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It may be a tough world, but its a magical world;
Where a mere sunset will make you smile ...
Amidst all the hardships,
When the life you want to live seems a strange place,
Be the first to chart this new territory;
And leave a clear path for others to follow,
They will follow ...
You do not have to fell the pressure to lead ...
You merely followed the horizon where the sun set,
which became a beautiful sunrise ...
Your Sunrise ... ~ Michelle Geaney
Sun Set quotes by Michelle Geaney
After a day of cloud and wind and rain Sometimes the setting sun breaks out again, And touching all the darksome woods with light, Smiles on the fields until they laugh and sing, Then like a ruby from the horizon's ring, Drops down into the night. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Sun Set quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Watching the sun set is like watching a beautiful kid die for a good cause. ~ Darnell Lamont Walker
Sun Set quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
Krishna was conceived in the womb of Devaki mysteriously as the sun setting in the West imparts his rays to the rising moon in the East. ~ A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Sun Set quotes by A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
When the sun has set, no candle can replace it. ~ George R R Martin
Sun Set quotes by George R R Martin
If there are no films or plays of interest to me, I don't go. I know how to go to a museum or a library or pick up a good magazine or I can watch the sun set. I know how to live. There's a whole creation out there full of magic and wonder to be explored. ~ Phylicia Rashad
Sun Set quotes by Phylicia Rashad
Have you found your life distasteful?
My life did and does smack sweet.
Was your youth of pleasure wasteful?
Mine I save and hold complete.
Do your joys with age diminish?
When mine fail me, I'll complain.
Must in death your daylight finish?
My sun sets to rise again. ~ Robert Browning
Sun Set quotes by Robert Browning
Tonight, I should watch the sun set, and think of the impending darkness as a metaphor for my wasted life: once it was bright, and full of potential, and now it is dark and hopeless and bleak. I should not make the mistake of thinking that the moon and the stars represent slim glimmers of hope, or evidence that there is light on the other side. Even if there is light somewhere I will never walk in it again. ~ John S. Hall
Sun Set quotes by John S. Hall
A renowned genius once asked a student, "What are you watching when you sit on a hillside in the late afternoon as the colors turn from yellow to orange and red and finally darkness?" He answered, "You are watching the sunset." The genius responded, "That is what is wrong with our age. You know full well you are not watching the sun set. You are watching the world turn." ~ Jeremy Kagan
Sun Set quotes by Jeremy Kagan
I've always wanted to take a swim wherever it is they snap those screensaver photos - Fiji? Bora Bora? The Maldives? - and sleep in a hotel room that's more of a hut built on a dock over the water. After reading The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, I'm dying to see the sun set in Botswana. I want to visit Indian temples and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. ~ Jen Lancaster
Sun Set quotes by Jen Lancaster
At morn we buried Melanippus; as the sun set the maiden Basilo died by her own hand, as she could not endure to lay her brother on the pyre and live; and the house beheld a two-fold woe, and all Cyrene bowed her head, to see the home of happy children made desolate. ~ Allimachus And Lycophron CXLII
Sun Set quotes by Allimachus And Lycophron CXLII
In a whisper he began begging for - and, as the sun set, received - the concession people always beg for: a little more time. ~ Zadie Smith
Sun Set quotes by Zadie Smith
Do not be sad. Or think Adieu. Never Adieu. We will watch the sun set again - many times, and perhaps we'll see the Emerald Drop, the green flash that brings good fortune. And you must laugh and chatter as you used to do - telling me about the battle off the Saints or the picnic at Marie Galante - that famous picnic that turned into a fight. Or the pirates and what they did between voyages. For every voage might be their last. Sun and sangoree's a heady mixture. Then - the earthquake. Oh yes, people say that god was angry at the things they did, woke from his sleep, one breath and they were gone. ~ Jean Rhys
Sun Set quotes by Jean Rhys
The Little House was very happy as she sat on the hill and watched the countryside around her. She watched the sun rise in the morning and she watched the sun set in the evening. Day followed day, each one a little different from the one before ... but the Little House stayed just the same. ~ Virginia Lee Burton
Sun Set quotes by Virginia Lee Burton
I feel extraordinarily peaceful when I'm watching the sun set. ~ Kiefer Sutherland
Sun Set quotes by Kiefer Sutherland
always close by when you're in a tight squeeze.
Dn't let the sun set on a quarrel with a pard.
A good pard will at least pretend ~ Texas Bix Bender
Sun Set quotes by Texas Bix Bender
For a second, I stop fighting and think about what he's asking me. Did I live? I made a best friend. Lost another. Cried. Laughed. Lost my virginity. Gained a piece of magic, gave it away. Possibly changed a man's destiny. Drank beer. Slept in cheap motels. Got pissed off. Laughed some more. Escaped from the police and bounty hunters. Watched the sun set over the ocean. Had a soda with my sister. Saw my mom and dad as they are. Understood music. Had sex again, and it was pretty mind-blowing. Not that I'm keeping score. Okay, I'm keeping score. Played the bass. Went to a concert. Wandered around New Orleans. Freed the snow globes. Saved the universe. ~ Libba Bray
Sun Set quotes by Libba Bray
If, while watching the sun set on a used-car lot in Los Angeles, you are struck by the parallels between this image and the inevitable fate of humanity, do not, under any circumstances, write it down. ~ Fran Lebowitz
Sun Set quotes by Fran Lebowitz
Do you remember how the sun, set
On the occasion, we last conversed?

First, it hid behind some lousy clouds
As I was uttering my dying words

Then, out it came with a shiny glare
As I grasped the truth of your beauty

'Twas nothing but my own reflection
To my surprise and curiosity.

Now the sun's told our tale to this town
And I heard how it had made you smile

So if the thought of me drew a smile
Then, I have mastered true lover's guile ~ Zubair Ahsan
Sun Set quotes by Zubair Ahsan
The headlights of parked cars shone through the rain, and the sidewalks extended, empty, into the darkness. Underground, the sewers surged like rivers, and a few blocks away, sirens blared. He was no longer aware of his heart or thoughts, only the image of a sunken face staring up from a well, the paleness rising through the water like polished bone. A ringed hand reached toward it, but as the fingers approached, the face would sink away, its eyes opening, closing, and the droplets of red falling like leaves. He was a child running through an autumn cemetery, leaping over cast iron fences, the rain bleeding into the tombstones and the roofs of the mausoleums, his legs following the wings of a crow, flapping to the north. A hedge of withered roses stood between him and his childhood house. He tripped and grazed his cheek on a manhole, his red blooming in the water. The sun set behind the hill; the house turned black - abandoned and derelict - and Chris knew he had to keep running, ahead, into the unknown. ~ Cory Ingram
Sun Set quotes by Cory Ingram
He is deaf, and keen to accept,
any economical operation,
that will correct his situation.
He visited the doctor best,
and started talking on subject,
like the after-effects, and if any threats.

The doctor medically checked,
and asked him what he expects?
He expressed, he wants to be addressed-
in words, and not in signs.
And how keen he is, to have his ears listening.

He wants to listen the echo of,
sun-set over that crimson dawn.

He is keen to know, the sound of,
a blooming rose.

He wants to know what it sounds like,
when a seedling grows.

But Doctor- if you say: You are incapable,
then I better get away,
for then there is- nothing worth to be heard,
in your seemingly wordy world. ~ Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Sun Set quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
... the worshipers here are not likely to kill one another, they all offer the same sacrifice, and how the fat spits and the carcasses sizzle as God in the sublime heavens inhales the odors of all this carnage with satisfaction. Jesus pressed his lamb to his breast, unable to fathom why God could not be appeased with a cup of milk poured over His altar, that sap of life which passes from one being to another, or with a handful of wheat, the basic substance of immortal bread. Soon he will have to part with the old man's generous gift, his for such a short time, the poor little lamb will not live to see the sun set this day, it is time to mount the stairs of the Temple, to deliver it to the knife and sacrificial fire, as if it were no longer worthy of existence or being punished ... ~ Jose Saramago
Sun Set quotes by Jose Saramago
Marry me he said voice full of emotion. Be my soul mate my friend and my lover as long as we both live. Make babies with me that have curly hair and big brown eyes. Grow old with me and we'll watch the sun set together in the evenings. And when I leave this world I'll be happy knowing I was the best man I could be for having loved you. ~ Jo Davis
Sun Set quotes by Jo Davis
But, Aunt... I don't want to go to the grave site set aside for me a few years ago at the ancestral grave site. I don't want to go there. When I lived here and woke up from the fog in my head, I would walk by myself to the grave site set aside for me, so that I could feel comfortable if I lived there after death. It was sunny, and I liked the pine tree that stood bent but tall, but remaining a member of this family even in death would be too much and too hard. To try to change my mind, I would sing and pull weeds, sitting there until the sun set, but nothing made me feel comfortable there. I lived with this family for over fifty years; please let me go now. ~ Kyung-Sook Shin
Sun Set quotes by Kyung-Sook Shin
Tonight I watched the sun set at Ponte Vecchio. I think its safe to say I have finally found the place that feels right to me. I just can't believe I had to come halfway across the world to find it. ~ Jenna Evans Welch
Sun Set quotes by Jenna Evans Welch
Within half a century after Butler sent Charles Mallory away from Fortress Monroe empty-handed, the children of white Union and Confederate soldiers united against African-American political and civil equality. This compact of white supremacy enabled southern whites to impose Jim Crow segregation on public space, disfranchise African-American citizens by barring them from the polls, and use the lynch-mob noose to enforce black compliance. White Americans imposed increased white supremacy outside the South, too. In non-Confederate states, many restaurants wouldn't serve black customers. Stores and factories refused to hire African Americans. Hundreds of midwestern communities forcibly evicted African-American residents and became "sundown towns" ("Don't let the sun set on you in this town"). Most whites, meanwhile, believed that ~ Edward E. Baptist
Sun Set quotes by Edward E. Baptist
Sun Microsystems, a Silicon Valley workstation maker, got its start in 1982 making such machines for use on the Stanford University Network (hence its name). Sun set a record that still stands in the annals of American business for being the company that from a dead start reached the $1 billion sales mark faster than any other manufacturer - it took all of four years. ~ Brent Schlender
Sun Set quotes by Brent Schlender
Many nights I watch the sun set. Many nights I watch the moon. They fascinate me. They're the only things I get to share with everyone: the stars, the moon, the universe. ~ Danielle Esplin
Sun Set quotes by Danielle Esplin
The sun set and the moon rose parchment yellow, the marks on its surface like traces of lead someone had tried to rub away. Li Du walked alone on the path to the mountain. A painter could have captured it well: a defeated curve of shoulders at odds with a determined stride against a mountain that filled the sky." - p 83 ~ Elsa Hart
Sun Set quotes by Elsa Hart
His mother was quiet for a moment. "I get out of bed every day because I never know where I'll meet with one of God's small graces. Maybe I'll be cleaning a room and find a dollar bill. Maybe I'll be at the gas station on a slow night, and I'll get to sit and be paid to watch the sun set. Or maybe I just won't hurt much that day. What a miracle each day is. To see the spirit of God move across the face of our lives like he did the waters in the darkness of creation. ~ Jeff Zentner
Sun Set quotes by Jeff Zentner
I always think back to the original movies and to those quieter moments where Luke is out in A New Hope, and there are the two suns setting. It is the equivalent, basically, of a farm boy dying to get out of his small town and do something bigger. It's those kinds of universal themes that ground this whole thing in space. ~ Adam Driver
Sun Set quotes by Adam Driver
Evenings were peaceful, smoke settling in the quiet air to soften the dusk, lights twinkling on the ridge we would camp on tomorrow, clouds dimming the outline of our pass for the day after. Growing excitement lured my thoughts again and again to the West Ridge….
There was loneliness, too, as the sun set, but only rarely now did doubts return. Then I felt sinkingly as if my whole life lay behind me. Once on the mountain I knew (or trusted) that this would give way to total absorption with the task at hand. But at times I wondered if I had not come a long way only to find what I really sought was something I had left behind. ~ Thomas F. Hornbein
Sun Set quotes by Thomas F. Hornbein
You said you have grown used to watching the sun set? Come with me, and watch the sun rise! ~ Edoardo Albert
Sun Set quotes by Edoardo Albert
I was walking down the road with two friends when the sun set; suddenly, the sky turned as red as blood. I stopped and leaned against the fence, feeling unspeakably tired. Tongues of fire and blood stretched over the bluish black fjord. My friends went on walking, while I lagged behind, shivering with fear. Then I heard the enormous infinite scream of nature. ~ Edvard Munch
Sun Set quotes by Edvard Munch
When I was fifteen, a companion and I, on a dare, went into the mound one day just at sunset. We saw some of those Indians for the first time; we got directions from them and reached the top of the mound just as the sun set. We had camping equiptment with us, but we made no fire. We didn't even make down our beds. We just sat side by side on that mound until it became light enough to find our way back to the road. We didn't talk. When we looked at each other in the gray dawn, our faces were gray, too, quiet, very grave. When we reached town again, we didn't talk either. We just parted and went home and went to bed. That's what we thought, felt, about the mound. We were children, it is true, yet we were descendants of people who read books and who were, or should have been, beyond superstition and impervious to mindless fear. ~ William Faulkner
Sun Set quotes by William Faulkner
She held a scarlet sequin dress to her chest and posed in front of a mirror. Too hot. She put it back and took a black mini. Too dreary. Then a blue as pale as a whisper caught her eye. She took the dress. The material was silky and clinging. Perfect for a goddess. On the floor below the dress sat scrappy wraparound high-heeled sandals that matched the blue.
She didn't understand why she needed to dress up to meet Stanton but the impulse to steal into the storage room had been rising in her since the sun set.
She took the dress and sandals back to her room, then sat on the floor and painted her toenails and fingernails pale blue. She drew waves of eternal flames and spiral hearts in silver and blue around her ankles and up her legs with body paints.
When she was done, she pressed a Q-tip into glitter eye shadow and spread sparkles on her lid and below her eye. With a sudden impulse she swirled the lines over her temple and into her hairline. She liked the look.
She rolled blue mascara on her lashes, then brushed her hair and snapped crystals in the long blond strands. She squeezed glitter lotion into her palms and rubbed it on her shoulders and arms. Last she took the dress and stepped into it. She turned to the mirror on the closet door.
A thrill ran through her. Her reflection astonished her. She looked otherworldly, a mystical creature... eyes large, skin glowing, eyelashes longer, thicker. Everything about her was more powerful and sleek and fairy ~ Lynne Ewing
Sun Set quotes by Lynne Ewing
Where the sun sets, love rises! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sun Set quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
We're going to watch the sun set," he says. "I'm not sitting here any longer. Too much misery in this room. I need out."

Lils sneers. "And you want us to all traipse off to the garden and watch the sun set because you hate dealing with reality?"

"I can deal with reality perfectly well," he says back, grinning. "I just don't see why I should. ~ Cat Hellisen
Sun Set quotes by Cat Hellisen
One day I saw the sun set forty-four times!' And a little later you added, 'You know, when you're feeling very sad, sunsets are wonderful ... '
'On the day of the forty-four times, were you feeling very sad?'
But the little prince didn't answer. ~ Antoine De Saint Exupery
Sun Set quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Past the projects, the land opened up and water came into view. The breeze carried rain and salt. Jetties and barrier walls supported the shore, which was stacked with crumbling brick warehouses. Out in the channel, the Statue of Liberty stood alone on her little island, her corroding flame held high in the air as the sun set over the industrial shoreline and skyways of New Jersey. Across the narrows, the bluffs of Staten Island wavered in the smoky light of dusk that turned the Verrazano into bronze. Faint light burnished water into busy with freighters and tug boats. A lone sail boat flitted in the distance. On the near shore, on a slip of water between a jetty and the land, a blood red barge bobbed on the tide. ~ Andrew Cotto
Sun Set quotes by Andrew Cotto
When the sun sets, candle starts seeing itself like the sun! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sun Set quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
The sun set beyond thesea, so says the poet - and when a poet mentions a sea, we have to accept it; no harm in letting a poet describe his vision, no need to question his geography. ~ R.K. Narayan
Sun Set quotes by R.K. Narayan
But as surely as the moon rises and the sun sets, depravity passes down through the ages, because there is always a gap between who we are and who we should be, and our parents, molested by regret, conceive us under the false hope that we will be better than them, and everything they do, every hug and blow, only makes certain that we never will be. ~ Chris Adrian
Sun Set quotes by Chris Adrian
Starry Eyed"

Oh, boy you're starry eyed
Lay back, baby lay back
You've got heaven in your eyes
I like that, boy I like that

Life doesn't always work out
Like you planned it
They say make lemonade out of lemons
But I try and I just can't understand it
All this trying for no good reason
Man makes plans and God laughs
Why do I even bother to ask?
Well, once you and I, we were the king and queen of this town
It doesn't matter now
The sun set on our love, bye baby
Oh, boy you're starry eyed
Lay back, baby lay back
You've got heaven in your eyes
I like that, boy I like that
Life doesn't always work out
Like you planned it
They say make lemonade out of lemons
But I try and I can't understand it
All this bragging for not good reason
Man makes plans and God laughs
Why do I even bother to ask?
Well, once you and I, we were the king and queen of this town
It doesn't matter now
The sun set on our love, bye, bye baby
Oh, boy you're starry eyed
Lay back, baby lay back
You've got heaven in your eyes
I like that, boy I like that
It doesn't matter what they say
Let's go do it anyway
'Cause you and I have an undying kind of love
You can be mine, I'll be yours, be my baby
Oh, boy you're starry eyed
Lay back, baby lay back
You've got heaven in your eyes
I like that, boy I like that
~ Lana Del Rey
Sun Set quotes by Lana Del Rey
The light was leaving in the west it was blue The children's laughter sang and skipping just like the stones they threw the voices echoed across the way its getting late It was just another night with the sun set and the moon rise not so far behind to give us just enough light to lay down underneath the stars listen to papas translations of the stories across the sky we drew our own constellations ~ Jack Johnson
Sun Set quotes by Jack Johnson
I was walking along the road with two friends. The sun set. I felt a tinge of melancholy. Suddenly the sky became a bloody red ... I stood there, trembling with fright. And I felt a loud, unending scream piercing nature. ~ Edvard Munch
Sun Set quotes by Edvard Munch
He moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, cradling her against him. She fit just right, her head resting on his shoulder. He leaned down and whispered. "What did I did to deserve you?"
Bryce held her there in silence as the sinking sun set the sky on fire with yellow and purple and orange. In this serene setting, everything fell away except the two of them. ~ Tracy March
Sun Set quotes by Tracy March
It took five days to drive to Los Angeles by myself. I listened to Abbey Road for six hours at a time and watched the desert open up before me again and again. I saw the sun set and rise at the Grand Canyon, and I sang out over the cliffs, picked up tumble weeds along the way and threw them in the back of my car. ~ Madi Diaz
Sun Set quotes by Madi Diaz
. . . the sun set . . . with guillotine-like speed this close to the equator. ~ Doug Stanton
Sun Set quotes by Doug Stanton
The sun sets in the west (just about everyone knows that), but Sunset Towers faced east. Strange! ~ Ellen Raskin
Sun Set quotes by Ellen Raskin
Wisconsin was covered several inches deep in snow -- very beautiful, with light ice-floes on the lakes and rivers, and the bare trees and tall grasses like brown feathers against the snow. As the sun set it was reflected in the ice-covered lakes and the light snow -- but all the same I'm glad that most of my [lecture] tour has been in summer and autumn weather. As soon as winter comes there is an extraordinary effect of desolation in these miles upon miles of uninhabited prairies and hills. ~ Vera Brittain
Sun Set quotes by Vera Brittain
Let's go deeper and deeper... How you know that's night and morning what does it makes you to think??
... Yeah, yeah the time... I know that, but let's removed it from the world... so reality it doesn't exist...!
... How??? how?? You can't remove it, didn't you said that??
Or my mistake?!
It gets sun set in the morning and in the night it gets sun out...
That's false thought unfortunately, what you see is just a shadow... Vsauce proved it!
So how do you understand the differences between
24:00 - PM which is counted as middle between the other day which is yesterday, if I can call it like this or after few minutes which will mean 59 it will become tomorrow, if it's Monday 24:00 Pm after 59 minutes it will become Tuesday... - (It's kind a interesting isn't it??)... now let's go little more far and the other is morning 02:01 which is the morning AM of the other day which is now yesterday. Strange! ~ Deyth Banger
Sun Set quotes by Deyth Banger
Each night we watched the sun set no matter where we were, and we'd wake up early to witness it rising again. That was the thing about life: even when the days faded to black, you were always given another chance. A second moment to try again to rise from the ashes. ~ Brittainy C. Cherry
Sun Set quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
If you consistently write 'The sun set' rather than 'The sun sank slowly in the bright western sky,' your story will move three times as fast. Of course, there are times you want the longer version for atmosphere - but not many. Wordiness not only kills pace; it bores readers. ~ Nancy Kress
Sun Set quotes by Nancy Kress
Do you ever think of me when you look up at the moon and the stars? When you look into the horizon as the sun sets? We're looking at the same sun, and the stars may burn brighter where you are, but I can't see them, and they're still there. I spend nights trying to see the stars that you see, but I end up seeing you in the stars instead. ~ Karen Quan
Sun Set quotes by Karen Quan
In the late afternoon the group assembled for cocktails. Without consorting about it they'd all dressed up, and the women's perfumes fought for supremacy in the living room. The sun set, candles were lit; Mme Reynard found an English dictionary among the cookbooks and proposed they play the game called Dictionary, whereby a player assigns an incorrect definition to an unknown word in hopes of fooling the other players.
She claimed the secateur was the sabateur's assistant. Malcom that costalgia was a shared reminiscence, Susan that a remotion was a lateral promotion, Frances that polonaise was an outmoded British condiment fabricated from a horse's bone marrow, Madeline that a puncheon was a contentious luncheon, and Joan that a syrt was a Syrian breath mint. Julius, whose English was not fully matured, said that unbearing was the act of "removing a bear from a peopled premises. ~ Patrick DeWitt
Sun Set quotes by Patrick DeWitt
As the sun sets, we've all had those nights where you question your choices and where your life is going. ~ Tori Amos
Sun Set quotes by Tori Amos
But there, in a little boat in Venice, as I watched the sun set - a fiery, hellish, red ball turning the water and sky into shades of heaven - my eyes had filled up with tears at the violent beauty of it all. In that moment, I realized I wanted to live again. For the first time in a long time, I was glad to be alive. ~ Amy Harmon
Sun Set quotes by Amy Harmon
think about it. you're playing survivor with all the people you love. some, by sheer luck of genetic lottery, end up on the right team. this team simply knows how to dominate the game. this team understands there is no referee or rules. in fact, this team is so good at the game, they made up invisible referees and rules for other teams to find. they simply do what they want because they understand there is no such things as rights.

how do you win if you're not on this team?

you don't.

however, the consolation prize for knowing the campground is puppet-stringed by a small herd of psychopaths is there is no one for them to pass the reigns on to. in the end, any evil there is in the universe dies, too.

i recommend not making any more players and enjoying ice cream while you watch the firework show we tend to call:

sun set. ~ Benjamin Smythe
Sun Set quotes by Benjamin Smythe
She's like snow in Russian," said Anna. "Snow in the evening when the sun sets and it looks like Alpengluhen, you know? And if snow had a scent it would smell like that [the rose] ... ~ Eva Ibbotson
Sun Set quotes by Eva Ibbotson
Sunset is like a firework; when the firework dies, it creates dozens of other beauties: When the sun dies, it creates shining stars, mysterious moonlight, and gleamy lighthouses! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sun Set quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Recently I stood in the desert, far out side of L. A., and watched the sun set on a circus tent from 1930. Every where stood animals: elephants, tigers that should be loaded into a steam train. 300 extras in costumes raced around, the modern world had disappeared totally. Although that was totally fake, it still happened directly before my eyes! That was my perfect day. I would be gladly experience that every day. It happens continually to me: It calls itself work. That is wonderful and more than enough. ~ Robert Pattinson
Sun Set quotes by Robert Pattinson
I had a ritual - and having any ritual sounded so mature that I told everyone about it, even the regulars. On my days off I woke up late and went to the coffee shop and had a cappuccino and read. Then around five p.m., when the light was failing, I would take out a bottle of dry sherry and pour myself a glass, take out a jar of green olives, put on Miles Davis, and read the wine atlas. I didn't know why it felt so luxurious, but one day I realized that ritual was why I had moved to New York - to eat olives and get tipsy and read about Nebbiolo while the sun set. I had created a life that was bent in service to all my personal cravings. ~ Stephanie Danler
Sun Set quotes by Stephanie Danler
We believe that God has set his hand in these last days to accomplish his purposes, to gather together his elect from the four winds, even to fulfil the words which he has spoken by all the holy prophets, to redeem the earth from the power of the curse, to save the human family from the ruin of the fall, and to place mankind in that position which God designed them to occupy before this world came into existence, or the morning stars sang together for joy. We believe in and realize these things. We feel them, we appreciate them, and therefore are we thus assembled together ~ John Taylor
Sun Set quotes by John Taylor
Of course, weakness is strong. It's the primary impulse. You'd probably prefer to sit in your little room and cry. Live in your finite collection of memories, carefully polishing each one. Half a life set behind glass and pinned to cardboard like a collection of exotic insects. You'd like to live behind that glass, wouldn't you? ~ Jonathan Nolan
Sun Set quotes by Jonathan Nolan
First there's my role just as an executive being responsible for advertising, regardless of gender. I think that's a position that I take seriously. That's the first role. But I think for my role as a woman at Google, you try to set a good example and be a role model for the other women in the organization. ~ Susan Wojcicki
Sun Set quotes by Susan Wojcicki
Women were important and respected in Iroquois society. Families were matrilineal. That is, the family line went down through the female members, whose husbands joined the family, while sons who married then joined their wives' families. Each extended family lived in a "long house." When a woman wanted a divorce, she set her husband's things outside the door. ~ Howard Zinn
Sun Set quotes by Howard Zinn
Athens built the Acropolis. Corinth was a commercial city, interested in purely materialistic things. Today we admire Athens, visit it, preserve the old temples, yet we hardly ever set foot in Corinth. ~ Harold Urey
Sun Set quotes by Harold Urey
The most depressing thing about blogging is watching so-called 'citizen journalists' turn in to little more than easily offended partisan hacks. Any remark that is slightly less than completely and totally scripted and can give the slightest opportunity to offend some delicate soul somewhere is used to set off a series of partisan screeches and cries of outrage that would make the Church Lady jealous. ~ John Cole
Sun Set quotes by John Cole
Something that I can say, "I set out to do this, however many years ago, and now I did it." That's a new thing of mine too, is just speaking things into existence. ~ Ryan Montgomery
Sun Set quotes by Ryan Montgomery
But that's just the thing thought. Family isn't something that is supposed to be static or set. People marry in, divorce out. They're born, they die. It's always evolving, turning into something else. Even that picture of James's family was only the true representation for that day. By the next, something has probably changed. It had to. ~ Sarah Dessen
Sun Set quotes by Sarah Dessen
Men deluded themselves when they believed in better days, some bygone era when the sun shone brighter. Better days had never existed. Joy had always been stolen, and sweeter because of that fact. ~ Zachary Jernigan
Sun Set quotes by Zachary Jernigan
The sun setting on the Ucayali, with the Andean foothills in the background, and the taste of freshly cut papaya in my mouth, restoring a body utterly shattered, made for one of those 'ones to tell the grandchildren' memories. ~ Mark Barrowcliffe
Sun Set quotes by Mark Barrowcliffe
Publishers are humane men, and rarely commit crimes. Authors, however, are a hardened set, who usually perpertrate a felony every time they issue a book. ~ Robert Barr
Sun Set quotes by Robert Barr
My eyes lingered on her naked body for several minutes. Was our relationship what she wanted? Was it satisfying for her? Was it what she dreamed of when she started falling in love with me? Did reality ever fulfill our dreams? Or do dreams just continually set us up for failure and disappointment? ~ T.B. Markinson
Sun Set quotes by T.B. Markinson
The poetic function is the set towards the message itself, focus on the message for its own sake which by promoting the palpability of signs, deepens the fundamental dichotomy of signs and objects. ~ Roman Jakobson
Sun Set quotes by Roman Jakobson
One day I'll give birth to a tiny baby girl
and when she's born she'll scream
and I'll tell her to never stop
I will kiss her before I lay her down at night
and will tell her a story so she knows
how it is and how it must be for her to survive
I'll tell her to set things on fire
and keep them burning
I'll teach her that fire will not consume her
that she must use it ~ Nicole Blackman
Sun Set quotes by Nicole Blackman
God designed the church to be a community of lifelong learners under the earthly guidance of leaders who are teachers at heart. The Christian faith is not a finite course of study for the front-end of adulthood. Our mind-set shouldn't be to first do our learning and then spend the rest of our lives drawing from that original deposit of knowledge. Rather, ongoing health in the Christian life is inextricably linked to ongoing learning. ~ David Mathis
Sun Set quotes by David Mathis
He who receives Communion is made holy and Divinized in soul and body in the same way that water, set over a fire, becomes boiling ... Communion works like yeast that has been mixed into dough so that it leavens the whole mass; ... Just as by melting two candles together you get one piece of wax, so, I think, one who receives the Flesh and Blood of Jesus is fused together with Him by this Communion, and the soul finds that he is in Christ and Christ is in him ~ Cyril Of Alexandria
Sun Set quotes by Cyril Of Alexandria
When I go to describe something as remarkable as what I saw that day, I could only say it was a place of dreams. The water is crystalline clear, a mixture of opalescent colors and frosted with white tips. It surges forward and crashes up against the rocks below us as the sun cast a fire-like glare in the distance. Adding to my reverie is the salty smell in the air that lingers and enlivens senses that seem to have been dormant before this moment. I don't recall moving in this dream-like state but my hand moves up and cups the wind as if trying to capture it's essence. If I could have pocketed every smell and sound of this place I would have and I would defended it with my life. ~ Celia Mcmahon
Sun Set quotes by Celia Mcmahon
All rising suns set, Archivist. [...] All revolutions are [fantacy, lunacy], until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities. [...] I was not genomed to alter history, [...] no revolutionary ever was. ~ David Mitchell
Sun Set quotes by David Mitchell
I did not bring a television set out here with me, and I regret it sometimes when the evenings get long, but my idea was that living alone you can soon get stuck to those flickering images and to the chair you will sit on far into the night, and then time merely passes as you let others do the moving. ~ Per Petterson
Sun Set quotes by Per Petterson
Glanton was first to reach the dying man and he knelt with that alien and barbarous head cradled between his thighs like some reeking outland nurse and dared off the savages with his revolver. They circled on the plain and shook their bows and lofted a few arrows at him and then turned and rode on. Blood bubbled from the man's chest and he turned his lost eyes upward, already glazed, the capillaries breaking up. In those dark pools there sat each a small and perfect sun. ~ Cormac McCarthy
Sun Set quotes by Cormac McCarthy
Some time ago we discovered the carbon cycle - a long-term set of chemical reactions that govern climates based on how much carbon is free in the atmosphere. At that point, it became clear that humans were affecting our environments far more profoundly than we realized. By releasing so much carbon and greenhouse gas into the environment, we're making long-term changes to every aspect of the natural world. ~ Annalee Newitz
Sun Set quotes by Annalee Newitz
Poetry presents the thing in order to convey the feeling. It should be precise about the thing and reticent about the feeling - for as soon as the mind responds, connects with the thing, the feeling shows in the words; this is how poetry enters deeply into us.

If the poet presents directly feelings which overwhelm ... they cannot strengthen morality and refine culture, set heaven and earth in motion, and call up the spirits! ~ Wei Tai (魏泰)
Sun Set quotes by Wei Tai (魏泰)
But Ilúvatar knew that Men, being set amid the turmoils of the powers of the world, would stray often, and would not use their gifts in harmony; and he said: 'These too in their time shall find that all that they do redounds at the end only to the glory of my work. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Sun Set quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
Let me reason with the supporters of this opinion, who have any knowledge of human nature, do they imagine that marriage can eradicate the habitude of life? The woman who has only been taught to please, will soon find that her charms are oblique sun-beams, and that they cannot have much effect on her husband's heart when they are seen every day, when the summer is past and gone. Will she then have sufficient native energy to look into herself for comfort, and cultivate her dormant faculties? or, is it not more rational to expect, that she will try to please other men; and, in the emotions raised by the expectation of new conquests, endeavour to forget the mortification her love or pride has received? When the husband ceases to be a lover - and the time will inevitably come, her desire of pleasing will then grow languid, or become a spring of bitterness; and love, perhaps, the most evanescent of all passions, gives place to jealousy or vanity. ~ Mary Wollstonecraft
Sun Set quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
Set small goals along the way and don't be overwhelmed by the process. ~ Kara Goucher
Sun Set quotes by Kara Goucher
People should be free, people should be unencumbered by regulation as much as possible, that big government always goes corrupt and the truth shall always set you free. ~ Glenn Beck
Sun Set quotes by Glenn Beck
The first thing I did was give up sweet tea because I drank so much. I'd start drinking at lunchtime and wouldn't set it down until I went to bed. When you calculate how much empty calories and how much sugar I was consuming, it was staggering. So I haven't had a glass of sweet tea in three years. ~ Paula Deen
Sun Set quotes by Paula Deen
But strangely, [in] the original Matt Helm books, he's just this super hardass assassin. They sort of made it into a sexy romp for the movies. The books are very, very dark. I also watched OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies, which is a French film. They just made a second one, I think, which is based on like, 100 novels. They're just fantastic. They're set in the '60s. A lot of the visual inspiration definitely came from 1960 James Bond movies and OSS 177 and also Pink Panther movies. ~ Adam Reed
Sun Set quotes by Adam Reed
Just me and my suitcase, hanging out wit the sun, learning how to pack light. ~ Andrea Gibson
Sun Set quotes by Andrea Gibson
There are routes not to be followed, armies not to be attacked, citadels not to be besieged, territory not to be fought over. ~ Sun Tzu
Sun Set quotes by Sun Tzu
The pre-dawn air was quiet and cool; the sky showed the colors of citron, pearl, and apricot, which were reflected from the sea. Out from the Tumbling River estuary drifted the black ship Smaadra, propelled across the water by its sweeps. A mile offshore, the sweeps were shipped. The yards were raised, sails sheeted taut and back-stays set up. With the sunrise came breeze; the ship glided quickly and quietly into the east, and presently Troicinet had become a shadow along the horizon. ~ Jack Vance
Sun Set quotes by Jack Vance
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