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There are people who have too much space between their ears, and given the time, do nothing but free fall forever inside their head. It's a spooky thing to be left alone inside an angry innerverse. ~ James St. James
Party Monster quotes by James St. James
So put your costume on, honey! Ruby said. Set Harlequin free! That party monster of yours is screaming to come out. Let the monster out! ~ Tom Spanbauer
Party Monster quotes by Tom Spanbauer
Never miss a party ... good for the nerves
like celery. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Party Monster quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
It is Patrick the Legend, of course, who is most engaging and comes to us as something of a happy Celtic party monster. ~ Charles Madigan
Party Monster quotes by Charles Madigan
I'll always be a party monster. I'll always love getting dressed up. ~ James St. James
Party Monster quotes by James St. James
The monster is peeking through, peering at me from behind his mask. He wants to come out. He wants me to play with him. ~ J.M. Darhower
Party Monster quotes by J.M. Darhower
The rigid electron is in my view a monster in relation to Maxwell's equations, whose innermost harmony is the principle of relativity ... the rigid electron is no working hypothesis, but a working hindrance. Approaching Maxwell's equations with the concept of the rigid electron seems to me the same thing as going to a concert with your ears stopped up with cotton wool. We must admire the courage and the power of the school of the rigid electron which leaps across the widest mathematical hurdles with fabulous hypotheses, with the hope to land safely over there on experimental-physical ground. ~ Hermann Minkowski
Party Monster quotes by Hermann Minkowski
It's easy to want to be an author. You see it in your mind with sun streaming through windows and a Siamese cat purring on an antique rug and a little pellet stove and somehow the bills are paid and there's wit and self-sufficiency and divine inspiration seeping through walls and pores. And then, in your mind, you skip ahead to a book launch party and more Siamese cats.

When you graduate from wanting to working, you say, "I am going to flesh out this idea and write the whole thing down, and rewrite it, and rewrite it again, and rewrite it unendingly, and I'll have no real assurance of when it'll be good enough, but at some point I'll pitch it to someone who will decide if I'm delusional or not." The optimism and the ego-bruising, unsexy work needed to follow through feels unending. ~ Kate Inglis
Party Monster quotes by Kate Inglis
Contrast that with the call of the Liberal Democrats in April, when they were prepared to call upon the British people to participate in a 24-hour strike. It shows how far to the right the Labour Party's gone. ~ Arthur Scargill
Party Monster quotes by Arthur Scargill
I'd go to a party and promise Michael I wouldn't drink too much. He'd plead: "Just take it easy, okay? Watch yourself," and I'd swear: "I won't. I don't want to get too drunk." I'd mean that, of course, and I'd start out by measuring myself: one glass of wine the first half hour, one glass the second, and so on. But then something would snap, some uncontrollable process would kick in, and all of a sudden it would be two or three hours later and I'd be on my sixth or tenth or God knows what glass of wine, and I'd be plastered. I couldn't account for it, couldn't explain it, couldn't even rationalize it, although I struggled mightily to. I seemed to get drunk, blind drunk, against my will. ~ Caroline Knapp
Party Monster quotes by Caroline Knapp
I have long said there are three distinct groups under the GOP's tent: theological warriors, who want to impose their social views on the rest of society; Tea Party zealots, who say with a straight face that they want the government to get out of their Medicare; and remnants of the pro-business moderates. ~ Eliot Spitzer
Party Monster quotes by Eliot Spitzer
It was the perfect set. Theseus gave a great war cry and brought his sword arcing up toward Sheba's throat - but the monster of the labyrinth lives inside us all. She is the dark, devouring hunger that is never sated, the creeping shadow that ever plays the fiend to our seraphim, the secret rage hidden in our hearts; deny her, and we become her slaves; fight her, and we make her invincible. By now, you must know that no monster can ever be killed, not really - […] ~ Troy Denning
Party Monster quotes by Troy Denning
Nuryevet wasn't a real thing--it was a story that people told one another. An idea they constructed in fantasy and then in stone and mortar, in lines of ink in labyrinthine law books, in cities and roads. It was a map, if you will, drawn on a one-to-one scale and laid out over the whole landscape like so much smothering cloth. So when I say there was nothing in Nuryevet worth saving, that's what I mean: the story wasn't worth saving, and none of its monstrous whelps were either--the government, their methods, the idea that they could feed their poor to the story like cattle to a sea monster so the wealthy could eat its leavings. ~ Alexandra Rowland
Party Monster quotes by Alexandra Rowland
Stuffed deer heads on walls are bad enough, but it's worse when you see them wearing dark glasses, having streamers around their necks and a hat on their antlers. Because then you know they were enjoying themselves at a party when they were shot. ~ Ellen DeGeneres
Party Monster quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
Her friend is having a party, this Russian girl, they became friends because they have the same violin tutor. The first time I met the girl's mother, I think she was wearing something illegal, like the fur of an extinct animal, and she was trying to pretend that she did not have a Russian accent, being more British than the British! ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Party Monster quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
He is a demon, Clarissa," said Valentine, still in the same soft voice. "A demon with a man's face. I know how deceptive such monsters can be. Remember, I spared him once myself."
"Monster?" echoed Clary. She thought of Luke, Luke pushing her on the swings when she was five years old, higher, always higher; Luke at her graduation from middle school, camera clicking away like a proud father's; Luke sorting through each box of books as it arrived at his store, looking for anything she might like and putting it aside. Luke lifting her up to pull apples down from the trees near his farmhouse. Luke, whose place as her father this man was trying to take. "Luke isn't a monster," she said in a voice that matched Valentine's, steel for steel. "Or a murderer. You are."
"Clary!" It was Jace.
Clary ignored him. Her eyes were fixed on her father's cold black ones. "You murdered your wife's parents, not in battle but in cold blood," she said. "And I bet you murdered Michael Wayland and his little boy, too. Threw their bones in with my grandparents' so that my mother would think you and Jace were dead. Put your necklace around Michael Wayland's neck before you burned him so everyone would think those bones were yours. After all your talk about the untainted blood of the Clave - you didn't care at all about their blood or their innocence when you killed them, did you? Slaughtering old people and children in cold blood, that's monstrous. ~ Cassandra Clare
Party Monster quotes by Cassandra Clare
Damn it! I knew she was a monster! John! Amy! Listen! Guard your buttholes. ~ David Wong
Party Monster quotes by David Wong
What practical conclusions may we now draw for our propaganda work among women? The task of this Party Congress must not be to issue detailed practical suggestions, but to draw up general directions for the proletarian women's movement. ~ Clara Zetkin
Party Monster quotes by Clara Zetkin
I'm not in a party. I am a party. ~ Kid President
Party Monster quotes by Kid President
Who controls the past,' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. 'Reality control', ~ George Orwell
Party Monster quotes by George Orwell
I want to see working people and young people come into the party in a way that doesn't exist now. And you know what, I want a 50-state strategy so the Democratic Party is not just the party of 25 states. ~ Bernie Sanders
Party Monster quotes by Bernie Sanders
I went by Kyle, and I made friends on the team as Kyle. It went on for a pretty long time, until I went to a birthday party in a dress and all the hockey players were like ... 'Kyle?' ~ Katie Nolan
Party Monster quotes by Katie Nolan
How long can we go without real leadership? It's like an experiment. It's [a problem with ] both parties, it's beyond belief. ~ Lewis Black
Party Monster quotes by Lewis Black
St. Patrick's Day is the fourth biggest drinking day in America. It's not the biggest. It's right behind New Year's Eve, Fourth of July, or any Secret Service party. ~ David Letterman
Party Monster quotes by David Letterman
I read, watch television, watch movies, hang out with family. I like my clothes and I have great cars, and I drive those. But for most people, it's like, "That's boring. You don't club? You don't party?" ~ Samuel L. Jackson
Party Monster quotes by Samuel L. Jackson
When's the next star party?"
"Spring. Long time to wait."
"The sky's not going anywhere. ~ Jerry Spinelli
Party Monster quotes by Jerry Spinelli
Because I'm evil, that's why. I'm an evil monster, two at once all the time and both evil. That's why. ~ Ainslie Hogarth
Party Monster quotes by Ainslie Hogarth
What my future will not be is active politics in the Liberal Democrat party. ~ Paddy Ashdown
Party Monster quotes by Paddy Ashdown
She gasped when she saw it. "I know," I said. "Grant, you're massive." I winked. "I know, Lacey," I said again. "I'm a mother-fucking monster. ~ Chance Carter
Party Monster quotes by Chance Carter
I've gotten pretty good with a tray between acting jobs. In fact, when I got the TV show 'Gravity' I was still doing my catering work. I told my director I had to miss rehearsal because I had to work a party. He was like, 'You're on TV. You need to get over that.' ~ Seth Numrich
Party Monster quotes by Seth Numrich
Marcel was from Louisiana, so for four years Emily had been southern by association. She insisted on Lynchburg Lemonades. She scheduled interviews around the Gators. She championed gentility. Anyone at a dinner party who thought they could tell a joke making fun of the region encountered a faceful of Emily, quick and ferocious as a convert, as a woman who loved a man.
Emily now had no claim to the South. The region and its interests would proceed without her. ~ Marie-Helene Bertino
Party Monster quotes by Marie-Helene Bertino
Party lights hang over the street, yellow and red and green. Sadie stumbles over someone's chair, but I'm ready for this and I catch her easily by the arm.

"Sorry, clumsy," she says.

"You always were, Sadie. One of your more endearing traits."

Before she can ask about that I slip my arm around her waist. She slips hers around mine, still looking up at me. The lights skate across her cheeks and shine in her eyes. We clasp hands, fingers folding together naturally, and for me the years fall away like a coat that's too heavy and too tight. In that moment, I hope on thing above all others: that she was not too busy to find at least one good man …

She speaks in a voice almost too low to be heard over the music. But I hear her – I always did. "Who are you, George?"

"Someone you knew in another life, honey. ~ Stephen King
Party Monster quotes by Stephen King
At my bachelor party I had Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" play on repeat, while I enjoyed the spectacle of a midget stripper dressed like jet fuel (Rocket Man). ~ Jarod Kintz
Party Monster quotes by Jarod Kintz
Great party, Max!' Amy congratulated.
Marvin hung back, watching their exchange.
'Anything for Jessie,' Max muttered, but his eyes were completely on Amy.
Amy dressed as...
'Little Red Riding Hood?' I gulped. Uh-oh.
'The same.' She laughed, doing a little spin so her head fell back, her short cape ruffled and her brilliant red hair whipped loose. A low cut blouse did double duty, exposing the thinnest hint of both cleavage and midriff.
Max gaped. 'You even have' - he stuttered - 'a - an amazingly well-packed basket of goodies.'
Ohhh...I looked. Thank God. Amy was actually carrying a basket. ~ Shannon Delany
Party Monster quotes by Shannon Delany
I love a small dinner party - let's say six people, max, were everybody's having the same conversation. That's my favorite thing in the world. ~ Paul F. Tompkins
Party Monster quotes by Paul F. Tompkins
Go to parties. You can't even start to know what you may find on the envelope of serendipity. If you suffer from agoraphobia, send colleagues. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Party Monster quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
I moved on from the whole 'Playboy' thing five years ago and really never looked back. I'm not one of those girls who goes back to all the parties and things. ~ Holly Madison
Party Monster quotes by Holly Madison
Still a monster, of course, but I cleaned up nicely afterwards, and I was OUR monster, dressed in red, white, and blue 100 percent synthetic virtue. ~ Jeff Lindsay
Party Monster quotes by Jeff Lindsay
Historically, the minority party in Congress votes against raising the debt limit, forcing the majority party to whip its members into casting politically painful votes in favor. ~ Peter Welch
Party Monster quotes by Peter Welch
Never think that wars are irrational catastrophes: they happen when wrong ways of thinking and living bring about intolerable situations ... the root causes of conflict are usually to be found in some wrong way of life in which all parties have acquiesced, and for which everybody must, to some extent, bear the blame. ~ Dorothy L. Sayers
Party Monster quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
Political renegades always start their career of treachery as 'the best men of all parties' and end up in the Tory knackery. ~ Neil Kinnock
Party Monster quotes by Neil Kinnock
The Evangelical party in the Church of Scotland will lay all flat if they be not prevented. ~ Edward Irving
Party Monster quotes by Edward Irving
Yes, Ally?" What have I done? I try to figure out what I should say. Maybe ask to go get a drink? But the thing is that something deep inside me really does want to answer. Because I'm an expert on these two words. I know what they mean. And how they feel. Especially after that butterfly party. Mr. Daniels's eyes are wide, and they are waiting for me. "Ally?" he says. "It's okay, now. Take your time." And it's like he can see right into my guts. Knows how sad I am. Like he's handing me a flashlight in a dark room. I ~ Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Party Monster quotes by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
The only thing humans are equal in is death. ~ Johan Liebert
Party Monster quotes by Johan Liebert
It was in this year, 1828, that the standard of "the Christian Party in Politics" was openly unfurled ... This was an evident attempt, through the influence of the clergy over the female mind - until this hour lamentably neglected in the United States - to effect a union of Church and State. ~ Frances Wright
Party Monster quotes by Frances Wright
Bingo pup. It's a lesson best learned early. They're all afraid of us." He strolled over to Derek. "You're trying to be a good kid, aren't you? You think that'll show them they're wrong. So how'd that working out for you? Guess what? They don't care. To them, you're a monster, and nothing you do
or don't do
will change their minds. My advice? Give 'em what they want. It's a short, brutal life." He smiled. "Live it up."
Derek stared straight ahead, patiently waiting.
"He can't hear a word I'm saying, can he?" Liam said.
"Nope. ~ Kelley Armstrong
Party Monster quotes by Kelley Armstrong
Hezbollah is not a state. They're a, you know, supposed political party that happens to be armed. ~ George W. Bush
Party Monster quotes by George W. Bush
I don't vote party lines. Never have. I vote for the best candidate. ~ Curt Schilling
Party Monster quotes by Curt Schilling
She stood looking at me, and, of course, I stood looking at her.
"Am I pretty?"
"Yes; I think you are very pretty."
"Am I insulting?"
"Not so much so as you were last time," said I.
"Not so much so?"
She fired when she asked the last question, and she slapped my face with such force as she had, when I answered it.
"Now," said she. "You little course monster, what do you think of me now?"
"I shall not tell you."
"Because you are going to tell upstairs. Is that it?"
"No," said I. "That is not it."
"Why don't you cry again, you little wretch?"
"Because I'll never cry for you again," said I. ~ Charles Dickens
Party Monster quotes by Charles Dickens
Carrie was a terrific piece of work. At the end of the movie comes, when Amy Irving kneels down to put the flowers on Carrie's grave, a hand comes up through the grave and seizes her by the arm. The audience went to the roof, totally to the roof. It was just the most amazing reaction. And I thought, 'We have a monster hit on our hands. Brian De Palma has done something new. He's actually created a shock ending that shocks an audience that was ready for a horror film.' And there were several people who did it after that. ~ Stephen King
Party Monster quotes by Stephen King
I do not give a damn about the dead. They died for the [Communist] Party and the Party can decide what it wants. I practice a live man's politics, for the living. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre
Party Monster quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animal. ~ H.L. Mencken
Party Monster quotes by H.L. Mencken
But, wherever a man goes, men will pursue and paw him with their dirty institutions, and, if they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate odd-fellow society. It is true, I might have resisted forcibly with more or less effect, might have run "amok" against society; but I preferred that society should run "amok" against me, it being the desperate party. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Party Monster quotes by Henry David Thoreau
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