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My father ended up starting the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, which is on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. My mother started a school. ~ Greg Mortenson
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Greg Mortenson
If man is but a biological organism and biology itself may be reduced to a set of physical and chemical laws, it should be possible to build up a biological science, a kind of biological mechanics, whose laws would rule the working and repair of the several pieces of the human machine. In such a case, there would be a 'medicine' or 'medical science'; and the doctor's task would consist in acquiring and maintaining an adequate knowledge of the laws of such a science and applying them so to speak in a uniform and automatic way, with hardly any meddling from his own personal criterion.
If, on the contrary, man is above all an eminently living being, every specimen of which is ever new and original, a being strongly influenced by ultra-physical faculties -- spirit, intellect, emotions -- if, in one word, man is a whole that can only be ruled from its own centre, medicine, then, will be but an art or a craft to be applied in each case to a concrete individual. And then, rather than 'medicine', there will be medicine-men.
Truth lies between these two poles, but gravitates definitely towards the second. ~ Salvador De Madariaga
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Salvador De Madariaga
If you are playing King Lear you are the centre of attention anyway. You don't need to draw attention to yourself. It's all laid out for you. ~ Ian McKellen
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Ian McKellen
Animals, including people, fight harder to prevent losses than to achieve gains. In the world of territorial animals, this principle explains the success of defenders. A biologist observed that "when a territory holder is challenged by a rival, the owner almost always wins the contest - usually within a matter of seconds." In human affairs, the same simple rule explains much of what happens when institutions attempt to reform themselves, in "reorganizations" and "restructuring" of companies, and in efforts to rationalize a bureaucracy, simplify the tax code, or reduce medical costs. As initially conceived, plans for reform almost always produce many winners and some losers while achieving an overall improvement. If the affected parties have any political influence, however, potential losers will be more active and determined than potential winners; the outcome will be biased in their favor and inevitably more expensive and less effective than initially planned. Reforms commonly include grandfather clauses that protect current stake-holders - for example, when the existing workforce is reduced by attrition rather than by dismissals, or when cuts in salaries and benefits apply only to future workers. Loss aversion is a powerful conservative force that favors minimal changes from the status quo in the lives of both institutions and individuals. ~ Daniel Kahneman
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Daniel Kahneman
Deaf people are struggling to find their favorite show or something that represents them. It's hard. There are some examples of shows that have a deaf storyline in one episode, like Cold Case, or another show where they are focusing on the cochlear implant or the medical aspect. ~ Sean Berdy
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Sean Berdy
If you demand the collective to pay for your medical expenses, then be prepared for the collective to demand to make your medical decisions for you. ~ A.E. Samaan
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by A.E. Samaan
Consider the term Mother Tongue. In Russian the term is Rodnoi-yazyk, which means Nearest or Dearest Tongue. At a pinch one could call it Darling Tongue.
Mother Tongue is our first language, first heard as infants from the mouths of our mothers. Hence the logic of the term.
I mention it now because the creature of language, which i'm trying to describe, is undoubtedly feminine. I imagine its centre as a phonetic uterus.
Within one Mother Tongue are all Mother Tongues. Or, to put it another way: every Mother Tongue is universal. ~ John Berger
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by John Berger
Love is the centre and circumference; The cause and aim of all things
'tis the key To joy and sorrow, and the recompense For all the ills that have been, or may be. ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The whole thrust of science and the medical profession is to try and prevent it from happening, to try to prolong life, to keep you from dying, to keep you from getting older, to rejuvenate you. I mean, that's everybody's wish. The fountain of youth is everybody's sought-after thing. ~ Woody Allen
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Woody Allen
Politicians and bureaucrats clearly have no idea how complicated markets are. Every day people make countless tradeoffs, in all areas of life, based on subjective value judgements and personal information as they delicately balance their interest, needs and wants. Who is in a better position than they to tailor those choices to best serve their purposes? Yet the politicians believe they can plan the medical market the way you plan a birthday party. ~ John Stossel
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by John Stossel
Does she already have a man in White Horse? Who is he? I'll find out and scare him off. And if he doesn't scare? I'll beat him with a bat. I'll take an ax and chop him into tiny pieces. No, drag him behind my truck until he's mush. If any man in White Horse touches Candy besides me, I'll beat him until he's half dead. Then I'll let him get medical treatment and heal up, so I can beat him to death for real. ~ Bijou Hunter
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Bijou Hunter
My view is that you still, in order to win from the Labour perspective, have to have a strong alliance with business as well as the unions. You have got to be very much in the centre ground on things like public sector reform. ~ Tony Blair
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Tony Blair
I am a military police officer and I have served on two deployments; my first was to Iraq, in a medical unit, and my second deployment was to Kuwait, as a military police platoon leader. ~ Tulsi Gabbard
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Tulsi Gabbard
its evident wish to be for ever a sound and only a sound in the thickest centre of untravelled woods. ~ C.S. Lewis
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by C.S. Lewis
During my first semester of medical school, I cannot know how the emotional difficulty of the actions we perform on our cadavers will help us prepare for the agonizing moments we will observe in the lives of the living. ~ Christine Montross
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Christine Montross
A strong intuition is much more powerful than a weal test. Normals teach us rules; outliers teach us laws. For every perfect medical experiment, there is a perfect human bias. ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Delay, says Dr. Manner, is a luxury which people with right-now cancers cannot afford. ~ Paul Harvey
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Paul Harvey
The squaring of the circle is a stage on the way to the unconscious, a point of transition leading to a goal lying as yet unformulated beyond it. It is one of those paths to the centre. ~ Carl Jung
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Carl Jung
Century after century, the belief that an individual's physical health was independent of his or her emotional health has so dominated medical thought that there has even been open contempt for anyone who would dare to claim that a person's physical well-being is the sum of its internal and external influences. ~ Sandy Oshiro Rosen
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Sandy Oshiro Rosen
He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
the medical way for a two-month voyage. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Diana Gabaldon
On how to make the game more exciting - Eliminate the referees, raise the basket four feet, double the size of the basketball, limit the height of the players to 5 feet 9 inches, bring back the centre jump, allow taxi drivers in for free and allow the players to carry guns. ~ Al McGuire
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Al McGuire
One of the most dangerous and best-kept secrets of the medical profession is the epidemic of anesthesiologists who are addicted to their own drugs. ~ Christopher McDougall
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Christopher McDougall
In the "Personal Story" segment tonight, the state of Oregon is extremely liberal in its state government and judicial system.That state has lenient drug laws, including wide access to medical marijuana. ~ Bill O'Reilly
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Bill O'Reilly
If your spouse gets sick, who would you visit - your non-doctor neighbor or an actual doctor! Any sane person would visit a doctor over a non-doctor neighbor, even if that neighbor happens to be a celebrity, because it is common knowledge that fame or charisma is not equivalent to medical expertise, yet when it comes to choosing a doctor to treat the sickness of a nation, the masses most proudly elect any charismatic chimpanzee over a humble, wise and conscientious leader. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Abhijit Naskar
Except in the areas of civil rights and medical marijuana, the legacy of the sixties counterculture has been largely superficial. Still, though the light has dimmed and gone underground, something in me would like to think the sixties phenomenon was a dress rehearsal for a grander, wider leap in consciousness yet to come. ~ Tom Robbins
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Tom Robbins
It was mankind and not the Almighty that had ordered the universe; only a man could look at an accident and call it a creation with Himself at the centre. ~ Joseph O'Connor
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Joseph O'Connor
(Olivia) "What is all of this, your James Bond room?"
"You could say that. It's my backup." He opened cabinets, took out a pill bottle and downed a Percocet. "In here I have weapons, computers, transportation, medical supplies, money and anything else I might need for my survival. Things we'll need to complete this job."
Olivia ran her fingers across several of the weapons on the counter and shelf. "Where's your toothbrush radio and exploding briefcase? ~ Rita Henuber
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Rita Henuber
What is happening in politics today is a similar process to what happened in the medical world a few decades ago: realizing that there's more to healing than just addressing symptoms. Primary paradigm when it comes to dealing with political and social disease is allopathic: Pass a law, lock someone up, engage in warfare. And the state of the world today makes it clear that such allopathic measures have not exactly brought peace to all. ~ Marianne Williamson
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Marianne Williamson
Stars are bright, hot, rotating masses of
gas which emit large quantities of light and heat as a result of nuclear
reactions. Most newly-forming large stars begin to collapse under the
weight of their own gravitational pull. That means that their centres are
hotter and denser. When the matter in the centre of the star is sufficiently
heated-when it reaches at least 10 million degrees Celsius (18
million degrees Fahrenheit)-nuclear reactions begin.56 What happens
inside a star is that with enormous energy (fusion), hydrogen turns into
helium. Nuclear fusion takes the particles that make up hydrogen and
sticks them together to make helium (1 helium atom is made from 4
hydrogen atoms). In order to make the protons and neutrons in the
helium stick together, the atom gives off tremendous energy. The energy
released in the process is radiated from the surface of the star as light
and heat. When the hydrogen is consumed, the star then begins to burn
with helium, in exactly the same way, and heavier elements are formed.
These reactions continue until the mass of the star has been consumed.
However, since oxygen is not used in these reactions inside stars,
the result is not ordinary combustion, such as that takes place when
burning a piece of wood. The combustion seen as giant flames in stars
does not actually derive from fire. Indeed, burning of just this kind is
described in the verse ~ Harun Yahya
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Harun Yahya
Just so surely as we tend to disintegrate these nuclei of nationalistic culture do we tend to create hordes of men and women without a spiritual country, cultural outlaws, without taste, without standards but those of the mob. We sentence them to live on the most rudimentary planes of American life. The influences at the centre of the nuclei are centripetal. They make for the intelligence and the social values which mean an enhancement of life. And just because the foreign-born retains this expressiveness is he likely to be a better citizen of the American community. The influences at the fringe, however, are centrifugal, anarchical. They make for detached fragments of peoples. Those who came to find liberty achieve only license. They become the flotsam and jetsam of American life, the downward undertow of our civilization with its leering cheapness and falseness of taste and spiritual outlook, the absence of mind and sincere feeling which we see in our slovenly towns, our vapid moving pictures, our popular novels, and in the vacuous faces of the crowds on the city street. This is the cultural wreckage of our time, and it is from the fringes of the Anglo-Saxon as well as the other stocks that it falls. America has as yet no impelling integrating force. It makes too easily for this detritus of cultures. In our loose, free country, no constraining national purpose, no tenacious folk-tradition and folk-style hold the people to a line. ~ Randolph Bourne
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Randolph Bourne
You guys are evil. Canada's the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard's baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home. ~ Justin Bieber
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Justin Bieber
As medical progress has extended our lives, the result has been what's called the "rectangularization" of survival. ~ Atul Gawande
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Atul Gawande
I don't believe anybody has a right to own any kind of a firearm. I believe in order to obtain a permit to own a firearm, that person should undergo an exhaustive criminal background check. In addition, an applicant should give up his right to privacy and submit his medical records for review to see if the person has ever had a problem with alcohol, drugs or mental illness ... The Constitution doesn't count! ~ John Silber
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by John Silber
For everything that's known about Lyme disease, there are still an extraordinary number of unknowns in some fairly fundamental areas. ~ Vanessa Farnsworth
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Vanessa Farnsworth
Out similar characteristics in everyone. For example, law students were undisciplined and competitive, medical students strict and lacking a sense of humor, philosophy ~ Donato Carrisi
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Donato Carrisi
A burning map. Every epic, my friend Jack used to say, should start with a burning map. Like in the movies. Fucking flames burning the world away; that's the best thing about all those old films, he said
when you see this old parchment map just ... getting darker and darker in the centre, crisping, crinkling until suddenly it just ... fwoom. ~ Hal Duncan
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Hal Duncan
[ ... ] We have to realize that this wound [of loneliness] is inherent in the human condition and that what we have to do is walk with it instead of fleeing from it. We cannot accept it until we discover that we are loved by God just as we are, and that the Holy Spirit in a mysterious way is living at the centre of the wound. ~ Jean Vanier
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Jean Vanier
I love when you get boner spam for boner pills and the subject is Be a better lover. Oh, the boner was the problem on that? That's why I'm a bad lover? Do you have a pill that's gonna make me care if she cums? That would be a medical miracle. ~ Doug Stanhope
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Doug Stanhope
At the centre of the human heart is the longing for an absolute good, a longing which is always there and is never appeased by any object in this world. ~ Simone Weil
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Simone Weil
Both David and Marcus, I came to realize, though they seemed happy enough, and looked forward to being doctors, had a certain sadness, a sense of loss and renunciation, about other interests they had given up.... Both became medical students, in part, to defer their call-up. But with this, I think, they deferred their other aspirations, a deferment that seemed permanent and irreversible by the time they returned to London. ~ Oliver Sacks
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Oliver Sacks
Thee might observe incidentally that if the state paid for child-bearing it might and ought to require a medical certificate that the parents were such as to give a reasonable result of a healthy child
this would afford a very good inducement to some sort of care for the race, and gradually as public opinion became educated by the law, it might react on the law and make that more stringent, until one got to some state of things in which there would be a little genuine care for the race, instead of the present haphazard higgledy-piggledy ways. ~ Bertrand Russell
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Bertrand Russell
Likewise the piercing of the body for multiple rings in the ears, in the nose, even in the tongue. Can they possibly think that is beautiful? It is a passing fancy, but its effects can be permanent. Some have gone to such extremes that the ring had to be removed by surgery. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have declared that we discourage tattoos and also "the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes." We do not, however, take any position "on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earrings"-one pair only. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
Film is not a national business. It's international. And its centre will always be Hollywood. ~ Eric Fellner
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Eric Fellner
Stupidity and wisdom meet in the same centre of sentiment and resolution, in the suffering of human accidents. ~ Michel De Montaigne
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Michel De Montaigne
We have created a rhetoric of "gender identity" that is disconnected from biological sexual fact, and we have done so largely in the service of enabling the sexual mutilation of physically healthy men and women (significantly more men) by medical authorities who should be barred by professional convention if not by conscience from the removal of healthy organs (and limbs, more on that later), an act that by any reasonable standard ought to be considered mutilation rather than therapy. ~ Kevin D. Williams
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Kevin D. Williams
Somatic Symptoms:
People with Complex PTSD often have medical unexplained physical symptoms such as abdominal pains, headaches, joint and muscle pain, stomach problems, and elimination problems. These people are sometimes most unfortunately mislabeled as hypochondriacs or as exaggerating their physical problems. But these problems are real, even though they may not be related to a specific physical diagnosis. Some dissociative parts are stuck in the past experiences that involved pain may intrude such that a person experiences unexplained pain or other physical symptoms. And more generally, chronic stress affects the body in all kinds of ways, just as it does the mind. In fact, the mind and body cannot be separated. Unfortunately, the connection between current physical symptoms and past traumatizing events is not always so clear to either the individual or the physician, at least for a while. At the same time we know that people who have suffered from serious medical, problems. It is therefore very important that you have physical problems checked out, to make sure you do not have a problem from which you need medical help. ~ Suzette Boon
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Suzette Boon
He's not just the best centre-forward in the British Isles, but the only one.
(about Ian St John) ~ Bill Shankly
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Bill Shankly
A medical profession founded on callousness to the pain of the other animals may eventually destroy its own sensibility to the pain of humans. ~ Brigid Brophy
Brockhurst Medical Centre quotes by Brigid Brophy
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