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#1. The governor of Texas, who, when asked if the Bible should also be taught in Spanish, replied that 'if English was good enough for Jesus, then it's good enough for me'. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Translations quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#2. Translation is not appropriation, as is sometimes claimed; it is a form of listening that then changes how you speak. - Author: Eliot Weinberger
Translations quotes by Eliot Weinberger
#3. It is man and not the Bible that needs correcting. Greater and more careful scholarship has shown that apparent contradictions were caused by incorrect translations, rather than divine inconsistencies. - Author: Billy Graham
Translations quotes by Billy Graham
#4. Had I known that coffee could taste so good, I would have gotten drunk on it every day. - Author: Rabih Alameddine
Translations quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#5. We didn't have last names before they came. When they decided they needed to keep track of us, last names were given to us, just like the name "INDIAN" itself was given to us. These were attempted translations and botched Indian names, random surnames, and names passed down from white American generals, admirals, and colonels, and sometimes troop names, which were sometimes just colors. - Author: Tommy Orange
Translations quotes by Tommy Orange
#6. We have then, in the first part of The Faerie Queene, four of the seven deadly sins depicted in the more important passages of the four several books; those sins being much more elaborately and powerfully represented than the virtues, which are opposed to them, and which are personified in the titular heroes of the respective books. The alteration which made these personified virtues the centre each of a book was probably part of the reconstruction on the basis of Aristotle Ethics.
The nature of the debt to Aristotle suggests that Spenser did not borrow directly from the Greek, but by way of modern translations. - Author: Janet Spens
Translations quotes by Janet Spens
#7. the best of Cervantes is untranslatable, and this undeniable fact is in itself an incentive [for one and all] to learn Spanish. - Author: Aubrey F.G. Bell
Translations quotes by Aubrey F.G. Bell
#8. Other people spoke, and I tried to keep up with the translations. All the stories were about Dimitri's kindness and strength of character. Even when not out battling the undead, Dimitri had always been there to help those who needed it. Almost everyone could recall sometime that Dimitri had stepped up to help others, going out of his way to do what was right, even in situations that could put him at risk. That was no surprise to me. Dimitri always did the right thing.
And it was that attitude that had made me love him so much. I had a similar nature. I too rushed in when others needed me, sometimes when I shouldn't have. Others called me crazy for it, but Dimitri had understood. He'd always understood me, and part of what we'd worked on was how to temper that impulsive need to run into danger with reason and calculation. I had a feeling no one else in this world would ever understand me like he did. - Author: Richelle Mead
Translations quotes by Richelle Mead
#9. As far as modern writing is concerned, it is rarely rewarding to translate it, although it might be easy. Translation is very much like copying paintings. - Author: Boris Pasternak
Translations quotes by Boris Pasternak
#10. When you play a character, you bring yourself into the character. You get a chance to shine and show your translation for the character and her state of mind. - Author: Gal Gadot
Translations quotes by Gal Gadot
#11. We feel prepared to face the reality of restoration. We walk into town for coffee and telephone Piero Rizzatti, the geometra. The translations "draftsman" or "surveyor" don't quite explain what a geometra is, a professional without an equivalent in the United States - a liaison among owner, builders, and town planning officials. Ian has assured us that he is the best in the area, meaning also that he has the best connections and can get the permits quickly. - Author: Frances Mayes
Translations quotes by Frances Mayes
#12. Good translations are one of the vital necessities of our time. - Author: Lucas Leiva
Translations quotes by Lucas Leiva
#13. You've often heard me say - perhaps too often - that poetry is what is lost in translation. It is also what is lost in interpretation. That little poem means just what it says and it says what it means, nothing less but nothing more. - Author: Robert Frost
Translations quotes by Robert Frost
#14. He was a noisy robust little man with a gleam of real talent concealed in the messy obscurity of his verse. But because he did his best to shock people with his monstrous mass of otiose words (he was the inventor of the "submental grunt" as he called it), his main output seems now so nugatory, so false, so old-fashioned (super-modern things have a queer knack of dating much faster than others) that his true value is only remembered by a few scholars who admire the magnificent translations of English poems made by him at the very outset of his literary career, - - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Translations quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#15. Poetry is what is gained in translation. - Author: Joseph Brodsky
Translations quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#16. They like my books better in England than in France; a translation would be very successful there. - Author: Marcel Proust
Translations quotes by Marcel Proust
#17. When a people has no translations and is unable to promote its culture, it does not exist. - Author: Bakhtyar Ali
Translations quotes by Bakhtyar Ali
#18. When God creates Eve, he calls her an ezer kenegdo. 'It is not good for the man to be alone, I shall make him [an ezer kenegdo]' (Gen. 2:18 Alter). Hebrew scholar Robert Alter, who has spent years translating the book of Genesis, says that this phrase is 'notoriously difficult to translate.' The various attempts we have in English are "helper" or "companion" or the notorious "help meet." Why are these translations so incredibly wimpy, boring, flat ... disappointing? What is a help meet, anyway? What little girl dances through the house singing "One day I shall be a help meet?" Companion? A dog can be a companion. Helper? Sounds like Hamburger Helper. Alter is getting close when he translates it "sustainer beside him"
The word ezer is used only twenty other places in the entire Old Testament. And in every other instance the person being described is God himself, when you need him to come through for you desperately. - Author: Stasi Eldredge
Translations quotes by Stasi Eldredge
#19. The Christian "doctrines" are translations into our concepts and ideas of that which God has already expressed in language more adequate, namely the actual incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection - Author: C.S. Lewis
Translations quotes by C.S. Lewis
#20. I announce the great individual, fluid as Nature, chaste, affectionate, compassionate, fully armed; I announce a life that shall be copious, vehement, spiritual, bold, And I announce an end that shall lightly and joyfully meet its translation. - Author: Walt Whitman
Translations quotes by Walt Whitman
#21. Your fine church has not contented itself with cutting off from the Scripture entire books, chapters, sentences and words, but what it has not dared to cut off altogether it has corrupted and violated by its translations. In order that the sectaries of this age may altogether pervert this first and most holy rule of our faith, they have not been satisfied with shortening it or with getting rid of so many beautiful parts, but they have turned and turned it about, each one as he chose, and instead of adjusting their ideas by this rule they have adopted it to the square of their own greater or less sufficiency. - Author: Francis De Sales
Translations quotes by Francis De Sales
#22. Ceux qui revent eveilles ont conscience de 1000 choses qui echapent a ceux qui ne revent qu'endormis.
The one who has day dream are aware of 1000 things that the one who dreams only when he sleeps will never understand.
(it sounds better in french, I do what I can with my translation ... ) - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Translations quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#23. Many of them were familiar from childhood with the fables of La Fontaine. Or they had read Voltaire or Racine or Molière in English translations. But that was about the sum of any familiarity they had with French literature. And none, of course, could have known in advance that the 1830s and '40s in Paris were to mark the beginning of the great era of Victor Hugo, Balzac, George Sand, and Baudelaire, not to say anything of Delacroix in painting or Chopin and Liszt in music. - Author: David McCullough
Translations quotes by David McCullough
#24. Above all, the translation of books into digital formats means the destruction of boundaries. Bound, printed texts are discrete objects: immutable, individual, lendable, cut off from the world. - Author: Tom Chatfield
Translations quotes by Tom Chatfield
#25. If you are interested in Taoism, I would suggest that you read the Way of Life by Lao Tsu, the founder of Taoism. I personally prefer the Witter Brynner translation. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Translations quotes by Frederick Lenz
#26. The sound of the rain needs no translation. In music one doesn't make the end of the composition the point of the composition ... Same way in dancing, you don't aim at one particular spot in the room ... The whole point of dancing is the dance. - Author: Alan Watts
Translations quotes by Alan Watts
#27. I often visit Maria Tatar's 'The Grimm Reader' for a cold dose of courage. Her translations come from the Brothers Grimm, whose now-famous collection of 'Kinder- und Hausmarchen' ('Children's and Household Tales') was first published in 1812. The book was not intended for young readers. - Author: Kate Bernheimer
Translations quotes by Kate Bernheimer
#28. Even when she was alive, Esther Kreitman's novels, short stories and translations received far less attention than the work of her famous brothers, I. J. and Isaac Bashevis Singer. - Author: Clive Sinclair
Translations quotes by Clive Sinclair
#29. I guess the toughest things in translations are word play, which can never be reproduced exactly. - Author: Paul Auster
Translations quotes by Paul Auster
#30. In my writing, I strive for a lyrical beauty somewhere between Tolkien at his best and Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf - Author: Christopher Paolini
Translations quotes by Christopher Paolini
#31. He said he "admired our courage" but didn't want to see us do anything to "damage our promising futures." He felt "proud as an American" that we had "exercised our right to peaceful free expression." But if we did it again, he didn't "know what action the state board of education might take against individual students."
Translation: You've had your fun. Now sit down, shut up, and take the freakin' test. Or else. - Author: Jordan Sonnenblick
Translations quotes by Jordan Sonnenblick
#32. True to their history, the English are very domineering and have manipulated it in different ways. I wouldn't say that there was an original, but there is a lot of expurgation in some of the Victorian translations, and there's a lot of additional salacious nonsense in some of them, too. I also like the early French one, much-derided for being fanciful but which is actually very elegantly done. It's very big, very capacious. - Author: Marina Warner
Translations quotes by Marina Warner
#33. A minute passes as we enter Little Tokyo. It's kind of similar to what you see in the movies, with a lot of signs in different languages with "engrish" translations underneath and those big red gates with the curved wood on top, whatever they're called. The passing people on the street are, understandably, largely of Asian descent.
... I get a couple looks, but I suspect it's 'cause my hair is a variety of shades not seen outside of an anime. - Author: Vaughn R. Demont
Translations quotes by Vaughn R. Demont
#34. Books are merely translations of our emotions into words that allow us to connect on an almost blood transfusion level. - Author: Ksenia Anske
Translations quotes by Ksenia Anske
#35. Wind does not need translation. It speaks the language of men, of animals and birds, of rocks and trees and earth and sky and water. It does not eat or sleep, or take shelter from the weather. It is the weather.
And it lives. - Author: Jessica Day George
Translations quotes by Jessica Day George
#36. All translations are made up" opined Vikram, "Languages are different for a reason. You can't move ideas between them without losing something - Author: G. Willow Wilson
Translations quotes by G. Willow Wilson
#37. Reading a poem in translation is like kissing a woman through a veil. - Author: Anne Michaels
Translations quotes by Anne Michaels
#38. I mainly wanted non-english writing poets, because I loved the idea that I was translating translations. - Author: Simone Muench
Translations quotes by Simone Muench
#39. God delivers over to men his visible will in events, an obscure text written in a mysterious tongue. Men immediately make translations of it; translations hasty, incorrect, full of errors, of gaps, and of nonsense. Very few minds comprehend the divine language. The most sagacious, the calmest, the most profound, decipher slowly, and when they arrive with their text, the task has long been completed; there are already twenty translations on the public place. From each remaining springs a party, and from each misinterpretation a faction; and each party thinks that it alone has the true text, and each faction thinks that it possesses the light. - Author: Victor Hugo
Translations quotes by Victor Hugo
#40. Translation is a disturbing craft because there is precious little certainty about what we are doing, which makes it so difficult in this age of fervent belief and ideology, this age or greed and screed. - Author: Gregory Rabassa
Translations quotes by Gregory Rabassa
#41. The Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven. The Bible is the product of man, my dear. Not of God. The Bible did not fall magically from the clouds. Man created it as a historical record of tumultuous times, and it has evolved through countless translations, additions, and revisions. History has never had a definitive version of the book. - Author: Dan Brown
Translations quotes by Dan Brown
#42. There are nine different words in Maya for the color blue...but just three Spanish translations, leaving six butterflies that can be seen only by the Maya, proving beyond doubt that when a language dies, six butterflies disappear from the consciousness of the earth. - Author: Earl Shorris
Translations quotes by Earl Shorris
#43. What's wonderful is to read the different translations - some done in 1600 and some in 1900 - of the same passage. It's fascinating to watch the same tale repeated in such a different way by two different centuries. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
Translations quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#44. Overly literal translations, far from being faithful, actually distort meaning by obscuring sense. - Author: Ken Liu
Translations quotes by Ken Liu
#45. To find not only that this bedlam of color was true but that the pictures were pale and inaccurate translations, was to me startling. I can't even imagine the forest colors when I am not seeing them. I wondered whether constant association could cause inattention, and asked a native New Hampshire woman about it. She said that autumn never failed to amaze her; to elate. 'It is a glory,' she said, 'and can't be remembered, so that it always comes as a surprise. - Author: John Steinbeck
Translations quotes by John Steinbeck
#46. Regarding R. H. Blyth: Blyth's four volume Haiku became especially popular at this time [1950's] because his translations were based on the assumption that the haiku was the poetic expression of Zen. Not surprisingly, his books attracted the attention of the Beat school, most notably writers such as Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Jack Kerouac, all of whom had a prior interest in Zen. - Author: Reginald Horace Blyth
Translations quotes by Reginald Horace Blyth
#47. Translation is the other side of a tapestry. - Author: Leonardo Sciascia
Translations quotes by Leonardo Sciascia
#48. It was real Cheyenne. I would get the translations the night before, but it was very difficult because it was not like any other language you would be familiar with. - Author: Joe Lando
Translations quotes by Joe Lando
#49. I thought that strange syntax was the language of story books. I didn't realize those were poor translations ... English from Edwardian times. - Author: Sandra Cisneros
Translations quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#50. Unfortunately, unless the job description included a translation of the prologue of The Canterbury Tales, I was dreadfully under-qualified. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Translations quotes by Rachel Vincent
#51. Art is a refining and evocative translation of the materials of the world. - Author: Gwendolyn Brooks
Translations quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#52. Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
Translations quotes by Baltasar Gracian
#53. Air power speaks a strategic language so new that translation into the hackneyed idiom of the past is impossible. - Author: Alexander P. De Seversky
Translations quotes by Alexander P. De Seversky
#54. The best value translations of the Poetic Edda are by Hollander from Texas Uni Press, or by Larrington of Oxford Uni Press. - Author: Sweyn Plowright
Translations quotes by Sweyn Plowright
#55. When pressed, the Suyá would say that the only ones who still knew what they meant were the beings that taught the songs to the Suyá in the first place. One can go no further, for it is hard for an anthropologist to get translations directly from jaguars, birds, bees, and extinct enemies. - Author: Anthony Seeger
Translations quotes by Anthony Seeger
#56. Be on guard against any tampering with the Word, whether disguised as a search for truth, or a scholarly attempt at apparently hidden meanings; and beware of the confusion created by the senseless rash of new versions, translations, editions, and improvements upon the tried and tested Bible of our fathers and grandfathers. - Author: M. R. DeHaan
Translations quotes by M. R. DeHaan
#57. So much gets lost in the translation. Even if you sat there listening to it with a microscope, there's no way you're gonna find out what it means. - Author: Frank Zappa
Translations quotes by Frank Zappa
#58. From the vast, invisible ocean of moonlight overhead fell, here and here, a slender, broken stream that seemed to plash against the intercepting branches and trickle to earth, forming small white pools among the clumps of laurel. But these leaks were few and served only to accentuate the blackness of his environment, which his imagination found it easy to people with all manner of unfamiliar shapes, menacing, uncanny, or merely grotesque.

He to whom the portentous conspiracy of night and solitude and silence in the heart of a great forest is not an unknown experience needs not to be told what another world it all is - how even the most commonplace and familiar objects take on another character. The trees group themselves differently; they draw closer together, as if in fear. The very silence has another quality than the silence of the day. And it is full of half-heard whispers, whispers that startle - ghosts of sounds long dead. There are living sounds, too, such as are never heard under other conditions: notes of strange night birds, the cries of small animals in sudden encounters with stealthy foes, or in their dreams, a rustling in the dead leaves - it may be the leap of a wood rat, it may be the footstep of a panther. What caused the breaking of that twig? What the low, alarmed twittering in that bushful of birds? There are sounds without a name, forms without substance, translations in space of objects which have not been seen to move, movements wherein nothin - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Translations quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#59. Scriptural determinism" sounds like an arcane academic paradigm, but it is deployed by nonacademics in a consequential way. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as Americans tried to fathom the forces at work, sales of several kinds of books rose. Some people bought books about Islam, some bought books about the recent history of the Middle East, and some bought translations of the Koran. And of course some bought more than one kind of book. But people who bought only translations of the Koran were showing signs of scriptural determinism. They seemed to think that you could understand the terrorists' motivation simply by reading their ancient scriptures - just search the Koran for passages advocating violence against infidels and, having succeeded, end the analysis, content that you'd found the essential cause of 9/11. - Author: Robert Wright
Translations quotes by Robert Wright
#60. All the translations of a poem in all possible languages may add nuance to nuance and, by a kind of mutual retouching, by correcting one another, may give an increasingly faithful picture of the poem they translate, yet they will never give the inner meaning of the original. - Author: Henri Bergson
Translations quotes by Henri Bergson
#61. That's the problem with translations," she added sadly. "You can never quite reproduce the flavor of the original. - Author: Emily Croy Barker
Translations quotes by Emily Croy Barker
#62. In art as in life, some things need no translation. - Author: Paula Vogel
Translations quotes by Paula Vogel
#63. These are crystalline - oftentimes incandescent - translations of Juarroz's powerful metaphysical poems where eternity and silence jut up against a world where "writing infects the landscape" and there are "more letters than leaves" - The kind of match one hopes for where both the translator and the poet are in luck; new poems which don't leak and yet old poems in which the original passion shines. - Author: Jorie Graham
Translations quotes by Jorie Graham
#64. I tend to be kind of literal about translation. I think it's important to present the writer as closely as possible. - Author: Ann Goldstein
Translations quotes by Ann Goldstein
#65. The other thing that I started doing for myself was, I went through my diary of ideas that I keep and made sure that the translation of the comic to the movie was good. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
Translations quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#66. In literary translations, it is this very articulation of expressions that matters the most to bring home to the readers the full essence of the original text in question. - Author: Suman Pokhrel
Translations quotes by Suman Pokhrel
#67. Opens up a whole new view of Beckett. The strong mutual attraction between Beckett and Cunard may help explain the leftist political views he expressed both in these superb and long-neglected translations for Negro and elsewhere in his work. - Author: Barney Rosset
Translations quotes by Barney Rosset
#68. A firm, for instance, that does business in many countries of the world is driven to spend an enormous amount of time, labour, and money in providing for translation services. - Author: Edward Sapir
Translations quotes by Edward Sapir
#69. Gaiaguys are free to think for themselves, and since their translations of our texts - even if these are of a preliminary nature - are sought for by many people, we see no reason for withdrawing our permission. - Author: Billy Meier
Translations quotes by Billy Meier
#70. Does it not seem strange that the generation with the most advanced technology and the easiest-to-read Bible translations is the weakest generation of Christians in the history of our country? Church attendance has never been lower, and the Christian influence in our culture never weaker. - Author: A.W. Tozer
Translations quotes by A.W. Tozer
#71. Don't just say you have read books. Show that through them you have learned to think better, to be a more discriminating and reflective person. Books are the training weights of the mind. They are very helpful, but it would be a bad mistake to suppose that one has made progress simply by having internalized their contents. Translation by Sharon Lebell - Author: Epictetus
Translations quotes by Epictetus
#72. I've personally reached the point where the sound of MP3s are so uncompelling, because so much is lost in translation. - Author: Beck
Translations quotes by Beck
#73. A German or a Russian mamaloschen (mother tongue) pedigree made for two wildly different translations of the same verse by the American Yiddish poet H. Leyvik.

"Dos turemdike lebn in der turemdike shtot", translated "The towering life of the towering city" (Yiddish turem, "tower," of German origin) became in another version "The imprisoned life of the prison city" (via turme, "prison", from Russian).

I discovered this old "plot" in a recent lecture, a volume on American Yiddish Poetry, by Benjamin and Barbara Harshav. One of those gentle epiphanies that only apparently obscure footnotes or references could reveal.

In a frivolous gesture, I concocted an improbable rendition based on both translations, a slice of contemporary universal metropolitan spleen:

The imprisoned life of the towering city. - Author: Harshav
Translations quotes by Harshav
#74. Nothing is what you imagine. Her mind hovered above this simple and alarming thought. The variables were too great, the particularities too distinct, life a flood of translations from the shadow-edged yearnings of the heart to the immutable aspects of the physical world. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
Translations quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#75. I could define poetry this way: it is that which is lost out of both prose and verse in translation. - Author: Robert Frost
Translations quotes by Robert Frost
#76. Just as typography is human speech translated into what can be read, so photography is the translation of reality into a readable image. - Author: Herbert Bayer
Translations quotes by Herbert Bayer
#77. I did not have a very literary background. I came to poetry from the sciences and mathematics, and also through an interest in Japanese and Chinese poetry in translation. - Author: Robert Morgan
Translations quotes by Robert Morgan
#78. The subtle differences in language and humor that get lost in translation, for example, make it almost impossible for big companies to do something that will appeal at home and abroad. - Author: Larry Gelbart
Translations quotes by Larry Gelbart
#79. Atomism was viciously persecuted as heresy throughout the early Christian era, and only one printed manuscript of De Rerum Naturum survived the flames. There are several translations; I have chosen the one translated by my fellow Devonian and Oxonian, W. Hannaford Brown. Brown's own manuscript was almost destroyed during the Nazi bombardment of England in 1943: if a religious book had survived so many vicissitudes we can easily imagine what the faithful would say. But Lucretius teaches us to live without such piffle. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Translations quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#80. I teach Korean translation at the British Centre for Literary Translation summer school, so I see an emerging generation too, who are around my age. I'm hoping to find time to mentor, and to help emerging translators to a first contract through Tilted Axis. - Author: Deborah Smith
Translations quotes by Deborah Smith
#81. So what Jesus taught must be understood from the deepest level and that is one of the best sayings to show that he was talking in that way. In the book Revelations from Christ, I found out something that Yogananda said. That Jesus had said son of men and son of God, and people often misunderstand so sometimes the translations themselves are wrong for that reason. So when he said son of man he meant his human body and personality. When he said son of God, he meant the infinite Christ consciousness with which he'd obtained oneness. - Author: Goswami Kriyananda
Translations quotes by Goswami Kriyananda
#82. In the evening they went to say good-bye to Bilbo. 'Well, if you must go, you must,' he said. 'I am sorry. I shall miss you. It is nice just to know that you are about the place. But I am getting very sleepy.' Then he gave Frodo his mithril-coat and Sting, forgetting that he had already done so; and he gave him also three books of lore that he had made at various times, written in his spidery hand, and labelled on their red backs: Translations from the Elvish, by B. B. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Translations quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#83. I've always like Medieval literature. As a young girl I read mythologies and Norse legends, that sort of thing. I loved Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. While I was studying at Middle Tennessee State University for doctoral program I came in contact with more ancient literature. I examined older literature more seriously which intrigued and fascinated me very much; I was drawn to it.
For the book I used all my own translations of Beowulf from my doctorate. Culture is contained in language, if you study a language you'll see bits of culture, because the words are different and you see into the lives of the people. The Anglo-Saxon language touched me very deeply. Some of it is the heroic. Some of it is the melancholy. But there is also honor. You uphold, you fight to the death. Even if you watch movies, like Marvel comic book movies, like Thor: you want the great ones to win. Its even better if they have a fault. But you want the heroic character to win. - Author: Deborah A. Higgens
Translations quotes by Deborah A. Higgens
#84. Reading is perception as translation. The inert signs of an alphabet become living meanings in the mind. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Translations quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#85. 'Translations,' Lateran said scornfully, examining the bruises along Kestrel's ribs. 'Like caressing your lover through a burlap sack. You get the gesture of the thing, but not the nuance, and it is overall an irritating experience.' - Author: L.S. Baird
Translations quotes by L.S. Baird
#86. To use the same words is not a sufficient guarantee of understanding; one must use the same words for the same genus of inward experience; ultimately one must have one's experiences in common. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Translations quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#87. Scholarly translations of the Tao Te Ching as a manual for rulers use a vocabulary that emphasizes the uniqueness of the Taoist "sage," his masculinity, his authority. This language is perpetuated, and degraded, in most popular versions. I wanted a Book of the Way accessible to a present-day, unwise, unpowerful, and perhaps unmale reader, not seeking esoteric secrets, but listening for a voice that speaks to the soul. I would like that reader to see why people have loved the book for twenty-five hundred years. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Translations quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#88. Translation is the circulatory system of the world's literatures - Author: Susan Sontag
Translations quotes by Susan Sontag
#89. And after I started working for the Bureau, most of my translation duties included translations of documents and investigations that actually started way before 9/11. - Author: Sibel Edmonds
Translations quotes by Sibel Edmonds
#90. The Bible is a collection of stories and myths based on hearsay transmitted from generation to generation and which were recorded by many (40 +) different authors during a period spanning possibly 1,600 or more years. The 'evidence' then is only to be found in the Bible – no historical, scientific or authenticated archaeological evidence exists. If you check the internet for such evidence you will discover many websites by Christian ministries – all present the evidence only from the Bible. Most so-called archaeological evidence is based on supposition rather than fact. - Author: Brian Baker
Translations quotes by Brian Baker
#91. I began writing poems when I was about eight, with a heavy assist from my mother. She read me Arthur Waley's translations and Whitman and Robinson Jeffers, who have been lifelong influences on me. My father read Keats to me, and then he read more Keats while I was lying on the sofa struggling with asthma. - Author: Carolyn Kizer
Translations quotes by Carolyn Kizer
#92. If we are perplexed by an apparent contradiction in Scripture, it is not allowable to say, 'The author of this book is mistaken'; but either the manuscript is faulty, or the translation is wrong, or you have not understood. - Author: Saint Augustine
Translations quotes by Saint Augustine
#93. Translations increase the faults of a work and spoil its beauties. - Author: Voltaire
Translations quotes by Voltaire
#94. Ah, Houellebecq. I've only read him in English translations so I'm sure I'm not getting the full greatness of his work, but golly, he writes better sex scenes than anyone else alive. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Translations quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#95. I will venture to assert, that a just translation of any ancient poet in rhyme is impossible. No human ingenuity can be equal to the task of closing every couplet with sounds homotonous, expressing at the same time the full sense, and only the full sense of his original. - Author: William Cowper
Translations quotes by William Cowper
#96. You have hundreds of artists you're dealing with across the world and the scale of this movie [Kung Fu Panda] was insane - we had a parallel pipeline going on where you had two versions recording Mandarin voice actors, getting it to be funny for Mandarin audiences going beyond a straight translation, and then animating it and lighting it, it's a lot of work. - Author: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Translations quotes by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
#97. One of the reasons why there are so many versions of Chekhov is that translations date in a way that the original doesn't; translations seem to be of their time. - Author: Tom Stoppard
Translations quotes by Tom Stoppard
#98. Increasingly she's finding it harder to tell the 'real' NYC from translations like Zigotisopolis ... as if she keeps getting caught in a vortex taking her farther back in time into the virtual world. Certainly unforeseen in the original business plan, there arises now a possibility that DeepArcher is about to overflow out into the perilous gulf between screen and face. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Translations quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#99. The New York Times is the worst in that hardly anybody can write English over there. Most of it reads like slight translations from the German. - Author: Gore Vidal
Translations quotes by Gore Vidal
#100. The gift of language is the single human trait that marks us all genetically, setting us apart from the rest of life. - Author: Lewis Thomas
Translations quotes by Lewis Thomas
#101. I believe that there are people who think as I do, who have thought as I do, who will think as I do. There are those who will live, unconscious of me, but continuing my attitude, so to speak, as I continue, unknowingly, the similar attitude of those before me. I could write and write. All it takes is a motion of the hand in response to a brain impulse, trained from childhood to record in our own American brand of hieroglyphics the translations of external stimuli. How much of my brain is wilfully my own? How much is not a rubber stamp of what I have read and heard and lived? Sure, I make a sort of synthesis of what I come across, but that is all that differentiates me from another person? - - - That I have banged into and assimilated various things? That my environment and a chance combination of genes got me where I am? - Author: Sylvia Plath
Translations quotes by Sylvia Plath
#102. The modern cheap and fertile press, with all its translations, has done little to bring us nearer to the heroic writers of antiquity. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Translations quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#103. In early 2010, we launched our first localized version of 'WhatsApp' for iPhone. It included Spanish and German language translations, to name a couple. - Author: Brian Acton
Translations quotes by Brian Acton
#104. We can write the new chapters in a visual language whose prose and poetry will need no translation. - Author: Ernst Haas
Translations quotes by Ernst Haas
#105. I read a lot. I always have, but in those two years I gorged myself on books with a voluptuous, almost erotic gluttony. I would go to the local library and take out as many as I could, and then lock myself in the bedsit and read solidly for a week. I went for old books, the older the better
Tolstoy, Poe, Jacobean tragedies, a dusty translation of Laclos
so that when I finally resurfaced, blinking and dazzled, it took me days to stop thinking in their cool, polished, crystalline rhythms. - Author: Tana French
Translations quotes by Tana French
#106. The academic establishment. . . . argue over the diminution of Spanish because of the introduction of new Spanish words that are literally translations of England glish--parquear, the park of "park," tales the plancelebratory of the more elegant estacionar which could be literally translated as "stationing. - Author: Ed Morales
Translations quotes by Ed Morales
#107. Horace, who had been trying to find out the meaning of Kurokuma for some time now, was pleased to hear the translation.
"Black bear," he repeated. "It's undoubtedly because I'm so terrible in battle."
"I'd guess so," Will put in. "I've seen you in battle and you're definitely terrible. - Author: John Flanagan
Translations quotes by John Flanagan
#108. I think of translations as passing some scholarly smell test: you can read the words of the translation and be reasonably sure of what the words are in the original. - Author: Christian Wiman
Translations quotes by Christian Wiman
#109. It has since been agreed that speeches given in English will be translated into French and vice versa, and even into German and Italian when necessary. No doubt translations into Esperanto will also soon be in demand. - Author: Fredrik Bajer
Translations quotes by Fredrik Bajer
#110. By the age of nine, I had a thorough knowledge of contemporary Polish literature as well as of foreign literature in Polish translation, and I began to write poems in honour of a lady of thirty years. Naturally, she knew nothing about them. - Author: Wladyslaw Reymont
Translations quotes by Wladyslaw Reymont
#111. Newcomers to manuscripts sometimes ask what such books tell us about the societies that created them. At one level, these Gospel Books describe nothing, for they are not local chronicles but standard Latin translations of religious texts from far away. At the same time, this is itself extraordinarily revealing about Ireland. No one knows how literacy and Christianity had first reached the islands of Ireland, possibly through North Africa. This was clearly no primitive backwater but a civilization which could now read Latin, although never occupied by the Romans, and which was somehow familiar with the texts and artistic designs which have unambiguous parallels in the Coptic and Greek churches, such as carpet pages and Canon tables. Although the Book of Kells itself is as uniquely Irish as anything imaginable, it is a Mediterranean text and the pigments used in making it include orpiment, a yellow made from arsenic sulphide, exported from Italy, where it is found in volcanoes. There are clearly lines of trade and communication unknown to us. - Author: Christopher De Hamel
Translations quotes by Christopher De Hamel
#112. I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong. - Author: John Lennon
Translations quotes by John Lennon
#113. Sappho isn't really meant to be read. It's meant to be sung and there were dances for the songs, also. Sappho was a performance artist, and now she exists as a textual project. She was saved by her critics, and by people who wrote of her in letters to each other. As the morning sun lathers the pool through the long windows and stripes the opposite walls in gold, I look at the fragment translations. She's paper, too. A paper poet for a paper boy. People claim to be translating her but they don't, really, they use her to write poems from as they fill in the gaps in the fragments. A duet. She may have meant for these to be solos but they're duets now, though the second singer blends in with the first. The first singer in this case is offstage, like in the old days of stars who couldn't sing, a real singer hidden behind a curtain, which is the velvet drape of history. - Author: Alexander Chee
Translations quotes by Alexander Chee
#114. Better known as the Secret of the Golden Flower, this is a famous neidan text that the Western world came to know through Richard Wilhelm's 1929 translation. The Chinese text used by Wilhelm was edited by Zhanran Huizhen zi in 1921. Besides this, at least five more versions are available, all of which date to the late Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and are ascribed to Lu Dongbin, who revealed them through spirit writing. - Author: Monica Esposito
Translations quotes by Monica Esposito
#115. Nowadays we are fond of literal translations ... That would have seemed a crime to translators in ages past ... They wanted to prove that the vernacular was as capable of a great poem as the original. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Translations quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#116. The continually progressive change to which the meaning of words is subject, the want of a universal language which renders translation necessary, the errors to which translations are again subject, the mistakes of copyists and printers, together with the possibility of willful alteration, are themselves evidences that human language, whether in speech or print, cannot be the vehicle of the Word of God. - Author: Thomas Paine
Translations quotes by Thomas Paine
#117. He took a bite, swallowed. "God. If asparagus tasted like that all the time, I'd be vegetarian, too." Some people in a lacquered wooden boat approached us on the canal below. One of them, a woman with curly blond hair, maybe thirty, drank from a beer then raised her glass towards us and shouted something.
"We don't speak Dutch," Gus shouted back.
One of the others shouted a translation: "The beautiful couple is beautiful. - Author: John Green
Translations quotes by John Green
#118. Regarding the age of the universe, many will wonder if this rules out the Biblical description of creation, as most Bible translations state in the book of Genesis that the universe was made in six days. Now, granted, it is possible that God made the universe in six literal days, and built the appearance of old age into it. But notice that the Hebrew word "yom", which is typically translated as "day" in the book of Genesis, can actually also mean "long period of time". In addition, the words "ereb" and "boqer", which are commonly translated as "evening" and "morning", can also mean "ending" and "beginning". Also, according to the fourth chapter of the book of Hebrews in the Bible, we are still in the seventh "yom", so obviously some days are much longer than 24 hours. - Author: Stephen Williams
Translations quotes by Stephen Williams
#119. I want my words to survive translation. I know when I write a book now I will have to go and spend three days being intensely interrogated by journalists in Denmark or wherever. That fact, I believe, informs the way I write - with those Danish journalists leaning over my shoulder. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
Translations quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#120. Time reveals all translation to be paraphrase. - Author: Richard Howard
Translations quotes by Richard Howard
#121. All of which suggested literary translation, and Korean seemed a good bet - barely anything available in English, yet it was a modern, developed country, so the work had to be out there, plus the rarity would make it both easier to secure a student grant and more of a niche when it came to work. - Author: Deborah Smith
Translations quotes by Deborah Smith
#122. There are several reasons why a study of the French military experience in Algeria in this present work is necessary. The entire doctrinal system contained within Casey's Infantry Tactics and Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics originated with the French infantry's experiences in North Africa, and these were but translations of a work utilized by French chasseurs and Zouaves. - Author: Brent Nosworthy
Translations quotes by Brent Nosworthy
#123. Regarding R. H. Blyth: The first book in English based on the saijiki is R. H. Blyth's Haiku, published in four volumes from 1949 to 1952. After the first, background volume, the remaining three consist of a collection of Japanese haiku with translations, all organized by season, and within the seasons by traditional categories and about three hundred seasonal topics. - Author: Reginald Horace Blyth
Translations quotes by Reginald Horace Blyth
#124. Here's a secret. Many novelists, if they are pressed and if they are being honest, will admit that the finished book is a rather rough translation of the book they'd intended to write. - Author: Michael Cunningham
Translations quotes by Michael Cunningham
#125. Translations
A literary translation is like a spouse who thinks they can cheat on you because business has brought them to a foreign city. - Author: Beryl Dov
Translations quotes by Beryl Dov
#126. The best translations cannot convey to us the strength and exquisite delicacy of thought in its native garb, and he to whom such books are shut flounders about in outer darkness. - Author: Edwin Booth
Translations quotes by Edwin Booth
#127. Wherever modern translations of marked excellence were already in existence efforts were made to secure them for the Library, but in a number of instances copyright could not be obtained. - Author: James Loeb
Translations quotes by James Loeb
#128. Other translations may engage the mind, but the King James Version is the Bible of the heart. - Author: David Norton
Translations quotes by David Norton
#129. No one really knew the sciences except the Lord Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, by reason of his length of life and experience, as well as of his studiousness and zeal. He knew mathematics and perspective, and there was nothing which he was unable to know; and at the same time he was sufficiently acquainted with languages to be able to understand the saints and the philosophers and the wise men of antiquity but his knowledge of languages was not such as to enable him to effect translations until the latter portion of his life ... - Author: Roger Bacon
Translations quotes by Roger Bacon
#130. By reason of weird translation, many such sets of instructions read like poems anyhow. - Author: Brian Ferneyhough
Translations quotes by Brian Ferneyhough
#131. The light was leaving in the west it was blue The children's laughter sang and skipping just like the stones they threw the voices echoed across the way its getting late It was just another night with the sun set and the moon rise not so far behind to give us just enough light to lay down underneath the stars listen to papas translations of the stories across the sky we drew our own constellations - Author: Jack Johnson
Translations quotes by Jack Johnson
#132. Any adaptation is a translation, and there is such a thing as an unreadably faithful translation; and I believe a degree of reinterpretation for the new language may be not only inevitable but desirable. - Author: David Mitchell
Translations quotes by David Mitchell
#133. Of course we may have any number of translations of a given text - the more the better, really. - Author: Lydia Davis
Translations quotes by Lydia Davis
#134. The tension between autonomy and expertise had been, at a basic level, fundamental to the Protestant experience itself from the Reformation forward, as the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, increasing literacy, and vernacular translations of the Bible undermined the clerical caste's monopoly on spiritual authority. In the twentieth-century United States, professional specialization, the Progressive emphasis on technical expertise, and simply the ever more complex nature of modern urban life pulled readers toward greater reliance on literary guidance, while the logic of consumerism, rooted in the all-powerful choice to buy or not to buy, further reinforced the notion of reader autonomy. - Author: Matthew Hedstrom
Translations quotes by Matthew Hedstrom
#135. Christopher Lynch has made the best and the first careful translation of Machiavelli's Art of War. With useful notes, an excellent introduction, an interpretive essay, glossary, and index, it is a treasure for readers of military history and Renaissance thought as well as for lovers of Machiavelli. - Author: Harvey Mansfield
Translations quotes by Harvey Mansfield
#136. True art selects and paraphrases, but seldom gives a verbatim translation. - Author: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Translations quotes by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
#137. Does anyone really think that America today is lacking preachers, books, Bible translations, and neat doctrinal statements? What we really lack is the passion to call upon the Lord until he opens the heavens and shows himself powerful. - Author: Jim Cymbala
Translations quotes by Jim Cymbala
#138. My goal is to act as a faithful interpreter, preserving as much of the original's nuances of meaning as possible without embellishment or omission. Yet a translator must also balance fidelity to the source, aptness of expression, and beauty of style. The best translations into English do not, in fact, read as if they were originally written in English. The English words are arranged in such a way that the reader sees a glimpse of another culture's patterns of thinking, hears an echo of another language's rhythms and cadences, and feels a tremor of another people's gestures and movements. - Author: Ken Liu
Translations quotes by Ken Liu
#139. Whatever religious tradition you call your own, you will probably find religious diversity even within it. We can believe we mean the same things when we use highly charged theological terms like God, Christ, Bible, or church teachings. Yet these words convey layers of meaning, not discrete definitions. It is important to remember this and do our own mental translations as we communicate with each other. - Author: George Tyger
Translations quotes by George Tyger
#140. She reflected that if anything was going to be resolved, it would be resolved in the car. Afterward she would no longer have the strength. She would finally abandon herself, without remorse, to her translations, to the books whose pages she dissected by day and night, to earn her living and fill the holes dug by time. - Author: Paolo Giordano
Translations quotes by Paolo Giordano
#141. The best translations are always the ones in the language the author can't read. - Author: Jorge Amado
Translations quotes by Jorge Amado
#142. Total experiences, of which there are many kinds, tend again and again to be apprehended only as revivals or translations of the religious imagination. To try to make a fresh way of talking at the most serious, ardent, and enthusiastic level, heading off the religious encapsulation, is one of the primary intellectual tasks of future thought. - Author: Susan Sontag
Translations quotes by Susan Sontag
#143. Despite the popularity of this view, the DeValoises felt it was only a partial truth. To test their assumption they used Fourier's equations to convert plaid and checkerboard patterns into simple wave forms. Then they tested to see how the brain cells in the visual cortex responded to these new wave-form images. What they found was that the brain cells responded not to the original patterns, but to the Fourier translations of the patterns. Only one conclusion could be drawn. The brain was using Fourier mathematics - the same mathematics holography employed - to convert visual images into the Fourier language of wave forms. 12 The DeValoises' discovery was subsequently confirmed by numerous other laboratories around the world, and although it did not provide absolute proof the brain was a hologram, it supplied enough evidence to convince Pribram his theory was correct. Spurred on by the idea that the visual cortex was responding not to patterns but to the frequencies of various wave forms, he began to reassess the role frequency played in the other senses. It didn't take long for him to realize that the importance of this role had perhaps been overlooked by twentieth-century scientists. Over a century before the DeValoises' discovery, the German physiologist and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz had shown that the ear was a frequency analyzer. More recent research revealed that our sense of smell seems to be based on what are called osmic frequencies. Bekesy's work had clearly d - Author: Michael Talbot
Translations quotes by Michael Talbot
#144. Translation is the art of failure. - Author: Umberto Eco
Translations quotes by Umberto Eco
#145. Translation rewrites a foreign text in terms that are intelligible and interesting to readers in the receiving culture. Doing so is akin to committing an act of ethnocentric violence by uprooting the text from the language and culture that gave it life. Translating into current, standard English at once conceals that violence and homogenizes foreign cultures, - Author: Lawrence Venuti
Translations quotes by Lawrence Venuti
#146. I have made a very rude translation of the Seven against Thebes, and Pindar too I have looked at, and wish he was better worth translating. I believe even the best things are not equal to their fame. Perhaps it would be better to translate fame itself,
or is not that what the poets themselves do? However, I have not done with Pindar yet. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Translations quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#147. I have always maintained that translation is essentially the closest reading one can possibly give a text. The translator cannot ignore "lesser" words, but must consider every jot and tittle. - Author: Gregory Rabassa
Translations quotes by Gregory Rabassa
#148. Languages are different for a reason. You can't move ideas between them without losing something. The Arabs are the only ones who've figured this out. They have the sense to call non-Arabic versions of the Criterion interpretations, not translations. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
Translations quotes by G. Willow Wilson
#149. I have many, many editions of the books, and they are all rather different. In the end, the one I used was the most recent French translation. French suits the tales well, and it's a beautiful translation. The Italian one is good as well ... English has fallen short. - Author: Marina Warner
Translations quotes by Marina Warner
#150. Stephen D'Evelyn, a scholar working primarily on Hildegard's Symphonia, was a teaching assistant in my 2005 course on "Hildegard and the Gospels" and a valuable discussion partner for the translations we looked at in class. - Author: Beverly Mayne Kienzle
Translations quotes by Beverly Mayne Kienzle
#151. I have taken a different approach. One that I hope is more easily accessible to the reader's emotional imagination, though less analytically systematic. I have summoned back into life again - through my own translations from a selection of popular Chinese novel sand poems - some of the imagined worlds in which Chinese have passed their daily reality during the last two hundred years. I have tried to convey something of what it felt like to be a Chinese, living in Chinese society, in different settings of status, age, and gender, and how this has changed over time. For reasons of method, I have looked at a small number of organically coherent emotional spaces, contained in individual works or parts of works, and considered them in detail. ... It would be pretending to more wisdom than I have to claim that the selection I have made is the result of a rigorous intellectual winnowing process from a harvest of widespread reading in late-imperial and modern Chinese literature. Honesty compels the admission that it is more the outcome of chance, serendipity, and whatever happened to catch my imagination, for reasons that I am probably in no position to do more than guess at. ... In so far as there has been a guiding principle behind my choices it has been the desire to show as much as the constraints of space allow of the contrasts among those in different social position, different periods, and different ideologies. - Author: Mark Elvin
Translations quotes by Mark Elvin
#152. I do not hesitate to read. all good books in translations. What is really best in any book is translatable-any real insight or broad human sentiment. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Translations quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#153. A great age of literature is perhaps always a great age of translations. - Author: Ezra Pound
Translations quotes by Ezra Pound
#154. The result that Noether obtained was stunning. She showed that to every continuous symmetry of the laws of physics there corresponds a conservation law and vice versa. In particular, the familiar symmetry of the laws under translations corresponds to conservation of momentum, the symmetry with respect to the passing of time (the fact that the laws do not change with time) gives us conservation of energy, and the symmetry under rotations produces conservation of angular momentum. Angular momentum is a quantity characterizing the amount of rotation an object or a system possesses (for a pointlike object it is the product of the distance from the axis of rotation and the momentum). A common manifestation of conservation of angular momentum can be seen in figure skating-when the ice skater pulls her hands inward she spins much faster. - Author: Mario Livio
Translations quotes by Mario Livio
#155. One of the things in Obamacare is that for the elderly, is every five years, you must have end-of-year counseling. Translation, 'suicide counseling.' - Author: Rafael Cruz
Translations quotes by Rafael Cruz
#156. Government exists to create and preserve conditions in which people can translate their ideas into practical reality. In the best of times, much is lost in translation. But we try. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
Translations quotes by Gerald R. Ford
#157. In translation you have to get it right, you have to be precise in what you're doing. You have to attempt what they did in that language - say, in Arabic - and try to accomplish a version of that in English, and you're constantly serving two masters. - Author: Elliott Colla
Translations quotes by Elliott Colla
#158. In case any are puzzled by the different translations from which I draw strength and help and delight, it is like this: In studying any object with the microscope we use different lenses and turn the mirror in various ways; each change brings out some new wonder and beauty. So it is for those who are not Greek or Hebrew scholars, and who use the work of scholars to open the meaning of the exhaustible Word-the Bible is richer than any single version can fully show. - Author: Amy Carmichael
Translations quotes by Amy Carmichael
#159. Refined, intense, wise, stiring, immediate, subtile, all the charmed qualities gather in Dropping the Bow. These translations are precious jewels. Like the erotic moods they investigate, these versions shimmer and startle with a palpable desire to be heard, and a mystical sense of impermanence. This is a transmission of a vital, extraordinary tradition. - Author: Anne Waldman
Translations quotes by Anne Waldman
#160. To-morrow I will live, the fool does say;
To-day itself's too late, the wise lived yesterday. - Author: Martial
Translations quotes by Martial
#161. If all art is conceptual, the issue is rather simple. For concepts, like pictures, cannot be true or false. They can only be more or less useful for the formation of descriptions. The words of a language, like pictorial formulas, pick out from the flux of events a few signposts which allow us to give direction to our fellow speakers in that game of "Twenty Questions" in which we are engaged. Where the needs of users are similar, the signposts will tend to correspond. We can mostly find equivalent terms in English, French, German, and Latin, and hence the idea has taken root that concepts exist independently of language as the constituents of "reality." But the English language erects a signpost on the roadfork between "clock" and "watch" where the German has only "Uhr." The sentence from the German primer, "Meine Tante hat eine Uhr," leaves us in doubt whether the aunt has a clock or watch. Either of the two translations may be wrong as a description of a fact. In Swedish, by the way, there is an additional roadfork to distinguish between aunts who are "father's sisters," those who are "mother's sisters," and those who are just ordinary aunts. If we were to play our game in Swedish we would need additional questions to get at the truth about the timepiece. - Author: E.H. Gombrich
Translations quotes by E.H. Gombrich
#162. Translation is a form of passive aggression. In doing it, a writer chooses to forgo original authorship so as to play havoc with a foreign original in a process of imitation, zigzagging between the foreign and receiving languages but in the last analysis cancelling the first in favor of the second. - Author: Lawrence Venuti
Translations quotes by Lawrence Venuti
#163. The possibility of interpretation lies in the identity of the observer with the observed. Each material thing has its celestial side; has its translation, through humanity, into the spiritual and necessary sphere, where it plays a part as indestructible as any other. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Translations quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#164. I read the different translations of the Bible they had and really just dove into it, almost so I could prove it all right. - Author: Christian Hosoi
Translations quotes by Christian Hosoi
#165. At Camp Don Bosco, there were Bibles all over the place, mostly 1970s hippie versions like Good News for Modern Man. They had groovy titles like The Word or The Way, and translated the Bible into "contemporary English," which meant Saul yelling at Jonathan, "You son of a bitch!" (I Samuel 20:30). Awesome! The King James version gave this verse as "Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman," which was bogus in comparison. Maybe these translations went a bit far. I recall one of the Bibles translating the inscription over the cross, "INRI" (Iesus Nazaremus Rex Iudaeorum), as "SSDD" (Same Shit Different Day), and another describing the Last Supper - the night before Jesus' death, a death he freely accepted - where Jesus breaks the bread, gives it to his disciples, and says, "It's better to burn out than fade away," but these memories could be deceptive. - Author: Rob Sheffield
Translations quotes by Rob Sheffield
#166. An odd thing about perception is that when we identify some new thing with one or more of our five senses, it is not really, immutably real
it is a passing will o' the wisp, an artifact of the senses and the translations of the brain until we get used to it and we give it a home in our hearts - Author: Nigel Hey
Translations quotes by Nigel Hey
#167. Faction is the greatest evil and the most common danger. "Faction" is the conventional English translation of the Greek stasis, one of the most remarkable words to be found in any language. - Author: Moses Finley
Translations quotes by Moses Finley
#168. If you love life you also love the past, because it is the present as it has survived in memory. Translation by David Downie - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
Translations quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#169. Movement is the translation of life, and if art depicts life, movement should come into art, since we are only aware of living because it moves. - Author: Arshile Gorky
Translations quotes by Arshile Gorky
#170. How does newness come into the world? How is it born? Of what fusions, translations, conjoinings is it made? How does it survive, extreme and dangerous as it is? What compromises, what deals, what betrayals of its secret nature must it make to stave off the wrecking crew, the exterminating angel, the guillotine? Is birth always a fall? Do angels have wings? Can men fly? - Author: Salman Rushdie
Translations quotes by Salman Rushdie
#171. A translator is essentially a reader and we all read differently, except that a translator's reading remains in unchanging print - Author: Gregory Rabassa
Translations quotes by Gregory Rabassa
#172. If the work of the city is the remaking or translating of man into a more suitable form than his nomadic ancestors achieved, then might not our current translation of our entire lives into the spiritual form of information seem to make of the entire. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Translations quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#173. I'm not a best-seller, but through translations, I've accumulated some money. - Author: Manuel Puig
Translations quotes by Manuel Puig
#174. There is an old Latin quotation in regard to the poet which says 'Poeta nascitur non fit' the translation of which is - the poet is born, not made. - Author: Joseph Devlin
Translations quotes by Joseph Devlin
#175. A satisfactory translation is not always possible, but a good translator is never satisfied with it. It can usually be improved. (Newmark) - Author: Peter Newmark
Translations quotes by Peter Newmark
#176. Any translation which intends to perform a transmitting function cannot transmit anything but information-hence, something inessential. This is the hallmark of bad translations. - Author: Walter Benjamin
Translations quotes by Walter Benjamin
#177. Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire. - Author: Roland Barthes
Translations quotes by Roland Barthes
#178. "Lost in Translation" by Sofia Coppola. It's a masterpiece. I laughed a lot but was also overwhelmed by the story - a rare combination. - Author: Emmanuelle Bercot
Translations quotes by Emmanuelle Bercot
#179. Translation is so important. The new American translations of the Bible sound like a Judith Krantz novel. - Author: Rabih Alameddine
Translations quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#180. I have nothing but wastes and wilds of self-translation before me for many miserable months to come. - Author: Samuel Beckett
Translations quotes by Samuel Beckett
#181. Dreaming and hoping won't produce a piece of work; only writing, rewriting and rewriting (if necessary)- a devoted translation of thoughts and dreams into words on paper will result in a story. - Author: Roberta Gellis
Translations quotes by Roberta Gellis

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