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Being Irish-American myself, Irish-American material is readily at hand to me. ~ Alice McDermott
Irish American quotes by Alice McDermott
The rural Chinese in Henan Province mixed alcohol and business like you wouldn't believe. Perhaps as a result, they also had a charming nationalistic blind spot: they honestly believed they could out-drink everyone else on the planet. As an Irish-American who outweighed them by 50 pounds, I had come to find this both amusing and useful. ~ Matthew Polly
Irish American quotes by Matthew Polly
[T]he hyphenation question is, and always has been and will be, different for English immigrants. One can be an Italian-American, a Greek-American, an Irish-American and so forth. (Jews for some reason prefer the words the other way around, as in 'American Jewish Congress' or 'American Jewish Committee.') And any of those groups can and does have a 'national day' parade on Fifth Avenue in New York. But there is no such thing as an 'English-American' let alone a 'British-American,' and one can only boggle at the idea of what, if we did exist, our national day parade on Fifth Avenue might look like. One can, though, be an Englishman in America. There is a culture, even a literature, possibly a language, and certainly a diplomatic and military relationship, that can accurately be termed 'Anglo-American.' But something in the very landscape and mapping of America, with seven eastern seaboard states named for English monarchs or aristocrats and countless hamlets and cities replicated from counties and shires across the Atlantic, that makes hyphenation redundant. Hyphenation - if one may be blunt - is for latecomers. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Irish American quotes by Christopher Hitchens
When life seems comparable to a broken tea cup, you must realize there is nothing more than a single chip in the porcelain. ~ Erin Forbes
Irish American quotes by Erin Forbes
I know Irish-American people. I know what their homes look like. I know what they have for dinner. I know how they turn a phrase. ~ Alice McDermott
Irish American quotes by Alice McDermott
In the mid-nineteenth century, Jeremiah Curtin, an Irish-American who had learned Irish, traveled throughout the Irish-speaking enclaves in Connacht and discovered hundreds of previously unrecorded stories. He recorded them in their original language and greatly advanced the study of Irish folklore. At ~ Ryan Hackney
Irish American quotes by Ryan Hackney
Hillary Clinton was actually inducted into the Irish American Hall of Fame yesterday. Hillary said she's very proud of her Irish heritage or her Italian heritage or her Asian heritage. Whatever it takes to seal the deal with you guys. I've got to get into that Oval Office. ~ Jimmy Fallon
Irish American quotes by Jimmy Fallon
You see the one thing I've always maintained is that I'm an American Indian. I'm not a Native American. I'm not politically correct. Everyone who's born in the Western Hemisphere is a Native American. We are all Native Americans. And if you notice, I put American before my ethnicity. I'm not a hyphenated African-American or Irish-American or Jewish-American or Mexican-American. ~ Russell Means
Irish American quotes by Russell Means
I'm an Irish-American, and I grew up in an Irish-American neighborhood. ~ William Devane
Irish American quotes by William Devane
Roughly 1 in 6 Americans have Irish blood. I'd say it's probably safe to assume that the average Irish-American who only comes out on St. Patrick's Day has no idea of the sort of economic powerhouse Ireland has become. ~ Scott McClellan
Irish American quotes by Scott McClellan
The phrase "the violent bear it away" fascinated the 20th century Irish-American storyteller Flannery O'Connor, who used it as the title of one of her novels. O'Connor's surname connects her to an Irish royal family descended from Conchobor (pronounced "Connor"), the prehistoric king of Ulster who was foster father to Cuchulainn and "husband" of the unwilling Derdriu. In the western world, the antiquity of Irish lineages is exceeded only by that of the Jews. ~ Thomas Cahill
Irish American quotes by Thomas Cahill
Most boys' first hero is their father. That was definitely true of my dad. He was a proud Irish American and he taught me a lot about ethics and responsibility. He also introduced me to a lot of wonderful folk music. ~ John C. Reilly
Irish American quotes by John C. Reilly
An entirely new factor has appeared in the social development of the country, and this factor is the Irish-American, and his influence. To mature its powers, to concentrate its action, to learn the secret of its own strength and of England's weakness, the Celtic intellect has had to cross the Atlantic. At home it had but learned the pathetic weakness of nationality; in a strange land it realised what indomitable forces nationality possesses. What captivity was to the Jews, exile has been to the Irish: America and American influence have educated them. ~ Oscar Wilde
Irish American quotes by Oscar Wilde
Sports biography at its best. Rich in period detail, anecdote, and fresh perspective, Strong Boy paints both the good and the bad sides of success, as America's growing celebrity culture turned a simple Irish American gladiator into a national, in fact international hero. A very human story with profound parallels for our sports-obsessed culture today! ~ Nigel Hamilton
Irish American quotes by Nigel Hamilton
The Irish, who, at home, readily sympathize with the oppressed everywhere, are instantly taught when they step upon our soil to hate and despise the Negro ... Sir, the Irish-American will one day find out his mistake. ~ Frederick Douglass
Irish American quotes by Frederick Douglass
Flaws are beautiful differences that have been wrongly considered. ~ Erin Forbes
Irish American quotes by Erin Forbes
I was raised in an Irish-American home in Detroit where assimilation was the uppermost priority. The price of assimilation and respectability was amnesia. Although my great-grandparents were victims of the Great Hunger of the 1840's, even though I was named Thomas Emmet Hayden IV after the radical Irish nationalist exile Thomas Emmet, my inheritance was to be disinherited. My parents knew nothing of this past, or nothing worth passing on. ~ Tom Hayden
Irish American quotes by Tom Hayden
Behind her gentle character, the strength of armor was found. ~ Erin Forbes
Irish American quotes by Erin Forbes
Whether serving in the military, building industry, organizing politically, or making their way in any other part of American culture, the Irish were determined to create a free and prosperous life for themselves. This Irish-American struggle led to social and political progress for all Americans. ~ Rashers Tierney
Irish American quotes by Rashers Tierney
My grandmothers are Irish-American and German-American; my grandfather is from the Caribbean. My father is African-American. My family looked funny. I just started naturally imitating whoever I was talking to. I didn't want to be a phony, but I felt very authentic in the moment. ~ Sarah Jones
Irish American quotes by Sarah Jones
It is worth noting that the standard American tests of success that they have flunked are almost exclusively economic. If one applied social indices instead - such as rates of crime, child abuse, illegitimacy, and divorce - the Hmong would probably score better than most refugee groups (and also better than most Americans), but those are not the forms of success to which our culture assigns its highest priority. ~ Anne Fadiman
Irish American quotes by Anne Fadiman
My grandparents never understood why my mother Noreen chose such exotic names for her children: Damon and me. My granny insisted on calling my brother Dermot - a good Irish name - until she died; I was just known as 'wee one.' ~ Natascha McElhone
Irish American quotes by Natascha McElhone
I am not going to be so American as to say that all true love demands some sacrifice. It doesn't. But I think that love will be truer and more permanent in which self-sacrifice has been exacted. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Irish American quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Whoever debases others is debasing himself. ~ James Baldwin
Irish American quotes by James Baldwin
The kind of person took milk in his tea on one day and decided against it on the next. ~ Anne Enright
Irish American quotes by Anne Enright
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute's eugenics studies were initially endowed by Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, the head of the Krupp munitions monolith, and James Loeb, of the Kuhn-Loeb banking family. Loeb's relatives, the Warburgs, were banking partners of William Rockefeller, and both families were responsible for setting up the American Harriman family - also movers and shakers in eugenics - in business. ~ Jim Keith
Irish American quotes by Jim Keith
In all of Western civilization, there have been societies that celebrating the homosexuality, the ancient Greeks. But they, in fact, protected the institution of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. They got the joke. And the American people get the joke. ~ Ken Blackwell
Irish American quotes by Ken Blackwell
The American press is extraordinarily free and vigorous, as it should be. It should be, not because it is free of inaccuracy, oversimplification and bias, but because the alternative to that freedom is worse than those failings. ~ Robert Bork
Irish American quotes by Robert Bork
His voice took on a thick silkiness to it that made her want to press her body closer. "Octavia, you are welcome to touch any part of my body you wish. Just be careful of what you start. Once I lay claim to something, or someone, I will not part with it or them willingly." - Kade Egon ~ Sunshine Taylor Reddick
Irish American quotes by Sunshine Taylor Reddick
Modern American marriage is like a wire fence. The woman's the wire -the posts are the husband's. ~ Langdon Elwyn Mitchell
Irish American quotes by Langdon Elwyn Mitchell
We've had periods of meanness in American politics. Actually, the dawn of partisan division in America was basically in George Washington's second term, when it was obvious that he would be the first and only consensus president. ~ William J. Clinton
Irish American quotes by William J. Clinton
The power of the American system of republicanism lies in its capacity to allow religious belief to be a competing, not a controlling, factor in American life. ~ Jon Meacham
Irish American quotes by Jon Meacham
The term American, like the term democrat, began as an epithet, the former referring to an inferior, provincial creature, the latter to one who panders to the crude and mindless whims of the masses. ~ Joseph J. Ellis
Irish American quotes by Joseph J. Ellis
Chinese people do business, do medicine, do painting. Not lazy like American people. We do torture. Best torture. ~ Amy Tan
Irish American quotes by Amy Tan
[ISIS] are actively recruiting Americans. The attacker in San Bernardino was an American citizen, born and raised in this country. He was a health inspector; had a newborn child and left all that behind to kill 14 people. ~ Marco Rubio
Irish American quotes by Marco Rubio
I've reminded the prime minister-the American people, Mr. Prime Minister, over the past months that it was not always a given that the United States and America would have a close relationship. ~ George W. Bush
Irish American quotes by George W. Bush
The best thing about America is that it gives you space. I like that. I like that you buy into the dream, it's a lie but you buy into it and that's all that matters. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Irish American quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The star is the ultimate American verification of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Emile. His mere existence proves the perfectability of any man or woman. Oh wonderful pliability of human nature, in a society where anyone can become a celebrity! And where any celebrity ... may become a star! ~ Daniel J. Boorstin
Irish American quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
There's no happy ending ... Nevertheless, we might well say that is exactly Harriet Beecher Stowe's point. In 1852 slavery had not been abolished. Slaves were still on the plantations and many of them were in the hands of people like Legree. Her book was written to shame the collective conscience of America into action against an atrocity which was still continuing. So a happy ending would have been, frankly, a lie and a betrayal. ...

Most of the charges are basically true. Stowe did stereotype. She did sentimentalize. She offered a role model which later offended African American pride. On the other hand, what she did worked. She wasn't trying to provide a role model for African Americans. She was trying to make white Americans ashamed of themselves. ...

Perhaps the short answer to her critics is to ask, "Do you want glory, approval, all those good things? Or do you want to achieve your goal? ~ Thomas A. Shippey
Irish American quotes by Thomas A. Shippey
It's a useful rule in Anglo-American communications that the English should double, and the Americans halve, the number of words they would normally employ. ~ Phyllis Bentley
Irish American quotes by Phyllis Bentley
For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? ~ Tim Matheson
Irish American quotes by Tim Matheson
Like everywhere else in the world, the book stores of Britain are struggling with being pushed out of the market by online booksellers. The most popular book store chain in the UK is Waterstones. They are closing locations and cutting back as they lost business, but they aren't losing business as fast and as hard as the book stores in the US. There is one reason for this: sales. If you go into a book store in the UK, you will be greeted by tables covered with bestsellers and crime novels and other popular books, stacked high with signs saying "3 for £10". Take heed, American booksellers: people buy more things when you lower the price sometimes. People love a special offer. ~ Alana Muir
Irish American quotes by Alana Muir
In daring to re-tell the stories of the last twelve American presidents, both public and private, I knew I would incur some outrage with 'American Caesars.' ~ Nigel Hamilton
Irish American quotes by Nigel Hamilton
The corporations have taken over. Even in the recording studio. Actually, the corporate companies have taken over American life most everywhere. Go coast to coast and you will see people wearing the same clothes, thinking the same thoughts, eating the same food. Everything is processed. ~ Bob Dylan
Irish American quotes by Bob Dylan
That American Dream that y'all fight so hard for over there ? The freedom that you would die to protect. They're yours too, you know. ~ Kristen Proby
Irish American quotes by Kristen Proby
And so they opened the door to the idea that in the name of future peace, any and all means might be justified - including even exterminatory war."108 Kant himself despised this turn, noting that such a war "would allow perpetual peace only upon the graveyard of the whole human race." And the American framers, equally aware of the crooked timber of humanity, were positively phobic about the prospect of imperial or messianic leaders. ~ Steven Pinker
Irish American quotes by Steven Pinker
What the fuck is a scone?
It's Irish, I think, for stale bread. ~ J.R. Rain
Irish American quotes by J.R. Rain
The American Communists had thrived as champions of domestic reform. ~ Earl Browder
Irish American quotes by Earl Browder
My style is cinematic; it is a touch of French woman of the '60s and American hippie with a Brooklyn edge. I love wearing wide-brim hats, newsboy caps, mini dresses and sheer blouses with details. ~ Wynter Gordon
Irish American quotes by Wynter Gordon
U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt has been described as founder of the Bull Moose Party, the man who led his troops up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, a big game hunter, family man, civic servant and a host of other things. ~ Zig Ziglar
Irish American quotes by Zig Ziglar
Shiloh had as many casualties as Waterloo, and yet there were another 20 Waterloos to come. ~ Bruce Catton
Irish American quotes by Bruce Catton
Barack insisted that we pay for everything ourselves, using what we'd saved from his book royalties. As long as I've known him, he's been this way: extra-vigilant when it comes to matters of money and ethics, holding himself to a higher standard than even what's dictated by law. There's an age-old maxim in the black community: You've got to be twice as good to get half as far. As the first African American family in the White House, we were being viewed as representatives of our race. Any error or lapse in judgment, we knew, would be magnified, read as something more than it was. ~ Michelle Obama
Irish American quotes by Michelle Obama
She smashes her knuckles into winter
As autumn's wind fades into black
She is the saint of all the sinners,
the one whose fallen through the cracks ...
(iViva la Gloria!) ~ Green Day
Irish American quotes by Green Day
There are African-American families around this country - a large, large number of African-American families - that operate out of complete fear that their kids are going to be taken from them and will do anything to prevent that. ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates
Irish American quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
I've enjoyed my time in the American League, the fans of Southern California and other friendships. ~ Joe Torre
Irish American quotes by Joe Torre
Being 'at the mercy of legislative majorities' is merely another way of describing the basic American plan: representative democracy. ~ Robert Bork
Irish American quotes by Robert Bork
The American family is failing in its job of turning out stable human beings ... It is failing because Americans do not dare to cultivate in themselves those characteristics which would make family life creative and rewarding. To do so, would ruin them financially. ~ Margaret Halsey
Irish American quotes by Margaret Halsey
To the American people I bid a fond farewell. Guard your liberties. It is the trust of each generation to pass a free republic to the next. And if I know you right, you will rouse yourself from slumber to ensure exactly that. ~ Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Irish American quotes by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
There was tremendous animus to President [Barack] Obama. Many of people said he was un-American, not a Christian and worse. ~ Mara Liasson
Irish American quotes by Mara Liasson
The family which takes its mauve an cerise, air-conditioned, power-steered and power-braked automobile out for a tour passes through cities that are badly paved, made hideous by litter, lighted buildings, billboards and posts for wires that should long since have been put underground. They pass on into countryside that has been rendered largely invisible by commercial art. (The goods which the latter advertise have an absolute priority in our value system. Such aesthetic considerations as a view of the countryside accordingly come second. On such matters we are consistent.) They picnic on exquisitely packaged food from a portable icebox by a polluted stream and go on to spend the night at a park which is a menace to public health and morals. Just before dozing off on an air mattress, beneath a nylon tent, amid the stench of decaying refuse, they may reflect vaguely on the curious unevenness of their blessings. Is this, indeed, the American genius? ~ John Kenneth Galbraith
Irish American quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
In other words, if Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy showed more than their fair share of pathology it was due less to the requirements of their creative work than to the personal sufferings caused by the unhealthy conditions of a Russian society nearing collapse. If so many American poets and playwrights committed suicide or ended up addicted to drugs and alcohol it was not their creativity that did it but an artistic scene that promised much, gave few rewards and left nine out of ten artists neglected if not ignored. ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Irish American quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
I feel sad when I realize how much truth is being changed or obscured in the American media. ~ Sharon Stone
Irish American quotes by Sharon Stone
Let's make no mistake about this: The American Dream starts with the neighborhoods. If we wish to rebuild our cities, we must first rebuild our neighborhoods. And to do that, we must understand that the quality of life is more important than the standard of living. To sit on the front steps--whether it's a veranda in a small town or a concrete stoop in a big city--and to talk to our neighborhoods is infinitely more important than to huddle on the living-room lounger and watch a make-believe world in not-quite living color.


And I hardly need to tell you that in the 19- or 24-inch view of the world, cleanliness has long since eclipsed godliness. Soon we'll all smell, look, and actually be laboratory clean, as sterile on the inside as on the out. The perfect consumer, surrounded by the latest appliances. The perfect audience, with a ringside seat to almost any event in the world, without smell, without taste, without feel--alone and unhappy in the vast wasteland of our living rooms. I think that what we actually need, of course, is a little more dirt on the seat of our pants as we sit on the front stoop and talk to our neighbors once again, enjoying the type of summer day where the smell of garlic travels slightly faster than the speed of sound. ~ Harvey Milk
Irish American quotes by Harvey Milk
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