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#1. I am the 'Cosmic Dancer' who dances his way out of the womb and into the tomb on 'Electric Warrior.' I'm not frightened to get up there and groove about in front of six million people on TV because it doesn't look cool. That's the way I would do it at home. - Author: Marc Bolan
Electric Warrior quotes by Marc Bolan

"Beneath the bebop moon
I want to croon with you
Beneath the Mambo Sun
I got to be the one with you

My life's a shadowless horse
If I can't get across to you
In the alligator rain
My heart's all pain for you

Girl you're good
And I've got wild knees for you
On a mountain range
I'm Dr. Strange for you

Upon a savage lake
Make no mistake I love you
I got a powder-keg leg
And my wig's all pooped for you

With my hat in my hand
I'm a hungry man for you
I got stars in my beard
And I feel real weird for you

Beneath the bebop moon
I'm howling like a loon for you
Beneath the mumbo sun
I've got to be the one for you - Author: Marc Bolan
Electric Warrior quotes by Marc Bolan
#3. Faintly he smiled, but his voice was hard. "Lass, you do not want what I have." As if to prove it, he overturned his hand and dragged a calloused thumb roughly across her bottom lip.

All the breath came out of her in a hot rush. "Oh."
~From THE KING'S OUTLAW, part of the Captured by a Celtic Warrior anthology - Author: Kris Kennedy
Electric Warrior quotes by Kris Kennedy
#4. Every Warrior of the Light has, at least once, believed he was not a Warrior of the Light. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Electric Warrior quotes by Paulo Coelho
#5. ...The happy Warrior... is he... whose powers shed round him in the common strife, or mild concerns of ordinary life, a constant influence, a peculiar grace; but who, if he be called upon to face some awful moment to which Heaven has joined great issues, good or bad for human kind, is happy as a lover; and attired with sudden brightness, like a man inspired; and, through the heat of conflict, keeps the law in calmness made, and sees what he foresaw; or if an unexpected call succeed, come when it will, is equal to the need: he who, though thus endued as with a sense and faculty for storm and turbulence, is yet a soul whose master-bias leans to homefelt pleasures and to gentle scenes; sweet images! which, wheresoe'er he be, are at his heart; and such fidelity it is his darling passion to approve; more brave for this, that he hath much to love:- - Author: William Wordsworth
Electric Warrior quotes by William Wordsworth
#6. You should be aiming to illuminate your indoor daytime environment with natural outdoor light, not electrical lighting products. - Author: Steven Magee
Electric Warrior quotes by Steven Magee
#7. This reaction to the work was obviously a misunderstanding. It ignores the fact that the future Buddha was also of noble origins, that he was the son of a king and heir to the throne and had been raised with the expectation that one day he would inherit the crown. He had been taught martial arts and the art of government, and having reached the right age, he had married and had a son. All of these things would be more typical of the physical and mental formation of a future samurai than of a seminarian ready to take holy orders. A man like Julius Evola was particularly suitable to dispel such a misconception.

He did so on two fronts in his Doctrine: on the one hand, he did not cease to recall the origins of the Buddha, Prince Siddhartha, who was destined to the throne of Kapilavastu: on the other hand, he attempted to demonstrate that Buddhist asceticism is not a cowardly resignation before life's vicissitudes, but rather a struggle of a spiritual kind, which is not any less heroic than the struggle of a knight on the battlefield. As Buddha himself said (Mahavagga, 2.15): 'It is better to die fighting than to live as one vanquished.' This resolution is in accord with Evola's ideal of overcoming natural resistances in order to achieve the Awakening through meditation; it should he noted, however, that the warrior terminology is contained in the oldest writings of Buddhism, which are those that best reflect the living teaching of the master. Evola works tirelessly in - Author: Jean Varenne
Electric Warrior quotes by Jean Varenne
#8. After telephone, kinematograph and phonograph had replaced newspaper, book schoolmaster and letter, to live outside the range of the electric cables was to live an isolated savage. - Author: H.G.Wells
Electric Warrior quotes by H.G.Wells
#9. Ah!' said Michel, tempted, 'you have modern poems?'
'Of course. For instance, Martillac's 'Electric Harmonies,' which won a prize last year from the Academic of Sciences, and Monsieur de Pulfasse's 'Meditations on Oxygen;' and we have the 'Poetic Parallelogram,' and even the 'Decarbonated Odes ... '
Michel couldn't bear hearing another word and found himself outside again, stupefied and overcome. Not even this tiny amount of art had escaped the pernicious influence of the age! Science, Chemistry, Mechanics had invaded the realm of poetry! 'And such things are read,' he murmured as he hurried through the streets, ' perhaps even bought! And signed by the authors and placed on the shelves marked 'Literature.' But not one copy of Balzac, not one work by Victor Hugo! Where can I find such things-where, if not the Library ... - Author: Jules Verne
Electric Warrior quotes by Jules Verne
#10. The calf is capable of walking quite well now," Dazu said. "He never stumbles."

"But I told you to carry him back here," the teacher said. "The first thing a soldier must learn is to obey orders."

Every day, the calf grew a little heavier, and every day, Dazu had to struggle a little harder. He would collapse, exhausted, when he finally got to the ranch, and the calf would bound out of his arms, glad to be able to walk on his own and stretch out.

When winter rolled around again, Médo handed him a wooden sword and asked him to strike as hard as he could at the practice dummy. Dazu looked with distaste at the crude weapon with no edge, but he swung obediently.

The wooden dummy fell in half, cut clean through. He looked at the sword in his hand with wonder.

"It's not the sword," his teacher said. "Have you looked at yourself lately?" He brought Dazu to stand in front of a brightly polished shield.

The young man could hardly recognize the reflection. His shoulders filled the frame of the mirror. His arms and thighs were twice as thick as he remembered, and his chest bulged over his narrow waist.

"A great warrior trusts not his weapons, but himself. When you possess true strength, you can deal a killing blow even if all you have is a blade of grass.

"Now you're finally ready to learn from me. But first, go thank the calf for making you strong. - Author: Ken Liu
Electric Warrior quotes by Ken Liu
#11. If T-Bone Walker had been a woman, I would have asked him to marry me. I'd never heard anything like that before: single-string blues played on an electric guitar. - Author: B.B. King
Electric Warrior quotes by B.B. King
#12. The greatest trust is confidence.
The greatest charity is compassion.
The greatest courage is action.
The greatest patience is composure.
The greatest sincerity is impartiality.
The greatest kindness is affection.
The greatest hope is expectation.
The greatest peace is contentment.
The greatest happiness is joy.
The greatest faith is certainty.
The greatest love is adoration.
The greatest virtue is integrity.

The greatest teacher is reason.
The greatest student is intelligence.
The greatest philosopher is understanding.
The greatest scientist is reason.
The greatest historian is yesturday.
The greatest prophet is eternity.
The greatest preacher is reality.
The greatest warrior is duty.
The greatest athlete is courage.
The greatest wrestler is strategy.
The greatest musician is passion.
The greatest painter is inspiration.
The greatest sculptor is history.
The greatest writer is destiny.

The greatest light is truth.
The greatest knowledge is awareness.
The greatest understanding is discernment.
The greatest wisdom is caution.
The greatest theory is facts.
The greatest philosophy is logic.
The greatest gospel is conviction.
The greatest religion is compassion.
The greatest prophecy is revelation.
The greatest world is nature.
The greatest sky is perception.
The greatest galaxy is - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Electric Warrior quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#13. Atlantis: Fabled. Mystical. Golden. Mysterious. Glorious and magical. There are those who claim that it never was. But then there are also those who think they are safe in this modern world of technology and weapons. Safe from all the ancient evils. They even believe that wizards, warriors, and dragons are long dead. They are fools clinging to their science and logic while thinking it will save them. (Thrylos) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Electric Warrior quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#14. If the person who can effectively sanction ill-conceived wars can play the electric guitar, which is a symbol of rebellion, then that whole worldview becomes confused. - Author: Steve Coogan
Electric Warrior quotes by Steve Coogan
#15. Ralph J. Cordiner, chairman of General Electric, expressed the attitude of top business management toward education this way: "Two of our most outstanding presidents, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Coffin, never had an opportunity to attend college. Although some of our present officers have doctor's degrees, twelve out of forty-one have no college degrees. We are interested in competency, not diplomas. - Author: David J. Schwartz
Electric Warrior quotes by David J. Schwartz
#16. The night was electric - The night was in italics. - Author: Martin Amis
Electric Warrior quotes by Martin Amis
#17. Swinging at daisies is like playing electric guitar with a tennis racket: if it were that easy, we could all be Jerry Garcia. The ball changes everything. - Author: Michael Bamberger
Electric Warrior quotes by Michael Bamberger
#18. Try as you might, you'll never be able to please an environmentalist. You can stop using coal to heat your house, you can stop throwing out bottles and cans, you can have every factory in Canada shut down and you can buy only organic gluten-free non-GMO food, you can give up your favorite station wagon for a weird electric hybrid, you can stop developing film and buy a never-ending cycle of digital cameras, you can give up your job at a refinery or mill, and they'll still get after you for not enjoying yourself while doing so. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
Electric Warrior quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#19. When the author is not traveling, he works at an L-shaped desk, which affords a view north through a large sunny window. He writes everything on an electric typewriter because "it has to be a book from the first day," he explains. He has no daily routine because of all the traveling he does, but follows a very disciplined writing process. He writes each page six times, then places it in a three-ring binder with a DePauw University cover ("a talisman," he calls this memento from his alma mater). When he feels that he has gotten a page just right, he takes out another 20 words. "After a year, I've come to the end. Then I'll take this first chapter, and without rereading it, I'll throw it away and write the chapter that goes at the beginning. Because the first chapter is the last chapter in disguise." He always hands in a completed manuscript, and his editor is his first reader. - Author: Jennifer M. Brown
Electric Warrior quotes by Jennifer M. Brown
#20. When the Warrior pulled her half onto his lap and she felt the hard bulge of his erection thrusting up from his groin pressing into her hip, Katya grew nervous. She pulled away, gasping, and pressed him back with her hand on his chest. "Wait! Wait." She licked her tingling lips and touched them with her fingertips, wondering what she'd been thinking to awaken this sleeping giant. What had happened to her vow to fight him off with all her strength?
Turan's dark eyes glowed like two banked coals ready to ignite into flame. "Please. More," he begged hoarsely. "Please."
She suddenly realized that, despite the fact he could snap her in two if he wished, she was the one with the power. He didn't intend to hurt or force her. - Author: Bonnie Dee
Electric Warrior quotes by Bonnie Dee
#21. The true warrior isn't immune to fear. She fights in spite of it. - Author: Francesca Lia Block
Electric Warrior quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#22. What do you see when you touch me now?" Riff asked, his gaze searching Zed's face. Once again, Zed sensed that electric zing of sexual awareness. Riff Definitely knew what he wanted, "Enough heat to set me on fire. Hunger that matches my own. - Author: Marguerite Labbe
Electric Warrior quotes by Marguerite Labbe
#23. No one had Ramsey's patience, Brodick thought to himself. Gideon obviously didn't know his laird well, for if he did, he would have known that under that thin layer of civility and diplomacy beat the heart of a savage warrior whose temper put Brodick's to shame. Unlike Brodick, Ramsey was slow to ignite, but once he had reached his limit or had been prodded too far, his reaction was explosive and most impressive. He could be far more brutal than Brodick, and perhaps that was one of the reasons they had become such good friends. They trusted each other. Aye, Brodick trusted and admired Ramsey as much as he trusted and admired the man who had trained them to be leaders, Iain Maitland. - Author: Julie Garwood
Electric Warrior quotes by Julie Garwood
#24. So this Zealot comes to my door, all glazed eyes and clean reproductive organs, asking me if I ever think about God. So I tell him I killed God. I tracked God down like a rabid dog, hacked off his legs with a hedge trimmer, raped him with a corncob, and boiled off his corpse in an acid bath. So he pulls an alternating-current taser on me and tells me that only the Official Serbian Church of Tesla can save my polyphase intrinsic electric field, known to non-engineers as "the soul." So I hit him. What would you do? - Author: Warren Ellis
Electric Warrior quotes by Warren Ellis
#25. The fraudulent electrical utility company in conjunction with the corrupt sheriff taught me that an Englishman's home is not his castle - Author: Steven Magee
Electric Warrior quotes by Steven Magee
#26. The Warrior of the Light knows the value of persistence and of courage. Often, during combat, he receives blows that he was not expecting. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Electric Warrior quotes by Paulo Coelho
#27. The only reason we don't notice how absolutely interwoven our thinking processes have become with older technologies - pencils, paper, electric light, penicillin, fire - is that they're old, so we've ceased to notice their effects. - Author: Clive Thompson
Electric Warrior quotes by Clive Thompson
#28. It was always a dream as I was growing up. I would watch movies, mostly American movies, and be so engrossed in those stories, all I wanted to do was be there. I wanted to be part of that romance or that fantasy or be that warrior or that struggling soul who finally makes it good. - Author: Gerard Butler
Electric Warrior quotes by Gerard Butler
#29. I go to the shelf and pick out a few poetry books to take with me. A few old favorites and a few I haven't gotten to yet. As I slip the books into my carry-on, it occurs to me that there really are a lot of poems about death, that I've always read many poems about dying, but had almost never noticed them before. They were always the ones I lightly skimmed, and I thought that maybe I could start reading these poems more carefully. It was almost nothing, but it was also a decision about my life. - Author: Jacob Wren
Electric Warrior quotes by Jacob Wren
#30. Directly above them, framed in the doorway from the Brain Room, stood Albus Dumbledore, his wand aloft, his face white and furious. Harry felt a kind of electric charge surge through every particle of his body - they were saved. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Electric Warrior quotes by J.K. Rowling
#31. To speak, therefore, of an electric current in the nerves, is to use quite as symbolic an expression as if we compared the action of the nervous principle with light or magnetism. - Author: Johannes P. Muller
Electric Warrior quotes by Johannes P. Muller
#32. Whatever we are physically ... male or female, young or old, strong or weak, ill or healthy ... Those things matter much less than what you have inside your heart. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things are merely like the glass that contains a lamp ... Useful, but you are the light inside. Shine, my friend. Shine. - Author: Jose N Harris
Electric Warrior quotes by Jose N Harris
#33. Suddenly so many things she'd overheard her brothers and Quinn saying when Grimm had been in residence made sense, and upon reflection she suspected a part of her had always known.
Her love was a legendary warrior who had grown to despise himself, cut off from his roots. But now that he was home and given the time to explore those roots, he might be able to make peace with himself at long last. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Electric Warrior quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#34. I played with Mike Dunleavy Jr., and we got a great relationship on the Warriors. Knowing him and now knowing his dad, all I know is he's a man of his word. Anything that he's ever said to me has been honest and I respect that. - Author: Baron Davis
Electric Warrior quotes by Baron Davis
#35. Why did the warrior cross the road? [Koldo]
That's easy. To kill the guy on the other side. [Nicola]
A bud of amusement had her smiling.
Knock, knock. [Koldo]
Who's there? [Nicola]
Donut who?
Donut run from me, puny girl. - Author: Gena Showalter
Electric Warrior quotes by Gena Showalter
#36. All of the things that wore you down, even as that was balanced by the electric feeling of being on the side of a border where you knew things no one else knew. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
Electric Warrior quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#37. A warrior has no confusion in his mind ... This is true emptiness. - Author: Miyamoto Musashi
Electric Warrior quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#38. Gregory didn't attempt to hide his amazement. "You used to slip inside minds, but this is something different." He stood up and circled Tristan. "When I tried to break in, I felt just one mind, one soul--and it wasn't Luke McKenna's. He would've been an easy mark for me. Tell me how you did it."

Tristan remained silent.

"The voices taught you," Gregory guessed, his voice husky with desire. "The voices taught you something they haven't taught me! Tell me how"--a smile spread slowly over his face--"and I'll spare Ivy."

"You've always been a liar, Gregory."

"Not now. Now we're on the same side, Tristan. The dead side." His laughter ended in an electric hiss.

Beyond the garage, the driveway grew brighter; the floodlights had been switched on again.

"Chase?" the woman called. "Is everything okay?"

He grimaced, then punched a button on the wall, lowering the garage door. Tristan followed Gregory out the side entrance but remained in the shadows.

"Get out of our lives, Gregory," he said. "Go back to where you belong."

Gregory laughed at him. "Don't you know? I bring hell with me wherever I go." Then he sauntered across the lawn. "Coming, Mother. - Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Electric Warrior quotes by Elizabeth Chandler
#39. Our DNA does not fade like an ancient parchment; it does not rust in the ground like the sword of a warrior long dead. It is not eroded by wind or rain, nor reduced to ruin by fire and earthquake. It is the traveller from an ancient land who lives within us all. - Author: Bryan Sykes
Electric Warrior quotes by Bryan Sykes
#40. I was wrong about [Jack] Keane. He is the exception that proves the rule. I was certainly right about the fact that he is a member of the warrior class. - Author: Carly Fiorina
Electric Warrior quotes by Carly Fiorina
#41. Six of Crows
A smol precious deadly flower, two gaybies, a beautiful Grisha warrior, a grumpy convict, and their brilliant, fearless (and sometimes clueless) leader perform a heist of epic proportions. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Electric Warrior quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#42. How I waited for you! How I longed for you! he stammered. "I thought of you all the time. I saw you all the time. Your smile was everywhere." He lowered his voice and added, "Sometimes when people were talking commonplaces and your name happened to be mentioned, It would go through my heart like an electric current. - Author: Henri Barbusse
Electric Warrior quotes by Henri Barbusse
#43. You know how some people were absolutely never children, but just came from a catalog fully grown, while other people you don't even have to squint to imagine them charging down the stairs on Christmas morning in superhero pajamas? Mik's the latter. It's not that he's "boyish," though I guess he is a little - but only a little - it's just that there's something direct and real and electric and pure that hasn't been lost, the intense, undiluted emotion of childhood. Most people lose it - Author: Laini Taylor
Electric Warrior quotes by Laini Taylor
#44. There's a tendency for those unfamiliar with cooperatives to look down on them as the leftovers of the mainstream economy, implying that if these ideologically driven people simply reorganized themselves into "normal" private companies, they would be more efficient and productive. In fact, just the opposite is true: Cooperatives often enter into economic activities that private businesses will not take on. The most fertile period of cooperative growth was during the Great Depression. Rural electric cooperatives spread across the American plains when it became clear that other investor-owned and municipally owned utilities were uninterested in wiring up sparsely populated regions. Credit unions, as we'll soon explore, have seen an upsurge during the recent financial crisis. - Author: Michael Shuman
Electric Warrior quotes by Michael Shuman
#45. The jolt of arousal was immediate. Electric. The moment his hand closed around his rigid staff, her own breeding parts went soft and quivering.
Perhaps she ought to have felt embarrassed- and to be truthful, she did, a bit. But she couldn't look away. The visible proof of his arousal, the strength of his grip, the tension in the sinews of his neck as he stroked up and down...
She'd caused that. All of it.
The surge of power was intoxicating.
Most thrilling of all was the way he looked at her, or rather looked through her. Inside her. Somewhere beyond those eyes, he was making love to her in bold, passionate strokes.
And something told her it wasn't the first time he'd been lost in that particular fantasy.
The idea was wildly arousing. - Author: Tessa Dare
Electric Warrior quotes by Tessa Dare
#46. I was rolling the dead warrior over to steal his cloak, too, knowing it would be far too large on me, when I noticed the blade stashed in the back of his belt. It was solid in my hand, and its blade was sawlike. It would be perfect for gutting the Astonian queen and her traitorous paramour.
- Charlaina di Heyse - Author: Kimberly Derting
Electric Warrior quotes by Kimberly Derting
#47. On the spiritual path we must become a gentle warrior--curious, kind, and alert to our own con games--whispering to ourselves, wake up. - Author: Charlotte Kasl
Electric Warrior quotes by Charlotte Kasl
#48. We have a tremendous investment in facilities for (internal combustion engines, transmissions, and axles) and I can't see throwing them away just because the electric car doesn't emit fumes. - Author: Henry Ford II
Electric Warrior quotes by Henry Ford II
#49. True followers of Christ emulate Christ - true followers of Mohammed emulate Mohammed. - Author: Franklin Graham
Electric Warrior quotes by Franklin Graham
#50. I live because I am a Warrior and because I wish one day to be in the company of [She] for whom I have fought so hard - Author: John Bunyan
Electric Warrior quotes by John Bunyan

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