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#1. All what stuck in my mind was what the judge had said, and that was during the assault there must have been some passive co-operation on my part. Added to the fact that the Wests had only been fined £25 each for each of the charges against them, a total of £100 was all that I was worth. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#2. That high pitch scream emitted by Rose made me wince! Her ear bursting howls would stun me into silence as much as it silenced the eldest child in their home, eight-year-old Anna-Marie. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#3. I had forgotten the fact that I had been raped, something no one would understand, how could anyone forget something as traumatic as being raped? - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#4. Once you'd been with Freddie, you wouldn't go anywhere else.' (How true this was to prove.) This incessant bragging by Fred West was at best, annoying and at worst, sickening. According to him, he was God's gift to women. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#5. As a child, I was attractive to paedophiles. I suppose being indecently assaulted when I was 13 years old should have warned me that there were some weird and dangerous men out there, but I had got over that episode in my life. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#6. I always thought of myself as being the unluckiest girl I knew. I was, I believed, a 'jinx' and I was 'jinxed', or so I thought! - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#7. Straightaway, they started chatting and telling me their names: Fred and Rose West. I was surprised that they were married, I wouldn't have fancied someone like him, and she was pretty. I felt she could have done a lot better for herself, but they seemed happy and he was quite charming, in a roguish kind of way. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#8. I knew I hadn't been the most innocent of victims, but I didn't deserve this. DC Smith stood and grinned at me as he thanked me and left the room, leaving me to cry and to ponder on his not very adept handling of the situation. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#9. I left the court feeling sure that Rose West would never walk free again. That thought made me happy. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#10. The police still found this earlier omission in my statement hard to understand, but they weren't the ones who had been the victim of the Wests, how could they have understood? - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#11. Rose West was starting 10 life sentences with no prospect of ever being released, Fred West had gone to hell, I had got my life back and the media circus had moved on to the next big scoop. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#12. 25 States allow anyone to buy a gun, strap it on, and walk down the street with no permit of any kind: some say it's crazy. However, four out of five US murders are committed in the other half of the country: so who's crazy? - Author: Andrew Ford
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Andrew Ford
#13. Hollywood is the kind of town that likes to make everything larger than life: movie premieres, aging actress' lips, and murders. Actors come from all over the world to find their sliver of fame on the street of L.A. Many stars rise, but many more fall. - Author: Rob Manuel
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Rob Manuel
#14. It's a matter of public safety for us all. Innocent people are going to prison, leaving the real perpetrators on the street, often to continue their acts of violence. - Author: Robert K. Cromwell
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Robert K. Cromwell
#15. It's just that you are practiced at persuading, and sometimes it's quite difficult, sir to distinguish being persuaded by you from being knocked down in street and stamped on.
Pg.406 - Author: Hilary Mantel
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Hilary Mantel
#16. When have I, when have I ever forced anyone to do anything, he starts to say: but Richard cuts in, "No, you don't, I agree, it's just that you are practiced at persuading, and sometimes it's quite difficult, sir, to distinguish being persuaded by you from being knocked down in the street and stamped on."
-Richard (?) nee Cromwell to Thomas Cromwell,358 - Author: Hilary Mantel
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Hilary Mantel
#17. Cromwell informed me I'd only have the keys to my car once I'd earned his trust back. His trust? Like I was the creeptastic person who whipped kids off the street and collected them like figurines? - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#18. The thing is," he said, "maybe in the same situation, even knowing what I know now, I'd still do the same thing. I'd still tear that Christian bastard's nails out, get him to talk, find out where the bomb was, hope that the plods got the right street, the right end of it, the right fucking city." He looked at me with what might have been defiance or even a sort of pleading. "But I'd still insist that I was charged and prosecuted." He shook his head again. "Don't you see? You can't have a state where torture is legal, not for anything. You start saying it's only for the most serious cases, but that never lasts. It should always be illegal, for everybody, for everything. You might not stop it. Laws against murder don't stop all murders, do they? But you make sure people don't even think about it unless it's a desperate situation, something immediate. And you have to make the torturer pay. In full. There has to be that disincentive, or they'll all be at it. - Author: Iain Banks
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Iain Banks
#19. Whether your characters journey daily to a distant moon or just down the street to the corner bar, what matters to the reader is the singular event that distinguishes one such voyage from all the others and makes for a story worth telling. - Author: Peter Selgin
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Peter Selgin
#20. I got caught stealing when I was a kid from the local bodega right across the street from where we lived. I tried to steal a big bag of Red Hot Dollars. And I swear, I was about 7 years old and the bag was bigger'n me. - Author: Marlon Wayans
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Marlon Wayans
#21. As the wine went down in the bottles, patriotism arose in the three men. And when the wine was gone they went down the hill arm in arm for comradeship and safety, and they walked into Monterey. In front of an enlistment station they cheered loudly for America and dared Germany to do her worst. They howled menaces at the German Empire until the enlistment sergeant awakened and put on his uniform and came into the street to silence them. He remained to enlist them. - Author: John Steinbeck
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by John Steinbeck
#22. Okay, dumbass. Perspective time," Gordon muttered as he ripped the greasy bag open. He would force himself to eat. He was not going to become an obsessed basketcase. He wasn't.

"First of all," he said, yanking the utensil drawer open." He is capable of murdering a huge juicer in the middle of the street and then disappearing with the body within seconds."

He removed one of the cartons and shoved his fork into the mound of noodles. "Two, he is probably a sociopath. Three, he thinks I'm a complete ballsack of a moron. - Author: Santino Hassell
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Santino Hassell
#23. The final lesson a writer learns is that everything can nourish the writer. The dictionary, a new word, a voyage, an encounter, a talk on the street, a book, a phrase learned. - Author: Anais Nin
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Anais Nin
#24. In policing, some uniforms and cars are black and white, but on the street, in the real world, nothing is black and white - Author: Edmond Gagnon
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Edmond Gagnon
#25. Street culture is punk, hip-hop, skateboarding, surfing, graffiti. It's like a massive global culture that is all tied together. But for so many years it was very geographic. - Author: Jeffrey Deitch
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Jeffrey Deitch
#26. I moved in distance and as the fight unfolded, I landed a big, destructive, hard-hitting right hand (The Muckspreader) smack on the button and he collapsed in a (muck) heap on the deck, out for the count.
His mates looked at me and never said a word. The big fella was asleep and wasn't moving ... I had flattened him. - Author: Stephen Richards
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Stephen Richards
#27. Many wise and true sermons are preached us everyday by unconscious ministers in street, school, office, or home; even a fair table may become a pulpit, if it can offer the good and helpful words which are never out of season. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#28. Some girls on the street don't have a lot of money, but they have the best style. It's not about being able to buy everything in the store. - Author: Nina Garcia
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Nina Garcia
#29. Privately, we always called 'Hill Street' 'Cop Soap.' - Author: Steven Bochco
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Steven Bochco
#30. The tattoos around his eyes burned as he scanned the surrounding area. No one but him probably noticed, but the plumes of darkness branching in every direction were writhing and groaning, desperate to avoid the light of the moon and street lamps.
Come to me, he beseeched them.
They didn't hesitate. As if they'd merely been waiting for the invitation, they danced toward him, flattening against his car, shielding it - and thereby him - from prying eyes.
"Freaks me out every damn time you do that," Rowan said as he crawled into the front passenger seat. For the first time, Sean's friend had accompanied him to "keep you from doing something you'll regret." Not that Gabby had known. Rowan had lain in the backseat the entire drive. "I can't see a damn thing."
"I can." Sean's gaze could cut through shadows as easily as a knife through butter.
Gabby was in the process of settling behind the wheel of her car. Though more than two weeks had passed since their kiss, they hadn't touched again. Not even a brush of fingers.
He was becoming desperate for more.
That kiss . . . it was the hottest of his life. He'd forgotten where he was, what - and who - was around him. He'd never, never, risked discovery like that. But that night, having Gabby so close, those lush lips of hers parted and ready, those brown eyes watching him as if he were something delicious, he'd been unable to stop himself. He'd beckoned the shadows around them, meshed their lips together, - Author: Gena Showalter
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Gena Showalter
#31. My boss seems to think that my hair is gonna fall off & go into the ice cream. This hair ain't movin' my dude. 150mph on the highway on a street bike it doesn't move! What makes you think it's gonna move in a gelato shop? - Author: Pauly D
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Pauly D
#32. Ernestine Warner was working with the same rough information available to traders like Eisman. This was insane: The arbiter of the value of the bonds lacked access to relevant information about the bonds. "When we asked her why", said Vinny, she said "The issuers won't give it to us". That's when i lost it. "You need to demand to get it!" She looked at us like, We can't do that. We were like, "Who is in charge here? You're the grown-up. You're the cop! Tell them the fucking give it to you!!!" Eisman concluded that "S&P was worried that if they demanded the data from Wall Street, Wall Street would just go to Moody's for their ratings. - Author: Michael Lewis
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Michael   Lewis
#33. Sir Thomas More, son of Sir John More, a justice of the King's Bench, was born in 1478, in Milk Street, in the city of London. After his earlier education at St. Anthony's School, in Threadneedle Street, he was placed, as a boy, in the household of Cardinal John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor. It was not unusual for persons of wealth or influence and sons of good families to be so established together in a relation of patron and client. The youth wore his patron's livery, and added to his state. The patron used, afterwards, his wealth or influence in helping his young client forward in the world. Cardinal Morton had been in earlier days that Bishop of Ely whom Richard III. sent to the Tower; was busy afterwards in hostility to Richard; and was a chief adviser of Henry VII., who in 1486 made him Archbishop of Canterbury, and nine months afterwards Lord Chancellor. Cardinal Morton - of talk at whose table there are recollections in "Utopia" - delighted in the quick wit of young Thomas More. He once said, "Whoever shall live to try it, shall see this child here waiting at table prove a notable and rare man. - Author: Thomas More
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Thomas More
#34. Ready yourselves!' Mullone heard himself say, which was strange, he thought, for he knew his men were prepared.
A great cry came from beyond the walls that were punctuated by musket blasts and Mullone readied himself for the guns to leap into action. Mullone felt a tremor. The ground shook and then the first rebels poured through the gates like an oncoming tide. Mullone saw the leading man; both hands gripping a green banner, face contorted with zeal. The flag had a white cross in the centre of the green field and the initials JF below it. John Fitzstephen. Then, there were more men behind him, tens, then scores. And then time seemed to slow.
The guns erupted barely twenty feet from them.
Later on, Mullone would remember the great streaks of flame leap from the muzzles to lick the air and all of the charging rebels were shredded and torn apart in one terrible instant. Balls ricocheted on stone and great chunks were gouged out by the bullets. Blood sprayed on the walls as far back as the arched gateway, limbs were shorn off, and Mullone watched in horror as a bloodied head tumbled down the sloped street towards the barricade.
'Jesus sweet suffering Christ!' Cahill gawped at the carnage as the echo of the big guns resonated like a giant's beating heart.
Trooper O'Shea bent to one side and vomited at the sight of the twitching, bleeding and unrecognisable lumps that had once been men. A man staggered with both arms missing. Another crawled back to the ga - Author: David Cook
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by David        Cook
#35. The round silence of night,
one note on the stave
of the infinite.

Ripe with lost poems,
I step naked into the street.
The blackness riddled
by the singing of crickets:
that dead
that musical light
by the spirit.

A thousand butterfly skeletons
sleep within my walls.

A wild crowd of young breezes
over the river.

- Hour of Stars (1920) - Author: Federico Garcia Lorca
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#36. I never met my theater fans. I'm out the stage door five minutes after the curtain goes up. So that's it. I don't even know who comes, but thank God they do come. I can't tell. I keep my head down. I don't meet them. The fans from "Harry Potter" are kids who stop me in the street. I love that. That's terrific. I was amazed how many do. - Author: Michael Gambon
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Michael Gambon
#37. Are you chuckling yet? Because then along came you. A big, broad meat eater with brash blond hair and ruddy skin that burns at the beach. A bundle of appetites. A full, boisterous guffaw; a man who tells knock know jokes. Hot dogs - not even East 86th Street bratwurst but mealy, greasy big guts that terrifying pink. Baseball. Gimme caps. Puns and blockbuster movies, raw tap water and six-packs. A fearless, trusting consumer who only reads labels to make sure there are plenty of additives. A fan of the open road with a passion for his pickup who thinks bicycles are for nerds. Fucks hard and talks dirty; a private though unapologetic taste for porn. Mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction; a subscription to National Geographic. Barbecues on the Fourth of July and intentions, in the fullness of time, to take up golf. Delights in crappy snack foods of ever description: Burgles. Curlies. Cheesies. Squigglies - you're laughing - but I don't eat them - anything that looks less like food than packing material and at least six degrees of separation from the farm. Bruce Springsteen, the early albums, cranked up high with the truck window down and your hair flying. Sings along, off-key - how is it possible that I should be endeared by such a tin ear?Beach Boys. Elvis - never lose your roots, did you, loved plain old rock and roll. Bombast. Though not impossibly stodgy; I remember, you took a shine to Pearl Jam, which was exactly when Kevin went off them...(sorry). It just had to be no - Author: Lionel Shriver
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Lionel Shriver
#38. It allows you to say things that sound very dramatic and get away with it. If you had characters in modern fiction say the same things as they're driving down the street in an Oldsmobile they'd sound ludicrous! - Author: Terry Goodkind
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Terry Goodkind
#39. What street is this?
Mandelstam Street.
What a crooked name!
No matter how you twist it,
It doesn't come out straight.

Nothing in him was stuck on right,
His morals sure weren't lily white,
Which is why this street
Or, better yet, this slum
Is called, correctly,
Mandelstam. - Author: Osip Mandelstam
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Osip Mandelstam
#40. Damen Trent pushed his fat fingers between the blinds, peering across the street. Sure enough, all the windows of the Mekinet News building were in darkness. - Author: Peter James West
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Peter James West
#41. Everything was fine with the Zen Lunatics, the nut wagon was too far away to hear us. But there was a wisdom in it all, as you'll see if you take a walk some night on a suburban street and pass house after house on both sides of the street each with the lamplight of the living room, shining golden, and inside the little blue square of the television, each living family riveting its attention on probably one show; nobody talking; silence in the yards; dogs barking at you because you pass on human feet instead of on wheels. You'll see what I mean, when it begins to appear like everybody in the world is soon going to be thinking the same way and the Zen Lunatics have long joined dust, laughter on their dust lips. - Author: Jack Kerouac
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Jack Kerouac
#42. I often go out on the street with my camera and ask questions. - Author: Beeban Kidron
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Beeban Kidron
#43. In 2008, when almost every other investor got crushed, and even the Wall Street "experts" were down by almost half, I was up 17 percent - beating the S&P Average by over 50 percent.

Reminiscences of a Stock Market Flea - Author: James J. Houts
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by James J. Houts
#44. He lifted the book from the purse. The cover sported a painting of a stunning redhead in a long, pink gown who stared out the window over rolling green hills. The cover was slightly narrower than the rest of the book, and from underneath peeked out what looked to be a second cover. He turned the page and was startled at what he saw. Another full-color painting, but this one of a shirtless man smashing the heavily bosomed redhead onto a red couch. Her clothes were torn and their torsos met violently. The man's face was savage; the woman's head thrown back in surrender.
Sam flicked back and forth between the image of the prim, composed woman on the front cover and her ribald, passionate abandon on the inside cover.
He glanced out the window to see Ally emerge onto the street below, her head held high and her gait tight and focused as she marched away, prim and composed.
He flipped to the inside cover.
Hot damn. - Author: Diana Holquist
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Diana Holquist
#45. I go down the street thinking, 'Oh my God, I live in New York.' But then I think, 'Oh my God, I'm on Broadway!' - Author: Ciara Renee
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Ciara Renee
#46. It was the job of people like me to make up reasons, to spin a plausible yarn. And it's amazing what people will believe. Heavy selling out of the Middle East was an old standby. Since no one ever had any clue what the Arabs were doing with their money or why, no story involving Arabs could ever be refuted. So if you didn't know why the dollar was falling, you shouted out something about Arabs. - Author: Michael Lewis
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Michael Lewis
#47. Well, then. I guess I'll make my way over towards Redborough and the houses of ill repute." Rachel grinned impishly.
Notak did not take his eyes off the street, but a grin found his face. "The brothels? If you are looking for new employment, then you definitely should not have dressed like that. - Author: S.G. Night
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by S.G. Night
#48. Lastly, it should be noted that the nostalgia which the reading public maintains for my former Baker Street address does not exist in me. I no longer crave the bustle of London streets, nor do I miss navigating the tangled mires created by the criminally disposed. - Author: Mitch Cullin
Cromwell Street Murders quotes by Mitch Cullin

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