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Whatever it is, I cannot seem to pull off something as simple as dinner between the two of us. As you know, my first attempt ended with us eating pizza standing up (and her paying for her own slice).

My second attempt was even worse: We spent most of the evening in an animal hospital. And then I very suavely added insult to injury by sexually harassing her on Max Friedlander's aunt's couch. She fled, in romance-novel vernacular, like a startled fawn. As well she should have: I'm sure I must have seemed like a teenager in postprom heat. ~ Meg Cabot
Merendino Pizza quotes by Meg Cabot
I can completely lose myself into just absolutely satisfying things - a really amazing cheeseburger, a pizza, good fries, a beer. I enjoy being comfortable and eating whatever the hell I like. It's a big thing for me, just having the freedom to be able to do that. ~ Channing Tatum
Merendino Pizza quotes by Channing Tatum
She tilted her head, looking back down at Del's notes as she absently tore the crust off her pizza.
And then she reached across the table and handed it to him as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
He glanced down at the crust and then back at her; her eyes were still on his notebook as she flipped a page and began reading again, and he felt something settle in his chest. It was pathetic, but that was probably the nicest thing anyone had done for him in a long time. ~ Priscilla Glenn
Merendino Pizza quotes by Priscilla Glenn
Dear Mr. Future Crush,

Right now you are frustratingly just a figment of my imagination, something I daydream about in times of loneliness or boredom.

Before going to sleep I idly wonder what you're going to be like, however that's like trying to imagine a new colour.

So instead you take the form of a happy song, the smell of a cologne, the hero in a novel.

You're a collage of all my happy moments and a sense of comfort during the sad ones.

It's silly I know – even though we've never met I can't help but feel a strange sense of longing and hope.

All I know is that whoever you are, you're going to be amazing.

(Perhaps one day) yours,

P.S. You better like pizza. ~ Will Darbyshire
Merendino Pizza quotes by Will Darbyshire
The first time I hung out with [David Blaine], he took me to this condemned building, and it had a pizza oven and he crawled into the pizza oven and turned the heat on to 400 degrees or something like that, and he stayed in it for I guess a half hour. He came out, and except for one or two second-degree burns, he was unscathed. You meet a lot of musicians and filmmakers and actors, but it's rare to meet someone who can step inside a pizza oven and take the heat. I was intrigued by that. ~ Harmony Korine
Merendino Pizza quotes by Harmony Korine
The Vietnamese Hoa were merchants and manufacturers. They were very successful and thus, according to the logic of Marxism, responsible for society's failures. The Hoa suffered the same fate as the pizza parlour in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing except at the hands of the world's fourth largest army instead of a small, petulant movie director. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Merendino Pizza quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
The desolate rocky terrain, the bone-chilling dampness, the low moaning carried by the wind - they seemed too real to be just a dream. Real, and frightening. Somehow I had entered another world. I'd heard that eating pizza before bedtime can cause nightmares, but I didn't think it could transport a person. ~ Rick Riordan
Merendino Pizza quotes by Rick Riordan
Of course, anything as tasty as a Cuban sandwich, much the same as Italian Pizza or Chinese Chop Suey, soon spreads into the general population. ~ Hank Bracker
Merendino Pizza quotes by Hank Bracker
what love looks like

what does love look like the therapist asks
one week after the breakup
and i'm not sure how to answer her question
except for the fact that i thought love
looked so much like you

that's when it hit me
and i realized how naive i had been
to place an idea so beautiful on the image of a person
as if anybody on this entire earth
could encompass all love represented
as if this emotion seven billion people tremble for
would look like a five foot eleven
medium-sized brown-skinned guy
who likes eating frozen pizza for breakfast

what does love look like the therapist asks again
this time interrupting my thoughts midsentence
and at this point i'm about to get up
and walk right out the door
except i paid too much money for this hour
so instead i take a piercing look at her
the way you look at someone
when you're about to hand it to them
lips pursed tightly preparing to launch into conversation
eyes digging deeply into theirs
searching for all the weak spots
they have hidden somewhere
hair being tucked behind the ears
as if you have to physically prepare for a conversation
on the philosophies or rather disappointments
of what love looks like

well i tell her
i don't think love is him anymore
if love was him
he would be here wouldn't he
if he was the one for me
wouldn' ~ Rupi Kaur
Merendino Pizza quotes by Rupi Kaur
Happiness with sausage. ~ Clark Gesner
Merendino Pizza quotes by Clark Gesner
I actually didn't grow up in a household that loved Chinese food particularly, and it's not really my go-to food or anything ... We were more a pizza family, being from the Chicago area and all. ~ Jami Attenberg
Merendino Pizza quotes by Jami Attenberg
My big downfall is deep-dish pizza from Chicago. That is why I can't go vegan - I can't give up cheese. I can't give up dairy. ~ Parvesh Cheena
Merendino Pizza quotes by Parvesh Cheena
I could be with Ana, helping her pack all her shit, then going out for pizza with her and Kate and Elliot - or whatever ordinary people do. ~ E.L. James
Merendino Pizza quotes by E.L. James
If I had a kid, I'd give him a name that would make everyone would want to say his name. I'd call him, Pizza-Pussy-Santa. I would! Cause everybody likes one of those things. ~ Dave Attell
Merendino Pizza quotes by Dave Attell
It was built way back in the Sixties, and with that long lifespan, that capacity year-in year-out, and the inevitable deaths[6], you would think the dorm was haunted. However, from my own experience, it was only ever haunted by the Ghost of the Half Eaten Pizza From a Week Ago or the Spirit of the Guys Two Doors Down Who Think Towels Under the Door Prevents Everybody From Knowing They're Smoking Pot. Real ghosts would have made the place more interesting. ~ Dennis Liggio
Merendino Pizza quotes by Dennis Liggio
Pre-heat the oven? Really? If I was the sort of person who planned ahead, I wouldn't be eating this Totino's Party Pizza in the first place. ~ Adam Peterson
Merendino Pizza quotes by Adam Peterson
On the way home from school, we stop off for a slice of pizza -- Phoebe's treat. She says there's an upside to what they did to me today. I've marked my place in the annals of school history. She says, "They'll never get that bloodstain out. ~ Carol O'Connell
Merendino Pizza quotes by Carol O'Connell
She enjoyed the notion that New York was home, and that she missed it, but in fact the only thing she really missed was pizza. And not just any old pizza, but the sort of pizza they brought to your door if you phoned them up and asked them. That was the only real pizza. Pizza that you had to go out and sit at a table staring at red paper napkins for wasn't real pizza however much extra pepperoni and anchovy they put on it. London was the place she liked living in most, apart, of course, from the pizza problem, which drove her crazy. Why would no one deliver pizza? Why did no one understand that it was fundamental to the whole nature of pizza that it arrived at your front door in a hot cardboard box? That you slithered it out of greaseproof paper and ate it in folded slices in front of the TV? ~ Douglas Adams
Merendino Pizza quotes by Douglas Adams
People sometimes say that it's cheaper to give their kids a couple of pounds to get themselves a burger or pizza. I don't mind people doing that, but not every night. It's like everything in life, you've got to get the balance right. ~ William Katt
Merendino Pizza quotes by William Katt
We were laughing and then we were kissing and then my slutty leg went rogue and now we're having pizza. ~ Jana Aston
Merendino Pizza quotes by Jana Aston
For me, the true miracle of childbirth is that smart, rational people with jobs and the ability to vote look at these half-melted fleshy blobs, their heads misshapen from being squeezed through a pelvis, covered in five types of horrendous gunk, looking like they've spent a good two hours rolling around on top of a deep-pan pizza, and honestly believe they look beautiful. ~ Adam Kay
Merendino Pizza quotes by Adam Kay
What's more American than violence?" Hayduke wanted to know. "Violence, it's as American as pizza pie. ~ Edward Abbey
Merendino Pizza quotes by Edward Abbey
France has become the second-largest consumer of pizza per person, per pound, in the world, behind the United States and ahead of Italy. ~ Elaine Sciolino
Merendino Pizza quotes by Elaine Sciolino
The whole point of straws, I had thought, was that you did not have to set down the slice of pizza to suck a dose of Coke while reading a paperback. ~ Nicholson Baker
Merendino Pizza quotes by Nicholson Baker
I have vivid memories of going to Pizza Hut and enjoying a thin crust pizza and a jug of Pepsi, and, getting high stacks of buttermilk pancakes with syrup. ~ Gudjon Bergmann
Merendino Pizza quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
Good chefs started with a pizza ~ Pizza
Merendino Pizza quotes by Pizza
Sewing on a button, like avoiding eye contact on the subway, is a basic life skill. Along with How to Windex a Mirror and How to Make English Muffin Pizza, sewing on a button was taught in the seventh grade by Miss Almeida in home ec. But home ec isn't on New York school curricula anymore. Home ec has gone the way of health class, where we learned you COULD get it from a doorknob. ~ Patricia Volk
Merendino Pizza quotes by Patricia Volk
Dude, you can't put broccoli on pizza. ~ Kylie Scott
Merendino Pizza quotes by Kylie Scott
Hunter Pence eats pizza with a fork. ~ Barack Obama
Merendino Pizza quotes by Barack Obama
So if you are what you eat and you are as young as you feel, then I am a pizza, right out of the oven. ~ Tom Althouse
Merendino Pizza quotes by Tom Althouse
My mom and dad will look at me and my husband, and they're like 'I feel so sorry for this child! He's not eating fish sticks and pizza!' I'm like, 'We try to give it to him, but he doesn't wanna eat it!' ~ Tia Mowry
Merendino Pizza quotes by Tia Mowry
RubyMars: Have you heard anything else about when you're leaving for good?

AHall80: Not yet, but everything seems to be on schedule. Should be about 8 weeks. The longest 8 weeks of my life.

RubyMars: I'm sure.

AHall80: I want a shitty, greasy, deep dish pizza like you can't imagine. I can already taste it.

AHall80: A hot shower… a real bed… AC everywhere…

RubyMars: Clean clothes?

AHall80: Clean clothes. Clean socks. No sand.

RubyMars: Clean underwear.

RubyMars: No sand? I thought you were planning on going to the beach?

AHall80: The beach is different. There's water. It isn't just desert and more desert.

RubyMars: I guess that makes sense.

RubyMars: My brother said once that his goal is to never see sand in his life again.

AHall80: For real.

RubyMars: What I didn't finish saying was that he said that, but he's gone to Cancun twice with his boyfriend, LOL.

AHall80: It's different. I'm over this sand shit.

AHall80: Never again

RubyMars: Does that mean you're dead set on not re-enlisting?

AHall80: …

RubyMars: Whatever you want. I'm not judging. We don't have to talk about it.

AHall80: It's not that I don't want to talk about it…

RubyMars: But you don't want to talk about it.

AHall80: :] Basically.

RubyMars: I'll change the subject then.
Mariana Zapata
Merendino Pizza quotes by Mariana Zapata
I love pan pizza. I love pans. I love Peter Pan. I love Peter, but not as much as I love Paul. As you can see, I have a lot of love - and between now and Christmas it's all at a 33.3% reduced price. ~ Jarod Kintz
Merendino Pizza quotes by Jarod Kintz
Pizza is no longer on my diet. ~ John Catsimatidis
Merendino Pizza quotes by John Catsimatidis
[Her eyes] were like two perfect emeralds stuck in the middle of a large sausage pizza. ~ Bruce Newbold
Merendino Pizza quotes by Bruce Newbold
Extreme exercise doesn't save you from poor food choices. It can be difficult to exercise and erase away that chocolate cake or pizza pie. It doesn't work that way. ~ Jennifer Hudson
Merendino Pizza quotes by Jennifer Hudson
The universal logo for a pizzahut is eight slices painted cross a disc of yellow plywood mounted in the mouth of a taxidermic hippopotapus. ~ Noah Wareness
Merendino Pizza quotes by Noah Wareness
I didn't want to go to college, and my parents said, 'Well, then you'd better get a job, because we're not paying for you to drop out of school.' So I delivered pizza near USC for a while. We had to wear khakis and a baseball hat with the logo on it, and I worked almost every day. ~ Dylan Penn
Merendino Pizza quotes by Dylan Penn
So how do you know whether a person has integrity? After all, like the foundation of a house, it may not be visible at first glance. It may not show up when you have pizza together or sit around a boardroom table for a meeting, but sooner or later, a situation will arise that will tell you whether someone operates with integrity or not. ~ Van Moody
Merendino Pizza quotes by Van Moody
When I first started working on 'Secret Diary,' I definitely felt like I needed to shape up. The idea of being in my knickers on TV was a great incentive! Now I try to eat right, and I go to Bikram yoga three or four times a week. I have my 'naughty' days, and I indulge in pizza and cake, but so what! ~ Ashley Madekwe
Merendino Pizza quotes by Ashley Madekwe
Now, leave."
All three boys slumped forward. Percy fell face-first into his pizza.
"Percy!" Annabeth grabbed him. ~ Rick Riordan
Merendino Pizza quotes by Rick Riordan
For dinner, we had thin-crust pizza at a place called Panjo's. Daddy said that it was his favourite and that he ate there a lot. He said the last time he'd been there, he'd come with a woman from work, on a date. He said he'd liked her quite a bit until she took out a cigarette. The he realised she was stupid. I thought she was stupid, too, not because she smoked, but because she'd gone on a date with Daddy. ~ Alicia Erian
Merendino Pizza quotes by Alicia Erian
Our purpose is to consciously, deliberately evolve toward a wiser, more liberated and luminous state of being; to return to Eden, make friends with the snake, and set up our computers among the wild apple trees. Deep down, all of us are probably aware that some kind of mystical evolution - a melding into the godhead, into love - is our true task. Yet we suppress the notion with considerable force because to admit it is to acknowledge that most of our political gyrations, religious dogmas, social ambitions and financial ploys are not merely counterproductive but trivial. Our mission is to jettison those pointless preoccupations and take on once again the primordial cargo of inexhaustible ecstasy. Or, barring that, to turn out a good thin-crust pizza and a strong glass of beer. ~ Tom Robbins
Merendino Pizza quotes by Tom Robbins
And this about-to-see-God stuff? Total buzz kill, and not because he was religious in the human way or jel that she was having a great time while he was thinking of pizza. Her grating, squeaky YouPorn performance with the head throws that kept landing her extensions in his face was getting on his nerves. ~ J.R. Ward
Merendino Pizza quotes by J.R. Ward
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