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A brain is like a muscle, a serial connection that you should train everyday; if you don't use it, you loose it ~ Ana Claudia Antunes
Kadeti Serial quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
Even Clark French's novels exerted a tenacious and combative goodwill: his main characters, lost souls and serial sinners, always found redemption; the act of redeeming usually followed a moral low point; the novels predictably ended in a crescendo of benevolence. ~ John Irving
Kadeti Serial quotes by John Irving
If I wasn't an actor? Hmm, I'd probably be a serial killer. I'm just so damn likeable, no one would ever suspect me. ~ Zach Braff
Kadeti Serial quotes by Zach Braff
But that's what happens when you allow a nice person to write a news paper serial for you; now the world thinks you're nice, too, which is silly in the extreme. Sadly, it's a burden that you must bear. ~ Karen Hawkins
Kadeti Serial quotes by Karen Hawkins
The serial murderer often seeks the very form of capital punishment that is being held over his head as a deterrent. ~ Joel Norris
Kadeti Serial quotes by Joel Norris
Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? ~ Lauren Bradshaw
Kadeti Serial quotes by Lauren Bradshaw
Serial killers kill for the power and control they experience during the murders and for the added ego boost they get in the aftermath from community fears, media coverage, and the police investigations. ~ Pat Brown
Kadeti Serial quotes by Pat Brown
If you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth and throw me into solitary confinement for nothing ... what do you think's gonna happen when i get out of here? ~ Charles Manson
Kadeti Serial quotes by Charles Manson
The bottom line is ... if you were in the civilian population, you'd be a serial killer. Working for the government means you get to wave the American flag around when it suits you, but the truth is, you do what you do because you enjoy picking the wings off of flies. And everybody's an insect in your eyes. ~ J.R. Ward
Kadeti Serial quotes by J.R. Ward
She screamed. Her screaming was beautiful. But, truth be told he missed the crying. ~ Barry Lyga
Kadeti Serial quotes by Barry Lyga
Once in a while, Jimmy would make up a word but he never once got caught out ... He should have been pleased by his success with these verbal fabrications, but instead he was depressed by it. The memos telling him he'd done a good job meant nothing to him; all they proved was that no one was capable of appreciating how clever he had been. He came to understand why serial killers sent helpful clues to the police. ~ Margaret Atwood
Kadeti Serial quotes by Margaret Atwood
They're making me out to be a serial marrying person or something. I'm laughing at that. ~ Jennifer Lopez
Kadeti Serial quotes by Jennifer Lopez
Indeed, and crucially so, the serial form took
the control of the novel away from the reader and left him in an imagined space that could not be thought of in terms of the physical space still to be read. At the end of each instalment the reader would contemplate a vacuum, an 'end' which looked forward to a continuing verbal space which he could not measure.
He might speculate but he could not know. ~ Ian Gregor
Kadeti Serial quotes by Ian Gregor
Apparently I'm hopeless when it comes to relationships."

"No, you're not." I ease up on my tiptoes and kiss the corner of his jaw. "You're a bit inept, sure. But you're also ridiculously talented when it comes to romantic gestures, so if you screw up again, I'm ninety percent sure you'll be able to win me back."

"Only ninety percent?" He looks upset.

"Well, it depends how badly you screw up. I mean, if it's picking a fight with me like you did today, then obviously we'll be able to work through it. But if I'm over at your house and I go down to the basement and find a serial killer lair? No promises."

"Jesus Christ, what is your obsession with serial killers?" He grins. "Hey, that should be your specialty. Profiling killers."

Damn. Not a bad idea. ~ Elle Kennedy
Kadeti Serial quotes by Elle Kennedy
I don't trust photographers. I'm now a relaxed, contented 60 year-old, but look at my pictures and you see a crazy, bug-eyed serial killer. ~ Richard Ingrams
Kadeti Serial quotes by Richard Ingrams
...to go to a dance with a guy who has all the personality of a serial killer mixed with a sponge. ~ J.A. Beard
Kadeti Serial quotes by J.A. Beard
Children. Pay close attention to them. They grow up to be adults. The really heinous people we see on the news? The serial killers, murderers, rapists, and complete ass-hats of society? Yeah, they were children once. And no one paid attention. ~ Scott Hildreth
Kadeti Serial quotes by Scott Hildreth
When I first met you," Stellan said again, sleepily, "I thought you were an idiot. Who gets on a plane with a stranger who just pulled a knife on her?" he said. "What is wrong with you? I could have been a serial killer. ~ Maggie Hall
Kadeti Serial quotes by Maggie Hall
Tokyo is a model of that serial big-bang theory of the universe. It explodes at five P.M. and people matter is hurled to the suburbs, but by 5 A.M. the people-matter gravity reasserts itself, and everything surges back toward the center, where mass densens for the next explosion. ~ David Mitchell
Kadeti Serial quotes by David Mitchell
Richard Nixon was a serial collector of resentments. ~ Rick Perlstein
Kadeti Serial quotes by Rick Perlstein
I had been thinking a lot about how the media has created this complex, fictionalized cartoon version of me, you know, this man-eating, jet-setting serial dater who reels them in, but scares them off because she's clingy and needy; then she's all dejected, so she goes into her lair and writes a song as a weapon. I mean, man, that's pretty intense. And I started thinking about what an interesting character that person is. And, if I was that person, what would my life motto be, my mantra? What would I say? I think I'd own it. ~ Taylor Swift
Kadeti Serial quotes by Taylor Swift
Writing a new film about cereal killers. Not serial killers, cereal killers. The main character can eat two, three boxes at a time. ~ Dov Davidoff
Kadeti Serial quotes by Dov Davidoff
But it (serial television) doesn't remain in the mind. It doesn't produce positive effects in political terms, in ideological terms. My impression is that this extraordinary digital revolution is producing also an extraordinary confusion. ~ Mario Vargas-Llosa
Kadeti Serial quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
I pretended not to be surprised when she showed up at my sliding door last night. Between the dog and me? I thought she was either a super-dedicated UPS guy or a polite serial killer. ~ Jay Clark
Kadeti Serial quotes by Jay Clark
floating there, twisting around a tree branch, and she shivered. There had been no trips to the park since the body had washed up there. She couldn't bring herself to do it. Both of the victims were from Jenkins Hollow. Both had red hair. Both had these rune symbols, which basically meant they were thought to be evil, marked women. How many more could there be? If it was a serial killer, how many others could fit this pattern? Just then the phone rang, and she nearly jumped off her chair. "Hello. Cumberland Creek Dance." "Vera Matthews please." "Speaking." "This is Jennifer Blake at the elementary school. There's been an emergency with Annie Chamovitz, and she has you listed as an emergency contact for her children. Can you pick her boys ~ Mollie Cox Bryan
Kadeti Serial quotes by Mollie Cox Bryan
Stained is about a lonely bookshop keeper, and her past comes back to haunt her. I play a femme fatale, schizophrenic serial killer. They offered me the part and I was like, "I'm just curious why you thought I would be perfect for this role," and the director (Karen Lam) said, "You have this look that, when you're smiling, you're really sweet, but when you're not smiling, you look like you could kill somebody." ~ Tinsel Korey
Kadeti Serial quotes by Tinsel Korey
Let's go down to the basement."
I didn't move. "How do I know you're not some kind of serial killer with a perverted sex dungeon down there?"
He grinned at me. "Well...I'm not a serial killer."
"So says you." I trudged down the carpeted staircase after him. "But Ted Bundy was apparently very popular in his day, and just so you know, I've got my keys in between my fingers right now, which means that if you try anything, I can totally punch you and stab you at the same time. ~ Cherry Cheva
Kadeti Serial quotes by Cherry Cheva
There are many, many serial sexual murders that have a history of killing cats, torturing cats, tormenting cats, ~ Jack Rosewood
Kadeti Serial quotes by Jack Rosewood
She's a serial kisser. I think her parents are French. ~ C.C. Hunter
Kadeti Serial quotes by C.C. Hunter
Gosnell is African American, and there is a persistent myth that serial killers are all white men. But that's not true. There are serial killers from all ethnic groups: White, African American, Hispanic, and Asian. ~ Ann McElhinney
Kadeti Serial quotes by Ann McElhinney
As I grew up I realized, though imperfectly, that I was different from other people, and that the way of life in my home was different from that in the homes of others ... This stimulated me to introspection and strange mental questionings. ~ John George Haigh
Kadeti Serial quotes by John George Haigh
She didn't want to keep talking about him as if everything was okay. Worst of all, she hated sorting through his mail. Reading the hatred people had for her family and worse, reading how others immortalized him into a god for what he'd done. ~ Anais Torres
Kadeti Serial quotes by Anais Torres
Americans are Americans and everyone else is sorry. Half the time we don't even know what we're sorry about, it just squeaks out of our sorry gaps before we've even clues into the conversation. Well, I'm sorry YOU'RE all so sorry. You have to know when to be sorry. You can't really be sorry for something you don't want to remember, can you? Selective memory, isn't it? Let's be honest, hell, you can't even apologize for the shit you did yesterday never mind fifty years ago. Indian residential schools, Japanese internment camps, hell, and this is just in your neighborhood. But it's all right... everybody's sorry these days. The politicians are sorry, the cops are sorry, the priests are sorry, the logging companies are sorry, mining companies, electric companies, water companies, wife beaters, serial rapists, child molesters, mommy and daddy. Everybody's sorry. Everybody's sorry they got caught sticking it to someone else... that's what they are sorry about... getting caught. They could give a rat's ass about you, or me, or the people they are saying sorry to. Think about it... Don't be a sorry ass, be sorry before you have to say you are sorry. Be sorry for even thinking about, bringing about something sorry-filled. And the next time someone says, "There is one law for everyone." Say, "I'm sorry, you're an idiot." Just kidding, now that was harsh. ~ Marie Clements
Kadeti Serial quotes by Marie Clements
A depressed person is selfish because her self, the very core of who she is, will not leave her alone, and she can no more stop thinking about this self and how to escape it than a prisoner held captive by a sadistic serial killer can forget about the person who comes in to torture her everyday. Her body is brutalized by her mind. ~ Stacy Pershall
Kadeti Serial quotes by Stacy Pershall
In this hole lives the wicked king. ~ David Berkowitz
Kadeti Serial quotes by David Berkowitz
Mum's serial misbehavior over the years had driven me, despairing, to write her scolding - occasionally scalding letters. ~ Christopher Buckley
Kadeti Serial quotes by Christopher Buckley
Eric Steele was strapped in and rubbing a rag over his father's 1911. Demo had brought the pistol with the rest of Steele's
gear on board the C-17. In the cockpit, the pilot pushed the throttle forward, shoving Steele back in his seat. He barely
noticed because he was thinking about the first time his father let him hold the pistol. It had felt so heavy in his hands
back then.

So much I never got to ask him.

He ran his thumb over the spot where the serial number should have been. It was silver and all traces of the file marks were
smoothed out by years of use. The pistol was one of John Moses Browning's masterpieces, the same design that the American
infantryman had carried in the Battle of Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, Korea, and Vietnam. It was the only thing he had to remind
him of the father he never really knew.

Steele had made the pistol his own by modifying it to shoot 9mm, adding a threaded barrel, and installing suppressor sights,
which were taller than the factory ones. It was his gun now, and he slipped it away before taking an amphetamine tablet out
of his pocket and downing it with a sip of water. ~ Sean Parnell
Kadeti Serial quotes by Sean  Parnell
Serial killer aren't creative."
"Watch a little Dexter and get back to me on that. ~ Cath Crowley
Kadeti Serial quotes by Cath Crowley
As a child, I was attractive to paedophiles. I suppose being indecently assaulted when I was 13 years old should have warned me that there were some weird and dangerous men out there, but I had got over that episode in my life. ~ Stephen Richards
Kadeti Serial quotes by Stephen Richards
The difference between a serial killer and a saint is environment. That's a very hard thing to accept because that raises a lot of questions ~ Jacque Fresco
Kadeti Serial quotes by Jacque Fresco
Swear to me that no matter what happens,
no matter how hurt you get,
you'll still be
that serial killer writer,
that strong, beautiful chick
I was obsessed with
in high school. Promise me
you'll always go down swinging,
and that you'll get back up
with that smile that
can corrupt a saint ~ Marie Jaskulka
Kadeti Serial quotes by Marie Jaskulka
So as near as I could tell the end of the world began roughly about the time that Billy Carver's butt rang about halfway through the War of 1812. ~ Steve Vernon
Kadeti Serial quotes by Steve Vernon
Do you have any fathomlethes around here?"

"I hope you're not talking about the weird river-pearl thing you took in Alluveterre that made you cover your walls in scraps of paper like a serial killer," Sophie told him.

"Oh I am- I know you're not going to like it, Foster. But I remembered a ton of stuff last time. So how about I promise to let you help me sort through the notes again? Remember that? Such a classic Keephie moment! ~ Shannon Messenger
Kadeti Serial quotes by Shannon Messenger
In serial music, the series itself is seldom audible ... What I'm interested in is a compositional process and a sounding music that are one in the same thing. ~ Steve Reich
Kadeti Serial quotes by Steve Reich
curing' victims of multiple-personality disorder is actually tantamount to serial murder. The issue has remained controversial in the wake of recent findings that the human brain can potentially contain up to one hundred forty fully-sentient personalities without significant sensory/motor impairment. The tribunal will also consider whether encouraging a multiple personality to reintegrate voluntarily - again, a traditionally therapeutic act - should be redefined as assisted suicide. Cross-linked to next item under cognition and legal. ~ Peter Watts
Kadeti Serial quotes by Peter Watts
Try to touch the past. Try to deal with the past. It's not real. It's just a dream. -Ted Bundy ~ Ted Bundy
Kadeti Serial quotes by Ted Bundy
I was on the airplane after spending one of those nights of the damned that produces artists or serial killers. Sleep brought nightmares of violence and loss. Waking brought its own anxieties. Every noise in the old house assumed a sinister tone. Closing and locking the bedroom door provided no security to my imagination. Nor did keeping on every light. So I lay down, turned from side to side, got up, prowled, came back to bed, over and over. ~ Jon Talton
Kadeti Serial quotes by Jon Talton
It only cost Mitt Romney $76.6 million to defeat a serial adulterer and a mental patient in a sweater vest. ~ Andy Borowitz
Kadeti Serial quotes by Andy Borowitz
He lives down in a ribcage in the dry leaves of a heart. ~ Thomas Harris
Kadeti Serial quotes by Thomas Harris
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