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Questions permeate every aspect of our world and our life. Life is all about questions. If you stop asking, you stop living. ~ Louis Kahn
Aspect quotes by Louis Kahn
Sade has a curious ability to render every aspect of sexuality suspect, so that we see how the chaste kiss of the sentimental lover differs only in degree from the vampirish love-bite that draws blood, we understand that a disinterested caress is only quantitatively different from a disinterested flogging. ~ Angela Carter
Aspect quotes by Angela Carter
I was beginning to feel that there would never be another American uprising, that the energy was gone, and I have some reasons to think that might be true. I like to point out that the crime rate in America has been declining for a long time, and in my opinion it's because Americans don't even have enough gumption to commit crimes anymore: the creative aspect of crime has fallen into decay. As for the uprising that takes a principled stand against violence, hats off to them, I admire the idealism, but I don't think it's going to accomplish much. ~ Hakim Bey
Aspect quotes by Hakim Bey
I like computers. I like the Internet. It's a tool that can be used. But don't be misled into thinking that these technologies are anything other than aspects of a degenerate economic system. ~ Jerry Brown
Aspect quotes by Jerry Brown
We laughed a lot and I grew warmer still, lovely and warm. I do realize that some of that warmth was due to the wine, but there was much more to it than that. There are two distinct aspects to Communion wine: one aspect is the wine itself, the other is the idea of communion. Wine is certainly warming, but communion is a great deal more so. ~ Franny Billingsley
Aspect quotes by Franny Billingsley
Dreams are spiritual in nature but not physical as the scientist want to portray it to the world.Your dreams are the spiritual aspect of your life and the life you live now is the replay of the original.Dreams are spiritual information from God which he uses to direct,motivate,instruct and warn man in life. ~ ALHASSAN IDDRISU
Aspect quotes by ALHASSAN IDDRISU
I wasn't searching for a common denominator - I started wondering about the challenge of working in other cultures. What I reached was the sudden acknowledgment of the universal aspect of filmmaking. ~ Abbas Kiarostami
Aspect quotes by Abbas Kiarostami
I'm a total ignoramus about the technical aspects but I have to say that it's awfully purty now. ~ Kevin Moffett
Aspect quotes by Kevin Moffett
Bodybuilding is not just a sport; it's a way of life. If every aspect of your life is not focused on making the sacrifices necessary to build your best physique, you will ultimately fail and never reach your full potential. ~ Robert Cheeke
Aspect quotes by Robert Cheeke
if we can't worship the same God together inside the same church buildings, then we will still knock on your door and so irritate you thatyou cannot worship your white God in peace, that you cannot escape thinking about the problems of segregation even on Sunday morning, that we are just letting you know that every single aspect of your Southern Way of Life is under attack. ~ Stephen R. Haynes
Aspect quotes by Stephen R. Haynes
Letting things slide is always the easiest thing to do, in parenting no less than in banking, public education, and environmental protection. A lack of discipline is apparent these days in just about every aspect of American society. Why? This should be is a much larger question, one to ponder as we take out the garbage and tie our kids' shoes. ~ Elizabeth Kolbert
Aspect quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
But here's the ugly truth: nature doesn't care about democracy, or who's right, or what's fair. And because of the slow-change aspect of climate, we can't wait until the worst effects are upon us to make a decision
by then, it would be far, far too late. The scenario we may be faced with is one where doing something for the wrong reasons, run by the wrong people, may still save more lives than holding out for a more appealing option. ~ Jamais Cascio
Aspect quotes by Jamais Cascio
I'm not technical. When I listen to music, I gravitate more toward the sonic aspect of it. The technical stuff of it, I get bored with it. These long solos? OK, already. You know your scales, big deal. I know it, too, but I don't want to do that. ~ Joey Santiago
Aspect quotes by Joey Santiago
You know, sometimes the little victories that I have throughout the season are not necessarily obvious on the track. Maybe they're another aspect of what I'm doing, winning little victories here and there to get everything in line to be able to perform from top to bottom on race day. ~ Danica Patrick
Aspect quotes by Danica Patrick
Clearly, there is some invisible force that is moving every aspect of reality to its next best expression. And the universe is not only self-organizing, it is also self-correcting. The embryo becomes a baby; the baby is born; its lungs continue to breathe - not only were they created but then they continue to breathe. The heart is not only created but it continues to breathe. If there is injury and disease that becomes present within the body, the body is also equipped with an immune system to correct that. ~ Marianne Williamson
Aspect quotes by Marianne Williamson
Well. On which aspect of our ill-advised doings are we about to lecture each other? I have very little to say. As I recall, I exhausted the matter on several other occasions. ~ Dorothy Dunnett
Aspect quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
Most companies' culture just happens; no one plans it. That can work, but it means leaving a critical component of your success to chance. Elsewhere in this book we preach the value of experimentation and the virtues of failure, but culture is perhaps the one important aspect of a company where failed experiments hurt. ~ Eric Schmidt
Aspect quotes by Eric Schmidt
My goal in going into the entertainment world is not solely on the aspect of fame and fortune. But, solely on the aspect that I love creating new things as both hobby and professionally; because my profession is my hobby.
Yes; the fame, fortune and chicks will come. But, the aspect of creating things is eternal and awesome. The fortune to thrive on earth and fame to get more projects, more friends, fans and meet new people. ~ Temitope Owosela Tim North Golden Phoenix
Aspect quotes by Temitope Owosela Tim North Golden Phoenix
I am lucky in that my children are grown, my youngest is twenty-seven. I didn't have the conflict between artist and mother while they were young because I really focused in, very much, on the mothering aspect. ~ Pegi Young
Aspect quotes by Pegi Young
I want to allow others to reveal and celebrate aspects of themselves that are usually hidden. My camera is a witness. It holds a light up for my subjects to help them feel their own essence, and gives them the courage to collaborate in the recording of these revelations. ~ Joyce Tenneson
Aspect quotes by Joyce Tenneson
Without the theological aspect, the emphasis on adoption too easily is seen as mere charity. Without the missional aspect, the doctrine of adoption too easily is seen as mere metaphor. ~ Russell D. Moore
Aspect quotes by Russell D. Moore
It is not about the money. It's the public service aspect. Absolutely, I think it has qualities of redemption. The city gets a second chance. I get a second chance. ~ John Rowland
Aspect quotes by John Rowland
The factory-bells had need to ring their loudest that morning to disperse the groups of workers who stood in the tardy daybreak, collected round the placards [wanted posters], devouring them with eager eyes. Not the least eager of the eyes assembled, were the eyes of those who could not read. These people, as they listened to the friendly voice that read aloud--there was always some such ready to help them--stared at the characters which meant so much with a vague awe and respect that would have been half ludicrous, if any aspect of public ignorance could ever be otherwise than threatening and full of evil. ~ Charles Dickens
Aspect quotes by Charles Dickens
Deaf people are struggling to find their favorite show or something that represents them. It's hard. There are some examples of shows that have a deaf storyline in one episode, like Cold Case, or another show where they are focusing on the cochlear implant or the medical aspect. ~ Sean Berdy
Aspect quotes by Sean Berdy
One less desirable aspect of democracy is that it seems to require serious demonization of the enemy if the nation and public opinion are to be galvanized sufficiently to pay a serious price in blood or treasure at war. ~ Graham E. Fuller
Aspect quotes by Graham E. Fuller
I think the interesting aspect of life is that you're always sort of in the middle. You're never the youngest and you're never the oldest. ~ Brie Larson
Aspect quotes by Brie Larson
Desire itself is movement
Not in itself desirable;
Love is itself unmoving,
Only the cause and end of movement,
Timeless, and undesiring
Except in the aspect of time
Caught in the form of limitation
Between un-being and being. ~ T. S. Eliot
Aspect quotes by T. S. Eliot
It's just what you're stuck with, the lousy furniture you can't change. The educated me knows hell's nothing, a fiction I happened to inherit. The other me knows I'm going there. There must be a dozen mes these days, taking turns looking the other way."
"It's the postmodern solution," I said. "Controlled multiple personality disorder. Pick a fiction and allocate it an aspect of yourself. ~ Glen Duncan
Aspect quotes by Glen Duncan
One of the most satisfying aspects of writing is that it can open in us deep wells of hidden treasures that are beautiful for us as well as for others to see. ~ Henri Nouwen
Aspect quotes by Henri Nouwen
Numeracy: 1. The art of putting numbers to things, that is, assigning amounts to variables in order that practical decisions may be reach. 2. That aspect of education (beyond mere literacy) which takes account of quantitative aspects of reality. ~ Garrett Hardin
Aspect quotes by Garrett Hardin
Besides the money aspect, I guess I was curious about sex work. In the way that most people are, but also because ever since I was a teen I had read feminist writers like Dworkin and Mackinnon and the way they wrote about sex work had an enormous impact on me. Was it really as horrible as they said? ~ Marie Calloway
Aspect quotes by Marie Calloway
We have become so accustomed to the idea of divine love and of God's coming at Christmas that we no longer feel the shiver of fear that God's coming should arouse in us. We are indifferent to the message, taking only the pleasant and agreeable out of it and forgetting the serious aspect, that the God of the world draws near to the people of our little earth and lays claim to us. The coming of God is truly not only glad tidings, but first of all frightening news for everyone who has a conscience. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Aspect quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Near the end of Love's Labor, Eva Feder Kittay (1999, 154) writes that a fundamental aspect of a just society is related to the conditions and limits of mothering. In a just society, women with disabilities can mother because there is adequate emotional and material support for them to do so, and given a context of support and approval to reproduce, they can also choose not to bear children. In a just society, mothers of children with disability can mother, and they, their children, and other needed caregivers will be adequately supported." (15) ~ Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson And Jen Cellio
Aspect quotes by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson And Jen Cellio
Knowledge is power. Power in the aspect of making your own mind up;and, not accepting what others tell you. ~ Temitope Owosela
Aspect quotes by Temitope Owosela
'Business,' properly understood, is so central to every aspect of our civilization that Republicans should proudly announce that they are indeed 'the party of business.' ~ Jacob K. Javits
Aspect quotes by Jacob K. Javits
God's conception and purpose, in giving us a being at all, is HIS LIKENESS - an expression of Himself. This must be an adjusting factor in our mentality, in our conversation, in our teaching. We must not be taken up with efforts to get the church according to a certain technique and order and conception. Our message must not be the message of the Body of Christ as a truth, as a doctrine, as a procedure. All these things come within this encircling conception. What is the Body of Christ for, if it is not to express what Christ is like? What is the church for, if it is not to manifest the presence of Christ? This must adjust our thoughts, our ideas, our teaching and our talk. The thing about which we have to be concerned is - not this and that aspect of truth - but: How much is the Lord seen, recognised, understood, as to what He is like? ~ T. Austin-Sparks
Aspect quotes by T. Austin-Sparks
You are red-faced at my speaking the truth. Another weird aspect of the human psyche. A perfectly normal human activity has to be kept under wraps. People don't wonder at a couple kissing and holding hands in public, even approve of cuddling and love-making on screen, but they get their hackles up the moment they find that a guy has been at it, the taboo, the easiest, most concise form of pleasure a man can enjoy; even women, although they do it differently, and the pay-off isn't always that great.' Her perfect teeth glittered. ~ Rajeev Singh
Aspect quotes by Rajeev Singh
We can't always have the beautiful aspect of things. Let us make the most of our sights that are beautiful and let the others go ~ Mark Twain
Aspect quotes by Mark Twain
Nations need to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and India's tradition of dissent and democratic debate is a positive aspect. ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Aspect quotes by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Later Michel went up to the priest as he was packing away the tools of the trade. "I was very interested in what you were saying earlier ... " The man of God smiled urbanely, then Michel began to talk about the Aspect experiments and the EPR paradox: how two particle, once united, are forever and inseparable whole, "which seems pretty much in keeping with what you were saying about one flesh." The priest's smile froze slightly. "What I'm trying to say, "Michel went on enthusiastically, "is that from an ontological point of view, the pair can be assigned a single vector in Hilbert space. Do you see what I mean? ~ Michel Houellebecq
Aspect quotes by Michel Houellebecq
Art is a well-articulated manifestation of an aspect of life. I have been privileged to view much of life through my cameras, making the journey an enlightened experience. My emphasis has mainly been on affirmative reactions to human behavior and a strong attraction to the beauty in nature. ~ Dennis Stock
Aspect quotes by Dennis Stock
The socially redeeming aspect of golf lies in the vast number of lawyers and bankers and managers who play it, and when you think of the damage they would do if they were at the job instead, you can see why golf courses are a wise investment for any municipality. ~ Garrison Keillor
Aspect quotes by Garrison Keillor
One of the really remarkably beneficial aspects of genetic engineering is that much of the previous methodology for controlling pests and so forth is through chemicals that affect a very broad spectrum of insects, for example, or fungicides that control fungi. ~ Nina Fedoroff
Aspect quotes by Nina Fedoroff
I also remember the moment my life changed, the moment I finally said, "I've had it!" I know I'm much more than I'm demonstrating mentally, emotionally, and physically in my life. I made a decision in that moment which was to alter my life forever. I decided to change virtually every aspect of my life. I decided I would never again settle for less that I can be. ~ Tony Robbins
Aspect quotes by Tony Robbins
Obviously ice hockey's much faster. You play street hockey, most likely, with a ball. Where the puck is more difficult to maneuver with. There's not too many things that are different. Playing on the ice is totally, totally different than playing on the street. It's totally a different game in that aspect. ~ Jeremy Roenick
Aspect quotes by Jeremy Roenick
The universe consists primarily of dark matter. We can't see it, but it has an enormous gravitational force. The conscious mind - much like the visible aspect of the universe - is only a small fraction of the mental world. The dark matter of the mind, the unconscious, has the greatest psychic gravity. Disregard the dark matter of the universe and anomalies appear. Ignore the dark matter of the mind and our irrationality is inexplicable. ~ John Brockman
Aspect quotes by John Brockman
It should be carefully noted that Jesus did not say, "I am one of the equally good ways" or "I am a better way than the others, I am an aspect of truth; I am a fragment of the life." Instead, His claim was absolute, and allegiance to Him as the Savior of the world, was to take precedence over all the claims of men and religions. ~ Walter Martin
Aspect quotes by Walter Martin
I'm not an historian but I can get interested - obsessively interested - with any aspect of the past, whether it's palaeontology or archaeology or the very recent past. ~ Penelope Lively
Aspect quotes by Penelope Lively
One Direction was an incredible experience in its own right, and it's a part of me, an integral part of my history, and I'm never going to deny that aspect of my life. ~ Zayn Malik
Aspect quotes by Zayn Malik
I think there has to be an underlying sexuality. There has to be a perverseness to the clothes. There is a hidden agenda in the fragility of romance. It's like a Story of O. I am not big on women looking naive. There has to be a sinister aspect, whether it's melancholy of sadomasochist. I think everyone has a deep sexuality, and sometimes it's good to use a little of it-and sometimes a lot of it-like a masquerade. ~ Alexander McQueen
Aspect quotes by Alexander McQueen
The Olympic Games are highly commercialised. They purport to follow the traditions of an ancient athletics competition, but today it is the commercial aspect that is most apparent. I have seen how, through sport, cities and corporations compete against each other for financial gain. ~ Ai Weiwei
Aspect quotes by Ai Weiwei
My uncles and other relatives are against encouraging girls in every aspect, and that includes sports. I hardly interact with them. My parents are more open. They back me all the way. ~ Saina Nehwal
Aspect quotes by Saina Nehwal
I think that 'Flesh and Bone' represents the dance world very authentically. There's always this aspect of drama put on top of it, and it's showcasing the problems of the dance world, but I've had experiences in reality that were written into the show. ~ Sarah Hay
Aspect quotes by Sarah Hay
One important aspect of the Gita which remains is that even though it presents to us some diverse paths as a way of life, such as action, devotion, knowledge and meditation, it does not impose any of these paths on an individual. Rather, it leaves the choice to the people, because the followers of all these paths are essential for the smooth functioning of the world, and any en masse inclination towards only one of them would jeopardize the society by causing an imbalance in its system. The Gita also recognizes that the path that one should follow is determined primarily by the free choice of man as well as his inherent nature, which can be interpreted as a genetic inheritance he is endowed with. ~ Nihar Satpathy
Aspect quotes by Nihar Satpathy
The Holocaust was in actuality both, but for a long time the overwhelming part of it comprised by the attempted Nazi eradication of European Jewry was downplayed in many circles in favour of its more universalist aspect. ~ Steven Beller
Aspect quotes by Steven Beller
Vertical and horizontal lines are the expression of two opposing forces; they exist everywhere and dominate everything; their reciprocal action constitutes 'life'. I recognized that the equilibrium of any particular aspect of nature rests on the equivalence of its opposites. ~ Piet Mondrian
Aspect quotes by Piet Mondrian
I have my ethics and morals. I have my anchor point of what is right and wrong in real life, but I'm not afraid to entertain any and every aspect of personality in relationship to creating a character. ~ Corin Nemec
Aspect quotes by Corin Nemec
Every aspect of Western culture needs a new code of ethics - a rational ethics - as a precondition of rebirth. ~ Ayn Rand
Aspect quotes by Ayn Rand
Lack of personal morality plus "politically correct" prohibition against judging others' behavior and naming immorality sets up a social environment receptive and vulnerable to a tyrannical government. A tyrannical government transforms every aspect of the cultural day-to-day lives of everyone under its control across all areas from the educational and penal systems to fine art and entertainment dictates right on down to housing regulations and food availabilities. ~ Alexandra York
Aspect quotes by Alexandra York
Its about cherishing the woodland at the bottom of your garden or the stream that runs through it. It affects every aspect of life. ~ David Attenborough
Aspect quotes by David Attenborough
The person best suited to look out for your interests is you. The more you depend on yourself, the more positive control you have over every aspect of your life.
Take personal responsibility for who you are, what you do, and how you live. You are the only person who knows what is best for you. And you are the one who is most able to achieve it!! You have GREATNESS within you! ~ Les Brown
Aspect quotes by Les Brown
Meditation is a practice of detaching and then stopping ourselves from thinking; our thoughts are interruptions in the flow of awareness. Consciousness, in its highest aspect, is perfect and formless. ~ Frederick Lenz
Aspect quotes by Frederick Lenz
Though in many of its aspects this visible world seems formed in love, the invisible spheres were formed in fright. ~ Moby
Aspect quotes by Moby
The most dangerous aspect of present-day life is the dissolution of the feeling of individual responsibility. Mass solitude has done away with any difference between the internal and the external, between the intellectual and the physical. ~ Eugenio Montale
Aspect quotes by Eugenio Montale
The three most important aspects of debugging and real estate are the same: Location, Location, and Location. ~ Richard E. Pattis
Aspect quotes by Richard E. Pattis
Luck is simply a construct to make people believe they are in control of some aspect of their destinies. ~ Veronica Roth
Aspect quotes by Veronica Roth
In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work ~ Sol LeWitt
Aspect quotes by Sol LeWitt
The world, however bleak I have found it in the last few weeks, must nonetheless be formed of goodness, if but a few moments in Nature's company may suffice to renew one's health and mental aspect. ~ Stephanie Barron
Aspect quotes by Stephanie Barron
Owing to ignorance of the rope the rope appears to be a snake; owing to ignorance of the Self the transient state arises of the individualized, limited, phenomenal aspect of the Self. ~ Guru Nanak
Aspect quotes by Guru Nanak
Evidence that [feminine aesthetic preferences and ways of expressing oneself] may be hardwired comes from the fact that they typically appear early in childhood and often in contradiction to one's socialization. [ ... ] This indicates that some aspects of feminine verbal and aesthetic expression precede and/or supersede gender socialization. ~ Julia Serano
Aspect quotes by Julia Serano
These past years have been really transitional for me in every aspect - personally, emotionally and professionally. I was excited and nervous and anxious because I literally had nothing to fall back on. This is my own thing, it's all me. I spent a year working on the record and really wanted to spend time on what it was going to represent and how it was going to represent me in this time in my life ~ Selena Gomez
Aspect quotes by Selena Gomez
When attention is given to the spiritual aspect of one's life, it brings a sense of belongingness, and responsibility, compassion and caring for the whole of humanity. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Aspect quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
No, [the U.S.] has made it clear that we consider a peaceful resolution an essential aspect of American foreign policy. This I believe to be a situation understood by China, but again, it is important to not sound too truculent. Taking on a billion-plus Chinese is not an enterprise which one should enter lightly. ~ Henry A. Kissinger
Aspect quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
I've had my moments of insanity. But there is a certain responsibility to set proper examples for your children, and that influences your choices in every aspect of your life. ~ Andy Garcia
Aspect quotes by Andy Garcia
If something produces an undue amount of pleasure or undue amount of displeasure, it's going to be judged differently and it's going to be introduced in your narrative with a different size, with a different development. So that is the next element to superimpose on the sequencing element. And in fact, that element is so powerful that very often it can trump the sequencing event, that the sequencing aspect. ~ Antonio Damasio
Aspect quotes by Antonio Damasio
Business is difficult. But it could be approached two ways: Seriously, or with the same way you're doing your job, with entertainment aspect, with pleasure, with fun. And we decided to try to make it as fun that we do our creativity. ~ Guy Laliberte
Aspect quotes by Guy Laliberte
Sometimes the visionary aspect of any particular day comes to you in the memory of it, or it opens to you over time. ~ Marilynne Robinson
Aspect quotes by Marilynne Robinson
The thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool, but it is also very limiting when it takes over your life completely, when you don't realize that it is only a small aspect of the consciousness that you are. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Aspect quotes by Eckhart Tolle
sublimity than the aspect of this coast, as it is ~ William H. Prescott
Aspect quotes by William H. Prescott
I think you kind of lose the human aspect when you make things too perfect. ~ Jenny Lewis
Aspect quotes by Jenny Lewis
From the time of the North Briton of the unprincipled Wilkes , a notion has been entertained that the moral spine in Scotland is more flexible than in England. The truth however is, that an elementary difference exists in the public feelings of the two nations quite as great as in the idioms of their respective dialects. The English are a justice-loving people, according to charter and statute; the Scotch are a wrong-resenting race, according to right and feeling: and the character of liberty among them takes its aspect from that peculiarity. ~ John Galt
Aspect quotes by John Galt
We have to love more, I believe the most powerful message preached was when no words were used Jesus hung on the cross. And with his blood declared its finish. This is why we need to love harder, and I don't mean we need more preachers we need Christians so changed by the gospel that the love of God on the cross floods every aspect of your life. ~ Jordan Wells
Aspect quotes by Jordan Wells
We are aspects of Divinity, in the process of knowing ourselves experientially. ~ Neale Donald Walsch
Aspect quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
Are there quantitative aspects to the phenomena of war that can be counted? Evidently! ~ Pitirim Sorokin
Aspect quotes by Pitirim Sorokin
We need to regularly stop and take stock; to sit down and determine within ourselves which things are worth valuing and which things are not; which risks are worth the cost and which are not. Even the most confusing or hurtful aspects of life can be made more tolerable by clear seeing and by choice. ~ Epictetus
Aspect quotes by Epictetus
If I like something, I then have to study every single aspect of it to find out if there's more things that I would like, and it's just this weird hunger to want more. I always feel like there's so much that exists. ~ Dev Hynes
Aspect quotes by Dev Hynes
The Latina spirit translates to every aspect of our lives, from beauty to work to family. We're loving, we're loud, and we're beautiful in our essence. ~ Eva Longoria
Aspect quotes by Eva Longoria
So curiosity, I think, is a really important aspect of staying young or youthful. ~ Goldie Hawn
Aspect quotes by Goldie Hawn
Their attitude toward another aspect of organization shows the same bias. What of the "group life", the loss of individualism? Once upon a time it was conventional for young men to view the group life of the big corporations as one of its principal disadvantages. Today, they see it as a positive boon. Working with others, they believe, will reduce the frustration of work, and they often endow the accompanying suppression of ego with strong spiritual overtones. They will concede that there is often a good bit of wasted time in the committee way of life and that the handling of human relations involves much suffering of fools gladly. But this sort of thing, they say, is the heart of the organization man's job, not merely the disadvantages of it. "Any man who feels frustrated by these things," one young trainee with face unlined said to me, "can never be an executive". ~ William H. Whyte
Aspect quotes by William H. Whyte
Once apparently the chief concern and masterpiece of the gods, the human race now begins to bear the aspect of an accidental by-product of their vast, inscrutable and probably nonsensical operations. ~ H.L. Mencken
Aspect quotes by H.L. Mencken
In the end, people don't view their life as merely the average of all its moments - which, after all, is mostly nothing much plus some sleep. For human beings, life is meaningful because it is a story. A story has a sense of a whole, and its arc is determined by the significant moments, the ones where something happens. Measurements of people's minute-by-minute levels of pleasure and pain miss this fundamental aspect of human existence. A seemingly happy life maybe empty. A seemingly difficult life may be devoted to a great cause. We have purposes larger than ourselves. ~ Atul Gawande
Aspect quotes by Atul Gawande
Well, I think people should be able to live in a society where they can exercise these kinds of internal drives and develop their capacities freely instead of being forced into the narrow range of options that are available to most people in the world now. And by that, I mean not only options that are objectively available, but also options that are subjectively available―like, how are people allowed to think, how are they able to think? Remember, there are all kinds of ways of thinking that are cut off from us in our society―not because we're incapable of them, but because various blockages have been developed and imposed to prevent people from thinking in those ways. That's what indoctrination is about in the first place, in fact―and I don't mean somebody giving you lectures: sitcoms on television, sports that you watch, every aspect of the culture implicitly involves an expression of what a "proper" life and a "proper" set of values are, and that's all indoctrination.
So I think what has to happen is, other options have to be opened up to people―both subjectively, and in fact concretely: meaning you can do something about them without great suffering. And that's one of the main purposes of socialism, I think: to reach a point where people have the opportunity to decide freely for themselves what their needs are, and not just have the "choices" forced on them by some arbitrary system of power. ~ Noam Chomsky
Aspect quotes by Noam Chomsky
You have to revisit anyway The fact is that everyone has scalability issues, no one can deal with their service going from zero to a few million users without revisiting almost every aspect of their design and architecture. -Dare Obasanjo, Microsoft ~ Jason Fried
Aspect quotes by Jason Fried
The birth and growth of modern antisemitism has been accompanied by and interconnected with Jewish assimilation, the secularization and withering away of the old religious and spiritual values of Judaism. What actually happened was that great parts of the Jewish people were at the same time threatened by physical extinction from without and dissolution from within. In this situation, Jews concerned with the survival of their people would, in a curious and desperate misinterpretation, hit on the consoling idea that antisemitism, after all, might be an excellent means for keeping the people together so that the assumption of external antisemitism would even imply an external guarantee of Jewish existence. This superstition, a secularized travesty of the idea of eternity inherent in a faith in chosenness and a Messianic hope, has been strengthened through the fact that for many centuries the Jews experienced the Christian brand of hostility which was indeed a powerful agent of preservation, spiritually as well as politically. The Jews mistook modern anti-Christian antisemitism for the old religious Jew-hatred - and this all the more innocently because their assimilation had by-passed Christianity in its religious and cultural aspect. Confronted with an obvious symptom of the decline of Christianity, they could therefore imagine in all ignorance that this was some revival of the so-called "Dark Ages." Ignorance or misunderstanding of their own past were partly responsible for the ~ Hannah Arendt
Aspect quotes by Hannah Arendt
What does a victorious or defeated black woman's body in a historically white space look like? Serena and her big sister Venus Williams brought to mind Zora Neale Hurston's "I feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background." This appropriated line, stenciled on canvas by Glenn Ligon, who used plastic letter stencils, smudging oil sticks, and graphite to transform the words into abstractions, seemed to be ad copy for some aspect of life for all black bodies. ~ Claudia Rankine
Aspect quotes by Claudia Rankine
Consider the work of Calvary. A perfect work, perfect in every respect, perfect in every aspect ~ Derek Prince
Aspect quotes by Derek Prince
Embracing a certain quotient of racial bias and discrimination against the poor is an inexorable aspect of supporting capital punishment. This is an immoral condition that makes rejecting the death penalty on moral grounds not only defensible but necessary for those who refuse to accept unequal or unjust administration of punishment. ~ Bryan Stevenson
Aspect quotes by Bryan Stevenson
I moved out at 18. I always studied classes and trained a lot, you know. I think nowadays is such a different time because there's so many channels promoting the celebrity aspect of things. ~ Vince Vaughn
Aspect quotes by Vince Vaughn
I would venture to say that approaching the Christian Story from this direction, it has long been my feeling (a joyous feeling) that God redeemed the corrupt makingcreatures, men, in a way fitting to this aspect, as to others, of their strange nature. The Gospels contain a fairy-story, or a story of a larger kind which embraces all the essence of fairy-stories. They contain many marvels - peculiarly artistic, beautiful, and moving: 'mythical' in their perfect, self-contained significance; and among the marvels is the greatest and most complete conceivable eucatastrophe. But this story has entered History and the primary world; the desire and aspiration of sub-creation has been raised to the fulfillment of Creation. The Birth of Christ is the eucatastrophe of Man's history. The Resurrection is the eucatastrophe of the story of the Incarnation. This story begins and ends in joy. It has pre-eminently the 'inner consistency of reality'. There is no tale ever told that men would rather find was true, and none which so many sceptical men have accepted as true on its own merits. For the Art of it has the supremely convincing tone of Primary Art, that is, of Creation. To reject it leads either to sadness or to wrath. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Aspect quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
One of the reasons that I went to Mexico aside from the Maya and the pre-Columbian aspect of it was that I wanted to work with [Diego] Rivera, which I did, on a mural that he was painting at the time. But at some point I realized that I wasn't going to be a political artist, it just wasn't in my repertoire. ~ Michelle Stuart
Aspect quotes by Michelle Stuart
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