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The visuals and the audio, could stand by themselves in a way. But the whole idea of the thing, is that they would exist together. So I think together, they're way more of a stronger thing. You could listen to just the music, or just watch the video, but I think it would really mean ... obviously it would just be half the experience. ~ Panda Bear
Visuals quotes by Panda Bear
Taste tends to develop very unevenly. It's rare that the same person has good visual taste and good taste in people and taste in ideas. ~ Susan Sontag
Visuals quotes by Susan Sontag
What underlies great science is what underlies great art, whether it is visual or written, and that is the ability to distinguish patterns out of chaos. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Visuals quotes by Diana Gabaldon
Reading in the third millennium B.C. may therefore have been a matter of hearing the cuneiform, that is, hallucinating the speech from looking at its picture symbols, rather than visual reading of syllables in our sense. ~ Julian Jaynes
Visuals quotes by Julian Jaynes
Visual cortex is fundamentally a machine whose job is to generate a model of the world. ~ David Eagleman
Visuals quotes by David Eagleman
Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story in visual terms. ~ Alfred Hitchcock
Visuals quotes by Alfred Hitchcock
You've got to bring the emotion, and you have to understand that you can't touch other people if you're not touched. You can't move other people if you're not moved. So if you're just giving some frickin talk you've memorized over and over again, you're going to have a flat affect. If you've just got a bunch of visuals on the screen that are leading your talk, hang up your shoes and get the hell out of there. ~ Tony Robbins
Visuals quotes by Tony Robbins
I'm doing more deep listening, which is part of the role or job of the songwriter. I think with a lot of songwriting, songs sing themselves to you tonally and also lyrically. And it's not necessarily your own visual memories that are writing the song. It's like there are words that you can catch out there and you have to be able to see and hear them. ~ Mirah
Visuals quotes by Mirah
When people in stadiums do the Wave, it's the group-mind collective organism spontaneously organizing itself to express an emotion, pass time, and reflect the joy of seeing the rhythms of many as one, a visual rhyming or music in which everyone senses where the motion is going. ~ Jerry Saltz
Visuals quotes by Jerry Saltz
What do I know about God and the purpose of life?
I know that this world exists.
That I am placed in it like my eye in its visual field.
That something about it is problematic, which we call its meaning.
This meaning does not lie in it but outside of it.
That life is the world.
That my will penetrates the world.
That my will is good or evil.
Therefore that good and evil are somehow connected with the meaning of the world.The meaning of life, i.e. the meaning of the world, we can call God.
And connect with this the comparison of God to a father. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein
Visuals quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Visual tonics such as 'timed creativity' need to be introduced to refresh and refurbish the muse. ~ Robert Genn
Visuals quotes by Robert Genn
When I started producing, it was George Abbott directing and he would let me do the scenery. He just wanted to know where the doors were - the entrances, the exits; the tables, the props - and then I would hire the designer. I took charge of the visuals - scenery and costumes and so on. And, the shows looked wonderful. ~ Harold Prince
Visuals quotes by Harold Prince
All human action is expressive; a gesture is an intentionally expressive action. All art is expressive - of its author and of the situation in which he works - but some art is intended to move us through visual gestures that transmit, and perhaps give release to, emotions and emotionally charged messages. Such art is expressionist. ~ Norbert Lynton
Visuals quotes by Norbert Lynton
When you think of a brand, you should immediately understand it from the advertising attitude, from the words and visuals. ~ George Lois
Visuals quotes by George Lois
It's interesting vocalizing something that is visual. ~ Seamus McGarvey
Visuals quotes by Seamus McGarvey
Photography is the art of anticipation, not working with memories, but showing their formation. As such, it has relentlessly usurped imaginative and critical prerogatives of older, slower literature and handmade visual art. ~ Peter Schjeldahl
Visuals quotes by Peter Schjeldahl
Do not slip into writing for the mind and the mind alone. In other words, do not play merely upon our ability to reason. And do not focus only on visuals. Write for the whole person. ~ N.D. Wilson
Visuals quotes by N.D. Wilson
Art is an idea that has found its perfect visual expression. And design is the vehicle by which this expression is made possible. Art is a noun, and design is a noun and also a verb. Art is a product and design is a process. Design is the foundation of all the arts. ~ Paul Rand
Visuals quotes by Paul Rand
As a visual discourse, architecture requires trained individuals to work on the refined philosophical debates. School gave me the necessary training, and I've built on this based on my own aesthetics, as most do. ~ Jimenez Lai
Visuals quotes by Jimenez Lai
What is to be sought in designs for the display of information is the clear portrayal of complexity. Not the complication of the simple; rather the task of the designer is to give visual access to the subtle and the difficult - that is, revelation of the complex. ~ Edward Tufte
Visuals quotes by Edward Tufte
Visuals are as artistic as sounds, so being serious about both isn't a contradiction to me. ~ Dee Dee Ramone
Visuals quotes by Dee Dee Ramone
In historical terms women, black people in general, were very attracted to very bright-colored clothing. Most people are frightened by color anyway...They just are. In this culture quiet colors are considered elegant. Civilized Western people wouldn't buy bloodred sheets or dishes. There may be something more to it than what I am suggesting. But the slave population had no access even to what color there was, because they wore slave clothes, hand-me-downs, work clothes made out of burlap and sacking. For them a colored dress would be luxurious; it wouldn't matter whether it was rich or poor cloth . . . just to have a red or a yellow dress. I stripped Beloved of color so that there are only the small moments when Sethe runs amok buying ribbons and bows, enjoying herself the way children enjoy that kind of color. The whole business of color was why slavery was able to last such a long time. It wasn't as though you had a class of convicts who could dress themselves up and pass themselves off. No, these were people marked because of their skin color, as well as other features. So color is a signifying mark. Baby Suggs dreams of color and says, "Bring me a little lavender." It is a kind of luxury. We are so inundated with color and visuals. I just wanted to pull it back so that one could feel that hunger and that delight. ~ Toni Morrison
Visuals quotes by Toni Morrison
My visual quest is driven by a desire to create a universe capable of supporting feelings and ideas. ~ Jerry Uelsmann
Visuals quotes by Jerry Uelsmann
To dismiss basic contexts such as link colours, page layouts, navigation systems, and visual hierarchy as 'boring' or 'pedestrian' is akin to laughing at a car's steering wheel as unimaginative. ~ Jeffrey Veen
Visuals quotes by Jeffrey Veen
It's a lot more than clicking the shutter ... it's the ideas, it's the visual voice, it's the telling the story, it's kind of going beyond that initial thing that just means you happened to be there at the right time. ~ Ron Haviv
Visuals quotes by Ron Haviv
I am a horrible visual artist. I can't fix a car, sew, knit, cook, etc. Statistically, there is more I don't do than do. ~ Carrie Brownstein
Visuals quotes by Carrie Brownstein
But considering that I walked in expecting no complexity at all, let alone the visual wonderments, 'Snow White and the Huntsman' is a considerable experience. ~ Roger Ebert
Visuals quotes by Roger Ebert
I wish I could be a better writer, but writing is so difficult. I get seduced by visual aesthetics. Because I just like making beautiful pictures, sometimes I wander away from making a clear statement. ~ Sally Mann
Visuals quotes by Sally Mann
Beyonce is such a visual artist. This was just trying to figure out another side to her that could be fun and young and exciteful and a great video. ~ Bryce Wilson
Visuals quotes by Bryce Wilson
The visual can seduce you, leading to false deductions, and ultimately, even the finest ideas can be reduced. Take for example, sexuality. If it is reduced down to the moment and to pleasure, things like that, that's not what sexuality is all about. Sexuality was to be in tandem with the sacred, not amputated from it. ~ Ravi Zacharias
Visuals quotes by Ravi Zacharias
I think words speak to us even though they may be written on a wall. So we hear them in our mind. We say it to ourselves. But they are also visual things. You draw them. They are designed. They are colored. They have a certain size. I put them in a certain place. So they are objects that have to be - artistic decisions have to be made in terms of the color and the size and the line and whatever. ~ Robert Barry
Visuals quotes by Robert Barry
When cars have the sensory systems around them, GPS intelligence, they're looking at the world not only in visual spectrum, but infrared, ultraviolet and everything else that's going on and they've got reaction times in microseconds. Not a tenth of a second. They're a hundred thousand times faster. ~ Peter Diamandis
Visuals quotes by Peter Diamandis
To put the matter in Aristotelian terminology, visual impressions are prior in the order of being to concepts pertaining to physical color, whereas the latter are prior in the order of knowing to concepts pertaining to visual impressions. ~ Wilfrid Sellars
Visuals quotes by Wilfrid Sellars
I got really interested in the language used in blogs written by young girls - a young person's aggression, which is always lacking from the visual world. ~ Jenny Hval
Visuals quotes by Jenny Hval
My visuals are typically very powerful. The rhythm is fast. The cuts are fast. ~ Andrew Lau
Visuals quotes by Andrew Lau
Comics don't work without the visuals, obviously. ~ Greg Rucka
Visuals quotes by Greg Rucka
Our visual cortexes are wired to quickly recognize faces and then quickly subtract massive amounts of detail from them, zeroing in on their essential message: Is this person happy? Angry? Fearful? Individual faces may vary greatly, but a smirk on one is a lot like a smirk on another. Smirks are conceptual, not pictorial. Our brains are like cartoonists - and cartoonists are like our brains, simplifying and exaggerating, subordinating facial detail to abstract comic concepts. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Visuals quotes by Jonathan Franzen
A novel is designed to stimulate our minds and imagination without any visuals, other than the constructed text."

"An author's job is to breath life into words for the reader. That is the core essence of what we do. ~ Efthalia
Visuals quotes by Efthalia
I go to a very visual place when I'm singing. It's very cinematic and I get this feeling of space. I love when music does that. ~ Dave Gahan
Visuals quotes by Dave Gahan
It's about the characters, it's about the film, it's about the process of making stunning visuals and a huge, epic movie. It doesn't matter if my head was covered in a black plastic bag and I was bouncing around in a space hopper: That's the villain of Chris Nolan's 'Batman!' ~ Tom Hardy
Visuals quotes by Tom Hardy
She needed to confirm its presence. Like the keeper of the lighthouse and the prisoner, she regarded it as a mooring, a checkpoint, some stable visual object that assured her that the world was still there; that this was like and not a dream. That she was alive somewhere, inside, which she acknowledged to be true only because a thing she knew intimately was out there, outside of herself. ~ Toni Morrison
Visuals quotes by Toni Morrison
My mom is an artist and my own fiction is deeply visual. ~ Jeff VanderMeer
Visuals quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
In this age of instant communication, emoticons are replacing words, body language replacing language and visuals replacing text. ~ Haresh Sippy
Visuals quotes by Haresh Sippy
Around the time I began starving, in the early eighties, the visual image had begun to supplant text as culture's primary mode of communication, a radical change because images work so differently than words: They're immediate, they hit you at levels way beneath intellect, they come fast and furious. ~ Caroline Knapp
Visuals quotes by Caroline Knapp
There is no society ever discovered in the remotest corner of the world that has not had something that we would consider the arts. Visual arts - decoration of surfaces and bodies - appears to be a human universal. ~ Steven Pinker
Visuals quotes by Steven Pinker
I can't do fiction unless I visualize what's going on. When I began to write science fiction, one of the things I found lacking in it was visual specificity. It seemed there was a lot of lazy imagining, a lot of shorthand. ~ William Gibson
Visuals quotes by William Gibson
It is difficult to talk about fashion in the abstract, without a human body before my eyes, without drawings, without a choice of fabric - without a practical or visual reality. ~ Giorgio Armani
Visuals quotes by Giorgio Armani
Artists who have produced experimental innovations have been motivated by aesthetic criteria: they have aimed at presenting visual perceptions. Their goals are imprecise, so their procedure is tentative and incremental. ~ David Galenson
Visuals quotes by David Galenson
It was Ernie Haller, who had photographed Bette Davis in Jezebel and Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind, who was solely responsible for the visuals in Mildred Pierce, said Crawford. "Ernie was at the rehearsals. And so was Mr. [Anton] de Grot, who did the sets. I recall seeing Ernie's copy of the script and it was filled with notations and diagrams. I asked him if these were for special lights and he said, 'No, they're for special shadows.' Now, that threw me. I was a little apprehensive. I was used to the look of Metro, where everything, including the war pictures, was filmed in blazing white lights. Even if a person was dying there was no darkness. But when I saw the rushes of Mildred Pierce I realized what Ernie was doing. The shadows and half-lights, the way the sets were lit, together with the unusual angles of the camera, added considerably to the psychology of my character and to the mood and psychology of the film. And that, my dear, is film noir." "Mildred ~ Shaun Considine
Visuals quotes by Shaun Considine
The cold stream of visual impressions failed him now as if the eye were a cup that overflowed and let the rest run down its china walls unrecorded. The brain must wake now. The body must contract now, entering the house, the lighted house, where the door stood open, where the motor cars were standing, and bright women descending: the soul must brave itself to endure. He opened the big blade of his pocket-knife. ~ Virginia Woolf
Visuals quotes by Virginia Woolf
The panorama-city is a 'theoretical' (that is, visual) simulacrum, in short a picture, whose condition of possibility is an oblivion and a misunderstanding of practices. ~ Michel De Certeau
Visuals quotes by Michel De Certeau
You were in the trunk while they - "
This time, Gentry closed his eyes.
"Please. I'm going to have flashbacks. I don't want flashbacks."
Sophie couldn't contain their amusement any longer and broke out into laughter.
"Odette, you naughty girl!"
"I didn't know he was back there!" She didn't turn around. Odette didn't want to see the look on Sophie's face.
"If I did, I wouldn't have climbed into Keahi's lap in the first place!"
"Okay!," Gentry said. "I don't need visuals, either. ~ Tovaley B. Kysel
Visuals quotes by Tovaley B. Kysel
If a chemical drug like Viagra is accepted by society and by the world to ignite desire, then what is the problem with my audio-visual drug called cinema which ignites desire? Both are basically doing the same thing! ~ Mallika Sherawat
Visuals quotes by Mallika Sherawat
I have enough friends who are gamers. I actually enjoy watching them play because of the visuals and the storytelling of the games. I just love being able to go on an adventure and games are just so sophisticated now that you can just get lost in a world for 20 hours and just be someone else in a very visceral, emotional way. And that's just fascinating. ~ Bill Watterson
Visuals quotes by Bill Watterson
It's always a challenge bringing a great story classic to the screen. Giving visual form to the characters and places that have only existed in the imagination. But it's the kind of challenge we enjoy. ~ Walt Disney
Visuals quotes by Walt Disney
Let's face facts, this is visual medium, there's a very high premium put on people who are good-looking. But the minute you rely on that you get yourself in trouble. You certainly don't make a career out of that anymore as an actor. ~ Alec Baldwin
Visuals quotes by Alec Baldwin
The grey is certainly inspired by the photo-paintings, and, of course, it's related to the fact that I think grey is an important colour - the ideal colour for indifference, fence-sitting, keeping quiet, despair. In other words, for states of being and situations that affect one, and for which one would like to find a visual expression. ~ Gerhard Richter
Visuals quotes by Gerhard Richter
There are many ways in which people are made aware of their power to believe in the supremacy of Divine guidance and power: through music or visual art, some event or experience decisively influencing their life, looking through a microscope or telescope, or just by looking at the miraculous manifestations or purposefulness of Nature. ~ Ernst Boris Chain
Visuals quotes by Ernst Boris Chain
I achieved perfection, my type of perfection - visual storytelling. Storytelling was my style. ~ Jack Kirby
Visuals quotes by Jack Kirby
I began as a boy with artistic talent ... as a visual artist ... I thought that was what I'd become and in my late teens drifted into reading serious literature. ~ Russell Banks
Visuals quotes by Russell Banks
What I love about the filmmakers that I mentioned [Danny Boyle,Leo Carax], is that it's visual but it's also, you see that the characters are the most important thing. The actors are the most important thing. ~ Fredrik Bond
Visuals quotes by Fredrik Bond
Marilyn Monroe and Vivienne Leigh are real icons of mine. In terms of visual culture, they are both so iconic. There weren't any paparazzi shots of them falling out of taxis, so they will always look so incredible. ~ Lily Cole
Visuals quotes by Lily Cole
The best way way to get a visual image is not to think of a visual image. ~ Bob Gill
Visuals quotes by Bob Gill
I think songs and visuals are so evocative of each other. ~ Aleksa Palladino
Visuals quotes by Aleksa Palladino
Screenwriting you don't necessarily have to do the job of the costume designer and the prop master and the set designer. It's more just about finding the visuals and finding these characters through dialogue. ~ Jonathan Tropper
Visuals quotes by Jonathan Tropper
The visual impact of a United States battleship springs from its ability to put Soviet ships on the bottom of the sea and to put devastating firepower ashore - nothing else. ~ John Lehman
Visuals quotes by John Lehman
The poetry and transgression that was so much of surrealism's anarchic force has been recruited into mainstream culture. It has been made commonplace by television and magazine merchandising, by computer games and Internet visuals, by film and MTV, by the fashion shoot. ~ Graham Joyce
Visuals quotes by Graham Joyce
Fat people are so rarely included in visual culture that fat is perceived as a blot on the landscape of sleek and slim. ~ Susie Orbach
Visuals quotes by Susie Orbach
Sometimes you're writing a song and you have an image whilst writing a song. I don't think you ever base a songwriting process around a video, but when you're writing a song sometimes it'll be a very visual song. ~ Luke Hemmings
Visuals quotes by Luke Hemmings
Good design, at least part of the time, includes the criterion of being direct in relation to the problem at hand - not obscure, trendy, or stylish. A new language, visual or verbal, must be couched in a language that is already understood. ~ Ivan Chermayeff
Visuals quotes by Ivan Chermayeff
For some reason I have a visual intuition that allows me to design things in an interesting way, and I don't know where that came from. Because I don't have this formal training, I seem to drift in a different direction. ~ David Carson
Visuals quotes by David Carson
The process of drawing is ... the process of putting the visual intelligence into action, the very mechanics of visual thought. Unlike painting and sculpture ... the artist makes clear to himself and not to the spectator what he is doing. It is a soliloquy before it becomes communication. ~ Michael Ayrton
Visuals quotes by Michael Ayrton
Nature's purpose in relation to the visual arts is to provide stimulus not imitation ... From its ceaseless urge to create springs all Life all movement and rhythm time and light, color and mood in short, all reality in Form and Thought. ~ Hans Hofmann
Visuals quotes by Hans Hofmann
A lot of people here some South in your mouth, and they automatically think you're dumb. They think if you talk funny, you are funny. – Lloyd Hand ~ David Pietrusza
Visuals quotes by David Pietrusza
There was a beauty in the trash of the alleys which I had never noticed before; my vision seemed sharpened, rather than impaired. As I walked along it seemed to me that the flattened beer cans and papers and weeds and junk mail had been arranged by the wind into patterns; these patterns, when I scrutinized them, lay distributed so as to comprise a visual language. ~ Philip K. Dick
Visuals quotes by Philip K. Dick
Light comes to us by the sensibility. Without visual sensibility there is no light, no movement. ~ Robert Delaunay
Visuals quotes by Robert Delaunay
There is visual illiteracy with text-oriented films like bloody 'Harry Potter' and 'Lord of the Rings.' ... ~ Peter Greenaway
Visuals quotes by Peter Greenaway
I could quite happily just make music because it conjures up a whole visual world for me in my mind. ~ Gotye
Visuals quotes by Gotye
Film fixes a precise visual image in the viewer's head. In fiction, you just hope you're precise enough to convey the intended effect. ~ Jeff VanderMeer
Visuals quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
The whole visual language of the movie is developed way before we get to set. Especially when you're doing visual effects and you don't have a lot of money to mess around, which we didn't, you have to really preplan everything. Pretty much every shot in the film was figured out months before we got to set. ~ Darren Aronofsky
Visuals quotes by Darren Aronofsky
I always would dream of making music videos. Whenever I make music, I always have a visual in my mind. I always see things. ~ Dan Reynolds
Visuals quotes by Dan Reynolds
I think the media plays into the hands of false induction, genuine seduction taking place, wrong deductions, and the inevitable reductions. That's the way and the path of the visual. ~ Ravi Zacharias
Visuals quotes by Ravi Zacharias
Drawing is the representation of form - the graphic expression of a visual experience. ~ Walter J. Phillips
Visuals quotes by Walter J. Phillips
We are limited by our visual, physical senses; yet from the Scriptures we can readily conclude that heaven is indeed not distant at all. It is nearby. ~ Paul P. Enns
Visuals quotes by Paul P. Enns
What you can do with visual effects is enhance the look of the character, but the actual integrity of the emotional performance and the way the character's facial expressions work, that is what is going to be created on the day with other actors and the director. ~ Andy Serkis
Visuals quotes by Andy Serkis
Not so much a film as a visual essay, exquisitely directed and photographed (by Sacha Vierny) ... Difficult to watch but well worthwhile for those willing to be challenged. ~ Leonard Maltin
Visuals quotes by Leonard Maltin
To the Suprematist the visual phenomena of the objective world are, in themselves, meaningless; the significant thing is feeling, as such, quite apart from the environment in which it is called forth. ~ Kazimir Malevich
Visuals quotes by Kazimir Malevich
I am fascinated by language in daily life: the way it can evoke an emotion, a visual image, a complex idea, or a simple truth. ~ Amy Tan
Visuals quotes by Amy Tan
I went to NYU for acting, for six years. I thought acting was the easy way out or in because I didn't put in enough effort in school, being a crazy kid in college. But, I was good at it, so that was the other side of it. I would love to direct. What I've learned from being on set is more how to deal with actors than even the visual part of it all. ~ Drea De Matteo
Visuals quotes by Drea De Matteo
One advantage of photography is that it's visual and can transcend language. ~ Lisa Kristine
Visuals quotes by Lisa Kristine
A lot of rappers been putting out a lot of sub-par visuals. I feel like the visuals could be better. ~ ASAP Ferg
Visuals quotes by ASAP Ferg
We visual communicators have so much good to share: rather than sharing our chemical and style addictions, we could be using our professional skills to help communicate health information, conflict resolution, democracy, technology. ~ David Berman
Visuals quotes by David Berman
When I first became really interested in building furniture, I went to Toys-R-Us, and spent $200 on Transformers toys. By taking the toys apart and studying how they moved, I was able to figure out how to hide a table leaf, what type of contraption I'd need to slide it under the table. I'm a really visual learner. ~ Jeremiah Brent
Visuals quotes by Jeremiah Brent
The violence you witness is Denzel doing it and we're taking some visual effects and doing some things and you see something happen it's happening in front of you as opposed to cutting away and doing a bunch of tricks. It's in front of you. So it's hard not to make it a hard "R" if you see a guy get punched and teeth wind up in someone's knuckles. ~ Antoine Fuqua
Visuals quotes by Antoine Fuqua
I really think music and movement - dance, you know - and literature inform my visuals. I think film is also based in dance. The relationship between me, the camera and the actor is always a dance. ~ Christopher Doyle
Visuals quotes by Christopher Doyle
But Sir, he works with NT? Why would he tell us where to go? Aren't we the competition?' Satya asked.
Nagesh shook his head gravely. 'Actually the competition starts at the headquarters and is between the people who come on TV, and want to make sure their face is noticed by the rival channel, so that they get picked up for a higher salary. Between us camerapersons, there is no rivalry. We don't do piece to cameras, we don't come on TV. We do all the jostling to get you the best visuals to show on the channel. We just want to get the news to the viewers, no matter which logo is pasted on it. ~ Shweta Ganesh Kumar
Visuals quotes by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
The visual is important. "Let's get to work" says let's get it done, and that's what they want. ~ Frank Luntz
Visuals quotes by Frank Luntz
Some of the most remarkable and profound worship encounters I've experienced have happened in churches with no production, no lighting, no exciting visuals or amplification, sometimes with not even a single musical instrument. ~ Tim Hughes
Visuals quotes by Tim Hughes
A design may be called organic when there is an harmonious organization of the parts within the whole, according to structure, material, and purpose. Within this definition there can be no vain ornamentation or superfluity, but the part of beauty is nonetheless great-in ideal choice of material, in visual refinement, and in the rational elegance of things intended for use. ~ Eliot Noyes
Visuals quotes by Eliot Noyes
'Provenance' is more than a multimedia concert. It's a journey that unifies cultures through music, theater and beautiful visuals. ~ Maya Beiser
Visuals quotes by Maya Beiser
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