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#1. How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Missed quotes by Paulo Coelho
#2. I missed you even when I was with you. That's been my problem. I miss what I already have, and I surround myself with things that are missing. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Missed quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#3. I missed my home - like the physicality of my home, I missed my friends and my family mostly and just hanging out and being in your home country - culturally it feels right and that is what I miss. - Author: Orlando Bloom
Missed quotes by Orlando Bloom
#4. The opening ceremony was good, although I missed it. - Author: Graeme Le Saux
Missed quotes by Graeme Le Saux
#5. I needn't have worried about our welcome. As soon as Diana spotted me, she cried out happily, "Mrs. Robertson, I'm so glad you're here!" and gave me a huge, spontaneous hug.
I assured her, "We wouldn't have missed this for the world!" I was touched by her genuine warmth and by her evident surprise that we'd traveled so far to share in her triumph.
She turned quickly to exclaim, "Oh Charles, look! it's Patrick's parents from America!" and formally introduced us to the Prince of Wales. Pat bowed and I curtsied and murmured "Your Royal Highness" just to be on the safe side. Prince Charles radiated tremendous charm and graciousness. His eyes twinkled as he smiled at us. His voice was deep, warm, and resonant, as he said, "How very nice of you to have traveled so far." I loved his voice! He seemed genuinely pleased to meet us. I thought he was absolutely terrific. I was so excited for Diana, about to marry this perfect prince. - Author: Mary Robertson
Missed quotes by Mary Robertson
#6. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed - Author: Linkin Park
Missed quotes by Linkin Park
#7. There were moments of racial unity. Lawrence Goodwyn found in east Texas an unusual coalition of black and white public officials: it had begun during Reconstruction and continued into the Populist period. The state government was in the control of white Democrats, but in Grimes County, blacks won local offices and sent legislators to the state capital. The district clerk was a black man; there were black deputy sheriffs and a black school principal. A night-riding White Man's Union used intimidation and murder to split the coalition, but Goodwyn points to "the long years of interracial cooperation in Grimes County" and wonders about missed opportunities. - Author: Howard Zinn
Missed quotes by Howard Zinn
#8. All that she had had, and all that she had missed, were lost together, and were twice lost in this landslide of remembered losses. - Author: Katherine Anne Porter
Missed quotes by Katherine Anne Porter
#9. Except for Thurlow,there was not a person she would have missed and many a one to whom she would gleefully have said farewell forever.But that had changed now,utterly changed. She longed for Dragon, the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand,the warmth of his smile. For a moment she closed her eyes and saw him behind them. - Author: Josie Litton
Missed quotes by Josie Litton
#10. following limitations: 1. These are AP films therefore; the cardiac size cannot be accurately assessed. 2. Pleural fluid lies posteriorly creating a denser hemithorax. 3. A pneumothorax lies anteriorly and so can be missed. 4. Upper lobe vessels will be prominent even in the absence of cardiac failure. 5. Good inflation of the lungs is difficult, even if the volumes are normal. - Author: David Wilson
Missed quotes by David Wilson
#11. You never know about the deaths you didn't die: the mountain peaks you missed, the collisions that didn't happen. It's a warm, cosy feeling. It's the way the airlines fly. - Author: Gavin Lyall
Missed quotes by Gavin Lyall
#12. Jacob, is something wrong? Is Isabella okay?"
"Probably. She is not well today. It could be a normal thing for a human female, but since she is usually as resistant to common ailments now as we are, she is nervous. I figured Gideon could ease her mind."
Noah missed the wince that crossed his friend's face that would have given away the indignant argument flying through the Enforcer's thoughts. Jacob's female counterpart huffily took umbrage to his claims of exactly who it was that was nervous and who had insisted on seeking Gideon, because it certainly had not been her.
"Tell her I hope she feels better," Noah said, his fondness for Bella quite clear in his tone. "Bear with her, old friend. She's breaking new ground. It can be pretty frightening to play Eve for an entire race."
"Do not worry. When it comes to my Bella, I would do anything to see to her happiness. That includes making others do anything to see to her happiness," Jacob said. He meant the words, of course, but he was hoping they'd help sooth someone's bristling pride.
"I'm sure Gideon is going to love that," Noah laughed.
Jacob grinned, altering gravity so that he began to float up from the floor.
"If you see Gideon before I do, will you tell him to come to Bella?"
"Of course. Tell her I said to start behaving like a real Druid or I - " Noah was cut off by a sharp hand motion and a warning expression from the Enforcer. It came a little too late, however, if Jacob's pained - Author: Jacquelyn Frank
Missed quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#13. He grabbed her and pulled her against him. "I've missed you," he said right before he kissed her. - Author: Susan Mallery
Missed quotes by Susan Mallery
#14. You did not take what was mine and not expect to pay in blood, sweat, or pussy.
I have missed the fuck out of you King!! - Author: T.M. Frazier
Missed quotes by T.M. Frazier
#15. I never knew the charm of spring
Never met it face to face
I never knew my heart could sing
Never missed a warm embrace

Till April in Paris
Whom can I run to
What have you done to
My heart - Author: E.Y. Harburg
Missed quotes by E.Y. Harburg
#16. I've missed this," he said with a groan. "The way you fuck yourself against my face. - Author: Elle Aycart
Missed quotes by Elle Aycart
#17. He missed him like he would miss the sun if it fell out of the sky. - Author: Gary D. Schmidt
Missed quotes by Gary D. Schmidt
#18. Survivors look back and see omens, messages they missed.
They remember the tree that died, the gull that splattered onto the hood of the car.
They live by symbols. They read meaning into the barrage of spam on the unused computer, the delete key that stops working, the imagined abandonment in the decision to replace it. - Author: Joan Didion
Missed quotes by Joan Didion
#19. Wherever Cool is, anyway, I missed it, and now I'm stuck observing these machinations or sex and status and dancing and parties and people sucking at each other under the bleacher seating like some kind of freak, when I'm not the freak; Rich is the freak. Clearly. When I grow up, that had better be understood and I had better be compensated, or I'm going to shoot myself in the head. - Author: Ned Vizzini
Missed quotes by Ned Vizzini
#20. What connections and experiences have I missed because I'm either remembering a former embarrassment or fearing a new one? - Author: Emily P. Freeman
Missed quotes by Emily P. Freeman
#21. In 1970, Dean Robert Ebert offered me the Chair of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. I moved to Harvard because I missed the university environment and, more particularly, the stimulating interaction with the eager, enthusiastic, and unprejudiced young minds of the students and fellows. - Author: Baruj Benacerraf
Missed quotes by Baruj Benacerraf
#22. Neil felt a half-second from losing his mind, but then Andrew said his name and Neil's thoughts ground to a startled halt. He was belatedly aware of his hand at his ear and his fingers clenched tight around his phone. He didn't remember pulling it from his pocket or making the decision to dial out. He lowered it and tapped a button, thinking maybe he'd imagined things, but Andrew's name was on his display and the timer put the call at almost a minute already. Neil put the phone back to his ear, but he couldn't find the words for the wretched feeling that was tearing away at him. In three months championships would be over. In four months he'd be dead. In five months the Foxes would be right back here for summer practices with six new faces. Neil could count his life on one hand now. On the other hand was the future he couldn't have: vice-captain, captain, Court. Neil had no right to mourn these missed chances. He'd gotten more than he deserved this year; it was selfish to ask for more. He should be grateful for what he had, and gladder still that his death would mean something. He was going to drag his father and the Moriyamas down with him when he went, and they'd never recover from the things he said. It was justice when he'd never thought he'd get any and revenge for his mother's death. He thought he'd come to terms with it but that hollow ache was back in his chest where it had no right to be. Neil felt like he was drowning. Neil found his voice at last, but the best he h - Author: Nora Sakavic
Missed quotes by Nora Sakavic
#23. Dear Mr. Chance and Ms. Brattle. Sorry about the mess. Great bed. Loved it. As a matter of fact, loved the whole house. Actually, I tried to kill your kids when I found them here. Yeah, funny story. Maybe not funny, hah hah.'"
Astrid heard nervous laughter from the media people, or maybe just from the hotel staff who were hovering around the edges grabbing a glimpse of the Hollywood royalty.
"'Anyway, I missed and they got away. I don't know what will happen to Sanjit and that stick-up-his butt Choo and the rest, but whatever happens next, it's not on me. However . . .'"
Astrid took a dramatic pause.
"'However, the rest of what happened was on me. Me, Caine Soren. You'll probably be hearing a lot of crazy stories from kids. But what they didn't know was that it was all me. Me. Me me. See, I had a power I never told anyone about. I had the power to make people do bad things. Crimes and whatnot. Especially Diana, who never did anything wrong on her own, by her own will, I mean. She - and the rest of them - were under my control. The responsibility is on me. I confess. Haul me away, officers.'"
Astrid suddenly felt her throat tightening, although she'd read the letter many times already, and knew what it said. Rotten son of a . . . And then this.
Redemption. Not a bad concept.
Well, partial redemption.
"It's signed Caine Soren. And below that, 'King of the FAYZ.'"
It was a full confession. A lie: a blatant, not-very-convincing lie. Bu - Author: Michael Grant
Missed quotes by Michael  Grant
#24. Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back. That's part of what it means to be alive. But inside our heads - at least that's where I imagine it - there's a little room where we store those memories. A room like the stacks in this library. And to understand the workings of our own heart we have to keep on making new reference cards. We have to dust things off every once in awhile, let in fresh air, change the water in the flower vases. In other words, you'll live forever in your own private library. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Missed quotes by Haruki Murakami
#25. The CIA not only missed the invasion, it refused to admit that it had missed it. Why would anyone in his right mind invade Afghanistan, graveyard of conquerors for two thousand years? A lack of intelligence was not the cause of the failure. A lack of imagination was. - Author: Tim Weiner
Missed quotes by Tim Weiner
#26. After you died, I kept your wardrobe locked, with all your clothes inside, all your lovely ties. The scent of you. I sat inside this wardrobe when I missed you so much. - Author: Trudi Kanter
Missed quotes by Trudi Kanter
#27. I lost my father was I 10 years old, and I always looked for a father. I missed my father very much. - Author: Anthony Quinn
Missed quotes by Anthony Quinn
#28. Yeah I missed you since the place got wrecked
By the winds of change and the weeds of sex
looks like freedom but it feels like death
it's something in between, I guess
it's closing time. - Author: Leonard Cohen
Missed quotes by Leonard Cohen
#29. Jacob smiled from ear to ear when he shook the man's hand on stage. The man then handed him a trophy. "Tell the audience about your book."
My little brother confidently walked up to a microphone his height and beamed to the crowd. "I wrote about the person I love the most, my older brother, Noah. We don't live together so I wrote what I imagine he does when we're not together."
"And what is that?" prodded the stout man.
"He's a superhero who saves people in danger, because he saved me and my brother from dying in a fire a couple of years ago. Noah is better than Batman." The crowd chuckled.
"I love you, too, lil' bro." I couldn't help it. To see him standing there, still worshipping me like he did when he was five … it was too much.
Jacob's smile reached a whole new level of excitement. "Noah!" He pointed right to me. "That's Noah. That's my brother, Noah!" Ignoring his foster parents, Jacob flew off the stage and ran down the middle aisle.
Joe lowered his head and Carrie rubbed her eyes. Jacob raced into my arms and the crowd erupted into applause.
"I've missed you, Noah." Jacob's voice broke, bringing tears to my eyes. I couldn't cry. Not in front of Jacob and not in front of Mrs. Collins. I needed to be a man and stay strong.
"I've missed you, too, bro. I'm so proud of you." - Author: Katie McGarry
Missed quotes by Katie McGarry
#30. The directness of her question throws me. "I don't know. Sometimes I think there are only so many opportunities ... to get together with someone. And we've both screwed up so many times"- my voice grows quiet - "that we've missed our chance."
"Anna." Mer pauses. "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard."
"But - "
"But what? You love him, and he loves you, and you live in the most romantic city in the world. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Missed quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#31. As a child I was a good boy. Even if I wasn't playing tennis I don't think I'd have done things like smoking or getting drunk. I'm lucky I never liked the taste of alcohol - I know, I'm Scottish so what's wrong with me? - but I never even liked the smell of the stuff. It's the same with smoking, it never appealed to me. I guess I missed out on my Kevin-The-Teenager phase. - Author: Andy Murray
Missed quotes by Andy Murray
#32. For those of us with introverted tendencies, many think that hard work and good results is what matters most. It would be great if that were the case, but it's wrong to believe that to be true. Superb performance on the job is important, but if you don't have a supportive network, you're in for some big disappointments. We speak to people continuously who suffer from the missing component of good networking in their career path. Those people find that their missed opportunities or promotions are demoralizing and certainly frustrating. - Author: Dorothy Tannahill-Moran
Missed quotes by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran
#33. Nor had she missed when they zigzagged between levels, even though the building was a standard grid of hallways and stairwells. As if she'd lose her bearings that easily.
She might have been insulted if he wasn't trying so hard. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Missed quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#34. Just like the good old days: marching together into the unknown, searching for missing magical weapons and risking painful death. I'd missed my buddies! - Author: Rick Riordan
Missed quotes by Rick Riordan
#35. When a schedule is not met, those inclined to pass out blame are quick to point at the lowest-level workers; they reason that performance is the domain entirely of those who perform the work. They ask plaintively, "Why can't these guys ever meet their schedules?" The answer that the schedule might have been wrong in the first place only befuddles them. It's as though they believe there is no such thing as a bad schedule, only bad performances that resulted in missing the scheduled date. There is such a thing as a bad schedule. A bad schedule is one that sets a date that is subsequently missed. That's it. That's the beginning and the end of how a schedule should be judged. If the date is missed, the schedule was wrong. It doesn't matter why the date was missed. The purpose of the schedule was planning, not goal-setting. Work that is not performed according to a plan invalidates the plan. The missed schedule indicts the planners, not the workers. - Author: Tom DeMarco
Missed quotes by Tom DeMarco
#36. I missed a lot of decisions. At the time of making such a decision, there was no doubt in my mind as to its correctness. However, a second or two later I felt that I erred and wished I could change my original ruling. - Author: Billy Evans
Missed quotes by Billy Evans
#37. Sleep democratizes fear. The terror of a lost shoe or a missed train are as great here as those of guerrilla attack or nuclear war. - Author: Julian Barnes
Missed quotes by Julian Barnes
#38. When Communism fell in 1989, the temptation for Western commentators to gloat triumphantly proved irresistible. This, it was declared, marked the end of History. Henceforth, the world belonged to liberal capitalism – there was no alternative – and we would all march forward in unison towards a future shaped by peace, democracy and free markets. Twenty years on this assertion looks threadbare.

There can be no question that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the domino-like collapse of Communism states from the suburbs of Vienna to the shores of the Pacific marked a very significant transition: one in which millions of men and women were liberated from a dismal and defunct ideology and its authoritarian institutions. But no one could credibly assert that what replaced Communism was an era of idyllic tranquility. There was no peace in post-Communist Yugoslavia, and precious little democracy in any of the successor states of the Soviet Union.

As for free markets, they surely flourished, but it is not clear for whom. The West – Europe and the United States above all – missed a once-in-a-century opportunity to re-shape the world around agreed and improved international institutions and practices. Instead, we sat back and congratulated ourselves upon having won the Cold War: a sure way to lose the peace. The years from 1989 to 2009 were consumed by locusts. - Author: Tony Judt
Missed quotes by Tony Judt
#39. When I was growing up, if there was a Young Adult section of my town's library, I missed it. I wandered right from 'The Babysitter's Club' over to Stephen King. His books were big and fat and they seemed important. I eventually worked my way through most of the shelf, but 'It' is the one that stuck with me. - Author: Erin Morgenstern
Missed quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#40. narrowly missed connections. They were like people who run to meet, holding out their arms, but their aim is wrong; they pass each other and keep running. It had all amounted to nothing, in the end. - Author: Anne Tyler
Missed quotes by Anne Tyler
#41. This point is often missed by evangelical feminists. They conclude that a difference in function necessarily involves a difference in essence; i.e., if men are in authority over women, then women must be inferior. The relationship between Christ and the Father shows us that this reasoning is flawed. One can possess a different function and still be equal in essence and worth. Women are equal to men in essence and in being; there is no ontological distinction, and yet they have a different function or role in church and home. Such differences do not logically imply inequality or inferiority, just as Christ's subjection to the Father does not imply His inferiority. - Author: John Piper
Missed quotes by John Piper
#42. And then we jerked to a stop. Jared was blocking the exit. "Have you lost your mind, Ian?" he asked, shocked and outraged. "What are you doing to her?"
"Did you know about this?" Ian shouted back, shoving me toward Jared and shaking me at him.
"You're going to hurt her!"
"Do you know what she's planning?" Ian roared.
Jared stared at Ian, his face suddenly closed off. He didn't answer. That was answer enough for Ian.
Ian's fist struck Jared so fast that I missed the blow - I just felt the lurch in his body and saw Jared reel back into the dark hall.
"Ian, stop," I begged.
"You stop," he growled back at me.
He yanked me through the arch into the tunnel, then pulled me north. I had to almost run to keep up with his longer stride.
"O´Shea!" Jared shouted after us.
"I'm going to hurt her?" Ian roared back over his shoulder, not breaking pace. "I am? You hypocritical swine!"
There was nothing but silence and blackness behind us now. I stumbled in the dark, trying to keep up.
He jerked me along faster, and my breath caught in a moan, almost like a cry of pain.
The sound made Ian stumble to a stop. His breathing was hoarse in the darkness.
"Ian, Ian, I..." I chocked, unable to finish. I didn't know what to say, picturing his furious face.
His arms caught me abruptly, yanking my feet out from under me and then catching my shoulders before I could fall. He started running forward again, carrying me now. His hand - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Missed quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#43. I missed the future. - Author: John Green
Missed quotes by John Green
#44. Pandas and rain forests are never mentioned when it comes to the millions of people taking joyrides in their Range Rovers. Rather, it's the little things we're strong-armed into conserving. At a chain coffee bar in San Francisco, I saw a sign near the cream counter that read NAPKINS COME FROM TREES - CONSERVE! In case you missed the first sign, there was a second one two feet away, reading YOU WASTE NAPKINS - YOU WASTE TREES!!! The cups, of course, are also made of paper, yet there's no mention of the mighty redwood when you order your four-dollar coffee. The guilt applies only to those things that are being given away for free. - Author: David Sedaris
Missed quotes by David Sedaris
#45. I've missed you, Eris. You and me, we kind of deserve each other, don't we? - Author: Katharine McGee
Missed quotes by Katharine McGee
#46. But while you were looking out the window, you missed the chance to explore the equally interesting Buddhist belief in being present for every facet of your daily life, of being truly present. Be present in this class. And then, when it's over, be present out there, he said, - Author: John Green
Missed quotes by John Green
#47. One day, you're in a physical landscape you share with this bizarre and fundamentally alien creature, not alien because she's female but alien because you're a fool in love and there's nothing not alien about that. And then when she's gone, you're alone and all the strangeness and wonder have gone out of the landscape and you're still a fool but now nobody notices how many days in a row you wear the same socks and cleaning the shower doesn't make the girl smile anymore so everything smells a little worse and doesn't get fixed when it breaks. I missed the feminine touch - not just hers, but mine. I missed being half-boy, half-girl, part of a whole. Now that I was male in a male environment, it was harder to manifest her physical chick presence, no matter how many of her MAC lipsticks I set out on the coffee table in a basket like so many M&Ms. - Author: Rob Sheffield
Missed quotes by Rob Sheffield
#48. I missed her, the idea of her. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
Missed quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#49. "Repeat that?"
"It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Didn't you know?"
"Somehow I missed the memo."
"You mean, 'Somehow I missed the memo, arrr!'"
"Precisely. Arr. So, Mrs. Jack ... Er, is that still your name? Or, I tremble to ask, have you adopted a pirate identity?"
"Arr, matey, of course I have! It's ... " She pulled an eggplant from the grocery bag. "Captain Eggplantier." She needed to stop speaking the first words that popped into her mind.
"Captain Eggplanteir." He sounded very doubtful.
"That's right. A family name. It's Belgian. - Author: Shannon Hale
Missed quotes by Shannon Hale
#50. But more important than any of these was the vast, accretive weight of small things, from planes which hadn't crashed to men and women who had come to the correct place at the perfect time and thus founded generations. He saw kisses exchanged in doorways and wallets returned and men who had come to a splitting of the way and had chosen the right fork. He saw a thousand random meetings that weren't random, ten thousand right decisions, a hundred thousand right answers, a million acts of unacknowledged kindness ... For every brick that landed on the ground instead of some little kid's head, for every tornado that missed the trailer park, for every missile that didn't fly, for every hand stayed from violence, there was the Tower. - Author: Stephen King
Missed quotes by Stephen King
#51. Self-esteem doesn't come simply from dressing well, but they are both something we can control. It's a missed opportunity when women say they don't have the money, figure, etc., because style is such a way to help cultivate the way women feel about themselves. - Author: Stacy London
Missed quotes by Stacy London
#52. Last night I missed two free throws which would have won the game against the best team in the state. The farm town high school I play for is nicknamed the "Indians," and I'm probably the only actual Indian ever to play for a team with such a mascot.
This morning I pick up the sports page and read the headline: INDIANS LOSE AGAIN.
Go ahead and tell me none of this is supposed to hurt me very much. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Missed quotes by Sherman Alexie
#53. The succession of thoughts appears in time, but the gap between two of them is outside time. The gap itself is normally unobserved. The chance of enlightenment is missed. - Author: Paul Brunton
Missed quotes by Paul Brunton
#54. Every moment of our life has a purpose, that every action of ours, no matter how dull or routine or trivial it may seem in itself, has a dignity and a worth beyond human understanding ... For it means that no moment can be wasted, no opportunity missed, since each has a purpose in man's life, each has a purpose in God's plan. Think of your day, today or yesterday. Think of the work you did, the people you met, moment by moment. What did it mean to you- and might it have meant for God? Is the question too simple to answer, or are we just afraid to ask it for fear of the answer we must give? - Author: Walter J. Ciszek
Missed quotes by Walter J. Ciszek
#55. Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge:
Knowledge means to know yourself, heart and soul.
If you have failed to understand yourself,
Then all of your reading has missed its call. - Author: Yunus Emre
Missed quotes by Yunus Emre
#56. Mephistopheles waved her off as she left. "One more woman running off with another man. I'm losing my touch."

"Have you considered you might be a Thorne in their sides?" Thomas asked. "You certainly can be a pric - "

"Thomas," I whispered harshly, pinching the inside of his elbow.

"How clever," Mephistopheles said blandly. "You've made my name into a pun. What other comedic brilliance will you think of next? I wish I could say I missed this" - he motioned between himself and Thomas - "but that sort of lying doesn't pay my bills."

"Nor do the gemstones on your suits," Thomas muttered.

"Are you still jealous about my jackets?" Mephistopheles grinned.

"For the love of the queen," I said, interrupting before they really got into it. - Author: Kerri Maniscalco
Missed quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#57. I…missed…you…so…much." I sob out, gasping as the emotions over take me.
"God Princess, you have no idea. No fucking idea." He says, rolling to the side and pulling me closer to his hard body. "Never letting you go, Izzy. Never. - Author: Harper Sloan
Missed quotes by Harper Sloan
#58. Experts in diagnostic errors provided an answer to the puzzle that had been nagging me: How was it possible for missed diagnoses to be so common and yet not perceived by doctors as a major problem? The problem is that physicians, while generally aware that mistakes happen, greatly underestimate how often they make them. In his talks to doctors on the topic, Graber often asks how many have made a diagnostic error in the past year; typically, only about 1 percent of the hands go up. 'The concept that they, personally, could err at a significant rate is inconceivable to most physicians,' he writes. In short, they think it's the other guy. This overconfidence is not necessarily their fault: doctors simply do not get the feedback needed to gain an accurate sense of their batting average. They assume their diagnoses are correct until they hear otherwise. Since there are few, if any, health care organizations that systematically measure diagnostic error rates, they typically learn of their mistakes only from the patients themselves. - Author: Maya Dusenbery
Missed quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#59. I thought we needed him for his glowing personality," Rashid said.
"And because we missed him."
"Flattery will get you everywhere, Rashid," Malachiasz replied. - Author: Emily A. Duncan
Missed quotes by Emily A. Duncan
#60. When I missed the physical body of my partner, I meditated on its parts, tossed by the waves, torn, dispersed, and deteriorated. When memories of our lives together became acute and intense, I breathed. I breathed through each wave of yearning, of regret, of guilt, of what-could-have-been. Every time I asked him, "Where are you?" A quiet voice immediately responded, "I am here. I have never left you." I did not only lose a partner. I lost my childhood all over again. I lost my soul mate. I lost the accepting father and the gentle mother that he was to me. I lost the dream of a "normal life," which I had tried so hard to achieve. Now I had to face my own mind. - Author: Dang Nghiem
Missed quotes by Dang Nghiem
#61. One time I tried to use the bathroom in the dark, and I missed the toilet, and I fell on the floor. - Author: Rita Ora
Missed quotes by Rita Ora
#62. Microsoft has one more shot at a role in smart phone software through its deployment on Nokia phones. Nokia is still the global market share leader in cell phones. Maybe it will work out, but this is hard to envision great success in the area coming on the heels of so much disappointment in missed opportunity in this important and visible category. - Author: David Einhorn
Missed quotes by David Einhorn
#63. Everyone's secrets are coming to light tonight, thought Sophronia, wondering how she had missed this little facet of inter-teacher dynamics. - Author: Gail Carriger
Missed quotes by Gail Carriger
#64. On the morning appointed for Admiral Croft and Mrs. Croft's seeing Kellynch-hall, Anne found it most natural to take her almost daily walk to Lady Russell, and keep out of the way till all was over; when she found it most natural to be sorry that she had missed the opportunity of seeing them. - Author: Jane Austen
Missed quotes by Jane Austen
#65. The boy I loved ... My savior. My protector.
He had helped me when he didn't have to.
He had taken care of me. He had made sure I was warm. Fed. That I had a place to lay my head at night.
Even when he couldn't keep himself safe, he made sure that I had been. He put me first. Always.
God, I had missed him. - Author: A Meredith Walters
Missed quotes by A Meredith Walters
#66. American fighter planes came in under the smoke to see if anything was moving. They saw Billy and the rest moving down there. The planes sprayed them with machine-gun bullets, but the bullets missed. Then they saw some other people moving down by the riverside and they shot at them. They hit some of them. So it goes. The idea was to hasten the end of the war. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Missed quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#67. Most people I run into say, I haven't missed an episode. Either you like Survivor or you don't, but if you do, you're a loyal viewer. - Author: Jeff Probst
Missed quotes by Jeff Probst
#68. I really didn't like the academic structure of science, but I realized I loved science and missed science. - Author: Eric Betzig
Missed quotes by Eric Betzig
#69. One of the things that happened when the church moved from meetings in homes to having purpose-built buildings beginning before, but accelerated during, the Constantinian era, is that while the church itself was becoming less Jewish in character, it began to apply a more and more Old Testament hermeneutic to its discussions about church, ministry, and sacraments. The church began to be seen as a temple or basilica, the Lord's Supper began to be seen as a sacrifice, and naturally enough the ones offering the sacrifices, just as in Leviticus, were seen to be priests. There was the further move in this direction when Sunday began to be seen as the Sabbath, another example of this same sort of hermeneutic. There were considerable problems with this whole hermeneutic from the start, since nowhere in the New Testament is there set up a class of priests or clerics to administer any sacraments. Indeed, nowhere was there a clear separation between life in the home and life in church. What has often been missed in the discussions of the effects of all this is that it ruled women out of ministry in the larger church and indeed ruled them out of celebrating the Lord's Supper as well, since in the Old Testament only males were priests and only priests could offer sacrifices. - Author: Ben Witherington III
Missed quotes by Ben Witherington III
#70. I missed Breaking Bad and people just go on and on about it until you're blue in the face with envy and you've got to watch it. - Author: Rhys Darby
Missed quotes by Rhys Darby
#71. I'd thought about this for a long time. "That bank loses that much money in bad loans every
month. They make that much money in interest every day. They're a big bank. The money I
took was small change to them. No depositor was hurt."
She shook her head. "I still can't approve of it. I don't think it's right."
I felt my face go remote, still. I crossed my arms and felt cold.
She spread her hands. "It doesn't change the fact that I still love you. I've missed you terribly.
I've missed your phone calls, and I've missed your body in bed next to me. I don't know what
to do about this. My loving you goes way beyond my disapproval of your theft."
I uncrossed my arms and reached across the table for her. She leaned forward and we kissed
until the candle burned a hole in my shirt. Then we laughed and I held an ice cube to the
burn and the food came and everything was all right. - Author: Steven Gould
Missed quotes by Steven Gould
#72. This could but have happened once,- And we missed it, lost it forever. - Author: Robert Browning
Missed quotes by Robert Browning
#73. He stood looking at her. She knew that he did not see her. No, she thought, it was not that exactly. He always looked straight at people and his damnable eyes never missed a thing, it was only that he made people feel as if they did not exist. He just stood looking. - Author: Ayn Rand
Missed quotes by Ayn Rand
#74. Mermaid queens didn't often have a reason to move quickly. There were no wars to direct, no assassination attempts to evade, no crowds of clamoring admirers to avoid among the merfolk. In fact, slowness and calm were expected of royalty.
So Ariel found herself thoroughly enjoying the exercise as she beat her tail against the water- even as it winded her a little. She missed dashing through shipwrecks with Flounder, fleeing sharks, trying to scoot back home before curfew. She loved the feel of her powerful muscles, the way the current cut around her when she twisted her shoulders to go faster.
She hadn't been this far up in years and gulped as the pressure of the deep faded. She clicked her ears, readying them for the change of environment. Colors faded and transformed around her from the dark, heady slate of the ocean bottom to the soothing azure of the middle depths and finally lightening to the electric, magical periwinkle that heralded the burst into daylight.
She hadn't planned to break through the surface triumphantly. She wouldn't give it that power. Her plan was to take it slow and rise like a whale. Casually, unperturbed, like Ooh, here I am.
But somehow her tail kicked in twice as hard the last few feet, and she exploded into the warm sunlit air like she had been drowning.
She gulped again and tasted the breeze- dry in her mouth; salt and pine and far-distant fires and a thousand alien scents. - Author: Liz Braswell
Missed quotes by Liz Braswell
#75. If you want to know the value of one year, just ask a student who failed a course.
If you want to know the value of one month, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
If you want to know the value of one hour, ask the lovers waiting to meet.
If you want to know the value of one minute, ask the person who just missed the bus.
If you want to know the value of one second, ask the person who just escaped death in a car accident.
And if you want to know the value of one-hundredth of a second, ask the athlete who won a silver medal in the Olympics. - Author: Marc Levy
Missed quotes by Marc Levy
#76. Here, let me help." Nick stepped behind her, reached around her body, and placed his hands over hers, steadying the rifle against her shoulder. At his touch, unusual tingling sensations coursed through her. "Look down the sights to the target," he murmured in her ear. His finger pressed over hers, guiding her movement. Her whole body warmed at his closeness. Too aware of him, she couldn't concentrate. She just closed her eyes and squeezed the trigger. The noise of the shot reverberated in her ears. The recoil of the gun sent her staggering back into Nick. His arms tightened around her. She lowered the rifle. "You missed," Nick's voice teased in her ear. Elizabeth's heart raced. She relaxed against his chest, loving the feel of his strong arms around her. - Author: Debra Holland
Missed quotes by Debra Holland
#77. You missed your place as a knight-errant three hundred years ago. Always defend a lady, always stand by a friend, and never betray your lord. - Author: Django Wexler
Missed quotes by Django Wexler
#78. You are the only person I'd like to say goodbye to when I die, because only then will this thing I call my life make any sense. And if I should hear that you died, my life as I know it, the me who is speaking with you now, will cease to exist. Sometimes I have this awful picture of waking up in our house in B. and, looking out to the sea, hearing the news from the waves themselves, He died last night. We missed out on so much. It was a coma. Tomorrow I go back to my coma, and you to yours. - Author: Andre Aciman
Missed quotes by Andre Aciman
#79. I'm sorry about that. I'm sure you didn't miss me like I missed you, but sometimes the things that matter to you most are also the things that hurt you the most. And in order to get over that hurt, you have to sever all the extensions that keep you tethered to that pain. You were an extension of my pain, so I guess that's what I was doing. I was just trying to save myself a little bit of agony. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Missed quotes by Colleen Hoover
#80. Not the soul that's whitest
Wakens love the sweetest:
When the heart is lightest
Oft the charm is fleetest.
While the snow-frail maiden, 5
Waits the time of learning,
To the passion laden
Turn with eager yearning.
While the heart is burning
Heaven with earth is banded: 10
To the stars returning
Go not empty-handed.
Ah, the snow-frail maiden!
Somehow truth has missed her,
Left the heart unladen 15
For its burdened sister. - Author: A.E.
Missed quotes by A.E.
#81. We are sensitized by the books we read. And the more books we read, and the deeper their lessons sink into us, the more pairs of glasses we have. And those glasses enable us to see things we would have otherwise missed. - Author: Alain De Botton
Missed quotes by Alain De Botton
#82. He was sitting in the back of the booth, and Lila on the outside edge, as far from him as possible. She couldn't shake the feeling he was watching her beneath that brimmed cap, even though every time she checked, his attention was leveled on the tavern behind her head. His fingers traced absent pattern in a pool of spilled ale, but his green eye twitched in concentration. It took her several long seconds to realize he was counting bodies in the room.

"Nineteen," she said coolly, and Alucard and Kell both looked at her as if she'd spoken out of turn, but Holland simply answered, "Twenty," and despite herself, Lila swiveled in her seat. She did a swift count. He was right. She'd missed on e of the men behind the bar. Dammit.

"If you have to use your eyes," he added, "you're doing it wrong. - Author: V.E Schwab
Missed quotes by V.E Schwab
#83. Sometimes I feel envious when my friends go to parties and I have to go to bed. But my friends always tell me that the parties really aren't that much fun anyway. Whatever I've missed, I've made up for. Most kids don't get to go to the Olympics and win three gold medals. It's definitely been worth it and I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to. - Author: Janet Evans
Missed quotes by Janet Evans
#84. e had the strangest feeling come over him, which he'd never before known. Like he was meeting his best friend, for the first time. It was recognition mixed with relief...but also some amount of joy. Like, 'Oh, there you are! It's so great to meet you finally! I've missed you! - Author: Elizabeth Gannon
Missed quotes by Elizabeth Gannon
#85. First, I'm a writer; I look at things from a different point of view. The untrained eye is the eye that sees what's been missed.
Devon, from The Dragon's Breath by Jenna Lindsey - Author: Jenna Lindsey
Missed quotes by Jenna Lindsey
#86. What a blessing to live to be missed. - Author: Johnny Hunt
Missed quotes by Johnny Hunt
#87. When you missed someone you became them, that you did things to fill the space they'd left so you wouldn't feel so alone. Standing - Author: Anna Carey
Missed quotes by Anna Carey
#88. Night-time train travel is wonderful again! No standing in the corridors for hours, no being shunted off for a troop train to pass, and above all, no black-out curtains. All the windows we passed were lighted, and I could snoop once more. I missed it so terribly during the war. I felt as if we had all turned into moles scuttling along in our separate tunnels. I don't consider myself a real peeper-they go in for bedrooms, but it's families in sitting rooms or kitchens that thrill me. I can imagine their entire lives from a glimpse of bookshelves, or desks, or lit candles, or bright sofa cushions. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
Missed quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#89. Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been;
I am also call'd No-more, Too-late, Farewell - Author: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Missed quotes by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
#90. My son called to me that God was inside his red fire engine. He wanted to show me. I did move as fast as I could, spilling like water through the kitchen door into a summer day, but God had left by the time I got there. My son smiled, told me I'd missed him by seconds. - Author: Deborah Keenan
Missed quotes by Deborah Keenan
#91. Ellie's head sinks into her hands, and she weeps for the unknown Boot, for Jennifer, for chances missed and a life wasted. She cries for herself, because nobody will ever love her like he loved Jennifer, and because she suspects that she is spoiling what might have been a perfectly good, if ordinary, life. She cries because she is drunk and in her flat and there are few advantages to living on your own except being able to sob uninhibitedly at will. - Author: Jojo Moyes
Missed quotes by Jojo Moyes
#92. I am not able to instruct you. I can only tell that I have chosen wrong. I have passed my time in study without experience; in the attainment of sciences which can, for the most part, be but remotely useful to mankind. I have purchased knowledge at the expense of all the common comforts of life: I have missed the endearing elegance of female friendship, and the happy commerce of domestic tenderness. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Missed quotes by Samuel Johnson
#93. Suddenly it was obvious to me in my analysis I had missed what
Fischer had found with the greatest of ease at the board - Author: Mikhail Botvinnik
Missed quotes by Mikhail Botvinnik
#94. For the next two hours, the executives worked in groups, pretending to be one of Merck's top competitors. Energy soared as they developed ideas for drugs that would crush theirs and key markets they had missed. Then, their challenge was to reverse their roles and figure out how to defend against these threats.* This "kill the company" exercise is powerful because it reframes a gain-framed activity in terms of losses. - Author: Adam M. Grant
Missed quotes by Adam M. Grant
#95. Enough." I rolled my eyes and would've smacked him with my laptop if I wasn't worried his hard head would break my computer. "Please don't make me throw up."
He finally glanced my way, the corner of his mouth quirked up into a crooked smile. "God, I've missed you. - Author: Lisa Kessler
Missed quotes by Lisa Kessler
#96. You missed World Hist." "Did you get notes for me?" "No. I thought you were dead in a ditch. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Missed quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#97. He smiled at her as Julia threw a snowball at Calla that missed her by a mile. Grinning, Calla quickly armed herself and threw one at Julia; only it missed her too and hit Guthrie in the crotch. Good thing it was soft snow. He grinned and wiped off the snow, slowly, deliberately, wolfishly.
Calla looked like she could burst into flames, she was so red faced. He started laughing. - Author: Terry Spear
Missed quotes by Terry Spear
#98. By the way, in case you weren't paying attention or something, did you catch what Mr. Powell called me? "Young artist." I bet you missed that. - Author: Gary D. Schmidt
Missed quotes by Gary D. Schmidt
#99. Unless Sophronia missed her guess, the poor lad was already developing romantic feelings toward her friend. Many of the sooties probably were. Dimity was so pretty and chattery, she quite overpowered the average male. Many gentlemen were unable to cope with abundant chatter, which is why they so often married it. - Author: Gail Carriger
Missed quotes by Gail Carriger
#100. The fake missed sincerity. - Author: Toba Beta
Missed quotes by Toba Beta
#101. The trick to seeing things other people missed was to look for them. - Author: Gwenda Bond
Missed quotes by Gwenda Bond
#102. There was a quote he could not quite remember, something about the past being an island surrounded by time. He had missed the last boat to the island. - Author: Joanne Harris
Missed quotes by Joanne Harris
#103. I missed you every hour. And you know what the worst part was? It caught me completely by surprise. I'd catch myself just walking around to find you, not for any reason, just out of habit, because I'd seen something that I wanted to tell you about or because I wanted to hear your voice. And then I'd realize that you weren't there anymore, and every time, every single time, it was like having the wind knocked out of me. I've risked my life for you. I've walked half the length of Ravka for you, and I'd do it again and again and again just to be with you, just to starve with you and freeze with you and hear you complain about hard cheese every day. So don't tell me why we don't belong together, he said fiercely. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Missed quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#104. Fuck, baby doll, I missed you so fucking much. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Missed quotes by Kristen Ashley
#105. I haven't got the heart to take the mickey out of him, even," said Fred, looking over at Ron's crumpled figure. "Mind you ... when he missed the fourteenth ... "
He made wild motions with his arms as though doing an upright doggy-paddle.
"Well, I'll save it for parties, eh? - Author: J.K. Rowling
Missed quotes by J.K. Rowling
#106. Maybe that's what magic was - looking into darkness and seeing a light most people missed. - Author: Lauren Kate
Missed quotes by Lauren Kate
#107. God, Elena missed her friends. (Not that Troy and Gabe weren't great. She'd definitely miss them.) (Even Gabe.) (Especially Gabe.) - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Missed quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#108. No one will die because of bad acting. No one will die because you missed a cue. We're all human beings. If mistakes are made, you figure out that you're going to live. - Author: Kate Baldwin
Missed quotes by Kate Baldwin
#109. I choked back something welling up in my chest. Every few minutes, the pain renewed itself. I missed her. God, I missed her, and everything we'd gone through played over and over inside my head. - Author: Jamie McGuire
Missed quotes by Jamie McGuire
#110. You missed with me so close? What? You failed your assassin training classes? Did you even bother to show up? Or are you just that incompetent? (Syn) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Missed quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#111. Fortunate people often have very favorable beginnings and very tragic endings. What matters isn't being applauded when you arrive - for that is common - but being missed when you leave. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
Missed quotes by Baltasar Gracian
#112. I think I missed all of the wonderful things ... I missed the control that you have in film, and I missed getting it right, really getting it right, the way you hope people will see it. All of the things that people love about theater - the fact that it changes every night and that it's so spontaneous - all of those things just frighten me. - Author: Jodie Foster
Missed quotes by Jodie Foster
#113. You never stop loving someone you just learn to live without them. - Author: Anonymous
Missed quotes by Anonymous
#114. In the space of ten minutes my whole fucking existence came down to the four lies I'd just told.
I hadn't missed her.
I didn't want her.
I'd never thought about her.
And I wasn't going to keep her. - Author: V. Theia
Missed quotes by V. Theia
#115. I'm on a strict running program. I started yesterday. I've only missed one day so far. - Author: Kevin Nealon
Missed quotes by Kevin Nealon
#116. Mm hmmm." His gaze dropped to her lips. "I missed ye." Lordy, he could melt marzipan with that sexy Scottish burr.
With a dip of his chin, he brushed a kiss across her mouth. Hot tingles spread down her back. Eva moved closer and pressed her body flush with his toned, muscular form. If they hadn't been born so many centuries apart, she could have believed they were made for each other, fitting together perfectly as if molded from the same clay.
Closing her eyes, she drank him in, allowing her senses to take over. Hot, spicy male kissed and held her in a tender embrace with arms that could crush a man, let alone her fine bones. Yet he cradled her with incredible tenderness. - Author: Amy Jarecki
Missed quotes by Amy Jarecki
#117. Merely exhorting people to be more committed to God - "just have more faith" - seldom produces greater confidence and dedicated trust in God. Rather, what is needed is a realistic picture of a flourishing life lived deeply in tune with God 's kingdom - a life that is so utterly compelling that failure to exercise greater commitment to life in that kingdom will feel like a foolish, tragic missed opportunity for entering into something truly dramatic and desirable. - Author: J.P. Moreland
Missed quotes by J.P. Moreland
#118. Rooster here has missed Ned a few times himself, horse and all,' said the captain. 'I reckon his is on his way now to missing him again.'

Rooster was holding a bottle with a little whiskey in it. He said, 'You keep on thinking that.' He drained off the whiskey in about three swallows and tapped the cork back in and tossed the bottle up in the air. He pulled his revolver and fired at it twice and missed. The bottle fell and rolled and Rooster shot at it two or three more times and broke it on the ground. He got out his sack of cartridges and reloaded his pistol. He said, 'The Chinaman is running them cheap shells in on me again.'

LaBoeuf said, 'I thought maybe the sun was in your eyes. That is to say, your eye.'

Rooster swung the cylinder back in his revolver and said, 'Eyes, is it? I'll show you eyes!' He jerked the sack of corn dodgers free from his saddle baggage. He got one of the dodgers out and flung it in the air and fired at it and missed. Then he flung another one up and he hit it. The corn dodger exploded. He was pleased with himself and he got a fresh bottle of whiskey from his baggage and treated himself to a drink.

LaBoeuf pulled one of his revolvers and got two dodgers out of the sack and tossed them both up. He fired very rapidly but he only hit one. Captain Finch tried it with two and missed both of them. Then he tried with one and made a successful shot. Rooster shot at two and hit one. They drank whiskey and used up - Author: Charles Portis
Missed quotes by Charles Portis
#119. I think about the time Mitch asked me why I was such a happy little guy. I was five years old. Pearl had been gone a few weeks. I thought really hard for an answer even though I think he'd gone about his business without expecting one.
Then I said, "I think it's because my mother loves me so much."
He gave me this look of utter pity, like I was the bravest kid in the world. He missed the point completely, you know? - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Missed quotes by Catherine Ryan Hyde
#120. It turned out plant collecting was a solitary occupation. In the past Robert had enjoyed being alone, or so he thought. Actually he had rarely been alone for long: working in hotels, in stables, on ranches and farms, and as a miner, he had always been around others. Now, out in the woods or up in the hills or out on the flat central plain, he could go for days without speaking to anyone. His throat seemed to close up and he had to keep clearing it, singing songs aloud or reciting the Latin names of plants, just to check that he still had a voice. 'Araucaria imbricata. Sequoia sempervirens. Pinus lambertiana. Abies magnifica'. He was surprised at how much he missed people.. - Author: Tracy Chevalier
Missed quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#121. To realize the value of 1 week, ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize the value of 10 years, ask a newly divorced couple. To realize the value of 4 years, ask a graduate. To realize the value of 1 year, ask a student who has failed their final exam. To realize the value of 9 months, ask a mother who has given birth to a stillborn. To realize the value of 1 mont, ask a mother who has given birth prematurely. To realize the value of 1 minute, ask a person who missed the train, bus or plane. To realize the value of 1 second, ask a person who has survived an accident. To realize the value of freedom ask a person who's in prison. To realize the value of success, ask a person who has failed. To realize the value of a friend, relative, family member or partner, LOSE ONE." Time waits for no-one, treasure every split-second. - Author: Katlego Semusa
Missed quotes by Katlego Semusa
#122. I have a 4-year-old and a 14-year-old, and think I missed a recital and a graduation, and they were like 'It's OK mommy, we'll take pictures.' It was my upset, though ... they were just fine! I just give them a kiss and a hug and let them know that I love them every day. - Author: Kimberly Quinn
Missed quotes by Kimberly Quinn
#123. Rather than working to the exclusion of everything else in order to flood our bank accounts in the hope that we can eventually buy back what we have missed along the way, we need to live life fully now with a sense of its fragility. - Author: Randy Komisar
Missed quotes by Randy Komisar
#124. I miss you now, I guess like I should have missed you then. - Author: Sara Quin
Missed quotes by Sara Quin
#125. Wow, Cross. I think you missed your calling. Screw demon hunting: you should clearly be writing Hallmark cards. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Missed quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#126. The guy comes up to the plate, there's always a chance where he can get a grand slam and everybody forgets about all the times he missed. - Author: Brian McKnight
Missed quotes by Brian McKnight
#127. I was ready in 2008 for the Olympic Games but unfortunately I missed the Kenyan trials with a thigh injury. I watched those Olympics but it was tough to watch. But it was good in the end because a Kenyan, Wilfred Bungei, was the champion. - Author: David Rudisha
Missed quotes by David Rudisha
#128. We missed you at the wedding," he said.
"Yeah." puck shrugged. "I was in Kyoto at the time, visiting some old kitsune friends. We were travelling up to Hokaido to check out this old temple that was supposedly haunted. Turns out, a yuki-onna had taken up residence there and had scared off most of the locals. She wasn't terribly happy to see us. Can you believe it?" He grinned. "Course, we, uh, might've pissed her off when the temple caught fire-you know how kitsune are. She chased us all the way to the coast, throwing icicles, causing blizzards ... the old hag even tried to bury us under an avalanche. We almost died." He sighed dreamily and looked at Ash. "You should've been there ice-boy. - Author: Julie Kagawa
Missed quotes by Julie Kagawa
#129. She missed his nothing. It had felt like something. - Author: Catherine Lacey
Missed quotes by Catherine Lacey
#130. - I've missed your company these long days. -
What are you even doing here? You stayed away so long, I thought you weren't coming.
- You missed me, and now are piqued. Know that I was obtaining something that guarantees my success with you. -
More coercion?
- A gift for you. That's why I've allowed the mortal leeway and refrained from a slaying. Because you're about to be mine. -
His confidence unsettled me. Good to know you were worried about your wife alone out on the road. You let me make the journey by myself. And face the twins! Though you knew how much they would hate me.
- I felt confident that you and six other Arcana, one of the largest alliances yet, could take out a pair of insignificant carnates. To guard you on your way, I bade Lark to dispatch the wolf. - - Author: Kresley Cole
Missed quotes by Kresley Cole
#131. My pride and my power of vision were all that I owned when I started - and whatever I achieved, was achieved by means of them. Both are greater now. Now I have the knowledge of the superlative value I had missed: of my right to be proud of my vision. The rest is mine to reach. - Author: Ayn Rand
Missed quotes by Ayn Rand
#132. And also don't forget, the reason opportunity is often missed is that it usually comes disguised as hard work. - Author: Clifford Irving
Missed quotes by Clifford Irving
#133. I felt my resolve crumbling. I wanted him, wanted him badly. I needed him too. I almost gave in. I almost told him that there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to be with him. That I didn't think I was capable of leaving him. That he was more precious to me than anything. That I'd give up anything to be with him.
But then he pressed me close and spoke softly in my ear, "Pease don't leave me, priya. I don't think I could survive without you."
My eyes filled up with tears, and shiny wet drops spilled down my cheeks. I touched his face.
"Don't you see, Ren? That's exactly why I have to go. You need to know that you can survive without me. That there's more to life than just me. You need to see this world that's opened up to you and know that you have choices. I refuse to be your cage.
"I could capture you and keep you selfishly to indulge my own desires. Regardless of whether you're willing or not, it would be wrong. I helped you so that you could be free. Free to see and do all of the things that you missed out on all these years." My hand slipped from his cheek to his neck. "Should I put a collar on you? Chain you up so you spend your life connected to me out of a sense of obligation?" I shook my head.
I wept openly now. "I'm sorry, Ren, but I won't do that to you. I can't. Because…I love you too."
I kissed him quickly one last time. - Author: Colleen Houck
Missed quotes by Colleen Houck
#134. Come to Elfland,' the troll said.

The child thought for a while. Other children had gone, and the elves always sent a changeling in their place, so that nobody quite missed them and nobody really knew. She thought awhile of the wonder and wildness of Elfland, and then of her own home.

'N-no,' said the child.

'Why not?' said the troll.

'Mother made a jam roll this morning,' said the child. And she walked on gravely home. - Author: Lord Dunsany
Missed quotes by Lord Dunsany
#135. [On England's elimination from the 2002 World Cup after losing 2-1 to Brazil] Never was Steven Gerrard more noticeably missed, for his ability to pass, rather than kick the ball over 40 yards and for his steely mentality. Not for the first time, Eriksson's substitutions were baffling. The situation cried for Joe Cole, the one England player with a trick to beat a man, but it was the convalescent Kieron Dyer who was sent on, in place of Sinclair. Owen, never fully fit, was withdrawn after 80 minutes, at which stage Eriksson sent on Darius Vassell and Teddy Sheringham in a move which smacked of desperation, rather than tactical nous. From Sven-Goran Eriksson: The Final Reckoning - Author: Joe Lovejoy
Missed quotes by Joe Lovejoy
#136. Maybe that was the problem," Jacob said softly. "Don't we all need to feel needed? That we'd be missed if we were gone? - Author: Justina Chen
Missed quotes by Justina Chen
#137. Her dad shows up, and instead of getting mad at Denise, he wraps his arm around her and helps her to his car like she's crippled. I could've crippled her. Missed my chance. - Author: Darynda Jones
Missed quotes by Darynda Jones
#138. I feel like my life is just passing me by like two ships in the night. And I have missed both boats. - Author: Jane Wagner
Missed quotes by Jane Wagner
#139. God, I missed you. I missed that." "Missed what?" "You ... your humor, your smile, your touch, your ... everything. - Author: S.C. Stephens
Missed quotes by S.C. Stephens
#140. Well, this week for example, I was just in Los Angeles making a documentary for German television on whales. They had tried to get me in England where they missed me. - Author: Wavy Gravy
Missed quotes by Wavy Gravy
#141. I like you in my bed," Patch said. "I rarely pull down the covers. I rarely sleep. I could get used to this picture."
"Are you offering me a permanent place?"
"Already put a spare key in your pocket."
I patted my pocket. Sure enough, something small and hard was snug inside. "How charitable of you."
"I'm not feeling very charitable now," he said, holding my eyes, his voice deepening with a gravelly edge. "I missed you, Angel. Not one day went by that I didn't feel you missing from my life. You haunted me to the point that I began to believe Hank had gone back on his oath and killed you. I saw your ghost in everything. I couldn't escape you and I didn't want to. You tortured me, but it was better than losing you. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Missed quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#142. With dance and theatre, I think people get very nervous about not knowing the right things. They feel like they've missed something, or that they're not bright enough to watch it. It's not a test. - Author: Wayne McGregor
Missed quotes by Wayne McGregor
#143. I think what most people miss, and what I missed last time, are the people that are important in your life. You know, the relationships you have with people on the ground. - Author: Scott Kelly
Missed quotes by Scott Kelly
#144. The truth is that I've spent all my life with my binoculars trained on the Maybe Islands, a pristine place of fantasy that is really no better than the razor-rocks of misery. Maybe if I had stayed on the farm ... maybe if I hadn't gone with Spike ... maybe if I could have lived more peaceably ... maybe if I'd met the right person years ago, maybe if I hadn't done this, or that or, its cousin, the other. Maybe, baby, the promised land was there and I missed it. Look at it glittering in the light. But the truth is I am inventing the maybe. I can only make the choices I make, so why torture myself with what I might have done, when all I can handle is what I have done. The Maybe Islands are hostile to human life. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Missed quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#145. Trust me, I know how it stings when someone tells you the truth about yourself. It's like catching a glimpse of your reflection in a looking glass when you're not prepared. Intolerable. I was furious when I read your pamphlet - ­but only because I knew it was the truth. I'd known it for some time. The reality set in somewhere around the Tropic of Capricorn. When I left you behind at Greenwillow Hall . . . I'd missed out. - Author: Tessa Dare
Missed quotes by Tessa Dare
#146. Brigitte told me once that in France they don't say I missed you, they say you were missing from me, and you were. - Author: Kim Karr
Missed quotes by Kim Karr
#147. Curious,' the Prince continued, after a deep silence, 'is it possible never to have known something, never to have missed it in its absence
and a few moments later to live in and for that single experience alone? Can a single moment make a man so different from himself? It would be just as impossible for me to return to the joys and wishes of yesterday morning as it would for me to return to the games of childhood, now that I have seen that object, now that her image dwells here
and I have this living, overpowering feeling within me: from now on you can love nothing other than her, and in this world nothing else will ever have any effect on you. - Author: Friedrich Schiller
Missed quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#148. How had I missed this? How had I missed her? - Author: Devney Perry
Missed quotes by Devney Perry
#149. Judah knew Noa hadn't said it was good-bye. She'd done it as he would have done it, if he'd had the chance: with just an ordinary moment. Unremarkable moments were the ones you missed the most- the ones you didn't realize were precious at the time, and so later could not remember. The moments you lost, when you lost a sister. - Author: Lauren Bird Horowitz
Missed quotes by Lauren Bird Horowitz
#150. Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong decade, or came just a bit too late and missed out on all the good stuff when it was in its heyday? - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
Missed quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#151. The Lord was in a den with a pack of wolves. You really are so intelligent, the Lord said, and have such glorious eyes. Why do you think you're hounded so? It's like they want to exterminate you, it's awful. Well, sometimes it's the calves and the cows, the wolves said. Oh those maddening cows, the Lord said. I have a suggestion. What if I caused you not to have a taste for them anymore? It wouldn't matter. Then it would be the deer or the elk. Have you seen the bumper stickers on the hunters' trucks - DID A WOLF GET YOUR ELK? I guess I missed that, the Lord said. Sentiment is very much against us down here, the wolves said. I'm so awfully sorry, the Lord said. Thank you for inviting us to participate in your plan anyway, the wolves said politely. The Lord did not want to appear addled, but what was the plan His sons were referring to exactly? FATHERS AND SONS - Author: Joy Williams
Missed quotes by Joy Williams
#152. More than anything, more than anything she had with him, she missed the language they had invented, the likes of which she had never had nor would again. The thoughts and ideas he had birthed in her, his golden touch, and the words that erupted from her and became sparks of light to him. - Author: David Grossman
Missed quotes by David Grossman
#153. One would say something that challenged the other, often leading to an argument, and she realized how much she'd missed that. Not because they fought, but because of the trust it implied and the forgiveness that inevitably followed. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Missed quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#154. The Englishman's approach to vulgarity is so clumsy that it makes it seem dirtier than it really is, but the Frenchman lifts it with a light, dexterous touch onto a plane of inimitable humour. To go to bed with Balzac is to know what one has missed all one's life. - Author: Jean Lucey Pratt
Missed quotes by Jean Lucey Pratt
#155. You know, when I came home after our day in the city, I just crashed, thinking about Remi and how much I missed him. And then the next day was worse, And when you walked up to me at that ice cream machine, I just felt myself crumble inside. Around Remi, I felt like I was always trying to act like I was good enough. But around you, I don't want to pretend or hide. That's why I didn't say anything in the cafeteria that day, I knew that in five seconds, I'd be crying on your shoulder."
"That's what it's there for, Ethan."
Alek leaned in, took Ethan's face in his hands, and kissed him. - Author: Michael Barakiva
Missed quotes by Michael Barakiva
#156. I don't like my parents; I never will. I didn't cry at either of their funerals. I haven't missed them for five seconds. I didn't - you know, our characters were so at odds with one another right from the beginning. But I do understand them now as human beings, with the understanding of an adult. - Author: David Small
Missed quotes by David Small
#157. I missed having her as my intern. I missed bossing her around. I really missed her bossing me around in return. - Author: Christina Lauren
Missed quotes by Christina Lauren
#158. Funny how so many missed me when I was gone yet so few appreciated me when I was here. - Author: Ken Poirot
Missed quotes by Ken Poirot
#159. There were many things he had to tell her, but what he really needed to say was simple. "I've missed you so much and ache to see you again. Every moment of the day no matter what else I'm doing you're in my thoughts. I want to … need to see you again.
Please come to me."
Pressing pencil to paper, he wrote. "See me. 7. Jim." He thought a moment and added "Livery Stable" just as it was printed on the sign above the door of the building.
Folding the paper, he wrote "Miss Johnson" on the outside. - Author: Bonnie Dee
Missed quotes by Bonnie Dee
#160. And when we die,
Will we be that disappointed or sad?
If Heaven doesn't exist,
What will we have missed?
This life is the best we've ever had. - Author: Neil Hannon
Missed quotes by Neil Hannon
#161. (Da) "Sorry, Son, what was that? I was too busy ignoring you."
(Later) "Sorry, Son, I missed that," Ma said. "Ignoring you can be a full-time job. - Author: Brian Farrey
Missed quotes by Brian Farrey
#162. It was a little like stealing. It was exactly like stealing. It was, in fact, stealing. But there was no law against it because no one knew the crime existed, so is it really stealing if what's stolen isn't missed? And is it stealing if you're stealing from thieves? Anyway, all property is theft, except mine. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Missed quotes by Terry Pratchett
#163. We were like two stars converging around the same axis, but with paths that missed each other by a fraction of infinity. - Author: Leylah Attar
Missed quotes by Leylah Attar
#164. Warner drops his hand. His glassy green eyes are so delighted I'm petrified.
"God, I've missed you," he says to me.
"You didn't actually think I'd let you go so easily? - Author: Tahereh Mafi
Missed quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#165. Rachel tried to slap Mrs. Samuels when she said this, but she wasn't really sure where her face was and she missed, terribly. - Author: Daniel Wallace
Missed quotes by Daniel Wallace
#166. Agarikon contains antiviral molecules new to science. Researchers for pharmaceutical companies may have missed its potent antiviral properties. Our analyses show that the mycelial cultures of this mushroom are most active but that the fruitbodies, the natural form of the mushroom, are not. - Author: Paul Stamets
Missed quotes by Paul Stamets
#167. You also need to show a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to impropriety. That's one of the things, again, that Republicans left on the table as a missed opportunity. - Author: Andrea Tantaros
Missed quotes by Andrea Tantaros
#168. The one thing I missed was never having children. It just wasn't in the cards, I guess. - Author: Jeanette MacDonald
Missed quotes by Jeanette MacDonald
#169. This was the thing about religious types she hated so much. They never missed a chance to proselytize. No tragedy was sacred, no setback off-limits. They would solemnly enter your private space, regal and pompous as crows, full is righteous self-importance. Then, when she was at her weakest, they would tell her why the unacceptable was acceptable, why it was okay that she'd lost the love of her life
because an invisible man in the sly (and it was always a man, wasn't it?) had willed it. - Author: Myke Cole
Missed quotes by Myke Cole
#170. She missed him with the kind of missing that almost feels like anger. - Author: Dan Gemeinhart
Missed quotes by Dan Gemeinhart
#171. When you think of the condition the world is in now you sometimes wish that Noah had missed the boat. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Missed quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#172. People in towns are always preoccupied. 'Have I missed the bus? Have I forgotten the potatoes? Can I get across the road? - Author: Nancy Mitford
Missed quotes by Nancy Mitford
#173. My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy. I didn't want to cause any unhappiness now - in that way, I decided it was probably better than he wasn't here to see this, though I missed him so much at that moment the ache of it was as bad as the strange pains in my belly. - Author: W. Bruce Cameron
Missed quotes by W. Bruce Cameron
#174. I wanna kiss you. I couldn't care less about the team struggling. What we know is we can improve. Chad Pennington, our quarterback, missed the first part of the season, and we struggled. We're looking to next season. We're looking to make a noise now, and I wanna kiss you! - Author: Joe Namath
Missed quotes by Joe Namath
#175. In retrospect, their best chance of doing it this way was against Arsenal, in the game they won 8–2. They only needed another nine that afternoon – and they missed at least fifteen good chances. - Author: Nick Hornby
Missed quotes by Nick Hornby
#176. Opportunities are often missed when we constantly focus on our problems - Author: Steven Aitchison
Missed quotes by Steven Aitchison
#177. The onset of this second movement is characterized by the falling away of self and coming upon "that" which remains when it is gone. But this going-out is an upheaval, a complete turnabout of such proportions it cannot possibly be missed, under-emphasized, or sufficiently stressed as a major landmark in the contemplative life. - Author: Bernadette Roberts
Missed quotes by Bernadette Roberts
#178. The biggest waste of an opportunity is the opportunity to tell someone how much you love them. - Author: Akash S. Bansal
Missed quotes by Akash S. Bansal
#179. She rang me that afternoon on my mobile. I missed her call because of an idiot meeting. I wanted to hurt the morons who'd taken my time ... - Author: Raine Miller
Missed quotes by Raine Miller
#180. Bringing people into existence as well as failing to bring people into existence can be regretted. However, only bringing people into existence can be regretted for the sake of the person whose existence was contingent on our decision. This is not because those who are not brought into existence are indeterminate. Instead it is because they never exist. We can regret, for the sake of an indeterminate but existent person that a benefit was not bestowed on him or her, but we cannot regret, for the sake of somebody who never exists and thus cannot thereby be deprived, a good that this never existent person never experiences. One might grieve about not having had children, but not because the children that one could have had have been deprived of existence. Remorse about not having children is remorse for ourselves - sorrow about having missed childbearing and child-rearing experiences. However, we do regret having brought into existence a child with an unhappy life, and we regret it for the child's sake, even if also for our own sakes. The reason why we do not lament our failure to bring somebody into existence is because absent pleasures are not bad. - Author: David Benatar
Missed quotes by David Benatar
#181. I've seen - both in myself and my competitors - how satisfaction can lead to a lack of vigilance, then to mistakes and missed opportunities. - Author: Garry Kasparov
Missed quotes by Garry Kasparov
#182. It was evenings like that when beneath dim light and relaxing in a sultry bath that she missed him the most. A flicker of candlelight, wind breathing snow against the window and the soothing scent of creme caramel – all were a comfort to her as she closed her eyes, summoned memories and many a tender thought. She didn't feel deserving of the devotion bestowed upon her, but she had finally learned to accept its wondrous gift, knowing that love was the source of existence and its only end. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
Missed quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#183. You are a symbol - even if I am missed, so long as people can see you in the air, they'll feel safe." Because everyone knows I would not leave my consort in a city I didn't feel was protected against all harm. "Shit," Elena muttered. "I hate it when you make sense. - Author: Nalini Singh
Missed quotes by Nalini Singh
#184. Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas Edison - Author: Greg Crabtree
Missed quotes by Greg Crabtree
#185. Storm gave the gun to Elora so that she could practice the reload. He moved behind her to make sure her form was correct. The first two shots missed altogether. One hit a target in the crotch-two targets away from where she was aiming. By the fourth round she was managing to hit her target...in the crotch.
Ram said, "I'm beginnin' to sense a very disturbin' pattern here. - Author: Victoria Danann
Missed quotes by Victoria Danann
#186. All we know of the Missing Link is that he is missing - and he won't be missed either. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Missed quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#187. We realize that what we are accomplishing is a drop in the ocean. But if this drop were not in the ocean, it would be missed. - Author: Mother Teresa
Missed quotes by Mother Teresa
#188. Craving a physical connection, I slide my finger along the back of Rachel's hand. She's asleep. Has been for a while. Curled in the fetal position in the middle of my bed, Rachel wears the mask of a ravaged person. Somehow, I missed the signs: dark circles under her eyes, the clothes that once fit perfectly now hang, her skin so pale it's translucent. - Author: Katie McGarry
Missed quotes by Katie McGarry
#189. His heart missed a beat and never regretted the lovely loss. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Missed quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#190. What is it that keeps us in motion?
Not seldom, the fear that the bitterness of the past will catch up with us. The bitterness over all missed opportunities. Bitterness at being who you are, and still not more like yourself. - Author: Lars Gustafsson
Missed quotes by Lars Gustafsson
#191. She calls after ages. You whine about how you missed her every day of all the while that she wasn't there. She says little.

You ask - how could you move on just like that?
She says - how do you know I moved on?

And just like that, you live in hope again. You, hopeless poor soul. - Author: Nitya Prakash
Missed quotes by Nitya Prakash
#192. He had started out the way nearly all writers do, and I'd seen it a hundred times--amateurs transformed into gibbering wrecks by actually being published; what once they'd done for fun ruined forever by the burden of expectation, the hope of sales and good reviews and riches, hobbyists turned authors made bitter by the knowledge that they'd missed their main chance. - Author: Colin Bateman
Missed quotes by Colin Bateman
#193. [...] we must recognize that in our own experience of emptiness, that even though one feels "empty", one must have a self in order to feel this emptiness; a loss cannot be felt unless what is missed is really a lost part of the self. Unwholeness is a feeling which belongs only to a being born whole and somehow denied access to this whole self. A being born "unwhole" would be whole in that partiality, happy with that cavernous state, and feel no emptiness, miss nothing, feel at home in a vacuum of identity. It is precisely because we have selves that we mourn. - Author: Susan Griffin
Missed quotes by Susan Griffin
#194. Years later, in 1987, I wrote a violin concerto for Ben. I knew he loved the Mendelssohn violin concerto, so I wrote it in a way that he would have liked. In his actual lifetime I didn't have the knowledge, skill, or inclination to compose such a work. I missed that chance by at least fifteen years. But when I could, I wrote it for him anyway. - Author: Philip Glass
Missed quotes by Philip Glass
#195. I deeply craved the warmth upon my skin yet missed countless sunrises; I had to learn to linger in the sunset mesmerized by her fading beauty. - Author: Danielle Luz Matias
Missed quotes by Danielle Luz Matias
#196. It's not much
We're not given much time
Much is missed - Author: Debby Feo
Missed quotes by Debby Feo
#197. Remember those dogs I was talking about? The cues? While I was watching TV, I missed a few. Take a look:
Steven is smiling, almost laughing. After all the punishment he's received from my sister over the years, he's developed quite the sadistic streak when it comes to other people getting their asses handed to them.
Then there's Matthew. God only knows what kind of sick and depraved penalties Delores has inflicted on that poor bastard, because he just looks scared.
Kate, on the other hand, is staring at my hand like it's a cockroach. That she wants to squash. And then she gets an idea - a wonderful, awful idea. If you look hard enough, you can see the light bulb go on above her head. She smiles and leaves the room.
I missed all this the first time. - Author: Emma Chase
Missed quotes by Emma Chase
#198. The man was impossible. To her every retort,he had a counter. "A beak you may want to avoid for I will use it."
His dimples turned into craters. "Aye, my lady,that you most certainly are not afraid of using. I think I actually see the small scars along your wrists and hands from where you missed your intended target and clipped yourself."
Edythe opened her mouth,ready to send out another assualt, when the sparkle in his hazel eyes captured her attention. Tyr was not making fun of her. Rather,he was truly enjoying their conversation, and if she was being honest, so was she. Inclining her head in agreement, she curled her lips mischievously and said, "Inflictions all finches must learn to endure."
"Indeed they must," Tyr replied with a bow. "You,Lady Finch,are a genuine surprise. These past few days,your elder sister has been gracious, kind, and all things a lady should be when welcoming a guest, but it seems that only my friend Ranulf can turn her into a fiery tempest. And each time she does, it pulls him farther in.I see now why he is susceptible to such treatment."
Edythe briefly closed her eyes and gave a quick shake to her head. "You enjoy being insulted?"
"You have not insulted me, you couldn't. You don't know me well enough.Nor I you. We just merely sparred and I am finding that I like wit in a woman, a most uncommon trait where I have been. If I were not so decided in my ways,you,dear Finch, would be in trouble."
"Well,then I thank the Lord - Author: Michele Sinclair
Missed quotes by Michele Sinclair
#199. I've missed so much. Like the day you opened your flower shop or how you came up with the name Whimsicality. I missed the day you brought Noah into this world and saw him for the first time. I missed your late-night cravings and his midnight feedings. I'll never forgive myself for not being there, Josie. - Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Missed quotes by Heidi McLaughlin
#200. I shall have spent my life in railway stations
Nearly departing
For catastrophes,
All for love
And my heart haloed with the madness of love.
Nothing is quite so beautiful as the trains I've missed … - Author: Jules Laforgue
Missed quotes by Jules Laforgue

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