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Given everything we know about the universe it would seem utterly impossible for any sane person to believe that the ultimate truth about the universe and human existence is the story of Israeli, German or Russian nationalism – or indeed of nationalism in general. A story that ignores almost the whole of time, the whole of space, the Big Bang, quantum physics and the evolution of life is at most just a tiny part of the truth. Yet people somehow manage not to see beyond it.
Indeed, billions of people throughout history have believed that for their lives to have meaning, they don't even need to be absorbed into a nation or a great ideological movement. It is enough if they just 'leave something behind', thereby ensuring that their personal story continues beyond their death. The 'something' I leave behind is ideally my soul or my personal essence. If I am reborn in a new body after the death of my present body, then death is not the end. It is merely the space between two chapters, and the plot

"that began in one chapter will carry on into the next. Many people have at least a vague faith in such a theory, even if they do not base it on any specific theology. They don't need an elaborate dogma – they just need the reassuring feeling that their story continues beyond the horizon of death. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Evolution Of Life quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
Our existence here, he says, is a case of "not we the accidental but we the expected." Mathematician Manfred Eigen wrote in 1971, "The evolution of life, if it is based on a derivable physical principle, must be considered an inevitable process. ~ Kevin Kelly
Evolution Of Life quotes by Kevin Kelly
The Sun would have wasted its life but for the evolution of life on earth. The one who gives should be grateful to the one who receives. ~ R.N. Prasher
Evolution Of Life quotes by R.N. Prasher
I realized that nature had invented reproduction as a mechanism for life to move forward, as a life force that passes right through us and makes us a link in the evolution of life. Rarely seen by the naked eye, this intersection between the animal world and the plant world is truly a magic moment. ~ Louie Schwartzberg
Evolution Of Life quotes by Louie Schwartzberg
The room was much as he had left it, festeringly untidy, though the effect was muted a little by a thick layer of dust. Half-read books and magazines nestled among piles of half-used towels. Half-pairs of socks reclined in half-drunk cups of coffee. What once had been a half-eaten sandwich had now half-turned into something that Arthur didn't entirely want to know about. Bung a fork of lightning through this lot, he thought to himself, and you'd start the evolution of life off all over again. ~ Douglas Adams
Evolution Of Life quotes by Douglas Adams
Each one of us has our own evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests which are unique and challenging. But certain things are common. And we do learn things from each other's experience. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destination. ~ A.R. Rahman
Evolution Of Life quotes by A.R. Rahman
Why does evolution matter? There is so much about the evolution of life, the development of life on Earth that should rivet the attention of everyone to understand where we've come from and where we might be going. We need to understand the world around us if we are to succeed as a species on the planet. ~ Sylvia Earle
Evolution Of Life quotes by Sylvia Earle
Progress, then, is a property of the evolution of life as a whole by almost any conceivable intuitive standard ... let us not pretend to deny in our philosophy what we know in our hearts to be true. ~ E. O. Wilson
Evolution Of Life quotes by E. O. Wilson
Extremely unlikely events occur every moment and it is not a priori unthinkable that the evolution of life should be due to mere chance than that a particular order in a pack of cards should result from mechanical shuffling. ~ Leszek Kolakowski
Evolution Of Life quotes by Leszek Kolakowski
Science properly done is one of the humanities, as a fine physics teacher once said. The point of science is to help us understand what we are and how we got here, and for this we need the great stories: the tale of how, once upon a time, there was a Big Bang; the Darwinian epic of the evolution of life on Earth; and now the story we are just beginning to learn how to tell... ~ Daniel C. Dennett
Evolution Of Life quotes by Daniel C. Dennett
Doubts about the reductionist account of life go against the dominant scientific consensus, but that consensus faces problems of probability that I believe are not taken seriously enough, both with respect to the evolution of life forms through accidental mutation and natural selection and with respect to the formation from dead matter of physical systems capable of such evolution. The more we learn about the intricacy of the genetic code and its control of the chemical processes of life, the harder those problems seem. ~ Thomas Nagel
Evolution Of Life quotes by Thomas Nagel
The world has witnessed the rise and fall of monarchy, the rise and fall of dictatorship, the rise and fall of feudalism, the rise and fall of communism, and the rise of democracy; and now we are witnessing the fall of democracy ... the theme of the evolution of life continues, sweeping away with it all that does not blossom into perfection. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Evolution Of Life quotes by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Yoga is not a new path to follow but a way to become conscious of the original impetus of life. Yoga is the movement and evolution of Life itself. ~ David Frawley
Evolution Of Life quotes by David Frawley
Not to take this web of dualities as a sign we are on the right track would be a bit like believing that God put fossils into the rocks in order to mislead Darwin about the evolution of life. ~ Stephen Hawking
Evolution Of Life quotes by Stephen Hawking
When you look at the origins and evolution of life on Earth, it's been severely affected by asteroid impacts through history. ~ Rusty Schweickart
Evolution Of Life quotes by Rusty Schweickart
Out of all the things that look & bleed, the most bruised is a man who has seen his dreams crushed and experienced miserable hopelessness. ~ Parul Wadhwa
Evolution Of Life quotes by Parul Wadhwa
When our mother is seen only as the one-dimensional Mary of modern times, instead of the great dual force of life and death, She is relegated to the same second-class status of most women in the world. She is without desires of Her own, selfless and sexless except for Her womb. She is the cook, the mistress, bearer and caretaker of children and men. Men call upon Her and carry Her love and magic to form a formidable fortress, a team of cannons to protect them against their enemies. But for a long, long time the wars that women have been left to wage on behalf of men, on behalf of the human race, have started much sooner, in the home, in front of the hearth, in the womb. We do what we must to protect and provide for our young our families, our tribes ~ Ana Castillo
Evolution Of Life quotes by Ana Castillo
She will take your life and all you are and all you care'st for, and she will leave you with nothing but mist and fog. She'll take your joy. And one day you'll awake and your heart and your soul will have gone. A husk you'll be, a wisp you'll be, and a thing no more than a dream on waking, or a memory of something forgotten.' 'Hollow,' whispered the third voice. 'Hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow, hollow.' 'You ~ Neil Gaiman
Evolution Of Life quotes by Neil Gaiman
The world comes to life and everything's right
From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find the beauty you are
When you open your heart and believe in
When you believe in
You can believe in
In the gift of a friend ~ Demi Lovato
Evolution Of Life quotes by Demi Lovato
As you become aware of life, you will begin to see the root cause to all your actions and reactions. Then you will realize that you are not angry with the child because he made a mistake, but because you get pleasure out of being angry. The mistake was only a excuse. ~ Osho
Evolution Of Life quotes by Osho
I'm a realist all the way. I'm too cynical to be an optimist. But I've lived too much of a charmed life so far to ever be a pessimist. ~ Anthony Jeselnik
Evolution Of Life quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
And on either side of the river was there a tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month; And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Yes, ~ Ray Bradbury
Evolution Of Life quotes by Ray Bradbury
Praying about everything in our lives and keeping quiet can keep us out of a lot of trouble. ~ Amanda Penland
Evolution Of Life quotes by Amanda Penland
The English tradition offers the great tapestry novel, where you have the emotional aspect of a detective's personal life, the circumstances of the crime and, most important, the atmosphere of the English countryside that functions as another character. ~ Elizabeth George
Evolution Of Life quotes by Elizabeth George
But will anyone again look at that tree, read that poem, love a dog in quite my way? I am a particular and, despite the commonness of all people, a unique person in the way I perceive and think and appreciate, and I am sad that this particularity shall before too long be gone. This is not arrogance; it is the simple truth, known to anyone who has loved a person dead in the fullness of her life: what we miss is the particularity, that unique voice. [pp. 184-185] ~ Carolyn G. Heilbrun
Evolution Of Life quotes by Carolyn G. Heilbrun
Children write essays in school about the unhappy, tragic, doomed life of Anna Karenina. But was Anna really unhappy? She chose passion and she paid for her passion - that's happiness! She was a free, proud human being. But what if during peacetime a lot of greatcoats and peaked caps burst into the house where you were born and live, and ordered the whole family to leave house and town in twenty-four hours, with only what your feeble hands can carry?... You open your doors, call in the passers-by from the streets and ask them to buy things from you, or to throw you a few pennies to buy bread with... With ribbon in her hair, your daughter sits down at the piano for the last time to play Mozart. But she bursts into tears and runs away. So why should I read Anna Karenina again? Maybe it's enough - what I've experienced. Where can people read about us? Us? Only in a hundred years?
"They deported all members of the nobility from Leningrad. (There were a hundred thousand of them, I suppose. But did we pay much attention? What kind of wretched little ex-nobles were they, the ones who remained? Old people and children, the helpless ones.) We knew this, we looked on and did nothing. You see, we weren't the victims."
"You bought their pianos?"
"We may even have bought their pianos. Yes, of course we bought them."
Oleg could now see that this woman was not yet even fifty. Yet anyone walking past her would have said she was an old woman. A lock of smooth old woman's ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Evolution Of Life quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Time alone is the gift of self-entertainment - and that is the font of creativity ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda
Evolution Of Life quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
It is, perhaps, one of the hardest struggles of the Christian life to learn this sentence
"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy name be glory." ~ Charles Spurgeon
Evolution Of Life quotes by Charles Spurgeon
You grab a bit of connection wherever you can to survive. You have no idea how strong the pull to feel worthwhile is. It's more basic than food. You go to these people who make you feel lovely for an hour that one time, and that's all you get. You're probably not compatible with them for anything long term, but right this minute they can make you feel powerful and valuable. It does not matter what will happen in a month. Whatever happens in a month is probably going to be just about as indifferent as whatever happened today or last week. None of it matters. We don't plan long term because if we do we'll just get our hearts broken. It's best not to hope. You just take what you can get as you spot it. I am not asking for sympathy. I am just trying to explain, on a human level, how it is that people make what look from the outside like awful decisions. ~ Linda Tirado
Evolution Of Life quotes by Linda Tirado
Thus society is born, as something required by nature, and (because this nature is human nature) as something accomplished through a work of reason and will, and freely consented to. Man is a political animal, which means that the human person craves political life, communal life, not only with regard to the family community, but with regard to the civil community. ~ Jacques Maritain
Evolution Of Life quotes by Jacques Maritain
Peace is not something that happens by accident. Peace is like silence; it is always there. The lack of harmony in our lives is like noise superimposed on the silence. THe issue is not how to create peace, but how to live in a way that eliminates the noise. ~ Gabriel Cousens
Evolution Of Life quotes by Gabriel Cousens
The universe is ecstasy. We have many other ways of perceiving infinity. And when you perceive life through these other modes, that's when you see that the universe is ecstasy, That's when you experience its ecstasy. ~ Frederick Lenz
Evolution Of Life quotes by Frederick Lenz
...there is something very vital happening when we breathe - without it we die - but trying to speed it up, force it, grasp it, push it away or control it tends to get in the way. As in breathing, so in life - we can learn a lot from the natural rhythm, pace, and un-fussiness of the way breath continues its work, without making a big deal out of it. ~ Ed Halliwell
Evolution Of Life quotes by Ed Halliwell
A life of mediocrity is a waste of life. ~ Colleen Hoover
Evolution Of Life quotes by Colleen Hoover
My mother was an extremely creative woman, despite the fact that she lived the life of a rural housewife. ~ Pedro Almodovar
Evolution Of Life quotes by Pedro Almodovar
The difference between past and present immigration experience is the existence of a defiant anti-assimilationist lobby that encourages legal and illegal aliens to resist adapting to the American way of life. ~ Michelle Malkin
Evolution Of Life quotes by Michelle Malkin
He had all sorts of rules he'd constructed for himself over the decades, based on lessons someone must have taught him
what he wasn't entitled to; what he mustn't enjoy; what he mustn't hope or wish for; what he mustn't covet
and it took some years to figure out what these rules were, and longer still to figure out how to try to convince him of their falsehood. But this was very difficult: they were rules by which he had survived his life, they were rules that made the world explicable to him. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Evolution Of Life quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
Leo wondered what unknown sin they must have committed in some previous life to deserve this. The answer came the same way their feet later shocked to life in the warming hut after being so numb for hours- you think you'll never feel your toes again, and then all of a sudden life, damaged, stiffened, clammy, but life, dog-eat-dog life! We have not done a single thing to deserve this. ~ Peter Orner
Evolution Of Life quotes by Peter Orner
You can't be afraid of people willing to hurt you, cause if you fear life, then you will never live ~ Chester Bennington
Evolution Of Life quotes by Chester Bennington
While the (America's) Cup is yachting's Holy Grail, it has also come to represent the ultimate test in 'the game of life.' Just as in life, success demands commitment and commitment demands a positive winning attitude. I told all the guys who came into our Cup campaign that if they were going to make the grade they needed three essential ingredients: attitude, attitude and attitude. I wanted commitment to the commitment. When they finally made the crew, some of them joked that they ought to be committed for their commitment to the commitment. ~ Dennis Conner
Evolution Of Life quotes by Dennis Conner
The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is 'look under foot.' You are always nearer the divine and the true sources of your power than you think.
~ John Burroughs
Evolution Of Life quotes by John Burroughs
If you look at our theories of social pathology and then at the dismal conditions in which children grow up in our ghettos, you would predict that all of them would be on drugs or psychological basket cases. Yet if you use criteria like gainful employment, forming partnerships and life without crime, you will find that most of those kids make it. ~ Albert Bandura
Evolution Of Life quotes by Albert Bandura
Only through the Eucharist is it possible to live the heroic virtues of Christianity: charity, to the point of forgiving one's enemies; love for those who make us suffer; chastity in every age and situation of life; patience in suffering and when one is shocked by the silence of God in the tragedies of history or of one's own personal existence. You must always be Eucharistic souls in order to be authentic Christians ~ Pope John Paul II
Evolution Of Life quotes by Pope John Paul II
Women have been trained to be deeply relational creatures with "permeable boundaries," which make us vulnerable to the needs of others. This permeability, this compelling need to connect, is one of our greatest gifts, but without balance it can mean living out the role of the servant who nurtures at the cost of herself. Referring to this feminine script in her essay "Professions for Women," Virginia Woolf describes the syndrome and offers a drastic remedy: "She was intensely sympathetic. She was immensely charming. She was utterly unselfish. She excelled in the difficult arts of family life. She sacrificed herself daily. If there was chicken, she took the leg; if there was a draft she sat in it - in short she was so constituted that she never had a mind or wish of her own, but preferred to sympathize always with the minds and wishes of others...I did my best to kill her. My excuse, if I were to be had up in a court of law, would be that I acted in self-defense. Had I not killed her, she would have killed me." At the very least we need to disempower this part of ourselves, to relieve ourselves of the internal drive to forfeit our souls as food for others. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Evolution Of Life quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
Friend, hope for the Guest while you are alive.
Jump into experience while you are alive!
Think... and think... while you are alive.
What you call "salvation" belongs to the time
before death.

If you don't break your ropes while you're alive,
do you think
ghosts will do it after?

The idea that the soul will rejoin with the ecstatic
just because the body is rotten--
that is all fantasy.
What is found now is found then.
If you find nothing now,
you will simply end up with an apartment in the
City of Death.

If you make love with the divine now, in the next
life you will have the face of satisfied desire.

So plunge into the truth, find out who the Teacher is,
Believe in the Great Sound!

Kabir says this: When the Guest is being searched for,
it is the intensity of the longing for the Guest that
does all the work.
Look at me, and you will see a slave of that intensity. ~ Robert Bly
Evolution Of Life quotes by Robert Bly
From the time I learned to love Jade and was drawn into the life of the Butterfield house, straight through to the wait for my case to come before the judge, there was nothing in my life that wasn't alive with meaning, that wasn't capable of suggesting weird and hidden significances, that didn't carry with it the undertaste of what for lack of anything better to call it I'll call The Infinite. If being in love is to be suddenly united with the most unruly, the most outrageously alive part of yourself, this state of piercing consciousness did not subside in me, as I've learned it does in others, after a time. If my mind could have made a sound, it would have burst a row of wineglasses. I saw coincidences everywhere; meanings darted and danced like overheated molecules. Everything was terrifyingly complex; everything was terrifyingly simple. Nothing went unnoticed and everything carried with it a kind of drama. ~ Scott Spencer
Evolution Of Life quotes by Scott Spencer
Our ultimate goal should to be to become adept at overcoming the constraints of daily life. However, to achieve this we will need to learn how to be fully in touch with our sensual side at all times. ~ Lebo Grand
Evolution Of Life quotes by Lebo Grand
The whole history of my life, and in essence the whole history of the working class consists of this: that we have lived and fought under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin. ~ Mikhail Kalinin
Evolution Of Life quotes by Mikhail Kalinin
Beth could not reason upon or explain the faith that gave her courage and patience to give up life, and cheerfully wait for death. Like a confiding child, she asked no questions, but left everything to God and nature, Father and Mother of us all, feeling sure that they, and they only, could teach and strengthen heart and spirit for this life and the life to come. ~ Louisa May Alcott
Evolution Of Life quotes by Louisa May Alcott
The prime purposes of our lives is to help others, love others, and be kind to others. ~ Debasish Mridha
Evolution Of Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
Employment sells out the essence of life ~ Sunday Adelaja
Evolution Of Life quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Most of the poems I write take 5 minutes, but the words can give a lifetime of relief. Many people that have read my book say it helped them with their grief. ~ Stanley Victor Paskavich
Evolution Of Life quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Most of one's life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself thinking. ~ Aldous Huxley
Evolution Of Life quotes by Aldous Huxley
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