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A force field is basically an invisible shield. You push a button and all of a sudden a bubble forms around you which is impenetrable. It can stop bullets, it can stop ray gun blasts and we realized force fields are actually a little bit difficult to create. ~ Michio Kaku
Ray Gun quotes by Michio Kaku
I think I've had the fantasy of a ray-gun that could erase the world from the time I was a very little kid. ~ Daniel Clowes
Ray Gun quotes by Daniel Clowes
Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe
Put your ray gun to my head
Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah! ~ David Bowie
Ray Gun quotes by David Bowie
If someone picks up a third party and throws him at you down at the bottom of a deep well ... may you use your ray gun to disintegrate the falling body before it crushes and kills you? ~ Robert Nozick
Ray Gun quotes by Robert Nozick
I can't talk about it, at least not right now."
"Sounds kind of paranoid," I said.
"This coming from the girl who attacked me with a freeze ray gun? ~ Karen Akins
Ray Gun quotes by Karen Akins
It is good to renew one's wonder, said the philosopher. Space travel has again made children of us all. ~ Ray Bradbury
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Bradbury
You can make laws against weapons but they will be observed only by those who don't intend to use them anyway. The lawless can always smuggle or steal or even make a gun. By refusing to wear a gun you allow the criminal to operate with impunity. ~ Louis L'Amour
Ray Gun quotes by Louis L'Amour
You're doing it wrong."
"Son, I've got a gun to your chest and you're telling me that I'm doing it wrong?"
"Closer isn't better." He disarmed her with a swift motion, then offered the weapon back to her. "Further away you are, the less unpredictable I can be."
Della's eyes had opened wide with surprise, but she recovered fast. Took the shotgun back and said, "Okay. Knock again so we can start over. ~ S.E. Jakes
Ray Gun quotes by S.E. Jakes
The Assault Weapons Ban deals with a fictional distinction. You have guns that are exactly the same guns as are banned, in function, that were banned because of the way they look. And you know, that's the whole truth of this policy: it's to make politicians look as if they are doing something, when in point of fact, they are doing nothing. ~ Alan Keyes
Ray Gun quotes by Alan Keyes
You know that 'no weapons at work' policy?" I asked the twitching and growing hairy monstrosity standing less than ten feet from me. His yellow eyes bored into me with raw animal hatred. There was nothing recognizably human in that look.

"I never did like that rule," I said as I bent down and drew my gun from my ankle holster, put the front sight on the target and rapidly fired all five shots from my snub-nosed .357 Smith & Wesson into Mr. Huffman's body. God bless Texas. ~ Larry Correia
Ray Gun quotes by Larry Correia
Our love must be stronger than their hate. ~ Mark M. Bello
Ray Gun quotes by Mark M. Bello
After all, once a time was over, it was done. You were always in the present. //
Pictures? No, they lie. You're not the picture. My dear, you're not the dates, or the ink, or the paper. You're not these trunks of junk and dust. You're only you, here, now - the present you. ~ Ray Bradbury
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Bradbury
Way out in the country tonight he could smell the pumpkins ripening toward the knife and the triangle eye and the singeing candle. ~ Ray Bradbury
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Bradbury
The Bush administration, they had two blue ribbon commissions about infrastructure finance that recommended a lot more money, and additionally the gas tax being increased. We couldn't get them to accept being able to move forward. Since President Obama's been in office, there has been, to be charitable, a lack of enthusiasm for raising the gas tax. ~ Ray LaHood
Ray Gun quotes by Ray LaHood
I shook my head. "Calling my boyfriend." "You need a guy to come rescue you?" I waggled my gun. "I have that part covered, but given the situation, I'm going to let someone know where I am. I'm a feminist; I'm not an idiot. ~ Kelley Armstrong
Ray Gun quotes by Kelley Armstrong
I didn't know what we would be selling in the year 2000 but whatever it was we would be selling the most of it. ~ Ray Kroc
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Kroc
Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power. ~ Yoshimi Ishikawa
Ray Gun quotes by Yoshimi Ishikawa
In Hilbert space, the classical states are just in one corner of the room, quantum attention functions are in the middle, and they are the matrix of cosmic functions that can collapse any other quantum wave function and transform the non-classical states into classical states in the Hilbert space. ~ Amit Ray
Ray Gun quotes by Amit Ray
His heart cringed from the fanning motion of ribs like pale spiders crouched and fiddling with their prey. ~ Ray Bradbury
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Bradbury
How do you deliver democracy to a country? You don't do it down the barrel of a gun. That's not how you deliver it. ~ Michael Moore
Ray Gun quotes by Michael Moore
Write a thousand words a day and in three years you'll be a writer! ~ Ray Bradbury
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Bradbury
If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted. ~ Steve Stockman
Ray Gun quotes by Steve Stockman
There is a music of the universes in every heart. ~ Amit Ray
Ray Gun quotes by Amit Ray
They say love conquers all
You can't start it like a car
You can't stop it with a gun. ~ Warren Zevon
Ray Gun quotes by Warren Zevon
Eyebrows and hair singed off, Hector is barely recognizable under a lathering of day-glow orange. He appears to have been tarred-and-feathered with orange tar and oatmeal feathers. ~ Ray Palla
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Palla
No clause in the Constitution could by any rule of construction be conceived to give to congress a power to disarm the people. ~ William Rawle
Ray Gun quotes by William Rawle
She stared at him. "You'd be willing to change your life so dramatically?"
"Ray and Stella Quinn changed my life. ~ Nora Roberts
Ray Gun quotes by Nora Roberts
Look, Pa, look!" Laura said. "A wolf!"
Pa did not seem to move quickly, but he did. In an instant he took his gun out of the wagon and was ready to fire at those green eyes. The eyes stopped coming. They were still in the dark, looking at him.
"It can't be a wolf. Unless it's a mad wolf," Pa said. Ma lifted Mary into the wagon. "And it's not that," said Pa. "Listen to the horses." Pet and Patty were still biting off bits of grass.
"A lynx?" said Ma.
"Or a coyote?" Pa picked up a stick of wood; he shouted, and threw it. The green eyes went close to the ground, as if the animal crouched to spring. Pa held the gun ready. The creature did not move.
"Don't, Charles," Ma said. But Pa slowly walked toward those eyes. And slowly along the ground the eyes crawled toward him. Laura could see the animal in the edge of the dark. It was a tawny animal and brindled. Then Pa shouted and Laura screamed.
The next thing she knew she was trying to hug a jumping, panting, wriggling Jack, who lapped her face and hands with his warm wet tongue. She couldn't hold him. He leaped and wriggled from her to Pa to Ma and back to her again.
"Well, I'm beat!" Pa said.
"So am I," said Ma. "But did you have to wake the baby? ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
Ray Gun quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Normal people redirect their sexual energy all the time, but religion takes that skill and hijacks it. Religion says, "No, you cannot do that, that is sinful. Direct energy toward god."
Sexual desire does not disappear with increased religiosity and activity. Instead, it gets redirected but the thoughts and incoming stimulation continue. ~ Darrel Ray
Ray Gun quotes by Darrel Ray
I believe passionately that games are an art form and that the power of our medium flows from our audience, who are deeply involved in how the story unfolds and who have the uncontested right to provide constructive criticism. At the same time, I also believe in and support the artistic choices made by the development team. ~ Ray Muzyka
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Muzyka
Cruel World"

Share my body and my mind with you,
That's all over now.
Did what I had to do,
'Cause it's so far past me now.

Share my body and my life with you,
That's way over now.
There's not more I can do,
You're so famous now.

Got your bible, got your gun,
And you like to party and have fun.
And I like my candy and your women,
I'm finally happy now that you're gone.

Put my little red party dress on,
Everybody knows that I'm the best, I'm crazy.
Get a little bit of bourbon in ya,
Get a little bit suburban and go crazy.

Because you're young, you're wild, you're free,
You're dancin' circles around me,
You're fuckin' crazy.
Oh, oh, you're crazy for me.

I shared my body and my mind with you,
That's all over now.
I did what I had to do,
I found another anyhow.

Share my body and my mind with you,
That's all over now.
I did what I had to do,
I could see you leaving now.

I got your bible and your gun,
And you love to party and have fun.
And I love your women and all of your heroin,
And I'm so happy now that you're gone.

Put my little red party dress on,
Everybody knows that I'm a mess, I'm crazy, yeah-yeah.
Get a little bit of bourbon in ya,
Go a little bit suburban and go crazy, yeah-yeah.

Because you're young, you're wild, you're free,
Lana Del Rey
Ray Gun quotes by Lana Del Rey
The partition window opened. Panic flooded through him and he twisted in his seat to see Kooi's wife. She had a gun, pointed through the little window and at his head. 'We can talk about this,' Leeson said, swallowing. 'I can make you a very wealthy woman.' She said, 'Put your hands over your ears, Peter, and close your eyes. ~ Tom Wood
Ray Gun quotes by Tom  Wood
The human genome is made up of some 20,300 genes. Out of which 736 genes are associated with temperament, a total of 709 related to general cognitive functions, 148 genes are related to higher cognitive functions and 48 genes are associated with deep meditation and 8 genes are related to witnessing consciousness. ~ Amit Ray
Ray Gun quotes by Amit Ray
Emma, calm down. I had to know-"
I point my finger in his face, almost touching his eyeball. "It's one thing for me to give your permission to look into it. But I'm pretty sure looking into it without my consent is illegal. In fact, I'm pretty sure everything that woman does is illegal. Do you even know what the Mafia is, Galen?"
His eyebrows lift in surprise. "She told you who she is? I mean, who she used to be?"
I nod. "While you were checking in with Grom. Once in the Mob, always in the Mob, if you ask me. How else would she get all her money? But I guess you wouldn't care about that, since she buys you houses and cars and fake IDs." I snatch my wrist away and turn back toward our hotel. At least, I hope it's our hotel.
Galen laughs. "Emma, it's not Rachel's money; it's mine."
I whirl on him. "You are a fish. You don't have a job. And I don't think Syrena currency has any of our presidents on it." Now "our" means I'm human again. I wish I could make up my mind.
He crosses his arms. "I earn it another way. Walk to the Gulfarium with me, and I'll tell you how."
The temptation divides me like a cleaver. I'm one part hissy fit and one part swoon. I have a right to be mad, to press charges, to cut Rachel's hair while she's sleeping. But do I really want to risk the chance that she keeps a gun under her pillow? Do I want to miss the opportunity to scrunch my toes in the sand and listen to Galen's rich voice tell me how a fish came to be wealthy ~ Anna Banks
Ray Gun quotes by Anna Banks
Use market data, not product data. Set the buying criteria in your favor. Find the "smoking gun," the one thing that undeniably positions you over every one else. Make sure you hit their pain points. Include your own pitch for your product or ser vice only after you have covered the education thoroughly. ~ Chet Holmes
Ray Gun quotes by Chet Holmes
Though thou has never so many counselors, yet do not forsake the counsel of your soul. ~ John Ray
Ray Gun quotes by John Ray
Are you armed?" Oliver asked her. She glanced down at her backpack and instantly, instinctively held back. "No." "Lie to me again and I'll put you out on the street and do this myself." Claire swallowed. "Uh, yeah." "With what?" "Silver-coated stakes, wooden stakes, a crossbow, about ten bolts ... oh, and a squirt gun with some silver-nitrate solution." He smiled grimly at the dark windshield. "What, no grenade launchers?" "Would they work?" "I choose not to comment. ~ Rachel Caine
Ray Gun quotes by Rachel Caine
I don't watch television. ~ Ray Walston
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Walston
You know, you spend your childhood watching TV, assuming that at some point in the future everything you see there will one day happen to you: that you too will win a Formula One race, hop a train, foil a group of terrorists, tell someone 'Give me the gun', etc. Then you start secondary school, and suddenly everyone's asking you about your career plans and your long-term goals, and by goals they don't mean the kind you are planning to score in the FA Cup. Gradually the awful truth dawns on you: that Santa Claus was just the tip of the iceberg - that your future will not be the rollercoaster ride you'd imagined, that the world occupied by your parents, the world of washing the dishes, going to the dentist, weekend trips to the DIY superstore to buy floor-tiles, is actually largely what people mean when they speak of 'life'. Now, with every day that passes, another door seems to close, the one marked PROFESSIONAL STUNTMAN, or FIGHT EVIL ROBOT, until as the weeks go by and the doors - GET BITTEN BY SNAKE, SAVE WORLD FROM ASTEROID, DISMANTLE BOMB WITH SECONDS TO SPARE - keep closing, you begin to hear the sound as a good thing, and start closing some yourself, even ones that didn't necessarily need to be closed. ~ Paul Murray
Ray Gun quotes by Paul Murray
I would feel horrible to think I had put my name on a pistol permit and allowed someone to carry around a gun and they committed another crime. ~ Mike Rutherford
Ray Gun quotes by Mike Rutherford
Buy ammunition! Remember that a man cannot have too many books, too many wines, or too much ammunition. Our adversaries on the other side are reaching for the excuse of lead poisoning. If they can push that idea through, you may wind up still owning your guns but without anything to shoot in them. ~ Jeff Cooper
Ray Gun quotes by Jeff Cooper
The King is dead, rock is done. You might be through, but I've just begun. ~ Ray Davies
Ray Gun quotes by Ray Davies
Owning a gun proves "In God we trust" is a lie. If you actually trusted in God, you wouldn't feel like you need a gun. ~ Oliver Markus Malloy
Ray Gun quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
The next time you see one of those squirrels go near my putting green, take a gun and shoot it ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ray Gun quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Six days, and I have eaten nothing. It is night. I am sitting in my chair. Ah, God! I wonder have any ever felt the horror of life that I have come to know? I am swathed in terror. I feel ever the burning of this dread growth. It has covered all my right arm and side, and is beginning to creep up my neck. To-morrow, it will eat into my face. I shall become a terrible mass of living corruption. There is no escape. Yet, a thought has come to me, born of a sight of the gun-rack, on the other side of the room. I have looked again - with the strangest of feelings. The thought grows upon me. God, Thou knowest, Thou must know, that death is better, aye, better a thousand times than This. This! Jesus, forgive me, but I cannot live, cannot, cannot! I dare not! I am beyond all help - there is nothing else left. It will, at least, spare me that final horror… … .
"I think I must have been dozing. I am very weak, and oh! so miserable, so miserable and tired - tired. The rustle of the paper, tries my brain[…] ~ William Hope Hodgson
Ray Gun quotes by William Hope Hodgson
Tris," a low voice says behind me. I don't know why it doesn't startle me. Maybe because I am becoming Dauntless, and mental readiness is something I'm supposed to develop. Maybe because his voice is low and smooth and almost soothing. Whatever the reason over my shoulder. Four stands behind me with his gun slung across his back, just like mine. "Yes?" I say. "I came to find out what you think you're doing." "I'm seeking higher ground," I say. "I don't think I'm doing anything." I see his smile in the dark. "All right. I'm coming." I pause a second. He doesn't look at me the way Will, Christina, and Al sometimes do- like I am too small and too weak to be any use, and they pity me for it. But if he insists on coming with me, it is probably because he doubts me. ~ Veronica Roth
Ray Gun quotes by Veronica Roth
Ironically, the only gun control in 19th century England was the policy forbidding police to have arms while on duty. ~ Don Kates
Ray Gun quotes by Don Kates
Our reason may prove what it will: our reason is only a feeble ray that has issued from Nature. ~ Maurice Maeterlinck
Ray Gun quotes by Maurice Maeterlinck
I'm not sure about 'absolute' happiness, but I am happiest when I go to bed at night knowing that I tried to do my best that day. ~ Donald Ray Pollock
Ray Gun quotes by Donald Ray Pollock
The blacksmith's boy went out with a rifle
and a black dog running behind.
Cobwebs snatched at his feet,
rivers hindered him,
thorn branches caught at his eyes to make him blind
and the sky turned into an unlucky opal,
but he didn't mind.
I can break branches, I can swim rivers, I can stare out
any spider I meet,
said he to his dog and his rifle.

The blacksmith's boy went over the paddocks
with his old black hat on his head.
Mountains jumped in his way,
rocks rolled down on him,
and the old crow cried, You'll soon be dead.
And the rain came down like mattocks.
But he only said,
I can climb mountains, I can dodge rocks, I can shoot an old crow any day,
and he went on over the paddocks.

When he came to the end of the day, the sun began falling,
Up came the night ready to swallow him,
like the barrel of a gun,
like an old black hat,
like a black dog hungry to follow him.
Then the pigeon, the magpie and the dove began wailing
and the grass lay down to pillow him.
His rifle broke, his hat blew away and his dog was gone and the sun was falling.

But in front of the night, the rainbow stood on the mountain,
just as his heart foretold.
He ran like a hare,
he climbed like a fox;
he caught it in his hands, the colours and the cold -
like a bar of ice, like the column of a fountain,
like a ring of gold.
Judith A. Wright
Ray Gun quotes by Judith A. Wright
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