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It will be increasingly difficult to be of maximum service to the world if we cannot or will not be open-minded and understanding towards people who might "appear" to be different from ourselves. When we can love someone who is not like us, we are living mindfully. ~ Christopher Dines
Living Mindfully quotes by Christopher Dines
The present moment is where we need to operate. When you are truly anchored in the present moment, you can plan for the future in a much better way. Living mindfully in the present does not preclude making plans. It only means that you know there's no use losing yourself in worries and fear concerning the future. If you are grounded in the present moment, you can bring the future into the present to have a deep look without losing yourself in anxiety and uncertainty. If you are truly present and know how to take care of the present moment as best you can, you are doing your best for the future already. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Living Mindfully quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
I did not bring a television set out here with me, and I regret it sometimes when the evenings get long, but my idea was that living alone you can soon get stuck to those flickering images and to the chair you will sit on far into the night, and then time merely passes as you let others do the moving. ~ Per Petterson
Living Mindfully quotes by Per Petterson
Had we but world enough, and time ~ Andrew Marvell
Living Mindfully quotes by Andrew Marvell
For thirty-five years now I've been compacting old paper and books, living as I do in a land that has known how to read and write for fifteen generations; living in a onetime kingdom where it was and still is a custom, an obsession, to compact thoughts and images patiently in the heads of the population, thereby bringing them ineffable joy and even greater woe; living among people who will lay down their lives for a bale of compacted thoughts. ~ Bohumil Hrabal
Living Mindfully quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
Coincidence has been cancelled, honey," Susannah said. "What we're living in these days is more like the Charles Dickens version of reality. ~ Stephen King
Living Mindfully quotes by Stephen King
Living life without humor is like eating food without taste buds. ~ Jonathan Heatt
Living Mindfully quotes by Jonathan Heatt
So she moved away from the carving of the mythical stag, instantly cold as she severed contact with the delightful heat living within the stone. Part of her could have sworn that ancient, strange power was sad to see her go. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Living Mindfully quotes by Sarah J. Maas
The living and the dead,
The awake and the sleeping,
The young and the old are all one and the same.
When the ones change, they become the others.
When those shift again, they become these again.
God is day and night.
God is winter and summer.
God is war and peace.
God is fertility and famine.
He transforms into many things.
Day and night are one.
Goodness and badness are one.
The beginning and the end of a circle are one. ~ Heraclitus
Living Mindfully quotes by Heraclitus
Plato did claim that the unexamined life was not worth living. Oedipus Rex was not so sure. ~ Tom Robbins
Living Mindfully quotes by Tom Robbins
In order to experience bliss and contentment, we must not only be willing to live in the present - not in the past or looking toward the future - but also to accept that pain is a real possibility, if not a probability.

This is not to say that joy must come with pain, but instead, that pain could arrive in the midst of joy and this fact scares us senseless. We would rather half live than risk encountering unspeakable pain at the core of indescribable delight.

We erroneously believe that being a perpetual emotional flatline is better than experiencing the highs and the lows of living. ~ Florence Witt
Living Mindfully quotes by Florence Witt
The secret to staying atop your priorities is to schooled regular times for review and reflection. ~ Michael Hyatt
Living Mindfully quotes by Michael Hyatt
I know the most important faculty to develop is one for hard, continuous and varied work and living; but the difference between knowing this and doing anything consistent about it is often abysmal. ~ James Agee
Living Mindfully quotes by James Agee
Sometimes life does not give us everything that we want. But then that is what life is all about. You can't have happiness all the time. And neither can you have sadness all the time. But you can create a symphony out of happiness and sadness. ~ Avijeet Das
Living Mindfully quotes by Avijeet Das
Answer the question " what am I living for?" and become a master in this field, serve others with your gift, because you were created exactly with this goal ~ Sunday Adelaja
Living Mindfully quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Redwood rainforest has five to 10 times the biomass - that's the sheer weight of living material - of, say, deep tropical rainforest in the Amazon basin. ~ Richard Preston
Living Mindfully quotes by Richard Preston
Most people are prisoners, thinking only about the future or living in the past. They are not in the present, and the present is where everything begins. ~ Carlos Santana
Living Mindfully quotes by Carlos Santana
The designer of today re-establishes the long-lost contact between art and the public, between living people and art as a living thing. ~ Bruno Munari
Living Mindfully quotes by Bruno Munari
The purpose of a funeral service is to comfort the living. It is important at a funeral to display excessive grief. This will show others how kind-hearted and loving you are and their improved opinion of you will be very comforting. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Living Mindfully quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
Existing is not quite enough. Passionate living is the best revenge. ~ Arlaina Tibensky
Living Mindfully quotes by Arlaina Tibensky
This room is crowded, haunted by the stale breath of the living. Until now, I have been able to imagine him dead, gloriously rotting in soil, on his way to Hell, perhaps, or stuck in the mire of nothingness that catches wandering spirits. In that image I have found small degrees of warmth, a tangible explanation for not knowing my father.

I look at the picture and enlarge it with my mind. It is impossible to sleep knowing the chance exists that I might still meet him. I feel the planet spinning under me, like a whirlpool, the surface shrinking so that everything must eventually touch. I resist until it shatters. ~ Laurie Perez
Living Mindfully quotes by Laurie Perez
Trust is to human relationships what faith is to gospel living. It is the beginning place, the foundation upon which more can be built. Where trust is, love can flourish. ~ Barbara Smith
Living Mindfully quotes by Barbara Smith
When your intentions are pure, so too will be your success. ~ Charles F. Glassman
Living Mindfully quotes by Charles F. Glassman
I believe in God. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Living Mindfully quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Those who think godly living makes them invulnerable to trouble are living in a fantasy world. - 2 Timothy 3:12 ~ Ray C. Stedman
Living Mindfully quotes by Ray C. Stedman
A higher standard of living also brings about a higher standard of culture and civilization. ~ Ludwig Von Mises
Living Mindfully quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
Ask yourself: if I were a Chinese spy, why wouldn't I have flown directly into Beijing? I could be living in a palace petting a phoenix by now. ~ Edward Snowden
Living Mindfully quotes by Edward Snowden
I want to continue being crazy; living my life the way I dream it, and not the way the other people want it to be. ~ Paulo Coelho
Living Mindfully quotes by Paulo Coelho
I would say that just as easy as a person puts on a raincoat and opens their umbrella before stepping out on a rainy day, you too must put on a new concept of yourself and never take it off, nor pull the umbrella of your imagination down until you see the sun shining on the new situation that you have imagined. You must never be convinced that you are being drenched in your old reality, regardless of how much others are absorbed in it. What is true for them is not true for you, because they are not living in your world. They are not living in your raincoat nor are they living beneath the umbrella of consciousness that you have raised. They may be completely soaked in their world while you remain poised and untouched by unfavorable conditions in your own. ~ Curtis Tyrone Jones
Living Mindfully quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
We all understand that we are living longer, and we are more likely to spend more years as frail, elderly people who can't work. We also recognize that the wonderful advances in medicine also come with wonderful price tags. Those are things you can't budget around. ~ Elizabeth Warren
Living Mindfully quotes by Elizabeth Warren
The primary imagination I hold to be the living power and prime agent of all human perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I Am. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Living Mindfully quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Whitefield, again, was among the first to show the right way to meet infidels and skeptics. He saw clearly that the most powerful weapon against such men is not metaphysical reasoning and critical disquisition; but preaching the whole gospel, living the whole gospel, and spreading the whole gospel. ~ J.C. Ryle
Living Mindfully quotes by J.C. Ryle
You don't want me to fight? I won't fight. You want me to break up with Gemma? She's gone. You want me to quit my shit job, give up my apartment in Charles Town, and move to Maryland? Done. You want to go to college? I'll make it happen. "I've been half d-dead for ten years, Gris, but then you walked back into my life, and I came alive again. You make me want to live. You make me want to be a better man. "I love you, and when I say that, I mean that you're my reason for breathing, for eating, for drinking, for sleeping, for living. I will never hurt you. I will never leave you. I will always protect you. There is no one more important to me than you, and as long as I live, there never w-will be. ~ Katy Regnery
Living Mindfully quotes by Katy Regnery
The good Jew is ritually observant and resists assimilation, in some sense living apart, never fitting comfortably into American or any other society. ~ Elliott Abrams
Living Mindfully quotes by Elliott Abrams
When God created us, he founded
His living nature for our home;
But you sit in this gloom, surrounded
By mildred skull and arid bone. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Living Mindfully quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Confidence can be learned - but not from a book. Confidence comes from from living. ~ Saskia Shakin
Living Mindfully quotes by Saskia Shakin
The habitual living in prosperity is most injurious. ~ Publilius Syrus
Living Mindfully quotes by Publilius Syrus
Prevention by severing the chain is the immediate solution. ~ Mohith Agadi
Living Mindfully quotes by Mohith Agadi
You have to dig a well before you can draw water from it. ~ Richie Norton
Living Mindfully quotes by Richie Norton
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