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Elvira, as befitting one who represented a magazine, registered first and demanded a room and bath. She pronounced it "bawth." The clerk seemed aghast at the request. However, in that hotel, any lady got whatever she asked for. It was her unquestioned right, as a lady. But there was no bath in the hotel, nor running water for that matter. The clerk faltered out something about a nice bowl and pitcher in every room, and said he thought they could provide a foot tub. He was sorry; there was no bath. Elvira couldn't grasp the situation. She thought the clerk was stupid--a hotel without a bath was a contradiction in terms. When she explained that she wanted something for complete immersion, the clerk seemed embarrassed. At his wits' end, he suggested (blushing like fire) that the colored boy could bring up the hog scalder. ~ Beatrice Fairfax
Harnath Clerk quotes by Beatrice Fairfax
Tip to out-of-town visitors. If you buy something here in New York and you want to have it shipped home, be suspicious if the clerk tells you they don't need your name and address. ~ David Letterman
Harnath Clerk quotes by David Letterman
He had always believed that his father had not been able to save a penny from the business, at least his father had never told him anything to the contrary, and Gregor, for his part, had never asked him any questions. In those days Gregor's sole concern had been to do everything in his power to make the family forget as quickly as possible the business disaster which had plunged everyone into a state of total despair. And so he had begun to work with special ardor and had risen almost overnight from stock clerk to traveling salesman, which of course had opened up very different money-making possibilities, and in no time his successes on the job were transformed, by means of commissions, into hard cash that could be plunked down on the table at home in front of his astonished and delighted family. Those had been the wonderful times, and they had never returned, at least not with the same glory, although later on Gregor earned enough money to meet the expenses of the entire family and actually did so. They had just gotten used to it, the family as well as Gregor, the money was received with thanks and given with pleasure, but no special feeling of warmth went with it any more. ~ Franz Kafka
Harnath Clerk quotes by Franz Kafka
What I endeavor to do is shine a light on what happens at the court, both as a law clerk and then as a litigator litigating and winning major cases in front of the Supreme Court over and over and over again. ~ Ted Cruz
Harnath Clerk quotes by Ted Cruz
One of the chief peculiarities of this treatise is the doctrine that the true electric current, on which the electromagnetic phenomena depend, is not the same thing as the current of conduction, but that the time-variation of the electric displacement must [also] be taken into account ... ~ James Clerk Maxwell
Harnath Clerk quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
It was this desire for a feeling of importance that led an uneducated, poverty-stricken grocery clerk to study some law books he found in the bottom of a barrel of household plunder that he had bought for fifty cents. You have probably heard of this grocery clerk. His name was Lincoln. ~ Dale Carnegie
Harnath Clerk quotes by Dale Carnegie
In short, not only was it surprising to be greeted in person with such enthusiastic words, but it was doubly surprising when the person reciting these words displayed the same kind of disengagement as, say, the checkout clerk who utters the words 'Have a nice day' while her expression indicates that it's really a matter of total indifference to her whether you drop dead in the parking lot outside ten seconds from now. ~ David Foster Wallace
Harnath Clerk quotes by David Foster Wallace
The grunt pulled his collar up around his neck. "Butterfinger." "Yeah." Queho nodded, a smile spreading across his face. "Butterfinger. Good one. I liked that one. I always got the candy stuck between my teeth. Same with the Heath Bar." He picked at his teeth with his finger. "Not worth the effort." The grunt kept pace with Queho. The caravan was traveling more like an amorphous pack. The town's wide streets accommodated the disorganization as the posse clopped along. Queho was so preoccupied with Dairy Queen, he didn't notice. "I always got the chocolate chip cookie dough," Queho said, licking his lips. "Oh, that was good. And remember? They'd hold it upside down?" He held out his hand to pantomime a Dairy Queen clerk holding a cup of ice cream upside down. "That way you knew how thick they made it." The ~ Tom Abrahams
Harnath Clerk quotes by Tom Abrahams
But when first the two black dragons sprang out of the fog upon the small clerk, they had merely the effect of all miracles – they changed the universe. He discovered the fact that all romantics know – that adventures happen on dull days, and not on sunny ones. When the cord of monotony is stretched most tight, it it breaks with a sound like song. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Harnath Clerk quotes by G.K. Chesterton
At the funeral the meaning of all funerals was revealed to me: they are the preparation for one's own death. The clerk asked me if four o'clock in the afternoon would be convenient. I said it would. "It's a nice hour," the clerk assured me. It was. ~ Ludvík Vaculík
Harnath Clerk quotes by Ludvík Vaculík
Start ringing things up then. This won't take long."
"Which ones?"
"I don't care." I push some at her. "These."
"These?" She looked dubious.
"Why not these?"
She glanced at Ray. "'Cause if that's your man, I'd say you can leave these off."
"Oh, no, you didn't." Ray said.
"What's this shit?" Ray demanded, looking at the saleclerk.
"Honey, truth hurts, but ain't no way you're a Magnum."
"Well, I ain't no medium!"
The clerk smiled. "Yeah, but I was being generous."
"What are you doing?" The clerk demanded as Ray grabbed another box. "I ain't rung those up yet."
Ray pulled out a foil package and tossed the box back on the counter. "So ring it up."
She arched an eyebrow, but didn't bother, maybe because she was watching him unbutton his fly. I caught his wrist. "What are you doing?"
"Proving a point."
"Not in the middle of the store, you're not."
"Ain't nobody here," the cashier reminded me. "And ain't no way he's filling that thing out. ~ Karen Chance
Harnath Clerk quotes by Karen Chance
In the heavens we discover [stars] by their light, and by their light alone ... the sole evidence of the existence of these distant worlds ... that each of them is built up of molecules of the same kinds we find on earth. A molecule of hydrogen, for example, whether in Sirius or in Arcturus, executes its vibrations in precisely the same time. Each molecule therefore throughout the universe bears impressed upon it the stamp of a metric system as distinctly as does the metre of the Archives at Paris, or the royal cubit of the Temple of Karnac. ~ James Clerk Maxwell
Harnath Clerk quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
But when we face the great questions about gravitation Does it require time? Is it polar to the 'outside of the universe' or to anything? Has it any reference to electricity? or does it stand on the very foundation of matter-mass or inertia? then we feel the need of tests, whether they be comets or nebulae or laboratory experiments or bold questions as to the truth of received opinions. ~ James Clerk Maxwell
Harnath Clerk quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
Little Dorrit's old friend held the inkstand as she signed her name, and the clerk paused in taking off the good clergyman's surplice, and all the witnesses looked on with special interest. 'For, you see,' said Little Dorrit's old friend, 'this young lady is one of our curiosities, and has come now to the third volume of our Registers. Her birth is in what I call the first volume; she lay asleep, on this very floor, with her pretty head on what I call the second volume; and she's now a-writing her little name as a bride in what I call the third volume. ~ Charles Dickens
Harnath Clerk quotes by Charles Dickens
I was a blueberry picker, bindery worker, bookstore clerk and later manager, and a Realtor. ~ Lisa McMann
Harnath Clerk quotes by Lisa McMann
Three things." He shifted the cell phone to his left hand to accept a sheaf of messages a clerk was handing him. He sifted through them quickly. Dammit. A break in his biggest case. Looked like the scumbag's secretary-slash-lover was ready to dish the dirt on her boss. Seeing surveillance photos of said boss renewing his wedding vows with his wife after promising he would divorce her must have done the trick. Quigg suppressed a groan. A month ago, he'd have given his left testicle to nail this guy, but the timing really sucked. ~ Norah Wilson
Harnath Clerk quotes by Norah Wilson
And one day, very soon in fact, Adi would be an adolescent. An adolescent son of a clerk. A miserable thing to be in this country. He would have to forget all his dreams and tell himself that what he wanted to do was engineering. It's the only hope, everyone would tell him. Engineering, Adi would realize, is every mother's advice to her son, a father's irrevocable decision, a boy's first foreboding of life. ~ Manu Joseph
Harnath Clerk quotes by Manu Joseph
Okay, outside," the clerk said. "Conversation outside. Bye! Have a nice night! ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Harnath Clerk quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
But though the professed aim of all scientific work is to unravel the secrets of nature, it has another effect, not less valuable, on the mind of the worker. It leaves him in possession of methods which nothing but scientific work could have led him to invent. ~ James Clerk Maxwell
Harnath Clerk quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
Judge: Take the stand.
Curly: [picks the chair up] Where'll I put it?
Judge: No, no, take the stand!
Curly: I got it! Now what'll I do with it?
Court clerk: [angrily sets it back down] SIDDOWN! ~ The Three Stooges
Harnath Clerk quotes by The Three Stooges
At the door of their room, Willow stood next to Rider while Decker unlocked the door. It was then she noticed the naughty red lace underwear hanging out of Rider's pocket.
Rider was startled when his wife's hand dove deeply into his pants pocket. But before he would ascertain her actions, the clerk opened the door and turned to hand him the key. For a split second the man's haughty mein slipped, then he handed them the key and hurried back down the stairs, his shoulders quaking with suppressed mirth.
"What was that all about?" Rider asked his red-faced wife.
She whipped the offensive item out of his pocket and dangled it before his eyes. "It was hanging out of your pocket and I was afraid he'd see it," she explained.
Rider swooped her into his arms. "Instead he got to see my anxious bride fondling me." He laughed.
Quickly over her embarrassment, she chuckled. "Maybe he was jealous."
"I know I would be," he replied huskily, and kicked the door shut behind them. ~ Charlotte McPherren
Harnath Clerk quotes by Charlotte McPherren
An actor has no more right to be temperamental than a bank clerk. ~ Fredric March
Harnath Clerk quotes by Fredric March
It was Sunday morning. I woke very early to a bright and cheery day, anxious to join my fellow Christians in this lovely garden of a land. The clerk in the hotel eyed me a little dubiously when I asked for a church. 'We don't have many of those, you know,' he said. 'Besides, you couldn't understand the language.'
'Didn't you know?' I said, 'Christians speak a kind of universal language.'
'Oh. What's that?'
'It's called "agape".'
'Agape? I never heard of it.'
'Too bad. It's the most beautiful language in the world. ~ Brother Andrew
Harnath Clerk quotes by Brother Andrew
The notion originated with Daisy's suggestion that we hire five bath-rooms and take cold baths, and then assumed more tangible form as "a place to have a mint julep." Each of us said over and over that it was a "crazy idea." - we all talked at once to a baffled clerk and thought, or pretended to think, that we were being very funny ... ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Harnath Clerk quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
Is Joanna Gaines here? We have a warrant here for her arrest," the officer said.
It was the tickets. I knew it. And I panicked. I picked up my son and I hid in the closet. I literally didn't know what to do. I'd never even had a speeding ticket, and all of a sudden I'm thinking, I'm about to go to prison, and my child won't be able to eat. What is this kid gonna do?
I heard Chip say, "She's not here."
Thankfully, Drake didn't make a peep, and the officer believed him. He said, "Well, just let her know we're looking for her," and they left.

Jo's the most conservative girl in the world. She had never even been late for school. I mean, this girl was straitlaced. So now we realize there's a citywide warrant out for her arrest, and we're like, "Oh, crap." In her defense, Jo had wanted to pay those tickets off all along, and I was the one saying, "No way. I'm not paying these tickets." So we decided to try to make it right. We called the judge, and the court clerk told us, "Okay, you have an appointment at three in the afternoon to discuss the tickets. See you then." We wanted to ask the judge if he could remove a few of them for us. "The fines for our dogs "running at large" on our front porch just seemed a bit excessive.

We arrived at the courthouse, and Chip was carrying Drake in his car seat. I couldn't carry it because I was still recovering from Drake's delivery. We got inside and spoke to a clerk. They looked at the circumstances and deci ~ Joanna Gaines
Harnath Clerk quotes by Joanna Gaines
I literally remember when I made my audition tape for 'Buffy'. I went to the Arsenal Mall. I got my outfit at Contempo Casuals in the Arsenal Mall and put some safety pins in my jeans. I remember telling whoever the clerk was that I was making a tape for 'Buffy', and they were so excited. ~ Eliza Dushku
Harnath Clerk quotes by Eliza Dushku
But do not give it to a lawyer's clerk to write, for they use a legal hand that Satan himself will not understand. ~ Miguel De Cervantes
Harnath Clerk quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
If Makar Denisych was just a clerk or a junior manager, then no one would have dared talk to him in such a condescending, casual tone, but he is a 'writer', and a talentless mediocrity!
People like Mr Bubentsov do not understand anything about art and are not very interested in it, but whenever they happen to come across talentless mediocrities they are pitiless and implacable, They are ready to forgive anyone, but not Makar, that eccentric loser with manuscripts lying in his trunk. The gardener damaged the old rubber plant, and ruined lots of expensive plants, and the general does nothing and goes on spending money like water; Mr Bubentsov only got down to work once a month when he was a magistrate, then stammered, muddled up the laws, and spoke a lot of rubbish, but all this is forgiven and not noticed; but there is no way that anyone can pass by the talentless Makar, who writes passable poetry and stories, without saying something offensive. No one cares that the general's sister-in-law slaps the maids' cheeks, and swears like a trooper when she is playing cards, that the priest's wife never pays up when she loses, and the landowner Flyugin stole a a dog from the landower Sivobrazov, but the fact that Our Province returned a bad story to Makar recently is know to the whole district and has provoked mockery, long conversations and indignation, while Makar Denisych is already being referred to as old Makarka.
If someone does not write the way required, they never ~ Anton Chekhov
Harnath Clerk quotes by Anton Chekhov
I love you, Jackson James. I love you. I love-"
His arms tightened again and his deep growl rumbling out of his chest silenced me. Our gazes locked. "I need to be in you. Now."
My eyes widened.
"No time to go home." Then he took one of my hands and started walking back toward the hotel entrance.
He looked down at me, his eyes full of hunger. "No time."
We ended up back in the hotel, standing in front of a wide-eyes hotel clerk. "I need a room." Jax said, smacking down his wallet. "Now. ~ J. Lynn
Harnath Clerk quotes by J. Lynn
One of the first things many clerks hear from RBG is that the most important job requirement is that they treat her two secretaries well. 'There was one law clerk applicant who came to interview with me - top rating at Harvard - who treated my secretaries with disdain,' RBG recalled. 'As if they were just minions. So that is one very important thing - how you deal with my secretaries. They are not hired help. As I tell my clerks, 'if push came to shove, I could do your work - but I can't do without my secretaries. ~ Irin Carmon
Harnath Clerk quotes by Irin Carmon
It is of great advantage to the student of any subject to read the original memoirs on that subject, for science is always most completely assimilated when it is in the nascent state ... ~ James Clerk Maxwell
Harnath Clerk quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
Whenever Shirley was away, Mark and I would take full advantage. One day, we "borrowed" her BMW X5 and took it for a joyride. We thought we got away with it, till some store clerk remarked to her, "I didn't know your boys drove! I saw them driving around yesterday."
Shirley came home and was determined to get to the bottom of it. She knew better than to ask us--we'd have some lame excuse. So she went right to Julianne. She knew she could crack her.
"Did Derek and Mark take my car?" she asked.
Jules didn't even hesitate. "Yes! And they were smoking, too!"
Mark and I stood there, our mouths hanging open. Not only had she told on us, she'd offered more details than were even asked! ~ Derek Hough
Harnath Clerk quotes by Derek Hough
Just as I am astonished that a bank clerk never eats a cheque, so too am I astonished that no painter before me ever thought of painting a soft watch. ~ Salvador Dali
Harnath Clerk quotes by Salvador Dali
The student who uses home made apparatus, which is always going wrong, often learns more than one who has the use of carefully adjusted instruments, to which he is apt to trust and which he dares not take to pieces. ~ James Clerk Maxwell
Harnath Clerk quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
sidewalk, passed out next to his friend. "Who are these guys?" her oversized companion asked. Abigail held up the arm of one of the men and showed it to Elliott. On the back of his hand was an image of two winged dragons on either side of a fleur-de-lis. "Does that answer your question?" she asked. Elliott said nothing but instinctively reached up and touched the tattoo on his large neckTogether, Abigail and Elliott, dragged the unconscious men away from the store and down a narrow side walkway. Inside the store, Uncle Al settled his transaction with the clerk, folded up the now empty blanket and placed it back in his satchel. He tucked the satchel under his arm and stepped out the door, carefully looking up and down the street before heading on his way. Back in the confines of the narrow walkway, ~ Mark Wullert
Harnath Clerk quotes by Mark Wullert
Human nature is a strange mixture, Watson. You see that even a villain and murderer can inspire such affection that his brother turns to suicide when he learns that his neck is forfeited. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Harnath Clerk quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
very early in Moderan the mighty Stronghold masters had solved for themselves the flesh-woman question, or, to be more precise, the wife-nuisance roadblock. And for that I honor them. I mean, my beamish hat is off to them, for that was QUITE a solving! We have no such problem, of course, in the essence times. If I don't like the beams of the woman I'm with, or if I like too much the beams of the woman I'm with and she won't reciprocate, I just signal back to the Love Dictator's office my discontent and he orders one of his little clerk mechanics to call the old beams home, and the Love Dictator then transmits me, personally, a new package. ~ David R. Bunch
Harnath Clerk quotes by David R. Bunch
One scientific epoch ended and another began with James Clerk Maxwell. ~ Albert Einstein
Harnath Clerk quotes by Albert Einstein
Spouse or collaborator, it comes to the same thing. And there is work to be done. Always, always work to be done." -David Leavitt, "Partition," _The Indian Clerk_ ~ David Leavitt
Harnath Clerk quotes by David Leavitt
This change in the conception of reality is the most profound and the most fruitful that physics has experienced since the time of Newton.

{Referring to James Clerk Maxwell's contributions to physics} ~ Albert Einstein
Harnath Clerk quotes by Albert Einstein
We have never had a president of the United States or a nominee of a major party who was a Supreme Court law clerk. ~ Jeffrey Toobin
Harnath Clerk quotes by Jeffrey Toobin
[The artist's aim is] not to instruct the viewer, but to give him information ... The artist would follow his predetermined premise to its conclusion, avoiding subjectivity. Chance, taste, or unconsciously remembered forms would play no part in the outcome. The serial artist does not attempt to produce a beautiful or mysterious object but functions merely as a clerk cataloguing the results of his premise. ~ Sol LeWitt
Harnath Clerk quotes by Sol LeWitt
Have you ever suffered a sharp disappointment or a painful loss and found yourself looking for someone to blame? Have you, for example, ever been nasty to a store clerk when you were really upset about your job? Most people have an impulse to dump bad feelings on some undeserving person, as a way to relieve - temporarily - sadness or frustration. Certain days you may know that you just have to keep an eye on yourself so as not to bite someone's head off.
The abusive man doesn't bother to keep an eye on himself, however. In fact, he considers himself entitled to use his partner as a kind of human garbage dump where he can litter the ordinary pains and frustrations that life brings us. She is always an available target, she is easy to blame - since no partner is perfect - and she can't prevent him from dumping because he will get even worse if she tries. His excuse when he jettisons his distresses on to her is that his life is unusually painful - an unacceptable rationalization even if it were true, which it generally isn't. ~ Lundy Bancroft
Harnath Clerk quotes by Lundy Bancroft
Friend, the cleaning lady, the bank clerk. But be careful: ~ Joel Dicker
Harnath Clerk quotes by Joel Dicker
People don't know where to place me. Terry Gilliam used me as a quirky cop in 'Twelve Monkeys', and then he hired me again to be an effeminate hotel clerk in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Another time, I was shooting this indie film 'The Souler Opposite' and six days a week, I'm playing this big puppy dog, then I come to the 'NYPD Blue' set and become this scumbag. ~ Christopher Meloni
Harnath Clerk quotes by Christopher Meloni
I'm looking for Fat Hoochie Prom Queen," I declared.
He did not respond.
"It's a book," I said. "Not a person."
Nope. Nothing.
"At the very least, can you tell me the author?"
He looked at his computer, as if it had some way to speak to me without any typing on his part.
"Are you wearing headphones that I can't see?" I asked.
He scratched at the inside of his elbow.
"Do you know me?" I persisted. "Did I grind you to a pulp in kindergarten, and are you now getting sadistic pleasure from this petty revenge?
Stephen Little, is that you? Is it? I was much younger then, and foolish to have nearly drowned you in that water fountain. In my defense, your
prior destruction of my book report was a completely unwarranted act of aggression."
Finally, a response. The information desk clerk shook his shaggy head.
"No?" I said.
"I am not allowed to disclose the location of Fat Hoochie Prom Queen," he explained. "Not to you. Not to anyone. And while I am not Stephen
Little, you should be ashamed of what you did to him. Ashamed. ~ Rachel Cohn
Harnath Clerk quotes by Rachel Cohn
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