accompanied him into the afterlife. - Author: Fredrik Backman
Kidnapped quotes by Fredrik Backman
#25. I should be getting back to the bonfire. They're going to think I've been kidnapped." He pulled me toward him in one quick motion.

"Kidnapped insinuates some sort of struggle." He said in a low voice with a sexy grin. "You'd enjoy being captured by me." My heart jumped in my throat, but I tried to remain cool.

"I'd like to see you try," I threw back at him, "but first you'll have to escape your own sandy death trap" I wiggled my feet out of the sand, stood up and washed my hands off in the water. He followed my every move with curious eyes.

"Sweet dreams, Anastasia." I wasn't sure if there was an underlying meaning to his words. "Sweet dreams, Finn," I responded, breathlessly. - Author: Kristen Day
Kidnapped quotes by Kristen Day
#26. If I thought I'd been drawn to her, now I knew, I'd been taken,
and all the other things that went with someone having complete power over another. - Author: Kenya Wright
Kidnapped quotes by Kenya Wright
#27. No child has ever been kidnapped from Disneyland. This is one of many Disneyland urban legends that don't have a basis in fact. The kidnap stories-- urban legends. - Author: Leslie Le Mon
Kidnapped quotes by Leslie Le Mon
#28. It's just that when a woman is kidnapped and forced into agreeing to marriage, she hopes for a bit more... excitement. Than this."
He rolled slowly- maddeningly- to face her, the air between them thickened, and Penelope was instantly aware of their position, scant inches apart, on a warm pallet in a small room in an empty house, beneath the same blanket- which happened to be his greatcoat. And she realized that perhaps she should not have implied that the evening was unexciting.
Because she was not at all certain that she was prepared for it to become any more exciting. "I didn't mean-" She rushed to correct herself.
"Oh, I think you did an excellent job of meaning." The words were low and dark, and suddenly she was not so very sure that she wasn't afraid after all. "I am not stimulating enough for you?"
"Not you..." she was quick to reply. "The whole..." She waved one hand, lifting the greatcoat as she thought better of finishing. "Never mind."
His gaze was on her, intent and unmoving and, while he had not moved, it seemed as though he had grown larger, more looming. As though he had sucked a great deal of air from the room. "How can I make this night more satisfying for you, my lady?"
The soft question sent a thrum of feeling through her... the way the word- satisfying- rolled languid from his tongue set her heart racing and her stomach turning.
It seemed the night was becoming very exciting very quickly.
And everything was moving muc - Author: Sarah MacLean
Kidnapped quotes by Sarah MacLean
#29. She scarcely knew what to think except that she was in the presence of a woman who was as close to legendary as any being could get.What stories were told of her! That she had been sequestered in her own manor to prevent men from fighting over her, that she possessed strange powers, that the Wolf had kidnapped her for vengeance but married her for love, that her own brother, mistaking what had happened, had returned her to England by stealth and that Norse and Saxon had come perilously close to war over her. - Author: Josie Litton
Kidnapped quotes by Josie Litton
#30. I groaned. "You set me up!"
"And it was surprisingly easy." Dad laughed. "Geez. I don't know how you weren't kidnapped as a child by a stranger who offered you candy. You're so gullible. - Author: T.J. Klune
Kidnapped quotes by T.J. Klune
#31. Teeth retracting, Lissianna pulled free of Greg Hewitt's neck and glanced guiltily over her shoulder. The sight of Thomas and her mother staring at her wide-eyed from the doorway was enough to make her stand quickly, her hands moving to straighten her clothes and hair.
"I cannot believe this!" Marguerite stomped into the room. "Sneaking around and unwrapping your gifts before your birthday like you're twelve instead of two hundred! What were you thinking?"
"Well, technically, it is her birthday, Aunt Marguerite," Thomas pointed out as he closed the door.
Lissianna tossed her cousin a grateful smile, but said, "I wasn't sneaking around. I came up to get fresh stockings." She scooped them up off the bed, and added, "And I didn't unwrap him."
Marguerite stared pointedly at the floor.
After glancing down to see the untied bow lying forgotten there, Lissianna grimaced, and admitted, "Okay, I did unwrap him, but only because he was upset, and I hated to leave him distressed." She paused, then tilted her head, and said, "I take it Bastien's arrival interrupted you before you could put the full whammy on him? He was upset about being kidnapped and wanted to be untied when I got here."
"I didn't kidnap him," Marguerite said with affront, then peered past Lissianna to Dr. Gregory Hewitt to say, "I didn't kidnap you. I borrowed you."

-Marguerite, Thomas, & Lissianna - Author: Lynsay Sands
Kidnapped quotes by Lynsay Sands
#32. The Abominable Snowman has arrived," he said to Milo. "If I'm not as clean as most abominable snowmen are, it is because I was kidnapped as a child from the slopes of Mount Everest, and taken as a slave to a bordello in Rio de Janeiro, where I have been cleaning the unspeakably filthy toilets for the past fifty years. A visitor to our whipping room there screamed in a transport of agony and ecstasy that there was to be an arts festival in Midland City. I escaped down a rope of sheets taken from a reeking hamper. I have come to Midland City to have myself acknowledged, before I die, as the great artist I believe myself to be. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Kidnapped quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#33. Don't you just hate it when you go to a friend's funeral and you get kidnapped? - Author: James Patterson
Kidnapped quotes by James Patterson
#34. You;re colling me, So i fugure you must not hate me anymore. dOES THIS MEAN YOU WANNA GO OUT? iI'm free tonight. I mean , I have plans, but i can break them. For you.
Brandon, you kidnapped me. And then you made the only person I'll ever love in my life hate me. I completely despise you.
So ... , I take that as a no, you do not want to go out with me tonight. - Author: Meg Cabot
Kidnapped quotes by Meg Cabot
#35. You're my favorite of all the people who've ever kidnapped me."
It was sweet, in a sad, twisted sort of way
which pretty much described both of them perfectly. "You're absolutely my favorite person I've ever kidnapped. - Author: Kit Rocha
Kidnapped quotes by Kit Rocha
#36. And we're going out.

Kill me.

'Got everything?' Mom asks, her voice all sing-songy. We're acting normal. A short-lived facade when I open my bag and Operation Check Contents begins.

1. Phone to call for help if we have a car crash/get mugged/drive into the path of a tornado

2. Headphones to drown out the sound of people if we get caught in a crowd

3. Bottle of water for if we break down and get stranded in the middle of nowhere

4. Another bottle of water in case that other bottle leaks or evaporates

5. Tissues for nosebleeds, sneezing, crying, and/or drooling

6. Sanitizer to kill the germs you can catch from touching anything

7. Paper bag to breathe into or throw up in

8. Band-Aids and alcohol wipes in case open wounds should occur

9. Inhaler (I grew out of asthma when I was twelve, but you can't be too careful when it comes to breathing)

10. A piece of string that serves no purpose but it's been here since for ever and I'm afraid the world will implode if I don't have it

11. A pair of nail scissors for any one of a trillion reasons, most of which conclude with me being kidnapped

12. And, finally, chewing gum to take away the sour taste I always get when the panic hits

Normal takes a nosedive into my bag, sinks beneath the copious amount of clutter, and dies a slow, painful death. - Author: Louise Gornall
Kidnapped quotes by Louise Gornall
#37. If we go ahead with it...if you say do we tell our children that we fell in love after I kidnapped you? - Author: R.C. Lewis
Kidnapped quotes by R.C. Lewis
#38. The boy who kidnapped Holly Short all those years ago would never have entertained the notion of sacrificing himself. But he was no longer that boy. His parents were restored to him, and he had brothers. And dear friends. Something else Artemis had never anticipated. - Author: Eoin Colfer
Kidnapped quotes by Eoin Colfer
#39. This is what love does, he realized, and in that moment he understood why Artemis had kidnapped a fairy to get the money to find his father.
Love makes everything else seem
inconsequential - Author: Eoin Colfer
Kidnapped quotes by Eoin Colfer
#40. You guys (Boko Haram) are trying so hard to convince everybody that you're such badasses. But all you've done with this kidnapping is highlight who the real badasses are, the kids you kidnapped. Compared to a teenager who knows that her desire for an education could get her dragged into a snake infested jungle to be sold as a bribe to some demented, stick-chewing cartoon villain but still gets up and goes to class everyday, fully aware of that danger - compared to their courage - I'd say Boko Haram is a bunch of little girls. But, you know what? You don't deserve that compliment. - Author: Jon Stewart
Kidnapped quotes by Jon Stewart
#41. Jackson stood quietly as Alani came into the house. Unlike the other women, she didn't wear a swimsuit. Shame. He'd love to see her in one. Everyone had duly celebrated Trace's engagement, and Alani seemed taken with Priss - but then, who wouldn't be? Priss was funny, smart, cute and - luckily for Trace - stacked.
Unaware of Jackson, Alani stopped to look out the patio doors. She looked . . . wistful. Like maybe she wanted to take part, but couldn't.
In so many ways, despite being kidnapped by flesh peddlers, or maybe because of that, she was still an innocent. At just-barely twenty-three, she acted much older.
Like a virgin spinster.
Every night, in his dreams, they burned up the sheets.
Here, in reality, she avoided him. She avoided involvement.
But he'd get her over that. Somehow.
Suddenly Priss came in, wet hair sleek down her back, rivulets of water trailing between her breasts. She spotted Jackson right off and, after smiling at Alani, asked them both, "Why aren't you guys coming down to swim?"
Alani jerked around to stare at Jackson with big eyes.
His crooked smile told her that he had her in his sights. "I was just about to ask Alani that."
Priss laughed. "You're still dressed."
"I can undress fast enough." He looked at Alani. "What about you?"
Her lips parted. "No, I . . . didn't bring a suit."
"Pity. Maybe we could move up to the cove and skinny-dip in private?"
Pointing a finger at him, Priss sa - Author: Lori Foster
Kidnapped quotes by Lori Foster
#42. Where is everybody?"
"Hiding," she said. "Except for Doolittle. He was excused from the chewing-out due to having been kidnapped. He's napping now like he doesn't have a care in the world. I got to hear all sorts of interesting stuff through the door."
She shot me a sly smile. "First, I got to listen to Jim's 'it's all my fault; I did it all by myself' speech. Then I got to listen to Derek's 'it's all my fault and I did it all by myself' speech. Then Curran promised that the next person who wanted to be a martyr would get to be one. Then Raphael made a very growling speech about how he was here for a blood debt. It was his right to have restitution for the injury caused to the friend of the boudas; it was in the damn clan charter on such and such page. And if Curran wanted to have an issue with it, they could take it outside. It was terribly dramatic and ridiculous. I loved it."
I could actually picture Curran sitting there, his hand on his forehead above his closed eyes, growling quietly in his throat.
"Then Dali told him that she was sick and tired of being treated like she was made out of glass and she wanted blood and to kick ass."
That would do him in. "So what did he say?"
"He didn't say anything for about a minute and then he chewed them out. He told Derek that he'd been irresponsible with Livie's life, and that if he was going to rescue somebody, the least he could do is to have a workable plan, instead of a poorly thought-ou - Author: Ilona Andrews
Kidnapped quotes by Ilona Andrews
#43. She'd been kidnapped right after - and then her abilities had broken, and Alden's sanity collapsed, and Silveny was attacked, and Kenric was murdered, and the Council turned against her, and she was banished along with all of her friends, and the gnomish plague was unleashed, and Keefe ran off, and Lumenaria fell, and so many other devastating and distracting things had happened that Sophie had never stopped to wonder . . . - Author: Shannon Messenger
Kidnapped quotes by Shannon Messenger
#44. I did what I thought was best.'
And so you kidnapped me,' she said bitterly.
'If you recall I offered you the option of residing with my relatives. You refused.'
'I want to be independent.'
'One doesn't have to be alone to be independent.'
Victoria couldn't think of a suitable rebuttal to that statement, so she remained silent.
'When I marry you,' Robert said softly, 'I want it to be a partnership in every sense of the word. I want to consult you on matters of land management and tenant care. I want us to decide together how to raise our children. I don't know why you are so certain that loving me means losing yourself. - Author: Julia Quinn
Kidnapped quotes by Julia Quinn
#45. Arjuro made a scoffing sound. 'You think Lumatere will invade because of you? Are you that important?'

Froi looked away. 'Isaboe would invade if you kidnapped a servant, let alone a friend.'

'Isaboe? We're on first-name terms with the Queen of Lumatere, are we?' Gargarin asked.

Froi found himself bristling. 'What? Do you think I'm some cutthroat for hire who they found hanging around the palace walls with the words "I want
to kill a Charynite King" tattooed on my arse? - Author: Melina Marchetta
Kidnapped quotes by Melina Marchetta
#46. He'd been kidnapped, betrayed, almost fed to a Diamondscale - yes, a Diamondscale - and now, just to top things off, he was on the run with the man who was responsible for the whole mess. - Author: Ruth Ford Elward
Kidnapped quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
#47. For me, my awakening came when I was kidnapped. - Author: Patty Hearst
Kidnapped quotes by Patty Hearst
#48. I don't like being kidnapped. Or manipulated."
"I've done neither, silly. Though I'd like to hear about your other kidnap incidents. The aspects that put you off the experience. - Author: Roberta Pearce
Kidnapped quotes by Roberta Pearce
#49. I've been on 'Criminal Minds' twice! On the first show, a boy brought kids out to the woods and was beating them with a baseball bat, but I got away. Then they brought Tracy, my character, back - as a kidnapped girl. They saved me two times! Tracy lived! - Author: Elle Fanning
Kidnapped quotes by Elle Fanning
#50. Passing is one of the few words in the transgender lexicon that's not a medical-legacy word. We did ever so much better with this one: it's a racist-legacy word, a legacy of the time when Africans were kidnapped from their homeland to be enslaved in the Americas. If you're not familiar with this, a hierarchy of race developed in which the lighter your skin was, the more attractive and intelligent you were considered, and someone quite light-skinned could sometimes pass for white and live in white society. - Author: S. Bear Bergman
Kidnapped quotes by S. Bear Bergman
#51. She glowered at him. 'For your information, in the past week, I have been, oh let's see, nearly raped,
kidnapped, tied to a bedpost, forced to cough my voice into nothingness-"
"That was your own fault."
"Not to mention the fact that I embarked upon a life of crime by breaking and entering into my former
home, was nearly trapped by my odious guardian-"
"Don't forget your sprained ankle," he supplied.
"Ooooohhhh! I could kill you!" Another bar of soap flew by his head, grazing his ear.
"Madam, you are certainly doing an able job of trying."
"And now!" she fairly yelled. "And now, as if all of that weren't undignified enough, I am forced to live
for a week in a bloody bathroom! - Author: Julia Quinn
Kidnapped quotes by Julia Quinn
#52. Somewhere in there was Christmas. Billy Pilgrim nestled like a spoon with the hobo on Christmas night, and he fell asleep, and he traveled in time to 1967 again - to the night he was kidnapped by a flying saucer from Tralfamadore. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Kidnapped quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#53. Is it reasonable to assume that someone who has been locked in a closet for 57 days after being kidnapped and brutalized, raped, abused, then they say you're going to rob a bank? - Author: Patty Hearst
Kidnapped quotes by Patty Hearst
#54. What exactly do you want to sue her for? Kidnapping?" He brightened. "I hadn't thought of that. Sure. Kidnapping, but mostly theft." Jill had a bad feeling she didn't want to know, but she had to ask. "Theft of what?" "Buck's sperm. She was always after me to have him mate with her damn dog and I refused. So when her dog went into heat, she kidnapped him and locked those two together for three damn days. She could have killed him. - Author: Susan Mallery
Kidnapped quotes by Susan Mallery
#55. You mean in the past twenty-four hours, since I've been kidnapped, drugged, shot at, almost killed several times, you didn't see our long, loving gazes pass back and forth? - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
Kidnapped quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#56. I think that sometimes when you get used to a bad thing
like being in prison or getting kidnapped by fairies
it's better to live with that bad thing than trying to change it. Because what if you get to chance to change it and you mess up? What if it's your last chance? - Author: Carol Goodman
Kidnapped quotes by Carol Goodman
#57. I often felt in those days that to be stuck in grief was to feel kidnapped against one's will and forced to go to some foreign country, all the while just longing to go back home. - Author: Marie Mutsuki Mockett
Kidnapped quotes by Marie Mutsuki Mockett
#58. Since the night she was kidnapped she had been appraised and reappraised, each day waking upon the pan of a new scale. Know your value and you know your place in the order. To escape the boundary of the plantation was to escape the fundamental principles of your existence: impossible. It - Author: Colson Whitehead
Kidnapped quotes by Colson Whitehead
#59. Get away from me, you sick fuck!"
"I'm not the one who kidnapped you, so save it. Either you want the water and aspirin or you can eat shit and die, your choice."
Lyonette groaned. "Maya. - Author: Dot Hutchison
Kidnapped quotes by Dot Hutchison
#60. Gen stopped and talked to Simon Thaibault, who was reading One Hundred Years Of Solutide in Spanish.
'This will take me forever,' Thaibault said to Gen in French, 'Maybe a hundred years. At least I know I have the time.'
'Who knew that being kidnapped was so much like attending university?' Gen said. - Author: Ann Patchett
Kidnapped quotes by Ann Patchett
#61. I like myself, but I won't say I'm as handsome as the bull that kidnapped Europa. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Kidnapped quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#62. Have you tried this shrimp? It's freaking amazing. Would you get away from me? I hate you. You're so moody. Just because I kidnapped you and tried to force you to be my girlfriend. I thought you would be over that by now. - Author: Meg Cabot
Kidnapped quotes by Meg Cabot
#63. You're going to kidnap me again?"
Adrian tried a smile. "No, I'll ask you if you *want* to be kidnapped again. - Author: Molly Ringle
Kidnapped quotes by Molly Ringle
#64. Or one time, I'd even managed to restrain my violent temper when a pack of bawdy sailors had kidnapped one of my sea maidens, attempting to rape her. Instead of following my first inclination of sinking their ship, opening up a fissure in the earth so that lava spewed up from its guts and boiled them alive, I instead chopped off their balls, boiled them in onion water, and fed them to Bruce, my pet great white. I was rather proud of myself for that level of restraint. - Author: Jovee Winters
Kidnapped quotes by Jovee Winters
#65. This isn't happening to you, princess," Sabine snapped before I could do more than shake my head. "This is happening to us. While you spent the past few months prancing around in ignorant bliss, we were all being possessed, or kidnapped, or stalked by this hellion. So dry your tears and take off the tiara, because this is a call to arms, not a pity party. You're not going to find any sympathy here. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Kidnapped quotes by Rachel Vincent
#66. With 'Kidnapped,' there didn't seem to be a sure hand guiding it: everything had to be run-up-the-pole, so to speak, and there seemed to be a large committee, every day fighting about what the show was about. - Author: Timothy Hutton
Kidnapped quotes by Timothy Hutton
#67. Get kidnapped once, and you're branded for life." "You came home married, crowned, with a DayGlo prehistoric cat and two Unseelie guardians. - Author: Hailey Edwards
Kidnapped quotes by Hailey Edwards
#68. Just so you know I don't really feel like you kidnapped me - it's more like assisted running away by coincidence. - Author: Cassandra Giovanni
Kidnapped quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
#69. When I was in junior high I read a lot of Danielle Steele. So I always assumed that the day I got engaged I'd be naked, covered in rose petals, and sleeping with the brother of the man who'd kidnapped me. - Author: Jenny Lawson
Kidnapped quotes by Jenny Lawson
#70. To Komarr, my lord? Or Sergyar?" "No. Calculate the shortest possible jump route directly to Rho Ceta." Vorpatril's head jerked back in startlement. "If the orders I received from Sector Five HQ mean what we think, you'll hardly get passage there. Reception by plasma fire and fusion shells the moment you pop out of the wormhole would be what I'd expect." "Unpack, Miles," Ekaterin's voice drifted in. He grinned briefly at the familiar exasperation in her voice. "By the time we arrive there, I will have arranged our clearances with the Cetagandan Empire." I hope. Or else they were all going to be in more trouble than Miles ever wanted to imagine. "Barrayar is bringing their kidnapped haut babies back to them. On the end of a long stick. I get to be the stick. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
Kidnapped quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#71. As soon as he was gone, Levana whipped the veil off her head and threw it onto the settee. The young emperor has been kidnapped, and from his own palace. Earthens are pathetic. It's amazing they haven't already become extinct. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Kidnapped quotes by Marissa Meyer
#72. A werewolf tossed me against a giant packing crate while I was trying to rescue a frightened young girl who'd been kidnapped by an evil witch and a drug lord. - Author: Patricia Briggs
Kidnapped quotes by Patricia Briggs
#73. In the 19th century, a lot of people were against outlawing child labour, because to do so would be against the very foundations of a free market economy: 'These children want to work, these people want to employ them ... what is your problem? It's not as if anyone has kidnapped them ... ' - Author: Brian Eno
Kidnapped quotes by Brian Eno
#74. I was amazed as people must be who are seized and kidnapped, and who realize that in the strange world of their captors they have a value absolutely unconnected with anything they know about themselves. - Author: Alice Munro
Kidnapped quotes by Alice Munro
#75. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die-
Heather took a deep breath and tried to think about something else. Anything else.
Like ponies.
Ponies were a happy thought. They were nice and gentle and they never kidnapped people or strapped them to cold warehouse pillars.
Ponies, ponies, ponies-
"Tie him up by the girl and for God's sake don't kill him!" Clare's - er, Raven's - voice was like nails on a chalkboard as it floated into Heather's ears.
Any attempts to think of ponies came to an abrupt halt. - Author: Chelsea Fine
Kidnapped quotes by Chelsea Fine
#76. Abby wouldn't want you to suffer because of some jerk that kidnapped her. She would want you to go on your trip so that she would have fun torturing you for not being a puddle on the ground with a box of tissues and an empty gallon of ice cream by your side. Then afterwards to hit you for thinking she was seriously hoping you would be doing that. - Author: Ottilie Weber
Kidnapped quotes by Ottilie Weber
#77. How did you get into the castle, Alexandre, son of Gilles Smith?"
Sand shrugged. "A saint kidnapped me from his shrine and put me into a fireplace here. So I guess the answer is, a miracle of Saint Melor. Or so I think. He has not told me."
"If you are trying to antagonize him, you are doing a good job," Perrotte whispered.
Sand scuffed his shoe at her. "I'm just telling the truth!"
"You're very good at telling it in the most maddening way possible."
"Thank you? - Author: Merrie Haskell
Kidnapped quotes by Merrie Haskell
#78. We all have something special in us, it's a matter of finding it, and knowing what to do with it. - Author: Robert Magarian
Kidnapped quotes by Robert Magarian
#79. I hadn't expected to be kidnapped today or I'd have worn something more conservative. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Kidnapped quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#80. This is sacred space.
Libation . . . instead of pouring water on the ground, I pour words on the page.
I begin with this libation in honor of all of those unknown and known spirits who surround us. I acknowledge the origins of this land where I am seated while writing this introduction. This land was inhabited by Indigenous people, the very first people to inhabit this land, who lived here for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived and were unfortunately unable to cohabitate without dominating, enslaving, raping, terrorizing, stealing from, relocating, and murder- ing the millions of members of Indigenous nations throughout Turtle Island, which is now known as North America. I write libation to those millions of Indigenous women, men, and children; and those millions of kidnapped and enslaved African women, men, and children whose genocide, confiscated land, centuries of free labor, forced migration, traumatic memories of rape, and sweat, tears, and blood make up the very fiber and foundation of all of the Americas and the Caribbean. - Author: Aishah Shahidah Simmons
Kidnapped quotes by Aishah Shahidah Simmons
#81. Come in, Bean. Come in Julian Delphiki, longed-for child of good and loving parents. Come in, kidnapped child, hostage of fate. Come and talk to the Fates, who are playing such clever little games with your life. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Kidnapped quotes by Orson Scott Card
#82. She was kidnapped, held hostage in her own nightmare, being tortured by her own mind. - Author: Arti Manani
Kidnapped quotes by Arti Manani
#83. I have a phobia of checking voicemail. I watched a lot of TV as a kid, and everything is, like, you're gonna get kidnapped, or somebody's gonna die, or killer bees are going to take you out. I'm a very anxious person. - Author: Annie E. Clark
Kidnapped quotes by Annie E. Clark
#84. A wink and a smirk walk into a bar, and the bartender asked them what they were drinking, when all of the sudden a mustache in a cowboy hat riding a vagina runs through the door, and right there I have to stop the joke, because not only does it not have a punch line, but that punch line was kidnapped, and if it's ever found, it will probably be rated Not Safe For Work. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Kidnapped quotes by Jarod Kintz
#85. The other day I woke up to find my girlfriend already gone from the house, and a sticky note on the fridge that said, "I love you." "Oh my God," I thought. "Somebody's obsessed with me, and they kidnapped my girlfriend just to get closer to me. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Kidnapped quotes by Jarod Kintz
#86. I wrote a comedy, which hopefully [Rick director] Curtiss Clayton will bring to the screen, that I thought was the antithesis of all my work. I thought it was light and sunshiny, and Mr. Clayton reminded me that it is the story of a woman kidnapped and forced to do things against her will, which is not what most people think of as light and sunshiny. - Author: Daniel Handler
Kidnapped quotes by Daniel Handler
#87. There are still many souls to be won for Christ," she answered with quiet dignity, eyes downcast - but not, he figured, in humility. "Even here. Perhaps, especially here. Where better to spread his love, than a country just recently ravaged by war?"
"Where better to be kidnapped and sold into slavery, than a country just recently ravaged by war?" with a discernible sneer. - Author: V.S. Carnes
Kidnapped quotes by V.S. Carnes
#88. When a girl gets laid, she tells her best friend. When a girl finds a lump, she tells her best friend. When a girl finds a kickass shade of nail polish, she tells her best friend. And, I might add, when a girl gets kidnapped, she tells her best friend! - Author: Kristen Ashley
Kidnapped quotes by Kristen Ashley
#89. Got it. Look for a room with a sign with a big arrow that says, 'Kidnapped Mancies Here,' " he said. - Author: Jaye Wells
Kidnapped quotes by Jaye Wells
#90. Mr. Kadam, something's been bothering me."
He teased, "Only one thing?"
I laughed. "For now. I've been wondering, did you ever really ask Mr. Davis to come with you to take care of Ren? I mean, what would you have done if he'd said yes and I'd said no?"
"I did ask him, just to keep up appearances, but I also suggested subtly to Mr. Maurizio that it might be in his best interest to persuade Mr. Davis not to go. In fact, I offered him more money if he would insist Mr. Davis stay with the circus. As far as what to do if you had turned us down, I suppose we would have had to make you a better offer and keep trying until we found one you couldn't refuse."
"What if I still said no? Would you have kidnapped me?"
Mr. Kadam laughed. "No. If our offer had still been turned down, my next step would have been to tell you the truth and hope you believed me."
"Whew, that's a relief."
"Then I would have kidnapped you." He chuckled at his joke and turned his attention back to our dinner.
"That's not very funny, Mr. Kadam."
"I couldn't resist. Sorry, Miss Kelsey. - Author: Colleen Houck
Kidnapped quotes by Colleen Houck
#91. College had once been my greatest aspiration; it stood for everything my mother did not - intellectualism, feminism, freedom. But being kidnapped had given me plenty of time to think, and somewhere between all that fear and dread, I'd realized that was the wrong reason to go to college. That the potential for those things had been inside of me all along, only I'd never realized because I hadn't believed myself strong enough to break free without an intermediary. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Kidnapped quotes by Nenia Campbell
#92. When an innocent man is kidnapped from his home by bearded Arab gunmen and locked indefinitely in a room he is a "hostage." But when an innocent man is kidnapped from his home by uniformed white gunmen and locked indefinitely in a room he is a "terrorist." The world causes uproar over the former but is silent over the latter. "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends," observed Martin Luther King. - Author: Babar Ahmad
Kidnapped quotes by Babar Ahmad
#93. In recent months, the emotional aspect has become as necessary to me as the physical. It amuses me, this strange quirk of mine. I want my little captive to love me, to care about me. I want to be more than just the monster of her nightmares. - Author: Anna Zaires
Kidnapped quotes by Anna Zaires
#94. Are you ready to release Millie Harrison?"
"We don't negotiate with terrorists."
"I'm not a terrorist." I said it tiredly. "Besides, that's bullshit. The U.S. has always negotiated
with terrorists, no matter what it's said. Why do you think we sold arms to Iran?"
"Release Brian Cox. We'll think about it."
"Millie Harrison is being illegally held. Brian Cox kidnapped her. Who is the terrorist? Who is
attacking the innocent? Release her and I'll give you back Cox."
I hung up. - Author: Steven Gould
Kidnapped quotes by Steven Gould
#95. Let the world feel your compassion: Help save kidnapped Yazidi females! - Author: Widad Akreyi
Kidnapped quotes by Widad Akreyi
#96. I had several near death experiences or very, you know, close calls, if you may, in Iraq. You know, there was an incident where I was nearly kidnapped. - Author: Farnaz Fassihi
Kidnapped quotes by Farnaz Fassihi
#97. When I open my eyes, the morning light makes me wish I hadn't. Raffe lies on his sofa, watching me with those dark blue eyes. I swallow, suddenly feeling awkward and unkempt. Great. The world has come to an end, my mother is out there with the street gangs, crazier than ever, my sister has been kidnapped by vengeful angels, and I'm concerned that my hair is greasy and my breath smells bad. - Author: Susan Ee
Kidnapped quotes by Susan Ee
#98. I wasn't in a position that some other memoirists are, dealing with families who fed them meth, or kidnapped them, or did something that would make the writer not want to see that family again. I wanted to see my family. I wanted to celebrate them. I was proud of who we were, in the wilderness, floating down rapids or hiking over glaciers, and everywhere else. - Author: Leigh Newman
Kidnapped quotes by Leigh Newman
#99. Kami got to school the next day without any incidents like being kidnapped by pirates or having the earth open up and swallow her, which on the whole Kami thought was a pity. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Kidnapped quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#100. The shows she'd watch on the Discovery Channel hadn't prepared her for a kidnapping. Terrorist attack? Yes. Defending her home? Yes. Kidnapped by a police officer? No. She'd have to write to the network about that. - Author: Nichole Severn
Kidnapped quotes by Nichole Severn
#101. These mercenaries and hirelings kidnapped civilians in the Al-Faw Peninsula so that they might claim that they captured Iraqi soldiers. - Author: Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
Kidnapped quotes by Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
#102. Besides being on the run for my life for the last couple of weeks, shooting living beings, being held hostage, kidnapped , nearly raped and murdered,watching people be ripped apart, facing off against not one but two crazy shapeshifters, and oh yeah, having to watch you fight a life-or-death battle because of me. Twice. Besides all that, no of course nothing's wrong. - Author: Kat Simons
Kidnapped quotes by Kat Simons
#103. I was kidnapped by Sunni insurgents near Fallujah, in Iraq, ambushed by the Taliban in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, and injured in a car accident that killed my driver while covering the Taliban occupation of the Swat Valley in Pakistan. - Author: Lynsey Addario
Kidnapped quotes by Lynsey Addario
#104. Nix had told Emma before she'd left for Europe that on this trip she would 'do that which you were born to do.' Apparently, Emma was born to get kidnapped by a deranged Lykae. Her fate sucked. - Author: Kresley Cole
Kidnapped quotes by Kresley Cole
#105. Now I'm doing a film festival for kids and writing a script about a kidnapped journalist in Afghanistan. - Author: Olivia Wilde
Kidnapped quotes by Olivia Wilde
#106. I know people socially who live in countries where the wealth gap is more extreme than it is in America, and they live with full-time security. They live with the threat of getting kidnapped, or they live with the threat of people invading their homes. - Author: Jamie Johnson
Kidnapped quotes by Jamie Johnson
#107. Did you really ever think of me when you were kidnapped? Because I look at all the things you went through, and my first instinct is to shield you from my problems - but sometimes you act like nothing happened to you at all. - Author: Lia Habel
Kidnapped quotes by Lia Habel
#108. When I was ten years old, I realized I'd been kidnapped as a toddler. Of course, I would have to have been a fairly dim child to miss the clues. Great big pink-elephant clues, trumpeting and lumbering and shitting through the house, ignored by everyone except me. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Kidnapped quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#109. When I was kidnapped as a child my parents sent a letter to the hijackers me Pay 5,000 dollars or your back - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
Kidnapped quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#110. Tamlin thought about what he'd heard during his rescue and said, "And in addition to his talent of imitating father's voice, Talbot has become some sort of monster." "Well," she(Tazi)said. "In a manner of speaking, yes"
"And you just returned from training as a master assassin?"
"That is not how I'd describe myself."
"Cat burglar, then. Just like mother."
Well, yes. If you must be rude about it."
"And even the chambermaid has divine powers?"
"That's right" Tazi said. "That, and she's actually our sister"
"Our sister..." "It appears that everyone I know has become some sort of storybook hero--" he sighed-- "And all I can boast is 'most often kidnapped.'"
"Now would be a bad time to tell you about Larajin's twin brother?" Tazi asked. She raised a solemn eyebrow, but the quirk upon her lips was all mischief
"Now you're making things up"
She kept smiling, but shook her head.
"Next you'll tell me he's an elf"
Tamlin strove not to take offense at her wild laughter, even though it continued long after they had turned off the streets of Selgaunt and rumbled through the gate to Stormweather Towers. - Author: Dave Gross
Kidnapped quotes by Dave Gross
#111. Aunt Bette." I started squirming toward her voice. "Are you okay?" "No, I'm not okay. We've been kidnapped and Marsh is drinking martinis and probably flirting with the waitress!" she snapped, and it sounded like she too was moving but not in my direction. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Kidnapped quotes by Kristen Ashley
#112. You kidnapped me! You've humiliated me, beat me, nearly gotten me rapped, and just a moment ago you had me suck a complete stranger's dick in a room full of twisted perverts. I love you, but I'm not the coward, Caled. I deserve to live or die on my own fucking terms. - Author: C.J. Roberts
Kidnapped quotes by C.J. Roberts
#113. Once upon a time, my government turned my city into a police state, kidnapped me, and tortured me. When I got free, I decided that the problem wasn't the system, but who was running it. Bad guys had gotten into places of high office. We needed good apples. I worked my butt off to get people to vote for good apples. We had elections. We installed the kind of apples everyone agreed would be the kind of apples we could be proud of. They said good things. A few real dirtbags like Carrie Johnstone lost their jobs.
And then, well, the good apples turned out to act pretty much exactly like the bad apples. Oh, they had reasons. There were emergencies. Circumstances. It was all really regrettable.
But there were always emergencies, weren't there? - Author: Cory Doctorow
Kidnapped quotes by Cory Doctorow
#114. were, indeed, much like kidnapping, just as the tales said. If you had been seized, tied to the saddle of a horse like a sack of meal, and ridden off without a chance to kiss your wife goodbye forever - this is what happened to William Grose of Virginia in the 1820s - you might compare your experience to that of being kidnapped.26 Some African - Author: Edward E. Baptist
Kidnapped quotes by Edward E. Baptist
#115. Once upon a time in the Land of Sad, / a girl went on a journey. / She was not a princess, except to her mother... / Her father had vanished some tipsy moons ago, / kidnapped by the pirate Captain Smirnoff. - Author: Susan Browne
Kidnapped quotes by Susan Browne
#116. I found it really astonishing that undocumented migrants were kidnapped so routinely, that it was such a commonplace part of the journey for people trying to reach the US, and that we hear almost nothing about it here. - Author: Sarah Stillman
Kidnapped quotes by Sarah Stillman
#117. What'll happen if I tell him? If I tell him I risked everyone in the damn sector, everyone in all the sectors. That I promised the scariest man any of us will ever meet an open-ended favor, and in return he kidnapped the most prized doctor in Eden and brought her here in the trunk of a fucking car?" Cruz slammed an open palm against the headboard and leaned over them, his gaze a little wild. "What will you do if I tell you that, Ace? Will you finally believe I fucking love you? Or will you figure out a way that it's all about her? - Author: Kit Rocha
Kidnapped quotes by Kit Rocha
#118. Seniors get to do all the jolly things," Owen complained as they walked to archery practice that first day.
Neal glared at the chubby second-year with all the royal disdain of a vexed lion. He was limping from a staff blow to the knee. "You are a bloody minded-savage," he informed Owen sternly. "I hope you are kidnapped by centaurs. - Author: Tamora Pierce
Kidnapped quotes by Tamora Pierce
#119. Will you buckle in? It's bad enough we kidnapped you. - Author: C.L.Stone
Kidnapped quotes by C.L.Stone
#120. A voice: "My goodness, Nurse Jones." I look up, startled. Simon's in the doorway, leaning against the frame, smiling.
No doubt I'm quite the sight in my bloody, sexy nurse's outfit, sitting on a bed next to a tied-up, taped-up target. "Oh, please." I collect my purse, my phone and my stun gun and walk around the bed.
Simon's smile reaches deep into his dark blue eyes. He has a long face and delicate features for a man.
I grab the sleeve of his black jacket and pull him into the outer room.
"What the fuck are you wearing? You look insane," he says.
"This? This is the creepy outfit the Alchemist put me in after he kidnapped me."
Simon stops smiling. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah. - Author: Carolyn Crane
Kidnapped quotes by Carolyn Crane
#121. When I found him, I was going to kill him. How dare he do this to me? What did he mean by getting himself kidnapped? He was a man, for gods' sake. He was supposed to be able to fight off kidnappers. He was a bloody hero, talented and beautiful and an aristocrat to boot. Heroes didn't get kidnapped. Heroes rescued kidnap victims.
Leave it to a man, and a Source, to screw up something so simple. - Author: Moira J. Moore
Kidnapped quotes by Moira J. Moore
#122. When people say, 'How did you start in comedy,' I say my family was kidnapped by ninjas when I was very young, and to get them released I had to do a killer five-minute set. And even after I did that, you know, I started doing comedy under tough circumstances, I still kept at it because I enjoyed it. - Author: Hannibal Buress
Kidnapped quotes by Hannibal Buress
#123. As we strolled into the hospital, I couldn't help thinking about Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" because I was having a difficult time staying calm. I had been kidnapped and beaten senseless by an agent of Lucifer, and yet the white coats the doctors wore scared me just as badly. The men who had taken me from my mother wore those same damned lab coats. Every time I saw one, it awakened a dormant fear inside me - fear that I'd be dragged away from someone I loved again, fear that I'd be placed into the waiting hands of another horrible person. It would never truly go away.
Michael's shoulder bumped mine, which shook me out of my thoughts. I glanced at him. "What?"
"You're frowning."
"Am I supposed to be smiling right now?"
He faced forward, looking at our reflection in the elevator doors. "No, but you look like you're about to bolt at any second."
I watched the digital numbers change one by one as we rose up to the right floor, fiddling with the rosary in the pocket of my leather jacket. Somehow, the beads had a calming effect on me. "I'm fine."
"Hard ass."
A tiny smirk touched my lips. "Stop thinking about my butt. You're an archangel."
He grinned, but didn't reply. - Author: Kyoko M.
Kidnapped quotes by Kyoko M.
#124. Helluva thing for a man to discover, that he loved somebody about two shakes after she was kidnapped. - Author: Lucy Varna
Kidnapped quotes by Lucy Varna
#125. How can you love those who have stolen from you, assaulted or abused you, or tried to blow you up and completely destroy you? How can you forgive those who have kidnapped, tortured and killed someone you love? Yet this is where reconciliation has to begin. - Author: Andrew White
Kidnapped quotes by Andrew White
#126. Was that Will?" she said finally.
Henry arched one ginger eyebrow. "Perhaps he's been kidnapped and replaced by an automaton," he suggested. "It seems possible ... "
For once Charlotte could only find herself in agreement. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Kidnapped quotes by Cassandra Clare
#127. You kidnapped a girl. That's awesome but illegal, Davie. You're probably going to have to give her back." My hair was lifted and Mal appeared, crouched beside me. "Hey there, child bride. Where's my hello kiss? - Author: Kylie Scott
Kidnapped quotes by Kylie Scott
#128. What the hell do you think you're doing going and getting yourself kidnapped? You almost gave me apoplexy!" "Well, excuse me Queen of the World. I'm so sorry I inconvenienced you! - Author: Tamara Hoffa
Kidnapped quotes by Tamara Hoffa
#129. And every mile we go further from London makes the notion of ransom even more unlikely. So we're still no closer to learning what's behind this-neither the who for the why of it." She waited until he swung around again and caught his eye. "I believe we need to consider the wider implications."
His lips twitched-she was almost certain of it-but he didn't stop pacing. "Meanwhile you want to continue on with this"-he gestured-"quest of yours."
She tipped up her head. "Of course. I'm here, already kidnapped, but they've provided me with a maid and are under strict orders to see to my health and safety, orders they're clearly committed to obeying. On top of that"-she waved at him-"you're here. If you continue to follow our party, when it comes to the point where escaping becomes necessary, I'll be able to do so and hide behind you. God knows, you're large enough."
He quirked a black brow. - Author: Stephanie Laurens
Kidnapped quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#130. I swear on St. Francis, the patron saint of all animals."
Seeing Poppy's hesitation, Beatrix added enthusiastically, "If a band of pirates kidnapped me and took me to their ship and threatened to make me walk the plank over a shiver of starving sharks unless I told them your secret, I still wouldn't tell it. If I were tied by a villain and thrown before a herd of stampeding horses all shod in iron, and the only way to keep from being trampled was to tell the villain your secret, I - - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Kidnapped quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#131. What gave it away? When she loaded me bound and gagged into the back of her truck? Or when she actually said. "I'm ready to kill you and throw your body inn the swamp?
"Hey for a while there, it looked like you were going to talk your way out of it. I didn't want to interfere. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Kidnapped quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#132. Rosie perked up and clapped excitedly. "When I was younger, the older girls in our gym kidnapped us from our houses in the middle of the night and took us to IHOP." She beamed. "All-you-can-eat pancakes."

Lexi leveled her with a glare. "How has life failed you so miserably?"

"It was fun," she said, defending herself. "I had whipped cream on mine."

Oh Rosie. - Author: R.S. Grey
Kidnapped quotes by R.S. Grey
#133. Well, it wasn't a holiday, but I had expected to do some sightseeing when I went to Haiti to film a series called 'True Horror' for Discovery. Before I arrived, our film crew were kidnapped and held at knifepoint. - Author: Anthony Head
Kidnapped quotes by Anthony Head
#134. The following morning, I swore to myself that I would not try to find out where Esther was living. For two years, I had unconsciously preferred to believe that she had been forced to leave, that she had been kidnapped or was being blackmailed by some terrorist group. Now that I knew she was alive and well (that was what the young man had told me), why try to see her again? My ex-wife had the right to look for happiness, and I should respect her decision. This idea lasted a little more than four hours; later in the afternoon, I went to a church, lit a candle and made another promise, this time a sacred, ritual promise: to try and find her. Marie - Author: Paulo Coelho
Kidnapped quotes by Paulo Coelho
#135. The increased incidence of abductions represents a major challenge within the ongoing humanitarian crises. The kidnapped archbishops have suffered terribly, and their families have suffered immensely not knowing what has become of them. - Author: Widad Akreyi
Kidnapped quotes by Widad Akreyi
#136. Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery. - Author: Andy Warhol
Kidnapped quotes by Andy Warhol
#137. I heard Derreck's words in my mind. Your people will always come first. Always. It dawned on me suddenly that Bethany was my people. She had stood by me, accepted me, been kidnapped for me. I didn't give a damn if she was Immortal or not. She was mine. Before I fully knew what I was saying, the words tumbled from my mouth. "Please, your majesty. Please just let her leave with my family. I'll do it. I'll do what you want. I'll marry Prince Mikail and go now. - Author: Stormy Smith
Kidnapped quotes by Stormy Smith
#138. That day wasn't the first time I had attempted suicide. Simply disappearing into the distant nothingness where there was no pain and no more feelings - back then I thought it an act of empowerment. Otherwise I had very little power to make any decisions about my life, my body, my actions. Taking my own life seemed my last trump card. - Author: Natascha Kampusch
Kidnapped quotes by Natascha Kampusch
#139. Being kidnapped and abused by the undead was worse than calculus, but not by a wide margin. - Author: Thomm Quackenbush
Kidnapped quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#140. It's amazing how email has changed our lives. You ever get a handwritten letter in the mail today? 'What the? Has someone been kidnapped?' - Author: Jim Gaffigan
Kidnapped quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#141. I was still alive. Ha! Take that kidnappers. Still alive. Maybe it was my butt that was feeding me. I always thought it was kind of round. I bet my body was eating up all the fat stores from my butt now. Yeah. See, having a big ass is a good thing. Good, good, good. They should put that in magazines. Why diet? Why stay thin? If you ever get kidnapped and left for dead, your fat ass could save your life! - Author: Kate Brian
Kidnapped quotes by Kate Brian
#142. The saddest sight these days is the image of hundreds of thousands of children kidnapped and lured into being child soldiers from the age of eight. - Author: Roger Moore
Kidnapped quotes by Roger Moore
#143. Simon whispered to me, "But is everything okay?"
"No," Tori said. "I kidnapped her and forced her to escape with me. I've been using her as a human shield against those guys with guns, and I was just about to strangle her and leave her body here to throw them off my trail. But then you showed up and foiled my evil plans. Lucky for you, though. You get to rescue poor little Chloe again and win her undying gratitude."
"Undying gratitude?" Simon looked at me. "Cool. Does that come with eternal servitude? If so, I like my eggs sunnyside up."
I smiled. "I'll remember that."
"All right, then. Emergency medical situation, take two."
He leaped to his feet, staggered, keeled over, then lifted his head weakly.
"Chloe? Is that you?" He coughed. "Do you have my insulin?"
I placed it in his outstretched hand.
"You saved my life," he said. "How can I ever repay you?"
"Undying servitude sounds good. I like my eggs scrambled. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Kidnapped quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#144. A diplomat had been kidnapped, a cabinet minister had been kidnapped, they were under threats of murder. The police forces were rather tired. After a whole week, we were unable to find those that had effected the kidnappings. - Author: Robert Bourassa
Kidnapped quotes by Robert Bourassa
#145. Human history's greatest crime was the traffic in black flesh when the devil white man went into Africa and murdered and kidnapped to bring to the West in chains, in slave ships, millions of black men, women, and children, who were worked and beaten and tortured as slaves. - Author: Malcolm X
Kidnapped quotes by Malcolm X
#146. You?"
"By yourself?"
"No, Jonas." Sera turned around and planted her hands on her hips. "I thought I'd call the police and ask them to come along." She mimed holding a phone to her ear. "Hi, my brother and boyfriend have been kidnapped by vampires and taken into the Realm. Can you help me save them?' Oh, but I should probably tell them to beware of the goblins and faeries they may encounter on the way."
Jonas's jaw dropped. "You've seen goblins and faeries? Together? - Author: Jen Meyers
Kidnapped quotes by Jen Meyers
#147. The only time the press doesn't sensationalize information is when one of their own is kidnapped. Interesting how they show restraint then. - Author: Jim Norton
Kidnapped quotes by Jim Norton
#148. The people who run the circus kidnapped us from our parents. Since we got here, we have all been working in the circus.
We can't see any of our mummies or kiss them OR cuddle up to them. said Adrian.
His tears flowing in his big blue eyes that were the colour of the sky.
We didn't want to listen to our parents when they told us: 'Never, Ever!" talk to strangers.
We all disobeyed and spoke to strangers, and then the strangers stole us away from our parents. - Author: Magda M. Olchawska
Kidnapped quotes by Magda M. Olchawska
#149. It seems Washinoo didn't mind being kidnapped by lunatics. He remained with Yoshitsune until the very end. - Author: Pamela S Turner
Kidnapped quotes by Pamela S Turner
#150. But I would be damned if I'd let Curran intimidate me into caving in.
"I see. I retrieve the surveys the Pack let slip through its fingers, and in return you bring me here against my will, interrogate me, and threaten me with bodily harm. I'm sure the Order will be amused to learn the Pack kidnapped its representative."
Curran nodded thoughtfully. "Aha. Who's going to tell them?"
Um . . . Good question. He could kill me and nobody would ever find my body. The Order wouldn't even investigate that hard; they might just chalk it up to the flare-related craziness.
"I guess I'll just have to kick your ass and break out of here." I bravely drank the rest of the soup from the bowl, abandoning all propriety. Probably shouldn't have said that.
"In your dreams."
"We've never had our rematch. I might win." Probably shouldn't have said that, either. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Kidnapped quotes by Ilona Andrews
#151. All countries take the kidnapping of their troops seriously. But it drives Israel absolutely crazy. It is an affront to every person. Almost everyone in Israel is or has been a soldier. There is total commitment to the principle "leave no man behind" because nearly everyone could be that man or woman. All men and women, except some Israeli Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews, serve in the military, and remain in the reserves. When a soldier is kidnapped, Israelis think of their own sons and daughters. That - Author: Richard Engel
Kidnapped quotes by Richard Engel
#152. My master was kidnapped by your household's demon chieftains. Return him early, and I'll spare your lives! If you don't, I'll overturn your den and reduce you spirits to pus and blood! - Author: Wu Cheng'en
Kidnapped quotes by Wu Cheng'en
#153. I'm tied up, gagged and about to be bludgeoned to death by a lawn ornament. Jeez, that's depressing.
- Raven Smith - Author: Rita Stradling
Kidnapped quotes by Rita Stradling
#154. Real art has been ... what's the word? Kidnapped? No, that's not it. But, OK, kidnapped by business. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
Kidnapped quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#155. I didn't realize then that women like her walked on roads of embers. Their life was an endless wait for the husband kidnapped by the police, the missing brother, the son who had been imprisoned. Women who could not sleep because of the fire in their chest. Ali's mother was one of those women, battered by fate. - Author: Benyamin
Kidnapped quotes by Benyamin
#156. I came to view the world as a word puzzle and, with no special aptitude I can name, fixed on the whys and wherefores of language from my earliest days. Song lyrics. Signs. The stories read in first and second grades. My parents almost always read to us at bedtime. Poems by Whittier. Scenes from Oliver Twist. Kidnapped. Treasure Island. The names alone intrigued me. Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney. The name Balfour sounded the knell of the romantic. Robinson Crusoe. I loved to hear read the exploits of Natty Bumppo. Authors had an aura of the godlike to me. The Latin prayers fascinated me as an altar boy. I can still recall carved names on buildings I saw from the MTA train when I was a youngster. Who can explain why? Words were magic to me. I once inadvisably glued my finger and thumb together at the Magoun Library in fourth grade trying to amuse a pretty little girl on whom I had a crush, and when the librarian came over angrily to inquire what the problem was and I pointed with a shrug and replied, "Mucilage" - a word that always made me laugh - she very coldly stated, "You are more to be pitied than censured. - Author: Alexander Theroux
Kidnapped quotes by Alexander Theroux
#157. I've been kidnapped by a madman in tights and a cape. - Author: Chelsea M. Campbell
Kidnapped quotes by Chelsea M. Campbell
#158. When at last he could lift his head, he asked, "What have you done?"
"What have I done?" She lifted a mocking brow. "Why, I've kidnapped the marquees of Northcliff."
"You dare to admit it?" Inch by painful inch, he dragged himself onto the cot.
"Admitting to it is the least of my sins. I did it. - Author: Christina Dodd
Kidnapped quotes by Christina Dodd
#159. Don't act like you know the first thing about the continent," I snapped. "It isn't as though you've ever visited."

He flinched, silent for a moment. "Have you?"

"No," I admitted. "But I very likely would have if you hadn't kidnapped me."

"I didn't kidnap you," Tristan said, his voice filled with irritation. "Your friend Luc did."

"He wouldn't have done so, if not for you. And he isn't my friend."

"That might be the case, but I don't doubt that he'd have substituted an equivalently dastardly deed in its place." He pointed a finger at me. "Mark my words, the boy was of a vile sort."

"Then you are two of a kind," I snapped.

"Ha ha," Tristan snorted. "How dreadfully clever. And speaking of clever, is this to be your bid for escape?" He contemplated my clothing. "In a dressing gown and bare feet? Now tell me, if I go put on nightclothes and slippers, might I join you, or is this a solo adventure?"

My eyes stung. "You think this is all exceedingly funny, don't you? I'm nothing but a joke to you."

His brow creased in a frown. "If you're a joke, it isn't an especially humorous one."

I threw up my hands in frustration. "You are the most intolerable individual I've ever met."

He bowed. "Why, thank you, Cécile. Always a pleasure to have one's accomplishments recognized."

"You are the last person in the world I'd choose to marry," I hissed.

"I don - Author: Danielle L. Jensen
Kidnapped quotes by Danielle L. Jensen
#160. James scoffed. "We are not being held prisoner. You're so dramatic."
"Oh yeah, she just kidnapped us and told us the only way we're going to be let go is if we go to other alien planets and steal from them. You're right, James, I'm clearly overly overreacting," Kat snapped. - Author: L. Taylor
Kidnapped quotes by L. Taylor
#161. Layne - "Do you have a gun or do you need me to get you one?"
Colt – "My wife was kidnapped and nearly shot in the head, man. I got guns everywhere - Author: Kristen Ashley
Kidnapped quotes by Kristen Ashley
#162. Looking back, I wonder why a gangster movie kidnapped my life. The Godfather had nothing to do with me. I was a feminist, not Italian, and I went to school at Montana State. I had never set foot in New York, thought ravioli came only in a can, and wasn't blind to the fact that all the women in the film were either virgins, mothers, whores, or Diane Keaton. - Author: Sarah Vowell
Kidnapped quotes by Sarah Vowell
#163. When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room. - Author: Woody Allen
Kidnapped quotes by Woody Allen
#164. I was kidnapped by literature at a young age and never wanted to be ransomed. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Kidnapped quotes by Margaret Atwood
#165. I remember the time I was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my father. He said he wanted more proof. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
Kidnapped quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#166. And the bad guys love to pick on the defenseless necromancer. This time, though, I swear I won't get kidnapped or possessed. ~Jaime Vegas - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Kidnapped quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#167. When a prominent dissident was arrested in China, we would write a front-page article; when 100,000 girls were routinely kidnapped and trafficked into brothels, we didn't even consider it news. Partly that is because we journalists tend to be good at covering events that happen on a particular day, but we slip at covering events that happen every day - such as the quotidian cruelties inflicted on women and girls. We journalists weren't the only ones who dropped the ball on this subject: Less than 1 percent of U.S. foreign aid is specifically targeted to women and girls. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
Kidnapped quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#168. Aden St. George managed to avoid having to kill the guard stationed outside his quarry's crypt-like cell, although the thug outside the caves hadn't been so lucky. Still, that bastard had tried to knife him in the gut so Aden could hardly be faulted for returning the favor. And knowing what he did about the men who'd kidnapped Lady Vivien Shaw, he wouldn't waste his fitful conscience on that brutal but necessary act. Killing was not a favorite pastime, but only rarely did it disturb his sleep.
Tonight's rescue mission carried no inconvenient opportunities for remorse since a woman's life and innocence hung in the balance. True, the gossips whispered that Lady Vivien's innocence was an open question, but what would happen to her if Aden failed wasn't. Without his intervention she would disappear into a nightmarish life, forever beyond the protection of her family and friends. - Author: Vanessa Kelly
Kidnapped quotes by Vanessa Kelly
#169. It wasn't enough to be kidnapped, I had to be insulted too. - Author: Charlaine Harris
Kidnapped quotes by Charlaine Harris
#170. A cell phone rings. I can feel the vibration through Brittany's pants.
"It's hers," I say.
"Answer it," Isa Instructs.
I already feel like I've kidnapped the girl. Now I'm gonna answer her cell? Shit. Rolling her a bit, I feel for the bulge in her back pocket.
"Contesta," Isa whispers loudly, this time in Spanish.
"I am," I hiss, my fingers clumsy as I fumble for the phone.
"I'll do it," Paco says, leaning over the seats and reaching toward Brittany's ass.
I whack his hand away. "Get your hands off her."
"Geez, man, I was just tryin' to help."
My response is a glare. - Author: Simone Elkeles
Kidnapped quotes by Simone Elkeles
#171. Three days ago, Dana had been kidnapped by the Norse god Loki and trapped in the Greek Underworld. - Author: Tony Abbott
Kidnapped quotes by Tony Abbott
#172. Emilia typed in her password and checked her inbox. A review by the Secretariat de Gobernación of drug cartel activities across Mexico. A report of a robbery in Acapulco's poorest barrio neighborhood that would probably never be investigated. Notice of a reward for a child kidnapped in Ixtapa who was almost certainly dead by now.
Her phone rang. It was the desk sergeant saying that a Señor Rooker wished to see her. Emilia avoided Rico's eye as she said, yes, the sergeant could let el señor pass into the detectives' area.
A minute later Rucker was standing by her desk, sweat beaded on his forehead. The starched collar of his shirt was damp.
"There's a head," he said breathlessly. "Someone's head in a bucket on the hood of my car. - Author: Carmen Amato
Kidnapped quotes by Carmen Amato
#173. I myself had to grow a longer beard and Afghan clothes. I was in danger of being kidnapped by smugglers, though I didn't know it at the time. - Author: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Kidnapped quotes by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
#174. We now dwelt in a very large prison, without walls, bounded by Canada, Mexico and two oceans. There were the jailers, the turnkeys, the informers, and somewhere in the Midwest the solitary confinement of the special internment camps. Most people did not appear to notice. Since there were no literal walls or barbed wire, since they had committed no crimes, had not been arrested or taken to court, they did not grasp the change, the dread transformation, of their situation. It was the classic case of a man kidnapped while standing still. Since they had been taken nowhere and since they themselves had voted the new tyranny into power, they could see nothing wrong. Anywho, a good third of them, had they known, would have thought it a good idea…Their freedom to do as they were told had been preserved. - Author: Philip K. Dick
Kidnapped quotes by Philip K. Dick
#175. The writer Warwick Cairns calculated that if you wanted your child to be kidnapped and held overnight by a stranger, you'd have to leave the child outside and unattended for 750,000 years.211 - Author: Steven Pinker
Kidnapped quotes by Steven Pinker
#176. She could end up on the news if she wasn't careful, with her face plastered on the back of milk jugs. Missing and too stupid to live. - Author: Missy Lyons
Kidnapped quotes by Missy Lyons
#177. An actress should never, ever, be asked to run beside a van in red disco boots for more than about half a block, and then only if her child is being kidnapped. - Author: Roger Ebert
Kidnapped quotes by Roger Ebert
#178. Isn't she gorgeous, Ken?"
"Too pretty for Thatch, that's for damn sure.," Ken remarked with a smurk. "Seriously, Cassie? Is he blackmailing you? Do we need to alert the authorities? Blink twice if he kidnapped you. Three times if you fear for you life. - Author: Max Monroe
Kidnapped quotes by Max Monroe
#179. He was up Shit Creek without a paddle, wasn't he? Funny--his ex had always said Quinn's sense of adventure would eventually get him killed. Maybe Quinn would've listened if there'd been something about "might get you kidnapped and fucked by a couple of werewolves in rural Ukraine. - Author: K.A. Merikan
Kidnapped quotes by K.A. Merikan
#180. No! Please no," she feels the cool metal
of the handcuffs again. "Please, I'm
Madison, I'm Madison!"
Her arms lock into place above her head.
She jerks her body, pain snapping at her
"You can stay like this for the day." He
rises from the bed, bends down, and
blows out the candles on her birthday
cake. "Night, night, Rosie."
He opens the door, letting a stream of
sunlight into the room.
"Please don't leave me here, please!"
And then the door closes, and the
sunlight is gone. - Author: Kay Botha
Kidnapped quotes by Kay Botha
#181. What did you do?" "Blew up a fuel depot, stole twelve rockets and made off with them in a stolen van, got kidnapped by a maniac, and had dinner with a guy who farted fire." "That would be funny, but I'm worried it's all true." "It's been a long couple days." "Did he really fart fire?" Morelli asked. - Author: Janet Evanovich
Kidnapped quotes by Janet Evanovich
#182. Schoolchildren don't normally learn this poem about Columbus's second voyage to Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic today): "In fourteen hundred and ninety-five, sixteen hundred people he kidnapped alive." Columbus - Author: Brian D. McLaren
Kidnapped quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#183. He halted abruptly, and this time she did slam into him, but at least it was his back absorbing the blow of her soft body. He could pretend to ignore it. "What have you got on your feet?" he growled.
He looked down, his eyes accustomed to the inky black. Light-weight sneakers, already soaking wet from the damp undergrowth. "Christ, woman," he muttered.
"I didn't exactly get a chance to choose my wardrobe when they kidnapped me," she said.
Damned if he didn't like her. - Author: Anne Stuart
Kidnapped quotes by Anne Stuart
#184. A brick could be used to stall for time when the police are searching your place looking for a missing person. I kept telling them, I didn't steal a person - I kidnapped a mannequin. Is that a crime? - Author: Jarod Kintz
Kidnapped quotes by Jarod Kintz
#185. People are complicated. There is so much more to everybody than you realize. You see someone in school everyday, or at work, in the canteen, and you share a cigarette of a coffee with them, and you talk about the weather or last night's air raid. But you don't talk so much about what was the nastiest thing you ever said to your mother, or how you pretended to be David Balfour, the hero of Kidnapped, for the whole of the year when you were 13, or what you imagine yourself doing with the pilot who looks like Leslie Howard if you were alone in his bunk after a dance. - Author: Elizabeth Wein
Kidnapped quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#186. I love developing children as characters. Children rarely have important roles in literary fiction - they are usually defined as cute or precious, or they create a plot by being kidnapped or dying. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Kidnapped quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#187. I was still walking behind Mrs. Haze through the dining room when, beyond it, there came a sudden burst of greenery – "the piazza," sang out my leader, and then, without the least warning, a blue sea-wave swelled under my heart and, from a mat in a pool of sun, half-naked, kneeling, turning about on her knees, there was my Riviera love peering at me over dark glasses.

It was the same child-the same frail, honey-hued shoulders, the same silky supple bare back, the same chestnut head of hair. A polka-dotted black kerchief tied around her chest hid from my aging ape eyes, but not from the gaze of young memory, the juvenile breasts I had fondled one immortal day. And, as if I were the fairy-tale nurse of some little princess (lost, kidnapped, discovered in gypsy rags through which her nakedness smiled at the king and his hounds), I recognized the tiny dark-brown mole on her side. With awe and delight (the king crying for joy, the trumpets blaring, the nurse drunk) I saw again her lovely indrawn abdomen where my southbound mouth had briefly paused; and those puerile hips on which I had kissed the crenulated imprint left by the band of her shorts – that last mad immortal day behind the "Roches Roses." The twenty-five years I had lived since then, tapered to a palpitating point, and vanished. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Kidnapped quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#188. Every time i see a butterfly, it reminds me of how precious life can truly be. To be able to turn from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and fly away so freely and gracefully wherever she may please, without no one in the world to tell her what to do. I wait for that special moment in time when I get to live freely, without no worries, pain or tears. I just want to be happy. I want the laughter in the air without all of the pain. One special day I'll get to live my life just like that beautiful butterfly. I will no longer feel blue inside. - Author: Michelle Knight
Kidnapped quotes by Michelle Knight
#189. Now," my mother sniffled, "WERE you abducted? Kidnapped?"
"You mean did somebody snatch me?"
"Yes. Well?"
"Why would anybody wanna snatch ME?"
"Megin. Just DID they?"
"Did who? Who's THEY?"
ANYBODY! Snatch you?"
I laughed. "Jeez no!" And she grabbed me again and we cried some more. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
Kidnapped quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#190. Sometimes I felt that growing up and being a girl was about learning to be afraid. Not paranoid, exactly, but always alert and aware, like checking out the exits in the movie theatre or the fire escape in a hotel. You came to know, in a way you hadn't as a kid, that the body you inhabited was vulnerable, imperfectly fortified. On TV, in the papers, in books and movies, it isn't ever men being raped or kidnapped or bludgeoned or dismembered or burned with acid. But in stories and crime shows and TV series and movies and in life too, it's going on all the time, all around you. So you learn, in your mind, that your body needs to be protected. It's both precious and totally dispensable, depending on whom you encounter. - Author: Claire Messud
Kidnapped quotes by Claire Messud
#191. I saw the texts on Bethany's phone. I know you kidnapped her and I know she's in danger and I have no idea what you're planning on doing to her, but I swear to God, I will bring you down and destroy everything you love and I heard you talking in that locker and I don't care how you got in there but I am so sick of these freaking secrets so bring me to her right now or...or...I'll" I wracked my brain in the second it took to catch my breath and said the first thing that came to my mind, raging lunatic or not: "Or I'll puke on you. I swear to God, I'll throw up right on you." I paused for dramatic effect. "And I had tacos for lunch. - Author: Lisa Roecker
Kidnapped quotes by Lisa Roecker
#192. Coraline? Oh, there you are. Where on earth were you?' 'I was kidnapped by aliens,' said Coraline. 'They came down from outer space with ray guns, but I fooled them by wearing a wig and laughing in a foreign accent, and I escaped.' 'Yes, - Author: Neil Gaiman
Kidnapped quotes by Neil Gaiman
#193. The candle burns not for us, but for all those whom we failed to rescue from prison, who were shot on the way to prison, who were tortured, who were kidnapped, who 'disappeared'. That's what the candle is for. - Author: Peter Benenson
Kidnapped quotes by Peter Benenson
#194. We're not Americans, we're Africans who happen to be in America. We were kidnapped and brought here against our will from Africa. We didn't land on Plymouth Rock - that rock landed on us. - Author: Malcolm X
Kidnapped quotes by Malcolm X
#195. She doesn't even have shoes on" He was trying to reconcile something in his head while talking to Luke.
"In all the time you spent in that shack, you forgot to pack her shoes?" Luke asked rhetorically, shaking his head in both wonder and disappointment. "Look, we're in the boonies. I am sure shoes are optional, as are a full set of teeth. - Author: Jenna-Lynne Duncan
Kidnapped quotes by Jenna-Lynne Duncan
#196. 2014 Raid in Northern Syria In an attempt to find kidnapped journalist James Foiley as well as other American hostages, Delta Forces operators were inserted into northern Syria on 04 July 2014. Per information from witnesses, after tearing down anti-aircraft weapons, the Delta Forces operators attacked an ISIS base. The ISIS base was torn down and all ISIS soldiers were killed at the cost of an American who sustained wounds during the operations. The operation was a failure since no hostages were found. - Author: John Winters
Kidnapped quotes by John Winters
#197. Oh good," said the Beast dryly. "Here I was afraid that I had kidnapped a sane person by mistake." "If you are going to kidnap travelers, you will simply have to take what you can get," snapped Bryony. - Author: T. Kingfisher
Kidnapped quotes by T. Kingfisher
#198. You know what you need?" Giguhl said. I raised a brow, bracing myself for a punch line. "A to-do list. Might help you keep track of all the beings who want you dead and the satanic birdlife you've kidnapped."
I imagined a list in my head:
1. Perform voodoo ritual on evil owl.
2. Find out who sold us out to the anachronistic Caste vampires.
3. Make amends with a lesbian werewolf.
4. Rescue twin.
5. Murder grandmother.
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. "Yeah, I'll get right on that."
Gighul heard the sarcasm. "Suit yourself, but don't come crying to me if you forget who you're supposed to kill when. - Author: Jaye Wells
Kidnapped quotes by Jaye Wells
#199. Both Elizabeth [Smart] and Ruby [Jessop] were fourteen when they were kidnapped, raped and "kept captive by polygamous fanatics." The main difference in the girls' respective ordeals ... is that "Elizabeth was brainwashed for nine months," while Ruby had been brainwashed by polygamist fanatics "since birth." Despite the similarity of their plights, Elizabeth's abusers were jailed and charged with sexual assault, aggravated burglary, and aggravated kidnapping, while Ruby ... "was returned to her abusers, no real investigation was done, no charges brought against anyone" involved. - Author: Jon Krakauer
Kidnapped quotes by Jon Krakauer
#200. My parents were overprotective because you could get kidnapped and bombs were exploding in the streets. - Author: Mia Maestro
Kidnapped quotes by Mia Maestro