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#1. No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul. - Author: Ingmar Bergman
Twilight Film quotes by Ingmar Bergman
#2. Take control. You are a strong, independent woman. - Author: Bella Swan
Twilight Film quotes by Bella Swan
#3. Some people spend their lives building ultimate dream homes so they can enjoy their twilight years ... Others spend their last days in nursing homes. - Author: Billy Graham
Twilight Film quotes by Billy Graham
#4. I'm hoping that word-of-mouth on the film - people seeing it and liking it - that that will drive more people to the theaters, because I haven't seen the billboards or the posters or anything. - Author: Craig McCracken
Twilight Film quotes by Craig McCracken
#5. dealing with drunks and hypes and homeless people who've got one foot in reality and the other in the Twilight Zone, you get used to seeing big changes in people, and usually not changes for the better. You teach yourself to see who's under the new bruises and the fresh coats of dirt. - Author: Stephen King
Twilight Film quotes by Stephen King
#6. Experimental film by the '70s had become much more mainstream after 'Bonnie and Clyde' and stuff in the late '60s, when you were seeing bigger movies where people were exploring the medium a lot more. - Author: Noah Hawley
Twilight Film quotes by Noah Hawley
#7. 'Bombay Velvet' is my most romantic film, it's my 'Titanic' or 'Gone With The Wind.' - Author: Ranbir Kapoor
Twilight Film quotes by Ranbir Kapoor
#8. The reality is that we have all these awards and all these festivals that give out awards, so you sort of go, 'okay, well, people liked the film, and I think it's a good film, and it's up for an award - well, I guess it should win the award then.' - Author: Guy Pearce
Twilight Film quotes by Guy Pearce
#9. 'Atlas Shrugged,' let's face it, was probably the most important novel of the 20th century that was never a film. - Author: Albert S. Ruddy
Twilight Film quotes by Albert S. Ruddy
#10. I take care to only teach courses about fiction film. I believe that this balances and broadens my documentary work. - Author: Arnon Goldfinger
Twilight Film quotes by Arnon Goldfinger
#11. The stage is suspension of disbelief. Film is a literal medium. - Author: Joseph Bologna
Twilight Film quotes by Joseph Bologna
#12. If you look at the range of Hollywood movies playing in most cities in the developing world, you'd hate the America they portray, too. - Author: Mark Steyn
Twilight Film quotes by Mark Steyn
#13. I make my films like you're going to die if you miss the next minute. You better not go get popcorn. - Author: Oliver Stone
Twilight Film quotes by Oliver Stone
Twilight Film quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#15. This was the time of the day when i most wished i were able to sleep. High school.
Or was purgatory the right word? If there were any way to atone for my
sins, this ought to count toward the tally in some measure. The tedium was
not something I grew used to; every day seemed more impossibly
monotonous than the last.
Perhaps this could even be considered my form of sleep - if sleep was
defined as the inert state between active periods. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Twilight Film quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#16. The reason I haven't got an agent is so that no one can contact me to offer me a film part. In case I'm tempted to do something I'll regret later. - Author: Jaye Davidson
Twilight Film quotes by Jaye Davidson
#17. I was a student at SF State, and I honestly didn't know where I was headed. I thought maybe something in the social sciences. But I happened to be living with a group of people, and one person was a film student. I was always keen on and aware of what she was doing. - Author: Lisa Cholodenko
Twilight Film quotes by Lisa Cholodenko
#18. In relation to the political decontamination of our public life, the government will embark upon a systematic campaign to restore the nation's moral and material health. The whole educational system, theater, film, literature, the press and broadcasting - all these will be used as a means to this end. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Twilight Film quotes by Adolf Hitler
#19. After my father had seen me in five or six things, he said, Son, your mother and I really enjoyed your recent film, and I must say that you're a lot like John Wayne. And I said, How so? And he said, Well, you're exactly the same in all your roles. Now, as a modern American actor, that's not what you want to hear. But for a guy who watched John Wayne movies and grew up in Iowa, it's a sterling compliment. - Author: Dermot Mulroney
Twilight Film quotes by Dermot Mulroney
#20. I think of myself as a film composer. - Author: John Williams
Twilight Film quotes by John Williams
#21. For my very first movie, 'Roger and Me,' I made it as part of my deal with Warner Brothers that the four people that were evicted in that film, that Warner Brothers would house - would pay their mortgage or their rent for the next two years to give them a chance to get on their feet. - Author: Michael Moore
Twilight Film quotes by Michael Moore
#22. On a certain level, the film retains a cultural memory. It may be meaningless to some kids, but it doesn't matter. A lot of the '90s references will be meaningless, but do some of these kids really understand what they're wearing when they wear a Led Zeppelin shirt? No. But, it looks cool and it seems to have some sort of cultural cache. - Author: Joseph M. Kahn
Twilight Film quotes by Joseph M. Kahn
#23. I'm not so sure that younger people today really appreciate the enormous bravery that went into the creation and production of that film, or how important a film at the time it really was. - Author: Rod Steiger
Twilight Film quotes by Rod Steiger
#24. Initially, I had started doing theater, where the actor has a direct relationship to the audience. So, moving into film and television disconnected me. When you do a film, you start to get the character, and then it disappears for a year before it's released and you get feedback. - Author: Matthew Davis
Twilight Film quotes by Matthew Davis
#25. I think I did fifteen long features and fifteen documentaries, or something like this, which is very little when you think of people making a film every year. Some people have done fifty or sixty films. - Author: Agnes Varda
Twilight Film quotes by Agnes Varda
#26. You know I don't understand what you mean, right?" I asked.
"I'm counting on it," she said, and then her eyes focused behind me. "I think your friends are upset that I've stolen you."
Suddenly I could feel all their eyes boring into my back. For once, it didn't bother me at all.
"They'll survive."
She grinned. "I may not give you back, though."
I swallowed too loud and she laughed. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Twilight Film quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#27. Initially I started in theatre as a Shakespearean actress before film and television. I've always been an artistic child growing up and I knew I wanted to act for as long as I can remember. - Author: Lorraine Toussaint
Twilight Film quotes by Lorraine Toussaint
#28. A chief cause of unhappiness is what I call mental movies. Mental movies are a misuse of the imagination. You know how it goes. You have a painful experience with someone, then run it over and over in your mind. You visualize what you said, what he did, how you both felt. As awful as it is, you feel compelled to repeat the film day and night. It is as if you were locked inside a theatre playing a horrible movie. - Author: Vernon Howard
Twilight Film quotes by Vernon Howard
#29. The reason I took Early Edition - besides the fact that I liked it - was that it enabled me to start a production company in New York City. It's a low-budget film company to produce and direct movies. - Author: Fisher Stevens
Twilight Film quotes by Fisher Stevens
#30. I just feel that I enjoy the work more than I ever have ... or just as much certainly. I enjoy making films behind the camera equally to making them in front of the camera on all those years. I just enjoy it, that's all. I've been lucky enough to work in a profession that I have really liked and so I figured I'd just continue until someone hits me over the head and says "get out". - Author: Clint Eastwood
Twilight Film quotes by Clint Eastwood
#31. From the twilight of day till the twilight of evening, a leopard, in the last years of the thirteenth century, would see some wooden planks, some vertical iron bars, men and women who changed, a wall and perhaps a stone gutter filled with dry leaves. He did not know, could not know, that he longed for love and cruelty and the hot pleasure of tearing things to pieces and the wind carrying the scent of a deer, but something suffocated and rebelled within him and God spoke to him in a dream: "You live and will die in this prison so that a man I know of may see you a certain number of times and not forget you and place your figure and symbol in a poem which has its precise place in the scheme of the universe. You suffer captivity, but you will have given a word to the poem." God, in the dream, illumined the animal's brutishness and the animal understood these reasons and accepted his destiny, but, when he awoke, there was in him only an obscure resignation, a valorous ignorance, for the machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of a beast. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Twilight Film quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#32. The public was used to a Pauly Shore film coming out every year or two, you understand? So when that went away, the public lost familiarity with me. - Author: Pauly Shore
Twilight Film quotes by Pauly Shore
#33. I would much rather watch a horror film or science fiction than a comedy. I don't know why. I just like them. I find them relaxing. - Author: Moon Bloodgood
Twilight Film quotes by Moon Bloodgood
#34. Your landscape in a western is one of the most important characters the film has. The best westerns are about man against his own landscape. - Author: Ridley Scott
Twilight Film quotes by Ridley Scott
#35. I was always in love with film and becoming a character and playing something else, and nobody ever told me no, so I just followed it, and here I am, having a ton of fun. - Author: Nichole Hiltz
Twilight Film quotes by Nichole Hiltz
#36. Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
Theodore Roosevelt

I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!
Theodore Roosevelt - Author: Douglas L. Smith
Twilight Film quotes by Douglas L. Smith
#37. I turned down a lot of films before I made my first one. I knew that it was time for me to get into movies. - Author: Al Pacino
Twilight Film quotes by Al Pacino
#38. The idea that a film is created in the editing room - it's only a certain kind of movie that's made in the editing room and it's not one that I really want to see. - Author: Ethan Hawke
Twilight Film quotes by Ethan Hawke
#39. Commercials are also any opportunity to meet new crew and work with new kind of rigs. You can explore working with different people without having to make the full commitment of having to do an entire feature film with them and see whether you like them. Also it's great for testing out new equipment, like on the last spot we just did, I used a lot of drone technology, really cutting edge drone stuff, more than I've ever done before, and it worked out really really well. - Author: Paul W. S. Anderson
Twilight Film quotes by Paul W. S. Anderson
#40. I have skipped from style to style from film to film, and I love doing that because it's given me the ability to free myself from the past. Perhaps one of the worst feelings that I can have is the feeling that I'm locked in, like a prisoner of myself, which is something we all feel at some point in our lives. So part of making those stylistic jumps is just to free myself up-to get away from the old or the old Oliver Stone. - Author: Oliver Stone
Twilight Film quotes by Oliver Stone
#41. I don't mind ratings boards. As a viewer, you have the right not to see a film. - Author: Takashi Miike
Twilight Film quotes by Takashi Miike
#42. All FILM directors are good actors, because you have to understand actors in order to program them. - Author: Henry Johnson Jr
Twilight Film quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
#43. The TV shouted an old black-and-white film he didn't recognize, wheelchairs facing it like church pews. - Author: Sere Prince Halverson
Twilight Film quotes by Sere Prince Halverson
#44. Now that I can edit the whole thing on AVID and edit the whole thing on tape, maybe I will do the next digitally, because maybe the quality will become less obvious between tape and film. - Author: Michael Apted
Twilight Film quotes by Michael Apted
#45. Frau Stöhr, however, who happened to be sitting not all that far from the trio, had apparently abandoned herself to the film; her red, uneducated face was contorted with pleasure. - Author: Thomas Mann
Twilight Film quotes by Thomas Mann
#46. And I'm very surprised that all this stuff actually worked out to where I could have a career in film, gain the benefit of my education, and be thankful that I was able to break into my craft as an actor. - Author: Terrence Howard
Twilight Film quotes by Terrence Howard
#47. Hollywood gave us far more Muslim terrorists in the Eighties and Nineties than it has since 9/11. - Author: Mark Steyn
Twilight Film quotes by Mark Steyn
#48. I love it all. I don't want to go through my career with one hand tied behind my back. I love making kids happy. I love the midnight audience. I like intense dramas. And I like high-adrenaline action films. - Author: Nicolas Cage
Twilight Film quotes by Nicolas Cage

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