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#1. Being born as an Indigo, the most difficult mission is to be strong enough to retain your true "self" while living in human stereotype society. Having to pretend, to act "the same as others," can only make you so deeply unhappy and hurt - feeling as though your "wings" have been cut off. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Indigo People quotes by Sahara Sanders
#2. I just didn't ever fit to match the crowd, no matter how hard I tried. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Indigo People quotes by Sahara Sanders
#3. Indigo People pierce the shadowy border between reality and the paranormal… - Author: Sahara Sanders
Indigo People quotes by Sahara Sanders
#4. I am an alien in my own family; the society where I live considers me as a "nerd" and "strange. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Indigo People quotes by Sahara Sanders
#5. Another feature distinguishing Emily from the multitude was a kind of special sensitivity that couldn't be explained from a stereotypical point of view. It was natural for her to make decisions based on so-called sixth feeling instead of logic. Sometimes, she simply felt and knew that it was right to act in a certain way, or that something particular was going to happen in the closest future.
It's interesting that, when she tested decisions made up by intellect and the ones when followed intuition, the latter always won. But how could she explain it to an average person, like those surrounding her in everyday life? - Author: Sahara Sanders
Indigo People quotes by Sahara Sanders
#6. The hardest situation is when the individuals desperate "to cut off your wings" are your closest family members whom you can't escape dealing with. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Indigo People quotes by Sahara Sanders
#7. Implicit egotism can also influence what you chose to do with your life. By analyzing professional membership directories, Pelham and his colleagues found that people named Denise or Dennis are disproportionately likely to become dentists, while people named Laura or Lawrence are more likely to become lawyers, and people with names like George or Georgina to become geologists. - Author: David Eagleman
Indigo People quotes by David Eagleman
#8. We all are born with a certain package. We are who we are: where we were born, who we were born as, how we were raised. We're kind of stuck inside that person, and the purpose of civilization and growth is to be able to reach out and empathize a little bit with other people. And for me, the movies are like a machine that generates empathy. It lets you understand a little bit more about different hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears. It helps us to identify with the people who are sharing this journey with us. - Author: Roger Ebert
Indigo People quotes by Roger Ebert
#9. I think that everybody has acknowledged that, in controlling foxes, hunting is hardly used as a method at all. To say that other ways of killing foxes, such as shooting, are crueller is to accuse all those people who work in the countryside of being more cruel than they need to be. In all the time that I have lived in and represented the countryside, I have seen no evidence that those people have that view. - Author: Ian Cawsey
Indigo People quotes by Ian Cawsey
#10. I'm not one of those people who sees documentaries as a stepping stone to doing fiction. I love documentaries and watch tons of documentaries. But, I like fiction films a lot, too. - Author: Marshall Curry
Indigo People quotes by Marshall Curry
#11. But my Arabic is pretty good. It's good enough to have conversations with people, to understand what they say, to understand what they're feeling. - Author: John Abizaid
Indigo People quotes by John Abizaid
#12. You get people who think you have a mental disorder, people calling you frigid, but I don't care. If they're that desperate, clearly THEY have a problem. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
Indigo People quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#13. What Google did in Web 1.0 was take a feature, which was search, and built an entire business around that utility. In Web 2.0, Twitter took a feature, which is sharing, and built a utility that allowed people to do that on a massive scale. - Author: Peter Fenton
Indigo People quotes by Peter Fenton
#14. Without defeats, how do you really know who the hell you are? If you never had to stand up to something - to get up, to be knocked down, and to get up again - life can walk over you wearing football cleats. But each time you do get up, you're bigger, taller, finer, more beautiful, more kind, more understanding, more loving. Each time you get up, you're more inclusive. More people can stand under your umbrella. - Author: Maya Angelou
Indigo People quotes by Maya Angelou
#15. She felt safe for a while and derived solace from the reflection that there would always be church. If she were a governess all her life there would be church. There was a little sting of guilt in the thought. It would be practising deception.... To despise it all, to hate the minister and the choir and the congregation and yet to come - running - she could imagine herself all her life running, at least in her mind, weekly to some church - working her fingers into their gloves and pretending to take everything for granted and to be just like everybody else and really thinking only of getting into a quiet pew and ceasing to pretend. It was wrong to use church like that. She was wrong - all wrong. It couldn't be helped. Who was there who could help her? She imagined herself going to a clergyman and saying she was bad and wanted to be good - even crying. He would be kind and would pray and smile - and she would be told to listen to sermons in the right spirit. She could never do that.... There she felt she was on solid ground. Listening to sermons was wrong... people ought to refuse to be preached at by these men. Trying to listen to them made her more furious than anything she could think of, more base in submitting... those men's sermons were worse than women's smiles... just as insincere at any rate... and you could get away from the smiles, make it plain you did not agree and that things were not simple and settled... but you could not stop a sermon. It was so unfair. The se - Author: Dorothy M. Richardson
Indigo People quotes by Dorothy M. Richardson
#16. I've come to feel downright uneasy with people who can't say no. What if they yes you to death and then secretly hate you for it? If they never say no, how can you trust their yes? Besides, no makes room for yes, and who doesn't want more room for that? - Author: Kelly Corrigan
Indigo People quotes by Kelly Corrigan
#17. Some people are scared to tell the truth, but I'm going to tell you the Good, the bad, the ugly," it's like, "Let's go there. Let's talk about it." - Author: LeCrae
Indigo People quotes by LeCrae
#18. He [an earnest young reporter] seemed to share the view of many intelligent, well-educated, well-meaning people that, while adult literature may aim to be art, the object of children's books is to whip the little rascals into shape. - Author: Katherine Paterson
Indigo People quotes by Katherine Paterson
#19. We all have much more in common than we have difference. I would say that about people all over the world. They don't know how much in common that they have - Author: Ernest Gaines
Indigo People quotes by Ernest Gaines
#20. When you break up with someone, and I'm not talking casual breakups here, it's hard to take the sudden absence of such an important person in your life. It reminded me of when I'd stopped going to school and the weird uneasy feeling I'd gotten afterward, like I was forgetting to do something. My life until that point had pivoted around some form of education, and all of a sudden, it was gone. Homework, classes, running around, and then – bam – nothing but a life of work stretching out before you. No one prepares you for that feeling or even mentions it. You just suddenly have a gap and have to decide how to fill it.

A break up is like that gap, only much, much more painful. One day the person you talked to constantly or did stuff with is just absent. Gone. Poof. And even though I'm not one of those people who has to be in a relationship all the time, I was feeling at a loss. - Author: Lish McBride
Indigo People quotes by Lish McBride
#21. When I look up, I see people cashing in. I don't see heaven or saints or angels. I see people cashing in on every decent impulse and every human tragedy. - Author: Joseph Heller
Indigo People quotes by Joseph Heller
#22. I think people who do comedy tend to do it well, and to do it painfully and truthfully. So making the leap to drama is easier for them because everything they've done is from pain anyway. - Author: Sandra Bullock
Indigo People quotes by Sandra Bullock
#23. There's a lot of people desperately seeking to find 'the one,' and I think we should learn to be more at peace with ourselves. - Author: Zoe Lister-Jones
Indigo People quotes by Zoe Lister-Jones
#24. You can't control the weather, but that doesn't stop some people from trying. - Author: Frank Sonnenberg
Indigo People quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#25. Although I am ready to defend what I have said, many people expect me to defend what others have attributed to me. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Indigo People quotes by Thomas Sowell
#26. Nobody ever was fired for 9/11. Instead of firing the people who didn't do a good job, we gave them medals. The guy who did a good job, I don't know what happened to him. And what we did was we decided we'd just collect everybody's information. That we'd sort of scrap the Bill of Rights. - Author: Rand Paul
Indigo People quotes by Rand Paul
#27. The secret to all drama, film, TV, or books - the thing that people respond to most, and the thing I find myself as a viewer feeling most interested in, is the idea of change. - Author: Jonathan Nolan
Indigo People quotes by Jonathan Nolan
#28. I know enough about European politics to know you've got a lot of crazy people who make their way onto the ballot. - Author: Karl Rove
Indigo People quotes by Karl Rove
#29. I had a friend where it turned out that she hated my guts, all through our friendship. I thought she was my best friend, and then, in high school, she turned on me and had sordid affairs with all of the people that I'd dated. It was less hurtful because I was in high school, so it was more like, 'What's wrong with you? Gross!' - Author: Mae Whitman
Indigo People quotes by Mae Whitman
#30. When all of our idols are taken away, all our securities and defense mechanisms,
we find out who we really are. We're so little, so poor, so emptyand a shock to ourselves. But the Biblical God takes away our shame,
and we are eventually able to present ourselves in an honest and humble form.
Then we find out who we really are and who God is for usand it is more than enough. That is how an enslaved people became God's people, Israel. - Author: Aaron Lines
Indigo People quotes by Aaron Lines
#31. A Pentagon official once said the people who would actually push the button probably have never seen a person die. He said the only hope -and it's a strange thought - is if they put the button to launch the nuclear war behind a man's heart. The President, then, with a rusty knife, would have to cut out the man's heart, kill the man, to get to the button. - Author: Robin Williams
Indigo People quotes by Robin Williams
#32. The ups and downs of this cosmos may sometimes be acknowledged to be metaphorical ups and downs, but until about Newton's time most people took the "up" of heaven and the "down" of hell to be more or less descriptive. - Author: Northrop Frye
Indigo People quotes by Northrop Frye
#33. It is disappointing how people tend not to read a broad range of material. When the poets only read poetry, the historians only read history, the theorists only read theory, and the philosophers only read philosophy, we experience a clear deficiency in poetry, history, theory, and philosophy. We are far away from Renaissance human beings sculpting themselves to be full and all encompassing in knowledge and life pursuits. - Author: Anthony Leskov
Indigo People quotes by Anthony Leskov
#34. You can end half your troubles immediately by no longer permitting people to tell you what you want. - Author: Vernon Howard
Indigo People quotes by Vernon Howard
#35. Previous generations used to eat locally out of necessity. Without options like flash-freezing and worldwide export services, communities had to rely on local farms for all of their meals. In many ways, this was beneficial. People ate fresh, seasonal foods that were naturally flavorful and nutritious, and farmers and communities prospered. - Author: Homaro Cantu
Indigo People quotes by Homaro Cantu
#36. I honestly produce for myself, not for other people and everyone who supports me I'm really, really, really am thankful for the fact they are supporting me. However, in dance music, you need to switch it up sometimes. - Author: Nicky Romero
Indigo People quotes by Nicky Romero
#37. Some people point to me as the cause of all society's problems, others as if I am the benefactor, responsible for everything good, but I am neither the former nor the latter. I am but a man in particular circumstances, and the most beautiful part is that an individual human life is capable of contributing to the growth, the awakening of the collective strength. That is what matters! - Author: Hugo Chavez
Indigo People quotes by Hugo Chavez
#38. My lord, I will tell you what the case was. I was coming up within a league of the Dutchman, and some of my men were making a mutiny about taking her, and my gunner told the people he could put the captain in a way to take the ship, and be safe. - Author: William Kidd
Indigo People quotes by William Kidd
#39. Look around you. Watch how people function and interact with one another. You'll see this is going on everywhere all the time. People devour each other in the name of love, or family or country. But that's an excuse; they're just hungry and want to be fed. Read their faces, the newspapers, read what it says on their T-shirts! 'I think you're mistaking me for someone who gives a shit.' 'My parents went to London but all they brought me back was this lousy T-shirt.' 'So many women, so little time.' 'Whoever dies with the most toys, wins.' They're supposed to be funny, witty, and postmodern, Miranda. But the truth is they're only stating a fact: Me. I come first. Get out of my way. - Author: Jonathan Carroll
Indigo People quotes by Jonathan Carroll
#40. I wonder how many people
I know are out there,
battling demons and leviathans
alone on this cold night.

How many people I know
who tell me they are fine,
and know how to expertly hide
the cry for help behind their eyes.

How many are just
a helping hand away
from a moment that could
better their entire life.

And how many will never ask,
instead ball up these terrible things
inside themselves thinking they
are all alone in their fight.

It is a sobering thought:
Everyone we love and know
and hate are all suffering
in some great or small way.

This is why we must
be swift with our kindness.
make greater efforts at compassion
when we ask someone if they are okay. - Author: Nikita Gill
Indigo People quotes by Nikita Gill
#41. I used language because I wanted to offer content that people - not necessarily art people - could understand. - Author: Jenny Holzer
Indigo People quotes by Jenny Holzer
#42. You of all people know how hard it is to trust. Especially when the world we live in is not the one humans are aware of. Trust must be earned, and the way to earn it is to prove you deserve it. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
Indigo People quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#43. As soon as there was profit, there were people who wanted to make it, more than they wanted to make anything else. - Author: Joseph Heller
Indigo People quotes by Joseph Heller
#44. People are building the software and so having the pieces be such that a single person understands all the tradeoffs and everything that's going on in a piece is extremely valuable. It avoids getting into an experimental mode where you're just trying things out. That never works. - Author: Bill Gates
Indigo People quotes by Bill Gates
#45. Germany no longer feels bound by the Locarno Treaty. In the interest of the primitive rights of its people to the security of their frontier and the safeguarding of their defence, the German Government has re-established, as from today, the absolute and unrestricted sovereignty of the Reich in the demilitarized zone!" Now the six hundred deputies, personal appointees all of Hitler, little men with big bodies and bulging necks and cropped hair and pouched bellies and brown uniforms and heavy boots, little men of clay in his fine hands, leap to their feet like automatons, their right arms upstretched in the Nazi salute, and scream Heils, the first two or three wildly, the next twenty-five in unison, like a college yell. Hitler raises his hand for silence. It comes slowly. Slowly the automatons sit down. Hitler now has them in his claws. He appears to sense it. He says in a deep, resonant voice: "Men of the German Reichstag!" The silence is utter. - Author: William L. Shirer
Indigo People quotes by William L. Shirer
#46. My Mom and Dad and brother have grown through the years into my closest friends, the people who tell me the most searing truth, who give me soft places to rest and present to me a bright future when the only one I can see from my vantage point is dim and breaking before my eyes. - Author: Shauna Niequist
Indigo People quotes by Shauna Niequist

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