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Music reality shows provide a platform to people who have talent and gives them visibility and exposure. It is a win-win situation for participants. ~ Shreya Ghoshal
Samplers Music quotes by Shreya Ghoshal
In the music industry I get a lot of public judgement. Any time the topic of my religion surfaces, there are always people who react negatively, telling me to leave my crazy beliefs out of it. The problem is, I can't. My beliefs are as much a part of my being as my music, or my family, or my obsession with earthy-tasting cereal. Luckily, after all the rejection I faced on my mission, I'm no longer afraid of negative reactions. I've already heard it all--- face-to-face. Hateful comments still hurt, but they don't hold the same weight they once did. Besides, say what you want, but I'm a short-haired angel. (Or at least I was to one man on a subway.) ~ Lindsey Stirling
Samplers Music quotes by Lindsey Stirling
Doris loves Superman as well.unfortunately, she got knocked down by a van last year, and it was a big, long recovery for her, really. It took about six months, didn't it, before she was fully back to normal. She never gone back to normal. She's got a bionic leg now, which made her twice as fast and twice as stupid. You know, but she's just such good fun. But anyway,like she had a bit of a low point, you know, when she got really fed up, you know, with those stupid lampshade collars, you know, that they have on their head. Ugh, bumping into everything, she was walking about sighing. Ugh, like that, you know, and if you've ever been known or been with the terriers, but that ball of energy,you know, and she wasn't allowed to be for a walk or anything. It was awful. So to cheer her up, I bought her a little Superman outfit for dogs. When you get home, you look online. They are absolutely brilliant. You can get Wonder Woman and Darth Vader, all sorts. They're the funniest thing I have ever seen in my. The front paws, the front legs go in Super man's legs, you know, and it like covers up the paw with these little, red boot things on the bottom. And it comes up and ties around the neck, and there's tube stuff down from the front. So from the front, it's like a tiny, little Superman with a dog's head. And then, on the back there's this cape. So when she trots around, it looks like she's flying! Ah, it's brilliant! And she loves it. I couldn't get it off for about a week. It's honestl ~ Kate Rusby
Samplers Music quotes by Kate Rusby
You know the trouble with real life? There's no danger music. ~ Jim Carrey
Samplers Music quotes by Jim Carrey
My music has a high irritation factor. I've always tried to say something. Eccentric lyrics about eccentric people. Often it was a joke. But I would plead guilty on the grounds that I prefer eccentricity to the bland. ~ Randy Newman
Samplers Music quotes by Randy Newman
Write even when the world is chaotic. You don't need a cigarette, silence, music, a comfortable chair, or inner peace to write. You just need ten minutes and a writing implement. ~ Cory Doctorow
Samplers Music quotes by Cory Doctorow
Records can ruin you. That's why it's important to be as intimately familiar as possible with the history of recorded music, I guess. In a way, it's an argument for record collecting. ~ Keith Fullerton Whitman
Samplers Music quotes by Keith Fullerton Whitman
Since the beginning of time mankind has used music and dance to commune with the spirit of nature and the spirit of the universe. ~ Goa Gil
Samplers Music quotes by Goa Gil
That pesky acting career has always gotten in the way of me doing something with music. ~ Michael Chiklis
Samplers Music quotes by Michael Chiklis
I do think that film is closest of all to music. Notes and chords on their own don't mean anything. They only mean something when you juxtapose them with something else ~ Michael Koresky
Samplers Music quotes by Michael Koresky
In a society of increasingly mass-produced, assembly-line entertainment, where every individual is treated like an empty pitcher to be filled from above, jazz retains something of the spirit of the handicrafts of yesteryear. The print of the human spirit warms it. Deep down, jazz expresses the enforced & compassionate attitudes of a minority group and may well appeal to us because we all have blue moods and, in a fundamental sense, none of us is wholly free. ~ Marshall W. Stearns
Samplers Music quotes by Marshall W. Stearns
It wasn't supposed to. It was just supposed to stop you from hurting yourself." "It helps - " "No it doesn't. It just pushes it away temporarily. Just like the booze." "But I need - " "You need to let yourself feel. Feel it, own it. Then move on." "You make it sound so easy." Bitterness drips from each syllable. "It's not. It's the fucking hardest thing a person can do." I smooth a damp strand out of her face and away from my mouth. "It's the hardest fucking thing. It's why we drink and do drugs and fight. It's why I play music and build engines. ~ Jasinda Wilder
Samplers Music quotes by Jasinda Wilder
You want a hero in the music world? James Brown. He brought a feeling to music without really using words. He's just famous for his sound. ~ David Lee Roth
Samplers Music quotes by David Lee Roth
Music in Rocky has always been pivotal. ~ Bun B.
Samplers Music quotes by Bun B.
My voice likes rock music. My problem is, I can do a lot of things, but I have to find my own voice. ~ Lucy Lawless
Samplers Music quotes by Lucy Lawless
Get into the music business. This is the business that you have absolutely no requirements. You listen to music, you need no college degree. ~ Curtis Jackson
Samplers Music quotes by Curtis Jackson
There's an ocean of music out there and there's absolutely no curation for it. ~ Jimmy Iovine
Samplers Music quotes by Jimmy Iovine
In the early morning as dawn was just beginning to streak through the cabin windows, Jack was stirred awake by the soft sound of slightly off-key humming. He found Mel nestled into the crook of his arm, her breath tickling his chest. She was purring, humming, her lips moving slightly, as though singing. It might've troubled him if her expression had been sad or disturbed. But she was smiling. She snuggled closer, throwing a leg over his. And this sleepy little music, contented, drifted out of her. He could count on one hand the number of times he'd spent the entire night in bed with a woman. And already, he couldn't imagine waking up alone. He pulled her closer knowing he'd never been happier in his life. ~ Robyn Carr
Samplers Music quotes by Robyn Carr
People define themselves to some degree by the music that they listened to as teens. My mom had Elvis. Me, I had 'The Who' and later punk rock. Kids who came up in the '80s had other songs and bands. It's a way of placing ourselves culturally and temporally. ~ Jennifer Egan
Samplers Music quotes by Jennifer Egan
I don't want to be classified as an old-skool DJ or new-skool DJ. I want to be classified as an all-skool DJ who plays it all. I also want to learn to DJ house music in my own fashion. ~ Grandmaster Flash
Samplers Music quotes by Grandmaster Flash
I'm an alien 'cause I'm not of this world. I have a name but I've been changed and now I can't stay the same.
And I'm a loser if that means I've been lost before ...
I'm a monster if that means I'm misunderstood. 'Cause it's alive and I can't hide it. The energy is rising.
And I'm a traitor if that means I've turned on myself. I can't deny it, it's like a riot. I can't keep it quiet. ~ Thousand Foot Krutch
Samplers Music quotes by Thousand Foot Krutch
Oh darkness, I feel like letting go. ~ Sarah McLachlan
Samplers Music quotes by Sarah McLachlan
Growing up, I had one very specific idea of what a wedding should be, and that was the wedding of Fraulein Maria and Captain von Trapp in 'The Sound of Music.' ~ Ellie Kemper
Samplers Music quotes by Ellie Kemper
I don't think music is done by any means. I would love to do it again but it's finding the right thing. ~ Zac Efron
Samplers Music quotes by Zac Efron
I think that music, or at least the kind of music that I make, benefits greatly from improvisation. ~ Ryan Adams
Samplers Music quotes by Ryan Adams
I don't know if a song is going to be a hit or it's going to flop. I never know. I just do the music and if people like it, they like it. ~ T-Pain
Samplers Music quotes by T-Pain
Dance has always just been an extension of music for me. It's about putting my music into motion. It's just another dimension that I tap into with my music that not many artists do anymore. ~ Tinashe
Samplers Music quotes by Tinashe
I met people that I couldn't talk to - they didn't speak Spanish or English - but they knew my songs. That's what I love, the music has gone past where I thought it would get to. That's the power of music, how it can travel and break language barriers. ~ Prince Royce
Samplers Music quotes by Prince Royce
One day when I have a band I will have a band name, but since it's just me I feel it should just be my name. For me it doesn't make much sense since the music is from me and about me. I haven't ever been in a band. ~ Sharon Van Etten
Samplers Music quotes by Sharon Van Etten
Happiness is like a genre of music that nearly everyone knows how to dance to. Happiness has a very simple tempo, catchy phrasing, and memorable lyrics. It's the song at the wedding that makes everyone excited to run to the dance floor. ~ T.K. Coleman
Samplers Music quotes by T.K. Coleman
You know that one don't play music just for the hours to pass. But you play music because you are in love with music and luckily if it happens that people like what I'm proposing, then I'm happy. Although music is business, yet you don't start thinking about money from the initial stages when you are in music. First propose to the people what they want and if they like it, then the money comes later. ~ Manu Dibango
Samplers Music quotes by Manu Dibango
For us the most important thing is to be visual, and for the cats watching us to have fun. This is all we want. We get very upset if people get bored when we're only half way through smashing the second set. ~ Roger Waters
Samplers Music quotes by Roger Waters
I was pretty lucky to get into Berklee at all. I never really had any theory or music-reading capabilities; I was completely by ear. ~ Madi Diaz
Samplers Music quotes by Madi Diaz
One time I went to Vancouver to talk to the students there, and they had a party with a real hot rock-type band playing down in the basement. The band was very nice: they had an extra cowbell lying around, and they encouraged me to play it. So I started to play a little bit, and since their music was very rhythmic (and the cowbell is just an accompaniment - you can't screw it up) I really got hot. After the party was over, the guy who organized the party told me that the bandleader said, "Geez! Who was that guy who came down and played on the cowbell! He can really knock out a rhythm on that thing! And by the way, that big shot this party was supposed to be for - you know, he never came down here; I never did see who it was! ~ Richard Feynman
Samplers Music quotes by Richard Feynman
Man, there's no boundary line to art! ~ Charlie Parker
Samplers Music quotes by Charlie Parker
They always say faeries steal human children because they can't make art or music of their own. Neither can warlocks or vampires. It requires mortality to make art. The knowledge of death, of things limited. There is fire inside us, Emma, and as it blazes, it burns us, and the burning causes pain- but without its lights, I cannot see to draw ~ Cassandra Clare
Samplers Music quotes by Cassandra Clare
In the mid-1980s to the early 1990s I was writing songs not because I particularly liked what I was doing, but because I was desperately trying to get back into the charts. I really didn't enjoy it. I didn't like the music I was making, I wasn't proud of it, like I have been before or since. ~ Gary Numan
Samplers Music quotes by Gary Numan
They said her duck recipe and the Chinese music were so dramatic everything else sounded anemic. ~ Frank McCourt
Samplers Music quotes by Frank McCourt
I was asked to sing with Mavis Staples on a gospel compilation called 'Oh Happy Day.' And, you know, other than being totally intimidated at the prospect of singing with Mavis, I was honored. I don't really have much of a background in gospel music. ~ Patty Griffin
Samplers Music quotes by Patty Griffin
Every child should try everything: sport, music, art, mathematics; they can do it all. Copying and competition are now seen as twin evils, but they are both useful tools. ~ Tony Buzan
Samplers Music quotes by Tony Buzan
Lord of the springtime, Father of flower, field and fruit, smile on us in these earnest days when the work is heavy and the toil wearisome; lift up our hearts, O God, to the things worthwhile-sunshine and night, the dripping rain, the song of the birds, books and music, and the voices of our friends. Lift up our hearts to these this night and grant us Thy peace. Amen. ~ W.E.B. Du Bois
Samplers Music quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
I get so much inspiration from people working hard at music, even though it's nothing to do with what I do. ~ Tom Scharpling
Samplers Music quotes by Tom Scharpling
When I see things that are inspiring, I must write a song about it. Some people make a t-shirt or slap something on a wall with paint, but I must make music and freestyle rap. ~ Flula Borg
Samplers Music quotes by Flula Borg
I love brief habits and consider them an inestimable means for getting to know many things…My nature is designed entirely for brief habits…I always believe that here is something that will give me lasting satisfaction - brief habits, too, have this faith of passion, this faith in eternity - and that I am to be envied for having found and recognized it…But one day its time is up; the good thing parts from me, not as something that has come to nauseate me but peacefully and sated with me as I am with it - as if we had reason to be grateful to each other as we shook hands to say farewell. Even then something new is waiting at the door, along with my faith - this indestructible fool and sage! - that this new discovery will be just right, and that this will be the last time. That is what happens to me with dishes, ideas, human beings, cities, poems, music, doctrines, ways of arranging the day, and life styles. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Samplers Music quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Fate has a funny way of intervening in people's lives. ~ Katie Ashley
Samplers Music quotes by Katie Ashley
We've always had a lot of different influences and we've always liked catchy music from the Beatles to Cheap Trick to Elvis Costello. ~ Chuck Comeau
Samplers Music quotes by Chuck Comeau
You hear lots of notes, don't you? Some have a major sound. Some have a minor sound. But there's not one blue note among all these black and white keys. The real blues, the soul of the sound, comes from the spaces in-between. ~ David Mutti Clark
Samplers Music quotes by David Mutti Clark
I saw a lot of lousy movies and watched a ton of crappy television and read a bunch of utterly forgettable books and comics and listened to hours of junk music as a kid. And I'm still drawing profitably in my own art on some of the tawdry treasure I stored up in those years. ~ Michael Chabon
Samplers Music quotes by Michael Chabon
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