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She has the kind of mouth that always rests in a faint smile, and she smells a little like French toast. ~ Becky Albertalli
French Toast quotes by Becky Albertalli
First, the idea of the multiverse is essentially the fantasy of preserving perfect information. One of the hard things to deal with in life is the fact that you destroy potential information whenever you make a decision. You could even say that's essentially what regret is: a profound problem of incomplete information. If you select one thing on a diner's menu, you can't know what it would have been like to taste other things on it, right then, right there. When you marry one person, you give up the possibility of knowing what it would have been like to have married any number of others. But if the multiverse exists, you can at least imagine there's another version of you who's eating that other thing you thought about ordering, or who's married to that other man you only went on two dates with. Even if you'll never see all the information for yourself, at least you'll be able to tell yourself that it's there.

'The second reason the multiverse seems like such a neat idea is that it gives human beings just an incredible amount of agency, which they can exercise with the least effort. Why, Carson here created an entire alternate universe when he ordered hash browns on the side of his French toast instead of bacon - '

'Ah, I should have gotten bacon, how could I forget,' Carson said, and attempted to hail the waitress.

'But the history of science shows that any theory that covertly panders to the human ego like that, that puts humans at the cente ~ Dexter Palmer
French Toast quotes by Dexter Palmer
There is a bright spot or two for the Spaniards. French toast has become freedom toast on the Air Force One breakfast menu, but the Spanish omelet is still a Spanish omelet. ~ Suzanne Fields
French Toast quotes by Suzanne Fields
I try not to have a lot of sugar in my system. If I have sugar for breakfast, whether that be fruit or some pancakes or French toast, they'll make sure all of the meals for the rest of the day have no sugar in them. I try to take the sugar out of my diet. ~ Dwight Howard
French Toast quotes by Dwight Howard
She broke off a piece of bacon and offered it to the cat who sat staring holes through her.
"For him, this is makeup sex. That's all you get," she said when Galahad inhaled the bacon then affectionately butted his head against her calf.

"Just FYI, if you let another man rub up against you, and I sniff it out, you won't be able to buy me off with bacon." He handed her the syrup pitcher so she could drown her French toast.
"So noted. ~ J.D. Robb
French Toast quotes by J.D. Robb
Jared's lips quirked up. "Are you sure Benji won't greet me in the morning with a shotgun?"
"Not if you make him french toast. He'll totally sell me out for someone who cooks. ~ Amy Lane
French Toast quotes by Amy Lane
Lock reached for the French toast first, but Ric slapped his hand away and placed a carefully prepared plate in front of him. As Lock waited, Ric went to the counter and returned with a small strainer. He tapped the side, covering the French toast with powdered sugar. Somehow the wolf managed not to get any on Lock's bacon or sausage. "There. Isn't that nice?"

"I have to say our relationship is getting stranger and stranger as we get older. ~ Shelly Laurenston
French Toast quotes by Shelly Laurenston
Let's not worry about next year till we get through this one," Mrs. Murry said. "More French toast, boys? ~ Madeleine L'Engle
French Toast quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
... with San Mateo food writer Merrin McGregor's irresistible recipe, you can have your French Toast -- and eat it, too. It's a glorious fruit salad with little cubes of orange-tinged French toast ... We just added a tiny maple drizzle when we served it, and felt sated and virtuous at the same time. ~ Jackie Burrell
French Toast quotes by Jackie Burrell
The things that you did with parents, whether it was spending every Sunday morning with your dad and eating French toast and watching Popeye, or decorating the Christmas tree with our mother - these are memories that help you be happy. ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
French Toast quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
I'm a breakfast type of guy. Don't get me wrong. I can cook, I'm kinda nice on the burner, but I enjoy making breakfast. I do it all ... Scrambled eggs ... French toast ... Pancakes ... Breakfast is my thing. ~ Ja Rule
French Toast quotes by Ja Rule
So we know she's safe and taken care of?" Daniel asked, and she nodded. "Good. Then why don't we do something that you want to do?"
"Like what?"
"I don't know. What do you like to do?"
"Um ... " Her stomach rumbled, since crying always made her hungry. "I like eating breakfast."
"That's so weird." Daniel grinned. "Because I like making French toast."
"That works out, doesn't it? ~ Amanda Hocking
French Toast quotes by Amanda Hocking
And I'll tell you another thing, Patrick Michael Thomas Cunnane, if you think you can come and go at all hours as you damn please just because you're going off to college, you'd best get that thick head of yours examined in a hurry. I'll be happy to do it myself, with the skillet I have in my hand, just as soon as I'm done with it."
"Yes,ma'am." At the table Patrick say with his shoulders hunched, wincing at this mother's back. "But since you're using it, maybe I could have some more French toast.Nobody makes it like you do."
"You won't get around me that way."
"Maybe I will."
She shot a look over her shoulder that Brian recognized as one only a mother could conjure to wither a child.
"And maybe I won't," Patrick muttered, then brightened when he saw Brian at the door. "Ma,we've got company. Have a seat,Brian. Had breakfast? My mother makes world-famous French toast."
"Witnessess won't save you," Adelia said mildly, but turned to smile at Brian. ~ Nora Roberts
French Toast quotes by Nora Roberts
I can make the best French toast. ~ Peter O'Toole
French Toast quotes by Peter O'Toole
While Apicius is full of ancient delicacies such as roasted peacock, boiled sow vulva, testicles, and other foods we would not commonly eat today, there are many others that are still popular, including tapenade, absinthe, flatbreads, and meatballs. There is even a recipe for Roman milk and egg bread that is identical to what we call French toast. And, contrary to popular belief, foie gras was not originally a French delicacy. The dish dates back twenty-five hundred years, and Pliny credits Apicius with developing a version using pigs instead of geese by feeding hogs dried figs and giving them an overdose of mulsum (honey wine) before slaughtering them. ~ Crystal King
French Toast quotes by Crystal King
One of the greatest things I've ever seen happen was the morning I opened the newspaper and it said that some very powerful government officials had decided to change the name of "french fries" to "freedoom fries" and "french toast" to "freedom toast". It was impressive. I wanted to write a letter to them just to thank them, just for proving globally that they were absolute imbeciles. ~ Johnny Depp
French Toast quotes by Johnny Depp
In the time it takes for all of this to happen, Tariq takes a shower. In the time it takes for all of this to happen, Craig (admittedly a slow eater) eats a piece of French toast. In the time it takes for all of this to happen, Peter loads up a video game and starts to play. In the time it takes for all of this to happen, Avery wakes to find a phone number still written on his hand, and wonders what to do next. He doesn't have to worry, though. Ryan is already on it. He has Avery's number in his phone, and as soon as the clock hits ten, he's going to call. He feels it's rude to call anyone before ten. So he waits. Impatiently, he waits. It's funny the things you miss. Like phone cords. Reading ~ David Levithan
French Toast quotes by David Levithan
I'm not the bake-sale-mom type - though once in a while, I'll make challah French toast for my sons. ~ Kelly Wearstler
French Toast quotes by Kelly Wearstler
I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast,
But I'm intercontinental when I eat French toast. ~ Mike D
French Toast quotes by Mike D
Even if I'm gone all day, breakfast is the one meal I always cook for my kids. I make French toast, oatmeal, or an egg burrito. ~ Gabrielle Reece
French Toast quotes by Gabrielle Reece
I think you better hurry along with that French toast making, Stud. You know - before my fetus eats your face."
"It would be equally as delicious. ~ Pella Grace
French Toast quotes by Pella Grace
You're serious?"
"As a heart attack."
I set my bag down and leaned on the counter. Okay, Hunter Zaccadelli, you could make me dinner.
"Stuffed French toast, sweet potato hash and strawberries and cream."
"Breakfast for dinner? You rebel, you. ~ Chelsea M. Cameron
French Toast quotes by Chelsea M. Cameron
When you're the single French person in the middle of 10 Tunisians, the majority will impose their way of life on the minority. ~ Marion Marechal-Le Pen
French Toast quotes by Marion Marechal-Le Pen
Why does naming a thing give it so much power? ~ Ellen Sussman
French Toast quotes by Ellen Sussman
Your life can end at any time, and it can end more than once. But it can also begin more than once. ~ Michael R. French
French Toast quotes by Michael R. French
I am a guest of the French language. My poems in French are born of my interaction with the French language, which is not the same as that of a French poet. ~ Tahar Ben Jelloun
French Toast quotes by Tahar Ben Jelloun
It's French," she said. "They designed it like a zoo - you know, keep 'em in, but give everyone a good look at 'em... ~ Christopher Moore
French Toast quotes by Christopher Moore
This is a huge foyer. She spun in a slow circle, taking in the high ceilings.
She'd said the word using its French pronunciation, foy-ay. Cletus said it that way. The rest of us said foy-er, like it's spelled, because we lived in the United States and weren't pretentious nut jobs. Not that I thought Sarah was a pretentious nut job or made such a judgment about all people based on their pronunciation of that single word.
Just Cletus. He said foy-ay and was most definitely a pretentious nut job. ~ Penny Reid
French Toast quotes by Penny Reid
In love, writing is dangerous, not to mention pointless. ~ Alexandre Dumas
French Toast quotes by Alexandre Dumas
S and M is only the expression in the bedroom of an oppressive-submissive relation which can happen also in the kitchen or at the factory, can happen between people of any gender. There is obviously something titillating about these relationships, but it isn't the sexual components that makes them ugly, they're uglier elsewhere. Nothing sexual is depraved. Only cruelty is depraved, and that's another matter. ~ Marilyn French
French Toast quotes by Marilyn French
Okay, so how, exactly, did I get into this mess - up onstage at a comedy club, baking like a bag of French fries under a hot spotlight that shows off my sweat stains( including one that sort of looks like Jabba the Hutt), with about a thousand beady eyeballs drilling into me? ~ James Patterson
French Toast quotes by James Patterson
Human rights did not begin with the French Revolution ... [they] really stem from a mixture of Judaism and Christianity ... [we English] had 1688, our quiet revolution, where Parliament exerted its will over the King ... it was not the sort of Revolution that France's was ... 'Liberty, equality, fraternity' - they forgot obligations and duties I think. And then of course the fraternity went missing for a long time. ~ Margaret Thatcher
French Toast quotes by Margaret Thatcher
The British and French governments have taken a strong stance against 'extremist content' online when addressing their approach to tackling extremism. ~ Maajid Nawaz
French Toast quotes by Maajid Nawaz
The French Foreign Office, wishful to allay the anger of the Parisian mob clamouring for war with England, secured this admirable couple and sent them round the town. You cannot be amused at a thing, and at the same time want to kill it. The French nation saw the English citizen and citizeness - no caricature, but the living reality - and their indignation exploded in laughter. The success of the stratagem prompted them later on to offer their services to the German Government, with the beneficial results that we all know. ~ Jerome K. Jerome
French Toast quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
Nature maintains the same rhythm of birth and death in metals as in vegetables and animals. For, as Bernard Palissy writes in....(long french title of a book I don't feel like repeating here) 'God did not create all these things in order to leave them idle. The stars and the planets are not idle...the sea is in constant motion...the earth likewise is not idle...what is naturally consumed within her, she renews and refashions forthwith, if not in one way then in another. Everything, including the exterior of the Earth, exerts itself to bring something forth; likewise, the interior and matrix strains itself in order to reproduce. ~ Mircea Eliade
French Toast quotes by Mircea Eliade
What's that?" said Ron, pointing at a large dish of some sort of shellfish stew that stood beside a large steak-and-kidney pudding.
"Bouillabaisse," said Hermione.
"Bless you," said Ron.
"It's French," said Hermione. ~ J.K. Rowling
French Toast quotes by J.K. Rowling
God knows what risks we take, God knows all that Danton has done. God and Camille. God will keep his mouth shut. ~ Hilary Mantel
French Toast quotes by Hilary Mantel
Anarchy wears two faces, both creator and destroyer. Thus destroyers topple empires; make a canvas of clean rubble where creators then can build another world. Rubble, once achieved, makes further ruins' means irrelevant.
Away with our explosives, then!
Away with our destroyers! They have no place within our better world.
But let us raise a toast to all our bombers, all our bastards, most unlovely and most unforgivable.
Let's drink their health ... then meet with them no more. ~ Alan Moore
French Toast quotes by Alan Moore
I like to use 'I Can't Believe it's Not Butter' on my toast in the morning, because sometimes when I eat breakfast, I like to be incredulous. How was breakfast? Unbelievable. ~ Demetri Martin
French Toast quotes by Demetri Martin
He sits in his tomb up top of the Newport hotel. It contains a crunchy armchair, a floppy bed, several arrogant spiders, a mattress with stains the shapes of planets and an existential crisis. But he wouldn't want to sound too French about it. ~ Kevin Barry
French Toast quotes by Kevin Barry
In the morning, I'll usually do eggs and toast, but at night I keep it all protein. ~ Joel Parkinson
French Toast quotes by Joel Parkinson
To achieve the very pinnacle of good taste, the neoclassicists wrote their plays entirely in alexandrine verse, a rarefied meter that is uniquely tailored to the French language and fits no other. ~ Florence King
French Toast quotes by Florence King
Simply beautiful! David Brazzeal takes the hospitality traditions of the French and the Brazilians and stirs in spiritual disciplines and alternative worship practices for a book on prayer unlike anything you've read before. He reminds us that time with God is a rich and delicious banquet that we share together, and not a drive-thru fast food meal we eat alone. Nourishing and indulgent. ~ Michael Frost
French Toast quotes by Michael Frost
I'm quite into the French way - simple elegance with just a suggestion of sexiness, nothing vulgar. ~ Michelle Dockery
French Toast quotes by Michelle Dockery
He read the classics, the French and the German among others, but primarily the Russian, which enchanted him with their heavy patience. ~ Tove Jansson
French Toast quotes by Tove Jansson
After 10 years of French torture - psychological torture - it's great to do an American movie. ~ Emmanuelle Beart
French Toast quotes by Emmanuelle Beart
Food, a French man told me once, is the first wealth. Grow it right, and you feel insanely rich, no matter what you own. ~ Kristin Kimball
French Toast quotes by Kristin Kimball
My question was:How did I go from merely seeing the dirty French Santa in a bar to being in his hotel room the next morning? And this presented me with an actual equation. How did one plus one equal old French Santa? ~ Augusten Burroughs
French Toast quotes by Augusten Burroughs
Just as the French of the nineteenth century invested their surplus capital in a railway-system in the belief that they would makemoney by it in this life, in the thirteenth they trusted their money to the Queen of Heaven because of their belief in her power to repay it with interest in the life to come. ~ Henry Adams
French Toast quotes by Henry Adams
Every detective has a certain kind of case that he or she finds almost unbearable, against which the usual shield of practiced professional detachment turns brittle and untrustworthy. Cassie, though nobody else knows this, has nightmares when she works rape-murders; I, displaying a singular lack of originality, have serious trouble with murdered children; and, apparently, family killings gave Sam the heebie-jeebies. This case could turn out to be perfect for all three of us. ~ Tana French
French Toast quotes by Tana French
In the nineteenth century the Germans painted their dream and the outcome was invariably vegetable. The French needed only to paint a vegetable and it was already a dream. ~ Theodor Adorno
French Toast quotes by Theodor Adorno
The French have a phrase for it. The bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right. To say goodbye is to die a little. ~ Raymond Chandler
French Toast quotes by Raymond Chandler
He was born in Bercy on the outskirts of Paris and trained in France, and while he knows a little Poodle-English, he responds quickly only to commands in French. Otherwise he has to translate, and that slows him down. ~ John Steinbeck
French Toast quotes by John Steinbeck
All of this is in French," Opal observed. She'd walked in halfway through my restocking episode and started reading labels.

"I went to Paris," I informed her.

"No squid," Jayson high-fived Hank. I had no idea why. ~ Connie Suttle
French Toast quotes by Connie Suttle
A toast," Smooth Kitty cried, feeling almost giddy, "to self-government. Saint Etheldreda's School for Young Ladies will be run by young ladies from this point forward. Hear, hear!" Great applause.

"To independence!" added Pocked Louise. "No fussy old widows telling us when not to speak, and how to set the spoons when an Earl's niece comes to supper. And telling us to leave scientific experiment to the men." Teacup toasts in support of Louise.

"To freedom!" chimed in Disgraceful Mary Jane. "No curfews and evil eyes and lectures on morals and propriety." Loud, if nervous, cheering.

"To womankind," proclaimed Stout Alice. "Each of us girls free to be what she wishes to be, without glum and crotchety Placketts trying to make us into what we're not." Tremendous excitement.

"To sisterhood," said Dear Roberta, "and standing by each other, no matter what. ~ Julie Berry
French Toast quotes by Julie Berry
The phenomenon of laborers staying on at the end of their contracts with big public works companies is likely the biggest single source of Chinese migration to Africa. Workers would arrive from a given locality in China and discover there was good money to be made in some corner of an Africa they had never before imagined viable. Soon, they were sending word back home about the fortunes to be made there, or the hospitality of the locals, or the wonders of the environment, or the joys of a free and relatively pressureless life. In short order, others would follow. Li ~ Howard W. French
French Toast quotes by Howard W. French
Repeat the names," my mother instructs, and we listen while Paschal recites the names of the months.
"Vintage, Fog, Frost, Snow, Rain …" He hesitates on the sixth month.
"Wind," she says helpfully. We are all sitting at the caissier's desk, and it is very important he get this right.
"Wind," he repeats after her. "Seed, Blossoms, M-Mead - "
"Meadows," I say.
"Meadows, Harvesting, Heat, and Fruit."
Isabel claps. "Very good."
"And what year is this?" my mother asks.
Paschal frowns. "Seventeen ninety-three?"
"No," Isabel says forcefully. "It is Year Two."
"But I don't understand."
"The first year began on September twenty-second, seventeen ninety-two." The day France declared itself the First Republic.
"But how?" He doesn't see how he could have been alive before time began.
"That is the decree of the Convention," she explains. ~ Michelle Moran
French Toast quotes by Michelle Moran
After all, in both languages we were dealing in large measure not with English and French, but with Scots and Irish, Bretons and Normans ... There could be no more eloquent illustration of the colonial mind-set than a bunch of Celts and Vikings in a distant northern territory insulting each other as les Anglais and the French as if they were the descendants of the people who had subjected and ruined them. ~ John Ralston Saul
French Toast quotes by John Ralston Saul
Allie." Dean leans forward and fixes me with an eerily somber stare. "This show is fucking stupid."

"I know," I say sheepishly. "But it's addictive. Trust me, one episode of this crap and you'll be hooked."

"Sorry, baby doll, but I can pretty much guarantee that's not gonna happen."



It happened.

God help me. I'm into this show.

I came over tonight with the single-minded purpose of working the charm and convincing Allie to get naked with me again. Instead, I'm sipping on a margarita, I've just watched two hours' worth of a French soap opera, and now I'm texting Logan to let him know I won't make it to Malone's. Because…God help me…I want to know what happens next. ~ Elle Kennedy
French Toast quotes by Elle Kennedy
Someone asks three people, a German, a Frenchman, and an Egyptian, what Adam and Eve's nationality was. The German answers, 'Adam and Eve exude good health and vital hygiene: they must be German!' The Frenchman declares, 'Adam and Eve have sublime, erotic bodies: they can only be French!' But the Egyptian concludes, 'Adam and Eve are naked as jaybirds, they don't have enough to buy shoes, and yet they're convinced they live in Paradise: what else could they be but Egyptians? ~ Franck Thilliez
French Toast quotes by Franck Thilliez
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