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#1. Who are these people who think a book comes with a guarantee that they will like it? - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Helium Book quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#2. I sent the first half of the dissertation to Rudolf Bultmann [major figures of early 20th century biblical studies and a prominent voice in liberal Christianity] as a courtesy with an invitation to respond to any points in my analysis and critique if he wished. I was speechless when I received a long letter from Bultmann, who had diligently examined the details of my arguments. His letter became a featured part of the publication in 1964 by Westminster Press of Radical Obedience: The Ethics of Rudolf Bultmann: With a Response by Rudolf Bultmann.
That book, more than any other , launched my career as a serious theologian. But it also led to my reputation as a situation ethicist, ironically just about the time I was beginning to disavow situation ethics. - Author: Thomas C. Oden
Helium Book quotes by Thomas C. Oden
#3. In the New Testament it is taught that willing and voluntary service to others is the highest duty and glory in human life ... The men of talent are constantly forced to serve the rest. They make the discoveries and inventions, order the battles, write the books, and produce the works of art. The benefit and enjoyment go to the whole. There are those who joyfully order their own lives so that they may serve the welfare of mankind. - Author: William Graham Sumner
Helium Book quotes by William Graham Sumner
#4. But I can say that if you're a writer who happens to be a woman, you'll get a book cover that depicts a woman with no head, or a woman turning away, or a pair of high heels. You have to fight to not get stuck with these covers. In the U.S. women are chick-lit writers unless they prove otherwise, and that's frustrating. - Author: Lauren Groff
Helium Book quotes by Lauren Groff
#5. Winning her heart again meant more than any championship. - Author: Randi Everheart
Helium Book quotes by Randi Everheart
#6. So you killed him with what now?"
"I tried that Dr. Phil book at first" ... "And I finished it off with the toilet seat. Just so you know, you left it up again. That drives me crazy. - Author: Jesse Petersen
Helium Book quotes by Jesse Petersen
#7. I think 'Comic Book: The Movie' is the apex of my career in terms of making a personal statement that has significance to me and resonates with biographical detail about not only my career, but all the people that I've worked with in my career. All of it's riddled, on- and off-camera, with people I've known and worked with for decades. - Author: Mark Hamill
Helium Book quotes by Mark Hamill
#8. The siren soared again, closer at hand, and then, with no anticipatory roar and clamour, a dark and sinuous body curved into view against the shadows far down the high-banked track, and with no sound but the rush of the cleft wind and the clock like tick of the rails, moved towards the bridge - it was an electric train. Above the engine two vivid blurs of blue light formed incessantly a radiant crackling bar between them, which, like a spluttering flame in a lamp beside a corpse, lit for an instant the successive rows of trees and caused Gloria to draw back instinctively to the far side of the road. The light was tepid - the temperature of warm blood... The clicking blended suddenly with itself in a rush of even sound, and then, elongating in sombre elasticity, the thing roared blindly by her and thundered onto the bridge, racing the lurid shaft of fire it cast into the solemn river alongside. Then it contracted swiftly, sucking in its sound until it left only a reverberant echo, which died upon the farther bank. - Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Helium Book quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#9. Reading Myself
Like thousands I took just pride and more than just,
struck matches that brought my blood to a boil;
I memorized the tricks to set the river on fire
somehow never wrote something to go back to.
Can I suppose I am finished with wax flowers
and have earned my grass on the minor slopes of Parnassus ...
No honeycomb is built without a bee
adding circle to circle, cell to cell,
the wax and honey of a mausoleum
this round dome proves its maker is alive;
the corpse of the insect lives embalmed in honey,
prays that its perishable work live long
enough for the sweet tooth bear to desecrate
this open book..my open coffin - Author: Robert Lowell
Helium Book quotes by Robert Lowell
#10. My favorite anything is always relative to the context of present time, place and mood. When I finish a book and want to immediately find another by the same author and no other, that author is elevated to my favorite. - Author: Amy Tan
Helium Book quotes by Amy Tan
#11. I don't know what will happen to the physical book and what it will mean for authors. I worry whether it will mean people can still make their careers this way. Will whatever comes next allow people to be able to own their ideas and be able to take time to develop them? - Author: Edwidge Danticat
Helium Book quotes by Edwidge Danticat
#12. In one of my favorite anecdotes about Foucault, someone asks him why he writes books. He responds by saying something like "When I begin to write a book, I do not know how it will come out, what it will say in the end. If I already did, I wouldn't need to write it." - Author: Thomas L. Dumm
Helium Book quotes by Thomas L. Dumm
#13. An astonishing book. In compelling language, both homely and elegant, Young Men and Fire miraculously combines a fascinating primer on fires and firefighting, a powerful, breathtakingly real reconstruction of a tragedy, and a meditation on writing, grief and human character ... Maclean's last book will stir your heart and haunt your memory. - Author: Timothy Foote
Helium Book quotes by Timothy Foote
#14. In the book, you lost your powers. In the movie, you chose not to use them as much. I guess I did a little of both. - Author: Mara Wilson
Helium Book quotes by Mara Wilson
#15. One rule of the road not directly stated elsewhere in this book: 'The editor is always right.' The corollary is that no writer will take all of his or her editor's advice; for all have sinned and fallen short of editorial perfection. - Author: Stephen King
Helium Book quotes by Stephen King
#16. On a spring day in 1988…a Massachusetts man who collected books about local history was rummaging through a bin in a New Hampshire antiques barn when something caught his eye. Beneath texts on fertilizers and farm machines lay a slim, worn pamphlet with tea-colored paper covers, titled Tamerlane and Other Poems, by an unnamed author identified simply as "a Bostonian." He was fairly certain he had found something exceptional, paid the $15 price, and headed home, where Tamerlane would spend only one night. The next day, he contacted Sotheby's, and they confirmed his suspicion that he had just made one of the most exciting book discoveries in years. The pamphlet was a copy of Edgar Allan Poe's first text, written when he was only fourteen years old, a find that fortune-seeking collectors have imagined happening upon probably more than they'd like to admit. The humble-looking, forty-page pamphlet was published in 1827 by Calvin F.S. Thomas, a relatively unknown Boston printer who specialized in apothecary labels, and its original price was about twelve cents. But this copy, looking good for its 161 years, most of which were probably spent languishing in one dusty attic box after another, would soon be auctioned for a staggering $198,000. - Author: Allison Hoover Bartlett
Helium Book quotes by Allison Hoover Bartlett
#17. Illegal' takes on a whole new meaning when you're loaded like Barnes. The rich have a separate rule book. To them if it makes money, it can't be wrong. - Author: Jeffrey Ford
Helium Book quotes by Jeffrey Ford
#18. You take the books, you lie there in the pools of light and you drink life. That is how intensely I have loved libraries. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Helium Book quotes by Ray Bradbury
#19. There are many different things in this world to hide, but a secret is not one of them. It is difficult to hide an airplane, for instance, because you generally need to find a deep hole or an enormous haystack, and sneak the airplane inside in the middle of the night, but it is easy to hide a secret about an airplane, because you can merely write it on a tiny piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of your mattress any time you are at home. It is difficult to hide a symphony orchestra, because you usually need to rent a soundproof room and borrow as many sleeping bags as you can find, but it is easy to hide a secret about a symphony orchestra, because you can merely whisper it into the ear of a trustworthy friend or music critic. And it is difficult to hind yourself, because you sometimes need to stuff yourself into the trunk of an automobile, or concoct a disguise out of whatever you can find, but it is easy to hide a secret about yourself because you can merely type it into a book and hope it falls into the right hands. My dear sister, if you are reading things I am still alive, and heading north to try and find you. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Helium Book quotes by Lemony Snicket
#20. Prolonged travel in the alternate world of books can also make a reader more prone to fantasy thinking and estranged from his or her "real" life. - Author: Maureen Corrigan
Helium Book quotes by Maureen Corrigan
#21. The paradox of reading is that the path toward ourselves passes through books, but that this must remain a passage. It is a traversal of books that a good reader engages in - a reader who knows that every book is the bearer of part of himself and can give him access to it, if only he has the wisdom to not end his journey there. - Author: Pierre Bayard
Helium Book quotes by Pierre Bayard
#22. But being is making; not only large things, a family, a book, a business; but the shape we give this afternoon, a conversation between friends, a meal. - Author: Frank Bidart
Helium Book quotes by Frank Bidart
#23. I loved it so much I was sorry to finish it. I closed the book and shocked myself by thinking, This is better than life. I didn't mean or want to think this, but I'm afraid I did. Certainly this feeling about a book is the one that makes people want to write. I don't know why I feel more alive when I write, but I do. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
Helium Book quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#24. I see my work as a continuum, moving from book to book. - Author: Jayne Anne Phillips
Helium Book quotes by Jayne Anne Phillips
#25. My first day as an intern in the books department at 'Cosmopolitan' also happened to be the day the O.J. Simpson verdict was announced. - Author: John Searles
Helium Book quotes by John Searles
#26. The cleanest book on a dusty bookshelf is usually a dirty one. - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Helium Book quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
#27. It was so odd what brought out tenderness in people. It was never what you have expected. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Helium Book quotes by Cassandra Clare
#28. I really recommend that anyone who wants to write have a very physical hobby that takes you away from books and criticism, because it teaches you, it informs you, and it changes your writing. - Author: Jo-Ann Mapson
Helium Book quotes by Jo-Ann Mapson
#29. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this book doesn't play by the feminist rules we've come to know and accept. But what is feminism if it isn't refusing to play by the rules? - Author: Emily May
Helium Book quotes by Emily May
#30. In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and - SNAP - the job's a game! - Author: Julie Andrews Edwards
Helium Book quotes by Julie Andrews Edwards
#31. When I see Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity baying across the television screen, I find it hard to take them seriously. I assume that they must be saying what they do primarily to boost book sales or ratings, although I do wonder who would spend their precious evenings with such sourpusses. - Author: Barack Obama
Helium Book quotes by Barack Obama
#32. In her new book, Sarah Palin says she once gave up chocolate for an entire year just to prove she could do it. Still think she's not qualified to be President? - Author: Jimmy Fallon
Helium Book quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#33. I suppose it's possible that a writer would have feeling for his characters, but I can't see how, because writing is such a meticulous, intricate, technical business. I wish I could say that I love my characters and that frequently they take over the book and run away with the plot and so on. But they don't exist. - Author: John Banville
Helium Book quotes by John Banville
#34. Creating art (music, books, films, etc.) can be beautiful and liberating, but trying to sell art, well, that is the movie business. There are few winners, and lots and lots of losers. - Author: Ronnie Apteker
Helium Book quotes by Ronnie Apteker
#35. In this book industry we have different kinds of birds; excepting one; all having in common that they are ONLY watchers and squawkers at the pond. We have readers, editors, reviewers, interviewers, publishers, marketers, websites, monopolies, and writers. All are better compensated than the writers. Yet the system is totally upside down as those better rewarded are all derivative of what is primary; the writer. Without that person the readers have nothing to read; the editors have nothing to edit; the reviewers have nothing to review; the interviewers have no one to interview; the publishers have nothing to publish; the marketers have nothing to market; the website cannot adware infect 'members,' and the legalized monopolies have nothing to monopolize. So, in effect, this is where the troll steps in. He's kind of a writer; but he's not taking the time to churn out masterpieces. He's just effortlessly telling the vultures exactly what they are. - Author: Edward Drobinski
Helium Book quotes by Edward Drobinski
#36. I am a dash man and not a miler, and it is probable that I will never write a novel. So far the novels of this war have had too much of the strength, maturity and craftsmanship critics are looking for, and too little of the glorious imperfections which teeter and fall off the best minds. The men who have been in this war deserve some sort of trembling melody rendered without embarrassment or regret. I'll watch for that book. - Author: J.D. Salinger
Helium Book quotes by J.D. Salinger
#37. Those that spend the greater part of their time in reading or writing books are, of course, apt to take rather particular notice of accumulations of books when they come across them. They will not pass a stall, a shop, or even a bedroom-shelf without reading some title, and if they find themselves in an unfamiliar library, no host need trouble himself further about their entertainment. The putting of dispersed sets of volumes together, or the turning right way up of those which the dusting housemaid has left in an apoplectic condition, appeals to them as one of the lesser Works of Mercy. - Author: M.R. James
Helium Book quotes by M.R. James
#38. But there was one revelation that came out od TXT4sex. And it was this: any idiot can write a book.
So that is what I did - Author: Morgan Parker
Helium Book quotes by Morgan Parker
#39. Lonesome Dove is a great book that had the rare fortune of being made into a great movie. And now, through Bill Wittliff's photographs, we have a third generation of Lonesome Dove artistry. The same creative power and conviction that allowed Larry McMurtry to transform a workaday scenario for an unproduced screenplay into one of the greatest novels of our time, and that transformed that novel into the greatest western movie ever made, are on display in this collection. A Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove is a masterpiece begot by a masterpiece begot by a masterpiece. - Author: Stephen Harrigan
Helium Book quotes by Stephen Harrigan
#40. He was like something out of a fairytale or a myth, the last of his breed in a world that was writing the last page of its book. - Author: Stephen King
Helium Book quotes by Stephen King
#41. There were so many different versions of him. It was countless versions of a song, and they were all original, and they were all true, and they were all right. It should have been impossible. Was I supposed to love them all? - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Helium Book quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#42. In mid-career, I was at one and the same time the rabbi of a major congregation, writing books, and teaching at Columbia. I didn't spend enough time with my children. Now, when I get an all-important call, I sometimes say that I'm having lunch with my granddaughter. And I do not apologize - Author: Arthur Hertzberg
Helium Book quotes by Arthur Hertzberg
#43. Books have always a secret influence on the understanding. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Helium Book quotes by Samuel Johnson

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