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Yoh: Being popular with guys isn't something you can just stitch together!

Haruna: What?! I Can't?!


Yoh: Mixing coke, tea and orange juice would taste nasty, right?! That's exactly what you're doing! ~ Kazune Kawahara
High School Debut quotes by Kazune Kawahara
I never did drama in high school or anything like that. I just kind of fell into it after college, and I pursued it on my own. ~ Ki Hong Lee
High School Debut quotes by Ki Hong Lee
I check my phone messages and email about forty-five times a day. I don't even know what I'm expecting to get in these messages. Maybe Visa will call and say, "We just realized that we owe you money!" or I'll get an email from a high school classmate that says, "We've reconsidered and we've decided you were cool after all." Whatever ~ Mike Birbiglia
High School Debut quotes by Mike Birbiglia
Just out of high school, you didn't realize you were creating drama for the sake of drama. ~ Donald Miller
High School Debut quotes by Donald Miller
Ethan's parents constantly told him how brainy he was. "You're so smart! You can do anything, Ethan. We are so proud of you, they would say every time he sailed through a math test. Or a spelling test. Or any test. With the best of intentions, they consistently tethered Ethan's accomplishment to some innate characteristic of his intellectual prowess. Researchers call this "appealing to fixed mindsets." The parents had no idea that this form of praise was toxic.

  Little Ethan quickly learned that any academic achievement that required no effort was the behavior that defined his gift. When he hit junior high school, he ran into subjects that did require effort. He could no longer sail through, and, for the first time, he started making mistakes. But he did not see these errors as opportunities for improvement. After all, he was smart because he could mysteriously grasp things quickly. And if he could no longer grasp things quickly, what did that imply? That he was no longer smart. Since he didn't know the ingredients making him successful, he didn't know what to do when he failed. You don't have to hit that brick wall very often before you get discouraged, then depressed. Quite simply, Ethan quit trying. His grades collapsed.

What happens when you say, 'You're so smart'

  Research shows that Ethan's unfortunate story is typical of kids regularly praised for some fixed characteristic. If you praise your child this way, three things are sta ~ John Medina
High School Debut quotes by John Medina
What I'm really addicted to is getting people to understand that if their kids aren't competent readers coming out of middle school, it's really going to be hard for them in high school. ~ James Patterson
High School Debut quotes by James Patterson
It feels kinda weird being back in a high school cause I haven't been in a high school for about a year. So um, it's kinda interesting coming back, and y'know seeing the lockers, with all the signs, the handmade signs, so being in high school again is a little bit strange but in a good way. ~ Taylor Swift
High School Debut quotes by Taylor Swift
That was high school in a nutshell. No one was where they belonged. They were all on their way to someplace else. ~ Sarah Addison Allen
High School Debut quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
When I was a senior in high school, I was playing in this local band in our town, and I really wanted to be a musician for a living, and it didn't look like that was going to happen with my band. So, I enrolled in college and stuff. My senior year had ended, and I was going through the anxiety of like, 'I guess I'm an adult now kind of' and I was really yearning for a direction. And, I remember like sitting in my back one day, and I was praying alone, and I remember God said, just give up. Just let go of this worry and this need for direction and I will give you direction. ~ Pat Seals
High School Debut quotes by Pat Seals
At the time we're stuck in it, like hostages locked in a Turkish bath, high school seems the most serious business in the world to just about all of us. It's not until the second or third class reunion that we start realizing how absurd the whole thing was. ~ Stephen King
High School Debut quotes by Stephen King
I will not dream anymore, you said. I will not set myself up for the pain. But then your team made the playoffs, or you saw a movie, or a billboard glowing dusky orange and advertising Aruba, or a girl who bore more than a passing resemblance to a woman you'd dated in high school - a woman you'd loved and lost - danced above you with shimmering eyes, and you said, fuck it, let's dream just one more time. ~ Dennis Lehane
High School Debut quotes by Dennis Lehane
It was awkward because the high school that I went to, my aunt taught at, it was this private boy's school in D.C. There were one or two teachers that I had the hots for, but never fully expressed my feelings because my aunt was always watching. ~ Ian Harding
High School Debut quotes by Ian Harding
We constantly see surveys that reveal this ignorance, especially among our high school students,78 percent of whom, in a recent nationwide multiple-choice test, identified Abraham Lincoln as 'a kind of lobster.' That's right: more than three quarters of our nation's youth could not correctly identify the man who invented the telephone. ~ Dave Barry
High School Debut quotes by Dave Barry
If there are #coffee stains on my @Harvard application, it's because I was up all night Photoshopping a high school diploma. Please accept my apology, and please accept me. ~ Jarod Kintz
High School Debut quotes by Jarod Kintz
Dum walks backwards, talking to us. We're going back to high school where our survival instincts are at their finest. ~ Susan Ee
High School Debut quotes by Susan Ee
I haven't even graduated from high school yet - and I've realised in the last four years, with all the travelling I've done and all of the movies I've made, that the world is my classroom. I've experienced things I don't know you can necessarily get from reading a history book. ~ Hailee Steinfeld
High School Debut quotes by Hailee Steinfeld
I had one or two steady girlfriends in high school, but then in college, it was three, four ... I went crazy. At one point I had three separate girlfriends, running around mad. ~ Robin Williams
High School Debut quotes by Robin Williams
A lot of stuff I wear I've had since high school. ~ Mayim Bialik
High School Debut quotes by Mayim Bialik
In spite of everything, I still didn't miss high school. The real world, even with all its problems, suited me just fine. ~ Suzanne Supplee
High School Debut quotes by Suzanne Supplee
I asked her to tell me what the best moment of her life had been

Did she?

Yes, she told me about a trip the two of you had taken to Europe together right after you graduated from high school.

Pascal in Paris, it had been a dream of hers to visit Pascal's grave. On that trip she finally did. I'd never seen her so excited.

That wasn't it.

It wasn't?

No, it was in a hostel in Venice. The two of you had been travelling for a couple of weeks and all of your clothes were filthy. You didn't mind the dirty clothes very much. Lila said you were able to roll with the punches and for you, everything about the trip, even the dirty laundry, was a great adventure. But Lila liked things a certain way, and she hated being dirty. That day she had gone off in search of a laundry mat but hadn't been able to find one. You were sleeping in a room with a dozen bunks, women and men together. In the middle of the night Lila woke up and realized you weren't in your bed. She thought you must have gone to the bathroom, but after a couple minutes when you hadn't returned she became worried. She climbed down from her bunk and went to the bathroom to find you, you weren't there. She wondered up and down the hallway softly calling your name. A few of the rooms were private and had the doors closed. As she became increasingly worried she began putting her ear to those doors listening for you. Then she heard banging down below. Alarmed she wen ~ Michelle Richmond
High School Debut quotes by Michelle Richmond
I've been writing music since I was about eight. I would write sporadically. I wrote a lot of music in high school. I guess the oldest song on the record ("I Thought I Saw Your Face") is about eight years old. It's the old "I had my whole life to write my first album and six months to write the second one." I did, to some degree, but actually, a lot of the songs that ended up on the record, I wrote really recently. So it varies. ~ Zooey Deschanel
High School Debut quotes by Zooey Deschanel
How come people don't do things like that nowadays? You grope around in the back of a sedan in high school and you think you're in love. Nobody gets swept off their feet anymore. ~ Jodi Picoult
High School Debut quotes by Jodi Picoult
I went to a homosexual high school. I graduated top in my class. I couldn't imagine being on the bottom. ~ Jarod Kintz
High School Debut quotes by Jarod Kintz
This is the first time a guy on Date-Match has told the truth. I think it's a sign."

"It's not." I shook my head. "And the model? How did you get someone to take all those pictures?"

"It wasn't a model. It was my roommate." Her eyes widened as I stood up. "Wait a second! All the things I said to you on the phone were absolutely true. I am interested in politics, and I do love studying the law and keeping up with high profile cases."

"What law school did you go to?"

"Law school?" She raised her eyebrow. "No, not law school type of law. Law like, I've watched every episode of SVU and I've read all of John Grisham's books. ~ Whitney G.
High School Debut quotes by Whitney G.
As early as high school, she had realized that few people paid attention to you if you were hidden behind a book. ~ Katarina Bivald
High School Debut quotes by Katarina Bivald
In high school, I stole a six-foot submarine sandwich from a banquet room in front of several hundred people. I did it because I was in marching band, and we were promised food if we played, and they broke their promise. It was my first and only heist, motivated by justice and hunger. ~ Greg Van Eekhout
High School Debut quotes by Greg Van Eekhout
I played soccer growing up, and then high school came along and the football coach came out one day and was like, 'Hey, do you want to kick for us?' I was like, 'Sure, I'll come out and kick one day.' I got moved up to varsity and that's how the story began. ~ Kyle Brindza
High School Debut quotes by Kyle Brindza
My parents had met in high school and married right after my father came back from World War II. They honeymooned in Paris and returned to that city when my father, in college on the G.I. Bill, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. ~ Mary Gaitskill
High School Debut quotes by Mary Gaitskill
I ran track in high school very competitively, and then ran it D-1 at Boston University. I ran there on an athletic scholarship and chose BU because they had both a good track program and an arts program. ~ Uzo Aduba
High School Debut quotes by Uzo Aduba
I think my first experience of art, or the joy in making art, was playing the horn at some high-school dance or bar mitzvah or wedding, looking at a roomful of people moving their bodies around in time to what I was doing. There was a piano player, a bass player, a drummer, and my breath making the melody. ~ Robert Pinsky
High School Debut quotes by Robert Pinsky
Just a few more years and then we'll join the circus. ~ Ray S. Jones
High School Debut quotes by Ray S. Jones
I remember looking at books when I was in high school, but I don't think I really stood in front of a genuine painting or sculpture until I was out of high school. ~ Joe Bradley
High School Debut quotes by Joe Bradley
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