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#1. For again Scrooge saw himself. He was older now, a man in the prime of life. His face had not the harsh and rigid lines of later years, but it had begun to wear the signs of care and avarice. There was an eager, greedy, restless motion in the eye, which showed the passion that had taken root, and where the shadow of the growing tree would fall. - Author: Charles Dickens
Growing Tree quotes by Charles Dickens
#2. Watch the unending activity of the flowing stream or the growing tree. See the breakers of the ocean, the unceasing movements of the earth, the planets, the sun and the stars. All creation is life, movement, work. - Author: Maria Montessori
Growing Tree quotes by Maria Montessori
#3. Our moral faculties must be placed highest, else they can no more flourish than could a plant growing under the shade and drip of trees. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
Growing Tree quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#4. You cannot force growth of human life and civilization, any more than you can force these slow-growing trees. That is the economy of Almighty God, that all good growth is slow growth. - Author: William Jay Gaynor
Growing Tree quotes by William Jay Gaynor
#5. Man's natural desire is to better oneself. But when does this admirable attribute become a wedge in the growing tree of progress, destined for irreversible and devastating consequences? We see such monstrous consequences come to fruition over and over throughout history. When fire is not contained, the whole land will burn. - Author: Johan Twiss
Growing Tree quotes by Johan Twiss
#6. The warning signs had been there since the crash of 2008, but after the initial shock, nothing had been done to correct the problem. Banks had been trading over $7 trillion in risky derivatives daily, as well as fixing interest rates and making bets on the rigged games. There was an ever-growing gap between the elite and all the rest of the people which had continued to develop even after the 2008 crash. - Author: Kenneth Eade
Growing Tree quotes by Kenneth Eade
#7. I don't think I was talking specifically about Steve Jobs. It was just a general philosophy about one person grows up and he's kind of managing companies and every day he's working making sure this is in place and that's in place. - Author: Steve Wozniak
Growing Tree quotes by Steve Wozniak
#8. Growing up I had lots of role models. Looking back, my parents were my first role models. - Author: Kumar Sangakkara
Growing Tree quotes by Kumar Sangakkara
#9. I've always enjoyed the teen angst thing. I had a lot of teen angst as I was growing up, so I think I have a lot to say about it through characters before I have to move on. - Author: Magda Apanowicz
Growing Tree quotes by Magda Apanowicz
#10. I love Christmas tree bulbs, and I started putting them in my paintings. You've got to plug this painting in, and it's got a rig in the back, so that each one can be replaced if it burns out. - Author: David Lynch
Growing Tree quotes by David Lynch
#11. There rolls the deep where grew the tree. O earth, what changes hast thou seen! There where the long street roars, hath been The stillness of the central sea. The hills are shadows, and they flow From form to form, and nothing stands; They melt like mist, the solid lands, Like clouds they shape themselves and go. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
Growing Tree quotes by Alfred Lord Tennyson
#12. when you see someone in a tree trying to protect it , you know that every level of our society have failed , the consumers have failed , the companies have failed , the government has failed . - Author: Julia Butterfly Hill
Growing Tree quotes by Julia Butterfly Hill
#13. There, said they, is the Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, the innumerable company of angels, and the spirits of just men made perfect. [Heb. 12:22-24] You are going now, said they, to the paradise of God, wherein you shall see the tree of life, and eat of the never-fading fruits thereof; and when you come there, you shall have white robes given you, and your walk and talk shall be every day with the King, even all the days of eternity. [Rev. 2:7, 3:4, 21:4,5] There you shall not see again such things as you saw when you were in the lower region upon the earth, to wit, sorrow, sickness, affliction, and death, for the former things are passed away. You are now going to Abraham, to Isaac, and Jacob, and to the prophets
men that God hath taken away from the evil to come, and that are now resting upon their beds, each one walking in his righteousness. [Isa. 57:1,2, 65:17] - Author: John Bunyan
Growing Tree quotes by John Bunyan
#14. My parents aren't artists or anything, but growing up in Wales, especially in a Welsh language school and community, they have this thing called the Eisteddfod where people compete in singing and acting and dancing and oratory all sorts of things. From a very young age, it's been a part of my upbringing. - Author: Iwan Rheon
Growing Tree quotes by Iwan Rheon
#15. Leo stared back at her with a mixture of wary amusement and growing heat. He could no longer deny that he found nothing in the world more entertaining than talking to her. Or just being near her. Cantankerous, stubborn fascinating creature... completely unlike his past lovers. And at times like this, she had all the cuddlesome appeal of a feral hedgehog.
But she challenged him, met him as an equal, in a way that no other woman ever had. He wanted her beyond reason. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Growing Tree quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#16. That is why China is not just relying on forced urbanization to produce low-cost labor; it is also investing heavily in the industries of the future. There needs to be investment in growing fields like robotics but also a social framework that makes sure those who are losing their jobs are able to stay afloat long enough to pivot to the industries or positions that offer new possibilities. - Author: Alec J. Ross
Growing Tree quotes by Alec J. Ross
#17. I figure there are enough self-opinionated assholes trying to get their ugly little faces in front of you as it is. You ask a lot of kids today what they want to be when they grow up, and they say, 'I want to be famous.' You ask them, 'For what reason?' and they don't know or care. I think Andy Warhol got it wrong - in the future, so many people are going to become famous that one day everybody will end up being anonymous for 15 minutes. - Author: Banksy
Growing Tree quotes by Banksy
#18. A WRINKLE IN TIME is one of my favorite books of all time. I've read it so often, I know it by heart. Meg Murry was my hero growing up. I wanted glasses and braces and my parents to stick me in an attic bedroom. And I so wanted to save Charles Wallace from IT. - Author: Meg Cabot
Growing Tree quotes by Meg Cabot
#19. Trade carried by sea has grown fourfold since 1970 and is still growing. In 2011, the 360 commercial ports of the United States took in international goods worth $1.73 trillion, or eighty times the value of all U.S. trade in 1960. - Author: Rose George
Growing Tree quotes by Rose George
#20. I just wanted my daughter to grow up, get married, have children and get divorced like everyone else. - Author: Cher
Growing Tree quotes by Cher
#21. All I really want is enough to live on, a little house in the country ... and a tree in the garden with seven of my enemies hanging in it. - Author: Heinrich Heine
Growing Tree quotes by Heinrich Heine
#22. I can't speak for the Kathryn Stockett, but I would guess that she feels proud of the progress the South has made because, growing up, she experienced a very different Mississippi than the one that exists today. - Author: Viola Davis
Growing Tree quotes by Viola Davis
#23. I was an athlete growing up. I was a wrestler, I played football, so I can take a fall. I actually wanted to be a stuntman when I was kid, so I would practice falling down the stairs. It's just something I like to do. - Author: Chris Pratt
Growing Tree quotes by Chris Pratt
#24. [Winning an Oscar] was a beautiful thing that happened. It is in my house, and every time I look at, I see all the people who are a part of it, all the people who gave me opportunities to work, gave me opportunities to make a living at this thing [acting] that was a dream for me, growing up. And I got to do it, and then again and again and again, and make a living out of being an actress. - Author: Penelope Cruz
Growing Tree quotes by Penelope Cruz
#25. Then he explained that only one criterion mattered when picking a job - fast growth. When companies grow quickly, there are more things to do than there are people to do them. When companies grow more slowly or stop growing, there is less to do and too many people to not be doing them. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Growing Tree quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#26. I didn't just grow up in one environment, so it was easy for me, as a child, just to imitate and just be all these different people. - Author: Clifton Collins, Jr.
Growing Tree quotes by Clifton Collins, Jr.
#27. People when they're growing up they just want to fit in, there are a lot of social pressures on young people today to kind of have it all figured out and know what they want to do, know who they are straight away and I've always tried to embrace that sense of pressure, but I've got people around me that do as well. - Author: Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
Growing Tree quotes by Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
#28. I have a soft spot in my heart for tree houses, which have always imparted certain magic and practical knowledge. - Author: Richard Louv
Growing Tree quotes by Richard Louv
#29. Listen! I know it's not right to talk. Better to set an example, better to just start - I have already started - and - and can one really be unhappy? Oh, what do my grief and my misfortune matter if I have the strength to be happy? You know, I don't understand how one can walk by a tree and not be happy at the sight of it! Or to speak with a man and not be happy in loving him? Oh, it's just that I can't express it - and yet there are so many things at every stop so beautiful that even the most desolate of men find them beautiful. Look at a child, look at Go's sunrise, look at the grass, how it grows, look into eyes that look at you and love you - - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Growing Tree quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#30. Growing up, I didn't feel cool; I didn't fit into any crowd. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
Growing Tree quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#31. Growing healthy relationships is learning how to communicate, how to do conflict well, how to apologize and forgive, and how to own up to your mistakes. It's establishing healthy boundaries and knowing when to say no. - Author: Lisa Anderson
Growing Tree quotes by Lisa Anderson
#32. It was as if a tiny crack had opened somewhere in him and was growing, tearing him to pieces. If he had simply been angry, I might have found a way to calm him, but I had no idea how to put him back together once he came apart. - Author: Yoko Ogawa
Growing Tree quotes by Yoko Ogawa
#33. Growing up, Santa Claus would cover the presents with a white blanket, so when we'd wake up Christmas morning, we had to wait for my dad to do the big reveal of all the presents Santa brought. - Author: Martina Mcbride
Growing Tree quotes by Martina Mcbride
#34. Sometimes I forget that the world is not on the same schedule as I. That everything is not dying, or that if it is dying it will return to life, what with a little sun and the usual encouragement. Sometimes I think: I am older than this tree, older than this bench, older than the rain. And yet. I'm not older than the rain. It's been falling for years and after I go it will keep on falling. - Author: Nicole Krauss
Growing Tree quotes by Nicole Krauss
#35. ... our 'Physick' and 'Anatomy' have embraced such infinite varieties of being, have laid open such new worlds in time and space, have grappled, not unsuccessfully, with such complex problems, that the eyes of Vesalius and of Harvey might be dazzled by the sight of the tree that has grown out of their grain of mustard seed. - Author: Thomas Henry Huxley
Growing Tree quotes by Thomas Henry Huxley
#36. You are my sacred moon. You are my tree. - Author: Avijeet Das
Growing Tree quotes by Avijeet Das
#37. No matter what the cause, the result is the same: iGen teens are less likely to experience the freedom of being out of the house without their parents--those first tantalizing tastes of the independence of being an adult, those times when teens make their own decisions, good or bad. - Author: Jean M. Twenge
Growing Tree quotes by Jean M. Twenge
#38. Maya's eyes grew wide, and Grace finally saw the little-sister potential in her. She could imagine Maya toddling after her, annoying her, pulling her hair and borrowing her clothes without asking first. She didn't tell Maya about all the people she'd talked to on the phone, trying to follow a seventeen-year-old trail of bread crumbs that had mostly blown to the wind and taken Joaquin with them. She didn't mention that some people had been rude, others had been so helpful that it made Grace's heart hurt, that Joaquin's family tree seemed to have way too many scraggly branches and not enough roots, not the kind of roots you would need when the storm was strong. - Author: Robin Benway
Growing Tree quotes by Robin Benway
#39. I was pregnable once," Merill thought to contribute. She remembered how troublesome it made getting around, having a ripe belly. Couldn't roll properly, couldn't hop properly, couldn't romp or flop properly. There were the cravings for roasted cabbage - she loathed cabbage, with its leaves and growing in rows. And labor! Merill passed out during childbirth. She'd endured burns, lacerations, rips, serrated teeth, nails, hooks and a trove of unmentionable harm-inflictors. Labor trounced them all and wriggled gleefully in the spray of blood and gore. "Being pregnable is no good. No good at all. Like growing a bitter melon in your belly. - Author: Darrell Drake
Growing Tree quotes by Darrell Drake
#40. You may have decided again and again, and again and again you have failed - not because smoking is such a great phenomenon that you cannot get out of it, but because you are trying from the wrong end. Rather than becoming aware of the whole situation - why you smoke in the first place - rather than becoming aware of the process of smoking, you are simply trying to drop it. It is like pruning the leaves of a tree without cutting the roots. - Author: Rajneesh
Growing Tree quotes by Rajneesh
#41. If you don't like where you are, change it. You're not a tree. - Author: Jim Rohn
Growing Tree quotes by Jim Rohn
#42. Our emphasis here is based not only on the growing seriousness of drug-related crimes, but also on the belief that relieving our police and our courts from having to fight losing battles against drugs will enable their energies and facilities to be devoted more fully to combatting other forms of crime. We would thus strike a double blow: reduce crime activity directly, and at the same time increase the efficacy of law enforcement and crime prevention. - Author: Milton Friedman
Growing Tree quotes by Milton Friedman
#43. Oh, my poor little hawthorns," I was assuring them through my sobs, "it isn't you who want me to be unhappy, to force me to leave you. You, you've never done me any harm. So I shall always love you." And, drying my eyes, I promised them that, when I grew up, I would never copy the foolish example of other men, but that even in Paris, on fine spring days, instead of paying calls and listening to silly talk, I would set off for the country to see the first hawthorn-trees in bloom. - Author: Marcel Proust
Growing Tree quotes by Marcel Proust
#44. Nineteen hundred meters up there is completely different from1,900 any place else. There's no air, there's no oxygen. There's no vegetation, there's no life. There's no life. Rocks. Any other climb there's vegetation, grass and trees. Not there on the Ventoux. It's more like the moon than a mountain. - Author: Lance Armstrong
Growing Tree quotes by Lance Armstrong
#45. As long as I can remember, the compelling force behind my calling is a desire to know Jesus more and to make Him known. I believe I was created for a relationship with Jesus, so growing in my relationship with Him and worshiping Him with all my heart and life is preeminent. - Author: Louie Giglio
Growing Tree quotes by Louie Giglio
#46. I was a Depression kid, growing up in Oklahoma. - Author: James Garner
Growing Tree quotes by James Garner
#47. To fall in love twice, with the same person, you need to grow another heart. That's all I do in my secret underground laboratory at night... - Author: Will Advise
Growing Tree quotes by Will Advise
#48. After a time, my hand had become as skilled as my eyes. So if I was drawing a very fine tree, it felt as if my hand was moving without me directly it. As I watched the pencil race across the page, I would look on it in amazement, as if the drawing were the proof of another presence, as if someone else had taken up residence in my body. As I marveled at his work aspiring to become his equal, another part of my brain was busy inspecting the curves of the branches, the placement of mountains, the composition as a whole, reflecting that I had created this scene on a blank piece of paper. My mind was at the tip of my pen, acting before I could think; at the same time it could survey what I had already done. This second line of perception, this ability to analyse my progress, was the pleasure this small artist felt when he looked at the discovery of his courage and freedom. To step outside myself , to know the second person who had taken up residence inside me, was to retrace the dividing line that appeared as my pencil slipped across the paper, like a boy sledding in the snow. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
Growing Tree quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#49. According to Mark 11:12-13, God's messengers were not the only ones who were incompetent: 'He [Jesus] was hungry. And on seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to see if he could find anything on it. When he came to it, he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the season for figs.'
Imagine Jesus, the divine, holy, wisest of the wise not knowing that figs were out of season. Now allegedly Jesus could have performed a miracle and made figs magically appear, but he preferred sour grapes instead: Then he said to the tree, 'May no one ever eat fruit from you again.' (Mark 11:14) - Author: G.M. Jackson
Growing Tree quotes by G.M. Jackson
#50. I felt lost in this maze. In the world into which Gavrila was initiating me, human aspirations and expectations were entangled with each other like the roots and branches of great trees in a thick forest, each tree struggling for more moisture from the soil and more sunshine from the sky. - Author: Jerzy Kosinski
Growing Tree quotes by Jerzy Kosinski

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