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What kind of one-night stand takes your car the next morning? It's called the walk of shame, not grand theft auto. ~ Piper Rayne
Toriumi Auto quotes by Piper Rayne
I think that the Detroit auto industry is important to the United States. It's important for hundreds of thousands of Americans who have their jobs as a result. ~ John Boehner
Toriumi Auto quotes by John Boehner
We can support Barack Obama because he's committed to putting America back to work with good jobs - and he proved it by saving the auto industry. ~ Richard Trumka
Toriumi Auto quotes by Richard Trumka
The most absurd public opinion polls are those on taxes. Now, if there is one thing we know about taxes, it is that people do not want to pay them. If they wanted to pay them, there would be no need for taxes. People would gladly figure out how much of their money the government deserves and send it in. And yet we routinely hear about opinion polls that reveal that the public likes the tax level as it is and might even like it higher. Next they will tell us that the public thinks the crime rate is too low, or that the American people would really like to be in more auto accidents. ~ Llewellyn Rockwell
Toriumi Auto quotes by Llewellyn Rockwell
I came into the world at the same time as the auto, if you will. ~ Ferdinand Porsche
Toriumi Auto quotes by Ferdinand Porsche
I believe the auto industry is a competition of human resources, competition of funding, competition of technology - and the competition is international. ~ Li Shufu
Toriumi Auto quotes by Li Shufu
So what if your custom car shop tanks and you've gotta take a crappy job at an auto parts store, dealing with ignorant, pushy people. I'm okay with that, 'cause I'm an ignorant, pushy people person. ~ Christopher Titus
Toriumi Auto quotes by Christopher Titus
Folks call me Ellis. I run an auto shop with a couple of my buddies. We're also in a band. I play bass. ~ Ellis
Toriumi Auto quotes by Ellis
There's a cardinal rule in book publishing that applies equally to brain surgery and auto mechanics: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Since people are still buying the original Where Is God When It Hurts? ~ Philip Yancey
Toriumi Auto quotes by Philip Yancey
We hear a lot about rebuilding Detroit, and we just spent $70 billion to bail out the auto industry - well, they need to be cost competitive, too. If they have high-cost energy, those suppliers are going to move to Japan or Mexico instead of Michigan and Tennessee. ~ Lamar Alexander
Toriumi Auto quotes by Lamar Alexander
It may not seem like much, but grand theft auto is still a pretty serious offense. ~ Elle Todd
Toriumi Auto quotes by Elle Todd
What can I tell them? Sealed in their metallic shells like molluscs on wheels, how can I pry the people free? The auto as tin can, the park ranger as opener. Look here, I want to say, for godsake folks get out of them there machines, take off those fucking sunglasses and unpeel both eyeballs, look around; throw away those goddamned idiotic cameras! For chrissake folks what is this life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare? eh? Take off your shoes for a while, unzip your fly, piss hearty, dig your toes in the hot sand, feel that raw and rugged earth, split a couple of big toenails, draw blood! Why not? Jesus Christ, lady, roll that window down! You can't see the desert if you can't smell it. Dusty? Of course it's dusty - this is Utah! But it's good dust, good red Utahn dust, rich in iron, rich in irony. Turn that motor off. Get out of that peice of iron and stretch your varicose veins, take off your brassiere and get some hot sun on your old wrinkled dugs! You sir, squinting at the map with your radiator boiling over and your fuel pump vapor-locked, crawl out of that shiny hunk of GM junk and take a walk - yes, leave the old lady and those squawling brats behind for a while, turn your back on them and take a long quiet walk straight into the canyons, get lost for a while, come back when you damn well feel like it, it'll do you and her and them a world of good. Give the kids a break too, let them out of the car, let them go scrambling over rocks hunting for rattle ~ Edward Abbey
Toriumi Auto quotes by Edward Abbey
Environmentalists believe that monolithic solutions - be they in the auto, nuclear, or genetics field - are doomed to fail and lead only along the path to dependence. They feel rather that it is far more sensible to approach the future by opening up more possibilities. Likewise, polyamorists believe that monogamy sterilizes love and fosters unhealthy codependence, whereas multiple relationships feed off of each other's differences and ultimately lead to an enriching fulfillment. ~ Francoise Simpere
Toriumi Auto quotes by Francoise Simpere
Help," he said, "is giving part of yourself to somebody who comes to accept it willingly and needs it badly. "So it is," he said, using an old homiletic transition, "that we can seldom help anybody. Either we don't know what part to give or maybe we don't like to give any part of ourselves. Then, more often than not, the part that is needed is not wanted. And even more often, we do not have the part that is needed. It is like the auto-supply shop over town where they always say, 'Sorry, we are just out of that part. ~ Norman Maclean
Toriumi Auto quotes by Norman Maclean
Marriage is like a row boat: it fits two, it doesn't work on auto-pilot and it's very difficult to have sex in. ~ Dana Gould
Toriumi Auto quotes by Dana Gould
Day baseball is now dead for all practical purposes. Sooner or later, the game will be played in its entirety at night, and as I've said before, then baseball will be squarely in the amusement, the entertainment business along with wrestling, midget auto racing and the trotting tracks. ~ Larry MacPhail
Toriumi Auto quotes by Larry MacPhail
As far as cheating goes, they'll never stop it. The only way it can be done successfully, only one person can know about it. ~ Smokey Yunick
Toriumi Auto quotes by Smokey Yunick
The Pre-Historic Age Ended With A Bang. This Post-Historic Age Will End With A Cumshot Of An Auto Asphyxiated Minor Celebrity ~ Dean Cavanagh
Toriumi Auto quotes by Dean Cavanagh
Boobs are near the center of the universe, until you turn twenty-five or so. Which is also when young men's auto insurance rates go down. This is not a coincidence. ~ Jim Butcher
Toriumi Auto quotes by Jim Butcher
It is quite evident that a barrier must be cleared in order to escape the psychologists and enter into a realm which is not "auto-observant", where we ourselves no longer divide ourselves into observer and observed. Then the dreamer is completely dissolved in his reverie. His reverie is his silent life. It is that silent peace which the poet wants to convey to us. ~ Gaston Bachelard
Toriumi Auto quotes by Gaston Bachelard
Huh," Leo said. "Well, if you ever get off this island and want a job, let me know. You're not a total klutz."
She smirked. "A job, eh?" Making things in your forge?"
"Nah, we could start our own shop," Leo said, surprising himself. Starting a machine shop had always been one of his dreams, but he'd never told anyone about it. "Leo and Calypso's Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters. ~ Rick Riordan
Toriumi Auto quotes by Rick Riordan
For value investors, General Motors is a tempting target. The company's share of the North American auto market has steadily declined for two decades, and analysts say the company suffers from weak management and unexciting cars. ~ Alex Berenson
Toriumi Auto quotes by Alex Berenson
Author describes auto CEO's decisions to drive rather than fly to Washington as "showy penitence". ~ Ron Suskind
Toriumi Auto quotes by Ron Suskind
If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough. ~ Mario Andretti
Toriumi Auto quotes by Mario Andretti
What's behind you doesn't matter. ~ Enzo Ferrari
Toriumi Auto quotes by Enzo Ferrari
The European auto industry made a commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 140 grams per kilometer. But then there was a significant change in what customers wanted in their vehicles. ~ Martin Winterkorn
Toriumi Auto quotes by Martin Winterkorn
People got a little too self-conscious about the techniques that go into recording because sometimes, if you sing too well in tune, people accuse you of auto-tuning. It's like you have to use auto-detuning or something. ~ Todd Rundgren
Toriumi Auto quotes by Todd Rundgren
Yes, Manila had its slums; one saw them on the drive from the airport: vast districts of men in dirty white undershirts lounging idly in front of auto-repair shops - like a poorer version of the 1950s America depicted in such films as Grease. ~ Mohsin Hamid
Toriumi Auto quotes by Mohsin Hamid
When you're in the back of the pack, you can gamble a little bit more. ~ Michael Andretti
Toriumi Auto quotes by Michael Andretti
People don't blame the act of driving for auto accidents. ~ Nancy Gibbs
Toriumi Auto quotes by Nancy Gibbs
The RJ45 port on the side of the Pi (see Figure 1-9) includes a feature known as auto-MDI, which allows it to reconfigure itself automatically. As a result, you can use any RJ45 cable - crossover or not - to connect the Pi to the network, and it will adjust its configuration accordingly. ~ Gareth Halfacree
Toriumi Auto quotes by Gareth Halfacree
As remains the case today, blacks in the past were overrepresented among those arrested and imprisoned. In urban areas in 1967 blacks were seventeen times more likely than whites to be arrested for robbery. In 1980 blacks comprised about one-eighth of the population but were half of all those arrested for murder, rape, and robbery, according to FBI data. And they were between one-fourth and one-third of all those arrested for crimes such as burglary, auto theft, and aggravated assault. ~ Jason L. Riley
Toriumi Auto quotes by Jason L. Riley
Keep in mind, you can use Auto-Tune and you can know how to work it perfectly, but you still have to know how to write a good song. ~ T-Pain
Toriumi Auto quotes by T-Pain
I was always involved in low level motor clubs, competitions and with the Vintage Auto Association, and I believe this really helped me on my way. ~ Liz Halliday
Toriumi Auto quotes by Liz Halliday
Obamacare is a private mandate that will drive billions to the insurance industry, much like the auto insurance mandate. Hardly socialism. In fact, it was a Republican plan to begin with. ~ Adam McKay
Toriumi Auto quotes by Adam McKay
I feel I have to live a little longer before I write a sequel to my auto biography which covers my experiences up until October 1991. ~ Holly Johnson
Toriumi Auto quotes by Holly Johnson
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