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#1. Have to be honest with you Darquesse, I cannot feel that. That must be one of your special abilities, because to me, it looks like you just killed a whole bunch of people for no reason."
"Oh," said Darquesse. "That's so sad - Author: Derek Landy
Psychopath quotes by Derek Landy
#2. I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning sociopath. - Author: Steven Moffat
Psychopath quotes by Steven Moffat
#3. He acted like a libertine of Europe with a genteel Southern propriety - and had all the morals of an emotionless psychopath. The two former masked the latter, like leaves covering a snare. You didn't notice the steel jaws until they were impaled in your flesh, and by then it was already far too late to run. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Psychopath quotes by Nenia Campbell
#4. What is the evolutionary value of blushing? It seems not to be to our advantage to do it, to involuntarily reveal our inner emotions. If we're trying to manipulate or lie, actions in furtherance of individual goals as opposed to the goals of others, blushing would not seem to be helpful. And yet everyone blushes, except the psychopath. - Author: Frans De Waal
Psychopath quotes by Frans De Waal
#5. You're screening your calls?"
"Why not? It saves me from conversations with idiots."
"Is that an insult?" His voice dropped into a deep growl.
"You're not an idiot," I told him. "You're just a deadly psychopath with a god complex.( ... ) - Author: Ilona Andrews
Psychopath quotes by Ilona Andrews
#6. He will choose you, disarm you with his words, and control you with his presence. He will delight you with his wit and his plans. He will show you a good time but you will always get the bill. He will smile and deceive you, and he will scare you with his eyes. And when he is through with you, and he will be through with you, he will desert you and take with him your innocence and your pride. You will be left much sadder but not a lot wiser, and for a long time you will wonder what happened and what you did wrong. And if another of his kind comes knocking on your door, will you open it?

-From an essay signed "A psychopath in prison - Author: Robert D. Hare
Psychopath quotes by Robert D. Hare
#7. Calvin had been frozen for almost 300 years. After that, he had been quarantined to a laboratory for several days, fed kitten, insulted by a clone, befriended by a mass murderer, operated on by a psychopath, bounced around by a moon rover, and forced into his own feet by an airplane. He felt that it was all worth it just to experience this one moment. - Author: Brian Cramer
Psychopath quotes by Brian Cramer
#8. Jensen, have you forgotten I'm a psychopath?"

Raising his head, he gazed into her eyes. "No, you're not. You're a little mixed up. That's all. Having your whole family die so suddenly probably accounts for the way you behaved.

The heartrending tenderness in his smoldering blue eyes startled her. Oh, my God. She had unwittingly given him a way to excuse Shelly's actions.

He stretched out beside her with a slow, sexy smile. His touch was light, teasing, as he brushed her lower lip with the pad of his thumb.

"Jenson, knock it off. I'm dangerous…honest."

"So am I. - Author: Meryl Sawyer
Psychopath quotes by Meryl Sawyer
#9. Unlike the hollow, risk-pursuing few who are deprived of a seventh sense [conscience], you will go through your life fully aware of the warm and comforting, infuriating, confusing, compelling, and sometimes joyful presence of other human beings, and along with your conscience you will be given the chance to take the largest risk of all, which, as we all know, is to love. - Author: Martha Stout Ph.D.
Psychopath quotes by Martha Stout Ph.D.
#10. Everyone who has eyes to see can see that if the God of Abraham exists, He is an utter psychopath
and the God of Nature too. If you can't see these things just by looking, you have simply closed your eyes to the realities of our world. - Author: Sam Harris
Psychopath quotes by Sam Harris
#11. I would not guess Knight was a classical man. I would guess he was an unbelievably good-looking psychopath but not one who listed to Beethoven (or whoever). - Author: Kristen Ashley
Psychopath quotes by Kristen Ashley
#12. While I don't think sociopaths have any sort of moral urge to do good things, I think they can and do act morally in the context of pursuing their own advantage. A good analogy would be a corporation. There are a lot of corporations that do things that you like, maybe even good things, like produce vaccines or electric cars, although the primary motivation is to make a profit. But just because you are trying to make a profit doesn't mean you can't do it by doing things you like, or that you are good at, or that comport with the way you see the world, or want the world to see you. - Author: M.E. Thomas
Psychopath quotes by M.E. Thomas
#13. When someone like myself points out the rather obvious and compelling evidence that God is cruel and unjust, because he visits suffering on innocent people of a scope and scale that would embarrass the most ambitious psychopath, we're told that? God is mysterious. - Author: Sam Harris
Psychopath quotes by Sam Harris
#14. I wanted to scream at those with the probing stares. "Stop calling me a loser! The way I live life is my choice." But I stop short, fearing being labelled a psychopath. - Author: Kavipriya Moorthy
Psychopath quotes by Kavipriya Moorthy
#15. I think the mistake lots of people make when it comes to a psychopath is that they completely write off their actions as cruel, callous and completely calculated, but actually, the truth is that they have interests and reasons behind their actions. - Author: James Norton
Psychopath quotes by James Norton
#16. I consider it somewhat psychopathic to label someone from afar as a psychopath. We love nothing more than to declare other people insane, especially people we don't like. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#17. What kind of psychopath doesn't have Snapchat? - Author: V. Theia
Psychopath quotes by V. Theia
#18. The only thing that disturbs me is that many psychopaths say they had a very happy childhood. - Author: David Lynch
Psychopath quotes by David Lynch
#19. You can make your superhero a psychopath, you can draw gut-splattering violence, and you can call it a "graphic novel," but comic books are still incredibly stupid. - Author: Bill Watterson
Psychopath quotes by Bill Watterson
#20. the psychopath will speak of himself in grandiose terms while blaming others and taking absolutely no responsibility for his actions. - Author: Lillian Glass
Psychopath quotes by Lillian Glass
#21. Rosa!" Sally says. "The police are here to help you, not to hear a lecture on comparative murder rates. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Psychopath quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#22. I always think I could play a fantastic psychopath. I'd like to play a psycho. With a heart, you know. A caring lunatic. - Author: Nick Frost
Psychopath quotes by Nick Frost
#23. Reading about how i live, you might assume i am some kind of psychopath, the sort of beast that must be locked away from society. But the truth is that I'm not tat different from you. Not very different at all.
And that should scare the hell out of you - Author: Carolee Dean
Psychopath quotes by Carolee Dean
#24. And… that's the last we have in our actual records. […] There's been more in the last week, I take it?"
"More assault and battery," I said, feeling a touch weary. "Whatever charges come up with the thing at school. I sort of arranged to have a psychopath kill herself. Um. However you'd charge putting maggots in someone's eyeballs. I self-defense. - Author: Wildbow
Psychopath quotes by Wildbow
#25. All stories are love stories, and there are numerous kinds of love, from the love of a mother holding her child for the first time to the love of blood that drives a psychopath, so I will always write about love, but not necessarily romance. Let the saner people do that. - Author: Alcatraz Dey
Psychopath quotes by Alcatraz Dey
#26. I don't need psychology
I am not a sociopath
Neither and Psychopath - Author: Deyth Banger
Psychopath quotes by Deyth Banger
#27. So you want we to play a game?

Aha, I like that...!

I FUCKING LOVE IT! - Author: Deyth Banger
Psychopath quotes by Deyth Banger
#28. The concept of the psychopath is, in fact, an admission of failure to solve the mystery of evil - it is merely a restatement of the mystery - and only offers an escape valve for the frustration felt by psychiatrists, social workers, and police officers, who daily encounter its force. - Author: Janet Malcolm
Psychopath quotes by Janet Malcolm
#29. I knew–though I didn't recognize the fact–that I wasn't all right. - Author: Jim Thompson
Psychopath quotes by Jim Thompson
#30. And Jazz snapped.
He didn't snap the way a normal person might snap. A normal person would fling his arms around and stomp his feet and rant at the top of his lungs, bellowing to the sky. There might be tears, from a normal person.
Jazz went quiet. He darted out one hand and grabbed the wrist of the paramedic who had been trying to cuff him and pulled the man close, holding his gaze.
In a moment, he channeled every last drop of (his father).
Who am I? I'll tell you. I'm the local psychopath, and if you don't save my best friend's life, I will hunt down everyone you've ever cared about in your life and make you watch while I do things to them that will have you begging me to kill them. That's who I am. - Author: Barry Lyga
Psychopath quotes by Barry Lyga
#31. Whatever their conscious motives, these men cannot know why they are as they are. As sickening as I find their behavior, I have to admit that if I were to trade places with one of these men, atom for atom, I would be him: There is no extra part of me that could decide to see the world differently or to resist the impulse to victimize other people. Even if you believe that every human being harbors an immortal soul, the problem of responsibility remains: I cannot take credit for the fact that I do not have the soul of psychopath. If I had truly been in Komisarjevsky's shoes on July 23,2007 - that is, if I had his genes and life experience and identical brain (or soul) in an identical state - I would have acted exactly as he did. There is simply no intellectually respectable position from which to deny this. - Author: Sam Harris
Psychopath quotes by Sam Harris
#32. Didn't anyone ask you where your parents are?"
"They asked. Especially about my parents."
"What did you tell them?"
"I said I ate them."
"Jesus, Rosa. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Psychopath quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#33. I feel like you are this or that because other people say so. I wouldn't know how to play a psychopath. I don't think about it that way. You think about playing the scene but if the other people say that guy is crazy, then you are. - Author: Christopher Walken
Psychopath quotes by Christopher Walken
#34. Sociopath is a word that has sort of become shorthand for psychopath and there's a distinct difference, it's interesting if you look it up. Sociopath if you look at the medical definition, the profile of a sociopath is that they are supremely intelligent people that are also pathological liars, they have no moral structure and there is one more, they have no compassion or empathy for other people. - Author: Cillian Murphy
Psychopath quotes by Cillian Murphy
#35. Pretty much everyone hates high school. It's a measure of your humanity, I suspect. If you enjoyed high school, you were probably a psychopath or a cheerleader. Or possibly both. Those things aren't mutually exclusive, you know. I've tried to block out the memory of my high school years, but no matter how hard you try, it's always with you, like an unwanted hitchhiker. Or herpes. I assume ... - Author: Jenny Lawson
Psychopath quotes by Jenny Lawson
#36. Poisoned, pursued and living with a psychopath. Not what I would consider the good life. Death has its perks. - Author: Maria V. Snyder
Psychopath quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#37. At sixteen, to pretended to fall in love with Alyssa. She tried hard to make me feel things. A few weeks later, I began to think about strangling Alyssa. One night, I was ready to do it. Instead, I took a breath and tried once more to let her in. - Author: Charles Forsman
Psychopath quotes by Charles Forsman
#38. Well, Samantha ... you were introduced to this guy. It went downhill from there. That might make it justifiable homicide. From time to time, I've wanted to kill people I knew even less well ... strangers in supermarkets.
Am I on my roof with a psychopath? - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Psychopath quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#39. If I think she' hot and it turns out she's a psychopath, then what does that say about me? I'm totally not ready for that kind of therapy. - Author: Barry Lyga
Psychopath quotes by Barry Lyga
#40. It takes many sheep to satisfy one wolf. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Psychopath quotes by Nenia Campbell
#41. You forget, darling.
I am the local psychopath. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Psychopath quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#42. You scared the crap out of me," I shove his bare chest with a growl. "Was
that you at the front door?"
"Ya think?" He fires back with a raise of his eyebrows, taking hold of my arm
again, as he practically drags me back
toward the front entry.
"Did it occur to you to say something?" I shoot back with a scowl. "I thought
you were some kind of psychopath."
My frown deepens, as I consider whether he might in fact be a psychopath. - Author: M.A. George
Psychopath quotes by M.A. George
#43. They're not tourists, either, they're nothing like the gawkers and brayers in a place like Times Square, but they don't live here, they live in Jersey or Westchester, they're burghers right out of seventeenth-century Amsterdam, they cross Broadway as if they fucking own it, they think they look rakish, they think they're creatures of the night, they have neighbors whom they consider burghers because they don't like driving in New York, because they'd rather stay home (right now, the woman in the fringed pashmina shawl, the one walking arm-in-arm with Cowboy Boots, explodes in laughter, a great smacking hoot of a laugh, a three-martinis laugh, audible for a block or so), while the residents of downtown Manhattan, the ones who survive the days here, walk more modestly, certainly more quietly, more like penitents, because it's almost impossible to maintain a sense of hubris when you live here, you're too constantly confronted by the rampant otherness of others; hubris is surely much more attainable when you've got a house and a lawn and an Audi, when you understand that at the end of the world you'll get a second's more existence because the bomb won't be aimed at you, the shock wave will take you out but you're not anybody's main target, you've removed yourself from the kill zone, no one gets shot where you live, no one gets stabbed by a random psychopath, the biggest threat to your personal, ongoing security is the possibility that the neighbor's son will break in and steal a - Author: Michael Cunningham
Psychopath quotes by Michael Cunningham
#44. He was being smuthered. From chloroform or by love he could not distinguish. For that man is a twisted psychopath. But sane enough to realize his internal evil manifestations. - Author: Cameron Cassidy
Psychopath quotes by Cameron Cassidy
#45. I'm convinced that anyone who doesn't like Mexican food is a psychopath. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
Psychopath quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#46. It's not just that," Chief Porter said. "A guy who once would have raped and killed a woman, now a lot of times he also has to cut off her lips and mail them to us or take her eyes for a souvenir and keep them in his freezer at home. There's more flamboyant craziness these days." Giving the buttered cinnamon roll a reprieve, Ozzie said, "Maybe it's all these superhero movies with all their supervillains. Some psychopath who used to be satisfied raping and murdering, these days he thinks that he should be in a Batman movie, he wants to be the Joker or the Penguin." "No real-life bad guy wants to be the Penguin," I assured him. "Norman Bates was happy just dressing up like his mother and stabbing people," Chief Porter said, "but Hannibal Lecter has to cut off their faces and eat their livers with fava beans. The role models have become more intense. - Author: Dean Koontz
Psychopath quotes by Dean Koontz
#47. Having compared the novel-reader with an infant and a primitive, one can go further and call him a psychopath; and this I shall shortly be doing. - Author: Frank Kermode
Psychopath quotes by Frank Kermode
#48. Want to know the best shit about being a psychopath?" "Fuck you." "Not caring that other people think you're a psychopath. - Author: C.D. Reiss
Psychopath quotes by C.D. Reiss
#49. Most modern men want sex and can't have it. They want success and never get it.
They want money and never earn enough. Everybody has desires and nobody
Except the psychopathic few - Has the guts to go out and just take what they want.
- Professor Michael Friday - Author: Barbie Wilde
Psychopath quotes by Barbie Wilde
#50. There's always been a love-hate thing between me and running. First off, if you don't get started at the ass crack of dawn, the Oklahoma summer sun will melt you into a puddle of good intentions. Plus, it hurts. I mean, have you ever seen a happy jogger? We scowl. We pant and grimace. In fact, if you ever see one of us smiling, you should assume we're a complete psychopath and run for your life. - Author: Jennifer Latham
Psychopath quotes by Jennifer Latham
#51. Serial killers ruin families,' shrugged Bob. 'Corporate and political and religious psychopaths ruin economies. They ruin societies. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#52. The man who is not afraid of danger is not a hero, but a psychopath. - Author: George Mikes
Psychopath quotes by George Mikes
#53. This was truly to be a radical milestone: the world's first-ever marathon nude psychotherapy session for criminal psychopaths. Elliott's raw, naked, LSD-fueled sessions lasted for epic eleven day stretches. The psychopaths spent every waking moment journeying to their darkest corners in an attempt to get better. There were no distractions - no television, no clothes, no clocks, no calendars, only a perpetual discussion (at least one hundred hours every week) of their feelings. When they got hungry, they sucked food through straws that protruded through the walls. As during Paul Bindrim's own nude psychotherapy sessions, the patients were encouraged to go to their rawest emotional places by screaming and clawing at the walls and confessing fantasies of forbidden sexual longing for one another ... - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#54. Trying to prove you're not a psychopath is even harder than trying to prove you're not mentally ill,' said Tony. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#55. They had a ... dog called Bluey. A know psychopath, Bluey would attack himself if nothing else was available. - Author: Clive James
Psychopath quotes by Clive James
#56. Self-Professed Black Magicians seem universally unable to fight, fuck, or even buy their way out of wet paper bags, despite phantasizing constantly about becoming powerful psychopaths. - Author: Peter J. Carroll
Psychopath quotes by Peter J. Carroll
#57. Timur." She whispered his name. Knowing she shouldn't. Unable to stop herself. She waited until his blue eyes lifted to hers. "You're not a psychopath, nor are you what your father tried to shape you into. You're...extraordinary. - Author: Christine Feehan
Psychopath quotes by Christine Feehan
#58. Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live. --John Woods comp.lang.c++ - Author: Jeff Knupp
Psychopath quotes by Jeff Knupp
#59. The psychopath [or sociopath] makes a mockery not only of the truth but also of all authority and institutions. - Arnold Buss, M.D." Psychopathology - Author: Jack Olsen
Psychopath quotes by Jack Olsen
#60. When you grow up as a girl, it is like there are faint chalk lines traced approximately three inches around your entire body at all times, drawn by society and often religion and family and particularly other women, who somehow feel invested in how you behave, as if your actions reflect directly on all womanhood. - Author: M.E. Thomas
Psychopath quotes by M.E. Thomas
#61. I'm an 'intelligent' sociopath. I don't have problems with drugs, I don't commit crimes, I don't take pleasure in hurting people, and I don't typically have relationship problems. I do have a complete lack of empathy. But I consider that an advantage, most of the time. Do I know the difference between right and wrong, and do I want to be good? Sure ... A peaceful and orderly world is a more comfortable world for me to live in. So do I avoid breaking the law because it's 'right'? No, I avoid breaking the law because it makes sense. - Author: M.E. Thomas
Psychopath quotes by M.E. Thomas
#62. Why don't you want to see your mom? Did she burn your
dolls in a sacrificial fire? Read your e-mail?"
"She wants to run my life," I explain.
"What a bitch. It's like she thinks she's your mother
or something."
"She's a psychopath," I said. "It's complicated."
"Psychopaths can't afford fur coats."
"This one can. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Psychopath quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#63. Language and words for psychopaths are only word deep; there is no emotional colouring behind it. A psychopath can use a word like, 'I love you' but it means nothing more to him than if he said, 'I'll have a cup of coffee.' - Author: Robert D. Hare
Psychopath quotes by Robert D. Hare
#64. I'm not a psychopath, I'm just very creative. - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
Psychopath quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#65. She promised to be good. She wasn't. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Psychopath quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#66. That wasn't defense. That was fucking psychopath behavior. You were one step behind Hannibal Lecter with that shit. - Author: Alessandra Torre
Psychopath quotes by Alessandra Torre
#67. Speak to your darkest and most negative interior voices the way a hostage negotiator speaks to a violent psychopath: calmly, but firmly. Most of all, never back down. You cannot afford to back down. The life you are negotiating to save, after all, is your own. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Psychopath quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#68. When you're delivering information that you don't believe in or are lying about, you manifest the same behaviors as suspects in criminal or espionage cases who are lying to officers or agents." Wright's advice: believe in what you're saying (chapter 1). "If you don't believe what you're saying, your movements will be awkward and not natural. No amount of training - unless you're a trained espionage agent or psychopath - will allow you to break that incongruence between your words and actions. If you don't believe in the message, you cannot force your body to act as though you believe in the message. - Author: Carmine Gallo
Psychopath quotes by Carmine Gallo
#69. Such a brute should underneath all his braggart tricks, his viciousness, his vileness, be a coward. But I am convinced that he was not. Because even cowardice requires a certain degree of sensitivity, and a certain value for life. - Author: Warren Eyster
Psychopath quotes by Warren Eyster
#70. Psychopaths are not crazy; they are fully aware of what they do, and the consequences of those actions. - Author: Hannibal
Psychopath quotes by Hannibal
#71. Aside from battles, the history of nations seemed to consist of nothing but powerless old poops like myself, heavily medicated and vaguely beloved in the long ago, coming to kiss the boots of young psychopaths. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Psychopath quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#72. It is not difficult to destroy Islam. Islam is the pumped up ego of a megalomaniac psychopath. Muhammad was a narcissist madman. Just as a huge balloon can be deflated by a small needle, all it takes to make Islam explode is to ridicule its loony inventor and its brainless followers. - Author: Ali Sina
Psychopath quotes by Ali Sina
#73. I realised from quite early on in my childhood that I saw things differently from other people,' he wrote. 'But, more than not, it's helped me in my life. Psychopathy(if that's what you call it) is like a medicine for modern times. If you take it in moderation it can prove extremely beneficial. It can alleviate a lot of existential ailments that we would otherwise fall victim to because our fragile psychological immune systems just aren't up to the job of protecting us. But if you take too much of it, if you overdose on it, then there can, as is the case with all medicines, be some rather unpleasant side effects. - Author: Kevin Dutton
Psychopath quotes by Kevin Dutton
#74. Gaia wasn't ruthless and self-serving like Caine; she was evil, like Drake. A psychopath. A mad and terrible beast. - Author: Michael Grant
Psychopath quotes by Michael Grant
#75. Others took exception to being forced to wear little-girl-type dresses (a psychopath-devised punishment for noncooperation in the program). - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#76. When stepping into the mind of a psychopath, you realize that there is something missing in their brain that they do not understand the consequences of their actions- in a sense. - Author: Lorraine Toussaint
Psychopath quotes by Lorraine Toussaint
#77. I don't think you're crazy." The world is blurring away as I watch it through the window. "And I don't think that you're a psychopath. I also don't think you're a sick, twisted monster. I don't think that you're a heartless murderer, and I don't think you deserve to die, and I don't think you're pathetic. Or stupid. Or a coward. I don't think you're any of the things people have said about you. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
Psychopath quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#78. He might not even be the guy she thinks he is,' Martin says. 'He might be a psychopath.'

'All the psychopaths are on the internet now,' I say.


'More potential for victims, I guess.'

'No, why wouldn't George want to meet him? If she really is so sure about who he is?'

'Scared,' I say. 'She's shy.'

'She doesn't seem shy. She seems hostile and aggressive.'

'It's a cover,' I say, working something out about my sister as I say it.

'Good cover,' Martin says, but I think he's worked it out too because some of the anger's gone out of his voice. - Author: Cath Crowley
Psychopath quotes by Cath Crowley
#79. Our cause is much greater. And now,with you on board, it won't be long before we rule the Middleworld, the Lowerworld, and ultimately the Upperworld too. My dad's really gonna be proud of me then. His eyes blaze at the idea,proving once again,he's a psychopath. - Author: Alyson Noel
Psychopath quotes by Alyson Noel
#80. I think a lot of psychopaths are just geniuses who drove so fast that they lost control. - Author: Criss Jami
Psychopath quotes by Criss Jami
#81. The Internet is a beautiful thing and you sent a tweet an hour after we met that day: I smell cheeseburgers. #CornerBistroIsMakingMeFat

And let me tell you, for a moment there, I was concerned. Maybe I wasn't special. You didn't even mention me, our conversation. Also: I talk to strangers is a line in your Twitter bio. I talk to strangers. What the fuck is that, Beck? Children are not supposed to talk to strangers but you are an adult. Or is our conversation nothing to you? Am I just another stranger? Is your Twitter bio your subtle way of announcing that you're an attention whore who has no standards and will give audience to any poor schmuck who says hello? Was I nothing to you? You don't even mention the guy in the bookstore? Fuck, I thought, maybe I was wrong. Maybe we had nothing. But then I started to explore you and you don't write about what really matters. You wouldn't share me with your followers. Your online life is a variety show, so if anything, the fact that you didn't put me in your stand-up act means that you covet me. Maybe even more than I realize... - Author: Caroline Kepnes
Psychopath quotes by Caroline Kepnes
#82. Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay were caricatures - they were easy to spot. They were almost psychopaths. But it's much harder to spot problems at companies like Royal Dutch [Shell]. - Author: Charlie Munger
Psychopath quotes by Charlie Munger
#83. Never angrily rant into your web cam. While smashing a keyboard in half over a game of 'World of Warcraft' may seem totally justified in your head, to the rest of the known universe you look like a raging psychopath. - Author: Ray William Johnson
Psychopath quotes by Ray William Johnson
#84. The imaginary child implied by the toys on exhibit in Hong Kong was impossible to reconcile with my actual child. I didn't think I'd like to meet the imaginary child they implied. That child was mad with contradictions. He was a machine-gun-toting, Chopin-playing psychopath with a sugar high and a short attention span. - Author: Donovan Hohn
Psychopath quotes by Donovan Hohn
#85. Cleckley reported that psychopaths never experience grief, honesty, deep joy, or genuine despair. From my own experience, I would add to Cleckley's observations that the psychopath never ruminates on anything.

Rumination is a process that often contributes to depression and in extreme forms to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The process of rumination is often associated with some anxiety or subjective feeling of concern or worry, and this can help precipitate change in the individual in order to reduce the anxiety.

The psychopath experiences none of this.

Indeed, if you ask a psychopath if he has ever worried about whether he left the house with the stove on (a common problem among those with obsessive-compulsive disorder), he will look at you like you are an alien, in stunned disbelief. - Author: Kent A. Kiehl
Psychopath quotes by Kent A. Kiehl
#86. Stevie can learn anything from a book. And when it comes to psychiatry, she's read them all. So she wields guilt like a master swordsman. And Max isn't nearly as much of a psychopath as the social worker said because otherwise, she wouldn't feel any guilt at all. At least that's what I tell myself. All the time. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
Psychopath quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#87. Do you know the rest?"Doug asked me expectantly.
"What?The Achilles was a dysfuctional psychopath? Yeah I know that."
"Well, yeah, everyone knows that. I mean the really cool part. About Thetis and Peleus." I shook my head, and he continued, professor-like, "Thetis was a sea mymph, and Peleus was a mortal who loved her. Only, when he went to woo her, she was a real bitch about it."
"How so?"
"She was a shape-shifter."
I nearly dropped the book. "What?"
Doug nodded. "He approached her, and she turned into all sorts of shit to scare him off - wild animals, forces of natures, monsters, whatever."
"What ... what'd he do?"
"He held on. Grabbed her and wouldn't let go through all of those terrible transformations. No matter what she turned into, he just held on. - Author: Richelle Mead
Psychopath quotes by Richelle Mead
#88. ...the bad thing was that Ollie started crying. It was this basic rule of middle school that if someone messed with you, you were supposed to just take it like a psychopath. Only Ollie wasn't one. - Author: Brenna Yovanoff
Psychopath quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#89. He has all the uncanny intuitions of a psychopath. Have you ever dealt with one? It's almost like a form of mind-reading ... - Author: Sue Grafton
Psychopath quotes by Sue Grafton
#90. If you do not have a close friendship with your children, I will.--Child Molester warning all parents from the book Type 1 Sociopath - Author: P.A. Speers
Psychopath quotes by P.A. Speers
#91. Norman Mailer described the desire to be cool as a decision to encourage the psychopath in oneself, to explore that domain of experience where security is boredom and therefore sickness and one exists in the present, in that enormous present which is without past or future, memory or planned intention. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
Psychopath quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#92. I'm not a psychopath-I'm wearing a tie! - Author: Seth Godin
Psychopath quotes by Seth Godin
#93. I am precisely the kind of nice upper-middle-class white girl whose relationship to substances has been treated as benign or pitiable - a cause for concern, or a shrug, rather than punishment. No one has ever called me a leper or a psychopath. No doctor has ever pointed a gun at me. No cop has ever shot me at an intersection while I was reaching for my wallet, for that matter, or even pulled me over for drunk driving, something I've done more times than I could count. My skin is the right color to permit my intoxication. When it comes to addiction, the abstraction of privilege is ultimately a question of what type of story gets told about your body: Do you need to be shielded from harm, or prevented from causing it? My body has been understood as something to be protected, rather than something to be protected from. - Author: Leslie Jamison
Psychopath quotes by Leslie Jamison
#94. His confession felt like finding out my cat - Sir Edmund Hillary, named after the first man to climb Mt Everest - could talk and wanted to give me a tongue bath. At best, Sir Hillary was indifferent to my existence. At worst, he may have been plotting my demise. He was an audacious Calico psychopath, always pushing his litterbox from its place beside the toilet in the bathroom directly in front of the shower, but only when I was in the shower ... - Author: Penny Reid
Psychopath quotes by Penny Reid
#95. What if he's a psychopath who tries to stuff kittens in ATMs? - Author: K.A. Tucker
Psychopath quotes by K.A. Tucker
#96. Here are a few of the sources I used, and I heartily recommend them: Simon Baron-Cohen, The Science of Evil; Judith Beck, Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Louis Cozolino, The Making of a Therapist; Kevin Dutton, The Wisdom of Psychopaths; James Fallon, The Psychopath Inside; Peter and Ginger Ross Breggin, Talking Back to Prozac; Robert D. - Author: Lisa Scottoline
Psychopath quotes by Lisa Scottoline
#97. A century and a half after its birth, the modern business corporation, an artificial person made in the image of a human psychopath, now is seeking to remake real people in its image. - Author: Joel Bakan
Psychopath quotes by Joel Bakan
#98. You can't be serious!" "I'm so serious." "He's a psychopath." "He's my psychopath. - Author: Amy A. Bartol
Psychopath quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#99. Yes, but you did it all wrong. Here's the correct way: you make it look like an accident, and then, when I'm dead, you call Edwin up, in his grief, and you're there for him, you offer a consoling shoulder to cry on, you get back into his life, and you make him depend on you. You don't murder her and let the boy you like know you did it. Seriously, this is like Psychopath 101, Gretchen. You are so outclassed. - Author: Harrison Geillor
Psychopath quotes by Harrison Geillor
#100. There have been times during my life when I have wish to be a boy again, not to have the energy and perfect health of youth, but know once more the innocence and the delight in even the smallest of things that we often fail to feel full strength as the years drift by. What is easy to forget, however, until you apply yourself to the task of memory, is that childhood is a time of fear, as well; some of those fears are reasonable, others irrational and inspired by a sense of powerlessness in a world where often power over others seems to be what drives so many of our fellow human beings. In the swoon of childhood, the possibility of werewolves is as real as the school yard shooter, the idea of vampires as credible as the idea of a terrorist attack, the neighbor possessing paranormal talents as believable as a psychopath. - Author: Dean Koontz
Psychopath quotes by Dean Koontz
#101. Vengeance against predators is meals on wheels. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
Psychopath quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#102. So, yeah, the psychopath might cry when his dog dies and you think that's misplaced because he doesn't cry when his daughter dies." I - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#103. He focused on me completely, the same way he did when he asked me a question and waited for an answer. It was almost impossible to look away. If he ever fell in love - which probably wasn't possible, given that he was likely a psychopath - his would be the kind of devotion people fantasized about. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Psychopath quotes by Ilona Andrews
#104. It just baffles me how badly evolution is bombing on the fertility front; it makes no sense that when I was the least equipped mentally and financially to have a kid, I was the most able to. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Biology is a raging, sexist psychopath. - Author: Whitney Cummings
Psychopath quotes by Whitney Cummings
#105. Psychopaths know intellectually what is immoral they just don't have a feeling of immorality about it. - Author: Barbara Oakley
Psychopath quotes by Barbara Oakley
#106. Stop fucking dictators! Every time you have sex with a rich, sadistic sociopath, you only perpetuate all the darkness in the world. - Author: Roberto Hogue
Psychopath quotes by Roberto Hogue
#107. I regularly comment on my desire to exploit my admirers or to kill babies and cute animals, and I don't even need to laugh or smile for people to think I am joking. - Author: M.E. Thomas
Psychopath quotes by M.E. Thomas
#108. Psychopaths play on the fact that most of us are trusting and forgiving people. The warning signs are always there; it's just difficult to see them because once we trust someone, the friendship becomes a blinder. - The Psychopath Next Door. - Author: Mercy Cortez
Psychopath quotes by Mercy Cortez
#109. Why did you push her ?' Rosa screams again. I realise she's pointing at me. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Psychopath quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#110. I don't think you're crazy," I say. "And I don't think you're a psychopath. I don't think you're a heartless murderer. I don't care what anyone else says about you. I think you're a good person. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
Psychopath quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#111. What happened, Bob explained to us now, although we didn't need telling, was that Jack Abbott was a psychopath. He couldn't bear being disrespected. His self-worth was too grandiose for that. He couldn't control his impulses. "When - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#112. Even if you believe that every human being harbors an immortal soul, the problem of responsibility remains: I cannot take credit for the fact that I do not have the soul of a psychopath. - Author: Sam Harris
Psychopath quotes by Sam Harris
#113. Another difference between psychopaths and other inmates is that psychopaths don't get distressed by being in prison. Most inmates get depressed when they get inside, and they find prison to be a stressful experience. A hallmark feature of psychopaths' disorder is that they don't get bothered by much of anything. They don't ruminate and they don't get depressed. - Author: Kent A. Kiehl
Psychopath quotes by Kent A. Kiehl
#114. You know the best example of sincerity? The absolute gold standard?
Angus pointed to the door, outside which Cyril was waiting patiently. A dog. Have you ever met an insincere dog - a dog who hides his true feelings?
Domenica looked thoughtful.
And cats?
Dreadfully insincere, said Angus. Psychopaths- every one of them. Show me a cat, Domenica, and I'll show you a psychopath. Textbook examples. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Psychopath quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#115. Donald Trump has been called, by psychologists and clinical psychologists, over and over again, a narcissist with multiple sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies. - Author: Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
Psychopath quotes by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy
#116. It's hard to recognize the devil when his hand is on your shoulder.
That's because a psychopath is just a person before he becomes a headline. - Author: Becky Masterman
Psychopath quotes by Becky Masterman
#117. I have no doubt there are magician psychopaths, and magician serial killers. I doubt Brakebills admissions is very good at screening for those. - Author: Lev Grossman
Psychopath quotes by Lev Grossman
#118. Guy's a psychopath,even by vampire standards. And that's saying something. - Author: Kiersten White
Psychopath quotes by Kiersten White
#119. I am the neurological opposite of a psychopath, in that I feel anxious almost all the time. It must be great to not constantly feel like you've got someone living inside your face, shooting you with a mini Taser. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#120. It was nothing more than a beautiful prison, run by a psychopath. - Author: Blake Crouch
Psychopath quotes by Blake Crouch
#121. sutures, bandages, antibiotics Mop Sucking chest wound Anesthesia, surgery Cork Cancer Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery Casket wreath* 13 Diabetes Insulin Leeches* 14 Hatchet embedded in skull Removal of hatchet, treatment of wound Larger hat Eyes gouged out in hospital by psychopath posing as nurse Prosthetic eyeballs, therapy Six-pack Source: - Author: Dave Barry
Psychopath quotes by Dave Barry
#122. No I'm not," I whisper to myself. "I'm a fucking evil psychopath. - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Psychopath quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#123. I sometimes find that playing the bad guy, or villains, or psychopaths tend to be much more psychologically rewarding. And you can really push it, you can push the limits, and get away with it. - Author: Sean Bean
Psychopath quotes by Sean Bean
#124. I think we are entitled to at least three provisional conclusions. The first is that religion and the churches are manufactured, and that this salient fact is too obvious to ignore. The second is that ethics and morality are quite independent of faith, and cannot be derived from it. The third is that religion is - because it claims a special divine exemption for its practices and beliefs - not just amoral but immoral. The ignorant psychopath and or brute who mistreats his children must be punished but can be understood. Those who claim a heavenly warrant for the cruelty have been tainted by evil, and also constitute far more danger. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Psychopath quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#125. The 16 characteristics of psychopaths:

1. Intelligent
2. Rational
3. Calm
4. Unreliable
5. Insincere
6. Without shame or remorse
7. Having poor judgment
8. Without capacity for love
9. Unemotional
10. Poor insight
11. Indifferent to the trust or kindness of others
12. Overreactive to alcohol
13. Suicidal
14. Impersonal sex life
15. Lacking long-term goals
16. Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior - Author: Hervey M. Cleckley
Psychopath quotes by Hervey M. Cleckley
#126. Admittedly they had a lot to take in, between the whole Jack-is-a-psychopath-who-wanted-me-to-destroy-a-species thing, and also the turns-out-I'm-less-human-than-we-thought thing. - Author: Kiersten White
Psychopath quotes by Kiersten White
#127. Always treat everyone with respect. You never know who is secretly a psychopath. - Author: Alex Wayne
Psychopath quotes by Alex Wayne
#128. There's always something in it for the person who is allowing to be taken advantage of. - Psychotherapist David in Type 1 Sociopath - Author: P.A. Speers
Psychopath quotes by P.A. Speers
#129. This is it." Morgan gestured to the French doors like she was modeling a prize on a game show. "Here we have door number one. Will it lead our contestant to the dog-faced man of her dreams? Or will she find an axe-wielding psychopath? Stay tuned. - Author: Cole Gibsen
Psychopath quotes by Cole Gibsen
#130. Let's be perfectly clear, shall we. The fox is not a little orange puppy dog with doe eyes and a waggly tail. It's a disease-ridden wolf with the morals of a psychopath and the teeth of a great white shark. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
Psychopath quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#131. Do you know a Psychopath?

You do not know me; but after reading my memoir you will know me a little better and you will have had the experience of safely getting into the mind and life of a young psychopath in training.

Critics have written: It is a powerful and unusual memoir; brutal and raw.

A Psychopath In Training: In 1997 psychiatrist's contracted by the Correctional Service and the National Parole Board wrote in their final report, before I was released back into the community, they had diagnosed me to be a psychopath.

A Psychopath: How does one become a Psychopath?

After of the death of my young mother, when I was fourteen, I became a ward of the state and forced into the care and custody of the Catholic Christian Brothers at St. John's Catholic Training School for Boys until after I turned sixteen. Since then I have been incarcerated over seventeen years in various prisons, institutions and juvenile detention centres. I have been interviewed and treated by so many prison psychiatrists and psychologists I should be called the professional.

In my youth I have experienced almost every kind of sleaze, sex and violence humans can inflict on each other. I had to learn the hard way on how to identify and deal with the people who were the dangerous psychopath's in my life and the proof I succeeded is; I am still alive.

My book cover depicts what is coming out of the government foster homes and prison - Author: Michael A. Hodge
Psychopath quotes by Michael A. Hodge
#132. Between the self and the other, between the visionary and the psychopath, between the lover and his love, between the overworld and the underworld, falls the Shadow. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Psychopath quotes by Salman Rushdie
#133. You take this cold, remarkable, difficult, dangerous, borderline psychopath man, and you wonder what might have happened to him had he not met his best friend, a friend that no one would have put him with – this solid, dependable, brave, big-hearted war hero. I think people fall in love, not with Sherlock Holmes or with Dr. Watson, but with their friendship. I think it is the most famous friendship in fiction, without a doubt. - Author: Steven Moffat
Psychopath quotes by Steven Moffat
#134. These days, there are other names for us besides predator - more civilized ways to describe us. More scientific. The one that fits me the best is a name that's flung about far too casually these days, but it's accurate in my case. Psychopath. - Author: Ginger Talbot
Psychopath quotes by Ginger Talbot
#135. what is a psychopath? The short version." "A person who is superficially charming and well-spoken; demonstrates inflated self-esteem, arrogance, and a sense of superiority; is consistently deceitful and prone to pathological lying; is cunning and manipulative, maneuvering others for his or her own personal gain; has no remorse and feels no guilt; is callous, inconsiderate, and unconcerned by the pain and suffering of others; shows shallow affect, demonstrating a limited range and depth of emotional responses and feelings; exhibits minimal fear responses and a disinclination to change behavior in response to pain or negative social stimuli; and gets bored easily, needing constant stimulation. - Author: Paul Draker
Psychopath quotes by Paul Draker
#136. I'm not actually a psychopath. I don't look evil. People don't normally want to put me in the same kind of things afterward, so I'm looking forward to people taking a few risks and hopefully seeing me as the character actor that I think I am. - Author: David Oakes
Psychopath quotes by David Oakes
#137. As institutional psychopaths, corporations are wont to remove obstacles that get into their way. - Author: Joel Bakan
Psychopath quotes by Joel Bakan
#138. I'm just saying that statistically, a psychopath is more likely to end up as a CEO than a serial killer. - Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Psychopath quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#139. Tony then explained how 'fucking stupid' most people are and believe anything as long as you liberally apply the words 'I Love You'. He then said, "The best ones are the ones who didn't get any love as kids; parents were a bit cold and so on. People from these families will do anything if you tell them you love them. They are like addicts or something. they never had, you know, parental affection and love as kids. It's a bit weird, alright, but you can spot these a mile away. - Author: Thomas Sheridan
Psychopath quotes by Thomas  Sheridan
#140. The eyes of a psychopath will deceive you, they will destroy you. They will take from you, your innocence, your pride and eventually your soul. These eyes do not see what you and I can see. Behind these eyes, one finds only blackness, the absence of light. These are of a psychopath. - Author: Dr. Samuel Loomis
Psychopath quotes by Dr. Samuel Loomis
#141. For Feric Jaggar is essentially a monster: a narcissistic psychopath with paranoid obsessions. His total self-assurance and certainty is based on a total lack of introspective self-knowledge. In a sense, such a human being would be all surface and no interior. He would be able to manipulate the surface of social reality by projecting his own pathologies upon it, but he would never be able to share in the inner communion of interpersonal relationships. Such a creature could give a nation the iron leadership and sense of certainty to face a mortal crisis, but at what cost? Led by the likes of a Feric Jaggar, we might gain the world at the cost of our souls. No, - Author: Norman Spinrad
Psychopath quotes by Norman Spinrad
#142. What my research told me is that a psychopath cannot change. You're born like that. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
Psychopath quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#143. In this world where value is unknown, but the price of anything is marked, where the creation of self has been abandoned for the search for self, the behavior diagnosed as antisocial is often too quickly ascribed to intelligence when thrust into contact with widespread conformity, and refuses. - Author: Glenn Hefley
Psychopath quotes by Glenn Hefley
#144. I'm not a psychopath; my brain just works a little differently than that of the average person. - Author: J. Cornell Michel
Psychopath quotes by J. Cornell Michel
#145. A.I. is the perfect psychopath. - Author: Rick Delmonico
Psychopath quotes by Rick Delmonico
#146. You are so beautiful, I could eat you, he said.
And it was true. Her smile was as intoxicating as the wine.
And he could eat her. - Author: Jonas Eriksson
Psychopath quotes by Jonas Eriksson
#147. The most debilitating characteristic of even the most well-behaved psychopath is the inability to form a workable team. - Author: Robert D. Hare
Psychopath quotes by Robert D. Hare
#148. I wondered if sometimes the difference between a psychopath in Broadmoor and a psychopath on Wall Street was the luck of being born into a stable, rich family. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#149. So what - there's plenty of time: for the two weeks of Christmastime there's no marrying - you find me a match during that time, and on Epiphany, in the evening, we'll get married and leave." "My dear man," I say, "you must have gone a bit out of your mind from boredom." (The word "psychopath" was not yet in use among us.) - Author: Nikolai Leskov
Psychopath quotes by Nikolai Leskov
#150. He lives down in a ribcage in the dry leaves of a heart. - Author: Thomas Harris
Psychopath quotes by Thomas Harris
#151. The Magnificent Seven consisted of one swimmer of color, a representative from each extreme of the educational spectrum, a muscle man, a giant, a chameleon, and a one-legged psychopath. When I envision us walking seven abreast through the halls of Cutter High, decked out in the sacred blue and gold, my heart swells. - Author: Chris Crutcher
Psychopath quotes by Chris Crutcher
#152. Beside his own person and his own interests, nothing is sacred to the psychopath. - Author: Erik Larson
Psychopath quotes by Erik Larson
#153. If a woman is super-successful, she is called a psychopath. - Author: Kangana Ranaut
Psychopath quotes by Kangana Ranaut
#154. I pissed off Quinn, and probably chased her into the arms of a psychopath. Oh, and I made out with another guy. It's a miracle our clothes stayed on. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Psychopath quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#155. Tony faked mental illness. That's when you have hallucinations and delusions. Mental illness comes and goes. It can get better with medication. Tony is a psychopath. That doesn't come and go. It is how the person is." Faking - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#156. Some sort of psychopath, like a serial killer. - Author: Patricia Cornwell
Psychopath quotes by Patricia Cornwell
#157. Pretend and real are all real to a psychopath. - Author: Lorraine Toussaint
Psychopath quotes by Lorraine Toussaint
#158. At the end of our conversation she (Martha Stout) turned to address you, the reader. She said if you're beginning to feel worried that you may be a psychopath, if you recognize some of those traits in yourself, if you're feeling a creeping anxiety about it, that means you are not one. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#159. To any survivor who may be doubting whether what they've experienced is truly abuse, remember that emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse will never be, and should never be, considered part of the messy equation of a normal relationship. As both metal health professionals and survivors can attest to, the traumatic highs and lows of being with a narcissist, a sociopath, or a psychopath are not the natural highs and lows of regular relationships. That suggestion is quite damaging to society and to survivors all around the world. - Author: Shahida Arabi
Psychopath quotes by Shahida Arabi
#160. There is a point where courage becomes a symptom of mental illness. - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman
Psychopath quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#161. To the eye a shot is only geometry and yardage and wind, but to a still-beating heart pulling a trigger on another living body and watching it fall is to be avoided, it does not give you a good feeling. If you aren't a psychopath or a male. - Author: Brian McGreevy
Psychopath quotes by Brian McGreevy
#162. Piece of cake really – Enforcers, crazy psychopath dude with giant laser rail guns, throw in a few bounty hunters, a couple torture experts – sounds great, I really can't wait can you?" Duv Jackson, Gunship - Author: J.J. Snow
Psychopath quotes by J.J. Snow
#163. Centuries-old ways of looking at the world, centuries-old rules, are jettisoned seemingly overnight. Traditions are mocked and banished. A man - or woman - with an unstable mind sees things falling apart. 'The center cannot hold; / mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.' To a psychopath, anarchy is exciting, the chaotic world reflects his chaotic interior life, confirms his conviction that anything should be allowed, that he can rightly do whatever he wants. - Author: Dean Koontz
Psychopath quotes by Dean Koontz
#164. Fact: A psychopath is born every 47 seconds. - Author: Kent A. Kiehl
Psychopath quotes by Kent A. Kiehl
#165. Justice departments and parole boards all over the world have accepted his contention that psychopaths are quite simply incurable and everyone should concentrate their energies instead on learning how to root them out using his PCL-R Checklist, which he has spent a lifetime refining. His was not the only psychopath checklist around, but it was by far the most extensively used. - Author: Jon Ronson
Psychopath quotes by Jon Ronson
#166. There are some people who always feel happy. They're called psychopaths - Author: Tal Ben-Shahar
Psychopath quotes by Tal Ben-Shahar
#167. You're a psychopath."
"I prefer creative. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Psychopath quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#168. What makes psychopathy so different, so surreal, so much like a relational [email protected]$*tch-slap that it nearly knocks her head off?

--The sensation of being emotionally 'jumped' from behind.
--The inability to wrap her head around the emotional-physical-spiritual-sexual gang-bang that just happened when she thought she was with the most wonderful person.

No one can figure out how a dangerous psychopath curled up to them like a purring cat. Half of recovery is just trying to figure out 'what was THAT? - Author: Sandra L. Brown
Psychopath quotes by Sandra L. Brown
#169. McCain might have suffered hardships in his life, but what had happened to him had nothing to do with his background or his color; they were convenient excuses now. He had been a psychopath from the start. - Author: Anthony Horowitz
Psychopath quotes by Anthony Horowitz
#170. Well, first I tried just telling her the truth. That if you kiss her, you'll die. She started crying hysterically."
"Oh, good thinking," I say, lifting the cup of hot chocolate to my mouth. Why hadn't I thought of that right off?
"Yeeeah, turns out not so much. I thought that might have worked since, you know, she's supposedly in love with you, but then being a total psychopath and all, she started blubbering, 'I'd rather have one perfect passionate kiss with Haden and lose him forever, than to have never kissed him at all.'"
I almost choke on a sip of hot chocolate. It burns my throat. - Author: Bree Despain
Psychopath quotes by Bree Despain
#171. If you play a gay role, it sticks more than it does if an actor were to play a murderer or a psychopath. - Author: Harry Hamlin
Psychopath quotes by Harry Hamlin
#172. Despite myself, I wince. Everything about her screams "psychopath" – and not the ho-hum, hey-kid-I'm-a-creepy-loner-who's-gonna-chop-you-up-and-eat-you kind that Hollywood adores. She's the truly effed-up variety. The hey-bitch-I'm-the-pageant-spawned-nightmare-who's-gonna-make-you-wish-you-were-dead-if-you-even-think-about-running-against-me-for-Prom-Queen type. And it's got me checking for the nearest exit.
Until he steps in. - Author: K.C. King
Psychopath quotes by K.C. King
#173. 'If life is pain, one could say that killing is an act of compassion. I look forward to my own death, you know. But dying is like losing you virginity. You can only do it once. I'm saving it for the right moment.' - Author: Amanda Steiger
Psychopath quotes by Amanda Steiger

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