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#1. Freud, who spoke German, used the term zwangsneurose (obsessional neurosis). The word zwang was translated as 'obsession' in London, but 'compulsion' in New York. Faced with confusion, scientists introduced the hybrid term 'obsessive-compulsive', a label subsequently given to millions of people, as a compromise. - Author: David Adam
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by David Adam
#2. Some of my music requires an obsessive-compulsive approach and a real embodiment of excessiveness. So I really have to live in that world of overstimulation. Sometimes I think it's like a drug; more is more, and you can never get enough. The older I get, the more I crave that excessive aesthetic. It's never going to satisfy me. - Author: Sufjan Stevens
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Sufjan Stevens
#3. I'm kind of an obsessive-compulsive person, like, neat obsessive. - Author: Liev Schreiber
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Liev Schreiber
#4. Gideon has OCPD tendencies," Daryn said. She pulled my Giants sweatshirt on. It felt like her sweatshirt now.

"Say again?"

She smiled. "Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. It's an extreme preoccupation with perfectionism, orderliness, and neatness."

Was that how she saw me? Like a human graphing calculator? Great. "You missed a few, Martin. I also like specifics. Thoroughness. And winning. At everything. But I gotta say as a soldier I fully support your use of acronyms."

"Ten-four, buddy," she said.

"In the Army we say 'Roger that.'"

Her smile grew wider. "Ten-four, buddy. - Author: Veronica Rossi
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Veronica Rossi
#5. If I like chocolate it won't surprise you that I have a few chocolates in my fridge, but if you find out I've got 16 warehouses full of chocolate, you'd think I was insane. All these rich guys are insane, obsessive compulsive twits obsessed with money - money is all they think about - they're all nuts. - Author: John Cleese
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by John Cleese
#6. It takes a lot of energy just to deal with life when you are neurotic and obsessive-compulsive. - Author: Lee Goldberg
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Lee Goldberg
#7. It's a thousand tiny impulses, building on one another. First you decide it's a good idea to check the oatmeal bin for bugs. Next you're going through all the canisters, and before you know it, you're wearing a hazmat suit and examining the frosted flakes for ground-up glass. Each action further enforces the obsessive-compulsive circuit. When the disease is full-blown, sufferers are firmly entrenched in the neural loops that make them repeat thoughts and actions over and over. In other words, your brain keeps getting back in line for the same carnival ride it didn't enjoy in the first place. You lose your sunglasses, you throw up on your shirt, and two minutes later you're back on the Whizzer. Wheeee. - Author: Jennifer Traig
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Jennifer Traig
#8. I think I am becoming obsessive-compulsive. David Beckham apparently turns all the Diet Coke cans in his fridge to face the same way every morning, and I nerdily sharpen all the pencils in my pot before sitting down to work. - Author: Andrew O'Hagan
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Andrew O'Hagan
#9. I know I have an eccentric, obsessive-compulsive side. - Author: Demi Moore
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Demi Moore
#10. Lane, I will become attached to you. It happens with everyone. Something about my personality makes me latch on to people. First, it was my friend Tina, then Liam, and now you. I'm sorry, but I know it will happen. It already is happening. Now that we've had sex, I don't want you out of my sight. - Author: K. Webster
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by K. Webster
#11. Love is a mental illness, an obsessive-compulsive disorder romanticized! - Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#12. Manchester United could have any goalkeeper in the world. I was a 23-year-old kid from New Jersey who, from an early age, had to cope with Tourette's Syndrome, a brain disorder that can trigger speech and facial tics, vocal outbursts and obsessive compulsive behavior. - Author: Tim Howard
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Tim Howard
#13. It's like you have some sort of breast obsessive compulsive disorder. Have you considered seeking counselling for your addiction?' He sighed, face carefully set 'nothing wrong with a man admiring a fine female chest but if you disagree feel free to hold it against me. - Author: Kylie Scott
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Kylie Scott
#14. The nice word for you is methodical. Obsessive-compulsive is the meaner phrase, and one you've truly earned. - Author: Claire Kendal
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Claire Kendal
#15. Freshly sprung from my monogamous LTR, I had no idea how vulnerable I would be to the onslaught of chemicals your brain releases when you're attracted to someone. These chemicals are responsible for every single people-in-love-are-crazy-fools song, movie plot, and Shakespearean drama ever written. They stimulate the same area of the brain that lights up when you snort a fat rail of cocaine. This state of mind, limerence, is a biological relative of obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are an addict, or perhaps have the sort of low-dopamine, low-serotonin brain soup best served with a side of SSRIs, you are perhaps more sensitive to the mind-altering power of limerence. And if you are a romantic, you are perhaps more likely to label this heady, overwhelming sensation love. Being a low-serotonin addict with romantic tendencies, I had to experience many crashed-and-burned affairs to understand that for me, love really was a drug. - Author: Michelle Tea
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Michelle Tea
#16. I had to stop him from arresting an old lady who let her dog urinate against the fire hydrant that was in front of Burgerville headquarters.
"You'll blow our cover."
"But what if there is a fire?"
"The fire department will come and put it out," I said.
"With what?"
"Water," I said.
"Not from that hydrant," Monk said. "It's inoperable."
"No, it's not," I said. "It can still be used."
"There is urine all over it," Monk said. "no fireman would dare touch it, nor would any other human being."
"Firefighters run into burning buildings," I said."They aren't going to care about some dog pee on a fire hydrant."
"They would if they knew," Monk said. "We should call and warn them. Call Joe right now. He can get the word out faster than we can."
"Every fire hydrant in the city has dog pee on it, Mr. Monk. It's how dogs mark their territory. I can guarantee you that every male dog that has passed that hydrant has pissed on it."
He looked at me, wide eyed, "No."
"It's what dogs do," I said. "The firefighters knows this."
Monk swallowed hard. "And they still use the hydrants?"
"Of course they do."
"They are the bravest men on earth," Monk said solemnly. - Author: Lee Goldberg
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Lee Goldberg
#17. I was diagnosed a number of years ago with obsessive-compulsive disorder - which everyone has, to some degree - and I have this really annoying trait where in conversation, I always steer it back to something that happened to me. - Author: Paula Poundstone
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Paula Poundstone
#18. I'm probably just as good a mother as the next repressed, obsessive-compulsive paranoiac. - Author: Anne Lamott
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Anne Lamott
#19. I am methodical to the point of being obsessive-compulsive. And I have always been good at multi-tasking. - Author: Deepika Padukone
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Deepika Padukone
#20. We're not going to waste our valuable space or your precious energy by giving equal time to stories of tragedy, failure, and tumult. They get far more that their fair share of attention everywhere else. Future historians might even conclude that our age suffered from a collective obsessive-compulsive disorder: the pathological need to repetitively seek out reasons for how bad life is. - Author: Rob Brezsny
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Rob Brezsny
#21. My work in general involves getting over my fears that are deeply embedded since childhood: Fear of darkness, fear of dangerous activities in general, and fear of dirt - I had a considerable obsessive compulsive disorder as a child. - Author: Miru Kim
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Miru Kim
#22. I'm sorry! I just ... I have this thing about opening stuff. I see a door or a lid that's closed, I just gotta open it! Our family therapist says I'm obsessive-compulsive. - Author: Gary Whitta
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Gary Whitta
#23. Baseball is not necessarily an obsessive-compulsive disorder, like washing your hands 100 times a day, but it's beginning to seem that way. We're reaching the point where you can be a truly dedicated, state-of-the-art fan or you can have a life. Take your pick. - Author: Thomas Boswell
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Thomas Boswell
#24. In neuroscience, our textbook showed how the brain scans of people newly in love look a lot like the brain scans of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In each case, your dopamine is suppressing your serotonin. - Author: Daria Snadowsky
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#25. I'm a hygiene freak. I'm like obsessive-compulsive when it comes to washing your hands. - Author: Kelly Clarkson
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Kelly Clarkson
#26. Cleckley reported that psychopaths never experience grief, honesty, deep joy, or genuine despair. From my own experience, I would add to Cleckley's observations that the psychopath never ruminates on anything.

Rumination is a process that often contributes to depression and in extreme forms to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The process of rumination is often associated with some anxiety or subjective feeling of concern or worry, and this can help precipitate change in the individual in order to reduce the anxiety.

The psychopath experiences none of this.

Indeed, if you ask a psychopath if he has ever worried about whether he left the house with the stove on (a common problem among those with obsessive-compulsive disorder), he will look at you like you are an alien, in stunned disbelief. - Author: Kent A. Kiehl
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Kent A. Kiehl
#27. Curing yourself of obsessive compulsive disorder by going to a strip club is pretty strange. - Author: Tracy Kidder
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Tracy Kidder
#28. I had a Tourette's period. And obsessive compulsive disorder. Things would get in my brain that I couldn't get out of my brain. - Author: Richard Ford
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Richard Ford
#29. The Creed for the Sociopathic Obsessive Compulsive (Peter's Laws)

1. If anything can go wrong, Fix it!!! (To hell with Murphy!!)
2. When given a choice - Take Both!!
3. Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.
4. Start at the top, then work your way up.
5. Do it by the book... but be the author!
6. When forced to compromise, ask for more.
7. If you can't beat them, join them, then beat them.
8. If it's worth doing, it's got to be done right now.
9. If you can't win, change the rules.
10. If you can't change the rules, then ignore them.
11. Perfection is not optional.
12. When faced without a challenge, make one.
13. "No" simply means begin again at one level higher.
14. Don't walk when you can run.
15. Bureaucracy is a challenge to be conquered with a righteous attitude, a tolerance for stupidity, and a bulldozer when necessary.
16. When in doubt: THINK!
17. Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.
18. The squeaky wheel gets replaced.
19. The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.
20. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!! - Author: Peter Safar
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Peter Safar
#30. Imagine Smaug's treasure hoard. Now imagine Smaug with crippling levels of obsessive-compulsive disorder and fanatic good taste. - Author: Jim Butcher
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Jim Butcher
#31. I lean my head back and stare at the stark white ceiling. "My friend Zoe used to say I had obsessive compulsive disorder when it came to Kalvin Kennedy, and I argued nonstop with her about it, but she was right. I see that now. There was nothing healthy or normal about the way I crushed on him. I had no interest in slapping 1D on my walls when the hottest boy on the planet lived in the house next door. - Author: Siobhan Davis
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Siobhan Davis
#32. Serge's attention-deficit disorder was the first of many hyphens. Obsessive-compulsive, manic-depressive, anal-retentive, paranoid-schizophrenic. He was believed to be the only self-inflicted case of shaken-baby syndrome. - Author: Tim Dorsey
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Tim Dorsey
#33. In one case a desperate college student felt so trapped by his obsessive worries and compulsions that he put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The bullet passed into his frontal lobe, causing a frontal lobotomy, which was at the time a treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder. He was found still alive, his disorder cured, and he returned to college. - Author: Anonymous
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Anonymous
#34. By [anticipatory anxiety] I mean that the patient reacts to an event with a fearful expectation of its recurrence. However, fear tends to make happen precisely that which one fears, and so does anticipatory anxiety. Thus a vicious circle is established. A symptom evokes a phobia and the phobia provokes the symptom. The recurrence of the symptom then reinforces the phobia. The patient is caught in a cocoon. […] [Obsessive-compulsives] fear the potential effects or the potential cause of the strange thoughts. The phobic pattern of flight from fear is paralleled by the obsessive-compulsive pattern. Obsessive-compulsive neurotics also display fear. But theirs is not 'fear of fear' but rather fear of themselves, and their response is to fight against obsessions and compulsions. But the more the patients fight, the stronger their symptoms become. In other words, alongside the circle formation built up by anticipatory anxiety in phobic cases, there is another feedback mechanism which we encounter in the obsessive-compulsive neurotic. Pressure induces counter-pressure, and counter-pressure, in turn, increases pressure. If one succeeds in making the patient stop fighting his obsessions and compulsions -- and this may well be accomplished by paradoxical intention -- these symptoms soon diminish and finally atrophy. - Author: Viktor E. Frankl
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Viktor E. Frankl
#35. I have a little obsessive-compulsive personality. You can tell because I played online games for eight hours a day. - Author: Felicia Day
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Felicia Day
#36. I don't relax. I can't take vacations. I'm obsessive-compulsive, and I worry with every project that I'm going to fail. When it starts to go well, and I sense that something beautiful and important and meaningful is being created, it's a fantastic feeling, and I find it very hard to stop. - Author: Mary Ellen Mark
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Mary Ellen Mark
#37. On the other hand, there is the person in my family, who surprisingly is not me, who keeps nearly every scrap of paper she's ever touched, just in case, just in case the world is ending and everyone has enough food and water but needs ephemera, needs slips of paper, needs old articles and wrapping paper and tax documents and someone else's past to stand in for the past of us all.
I hover somewhere between these two worlds, saving some memories, letting others fritter and slip away. Down one of these paths, it seems to me, the obsessive compulsive holding on and the equally aggressive letting go, lies madness, and even I don't know which one. Culturally and personally both
who can say, which path leads to the better place? - Author: Liz Stephens
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Liz Stephens
#38. I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs. - Author: David Beckham
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by David Beckham
#39. I define workaholism as an obsessive-compulsive disorder that manifests itself through self-imposed demands, an inability to regulate work habits, and overindulgence in work to the exclusion of most other life activities. - Author: Bryan E. Robinson
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Bryan E. Robinson
#40. For a film to be viable, it has to survive this process of scrutiny. I think most filmmakers have obsessive-compulsive tendencies and would be completely unemployable in any other job - so it's great to be able to channel your psychological anomalies into something productive and creative. - Author: James Marsh
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by James Marsh
#41. Battered women who were physically abused as children develop an active coping style as adults, typically with obsessive-compulsive tendencies. It is as if she can "just get things right" then the battering will stop. Those who were sexually abused as children tend to be severely depressed and a more passive coping style. - Author: Debra Crown LPC-S Journal Of Family Violence 2006
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Debra Crown LPC-S Journal Of Family Violence 2006
#42. Obsessive compulsive" Nikolaus mumble in amusement.
"I would rather eat a grenade than make a line with two different colors!" Remy responded in a pained voice as he pointed at the pad of paper. Thiago snickered as he continued to torment the Cajun with his blue pen.
Speaking of grenades, though ... Brandt had a timing device around here somewhere. What had he done with it? - Author: Abigail Roux
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Abigail Roux
#43. Writing is a habit, an addiction, as powerful and overmastering an urge as putting a bottle to your lips or a spike in your arm. Call it the impulse to make something out of nothing, call it an obsessive-compulsive disorder, call it logorrhea. Have you been in a bookstore lately? Have you seen what these authors are doing, the mountainous piles of the flakes of themselves they're leaving behind, like the neatly labeled jars of shit, piss, and toenail clippings one of John Barth's characters bequeathed to his wife, the ultimate expression of his deepest self? - Author: T.C. Boyle
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by T.C. Boyle
#44. Notice that whenever we suffer pain, the mind is always quick to identify with the negative aspects of things and replay them over and over again, wounding us deeply. Almost all humans have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) of the mind, which is why so many people become fearful, hate-filled, and wrapped around their negative commentaries. This pattern must be recognized early and definitively. Peace of mind is actually an oxymoron. When you're in your mind, you're hardly ever at peace, and when you're at peace, you're never only in your mind. - Author: Richard Rohr
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Richard Rohr
#45. Writing became an obsessive compulsive habit but I had almost no money so I thought about being an urban firefighter and having lots of free time in which to write or becoming an English teacher and thinking about books and writers on a daily basis. That swayed me. - Author: David Guterson
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by David Guterson
#46. I'm not as obsessive-compulsive about certain things; I give a lot of latitude to people and support people. I know that I can't do it myself and that you're only as good as the people you have behind you. - Author: Donna Karan
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Donna Karan
#47. tidying with what a couple of the other pianists had called her obsessive-compulsive neatness. Well, could she help it if she liked the sheet music alphabetized? And then put in numerical order according to the year it was written? - Author: Elizabeth Bevarly
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Elizabeth Bevarly
#48. I think I have minor obsessive compulsive disorder. Everything has to be tidy and just right. - Author: Bobby Davro
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Bobby Davro
#49. Emotions are given to us by God, so that we can fully experience our experiences. The only problem with emotions is that we get addicted or attached to them. We take them as final or substantive. Emotions do have the ability to open you to consciousness, but then they tend to become the whole show. Most human thought is just obsessive, compulsive commentary. It's "repetitive and useless," as Eckart Tolle says. I would say the same of emotions.
Contemplation allows you to see (contemplata means "to see") this happening in yourself ...
Contemplation and silence nip the ego and its negatives in the bud by teaching you how to watch and guard your very thoughts and feelings - but from a place of love and not judgment. - Author: Richard Rohr
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Richard Rohr
#50. I'm wearing black leggings and a loose top festooned with a Menger sponge of empty pockets stitched out of smaller pockets and smaller still, almost down to the limits of visibility woven in freefall by hordes of tiny otaku spiders, I'm told, their genes programmed by an obsessive-compulsive sartorial topologist. - Author: Charles Stross
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Charles Stross
#51. A writer flirts with schizophrenia, nurtures synesthesia, and embraces obsessive-compulsive disorder. Your art feeds on you, your soul, and, yes, to a degree, your sanity. Writing novels worth reading will bugger up your mind, jeopardize your relationships, and distend your life. You have been warned. - Author: David Mitchell
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by David Mitchell
#52. Dr. Pervy-Pants
Dr. Depravity
Dr. Ain't-Puttin'-Out
Dr. Bossy-as-Fuck
Dr. Obsessive-Compulsive
Dr. Kinkybones
Dr. Deviant
Dr. Oh-So-Proper-I-Iron-My-Jeans
Dr. Lick-My-Boots
Dr. Smug-as-Shit
Dr. Love-Me-Love-My-Butt-Nozzle
Dr. Damn-Your-Dick-is-Motherfucking-Big
Dr. Full-of-Shit
Dr. Smack-a-Lot
Dr. Ruined-Me-For-Anyone-Else - Author: Finn Marlowe
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Finn Marlowe
#53. I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as an adult, but I don't remember a time when I didn't have them. Back in the 1960s, when I was growing up, my symptoms didn't have a name, and you didn't go to the doctor to find out. - Author: Howie Mandel
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Howie Mandel
#54. Johnson was insulated from reality by his hopes and dreams. - Author: Robert A. Caro
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Robert A. Caro
#55. I'd rather walk these chasms with a compulsive murderer than you. At least then, when the conversation got tedious, I'd have an easy way out."
"And your feet stink," [Shallan] said. "See? Too early. I can't possibly be witty at this hour. So no arguments." She hesitated, then continued more softly. "Besides, no murderer would agree to accompany you. Everyone needs to have some standards, after all. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#56. While my seemingly compulsive school-hopping has raised some eyebrows among my peers and caused my parents understandable consternation, I do not regret it. - Author: Alexandra Adornetto
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Alexandra Adornetto
#57. One morning in early June, I woke up with my usual anxious thoughts. I worried that Mike wouldn't like me anymore, that I wasn't good enough to play with him and his friends. What I didn't know then was that anxious, obsessive worrying helped my mind keep parts of me that had been raped and abused shut away, removed from my consciousness. Although the worrying was unpleasant, it served as a superficial distraction. It helped me get out of bed, focus on something else, and go on with my day. - Author: Olga Trujillo
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Olga Trujillo
#58. I think Paris Hilton is really our generation's Marilyn Monroe. She's the image of the youth today. There's a real fascination with Paris, ranging on the obsessive. I'm repulsed by her, but because of her notoriety, she has access to an audience. - Author: Matt Tong
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Matt Tong
#59. In short Donald Trump lies compulsively in large part because of who and what he is - a coward. This is why Mike Brzezinski said recently, "He brings nothing to the table. - Author: Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
#60. After the first week I knew every line, freckle and scar on his body. Some might call it obsessive. I called it having an attention to detail. I can't help it if I'm overly observant. - Author: Madeline Pryce A.K.A. FAyth Devlin
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Madeline Pryce A.K.A. FAyth Devlin
#61. Bingeing is such an emotionally frenetic activity that no other concerns can exist in the same space. It is a hell that people who are food-sensitive are familiar with; and, because it is known, it is therefore not so terrifying as some of the problems that are outside our control. Problems like divorce, illness, death. - Author: Geneen Roth
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Geneen Roth
#62. To my way of thinking, passive management of file assets is okay for screwing around with iPads, where we're mainly watching TV on Netflix or obsessive-compulsively checking the popularity of our Instagram uploads. - Author: Jeffrey Zeldman
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Jeffrey Zeldman
#63. I'm an anorak. I've always been an obsessive collector of things. Richard Briers collects stamps. I collect cars and guns, which are much more expensive, and much more difficult to store. - Author: Michael Gambon
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Michael Gambon
#64. In the philosophy of mind - as, indeed, in more important matters - [the twentieth century] has been a less than fully satisfactory century. We pretty much wasted the first half, so it seems to me, in a neurotic and obsessive preoccupation with refuting Cartesian skepticism about other minds. In the event, it didn't matter that the skeptics weren't refuted since there turned out not to be any. The only philosophers who really were doubtful about the existence of other minds were relentless anti-Cartesians like Wittgenstein, Dewey, Ryle, Quine and Rorty, and they were equally doubtful about the existence of their own. What we got for our efforts was mostly decades of behaviorism and the persistent bad habit of trying to run epistemological or semantic arguments for metaphysical conclusions. The end of this, I fear, is still not with us. - Author: Jerry A. Fodor
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Jerry A. Fodor
#65. When you're making movies you've got to get obsessive. - Author: Daniel Craig
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Daniel Craig
#66. It's not the sweet, tender kind of love I always dreamed of, but it's love. Dark, twisted, and obsessive, it's both a compulsion and an addiction. - Author: Anna Zaires
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Anna Zaires
#67. Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft. I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won't have to die. The truth is that you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren't even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they're doing it. - Author: Anne Lamott
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Anne Lamott
#68. I'm as obsessive with health as I was with destruction. - Author: Dave Navarro
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Dave Navarro
#69. How many of us are swept away by what I have come to call an 'active laziness'?
It consists of cramming our lives with compulsive activity, so that there is no time at all to confront the real issues. - Author: Sogyal Rinpoche
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
#70. The campaign of character assassination waged [against President Clinton] by the right was a singular, unprecedented effort. Nothing like it exists on the left. What I object to on the right is the obsessive hatred, the bigotry, and the personal savaging of their opponents, all achieved through an echo chamber of talk radio, the Internet and Rupert Murdoch's media outlets. That kind of well-funded disinformation campaign has no analog on the left. - Author: David Brock
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by David Brock
#71. Their talk was endless, compulsive, and indulgent, sometimes sounding like the remains of the English language after having been hashed over by nuclear war survivors for a few hundred years. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Douglas Coupland
#72. Being in love is an emotional and obsessive experience. However, emotions change and obsessions fade. Research indicates that the average life span of the "in love" obsession is two years. For some it may last a bit longer; for some, a bit less. But the average is two years. Then we come down off the emotional high and those aspects of life that we disregarded in our euphoria begin to become important. Our differences begin to emerge and we often find ourselves arguing with the person whom we once though to be perfect. We have now discovered for ourselves that being in love is not the foundation for a happy marriage. - Author: Gary Chapman
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Gary Chapman
#73. Perhaps Lila was right: my book - even though it was having so much success - really was bad, and this was because it was well organized, because it was written with obsessive care, because I hadn't been able to imitate the disjointed, unaesthetic, illogical, shapeless banality of things. - Author: Elena Ferrante
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Elena Ferrante
#74. Where to start, Fitger thought. The department was a funhouse of dysfunctional characters. Academia was, traditionally, a refuge for the poorly socialized and the obsessive; but English, at Payne, had a higher percentage of crackpots than most. - Author: Julie Schumacher
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Julie Schumacher
#75. Writing a book is about me doing the work to get from the obsessive particular to something that reaches out of that in some meaningful way. It doesn't come easy to me. I really admire people who do it with acuity, but I don't, and for me it takes the process of working on a book for years to do any thinking that I feel accomplishes anything. I don't do it off the cuff well. - Author: Lucy Corin
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Lucy Corin
#76. Obviously, some part of us loves feeling 1) right and 2) wronged. But outrage is like a lot of other things that feel good but, over time, devour us from the inside out. Except it's even more insidious than most vices because we don't even consciously acknowledge it's a pleasure. We prefer to think of it as a disagreeable but fundamentally healthy reaction to negative stimuli, like pain or nausea, rather than admit that it's a shameful kick we eagerly indulge again and again, like compulsive masturbation. - Author: Tim Kreider
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Tim Kreider
#77. Matter and Spirit are intertwined in creation at this plane of existence and both are non existent without each other.To live one, the other has to be lived. It is the obsessive attachment to the material world, which is seen as an impediment....when one can see nothing beyond it - Author: Anupama Garg
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Anupama Garg
#78. Drugs, in short, do not make anyone into an addict, any more than food makes a person into a compulsive eater. There has to be a preexisting vulnerability. There also has to be significant stress [...] - but, like drugs, external stressors by themselves, no matter how severe, are not enough. [...] - Author: Gabor Mate
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Gabor Mate
#79. Here the focus is narrow, almost obsessive. Everything that is not absolutely necessary to your happiness has been removed from the visual horizon. The dream is not only of happiness, but of happiness conceived in perfect isolation. Find your beach in the middle of the city. Find your beach no matter what else is happening. Do not be distracted from finding your beach. Find your beach even if - as in the case of this wall painting - it is not actually there. Create this beach inside yourself. Carry it with you wherever you go. The pursuit of happiness has always seemed to me a somewhat heavy American burden, but in Manhattan it is conceived as a peculiar form of duty. - Author: Zadie Smith
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Zadie Smith
#80. Crawford washed her hands a lot. She washed her arms all the way up past her elbows. She just couldn't get enough done in that direction. She was compulsive about being clean, clean, clean! - Author: Fay Wray
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Fay Wray
#81. Look you don't know I'm your soul mate," Lily said. " You barely know me at all. I have terrible habits. I swallow toothpaste. My socks don't always match. I'm not good at small talk. I'm just about the most unpopular kid in class, a close third behind the guy who doesn't shower and the girl who's a compulsive liar. Besides, it's not like Jake and me ... He was just being nice."
"You are my soul mate, even if you don't know it yet," Tye said - Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
#82. There's no real escape from the work, but in some ways, if you're as obsessive as I am, it's a sweet little thing we've figured out. You bring your work home and you work 24 hours a day, but it's good. - Author: Simon Helberg
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Simon Helberg
#83. It takes a lot of effort for an obsessive mind to accept the fact that everything is in order except itself. - Author: Moe Cidaly
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Moe Cidaly
#84. If I had seen pictures of people eating each other on the wall, I would've told him I was into cannibalism. - Author: Chelsea Handler
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Chelsea Handler
#85. I'm an obsessive musical theatre person, so some of the most formative albums for me were, you know, the 'Phantom Of The Opera' soundtrack or 'Into The Woods.' - Author: Allison Williams
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Allison Williams
#86. Call me cynical, call me cold-hearted, but I don't believe in just knowing and love at first sight. I just don't believe that's love. Love is knowing someone's flaws, habits and pet peeves; having to deal with their grumbling after a bad day; the weird quirks that only surface after several months of being together; living with their morning breath and farts. It's not that gushy, obsessive, in-the-moment feeling. That's a crush. And sure, they can hurt, but you'll get over them. It's not destiny. - Author: Emily May
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Emily May
#87. Mark is the one thing in this world that I love enough to write a million words about... he is the one I am obsessive about recording. I want you to love him as much as I do. I want you to see him how I see him. Yes, he has flaws and, yes, I put my blinders on when looking at those flaws... but I feel compelled to immortalize our story - his story. - Author: Christopher X. Sullivan
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Christopher X. Sullivan
#88. He hesitated till the last moment, but finally dropped them in the box, saying, "I shall win!"
the cry of a gambler, the cry of the great general, the compulsive cry that has ruined more men than it has ever saved. - Author: Honore De Balzac
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Honore De Balzac
#89. The discipline that ballet requires is obsessive. And only the ones who dedicate their whole lives are able to make it. Your toenails fall off and you peel them away and then you're asked to dance again and keep smiling. I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer. - Author: Penelope Cruz
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Penelope Cruz
#90. The most frequent manifestations of the anima takes the form of erotic fantasy. Men may be driven to nurse their fantasies by looking at films and strip-tease shows, or by day-dreaming over pornographic material. This is a crude, primitive aspect of the anima, which becomes compulsive only when a man does not sufficiently cultivate his feeling relationships-when his feeling attitude toward life has remained infantile. - Author: C. G. Jung
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by C. G. Jung
#91. Love is an obsessive delusion that is cured by marriage. - Author: Phil Spector
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Phil Spector
#92. For me, learning that only I can do what I can do the way I can it meant overthrowing the compulsive achiever in me, who was always chasing more and more pieces of paper in the hops of affirming my worth. - Author: Edith Eger
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Edith Eger
#93. I always loved horror as a kid. On the one hand, I really love monsters, because in a way I feel like I related to their outsider status and like the sentimental romantic plight of the monster. More importantly though I feel like people are completely motivated by fear, especially with our political system here in America which is just degenerating into more and more fear mongering and it gets in the way of real discourse, plus it's just something I'm obsessive about and have always been a little bit of a paranoid guy. - Author: Larry Fessenden
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Larry Fessenden
#94. No, Lucy. Your mother doesn't really love men. They are a symptom of her obsessive quest of finding somebody who will make her whole. She doesn't understand that she has to make herself whole. - Author: Patricia Cornwell
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Patricia Cornwell
#95. I feel like nowadays everybody I know has a smidge of geek in them. In other words, they have some odd niche or some obsessive tendencies. - Author: Josh Zuckerman
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Josh Zuckerman
#96. Not just my body. It's more than that. Some parts spark. Others melt. A flux of chemistry and catastrophe, the same compulsive need that keeps bringing us back together. - Author: Leisa Rayven
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Leisa Rayven
#97. I used to be a compulsive exerciser, but I'm over that. - Author: Courtney Thorne-Smith
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Courtney Thorne-Smith
#98. Anorexia is a disease that happens to people, mostly women and girls, who have obsessive, perfectionist personalities. - Author: Crystal Renn
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Crystal Renn
#99. When you're obsessive, like me, searching for something unattainable can become unhealthy ... it's like falling through the air and grabbing at the clouds. - Author: Jonny Wilkinson
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Jonny Wilkinson
#100. Your life's journey is no longer an adventure, just an obsessive need to arrive, to attain, to "make it." You no longer see or smell the flowers by the wayside either, nor are you aware of the beauty and the miracle of life that unfolds all around you when you are present in the Now. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#101. When your lover is a liar, you and he have a lot in common, you're both lying to you! - Author: Susan Forward
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Susan Forward
#102. The writing is therapeutic for me, it's an introverted process, I'm really inside my head. It's a really obsessive process. The live show, though, is the opposite. It's an extroverted process. It pushes me to connect with people, and so it pulls me out of my head and just pulls me out of myself. - Author: Fernando Torres
Obsessive Compulsive quotes by Fernando Torres

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