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#1. In this age of the electronic media and the mass distribution of the printed word, God will hold us accountable if we do not now move the Book of Mormon in a monumental way. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
Electronic Media quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#2. News at Work is a vivid, inside look at the collision of print journalism and electronic media. Based on close access to the leading news organizations in Buenos Aires, Boczkowski documents how contemporary journalism is caught in the grip of emulation; this spiral of imitation exacerbated further by global news media and their intensifying homogenization. The portrait of this transformation of the news is both fascinating and deeply worrying, and is guaranteed to provoke debate. - Author: Walter W. Powell
Electronic Media quotes by Walter W. Powell
#3. A pencil is an extension of a finger writing in the sand. But our electronic media are extensions of our brains. - Author: Susan Maushart
Electronic Media quotes by Susan Maushart
#4. A party, or any institution that is in power or in opposition, does all things to get only for its own goal and interests, no matter in a legal way or through illegal resources, like forces, print and electronic media, and negative propaganda among the people , spending the millions of money for this. It is called dirty politics by the support of evil spirits. - Author: Ehsan Sehgal
Electronic Media quotes by Ehsan Sehgal
#5. The electronic media introduced this idea to the larger audience very, very quickly. We spent years and years and years meeting with activists all over Europe to lay the groundwork for a political response, as we did here. - Author: Jeremy Rifkin
Electronic Media quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#6. Instead, the situation has sparked an efflorescence of social media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter): basically, of forms of electronic media that lend themselves to being produced and consumed while pretending to do something else. I am convinced this is the primary reason for the rise of social media... - Author: David Graeber
Electronic Media quotes by David Graeber
#7. Performance art can involve the audience with taste, smell and sounds not available with electronic media and not practical with conventional theater. This is due to the usually small audience. - Author: Jack Bowman
Electronic Media quotes by Jack Bowman
#8. I wouldn't encourage new writers to start off publishing through electronic media ... it still isn't wide enough for the readership they would need to get a good start. - Author: Anne McCaffrey
Electronic Media quotes by Anne McCaffrey
#9. I don't think that the definition of library has changed. Libraries have never been repositories solely of books. In Alexandria for instance, the model of the ideal library perhaps, there was a will to collect every book in the world, but at the same time they had maps and objects and there was a sense that this was a world of study and communication. The technology changes, and so electronic media should enter the library as long as we don't forget that there are also books. I don't believe in technologies that want to exclude one another. A new technology comes into the world and believes that it can bill itself on the corpse of the previous technology, but that never happens. Photography did not eliminate painting. Film did not eliminate theater and so on. One technology feeds on the vocabulary of the other, and I believe that the electronic technology has taught us to value the reading on the page, and the reading on the page has taught us what we can do on the screen. They are alternatives, but they're certainly not synonymous. - Author: Alberto Manguel
Electronic Media quotes by Alberto Manguel
#10. America today remembers its history through visual imagery. Film, print, and electronic media are very capital intensive, which means that most Americans are consumers, not producers, of the images through which they remember. - Author: Jerry Lembcke
Electronic Media quotes by Jerry Lembcke
#11. The modern wars are also omnipresent in our electronic media - to be cynical about it, we now have 24 hours of non-stop bloodshed available to us. The internet and real-time media reporting were integrated into daily life in Iraq. - Author: Dave Abrams
Electronic Media quotes by Dave Abrams
#12. The world is beset by many problems, but in my opinion, this hijacking of our brain's reward centers by electronic media is potentially one of the most destructive. - Author: Andrew Weil
Electronic Media quotes by Andrew Weil
#13. With technology expanding at this ridiculous pace, bit by bit we're losing our humanity and our ability to connect with each other without having electronic media in the middle. - Author: Walter Trout
Electronic Media quotes by Walter Trout
#14. Misinformation and disinformation about ritual abuse and mind control trauma and psychotherapy to treat such trauma appear in both paper and electronic media, but are particularly abundant on the Internet on websites of individuals and organizations, bookseller reviews, blogs, newsletters, online encyclopedias, social networking sites, and e-group listservs. - Author: Ellen P. Lacter
Electronic Media quotes by Ellen P. Lacter
#15. The tribalizing power of the new electronic media, the way in which they return to us to the unified fields of the old oral cultures, to tribal cohesion and pre-individualist patterns of thought, is little understood. Tribalism is the sense of the deep bond of family, the closed society as the norm of community. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Electronic Media quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#16. Simply put, we have more people talking about news and less original reporting. Whether on television or online, there is no shortage of analysis. But analysis is only as good as the information that supports it. The deep cuts to newsrooms in print and electronic media have resulted in far fewer reporters waking up each morning deciding what story they will chase. There is less investigative reporting .... - Author: Dan Rather
Electronic Media quotes by Dan Rather
#17. There have been vast changes in the composition and role of the news media over the decades, and that is a cause for concern as well. When I first entered government nearly forty-eight years ago, three television networks and a handful of newspapers dominated coverage and, to a considerable degree, filtered the most extreme or vitriolic points of view. Today, with hundreds of cable channels, blogs, and other electronic media, too often the professional integrity and long-established standards and practices of journalists are diluted or ignored. Every point of view - including the most extreme - has a ready vehicle for rapid dissemination. And it seems the more vitriolic the opinion, the more attention it gets. This system is clearly more democratic and open, but I believe it has also fueled the coarsening and dumbing down of our national political dialogue. - Author: Robert M. Gates
Electronic Media quotes by Robert M. Gates
#18. Contrary to the tenets of conventional wisdom, viral ideas and campaigns were not first transmitted via the electronic media of the Internet age. Their ideological forebears lived and replicated in the host coffee-houses, inns and taverns of the early eighteenth-century. - Author: Gavin John Adams
Electronic Media quotes by Gavin John Adams
#19. And given that there's been probably a ten-fold amount of information about terrorism through the media than there has about climate change; I think that's quite an interesting statistic. - Author: Peter Garrett
Electronic Media quotes by Peter Garrett
#20. I don't really live my life in the media spotlight. People don't know that much really about me or what I think. - Author: Emmy Rossum
Electronic Media quotes by Emmy Rossum
#21. Most of you are conditioned by the media. - Author: Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev
Electronic Media quotes by Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev
#22. In accordance with the prevailing conceptions in the U.S., there is no infringement on democracy if a few corporations control the information system: in fact, that is the essence of democracy. In the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, the leading figure of the public relations industry, Edward Bernays, explains that "the very essence of the democratic process" is "the freedom to persuade and suggest," what he calls "the engineering of consent." "A leader," he continues, "frequently cannot wait for the people to arrive at even general understanding … Democratic leaders must play their part in … engineering … consent to socially constructive goals and values," applying "scientific principles and tried practices to the task of getting people to support ideas and programs"; and although it remains unsaid, it is evident enough that those who control resources will be in a position to judge what is "socially constructive," to engineer consent through the media, and to implement policy through the mechanisms of the state. If the freedom to persuade happens to be concentrated in a few hands, we must recognize that such is the nature of a free society. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Electronic Media quotes by Noam Chomsky
#23. Unequal access to money and media plus bias, external and internalized, and male-dominant religions and illegality at the polls - all those are reasons for women's wildly unequal political power. - Author: Gloria Steinem
Electronic Media quotes by Gloria Steinem
#24. The media in the States can be quite self-reflective. When I lived in England, I was much more aware of the day-to-day politics that were happening. Living somewhere where the media involvement is greater and so omnipresent, you become pulled into it and, at the same time, because of that, politics changes and the way it's handled changes. - Author: Max Minghella
Electronic Media quotes by Max Minghella
#25. Sophie stopped the taxi at an imposing gate that blocked the bank's driveway - a cement-lined ramp that descended beneath the building. A video camera overhead was aimed directly at them, and Langdon had the feeling that this camera, unlike those at the Louvre, was authentic. Sophie rolled down the window and surveyed the electronic podium on the driver's side. An LCD screen provided directions in seven languages. Topping the list was English. - Author: Dan Brown
Electronic Media quotes by Dan Brown
#26. Some say Twitter is overrated.
Some love it, others hate it.
I guess it depends on what you've got,
If you have guts to write a funny plot! - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
Electronic Media quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#27. Newspapers abound, and though they have endured decades of decline in readership and influence, they can still form impressive piles if no one takes them out to the trash. - Author: Jon Stewart
Electronic Media quotes by Jon Stewart
#28. If you do wake up next to a naked corpse, you're going to be getting a lot of attention from the police and possibly the media, since you're now the prime suspect in what they perceive to be a fantastic sex crime. On the bright side, you won't have to worry about anyone suspecting you're a werewolf, since the intense interest generated by sexual murders often distracts from any suspicion of a werewolf's involvement. - Author: Ritch Duncan
Electronic Media quotes by Ritch Duncan
#29. The way the media cycle works, the way the news works, and the way people's attention span works, is that we only learn that people exist when there is crisis. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
Electronic Media quotes by Edwidge Danticat
#30. Good social media is authentic. What makes social media work is actually having something to say. - Author: Steven Levitt
Electronic Media quotes by Steven Levitt
#31. A generation ago, or two, when there were three channels, plus PBS, and when you needed - when you needed 15 million people to make a living, the media could focus on the broad country. And most people had no choice about getting political information. It was there at 6:30 whether you wanted it or not. - Author: David Frum
Electronic Media quotes by David Frum
#32. Ideally, advertising aims at the goal of a programmed harmony among all human impulses and aspirations and endeavors. Using handicraft methods, it stretches out toward the ultimate electronic goal of a collective consciousness. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Electronic Media quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#33. Media literacy is not just important, it's absolutely critical. It's going to make the difference between whether kids are a tool of the mass media or whether the mass media is a tool for kids to use. - Author: Linda Ellerbee
Electronic Media quotes by Linda Ellerbee
#34. Lincoln had an almost childlike habit of regaling visitors with any sharp saying he'd uttered during the day, taking simple-hearted pleasure in some of his best hits. - Author: Harold Holzer
Electronic Media quotes by Harold Holzer
#35. The Times has much less power than you think. I believe we attribute power to the media generally that it simply doesn't have. It's very convenient to blame the media, the same way we blame television for everything that's going wrong in society. - Author: Michael Pollan
Electronic Media quotes by Michael Pollan
#36. By some accounts, humans are dwarfed and shown to be trivial on the cosmic scale. By some accounts, humans are reduced and shown to be nothing but electronic molecules in motion on the atomic scale. But by equally impressive accounts, humans live at the center of complexity. - Author: Paul Davies
Electronic Media quotes by Paul Davies
#37. Mainstream media: 80% stuff someone told them. 10% stupidity. 10% arrogance. - Author: Seth Roberts
Electronic Media quotes by Seth Roberts
#38. Even when influential political and media figures vehemently complained about the criticisms I wrote, Salon's editors unfailingly stood behind my work. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
Electronic Media quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#39. Media bias is one thing. Rejection of reality is another - Author: Chuck Todd
Electronic Media quotes by Chuck Todd
#40. But that is who we are, that is where we come from. We are the offspring of metropolitan annihilation and destruction, of the war of all against all, of the conflict of each individual with every other individual, of a system governed by fear, of the compulsion to produce, of the profit of one to the detriment of others, of the division of people into men and women, young and old, sick and healthy, foreigners and Germans, and of the struggle for prestige. Where do we come from? From isolation in individual row-houses, from the suburban concrete cities, from prison cells, from the asylums and special units, from media brainwashing, from consumerism, from corporal punishment, from the ideology of nonviolence, from depression, from illness, from degradation, from humiliation, from the debasement of human beings, from all the people exploited by imperialism. - Author: Ulrike Marie Meinhof
Electronic Media quotes by Ulrike Marie Meinhof
#41. It started with blogs; now, through social media, anyone who is active on the internet creates a digital projection of themselves for public consumption. We are all stars, all heroes in our own online productions. What does this do for our authenticity? It destroys it. - Author: Ned Vizzini
Electronic Media quotes by Ned Vizzini
#42. It seems people don't read or listen. Our scholars and our media have been very outspoken. We were the first country in the world to hold a national public awareness campaign against extremism and terrorism. Why would we not want to fight an ideology whose objective is to kill us? - Author: Adel Al-Jubeir
Electronic Media quotes by Adel Al-Jubeir
#43. In the developed countries of the capitalist world, the mass media are beginning to become businesses, and huge businesses at that. The freedom of journalists is now becoming, in most cases, a very relative thing: it ends where the interests of the business begin ... In socialist areas, it is enough to recall that the means of social communication are the monopoly of the party. - Author: Helder Camara
Electronic Media quotes by Helder Camara
#44. Although we don't tend to think of libraries as media technologies, they are. The public library is, in fact, one of the most important and influential informational media ever created - and one that proliferated only after the arrival of silent reading and movable-type printing. A community's attitudes and preferences toward information take concrete shape in its library's design and services. [ ... ] The library provides, as well, a powerful symbol of our new media landscape: at the center stands the screen of the Internet-connected computers; the printed word has been pushed to the margins. - Author: Nicholas Carr
Electronic Media quotes by Nicholas Carr
#45. I guess it really didn't even dawn on me that you could be a rock critic as a job until I was maybe almost out of college. I knew criticism existed. I read Rolling Stone and Spin. Siskel and Ebert were on television. But I had absolutely no idea how to get that kind of life. And moreover, it didn't interest me that much. I just sort of read normal books growing up. I wasn't that media-conscious. I felt like the one thing I was able to do was to listen to a record and decide whether I liked it. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
Electronic Media quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#46. The future belongs to social media. It is egalitarian and inclusive. Social media is not about any country, any language, any colour, any community but it is about human values and that is the underlying link binding humanity. - Author: Narendra Modi
Electronic Media quotes by Narendra Modi
#47. With technology and social media and citizen journalism, every rock that used to go unturned is now being flipped, lit and put on TV. - Author: LZ Granderson
Electronic Media quotes by LZ Granderson
#48. July 8, 2013
Review of Bargain with the Devil
Author: Gloria Gravitt Moulder
My interest in the death of Margaret Mitchell was sparked as a young child growing up in Georgia. I was born in 1953, 4 years after her death. Older relatives, neighbors and friends would sit around discussing her death as I was growing up and with the inquisitive mind of a young child; I found what they were saying interesting enough to listen in. They talked about how the taxi cab driver, Hugh Gravitt, (some of which knew him as this was a small southern town where everyone knew everyone) was not a drinker because of his health and how the newspaper articles had written he was drunk and speeding when it wasn't true. I overheard many things about how the media was wrong regarding the circumstances of her death. Some speculated she committed suicide; others suspected her husband pushed her in front of the car Mr. Gravitt was driving. All commented that both Margaret and John were drunk and jaywalking across Peachtree Street.
I read the book (Gone with the Wind) when I was 13 and went to see the movie in 1969 at the Fox theatre with friends. I cannot relate how this impacted me. I became interested in all I heard as a child again and over the years have read many articles on the subject of Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh. I never believed the stories about Hugh Gravitt being at fault in her death as a result of all those conversations I had overheard by my elders as a child.
- Author: Gloria Gravitt Moulder
Electronic Media quotes by Gloria Gravitt Moulder
#49. The Indonesian brands aren't interested in sports people, only movie stars, because they can get more exposure in the media. - Author: Taufik Hidayat
Electronic Media quotes by Taufik Hidayat
#50. Eighteen pockets in one suit? I haven't the time. - Author: A.A. Milne
Electronic Media quotes by A.A. Milne
#51. Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language. - Author: Lev Grossman
Electronic Media quotes by Lev Grossman
#52. You're laughing at everything that's bringing me down. - Author: Matthew Sweet
Electronic Media quotes by Matthew Sweet
#53. He said, "If God lived on Earth people would stalk his Facebook page and leave nasty comments on his Pinterest site." Then it sunk in- timing was everything and social media was the devil. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Electronic Media quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#54. I always try hard to arrange all media in a way so that it expresses what I want - this is not limited to one medium alone and varies from case to case. - Author: Alva Noto
Electronic Media quotes by Alva Noto
#55. We were curious. We went seeking our tribe. And yes, I know there are people who'll say I'm crazy. But just look at those people. Rag, Tag & Bobtail to a man. I'll tell you about them, shall I? They're victims of a conditioning in which authority figures such as parents, teachers, the media, religious leaders, politicians and even their mates – especially their mates actually - define what they think. Their cultural values define their beliefs and ultimately the way they perceive themselves, and so when they call me crazy, I take it as quite a compliment.

My mind, trust me, is deeper than most Rag Tags would ever dare to swim. - Author: Karl Wiggins
Electronic Media quotes by Karl Wiggins

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