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#1. I know life isn't always about bright colors and fireworks. Sometimes the colors aren't always clear, and our days get so hard they hurt. But settle down with me, hold my hand, let me kiss you. All I want is to know you more.
Better than anyone else has before. - Author: Courtney Peppernell
Fireworks quotes by Courtney Peppernell
#2. Love is not a boom, it's not explosions and effects. It's not fireworks in the sky or a plane flying by with a large banner. It's slowly poured under your skin, quietly, without you even noticing, like anointing oil. You just feel a type of warmth, and one day you wake up and discover that under your skin you are wrapped with someone else. - Author: Yoav Blum
Fireworks quotes by Yoav Blum
#3. I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don't have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks. It's always fun. - Author: James Lafferty
Fireworks quotes by James Lafferty
#4. I found this bag of fireworks in the men's restroom. Would you guys like to light them off? - Author: Danny McBride
Fireworks quotes by Danny McBride
#5. Angela could not be the bomber, not that sweet, pretty thing. Thing? Is that how she regarded that young woman, as a thing? And what had she ever said to her except "I hear you're getting married, Angela" or "How pretty you look, Angela." Had anyone asked her about her ideas, her hopes, her plans? If I had been treated like that I'd have used dynamite, not fireworks; no, I would have just walked out and kept right on going. But Angela was different. - Author: Ellen Raskin
Fireworks quotes by Ellen Raskin
#6. If you ask all the cells
in my body,
they only answer your name.
Follicles push the hair upwards
so they may brush
against your skin.
Nails grow faster as well.
Lungs breathe rapidly
in hopes of inhaling your scent.
Toes curl to smile and
knees form dimples when you are near.
Brain fireworks.
Stomach fills with flies of butter
and swallows, and
swans swoon.
Cattle, rhinos, and walruses too -
there's a stampede when you are near.
I love you from the bottom of my liver
to the tip of my lashes.
One wink from you and heart stops,
like a sneeze. Bless you.
I cannot even begin to tell you
what happens to soul,
for soul is off
flying with its mate. - Author: Kamand Kojouri
Fireworks quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#7. At This Moment Of Time

Some who are uncertain compel me. They fear
The Ace of Spades. They fear
Loves offered suddenly, turning from the mantelpiece,
Sweet with decision. And they distrust
The fireworks by the lakeside, first the spuft,
Then the colored lights, rising.
Tentative, hesitant, doubtful, they consume
Greedily Caesar at the prow returning,
Locked in the stone of his act and office.
While the brass band brightly bursts over the water
They stand in the crowd lining the shore
Aware of the water beneath Him. They know it. Their eyes
Are haunted by water

Disturb me, compel me. It is not true
That "no man is happy," but that is not
The sense which guides you. If we are
Unfinished (we are, unless hope is a bad dream),
You are exact. You tug my sleeve
Before I speak, with a shadow's friendship,
And I remember that we who move
Are moved by clouds that darken midnight - Author: Delmore Schwartz
Fireworks quotes by Delmore Schwartz
#8. I'm shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town - Author: Taylor Swift
Fireworks quotes by Taylor Swift
#9. Damn, I can't wait until it get dark,
So I can light these fireworks up at the park,
And celebrate my independence,
It's the 4th of July, but I ain't got 10 cents. - Author: Kam
Fireworks quotes by Kam
#10. And though it has been in no way a romantic evening, she embraces me and this time emanates a warmth I'm not familiar with. I am so used to imagining everything happening the way it occurs in movies, visualizing things falling somehow into the shape of events on a screen, that I almost hear the swelling of an orchestra, can almost hallucinate the camera panning low around us, fireworks bursting in slow motion overhead, the seventy-millimeter image of her lips parting and the subsequent murmur of "I want you" in Dolby sound. But my embrace is frozen and I realize, at first distantly and they with greater clarity, that the havoc raging inside me is gradually subsiding and she is kissing me on the mouth and this jars me back into some kind of reality and I lightly push her away. She glances up at me fearfully.
"Listen, I've got to go," I say, checking my Rolex. "I don't want to miss… Stupid Pet Tricks. - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Fireworks quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#11. ( ... ) perfectly ordinary books, printed on commonplace paper in mundane ink. It would be a mistake to think that they weren't also dangerous, just because reading them didn't make fireworks go off in the sky. Reading them sometimes did the more dangerous trick of making fireworks go off in the privacy of the reader's brain. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Fireworks quotes by Terry Pratchett
#12. I'm falling in love with you. As the words left his mouth, his lips pressed to mine, giving me the most intense and explosive kiss I had ever had. With the coldness of his lips and the warmth of his tongue beneath mine I saw fireworks and felt them through every part of my body. - Author: Magan Vernon
Fireworks quotes by Magan Vernon
#13. I want to live in this moment just a little bit longer. After all, it's my fucking fairytale.

This isn't about Cinderella and her strange feet that are different from everyone else's feet in the kingdom.

This isn't about Rapunzel and her super strong neck muscles that can support the weight of a grown man.

This isn't about Snow White and her seven little men kink - although I'm more like her than the others.

This story is about me - Winter Tews.

So cue the music.

Light the fireworks.

Pour the scotch.

Because this shit is really happening.

This is the ending to a fairytale I never imagined could be mine.

I give Jinx a pleading look. "One more time?"

"For fuck's sake," he rushes out, exasperated.

He cradles my face in his hands. Kisses me crazy. Doesn't pull away until I'm breathless. Then he says it again. "I love you."

I only have one thing to say.


And we lived happily ever after. - Author: Kim Jones
Fireworks quotes by Kim Jones
#14. the Battle of San Juan. Two years later, the regiment held its first reunion, with a grand three-day celebration at Oklahoma City. The young metropolis would show the world that it could do things. There would be visitors from every state. "T. R.," national hero, would attend. A grand display of fireworks, the largest ever seen west of the Mississippi, was ordered. Quanah was besought to bring a troop of Indians for the parade. They would be fed and cared for, paid a small sum, and could see the show. The agent agreed, and there was no difficulty in assembling a troop. The young men gathered their gayest finery and borrowed the carefully saved costumes of their fathers, war bonnets, belts, and beads and feather ornaments. - Author: U.C. Berkeley
Fireworks quotes by U.C. Berkeley
#15. Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow. Extroverts are fireworks, introverts are a fire in the hearth. - Author: Sophia Dembling
Fireworks quotes by Sophia Dembling
#16. A thousand fireworks explode inside me, and I feel them in him too, in his lips on mine, and his hands in my hair, and he way we pull each other closer. Everything else falls away, and in this moment, when we touch, we are light. - Author: Jessi Kirby
Fireworks quotes by Jessi Kirby
#17. In life, although we are unable to predict what is going to happen next, as long as we live life to the fullest everyday, and direct ourselves closer to happiness... Even if life is short, it can be bright as fireworks. - Author: Yang Nana
Fireworks quotes by Yang Nana
#18. The sizzle I felt being near him was so intense, but I couldn't figure out if they were fireworks or warning flares. - Author: Donna Augustine
Fireworks quotes by Donna Augustine
#19. In the small seeds of plants lie hidden both bulk and branches, bud and fruit. In a few principles lie hidden all comfortable conclusions of holy truth. All these glorious fireworks of zeal and holiness in the saints had their beginning from a few sparks. - Author: Richard Sibbes
Fireworks quotes by Richard Sibbes
#20. The car bomb was fertilizer, gasoline, fireworks and propane tanks ... still safer than a Toyota. - Author: Bill Maher
Fireworks quotes by Bill Maher
#21. It's all flags, fireworks, family, food and fun
That's July Four
July Five, the fun is done
The fireworks are no more - Author: John Walter Bratton
Fireworks quotes by John Walter Bratton
#22. The best way we can honor the pioneers - the best way for us to repay our debt of gratitude to them - goes beyond making and hearing speeches, marching in parades, or attending fireworks celebrations.
The best way we can show our gratitude is by incorporating into our own lives the faithfulness to God's commandments, the compassion and love for our fellowmen, the industry, optimism, and joy the pioneers demonstrated so well in their own lives. - Author: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Fireworks quotes by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#23. Sleep paralysis is something that is actually very common. Many people have it, I've had it myself. And what happens is, when you're in that REM stage of sleep, your brain is very active. You're dreaming your most during that stage, you're mind, your eyes are moving, there's a lot going on. It's like fireworks going on in your brain. - Author: Shelby Harris
Fireworks quotes by Shelby Harris
#24. Hot Plants enhance sexual experience. They increase sensitivity and make sex more urgent. Men get better erections. Women benefit, too. Your orgasms are like Chinese New Year fireworks. - Author: Chris Kilham
Fireworks quotes by Chris Kilham
#25. About fireworks?
About love. About how we often mistake love for fireworks - for drama and dysfunction. But real love is very quiet, very still. It's boring, if seen from the perspective of high drama. Love is deep and calm - and constant. I imagine you do give Kathy love - in the true sense of the word. Whether or not she is capable of giving it back to you is another question. - Author: Alex Michaelides
Fireworks quotes by Alex Michaelides
#26. What it love, you ask. Dear child, love is like the light and there are two kinds, the bursting fireworks of the moment and the solid, fixed stars that sometimes become obscured in the heavens, but are always there, year after year, for a lifetime. You must experience the first in order to appreciate the second. - Author: Ann Rinaldi
Fireworks quotes by Ann Rinaldi
#27. Death is the night sky, the background against which the fleeting fireworks of life are displayed, an empty stage upon which the drama of life is played. - Author: James Rozoff
Fireworks quotes by James Rozoff
#28. This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
Fireworks quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#29. Some build their castles 'mid thunderbolts and fireworks. My worlds take shape in silence. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Fireworks quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#30. Noises and smells, those can bring back powerful memories. I remember when I was going to school one Fourth of July, and there were a lot of fireworks going off. I knew that I was in Richmond. I knew that I was a college student. But I thought people were shooting at me. - Author: Kevin Powers
Fireworks quotes by Kevin Powers
#31. Of course, now that we've made the glorious Fourth safe by banning fireworks," he said, "people take to the highways in droves and kill each other with their automobiles. I suppose I should take you down to the shore today but frankly I'm afraid to. I wouldn't drive anywhere for all the tea in China - Author: Keith Robertson
Fireworks quotes by Keith Robertson
#32. What is everlasting? We are fireworks. Glowing bright and fading, we scatter sparks that soon die out. - Author: Milena Michiko Flasar
Fireworks quotes by Milena Michiko Flasar
#33. Crystal spheres imprisoning green lizards, salamanders, millefiori bouquets dragonflies, a basket of pears, butterflies alighted on a frond of fern, swirls of pink and white and blue and white, shimmering like fireworks, cobras ready to strike, pretty little arrangements of pansies, magnificent poinsettias ... - Author: Truman Capote
Fireworks quotes by Truman Capote
#34. She felt the electric tickle of Finn behind her. He must have come from the hallway. She turned.
Standing on the first step, she was almost eye level with him. He'd carried the irresistible smell of the morning in with him, caught in his hair and clothes.
"Good morning, beautiful," he said. Teagan leaned closer.
"What are you doing?" Aiden asked.
Sniffing Finn. How weird would that sound? She changed the sniff into a kiss on the cheek, but Finn turned just before her lips met his face. She felt a shock as their lips touched, the wild inside her exploding like fireworks, rocketing through her to Finn. He swayed, and she managed to get her arms around him before his knees gave way.
"Wa," he gasped. "Could you steer me toward the couch, girl?"
"Oh, my god," Abby said from behind her. "The couch? Are you going to let them do that in your living room, Mr. Wylltson?"
"Do what?" Finn flushed red. "Oh. I just meant . . . I need to sit down. The girl's that good a kisser."
Thomas and Mr. Wylltson were staring. Aiden's mouth was hanging open.
"What are you doing, Tea?" Abby asked. "You totally lunged at him."
"I did not lunge." I was just sniffing him. That would sound worse than lunging. "I just . . . caught him."
"Then why don't you let him go?"
Because he wasn't steady on his feet yet. Finn's electronics had gone haywire.
"Well played." Thomas winked at Finn and grinned at Teagan. "And well caught."
Finn groped f - Author: Kersten Hamilton
Fireworks quotes by Kersten Hamilton
#35. I got a letter from a lightning rod company this morning trying to out the fear of God in me, but with small success. Lightning seems to have lost its menace. Compared to what is going on on earth today, heaven's firebrands are penny fireworks with wet fuses. - Author: E.B. White
Fireworks quotes by E.B. White
#36. Long before I was old enough for "the talk," Mom told me about sex. She said she'd had lots of it in her life, but married sex was probably her favorite. Still Mom also warned me not to expect fireworks like in the ones in Mister Heist's romance novels every time. Some nights, even two old friends deciding to get as close as humanly possible could still be worlds apart. - Author: Brain Vaughan
Fireworks quotes by Brain Vaughan
#37. Darling Daddy,
This is Rose.
Very good news. Caddy is going to marry Micheal. In case you have forgotten because you have not been home for so long he is the one with the ponytail and the earring that you do not like. And Caddy says she will have a white lace dress and three bridesmaids, Saffron and Sarah and me, and a big party for everyone, all her old boyfriends too. Fireworks. A band. A big tent called a marquee. But where will we put it? Carriages with white horses for us all to go to the church. Afterward Caddy and Micheal will go for a holiday to Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Caddy has it all worked out and Mummy says Yes She Can Of Course You Can Darling Of Course You Must Do That. Saffron said That Will Cost a Few Weeks Housekeeping and Mummy said Yes But We Do Not Need to Worry About That. DADDY WILL PAY.
Love, Rose. - Author: Hilary McKay
Fireworks quotes by Hilary McKay
#38. I wonder how many times in a given second girls are told that their guts are wrong? Told our tummies are misfiring, like wayward fireworks. No, no, no, dear, it's not like that at all. Where did you get that from? I promise you that's not the case. You are overreacting. You are crazy. You are insecure. You are being a silly little thing. And, then, days or weeks or even years later, we look back on The Bad Thing that happened to us because we ignored all the signs, and we say to ourselves I wish I had listened to my gut. - Author: Holly Bourne
Fireworks quotes by Holly Bourne
#39. He kissed the corner of my mouth, kissed my cheek, and growled in my ear, Fireworks or what? - Author: Jennifer Echols
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer Echols
#40. I like autumn. The drama of it; the golden lion roaring through the back door of the year, shaking its mane of leaves. A dangerous time; of violent rages and deceptive calm, of fireworks in the pockets and conkers in the fist. - Author: Joanne Harris
Fireworks quotes by Joanne Harris
#41. Faith is more than a matter of heart alone. The unique position of Transfiguration Sunday and its beautiful theophanies declares that the mountain is never the end of the journey. God does not gather us together just for a divine fireworks display, God always has something to say, usually something to ask. BRIAN ERICKSON - Author: Kathleen Long Bostrom
Fireworks quotes by Kathleen Long Bostrom
#42. A big, spectacular thing can frequently be accomplished quickly. Quality usually takes longer. Fanfare and fireworks are not part of quality; therefore, only those who know true values are attracted to it. But when fanfare and fireworks are over, quality will remain. - Author: Alfred Armand Montapert
Fireworks quotes by Alfred Armand Montapert
#43. The most successful revolutions aren't those that are celebrated with parades and banners, drums and trumpets, cannons and fireworks. The really successful revolutions are those that occur quietly, unnoticed, uncommemorated. We don't celebrate the day the United States Constitution was destroyed; it didn't happen on a specific date, and most Americans still don't realize it happened at all. We don't say the Constitution has ceased to exist; we merely say that it's a 'living document.' But it amounts to the same thing. - Author: Joseph Sobran
Fireworks quotes by Joseph Sobran
#44. Fourth of July. My birthday is July first, and my best friend's birthday is July fifth, so it's always been a favorite holiday. It's all about having a cooler full of sodas, hot dogs, and just hanging out and shooting off firecrackers, being low-key, watching the fireworks. - Author: Hilarie Burton
Fireworks quotes by Hilarie Burton
#45. Success and accomplishments aren't the golden "good life" goals. Instead, having a good life is simple. For an old man to be happy, he just wants to watch the fireworks with his granddaughter on Chinese New Year's Eve. - Author: Marcella Purnama
Fireworks quotes by Marcella Purnama
#46. Parents can fail to cheer your successes as wildly as you expected, pointing out that you are sharing your Nobel Prize with a couple of other people, or that your Oscar was for supporting actress, not really for a starring role. More subtly, they can cheer your successes too wildly, forcing you into the awkward realization that your achievement of merely graduating or getting the promotion did not warrant the fireworks and brass band. - Author: Frank Pittman
Fireworks quotes by Frank Pittman
#47. I'm trying to read/edit my story as if I have no existing knowledge of the story, no investment in it, no sense of what Herculean effort went into writing page 23, no pretensions as to why the dull patch on page 4 is important for the fireworks that will happen on page 714. - Author: George Saunders
Fireworks quotes by George Saunders
#48. Nanny Ogg was about to say: What? You mean not compliant and self-effacing like what you is, Esme? But she stopped herself. You didn't juggle matches in a fireworks factory. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Fireworks quotes by Terry Pratchett
#49. Sparklers are the gay cousins of the fireworks family. - Author: Dave Attell
Fireworks quotes by Dave Attell
#50. 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Shield' were planned right from the start so that their narrative trajectory would come down in a blaze of fireworks. - Author: Dave Morris
Fireworks quotes by Dave Morris
#51. She looked me in the eye without saying anything. We both knew what was going to happen next. There would never be a better moment. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and if we had have been actors in a movie, the camera would have panned upwards at that point to capture fireworks exploding in the sky. I didn't need any fireworks or orchestral symphonies to complete the moment though, because for me it was perfect exactly the way it was. - Author: Ronan O'Brien
Fireworks quotes by Ronan O'Brien
#52. Someday they would discover that the stars were not sacred, but made from the same material as their bodies. They would learn it was the stars that created their worlds, that worlds created their minds, that minds created tools, and tools could create stars. Growing, sprawling, thriving until they too became masters of their own understanding, chasing enlightenment with the fervor of having nothing to lose, launching from their homelands like fireworks with glorious yellow tails. - Author: Jake Vander Ark
Fireworks quotes by Jake Vander Ark
#53. And she learned that you couldn't stockpile anything that mattered, really. Feelings, people, songs, sex, fireworks: they existed only in time, and when it was over, so were they. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
Fireworks quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#54. Today was a day for sailing and drinking, for bobbing out under the blazing sun until the sky flipped over into dark and the fireworks were sent scribbling out over all of it. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#55. It has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon. It was warm and bright and the trees were in full color, magnificent, explosive, like permanent fireworks - reds and yellows, oranges, some so brilliant that Crayola never put them in crayons for fear the children would color outside the lines.
["Eloise"] - Author: Garrison Keillor
Fireworks quotes by Garrison Keillor
#56. Love had sneaked up on us rather than bursting upon us like cannons and fireworks. - Author: Carrie Vaughn
Fireworks quotes by Carrie Vaughn
#57. Ella Jane Mason, I'm going to kiss you before this night is over. If you don't want me to, you should say so. Soon." His eyes looked like they were memorizing her mouth.
"If you won't kiss me, after all that, then I'm going to be seriously disappointed."
"Well we can't have that," Hayden said softly just before he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.
Fireworks went off around them as they both fell headfirst in love for the first time ever. - Author: C. Quinn
Fireworks quotes by C. Quinn
#58. Not all magic is fireworks and fanfare. Sometimes magic is quiet and sneaks up on you. An illusion is what needs all the bells and whistles to make itself appear grander than it really is, which is just a trick that can be explained. - Author: Jeff Guinn
Fireworks quotes by Jeff Guinn
#59. It isn't always love at first sight, or all sparks and fireworks and goo-goo gaa-gaa. Love grows, you know. They even write songs about it. - Author: Tyra Lynn
Fireworks quotes by Tyra Lynn
#60. Then when Matt had come along it hadn't been fireworks, passion and fights and drama. It had been low- key, sweet, lovely. But that didn't meant it wasn't the real thing. It never had done. Just because it wasn't suprising hadn't meant it wasn't right. - Author: Jenny Colgan
Fireworks quotes by Jenny Colgan
#61. Against a dark sky all flowers look like fireworks. There is something strange about them, at once vivid and secret, like flowers traced in fire in the phantasmal garden of a witch. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Fireworks quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#62. I predict that love will burst forth on the Fourth of July. That's tomorrow, so I'd better prepare tonight for massive fireworks of the heart. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Fireworks quotes by Jarod Kintz
#63. Perhaps all romance is like that; not a contract between equal parties but an explosion of dreams and desires that can find no outlet in everyday life. Only a drama will do and while the fireworks last the sky is a different colour. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Fireworks quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#64. You are like fireworks. You go out into your children, your friends, your society, and the whole world. - Author: Nhat Hanh
Fireworks quotes by Nhat Hanh
#65. I once compiled a list of events that frightened her, and it was quite comprehensive: very loud snoring; low-flying aircraft; church bells; fire engines; trains; buses and lorries; thunder; shouting; large cars; most medium-sized cars; noisy small cars; burglar alarms; fireworks, especially crackers; loud radios; barking dogs; whinnying horses; nearby silent horses; cows in general; megaphones; sheep; corks coming out of sparkling wine bottles; motorcycles, even very small ones; balloons being popped; vacuum cleaners (not being used by her); things being dropped; dinner gongs; parrot houses; whoopee cushions; chiming doorbells; hammering; bombs; hooters; old-fashioned alarm clocks; pneumatic drills; and hairdryers (even those used by her). - Author: John Cleese
Fireworks quotes by John Cleese
#66. Opening the door, he nearly did a double take into the mirror behind
Hooch. Hooch, pushing his shades back up onto his head, and re-shouldering the bergan. Hooch, standing in the doorway.
"Been thinking."
Two words, more than usual.
"Been around a bit."
Six, speech worthy of a national holiday.
"Looking for a station now."
Eleven, whole fucking fireworks.
"Central station."
Thirteen, and the heavens came down for Matt.
"You still offering?"
Sixteen, and the world stopped spinning.
Matt stood thinking for a while, not a muscle in his face twitched. Then
stepped aside, gestured the other man to follow him. Closed the door.
"One condition."
Hooch's brows rose for a split second.
Matt broke into a grin at last, which threatened to split his face. "Promise
not to talk too much. - Author: Marquesate
Fireworks quotes by Marquesate
#67. I always thought losing my virginity would be a memorable event with fireworks and theme music and maybe a parade afterward. But no. - Author: Chelsea Fine
Fireworks quotes by Chelsea Fine
#68. The enterprise of Adolf Hitler, with all its clatter and fireworks, and all its cunning and dynamic energy, is the enterprise of an evil spirit, which is apparently allowed its freedom for a time in order to test our faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. - Author: Karl Barth
Fireworks quotes by Karl Barth
#69. That is indeed the best way to dumb down the masses: make them do the same thing over and over; let them have their fireworks every Bastille Day and let them gorge themselves every New Year's Eve. When the body repeats the same action, the mind adopts it and keeps the repetition going day and night, stopping all thought processes. - Author: Maude Julien
Fireworks quotes by Maude Julien
#70. His contagious conviction that our love was unique and desperate infected me with an anxious sickness; soon we would learn to treat one another with the circumspect tenderness of comrades who are amputees, for we were surrounded by the most moving images of evanesecence, fireworks, morning glories, the old, children. But the most moving of these images were the intagible relfections of ourselves we saw in one another's eyes, reflections of nothing but appearances, in a city dedicated to seeming, and, try as we might to possess the essence of each other's otherness, we would inevitably fail. - Author: Angela Carter
Fireworks quotes by Angela Carter
#71. Perhaps there will be a slight streak of green, a patch that will deepen and then grow. Then another patch on the horizon, like a green searchlight. And then shivering curtains of light can fill the sky, or looping spirals, or flickering flames of green and purple, and candy-apple red. It feels as if they should be accompanied by dramatic sounds, the bangs of fireworks or the roars of rockets. But these are utterly silent, almost solemn in their dancing. And yet they can be comforting in their own way; as if in this remote and frozen wilderness there's something else out there that is alive. - Author: Gabrielle Walker
Fireworks quotes by Gabrielle Walker
#72. So I couldn't talk about the color of three, or whether triangles tasted better than circles, or how playing Bach on my keyboard made fireworks go off in my head, because people would think I was crazy. - Author: R. J. Anderson
Fireworks quotes by R. J. Anderson
#73. Whenever he required a small burst of fireworks to his heart, he would remove the folder from the bedside drawer and look at the contents while enjoying a beer or seven. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Fireworks quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#74. Private fireworks are far superior to public fireworks. - Author: Tracy Brogan
Fireworks quotes by Tracy Brogan
#75. People always whispered when they were hiding. Wrapped in a space suit and surrounded by vacuum, Gomez could have been lighting fireworks inside his armor and no one would have heard it, but he whispered. - Author: James S.A. Corey
Fireworks quotes by James S.A. Corey
#76. There are no preconditions for jealousy. You don't have to be right, you don't have to be reasonable. Take Othello. He was neither right nor reasonable, and Desdemona ended up dead. I wouldn't mind Leanne ending up dead. I wouldn't mind exploding her into fireworks of peacock and pearl. - Author: Franny Billingsley
Fireworks quotes by Franny Billingsley
#77. Rand noticed trees split open as if struck by lightning. "The cold," Lan answered when he asked. "Sometimes the winter is so cold here the sap freezes, and trees burst. There are nights when you can hear them cracking like fireworks, and the air is so sharp you think that might shatter, too. There are more than usual, this winter past." Rand shook his head. Trees bursting? And that was during an ordinary winter. What must this winter have been like? Surely like nothing he could imagine. - Author: Robert Jordan
Fireworks quotes by Robert Jordan
#78. I'm captivated by you, baby, like a firework show. - Author: Taylor Swift
Fireworks quotes by Taylor Swift
#79. You and me, we're sandy spoons and fireworks, lighthouses and wishes and peanut butter" -Grace - Author: Ashley Herring Blake
Fireworks quotes by Ashley Herring Blake
#80. In town, there's a tiny beach that's never busy, not even in the summer.

I used to like walking there, looking for stuff.

Like old fireworks.

Or kelp.

A hat knocked off someone's head by the wind.

You basically never find what you were expecting to.

And maybe you weren't expecting to find anything right from the start... - Author: Inio Asano
Fireworks quotes by Inio Asano
#81. Borkin: Ladies and gentlemen, why are you so glum? Sitting there like a jury after it's been sworn in! ... Let's think up something. What would you like? Forfeits, tug of war, catch, dancing, fireworks? - Author: Anton Chekhov
Fireworks quotes by Anton Chekhov
#82. The night of the fireworks changed the course of many lives in England, though no one suspected the dark future as hundreds of courtiers stared, faces upturned in delight, at the starbursts of crimson, green, and gold that lit up the terraces, gardens, and pleasure grounds of Rosethorn House, the country home of Richard, Baron Thornleigh. That night, no one was more proud to belong to the baron's family than his eighteen-year-old ward, Justine Thornleigh; she had no idea that she would soon cause a deadly division in the family and ignite a struggle between two queens. Yet she was already, innocently, on a divergent path, for as Lord and Lady Thornleigh and their multitude of guests watched the dazzle of fireworks honoring the spring visit of Queen Elizabeth, Justine was hurrying away from the public gaiety. Someone had asked to meet her in private. - Author: Barbara Kyle
Fireworks quotes by Barbara Kyle
#83. Some people are like fireworks: alluring from a distance, but fatal close up - Author: S.E. Sever
Fireworks quotes by S.E. Sever
#84. There was a young man of Herne Bay
who was making some fireworks one day:
but he dropped his cigar
in the gunpowder jar.
There was a young man of Herne Bay. - Author: Ogden Nash
Fireworks quotes by Ogden Nash
#85. If you kill a black man, the world is silent. You can hear a garage door opening from twenty blocks away. You can pick up a pay phone and only hear the dial tone. Shooting stars sound exactly like the soft laughter of a little girl in Gasworks Park. If you kill a white man, the world erupts with noise: fireworks, sirens, a gavel pounding a desk, the slamming of doors. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Fireworks quotes by Sherman Alexie
#86. Of course I saved you," she said. "I couldn't do without you." And because she was happy and flushed with magic, Holly leaned down and kissed Artemis, magic sparking around the contact like tiny fireworks. - Author: Eoin Colfer
Fireworks quotes by Eoin Colfer
#87. July is hollyhocks and hammocks, fireworks and vacations, hot and steamy weather, cool and refreshing swims, beach picnics, and vegetables all out of the garden - first sweet corn on the cob dripping with butter, first tomatoes dead ripe and sunwarm, string beans, squash, crisp cucumbers. July can also be hard and shiny, brassy and sharp. Some days are like copper pennies in the sunlight. - Author: Jean Hersey
Fireworks quotes by Jean Hersey
#88. Anyone who grew up in the psychedelic '60s probably experienced their share of hypnagogic fireworks. Just as sex got me hooked on anatomy, so drugs were probably what first got me interested in entoptic phenomena, phosphenes, and hypnagogic imagery. - Author: Peter Blegvad
Fireworks quotes by Peter Blegvad
#89. The final stretch of drive ended at a small cottage nestled in a grove of ancient live oaks. The weathered structure, with chipping paint and shutters that had begun to blacken at the edges, was fronted by a small stone porch framed by white columns. Over the years, one of the columns had become enshrouded in vines, which climbed toward the roof. A metal chair sat at the edge, and at one corner of the porch, adding color to the world of green, was a small pot of blooming geraniums.
But their eyes were drawn inevitably to the wildflowers. Thousands of them, a meadow of fireworks stretching nearly to the steps of the cottage, a sea of red and orange and purple and blue and yellow nearly waist deep, rippling in the gentle breeze. Hundreds of butterflies flitted about the meadow, tides of moving color undulating in the sun. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Fireworks quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#90. And did you feel like, 'This is it!?' Did music swell and fireworks explode and did you think to yourself,'This is what a kiss is supposed to feel like?'"
"It was like ice cream."
"I worked at DQ. Trust me, it's not like ice cream."
"No, I mean it's like all my life I've been eating frozen yogurt. And kissing boys is ice cream. - Author: Michael Barakiva
Fireworks quotes by Michael Barakiva
#91. A good relationship is like fireworks: loud, explosive, and liable to maim you if you hold on too long. - Author: Jeph Jacques
Fireworks quotes by Jeph Jacques
#92. So what if Brian made me feel like fireworks were going off inside me. He could also make me feel like a big fat clod of heartsick dirt. It was like he could take any emotion I had and make it ten times stronger. Which is great when it's happiness but pretty darn awful if it's anything sad. - Author: Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Fireworks quotes by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
#93. I think Michigan keeps you sane and on an even keel through the ups and downs. In Michigan, I do fireworks, shovel snow and live life. - Author: Jeff Daniels
Fireworks quotes by Jeff Daniels
#94. E had his face turned up to the sky and I watched him, rather than the fireworks. - Author: Morgan Matson
Fireworks quotes by Morgan Matson
#95. You know how when a guy and girl really like each other in a book, they talk about a spark between them? With Nox there is no spark. No. He bypassed the spark. When Nox touches me, there's nothing less than the whistling, shrieking explosions of fireworks. Big ones. The ones they save till the end of the show. - Author: Belle Aurora
Fireworks quotes by Belle Aurora
#96. I spent the rest of my day picturing how I'd kill Amy. It was all I could think of: finding a way to end her. Me smashing in Amy's busy, busy brain. I had to give Amy her due: I may have been dozing the past few years, but I was fucking wide awake now. I was electric again, like I had been in the early days of our marriage...
Andie had screwed me over, Marybeth had turned against me, Go had lost a crucial measure of faith. Boney had trapped me. Amy had destroyed me. I poured a drink. I took a slug, tightened my fingers around the curves of the tumbler, then hurled it at the wall, watched the glass burst into fireworks, heard the tremendous shatter, smelled the cloud of bourbon. Rage in all five senses. Those fucking bitches. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Fireworks quotes by Gillian Flynn
#97. I let myself go at the beginning and write with an easy mind, but by the time I get to the middle I begin to grow timid and to fear my story will be too long ... That is why the beginning of my stories is always very promising and looks as though I were starting on a novel, and the middle is huddled and timid, and the end is ... like fireworks. - Author: Anton Chekhov
Fireworks quotes by Anton Chekhov
#98. I know what love is. When you find the person you are supposed to love, bells ring and fireworks go off in your head and you can't find the words to speak and you think about him all the time. When you find the person you are supposed to love, you will know by staring deeply into their eyes. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Fireworks quotes by Jodi Picoult
#99. My wife Juliana and I first saw Eurovision while on our honeymoon in Greece in 2006, and we were amazed by it. They basically recreate a music video onstage, and pyro cannons, LED video screens, background dancers, fireworks, costume changes, and wind machines are their tools. - Author: Seamus Dever
Fireworks quotes by Seamus Dever
#100. Anger looked like fireworks. Love was an indistinct blur. - Author: Jenny Offill
Fireworks quotes by Jenny Offill
#101. you said,
"your bones belong in museums"
i said,
"when you kiss me,
fireworks electrocute my spine"
my mother is dying and doesn't play piano anymore,
i tell my mailman about how he should try pecan pie,
when at the supermarket, i always forget about eggs,

i've started collecting paintings,
i go to little art shows all around New York City
and introduce myself as "Rose"
when strange boys stare at my lips, i kiss
i chew poetry and forget to leave tips,
i order wine and leave flowers at graveyards
that don't have any,
when my father calls, i do not answer

everything you say reminds me of brown tangerines,
i want to spill this poem inside of you

i work as a stewardess and the first thing they
teach you is how to respond when someone asks
you to take off your underwear

i wish i could say "sure thing fella, let me wrap it
around your throat until you turn purple"

but instead it's "if there's anything else, please let me

and so when you called, the only thing i could say was
if there's anything else,
please let me
know - Author: Irynka
Fireworks quotes by Irynka
#102. The carillon is, after all, the music of the people. Elsewhere, in the glittering capitals, public festivals are celebrated with fireworks, that magical offering that can thrill the very soul. Here, in the meditative land of Flanders, among the damp mists so antagonistic to the brilliance of fire, the carillon takes their place. It is a display of fireworks that one hears: flares, rockets, showers, a thousand sparks of sound which colour the air for visionary eyes alerted by hearing. - Author: Georges Rodenbach
Fireworks quotes by Georges Rodenbach
#103. Everything - the moon, the fireworks, the fields - had an otherworldly beauty, and I shivered, greedy for these bits of loveliness the universe was throwing our way tonight. - Author: Heather Demetrios
Fireworks quotes by Heather Demetrios
#104. Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks. - Author: Chris Rock
Fireworks quotes by Chris Rock
#105. And you know, this thought crossed my mind at the time: maybe chance is a pretty common thing after all. Those kinds of coincidences are happening all around us, all the time, but most of them don't attract our attention and we just let them go by. It's like fireworks in the daytime. You might hear a faint sound, but even if you look up at the sky you can't see a thing. But if we're really hoping something may come true it may become visible, like a message rising to the surface. Then we're able to make it out clearly, decipher what it means. And seeing it before us we're surprised and wonder at how strange things like this can happen. Even though there's nothing strange about it. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Fireworks quotes by Haruki Murakami
#106. Okay, let's see. Jake Tucker, ex-Marine, PTSD survivor, single - surprising right? I'm a sucker for hot blondes who puke all over me after I pull them from burning vehicles. I also like long walks on the beach where I tackle unsuspecting women to the ground to save them from rogue fireworks, and I singlehandedly took out a cut-throat razor last week with my stealth moves. - Author: Carmen Jenner
Fireworks quotes by Carmen Jenner
#107. Perhaps this was what love was like after all- not the lurch of going over a humpback bridge, and not the incandescence of fireworks, just the quiet understanding that one should take a kind hand when it was offered, before all light was gone from the sky. - Author: Chris Cleave
Fireworks quotes by Chris Cleave
#108. Let the sky celebrate!
Let it pour some rain
to wash away the past years' grief.

Let the fireworks speak
announcing a New Year to break,
displaying seasons of different flavours.

Oh New Year, can you restore our hopes and spill our fears?

I wonder.. What will you bring?
Happiness, confusion, or sadness?
Let the other years witness..
your joy, your pity, your cruelty, and your niceness.

So New Year, I have too many hopes in you.
My wishes are infinite, what are you going to do?
Don't disappoint me, I suppose you already know.
The hope fountain knows no chains,
Don't tell me it's all in vain..
Tell me how I can refrain myself from dreaming in my dale.
If only there was a chance or even an opportunity in disguise,
I wouldn't cease proving and proving my worth all the time,
I would use my ship to sail,
And you will witness my success..
This is what I promise,
And here comes the test..
Let me declare it in that feast..

So New Year, I have too many hopes in you.. - Author: Noha Alaa El-Din
Fireworks quotes by Noha Alaa El-Din
#109. But what they don't understand is that I'm living at a peak of clarity and beauty I never knew existed. Every part of me is attuned to the work. I soak it up into my pores during the day, and at night-in the moments before I pass off to sleep-ideas explode into my head like fireworks. There is no greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem. - Author: Daniel Keyes
Fireworks quotes by Daniel Keyes
#110. Maybe for some people, falling in love is an explosion, fireworks against a black sky and tremors rumbling through the earth. One blazing moment. For me, it's been happening for months, as quietly as a seed sprouting. Love sneaked through me, spreading roots around my heart, until, in the blink of an eye, the green of it broke the dirt: hidden one moment, there the next. - Author: Emily Henry
Fireworks quotes by Emily Henry
#111. When we made that album with Gary Moore, I was still kind of searching for the right direction for myself. Although the music is quite good the direction was like a box of fireworks that caught light all at the same time. - Author: Greg Lake
Fireworks quotes by Greg Lake
#112. The fireworks bangbangbanged in sync with my heartbeat. - Author: John Green
Fireworks quotes by John Green
#113. And we were a box of fireworks. A sixty-gallon drum of gasoline. An unstable container of napalm.
One spark, one look, was all it took.
We went up in flames. - Author: Julie Johnson
Fireworks quotes by Julie Johnson
#114. Shut Up! Why do you think we're fighting? Because we're still gonna have a snowball fight & watch fireworks together! That's why we're fighting! That's why we're getting stronger! I still want to laugh with everyone,
BUT IF YOU DIE IT'S USELESS! - Author: Sawada Tsunayoshi
Fireworks quotes by Sawada Tsunayoshi
#115. And now the sound comes toward us: bassy, crackly, like a fireworks display that never lets up. The sound goes right through you, and if you have become too emotionally involved in the space program, this sound will make you cry. It's the sound of American exploration, the sound of missiles put to better use than killing or threatening to kill, a sound that means we came in peace for all mankind. - Author: Margaret Lazarus Dean
Fireworks quotes by Margaret Lazarus Dean
#116. When that part of the woman meets with a man, all the flowers in the world suddenly bloom! All the birds of the world gather together and sing. The entire world turns golden, and your body becomes completely relaxed and you're not sure whether you're floating on clouds of feathers. The universe comes alive, like fireworks in the night. - Author: Kim Dong Hwa
Fireworks quotes by Kim Dong Hwa
#117. You're a trigger finger dug into the starting gun,
the smack as it fires, the tense stroke of hooves
pressing into a fresh track. You're the curiosity
of a flashbulb nibbling air, tricky camera lens
grabbing a mane as it quivers back. I'm a rising
overture of thighs. I'm dirt exploding midair
- sand fireworks. I'm the impulse to grab hold:
the jockey's knees clenching as he rocks above
the heaving saddle. You're the bit I can't keep
from tasting, and I, the clench of jaws, willing
to split in two for the shiver of collision, tooth
on tooth. Darling, you're a wager: the whole wad
riding on one last leap, but then you're abrupt:
an ankle's vomity pop. And I'm the entire crowd
grunting to its feet. You're one blossoming
moment of unstoppable collapse: the bracing
limbs, the beveling slide, the shriek of submission
to gravity, a hard landing. From the stands, I'm
a hush: hand to mouth. I'm needles of heat, a gut
sinking over a lost life savings. You're someone
else's carnation wreath, red as a bitemark necklace. - Author: Saara Myrene Raappana
Fireworks quotes by Saara Myrene Raappana
#118. We've both seen bonded couples and how stormy their courtships were in the beginning. If my new cousin is half as stubborn as you, I expect fireworks - and not the good kind. - Author: Karen Lynch
Fireworks quotes by Karen Lynch
#119. This was different. It had synths droning and sending saltwater waves under my feet. It had drumbeats bursting like fireworks, rumbling the furniture out of place, and then a crazy, irregular, disharmonious, spiral crescendo of pure electric noise, like a typhoon dragging our bodies into it. It featured brass orchestras and choirs of mermaids and a piano in Iceland, all of them right there, visible, touchable, in Axton House. It shook us, fucked us, suspended us far above the reach of Help bouncing on his hind legs. It spoke of magenta sunsets and plastic patio chairs growing moss under summer storms rolling on caterpillar tracks. It sprinkled a bokeh of car lights rushing through night highways and slapped our faces like the wind at a hundred and twenty miles an hour. It pictured Niamh playing guitar, washed up naked on a beach in Fiji. - Author: Edgar Cantero
Fireworks quotes by Edgar Cantero
#120. When you live with a dead man's head that won't shut up and smokes all your cigarettes, the only way to deal with the awfulness is to make it so unbelievably awful that it becomes kind of weirdly beautiful. Like an exploding giraffe full of fireworks. - Author: Richard Kadrey
Fireworks quotes by Richard Kadrey
#121. If Nick were on a quest to return the One Ring to the fiery pits of Mount Doom, Jai Hazenbrook would totally be the hot-as-fuck elf in tight leather pants who could shoot the left testicle off an orc at a thousand paces. Whereas Nick, of course, would be the short hairy-footed guy who liked beer and fireworks and second breakfasts. Even in his fantasy worlds, Nick is a realist. - Author: Lisa Henry
Fireworks quotes by Lisa Henry
#122. Meredith was good, so incredibly good, and Charles had fallen, without fireworks, for that goodness. But goodness did not transfer. Being with someone good does not make you good. This it would take years for Charles to comprehend. - Author: Mai Al-Nakib
Fireworks quotes by Mai Al-Nakib
#123. Still reeling from the touch of her husband's lips on her, Trudy didn't know whether to feel relief or dread that she'd married Seth Flanagan for better or worse. But from the fireworks of excitement swirling in her middle, she figured on both. - Author: Debra Holland
Fireworks quotes by Debra Holland
#124. On Easter Monday there was a great display of fireworks from the Castle of St. Angelo. We hired a room in an opposite house, and made our way, to our places, in good time, through a dense mob of people choking up the square in front, and all the avenues leading to it; and so loading the bridge by which the castle is approached, that it seemed ready to sink into the rapid Tiber below. There are statues on this bridge (execrable works), and, among them, great vessels full of burning tow were placed: glaring strangely on the faces of the crowd, and not less strangely on the stone counterfeits above them. The show began with a tremendous discharge of cannon; and then, for twenty minutes or half an hour, the whole castle was one incessant sheet of fire, and labyrinth of blazing wheels of every colour, size, and speed: while rockets streamed into the sky, not by ones or twos, or scores, but hundreds at a time. The concluding burst - the Girandola - was like the blowing up into the air of the whole massive castle, without smoke or dust. In half an hour afterwards, the immense concourse had dispersed; the moon was looking calmly down upon her wrinkled image in the river; and half - a - dozen men and boys with bits of lighted candle in their hands: moving here and there, in search of anything worth having, that might have been dropped in the press: had the whole scene to themselves. - Author: Charles Dickens
Fireworks quotes by Charles Dickens
#125. With thunder and heavenly fireworks must one speak to indolent and somnolent senses. But beauty's voice speaketh gently: it appealeth only to the most awakened souls - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Fireworks quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#126. Texting and phone calls, fireworks, blends, café au lait, and music. Yesterday's television. Work and beer. The neighbor's dog, or those strange flowers, the way it smells at Maisen. Those ordinary things I talk about with you. With you... I want to talk about love with you. - Author: Tomoko Yamashita
Fireworks quotes by Tomoko Yamashita
#127. Reese was pretty sure that this weekend was a recipe for disaster. He could just see it now. Mix one junkie pop star with a do-gooder billionaire who's hiding a secret crush on her. Add in the lonely twin sister crushing on the billionaire, and make all three parties completely unaware of the other's interest. Stir with that giant stick up Audrey's ass. Watch fireworks explode. - Author: Jessica Clare
Fireworks quotes by Jessica Clare
#128. Are you calling for help?" Sophie asked when he had closed the phone.
Saint-Germain shook his head. "Ordering breakfast. I'm famished." He jerked his thumb back in the direction of the Eiffel Tower, which was still erupting fireworks. "Creating something like that- if you pardon the pun- burns a lot of calories. - Author: Michael Scott
Fireworks quotes by Michael Scott
#129. Three more fireworks shot up over the freeway, contorting into purple stars as they burst against the dissipating smoke. - Author: Robyn Schneider
Fireworks quotes by Robyn Schneider
#130. Their pull was undeniable, like fireworks on top of flaming bonfires. - Author: Elena Kincaid
Fireworks quotes by Elena Kincaid
#131. Fireworks don't just happen. They need to be carefully arranged and then ignited slowly. - Author: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Fireworks quotes by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
#132. It's always a choice between fireworks and coffee in bed,' Fabiana says. 'It always is. - Author: Lily King
Fireworks quotes by Lily King
#133. You know," she stammered, resenting the way her body reacted to his touch with fireworks and songbirds, "I kind of hate you sometimes."

"If that's code for 'I want to fuck you until I can't walk straight', then I kind of hate you, too. - Author: Jennifer Bonds
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer Bonds
#134. Rich colours actually look more luminous on a grey day, because they are seen against a somber background and seem to be burning with a lustre of their own. Against a dark sky all flowers look like fireworks. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Fireworks quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#135. Dont look to the sky for fireworks when you can watch them light up in the eyes of all the people passing by. - Author: Tyler Kent
Fireworks quotes by Tyler Kent
#136. There were fireworks the very first night, things that you should be afraid of perhaps, for they might remind you of other more horrible things, but these were beautiful, rockets that ascended into the ancient soft air of Mexico and shook the stars apart in blue and white fragments. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Fireworks quotes by Ray Bradbury
#137. Then he, Luke, Mace, Lee, Hank and Eddie (not to mention Tex and Duke) took off, each one wearing a scary-angry look on their face. In about ten minutes there was no more noise and they all came back with a shitload of confiscated fireworks. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Fireworks quotes by Kristen Ashley
#138. The lights of London are burning bright across my retinas like we finally got our fireworks and I'm greedily breathing in Thea's perfume as it clings to my receptors and she wraps my soul in a heart-shaped box. - Author: Andrew James
Fireworks quotes by Andrew James
#139. Horror. Horrible. The things people do these days to disrespect the dead are just awful. So we're going to respect my dead friend properly." "By stuffing the chimney full of fireworks." "By stuffing the chimney full of fireworks!" She agrees. - Author: Sara Wolf
Fireworks quotes by Sara Wolf
#140. That's not how politics works - sometimes things move in a rather imperceptible way. There are no fireworks, and then comes a time when change comes unexpectedly. Sometimes change comes with a lot of fireworks, but not always. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
Fireworks quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#141. Once," he says, "I was flying to California on the Fourth of July."
She turns her head, just slightly.
"It was a clear night, and you could see all the little fireworks displays along the way, these tiny flares going off below, one town after another. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#142. We kissed all the way through the fireworks display. We didn't even notice that there was a fireworks display ... ... I guess because we'd been making fireworks of our own. - Author: Meg Cabot
Fireworks quotes by Meg Cabot
#143. Marcus gave her a slow, wicked smile, feeling the smoldering heat rise to the surface like molten lava, irresistible as a force of nature. "If you insist," he whispered, and bent his head to capture her lips with his own. He put all his yearning, all his gratitude for the gifts she'd given him, all that heat bubbling up within him into the kiss, feeling her lips yield beneath his.
She returned his fire with fire, kissing him back with a wild abandon that left them both trembling and enraptured, wrapped around each other in the midst of a crowd, focused only on each other.
Overhead, fireworks lit the sky, but neither of them noticed. - Author: Deborah Blake
Fireworks quotes by Deborah Blake
#144. I'd take you home with me, see, but two of us in the same Behold? Just wouldn't work, ends up in all sorts of squabbles over interior design; and the human, well, one faery in the Behold of the Eye, that just gives them a little twinkle of imagination, but more than one and it's like a bloody fireworks display. They get all unstable and artistic, blinded by the glamour of everything, real or imagined, concrete or abstract. They get confused between beauty and truth and meaning, you see, start thinking every butterfly-brained idea must be true; before you know it they've gone schizo on you and you're in a three-way firefight with all the angels and the demons, them and their bloody ideologies. - Author: Hal Duncan
Fireworks quotes by Hal Duncan
#145. Quinn, I..." He whispers the words, unfinished, into my mouth as the space between us disappears and our lips finally touch. A thousand fireworks explode inside me, and I feel them in him too, in his lips on mine, and his hands in my hairm and the way we pull each other closer - Author: Jessi Kirby
Fireworks quotes by Jessi Kirby
#146. Jackson couldn't bear to see Allie like this. He pulled her to him and, dropping his mouth to hers, kissed her. She leaned into him, letting him draw her even closer as the kiss deepened. Fireworks lit the night, booming in a blaze of glittering light before going dark again. Desire ignited his blood. He wanted Allie like he'd never wanted anyone or anything before. - Author: B. J. Daniels
Fireworks quotes by B. J. Daniels
#147. Graham glanced up at the sky, which was pale and pocked with birds, the whole thing like a negative of yesterday's fireworks display. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#148. When you're on screen with Mads, there's some real fireworks because your character is his intellectual equal. In a way, maybe your character has an instinct as to who this man really is. - Author: Laurence Fishburne
Fireworks quotes by Laurence Fishburne
#149. Nate stared, slack-jawed as the cab merged with the traffic and became impossible to spot. That was it.
They chose each other.
Just then, the dark sky lit up with fireworks. A cab sailing the street honked in celebration . In the night air , Nate thought he could hear Serena and Blairs' laughter, though he knew that was impossible; they were too far away by now.
But as we know, in this city anything is possible - Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar
Fireworks quotes by Cecily Von Ziegesar
#150. We launch our souls from the cannons of art and discipline, and on any one night, hovering over the chimney tops of Europe, halfway to the stars, there are armies of brightly spinning spirits that have risen like fireworks, tethered to the souls of those men and women who, by reflection, mortification, and devotion, effortlessly outdazzle kings. - Author: Mark Helprin
Fireworks quotes by Mark Helprin
#151. In childhood the daylight always fails too soon
except when there are going to be fireworks; - Author: Jan Struther
Fireworks quotes by Jan Struther
#152. We don't talk after that, not really. And it's not perfect, I mean, there aren't, like, rainbows and fireworks and sirens going off, but it's perfect anyway. Because it's Danny almost toppling over when he wrestles out of his jeans, and it's Danny laughing into the skin of my belly when I hit my head on the wall hard enough that we both hear it crack. And it's Danny who tangles our fingers together when we're almost there, holding on tight, watching my face, and it's Danny who lets me touch and explore and whisper and press smiling kisses into his hair and his cheek later, after. - Author: Amy Garvey
Fireworks quotes by Amy Garvey
#153. See the magic in small things, then there will be fireworks. - Author: Joe Egly
Fireworks quotes by Joe Egly
#154. If you were my girl," he says, but there's an explosion outside in the courtyard, and I miss the punchline. Fireworks crackle in showers of pink, green, blue, white, green, pink, orange. The museum-goers on the escalators heading upwards erupt in a frenzy of applause as we continue heading down. "If you were my girl," Josh says, pressing his nose against my ear. I turn my head, and the lights and the noise and the people disappear. The distance between us disappears.
Our kiss was anything but shy. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Fireworks quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#155. It was the first time! Just because there weren't fireworks the first time doesn't mean there will never be fireworks. We're human; we're adults; we teach each other; we communicate; fireworks don't just go off, wham-bang; fireworks evolve!'

Awestruck by the utter, asinine nonsense of this metaphor, everyone is still. Into the stillness, the ample woman drops the word 'Wrong.' Then she says it again. 'Wrong…I'm talking about science…Pheromones.' The woman turns to Cornelia. 'The chemicals in his body call out. The chemicals in your body answer. It either happens or it doesn't.'

On top of being dumb, Cornelia is dumbfounded. - Author: Marisa De Los Santos
Fireworks quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#156. Just about done here." Kowalski sat cross-legged on the ground. Coiled at his feet was a spool of detonation cord threaded through cubes of C4. "It's just like stringing popcorn." "Remind me not to come over to your house for Christmas." He shrugged. "Christmas is okay. It's Fourth of July that scares most people away." Painter could only imagine. Kowalski plus fireworks. Not a good combination. - Author: James Rollins
Fireworks quotes by James Rollins
#157. Blooming under a cold moon, we are like fireworks ...
Rising, shining, and finally scattering and fading.
So until that moment comes when we vanish like fireworks ...
Lets us sparkle brightly,
Always ... - Author: Tite Kubo
Fireworks quotes by Tite Kubo
#158. When the light faded, Vince strolled down to the falls. Heavy mist made the spotlights appear especially cool. He got himself a sausage on a bun, with lots of mustard and fried onions, and settled on a patch of damp grass to watch the standard Friday night fireworks. He never tires of the fascinating colours and patterns. They're impossible to reproduce on canvas. He couldn't resist making his usual wishes on them.

He wished he had someone special with him.

Maybe there's some girl on the planet who would like to hear that gold fireworks contain actual gold, he thought while watching a nearby couple laugh. Wouldn't it be great to be able to share that? - Author: Jess Molly Brown
Fireworks quotes by Jess Molly Brown
#159. One example of a solid but inexplicable fact, ruling all human affairs - your fireworks won't go off while the crowd is around. - Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Fireworks quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#160. Her fluency was marvelous. She would say things at random, intricate, flamelike, or slide off into a parenthetical limbo peppered with fireworks
admirable linguistic feats which a practiced writer might struggle for hours to achieve. - Author: Henry Miller
Fireworks quotes by Henry Miller
#161. AmYou know, the spark. It could be as simple as a meeting of eyes or as intimate as knuckles skimming down flesh, but one thing it was unmistakable. No denying it once you'd felt it and no sense in trying to conjure one up if it wasn't there from the beginning. Sparks are beginnings, leading to middles of fireworks, finishing like blasts of dynamite. So, long story short, there were no sparks - Author: Nicole Williams
Fireworks quotes by Nicole Williams
#162. We shall go wild with fireworks ... And they will plunge into the sky and shatter the darkness.
We don't have any fireworks that big - Author: Natsuki Takaya
Fireworks quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#163. She had a mind like a box of fireworks and hands that played recklessly with matches. - Author: Michael Faudet
Fireworks quotes by Michael Faudet
#164. Well, yeah. Fireworks, the seventh Shy Maiden to dance out of the tree, stuff like that. - Author: Nils Nisse Visser
Fireworks quotes by Nils Nisse Visser
#165. A dozen or more boats on the lake swung their rosy and moon–like lanterns low on the water, that reflected as from a fire. In the distance, the steamer twanged and thrummed and washed with her faintly–splashing paddles, trailing her strings of coloured lights, and occasionally lighting up the whole scene luridly with an effusion of fireworks, Roman candles and sheafs of stars and other simple effects, illuminating the surface of the water, and showing the boats creeping round, low down. Then the lovely darkness fell again, the lanterns and the little threaded lights glimmered softly, there was a muffled knocking of oars and a waving of music.

Gudrun paddled almost imperceptibly. Gerald could see, not far ahead, the rich blue and the rose globes of Ursula's lanterns swaying softly cheek to cheek as Birkin rowed, and iridescent, evanescent gleams chasing in the wake. He was aware, too, of his own delicately coloured lights casting their softness behind him. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Fireworks quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#166. You're the one taking all the romance out of this," he said. "It's supposed to go, 'that was so brave, how you stood up for your sister like that!' 'Oh, that, what, no, it's what any dragon would do.' 'No, no - you're special. I can tell.' 'Not as special as you. There's a magic about you I've never found in any other dragon!' 'Why - why do I feel as though I've known you forever?' 'Because you have...and you will.' Fireworks! True love and happiness for the rest of our lives! - Author: Tui T. Sutherland
Fireworks quotes by Tui T. Sutherland
#167. I honestly can't remember much else about those years except a certain mood that permeated most of them, a melancholy feeling that I associate with watching 'The Wonderful World of Disney' on Sunday nights. Sunday was a sad day - early to bed, school the next morning, I was constantly worried my homework was wrong - but as I watched the fireworks go off in the night sky, over the floodlit castles of Disneyland, I was consumed by a more general sense of dread, of imprisonment within the dreary round of school and home: circumstances which, to me at least, presented sound empirical argument for gloom. - Author: Donna Tartt
Fireworks quotes by Donna Tartt
#168. I close my eyes and think of what might be possible. And, in my mind, I see fireworks over the Hudson. - Author: Christy Hall
Fireworks quotes by Christy Hall
#169. I can't say what made me fall in love with Vietnam - that a woman's voice can drug you; that everything is so intense. The colors, the taste, even the rain. Nothing like the filthy rain in London. They say whatever you're looking for, you will find here. They say you come to Vietnam and you understand a lot in a few minutes, but the rest has got to be lived. The smell: that's the first thing that hits you, promising everything in exchange for your soul. And the heat. Your shirt is straightaway a rag. You can hardly remember your name, or what you came to escape from. But at night, there's a breeze. The river is beautiful. You could be forgiven for thinking there was no war; that the gunshots were fireworks; that only pleasure matters. A pipe of opium, or the touch of a girl who might tell you she loves you. And then, something happens, as you knew it would. And nothing can ever be the same again. - Author: Graham Greene
Fireworks quotes by Graham Greene
#170. Every Princess has one Prince to share the loves and joys of life, and do you know how that Princess knows which Prince is hers?"
"How Mommy?"
"From the kiss."
"But how?"
"The very first kiss with your Prince will change your life. When your lips touch for the first time, the earth will feel like it stops moving, but in the same moment, the world around you spins. It'll feel like fireworks in the night sky. Like a bright light in the darkness. You'll feel your heart beat fast in your ears but silence will surround you. And when you pull apart and open your eyes and look at each other, and really see each other. You'll know it in that moment, through that kiss, that you've just let someone own a piece of your heart, and you'll live happily ever after. - Author: Jay McLean
Fireworks quotes by Jay McLean
#171. A great fire at night always has a thrilling and exhilarating effect. This is what explains the attraction of fireworks. But in that case the artistic regularity with which the fire is presented and the complete lack of danger give an impression of lightness and playfulness like the effect of a glass of champaign. A real conflagration is a very different matter. Then the horror and a certain sense of personal danger, together with the exhilarating effect at night, produce on the spectator (though of course not in the householder whose goods are being burnt) a certain concussion of the brain and, as it were, a challenge to those destructive instincts which, alas, lie hidden in every heart, even that of the mildest and most domestic little clerk ... .This sinister sensation is almost always fascinating ... of course, the very man who enjoys the spectacle will rush into the fire himself to save a child or an old woman ... - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Fireworks quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#172. I never really appreciated the self-contained miniature universe that is me. I fall in love with my breathing too late, fall in love with it just in time to lose it, walk into the show just in time for the fireworks grand finale. - Author: Laura Bradley Rede
Fireworks quotes by Laura Bradley Rede
#173. A lot of people head into courtship looking for fireworks. Don't pass up a chance by dumping someone after a first date because you don't feel the fireworks. The fireworks can happen at any time and be maintained. - Author: Helen Fisher
Fireworks quotes by Helen Fisher
#174. Canada Day comes and goes modestly every year. Sure, there are retail sales promotions and a long weekend. But there isn't bluster or commodity in Canadian celebration. Canada isn't big on bunting. Or jet flyovers, fireworks, marching bands or military pomp. - Author: Rick Moranis
Fireworks quotes by Rick Moranis
#175. I'm sorry if I seem to digress, but that is precisely what I was thinking at the moment. It's the way my mind works. Things are not the same in real life as they are in, for instance, the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes. Brains, in reality, do not go clickety-clickety-clickety-click from A to B to C to D and so forth, rushing like a train along the rails, until at the end, with a happy "Toot-toot!" they arrive at their destination, Z, and the case is suddenly solved. Quite the contrary. In reality, analytical minds such as my own are forever shooting wildly off in all directions simultaneously. It's like joyously hitting jelly with a sledgehammer; like exploding galaxies; like a display of fireworks in which the pyrotechnic engineer has had a bit too much to drink and set off the whole conglobulation all at once, by accident. - Author: Alan Bradley
Fireworks quotes by Alan Bradley
#176. This was no peck on the lips. This was a real first kiss, a movie-star-knock-her-socks-off-fireworks-light-up-the-sky kind of kiss.
A girl could live to be a hundred and never forget that kiss. - Author: Carol Fragale Brill
Fireworks quotes by Carol Fragale Brill
#177. Watching fireworks light up the night sky. You two burn brighter when you're together." "Even fireworks burn out," I said, my voice solemn. - Author: J. Sterling
Fireworks quotes by J. Sterling
#178. In the beginning, the earth was without form, and void and the darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And god said, 'Let there be light.' and there was light. Only, it wasn't good light. Bob created fireworks, sparklers and neon tubes that circled the globe like weird tangled rainbows. He dabbled with bugs that blinked and abstract creatures whose heads lit up and cast long overlapping shadows. There were mile-high candles and mountains of fairy lights. For an hour or so, earth was lit by enormous crystal chandeliers. Bob thought his creations were cool. They were cool, but they didn't work - Author: Meg Rosoff
Fireworks quotes by Meg Rosoff
#179. My early childhood memories center around this typical American country store and life in a small American town, including 4th of July celebrations marked by fireworks and patriotic music played from a pavilion bandstand. - Author: Frederick Reines
Fireworks quotes by Frederick Reines
#180. Regardless, you ask why I
did not greet you. Well, let us assume that I had acted as you suggest I
should. Upon your approach, you would have had me gush over you?"
"You would have me point out how stunning you appear in that gown?"
"I wouldn't complain."
"Mention how your dazzling eyes glisten in the fireworks like burning
"That would be nice."
"Expound on how your lips are so perfectly red that they could leave any
man breathless with wonder, yet drive him compose the most brilliant of
poetry each time he recalled the moment?"
"I'd be flattered for certain."
"And you claim you want these reactions from me?"
"I do."
"Well blast it, woman," Lightsong said, picking up his cup. "If I'm
stunned, dazzled, and breathless, then how the hell am I supposed to greet
you? By definition, won't I be struck dumb?"
She laughed. "Well, then, you've obviously found your tongue now."
"Surprisingly, it was in my mouth," he said. "I always forget to check
there. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Fireworks quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#181. Religion in Chinatown, as in most places, is based less on a cogent theology and more on a collection of random fears, superstitions, prejudices, forgotten customs, vestigial animism, and social control. Mrs. Ling, while a professed Buddhist of the Pure Land tradition, also kept waving cat charms, lucky coins, and put great faith in the good fortune of the color red ... and was very much in favor of any tradition, superstition, or ritual that involved fireworks ... - Author: Christopher Moore
Fireworks quotes by Christopher Moore
#182. Funny how I always thought the world would dilate and then snap back with a loud bang the day a boy happened to me. But there was no explosion, no fireworks, no sudden shift in the tectonic plates of the earth. It was more of a Zen moment - Quiet. Everything was instantly quiet. The world, my mind, the flux of time - all still. And in the middle of it was him. - Author: Ramona Wray
Fireworks quotes by Ramona Wray
#183. Touch was important. The evening of the Third of July we would go around the neighborhood and look at the fireworks others had bought, taking them out of the brown paper sack and handling them cautiously as if they were precious stones. There was envy when we saw sacks with more in them than we had. - Author: Paul Engle
Fireworks quotes by Paul Engle
#184. In 1993, I had my Super Show in Red Square, Moscow. No one before me had ever gotten permission to use that location and my show included fashion, fireworks, and dancing. I felt like it really communicated my heartfelt belief that all human beings are wonderful and unique individuals. - Author: Kansai Yamamoto
Fireworks quotes by Kansai Yamamoto
#185. We burned the midnight oil making love, even if it was just kissing and touching, for hours. It could be a single candle, Fourth of July fireworks, or anything in between. - Author: L.A. Witt
Fireworks quotes by L.A. Witt
#186. there is no slow blast of fireworks. there are no heartstrings finally coming to relax underneath the table between us. there is no magical moment of lost love found. inside this, we are not allie & noah. no, in this moment i am allie & you are lon. or maybe you are noah & i'm martha. i can't be certain. - Author: Amanda Lovelace
Fireworks quotes by Amanda Lovelace
#187. The celebrations go on for many hours,' said the woman. Above her, in the sky, a firework exploded, showering multi-coloured flames across the stars. 'You can pay fealty at any time.' Another firework tore open the sky, streams of colour painting the woman's shift blue and green, throwing their shadows downwards. For a moment, the woman's shadow self moved against the shadow Fillingham, pressing to him, and then another explosion above them sent them dancing apart, wavering, their edges rimed with yellow and reds, and then the woman was moving again.
("The Cotswold Olimpicks") - Author: Reggie Oliver
Fireworks quotes by Reggie Oliver
#188. I gave his a squeeze and relaxed beside him, wondering if this was how it felt.
If this was how it felt to get what you wanted for a lifetime.
Have it stretched out beside you.
The promise of it there all night so you'd wake up to it in the morning.
The promise of it going to work the next day with you knowing it was coming back.
A promise that would stay a promise-beautiful, forever there, beckoning, even as minute by minute it was being fulfilled, leaving you taking your last breath on earth knowing you lived a life filled with beauty.
If it was, it was weirdly serene.
You'd think something that magnificent would be about fireworks.
But if this was it, it wasn't.
It was quiet, tranquil, comfortable.
Beauty. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Fireworks quotes by Kristen Ashley
#189. Life isn't always about fireworks. Your fireworks will come, Sarah. And they'll fizzle out just as fast. Life's an experience, not a destination. All of us have the same destination, but not one of us has an identical experience. You'll find someone who will be there when the fireworks fizzle out and the sky turns black and love you just the same. That's the one to hold onto. - Author: Marilyn Grey
Fireworks quotes by Marilyn Grey
#190. Meanwhile the Hemulen was arranging firework set pieces in suitable places. They had Bengal Lights, Blue-Star Rain, Silver Fountains, and Rockets that exploded with stars. - Author: Tove Jansson
Fireworks quotes by Tove Jansson
#191. I've heard all sorts of things about a kiss (melting, fireworks, music), but no one ever told me it's a conversation: asking, accepting, deciding, inviting, giving ... Questions posed and answered. - Author: Katherine Reay
Fireworks quotes by Katherine Reay
#192. What I value in books is lucidity. I want the language to be rich; I love lexical fireworks on the page, but I have to know what it means. I want to be surprised and delighted, not merely baffled. - Author: Mal Peet
Fireworks quotes by Mal Peet
#193. Sometimes a story just needs an ending, and I used to not be a creative enough person to think of an ending to a romantic story that isn't a wedding or a death. This story didn't end in fireworks, because the truth is, fireworks are something from my twenties. I could have made fireworks, but I chose to make a nuanced memory of a person who is neither a hero nor a villain in my life. All I had to do now was move on. - Author: Mindy Kaling
Fireworks quotes by Mindy Kaling
#194. She learned then that some relationships ended without fireworks or tears or regret. They ended in silence. It - Author: Kristin Hannah
Fireworks quotes by Kristin Hannah
#195. At the water's edge, barrels of pitch blazed like huge bonfires. Their reflection, crimson as the rising moon, crept to meet us in long, wide stripes. The burning barrels threw light on their own smoke and on the long human shadows that flitted about the fire; but further to the sides and behind them, where the velvet ringing rushed from, was the same impenetrable darkness. Suddenly slashing it open, the golden ribbon of a rocket soared skywards; it described an arc and, as if shattering against the sky, burst and came sifting down in sparks.
- Easter Night - Author: Anton Chekhov
Fireworks quotes by Anton Chekhov
#196. Decker lifted his eyes skyward, expecting something to happen. He didn't know what, perhaps for the stars overhead to explode into shimmery fireworks, or for the sky to crack open and pour down rain and thunder to mark the moment. But nothing happened. The most important moment of his life arrived not with a bang as he'd always expected, but with the quiet rustle of wind through the trees and a serene breeze brushing his cheeks. - Author: Lynsay Sands
Fireworks quotes by Lynsay Sands
#197. The night is falling down around us. Meteors rain like fireworks, quick rips in the seam of the dark ... Every second, another streak of silver glows: parentheses, exclamation points, commas - a whole grammar made of light, for words too hard to speak. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Fireworks quotes by Jodi Picoult
#198. Joy explodes throughout the book of Psalms like fireworks, and is the most potent anti-missile defense system there is. - Author: Lynn Austin
Fireworks quotes by Lynn Austin
#199. I want the chance to prove you wrong. One chance. One night."
"One night," she says slowly. "For…" She doesn't even finish the sentence. Sixteen-year-old Skye never said the word sex, and couldn't refer to it without blushing. It appears that twenty eight-year-old Skye is the same.
"Fireworks," I whisper, trying not to scare her. "With me. - Author: Sarina Bowen
Fireworks quotes by Sarina Bowen
#200. Her hair burst from her head like a fireworks shell erupting, framing her face in spray of red-blond energy. - Author: Dennis Vickers
Fireworks quotes by Dennis Vickers

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