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What sealed the deal for me was that the cloak wouldn't come off without a generous donation of my tears. Those used to be almost impossible for me to summon, I admit, until I watched Field of Dreams. When Kevin Costner asks his dad at the end if he'd like to have a catch, I just completely lose my shit. ~ Kevin Hearne
Field Of Dreams quotes by Kevin Hearne
Compassion is the willingness to play in the field of dreams even though you are awake. ~ Matthew Flickstein
Field Of Dreams quotes by Matthew Flickstein
No matter what. Wherever your mind wanders, it seems to turn up at the same Field of Dreams. It's the vision you wake up with in the morning, and it's the last thing you picture before you fall asleep. Everytime you think of it, the idea in your head seems to get more vivid, filled in with more detail: You not only want to win a gold medal at the Olympics, you not only can see yourself standing there on the podium, but you can also feel the goose bumps as your national anthem is played; the tears are in your eyes. (That's how real a dream can be and should be) ~ James C. Collins
Field Of Dreams quotes by James C. Collins
Like never before the trajectories of wealth, business, and poverty can be altered in unexpected ways by women. The field of dreams is being reconstructed by technology and the knowledge economy so that the gates, ceilings, doors, and portals are wide open for all who want to play. ~ Lillian Gregory
Field Of Dreams quotes by Lillian Gregory
Field of Dreams is the only movie - and I saw it in the theater - on an afternoon when I was on location somewhere, and there were like 12 people in the theater. I was just so devastated; I couldn't get out of my seat. And I sat and watched it a second time. ~ Paul Reiser
Field Of Dreams quotes by Paul Reiser
Jen and Jacquelyn spoke at the same time. "Field of dreams." Jen reached up and fist bumped with Jacquelyn. "Good call Sherlock," she said. "All in a day's work Watson," Jacquelyn responded. ~ Quinn Loftis
Field Of Dreams quotes by Quinn Loftis
I have lots of favorites movies. I say this only because it's a favorite movie because it's a sport I love. I'm a huge baseball fan. There are movies I like as much as this, but I sort of single this movie out because I'm a baseball nut, and that's 'Field of Dreams.' ~ Rick Santorum
Field Of Dreams quotes by Rick Santorum
Distribution may not matter in fictional worlds, but it matters in most. The Field of Dreams conceit is especially popular in Silicon Valley, where engineers are biased toward building cool stuff rather than selling it. But customers will not come just because you build it. You have to make this happen, and it's harder than it looks. ~ Peter Thiel
Field Of Dreams quotes by Peter Thiel
Field of Dreams is probably our generation's It's A Wonderful Life. ~ Kevin Costner
Field Of Dreams quotes by Kevin Costner
Baseball isn't just a game. It's life being played out on a field - a field of dreams - on diamonds of green, where players pursuing their dreams try to be the best they can be on the grandest stage of all - where men become boys and boys become men, all speaking one universal language without uttering a single word. ~ Tom Tatum
Field Of Dreams quotes by Tom Tatum
You know we just don't recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they're happening. Back then I thought, well, there'll be other days. I didn't realize that that was the only day. ~ Moonlight Graham
Field Of Dreams quotes by Moonlight Graham
Most writers are unhappy with film adaptations of their work, and rightly so. 'Field of Dreams,' however, caught the spirit and essence of 'Shoeless Joe' while making the necessary changes to make the work more visual. ~ W.P. Kinsella
Field Of Dreams quotes by W.P. Kinsella
For my brother and me, there would be no 'Field of Dreams'-like playing catch, no nature lessons with our old man. Instead, it would be a darkened theater, the projector light coming on, and a new adventure unfolding. ~ Bob Weinstein
Field Of Dreams quotes by Bob Weinstein
The Field of Dreams conceit is especially popular in Silicon Valley, where engineers are biased toward building cool stuff rather than selling it. But customers will not come just because you build it. You have to make that happen, and it's harder than it looks. ~ Peter Thiel
Field Of Dreams quotes by Peter Thiel
If only the world were as simple as baseball in a cornfield." - 2004 guestbook entry, Field of Dreams movie site ~ Dwier Brown
Field Of Dreams quotes by Dwier Brown
Baseball always gets credit for the foundational part of masculinity - the father thing. The eternal game of backyard catch, 'Field of Dreams', the Ripkens, the Griffeys, the Bondses, so on. But football is the real paternal game, because it's a conveyor belt of father figures, in the form of coaches. ~ J.R. Moehringer
Field Of Dreams quotes by J.R. Moehringer
I have just created something totally illogical. ~ Ray Kinsella
Field Of Dreams quotes by Ray Kinsella
No matter how much crap you gotta plow through to stay alive as a photographer, no matter how many bad assignments, bad days, bad clients, snotty subjects, obnoxious handlers, wigged-out art directors, technical disasters, failures of the mind, body, and will, all the shouldas, couldas, and wouldas that befuddle our brains and creep into our dreams, always remember to make room to shoot what you love. It's the only way to keep your heart beating as a photographer. ~ Joe McNally
Field Of Dreams quotes by Joe McNally
You said, 'They're harmless dreamers and they're loved by the people.' 'What,' I asked you, 'is harmless about a dreamer, and what,' I asked you, 'is harmless about the love of the people? Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams. ~ Tennessee Williams
Field Of Dreams quotes by Tennessee Williams
Unlike regular digital or film cameras, which can only record a scene in two dimensions, light field cameras capture all of the light rays traveling in every direction through a scene. This means that some aspects of a picture can be manipulated after the fact. ~ Ren Ng
Field Of Dreams quotes by Ren Ng
To reach your full potential, you have to set goals that will stretch you. You must not be afraid of taking risks. You must learn to recognize opportunities and have the courage to pursue them. You have to make better choices that will provide better results. Finally, you need to avoid the negative influences of other people and surround yourself with successful people who will encourage you to pursue your dreams. ~ Zig Ziglar
Field Of Dreams quotes by Zig Ziglar
We grow old not by the number of our years, but by not numbering our years - not living our dreams, not enjoying the everyday life ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive
Field Of Dreams quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Creativity is an attempt to resolve a conflict generated by unexpressed biological impulses, such that unfulfilled desires are the driving force of the imagination, and they fuel our dreams and daydreams. ~ Sigmund Freud
Field Of Dreams quotes by Sigmund Freud
If tomorrow morning by some stroke of magic every dazed and benighted soul woke up with the power to take the first step toward pursuing his or her dreams, every shrink in the directory would be out of business. ~ Steven Pressfield
Field Of Dreams quotes by Steven Pressfield
In matters of religion a skeptical mind is not a higher manifestation of virtue than is a believing heart, and analytical deconstruction in the field of, say, literary fiction can be just plain old-fashioned destruction when transferred to families yearning for faith at home. ~ Jeffrey R. Holland
Field Of Dreams quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
Our dreams are firsthand creations, rather than residues of waking life. We have the capacity for infinite creativity; at least while dreaming, we partake of the power of the Spirit, the infinite Godhead that creates the cosmos. ~ Jackie Gleason
Field Of Dreams quotes by Jackie Gleason
Whiskey grunted. By his count, he and Patrick had six days to go before he hauled the kid out by his ear on field work and let Fly Bait plan the destruction of all testosterone-based land mammals on general principal. ~ Amy Lane
Field Of Dreams quotes by Amy Lane
Is not the tremendous strength in men of the impulse to creative work in every field precisely due to their feeling of playing a relatively small part in the creation of living beings, which constantly impels them to an overcompensation in achievement? ~ Karen Horney
Field Of Dreams quotes by Karen Horney
Give me a good game-day party on Sunday afternoon and I'll show up, but knowing the intricate details about what was happening on the field had no interest for me. And I told that to my pal, Johnny. He was raving about a game, and I said that it seemed to me that 'every play was a few seconds of incomprehensible frenetic activity, followed by a minute and a half of standing around.' And he said, "Man, every single play is an entire chess game played out in six seconds." I didn't play chess, but I got the idea. The thought of a battle for territory being played both physically and strategically fascinated me. That was war, right? And if the game was war, then each play was a battle. ~ Gilbert Klein
Field Of Dreams quotes by Gilbert Klein
Where is automatism in the work of Chirico or Tanguy? Even Dali had to renounce it in order to be able to organize the space of the canvas according to the combined laws of dreams and pictorial aesthetics. ~ Dumitru Tepeneag
Field Of Dreams quotes by Dumitru Tepeneag
Αἰσχύλον Εὐφορίωνος Ἀθηναῖον τόδε κεύθει
μνῆμα καταφθίμενον πυροφόροιο Γέλας·
ἀλκὴν δ' εὐδόκιμον Μαραθώνιον ἄλσος ἂν εἴποι
καὶ βαθυχαιτήεις Μῆδος ἐπιστάμενο
This gravestone covers Aeschylus, son of Euphorion, from Athens, who died in fertile Gela. The field of Marathon will speak of his bravery, and so will the long haired Mede who knew it well. ~ Aeschylus
Field Of Dreams quotes by Aeschylus
In the face of a nation that shamelessly assaults the very marrow of our bones, memory is but a pale gray field. ~ Xiaobo Liu
Field Of Dreams quotes by Xiaobo Liu
She has a litany of names by you and in her constant bulb of longing, she whispers them into her bent elbow, into this grand imagination that you wouldn't cause her pain, that you think of her, too, but dare not erase her fantastic yearning. ~ Farrah Field
Field Of Dreams quotes by Farrah Field
Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us. ~ Wilma Rudolph
Field Of Dreams quotes by Wilma Rudolph
Because Christians are never as good as their right beliefs should make them and non-Christians are never as bad as their wrong beliefs should make them, we will adopt a stance of critical enjoyment of human culture and its expressions in every field of work. ~ Timothy Keller
Field Of Dreams quotes by Timothy Keller
I don't think my father loved his job with the city, but on the other hand, I'm not sure he ever asked himself major questions like 'Do I like my job? Is this really what I want to spend my life doing? Is it as fulfilling as some of the dreams I had for myself when I was a young man serving in Korea and reading British poetry in my bunk in the barracks at night?' He had a family to support, this was his job, he got up every day and did it, end of story, everything else is just self-indulgent nonsense. That may actually have been the lifetime sum-total of his thinking on the matter. He ~ David Foster Wallace
Field Of Dreams quotes by David Foster Wallace
I lay in bed that night, a first-time drunkard at seven years of age, pondering the punishment I knew would arrive on callused palms. In the forest, as if sensing my plight, wolves howled nocturnal laments. The magnificent lunar lullabies of my lupine brethren wooed me into a deep and cleansing sleep. ~ Mark Rice
Field Of Dreams quotes by Mark Rice
Very often, I confess, the teller of dreams bores me. His dream could perhaps interest me if it were frankly worked on. But to hear a glorious tale of his insanity! I have not yet clarified, psychoanalytically, this boredom during the recital of other people's dreams. Perhaps I have retained the stiffness of a rationalist. I do not follow the tale of justified incoherence docilely. I always suspect that part of the stupidities being recounted are invented. ~ Gaston Bachelard
Field Of Dreams quotes by Gaston Bachelard
Because our hearts are unprepared for truth, we cling to the deception as a shipwreck victim on a storm-tossed sea will grab at anything that floats. But the splintered rubble of our broken trust - those temporary buoys of our shattered dreams - betray us, gouging rough gashes into our souls, drawing our blood and leaving us to sink. ~ Penelope J. Stokes
Field Of Dreams quotes by Penelope J. Stokes
The good life is not found in dreams of progress,but in coping with tragic contingencies.We have been reared on religions and philosophies that deny the experience of tragedy.Can we imagine a life that is not founded on the consolations of action?Or are we too lax and coarse even to dream of living without them? ~ John Gray
Field Of Dreams quotes by John Gray
As you fall, remember that you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.
Remember that you are the universe exhaling, a breeze waiting to blow across a field of tall grass.
Remember, you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.
As your body cuts through the air, think of only the things that made you smile, the people that made you love, the ideas that made you strong.
Remember, those things will never happen again but they cannot unhappen.
Remember, you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.
Remember, what you felt can't ever be taken away.
Remember, you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.
And it will not end when you die.
Remember. ~ Pleasefindthis
Field Of Dreams quotes by Pleasefindthis
All their doors remained simple doors, on/off switches in the flow between two adjacent places, binarily either open or closed, but each of their doors, regarded thus with a twinge of irrational possibility, became partially animate as well, an object with a subtle power to mock, to mock the desires of those who desired to go far away, whispering silently from its door frame that such dreams were the dreams of fools. ~ Mohsin Hamid
Field Of Dreams quotes by Mohsin Hamid
The role of the animal messenger in the dreams of modern city-dwellers is often to recall us to our wild side, and the natural path of our energy. ~ Robert Moss
Field Of Dreams quotes by Robert Moss
He called dreams a 'royal road' into the unconscious, made up of all forbidden wishes you had and you wished you didn't ~ Jodi Picoult
Field Of Dreams quotes by Jodi Picoult
picker of buttercups
And the big bullying daisies
through the field wonderful
with eyes a little sorry
Another comes
also picking flowers ~ E. E. Cummings
Field Of Dreams quotes by E. E. Cummings
The field of human relations in Freud's sense is similar to the market - it is an exchange of satisfaction of biologically given needs, in which the relationship to the other individual is always a means to an end but never an end in itself. ~ Erich Fromm
Field Of Dreams quotes by Erich Fromm
Don't build your dreams on the opinions of men but on the promises of God ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive
Field Of Dreams quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Treasure of my soul," he said. He took one of her hands, brought it to his lips, and kissed it, just above the knuckles, as he had been doing every night for the last month, since their engagement. "You have brought me such peace."
"Ambrose," she replied, amazed by his name, amazed by his face.
"It is in our sleep that we most closely glimpse the power of the spirit," he said. "Our minds will speak across this narrow distance. It will be here, together in nocturnal stillness, that we shall finally become unbound by time, by space, by natural law and physical law. We shall roam the world however we like, in our dreams. We shall speak with the dead, transform into animals and objects, fly across time. Our intellects shall be nowhere to be found, and our minds will be unfettered."
"Thank you," she said, senselessly. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Field Of Dreams quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
I've had a lot of support from every corner of my life and my audience, to pretty much do close to what I want. I don't have unlimited time or money to execute my wildest dreams but I have enough get up and go to keep me going. ~ Joel Plaskett
Field Of Dreams quotes by Joel Plaskett
When I said I've always wanted you, I meant all of you: your body, your ideas, your memories, your whole heart. I want your dreams, your spare drawer, your mornings, your worries. Your triumphs, your laughter, your bad nights and your quiet days. I want your future, Ren.... just so we're clear." Cole ~ A.J. DeWall
Field Of Dreams quotes by A.J. DeWall
After I'd hit a home run and took my position in the field, the fans in the bleachers began throwing packages of tobacco at me. I stuffed them in my pocket. ~ Hank Sauer
Field Of Dreams quotes by Hank Sauer
Our field trips are an opportunity for you to enter into the world of mystical power. ~ Frederick Lenz
Field Of Dreams quotes by Frederick Lenz
Forty minutes later, I leaned back in my chair, and looked at the thousand or so pages of manuscript towering on my desk. It hit me. Holy cow. This author had total control over this book. Total. And it was one of seven. One. Of. Seven. ~ Carla Bolte
Field Of Dreams quotes by Carla Bolte
The central assertion of this book is that the world of humankind constitutes a manifold, a totality of interconnected processes, and inquiries that disassemble this totality into bits and then fail to reassemble it falsify reality. Concepts like "nation," "society," and "culture" name bits and threaten to turn names into things. Only by understanding these names as bundles of relationships, and by placing them back into the field from which they were abstracted, can we hope to avoid misleading inferences and increase our share of understanding. ~ Eric R. Wolf
Field Of Dreams quotes by Eric R. Wolf
And it all came to pass, all that she had hoped, but it did not fill her with rapture nor carry her away with the power or the fervor she had expected. She had imagined it all different, and had imagined herself different, too. In dreams and poems everything had been, as it were, beyond the sea; the haze of distance had mysteriously veiled all the restless mass of details and had thrown out the large lines in bold relief, while the silence of distance had lent its spirit of enchantment. It had been easy then to feel the beauty; but now that she was in the midst of it all, when every little feature stood out and spoke boldly with the manifold voices of reality, and beauty was shattered as light in a prism, she could not gather the rays together again, could not put the picture back beyond the sea. Despondently she was obliged to admit to herself that she felt poor, surrounded by riches that she could not make her own. ~ Jens Peter Jacobsen
Field Of Dreams quotes by Jens Peter Jacobsen
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