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To step on a bomb, have your legs blown off and survive, is lucky. Everybody has a good-luck story. Mine was the fact that the senior medic was on patrol that day. Those who don't have a good-luck story are the ones who don't make it. ~ Giles Duley
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Giles Duley
Thanks again, sir." Jules shook his hand again.
"You're welcome again," the captain said, his smile warm. "I'll be back aboard the ship myself at around nineteen hundred. If it's okay with you, I'll, uh, stop in, see how you're doing."
Son of a bitch. Was Jules getting hit on? Max looked at Webster again. He looked like a Marine. Muscles, meticulous uniform, well-groomed hair. That didn't make him gay. And he'd smiled warmly at Max, too. The man was friendly, personable. And yet . . .
Jules was flustered.
"Thanks," he said. "That would be . . . That'd be nice. Would you excuse me, though, for a sec? I've got to speak to Max, before I, uh . . . But I'll head over to the ship right away."
Webster shook Max's hand. "It was an honor meeting you, sir." He smiled again at Jules.
Okay, he hadn't smiled at Max like that.
Max waited until the captain and the medic both were out of earshot. "Is he - "
"Don't ask, don't tell." Jules said. "But, oh my God."
"He seems nice," Max said.
"Yes," Jules said. "Yes, he does."
"So. The White House?"
"Yeah. About that . . ." Jules took a deep breath. "I need to let you know that you might be getting a call from President Bryant."
"Might be," Max repeated.
"Yes," Jules said. "In a very definite way." He spoke quickly, trying to run his words together: "I had a very interesting conversation with him in which I kind of let slip that you'd resigned again and he was unhappy about tha ~ Suzanne Brockmann
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
People's eyes are blobs of jelly. That's what the medic told me one I'd lost my right eye. But her eyes? Her eyes were limitless, like the night sky. Her gaze dissolved into space, as though all human experience could be found in her glassy eyes. I ~ Fran Seen
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Fran Seen
Jesus lived as a supernatural man. Although He is God, He divested himself of His own power and authority and operated under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, just as we do. Our goal is to become like Him. It is the relationship we have with Christ in the Spirit that opens us up to the revelation and experiences of the supernatural. It is only the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to walk like Jesus did. To walk in the Spirit is to have a relationship with Him. This is why I believe relationship is preferable to realm in thinking about the kingdom of God. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
Trust me, I'm an SF medic.
This won't hurt ... me.
I'm not so sure, it'll probably hurt a lot. ~ Jose N Harris
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Jose N Harris
God's desire is that we would grow in knowledge and wisdom into the fullness of the stature of Christ (see Eph. 4:13). That is His plan for all of us. The kingdom of God is all about growth. God is more interested in our growth than anything else, including the healing of our headache or our deliverance from an evil spirit. Please note: I did not say that these things aren't important to God. They are important to Him. But in eternity, the importance of our spiritual growth far outweighs our temporary afflictions (see 2 Cor. 4:17). ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
Simon: You're in a dangerous line of work, Jayne. Odds are you'll be under my knife again, often. So I want you to understand one thing very clearly: No matter what you do or say or plot, no matter how you come down on us, I will never, ever harm you. You're on this table, you're safe ... 'cause I'm your medic. And however little we may like or trust each other, we're on the same crew. Got the same troubles, same enemies, and more than enough of both. Now, we could circle each other and growl, sleep with one eye open, but that thought wearies me. I don't care what you've done, I don't know what you're planning on doing, but I'm trusting you. I think you should do the same. 'Cause I don't see this working any other way.
River: Also, I can kill you with my brain. ~ Ben Edlund
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Ben Edlund
In a matter of sixty short minutes, that thing could whisk Neil away to civilization, I thought. Hmm.
My goodness, that was a beautiful prospect.
Somehow I had to get on that chopper with him.
I packed in thirty seconds flat, everything from the past three months. I taped a white cross onto my sleeve, and raced out to where Neil was sat waiting.
One chance.
What the heck.
Neil shook his head at me, smiling.
"God, you push it, Bear, don't you?" he shouted over the noise of the rotors.
"You're going to need a decent medic on the flight," I replied, with a smile. "And I'm your man." (There was at least some element of truth in this: I was a medic and I was his buddy--and yes, he did need help. But essentially I was trying to pull a bit of a fast one.)
The pilot shouted that two people would be too heavy.
"I have to accompany him at all times," I shouted back over the engine noise. "His feet might fall off at any moment," I added quietly.
The pilot looked back at me, then at the white cross on my sleeve.
He agreed to drop Neil somewhere down at a lower altitude, and then come back for me.
"Perfect. Go. I'll be here." I shook his hand firmly.
Let's just get this done before anyone thinks too much about it, I mumbled to myself.
And with that the pilot took off and disappeared from view.
Mick and Henry were laughing.
"If you pull this one off, Bear, I will eat my socks. You just love to push it, do ~ Bear Grylls
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Bear Grylls
True humility isn't thinking less of yourself. It's thinking of yourself exactly the way God thinks of you; not more and not less. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
The disciples were given power and authority because they entered the kingdom and became representatives of the king. They have been given authority to do what Jesus did as part of the ongoing ministry of expanding the kingdom until the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. We are each called, commissioned, tasked and empowered to do the same things until He returns. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
Do you think, little flower, that there will ever come a day when you regret meeting me?" he asked quietly.
"Yes," she said simply.
"I see," he said tightly.
"Would you like a specific date?"
"You are teasing me," he realized suddenly.
"No, I'm dead serious. I have an exact date in mind."
Jacob pulled back to see her eyes, looking utterly perplexed as her pupils sparkled with mischief.
"What date is that? And why are you thinking of pink elephants?"
"The date is September 8, because, according to Gideon, that's possibly the day I will go into labor. I say 'possibly,' because combining all this human/Druid and Demon DNA 'may make for a longer period of gestation than usual for a human,' as the Ancient medic recently quoted. Now, as I understand it, women always regret ever letting a man touch them on that day."
Jacob lurched to his feet, dropping her onto her toes, grabbing her by the arms, and holding her still as he raked a wild, inspecting gaze over her body.
"You are pregnant?" he demanded, shaking her a little. "How long have you known? You went into battle with that monster while you are carrying my child?"
"Our child," she corrected indignantly, her fists landing firmly on her hips, "and Gideon only just told me, like, five seconds ago, so I didn't know I was pregnant when I was fighting that thing!"
"But . . . he healed you just a few days ago! Why not tell you then?"
"Because I wasn't pregnant then, Jaco ~ Jacquelyn Frank
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
There are plenty of atheists in foxholes. What I don't see are Christians in foxholes. If a Christian soldier takes a bullet to the knee, he will undoubtedly first call for a medic, not a priest. Reliance on god is typically only available when a problem can be ignored without discomfort or when the problem belongs to others (where it can be ignored without discomfort). When the chips are down, like when you have a serious illness or you've been shot or you're at war, even the most devout Christians rely on humans (doctors or other soldiers) even though they'll swear up and down that it's god helping them. ~ Sam Singleton
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Sam Singleton
If it is the will of God for man to be sick, no one in history violated the will of God more than Jesus. Just as God desires all men to be saved, He also desires all men to be healed. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
Jesus was the original street healer. He traveled the streets of Israel on foot, staying wherever He found lodging. During His travels He told people the secrets of their hearts, healed all who were sick and demon-possessed, raised the dead and shared the mysteries of the kingdom of God. This was His lifestyle and it could be yours. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
You need a medic, Lieutenant."
"In a minute. Let me ask you something."
"Ask away." Having nothing else, he tore part of his ripped sleeve to dab at the blood on her shoulder.
"Do I come charging into one of your board rooms when you're having trouble with a business deal?"
His eyes flicked to hers. Some of the fierceness died out of them into what was almost a smile. "No, Eve, you don't. I don't know what got into me."
"It's okay. This once. ~ J.D. Robb
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by J.D. Robb
I got back to the vehicles and spotted Ashley Voss right away. She was standing there waiting with her rucksack, ready to go. I walked up to her, smiled, and said, "Hey, what's up? I'm Noah."
"Hi. I'm Ashley," she said without much emotion.
"Cool. Are you excited to come to our area?" I flashed her a grin.
After a brief pause she said, "Yeah, the medics can use a female."
She was acting like a professional and I was acting more like someone standing at a bar trying to buy her a drink. As if that couldn't be more awkward, right at that moment my radio squawked loudly, "Hey, can somebody get me that female medic's roster number? I need it before we head out." It was Jerry, ruining my game.
I leaned over and hit the button and said a little too proudly, "I've got the female medic with me now. I will get that for you."
And before I could ask her what it was, Jerry came back over the radio, "Galloway. You're with the female. Why am I not surprised?" Ashley gave me her roster number, and I sent it back to Jerry.
I turned to Ashley and said, "I'm not a player, just wanted to know more about you."
She didn't look that convinced. We got in the trucks and drove back. At the potato plant all the guys started sniffing this girl out like a bunch of hound dogs. One of the guys ran and grabbed her rucksack for her and carried it into the medic station, like he was a bellhop. ~ Noah Galloway
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Noah Galloway
It's never been about that. It's about what He wants to do for you. It's about His passionate, crazy love for you. You don't need to do anything to please Him. All you need to do is rest in the knowledge that you are greatly loved by Him. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
One night a guy hit his head on a welding gun. He went to his knees. He was bleeding like a pig, blood was oozing out. So I stopped the line for a second and ran over to help him. The foreman turned the line on again, he almost stepped on the guy. That's the first thing they always do. They didn't even call an ambulance. The guy walked to the medic department
that's about half a mile
he had about five stitches put in his head. The foreman didn't say anything. He just turned the line on. You're nothing to any of them. ~ Studs Terkel
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Studs Terkel
All day long because it's what you've been trained to do. But if, in your heart, you believe that the pain you're feeling is real and if you believe it's connected to some underlying condition, it is unlikely that the pain or the spirit will leave. Demons are more sensitive to what you think than what you say. Your belief in the legitimacy of the symptoms plays into the agenda of the evil spirit and what you believe can allow it to remain there. What we believe about the afflicting spirit can either empower it or remove its power over us. The degree to which any spirit can influence us is determined by how much we believe what it says. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
Bubba then grabbed a hold of my leg and his eyes got all cloudy and that terrible pink sky seem to drain all the colour in his face.
He was trying to say something, and so I bent over real close to hear what it was. But I never could make it out. So I asked the medic, ' You hear what he say?'
And the medic say, 'Home. He said, home.'
Bubba, he died, and that's all I got to say about that. ~ Winston Groom
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Winston Groom
A father who denies a child of his attention is no better than a fully-equipped medic who watches idly as a soldier bleeds to death. ~ Wes Fesler
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Wes Fesler
A hundred bucks,cuz.And judging by that spectacular toss over the rail, I'd say you earned it."
Wyatt tucked the money into his pocket. "It was pretty spectacular, wasn't it? And it worked. It got the attention of our pretty little medic."
Jesse,Amy,and Zane stopped dead in their tracks.
Amy laughed. "You did all that to get Lee's attention?"
"Nothing else I've tried has worked. I was desperate."
Jesse shook his head in disbelief. "Did you ever think about just buying her a beer at the Fortune Saloon? I'd think that would be a whole lot simpler than risking broken bones leaping off a bull."
"But not nearly as memorable.The next time she sees me at the saloon, she'll know my name."
Zane threw back his head and roared. "So will every shrink from here to Helena. You have to be certifiably nuts to do all that just for the sake of a pretty face."
"Hey." Wyatt slapped his cousin on the back. "Whatever works.'"
Zane pulled out a roll of bills. "Ten says she's already written you off as someone to avoid at all costs."
Wyatt's smile brightened. "Chump change. If you want to bet me, make it a hundred."
"You got it." Zane pulled a hundred from the roll and handed it to Jesse. "Now match it, cuz. I was going to bet that you can't persuade Marilee Trainor to even speak to you again. But just to make things interesting, I'm betting that you can't get her to have dinner with you tonight."
"Dinner? Tonight? Now you're pushing the li ~ R.C. Ryan
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by R.C. Ryan
While at college, I did my first lead on a network TV show, Medic. ~ Robert Vaughn
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Robert Vaughn
I have vowed that rather than let Alzheimer's take me, I would take it, i would live my life as ever to the full and die, before the disease mounted its last attack, in my own home, in a chair on the lawn, with a brandy in my hand to wash down whatever modern version of the Brompton Cocktail some helpful medic could supply. And with Thomas Tallis on my iPod, I would shake hands with death. ~ Terry Pratchett
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Terry Pratchett
Medic, geek, badass ex-military guy? Is there anything you can't do? ~ Maya Banks
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Maya Banks
There are books that are suitable for a million people, others for only a hundred. There are even remedies - I mean books - that were written for one person only… A book is both medic and medicine at once. It makes a diagnosis as well as offering therapy. Putting the right novels to the appropriate ailments: that's how I sell books. ~ Nina George
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Nina George
Today, more than 23 million veterans walk among us. Nearly 3 million receive disability compensation, and many more owe their lives to an anonymous corpsman or medic. Millions of Americans and their families are profoundly grateful. ~ Scott McGaugh, Battlefield Angels: Saving Lives From Valley Forge To Afghanistan
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Scott McGaugh, Battlefield Angels: Saving Lives From Valley Forge To Afghanistan
Not everyone will be saved, Ana. You are a medic. You have lived your life with that motto. What changed? It's not any different now."
"No, it is. I wasn't a medic that bombed people. I was a medic that had to make choices based on the fact that people were already bombed. That's a huge difference. You can't save everyone, you're right. But you can prevent the need for saving. ~ Eli Addis
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Eli Addis
The Arrow Squad had to die. For some inexplicable reason, this midlevel telepath and field medic was its nucleus; cut him out and the resulting fractures would mean the rest would be far easier to eliminate. ~ Nalini Singh
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Nalini Singh
You my door gunner?" Dempsey said. "Door gunner, aircrew, combat medic, and ass kicker, sir." "PJ? ~ Jeffrey Wilson
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Jeffrey Wilson
I'd come out of the army after five years as a medic. I was a medical administrator and we ran hospitals, and I was a Captain in the army at the end, in 1945. ~ Eli Wallach
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Eli Wallach
We must learn how to develop bridges of relationship with people if we hope to minister healing (or anything else) to them. Even if it's a small bridge, they must have a reason to trust us. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
It should not surprise you when you find opposition and harassment. All of this simply means you're beginning to make a difference and the enemy isn't happy about it. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
You might be wondering why the Bible instructs us to speak against darkness, rather than think against it, if the real power is in what we think. While it's true that there can be great power in the words that we speak, this is only true when our words reflect our inner-most thoughts, and our inner-most thoughts are the things we believe in our spirit. Our spirit is where faith resides. And it is faith that God and the rest of the spiritual world recognize and respond to. If our words tell a demon to leave, while our spirit is transmitting thoughts of fear, the demon will perceive that we are afraid, and it will not leave. It is only when our words match the thoughts of our spirit - and we are single-minded - that the spirit world responds to what we say. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
The medics generally see the worst of the worst. They see everything. They're working on their friends, and they're working on their enemy. The person that was just firing at them, trying to kill them, five minutes ago, if an Army medic stumbles upon him and he's still alive, he just goes to save his life. ~ Brendan Fehr
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Brendan Fehr
When healing gifts are exercised, the faith of both the one healed and the one healing is built up and becomes stronger. Faith not only in God, but faith in one's ability to do the works Jesus did, as He said we would. Many who might otherwise move powerfully in the gifts of the Spirit are not lacking faith in God to want to do them, but in themselves and their own ability to be instrumental in ministering the gifts. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
When life is suddenly more serious more of the time, there is also more need for it to be fun at least some of the time. That's why my family will be at a college football game this weekend. We need it. And deserve it, too. Not like a New York fireman deserves it. Or a medic at the Pentagon. But enough. ~ Thomas Boswell
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Thomas Boswell
In the past, dictionaries had been less scientific, and definitions often crudely brief. One example historians like to cite is the definition of 'mucus' in John Kersey's Dictionarium Anglo-Britannicum (1708) as 'snot or snivel'. Johnson, by contrast, defers to the authority of the medic John Quincy, and defines 'mucus' as 'that which flows from the papillary processes through the os cribriforme into the nostrils'. Kersey exemplifies the simplicity of the older dictionaries. He defines 'coffin' as 'a case for a dead body', 'penis' as 'a man's yard', 'eye' as 'the wonderful instrument of sight', ~ Henry Hitchings
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Henry Hitchings
Let's see that wrist."
I held it out, and Chase's jaw tightened.
"Look at that!" the medic shouted, staring over my shoulder behind us. The moment I turned my head he grabbed my hand and jerked it toward him, hard.
A crack as the bones in my wrist realigned. ~ Kristen Simmons
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Kristen Simmons
Simply put, if you know Jesus and you believe He is still healing people today, He will heal the sick through you. ~ Praying Medic
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Praying Medic
You will never bore me, Nelissuna. I can see that fact straight to my soul."
"But I can clearly see you being easily capable of boring me to tears," she countered archly, trying to free her trapped hand with a determined tug. He was even stronger than he looked, she thought.
"How are you feeling?" he asked, noticing her struggle and insults about the same way he would notice a passing speck of dust.
"Why can you not tell me? You are the medic, are you not?" She exhaled sharply. "Will you please let go of me?"
Legna growled in frustration at him.
"You are so obnoxious!" she accused. "I hate it when you do that!"
"Do what? Answer a question? If it disturbs you, I will ignore your questions from now on."
"You know exactly what I mean. I hate it when you lay down the word no as if it were the last letter of the law. And do not think I do not know that you are doing it on purpose just to irritate me, because I do!"
"Then you should cease giving me the opportunity to say it," he told her, his tone so matter-of-fact that she almost screamed at him. "And you should be careful of those little growls you insist on making, Neliss. They are . . . very stimulating."
Suddenly Legna forgot all about trading barbs with him and became very aware of his warmth above and below her trapped hand, the solid strength she leaned up against so cozily, and the very clear hunger that was brewing under the humor he had been using to hide it.
N ~ Jacquelyn Frank
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
Mike Shea became a medic during the war and was now married, working for Pfizer. To this day he can't look at her straight. To this day she can't quite convince herself that the sin was as grave as it seemed. (She thought, in fact, of telling the priest as he whispered his furious admonitions that she weighed barely a hundred pounds and was as thin as a boy and if he would adjust his imagination accordingly and see the buds of her breasts and her flat stomach and the bony points of her hips, he would understand that even buck naked, her body was not made for mortal sin.) She can ~ Alice McDermott
Tf2 Medic Ubercharge quotes by Alice McDermott
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