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After simmering years of censorship and repression, the masses finally throng the streets. The chants echoing off the walls to build to a roar from all directions, stoking the courage of the crowds as they march on the center of the capital. Activists inside each column maintain contact with each other via text messages; communications centers receive reports and broadcast them around the city; affinity groups plot the movements of the police via digital mapping. A rebel army of bloggers uploads video footage for all the world to see as the two hosts close for battle. Suddenly, at the moment of truth, the lines go dead. The insurgents look up from the blank screens of their cell phones to see the sun reflecting off the shields of the advancing riot police, who are still guided by close circuits of fully networked technology. The rebels will have to navigate by dead reckoning against a hyper-informed adversary.

All this already happened, years ago, when President Mubarak shut down the communications grid during the Egyptian uprising of 2011. A generation hence, when the same scene recurs, we can imagine the middle-class protesters - the cybourgeoisie - will simply slump forward, blind and deaf and wracked by seizures as the microchips in their cerebra run haywire, and it will be up to the homeless and destitute to guide them to safety. ~ CrimethInc.
Somby Video quotes by CrimethInc.
I lost my childhood. I didn't play football or video games. Or have birthdays or the love of a family. ~ Emmanuel Jal
Somby Video quotes by Emmanuel Jal
I have a rule that I don't review shows from photographs or from video. I certainly might go back and look at photographs and look at video to remind myself of something or for personal information. But I never review from that. ~ Robin Givhan
Somby Video quotes by Robin Givhan
In these days of high-tech video games, it's remarkable that kids once got incredibly thrilled while pushing little metal racing cars around a cardboard track: The toy car was yours, and you invested it with importance and enhanced it with fantasy and pitied it because it was small, like you were. Such games were weapons against the ennui of endless Saturdays. ~ Roger Ebert
Somby Video quotes by Roger Ebert
I started writing music when I was around twelve. My current record company saw a video of me performing at my school's talent show. ~ Lorde
Somby Video quotes by Lorde
Anything that encourages a boy to open a book, in a world of more violent and therefore more compelling video games, is something I'm going to pay for. ~ Russell Smith
Somby Video quotes by Russell Smith
I'd like to be able to recall every J. Lo music video dance routine ever, naturally. ~ Suki Waterhouse
Somby Video quotes by Suki Waterhouse
A video taped stage performance is just - you know, it's never gonna be the same as it is if you're sitting there live in the theatre. ~ Nathan Lane
Somby Video quotes by Nathan Lane
Going on You Tube, you see a lot of my videos. And I'm glad; there's numbers there. And I get this all the time, that when I'm actually in concert, there's a whole new level to it. There's this whole new energy level. It's hard to describe. But I just love to play, and I never take it for granted. ~ Michael Angelo Batio
Somby Video quotes by Michael Angelo Batio
We ain't have video recorders back in high school, or at least we couldn't afford them. ~ Sean Price
Somby Video quotes by Sean Price
A lot of filmmakers from my generation were lucky enough to have their work more or less perpetuated by people who saw them originally on TV and on HBO and certainly on home video. ~ Joe Dante
Somby Video quotes by Joe Dante
Asking how astronauts go to the bathroom is one of the most common questions put during NASA or space museum outreach sessions. To cope with the curiosity, for a while the agency posted a video that featured a fully-clothed volunteer showing exactly how it was done: with a mirror, sometimes. Young is often asked about it. "Interest from the public is strange. Women don't care. They think, they worked it out and that's that. Men have an almost unhealthy interest. Children are interested in the poop factor." What everybody should actually be interested in is the drinking pee factor. ~ Rose George
Somby Video quotes by Rose George
The student who elects to risk it all - which is nothing - to establish an online video rental service that delivers $5,000 per month in income from a small niche of Blu-ray aficionados, a two-hour-per-week side project that allows him to work full-time as an animal rights lobbyist. ~ Timothy Ferriss
Somby Video quotes by Timothy Ferriss
Always, endeavor, Slick, to keep a fix on the addiction industries: you can't lose. The addicts can't win. Dope, Liquor, gambling, anything video--these have to be the deep-money veins. Nowadays the responsible businessman keeps a finger on the pulse of dependence. What next? All projections are targeting the low-energy domestic stuff, the schlep factor. People just can't hack going out any more. They're all addicted to staying at home. Hence the shit-food bonanza. Swallow your chemicals, swallow them fast, and get back inside. Or take the junk back with you. Stay off the streets. Stay inside. With pornography... ~ Martin Amis
Somby Video quotes by Martin Amis
That's what was on the video," Lee said, a little breathlessly. "Horns. Holy fucking shit. I thought it was a bad tape. But it wasn't something wrong with the tape. It was something wrong with you. ~ Joe Hill
Somby Video quotes by Joe Hill
Do not make your life a television, so that people around you won't play you like a video Game ~ Efe Zinox Jacob BadDESTDon
Somby Video quotes by Efe Zinox Jacob BadDESTDon
a geek is first and foremost fiercely passionate about something specific. Whether it's comic books, video games, movies, or the latest gadgets, a proper geek is consumed with a passion. ~ Quirk Books
Somby Video quotes by Quirk Books
My enthusiasm for joining the New York Film Academy is predicated on my personal explorations into video as well as a sense of responsibility to share my extended experience of photography with committed students in both mediums. ~ Ralph Gibson
Somby Video quotes by Ralph Gibson
I always think about the fact that PewDiePie, who has tens of millions of followers, started with zero. All of my favorite creators started with zero. And all it takes is one video to dive deep, and you are officially a YouTuber. So you've got to make that first video. It's not going to be your best, but you will learn as you go. ~ Tyler Oakley
Somby Video quotes by Tyler Oakley
How come Kony gets a viral video made about him and i don't ~ Robert Mugabe
Somby Video quotes by Robert Mugabe
Radio Shack is meeting the fate of many other stores that were wildly popular in the twentieth century, including record stores, comic book stores, bookstores and video stores. ~ Annalee Newitz
Somby Video quotes by Annalee Newitz
It's suddenly practical to do very high quality video wirelessly over mobile devices, and we're just in the early days of that. ~ John Sculley
Somby Video quotes by John Sculley
When I get to tell a story through music videos or TV, it's all about finding the story that I want to tell, so I'm definitely open to acting roles, it just depends on the story. ~ Taylor Swift
Somby Video quotes by Taylor Swift
The animators are fantastic though. They'll shoot their own reference material, and just go into the car park or something. And they might shoot a very funny scene, or sometimes a serious scene. But they're really just trying to work out the motion. Yet what we get treated to is hilarious video of someone running around a parking lot with a broomstick and a helmet! ~ Chris Sanders
Somby Video quotes by Chris Sanders
I've been fascinated by the Internet from the very start. In 2001, I had made a funny black-and-white film called 'How to Dance Properly,' a short video of me dancing to a Madonna song. I sent it to 17 of my friends on a Thursday, and by Monday, one million people a day were logging on to view it. ~ Ze Frank
Somby Video quotes by Ze Frank
Video has become much more social, and as a result, there are many opportunities to use video as a way to connect people, to give them opportunities to play and participate, to make things together and have a shared social experience. I think we are just at the beginning of really exploring what social video is and what we can make of it. ~ Ze Frank
Somby Video quotes by Ze Frank
In video games you sometimes run into what they call a side quest, and if you don't manage to figure it out you can usually just go back into the normal world of the game and continue on toward your objective. I felt like I couldn't find my way back to the world now: like I was somebody locked in a meaningless side quest, in a stuck screen. ~ John Darnielle
Somby Video quotes by John Darnielle
Wait. Is a real, live adult person actually asking me details about the games I play? This is unheard of. ~ Denis Markell
Somby Video quotes by Denis Markell
The Cheesy Animation Video Production Services Is 3D Corporate Solutions And Presentation, Ideas Company India, UK, USA, Dubai, UAE. ~ John
Somby Video quotes by John
Every digital video player - RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Vevo, Hulu, YouTube - all of them had different ways of getting you the video, but it was still always the same series of rectangles. The format never changed. ~ Chris Milk
Somby Video quotes by Chris Milk
I once read the most widely understood word in the whole world is 'OK', followed by 'Coke', as in cola. I think they should do the survey again, this time checking for 'Game Over'.
Game Over is my favorite thing about playing video games. Actually, I should qualify that. It's the split second before Game Over that's my favorite thing.
Streetfighter II - an oldie but goldie - with Leo controlling Ryu. Ryu's his best character because he's a good all-rounder - great defensive moves, pretty quick, and once he's on an offensive roll, he's unstoppable. Theo's controlling Blanka. Blanka's faster than Ryu, but he's really only good on attack. The way to win with Blanka is to get in the other player's face and just never let up. Flying kick, leg-sweep, spin attack, head-bite. Daze them into submission.
Both players are down to the end of their energy bars. One more hit and they're down, so they're both being cagey. They're hanging back at opposite ends of the screen, waiting for the other guy to make the first move. Leo takes the initiative. He sends off a fireball to force Theo into blocking, then jumps in with a flying kick to knock Blanka's green head off. But as he's moving through the air he hears a soft tapping. Theo's tapping the punch button on his control pad. He's charging up an electricity defense so when Ryu's foot makes contact with Blanka's head it's going to be Ryu who gets KO'd with 10,000 volts charging through his system.
This is the split sec ~ Alex Garland
Somby Video quotes by Alex Garland
I often wonder when I make a film - I'm thinking of making a film of the Buddha - and I often wonder: If Buddha had all the elements that are given to a director - if he had music, if he had visuals, if he had a video camera - would we get Buddhism better? ~ Shekhar Kapur
Somby Video quotes by Shekhar Kapur
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