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Don't imagine you are in a worse place than you actually are. Things could have been far worse. So, seize the day, count your blessings and move on. You can survive a crisis only by dealing it with one day at a time. Don't add up all your problems in your mind and think you are finished. Compartmentalize your problems; put them in different buckets and project-manage them separately. This is how you live through uncertain times – making decisions when there are few or no options to choose from. You never see it this way when you are going through a crisis. But, unfailingly, every crisis leaves you stronger, wiser – and happy! ~ AVIS Viswanathan
Uncertain Times quotes by AVIS Viswanathan
Let's make sure that there is certainty during uncertain times in our economy. ~ George W. Bush
Uncertain Times quotes by George W. Bush
that was how plenty of people felt in 634 BC in Rome, as well, when they were convinced that the city was destined to collapse after 120 years of existence. It is how people have felt at countless points in history since then. Try searching Google's library of digitised manuscripts for the phrase 'these uncertain times', and you'll find that it occurs over and over, in hundreds of journals and books, in virtually every decade the database encompasses, reaching back to the seventeenth century. 'As a matter of fact,' Watts insisted, 'our age is no more insecure than any other. Poverty, disease, war, change and death are nothing new. ~ Oliver Burkeman
Uncertain Times quotes by Oliver Burkeman
In these dark and uncertain times, there can be great value in imagining a bit of star in each human soul.
Not just that it gives some hope for humanity at a time when man's inhumanity to man seems ever on the increase; but also because it points to an inner brightness
that can light the way
in dark times. ~ Michael Meade
Uncertain Times quotes by Michael Meade
Sustainability is a seemingly laudable goal - it tells us we need to live within our means, whether economic, ecological, or political - but it's insufficient for uncertain times. How can we live within our means when those very means can change, swiftly and unexpectedly, beneath us? ~ Jamais Cascio
Uncertain Times quotes by Jamais Cascio
line. Creativity is a response to our environment. Greek painting was a response to the complex light (the Greek painter Apollodoros was the first to develop a technique for creating the illusion of depth), Greek architecture a response to the complex landscape, Greek philosophy a response to the complex, uncertain times. The problem with paradise is that it is perfect and therefore requires no response. This is why wealthy people and places often stagnate. Athens ~ Eric Weiner
Uncertain Times quotes by Eric Weiner
These are hard and uncertain times we're living in," he said. "You never know what will still be here tomorrow. That's why we must take joy every day in what we do have, so it's something we can carry in our memories when things change. ~ Jaye L. Knight
Uncertain Times quotes by Jaye L. Knight
When you break it all down, my punk rock is my dad's blues. It's music from the underground, and it's real, and it's written for the downtrodden in uncertain times. ~ Frank Iero
Uncertain Times quotes by Frank Iero
But living in uncertain times does not mean San Franciscans must live in fear. ~ Gavin Newsom
Uncertain Times quotes by Gavin Newsom
I believe the uncertain times are almost upon us, and they are much more uncertain than I imagined. ~ S.A. Tawks
Uncertain Times quotes by S.A. Tawks
In strange and uncertain times such as those we are living in, sometimes a reasonable person might despair. But hope is unreasonable and love is greater even than this. May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse. ~ Robert Fripp
Uncertain Times quotes by Robert Fripp
Management guru Jim Collins has some good words here. He and Morten T. Hansen studied leadership in turbulent times. They looked at more than twenty thousand companies, sifting through data in search of an answer to this question: Why in uncertain times do some companies thrive while others do not? They concluded, "[Successful leaders] are not more creative. They're not more visionary. They're not more charismatic. They're not more ambitious. They're not more blessed by luck. They're not more risk-seeking. They're not more heroic. And they're not more prone to making big, bold moves." Then what sets them apart? "They all led their teams with a surprising method of self-control in an out-of-control world."2 ~ Max Lucado
Uncertain Times quotes by Max Lucado
In these uncertain times, I know 100 percent that I can stake my life on the unshakeable, unchanging promises of God! ~ Sheila Walsh
Uncertain Times quotes by Sheila Walsh
I think the more you have a generalist perspective, I think sometimes the more you can kind of see through the forest and the trees. And when it gets a little bit cloudy, you know, have some sense of, "Well, maybe this might happen or maybe that might happen." So I really am a big believer in liberal arts education. I think it's better - particularly in these kind of uncertain times - to know a little bit about a lot of things as opposed to being expert in one thing. ~ Steve Case
Uncertain Times quotes by Steve Case
For myself I can say that, having had every good thing that money can buy, an experience like another, I could part without a pang with every possession I have. We live in uncertain times and our all may yet be taken from us. With enough plain food to satisfy my small appetite, a room to myself, books from a public library, pens and paper, I should regret nothing. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Uncertain Times quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
You are at my side, dear friends, and God is everywhere. Yet ultimately we are alone, making our way home by the candle of the heart. The light is steady and sure but extends only far enough to see the next step.
Many times the light seems to go out. But another light, one held by a stranger or friend, a book or a song, a blackbird or a wild flower, comes close enough so that we can see our path by its light. And in time we realize that the light we have borrowed was always our own. ~ Joan Borysenko
Uncertain Times quotes by Joan Borysenko
Now, what is food? Why is food so important? Why do human beings need so much of it - three times a day, every day, year after year? Why do they live on food instead of on something else? Wouldn't it be better if human beings didn't need food at all? Wouldn't it be better if they could live on air, for instance? Get stronger and bigger by breathing sea air, or the air of the mountains, or the forests, or the meadows, or the vineyards and orchards, the wheat fields, the gardens all over the world? Wouldn't that be a better way for men to stay alive?
(spoken by 10-year-old Aram Saroyan) ~ William, Saroyan
Uncertain Times quotes by William, Saroyan
Ah well. When in Vegas, ignore the douches, let the good times roll, and always carry a spare set of panties in your purse, just in case. That's what Mom used to tell me. ~ Lila Monroe
Uncertain Times quotes by Lila Monroe
These are people who don't believe the government can possibly get too big. It's not possible for it to get too big. It's not possible for the government to get too powerful. It's not possible. And yet they are worried at the 'New York Times' about what is happening to it under the guidance of the presidency and Mr. Obama. ~ Rush Limbaugh
Uncertain Times quotes by Rush Limbaugh
It is better to run the risk of being considered indecisive, better to be uncertain and not promise, than to promise and not fulfill. ~ Oswald Chambers
Uncertain Times quotes by Oswald Chambers
many people think that holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. But there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go - and then to do it. ~ Ann Landers
Uncertain Times quotes by Ann Landers
THERE ARE MEMORIES we cannot escape. We take them with us wherever we go, however far, like it or not. They pursue us or accompany us in good times and in bad. We smell their scents. We hear their sounds. We delight in them or dread them. By day and by night. My ~ Jan-Philipp Sendker
Uncertain Times quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
There are many gateways. And we may need to master all of them in order to gain full access to who we truly are. Yet, there is a special one, which can allow progress to be easier. This is not truly a gateway, it is a natural opening, which is why it can be easily disregarded. It was there at all times, it has not been built, it is devoid of any decoration or signpost. This natural opening is ACCEPTANCE. ~ Franco Santoro
Uncertain Times quotes by Franco Santoro
As Christians living in changing times, we must keep three things open: our heads, our hearts, and our Bibles. ~ Kevin DeYoung
Uncertain Times quotes by Kevin DeYoung
There are different types of people in the world. There are people who accept what's in front of them unquestioningly. The live in the dark. In defeat. Ignoring what the future might bring or how they might help to make things happen. Then there are people like me. Optimists. They too live in the dark, in times like these, but dream of the light. I trust in the possibilities of betterness. I believe there is more to life than this. I have to. There's no other choices for me. ~ Jeyn Roberts
Uncertain Times quotes by Jeyn Roberts
I happen to be a three-time former WWF Champion and a hardcore legend, and I never had my own dressing room. ~ Mick Foley
Uncertain Times quotes by Mick Foley
When times change, so must we. ~ Barack Obama
Uncertain Times quotes by Barack Obama
Marethyu stretched out his right hand and Aten took it in his. "Let me tell you this," the hook-handed man said. "We will meet again,you and I,in a different place and a different time." "You know this to be true?" "I do." "Because you have seen the future?" "Because I have been there. ~ Michael Scott
Uncertain Times quotes by Michael Scott
Sometimes people don't answer because they didn't hear you, Other times it's because they don't want to hear you! ~ Cynthia Lord
Uncertain Times quotes by Cynthia Lord
There were in it metaphors as monstrous as orchids, and as subtle in color. The life of the senses was
described in the terms of mystical philosophy. One hardly knew at times whether one was reading the spiritual ecstasies of some medieval saint or the
morbid confessions of a modern sinner. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Uncertain Times quotes by Charlotte Bronte
The words are all gone, the time's been too long but it's not too late to say I'm sorry to a friend ~ Edwin McCain
Uncertain Times quotes by Edwin McCain
The kids don't really have any part of my television life. Fortunately, there aren't many times when show business intrudes on our family existence. ~ James Arness
Uncertain Times quotes by James Arness
Blacks are six times more likely than whites to be victims of homicides. ~ Warren Farrell
Uncertain Times quotes by Warren Farrell
Colin Powell has said over the years that Saddam Hussein is like a toothache. It recurs from time to time, and you just have to live with it. At other times, he's compared Saddam Hussein to a kidney stone that will eventually pass. But he has never said, 'You have to operate and take out the kidney stone.' ~ Elaine Sciolino
Uncertain Times quotes by Elaine Sciolino
When I was in high school, my friends and I would drive out into the country to abandoned houses and structures ... haha ... to ghost hunt. We would scare each other so bad! We would sometimes camp out by the abandoned buildings just to scare ourselves! Such good times. The adrenaline of real fear is so cool! ~ Keegan Allen
Uncertain Times quotes by Keegan Allen
I work out at least 5 times a week. ~ Erin Heatherton
Uncertain Times quotes by Erin Heatherton
I read the 'New York Times,' 'USA Today,' the 'Union-Tribune,' then go online to Drudge, CNN, Fox News, blogs. ~ Steve Breen
Uncertain Times quotes by Steve Breen
We tend to think human knowledge as progressive; because we know more and more, our parents and grandparents are back numbers. But a contrary theory is possible - that we simply recognize different things at different times and in different ways. ~ Robertson Davies
Uncertain Times quotes by Robertson Davies
You may be going through a season in your Christian experience when it seems as if God is silent. You may sense the sweetness of His presence, but He doesn't appear to be saying much of anything. More often than not we interpret this to mean that He's somehow upset with us. We think it's a sign of disapproval or separation. But I believe there are times when even our Bridegroom God steps back and simply admires us. Overcome with emotions for His bride, He is moved beyond words. This may stretch our imaginations, but this is how deeply He cares for us. ~ S.J. Hill
Uncertain Times quotes by S.J. Hill
Even when I write a song, lots of times I think - I wonder what my dad would think of this song. ~ SonReal
Uncertain Times quotes by SonReal
evening harmony

behold the times when trembling on their stems
the flowers evaporate like thuribles
the sounds and scents turn in the evening cool;
sad waltz, languid intoxication!

the flowers evaporate like thuribles
the viol quivers like a heart that's torn
sad waltz, languid intoxication!
the sky is sad like some memorial.

the viol quivers like a heart that's torn
a heart that hates the void perpetual!
the sky is sad like some memorial
the sun has drowned in it's vermillion

a heart that hates the void perpetual
recalls each glowing moment of times gone!
the sun has drowned in it's vermillion;

your memory shines my monstrance personal ~ Charles Baudelaire
Uncertain Times quotes by Charles Baudelaire
I think, at times of stress, you have to trust the pillars of democracy. ~ Jay Nixon
Uncertain Times quotes by Jay Nixon
I don't generally publicly respond to
reviews, no matter how wrong-headed or perspicacious I think them. Nine times out of ten, writers' responses to critics seem to me at best undignified. ~ China Mieville
Uncertain Times quotes by China Mieville
In the car inching its way down Fifth Avenue, toward Bergdorf Goodman and this glamorous party, I looked back on my past with a new understanding. This sickness, the "endo-whatever," had stained so much - my sense of self, my womanhood, my marriage, my ability to be present. I had effectively missed one week of each month every year of my life since I was thirteen, because of the chronic pain and hormonal fluctuations I suffered during my period. I had lain in bed, with heating pads and hot-water bottles, using acupuncture, drinking teas, taking various pain medications and suffering the collateral effects of them. I thought of all the many tests I missed in various classes throughout my education, the school dances, the jobs I knew I couldn't take as a model, because of the bleeding and bloating as well as the pain (especially the bathing suit and lingerie shoots, which paid the most). How many family occasions was I absent from? How many second or third dates did I not go on? How many times had I not been able to be there for others or for myself? How many of my reactions to stress or emotional strife had been colored through the lens of chronic pain? My sense of self was defined by this handicap. The impediment of expected pain would shackle my days and any plans I made.

I did not see my own womanhood as something positive or to be celebrated, but as a curse that I had to constantly make room for and muddle through. Like the scar on my arm, my reproductive syst ~ Padma Lakshmi
Uncertain Times quotes by Padma Lakshmi
When I'm with you, even my past seems like a bad dream," he says. "I've sat on this hill a hundred times, and all I used to see were lights that represented places where I wasn't wanted, where I never belonged. Now, when you aren't with me, I look east and know one of those lights represents you, and I don't feel alone anymore. ~ Katie McGarry
Uncertain Times quotes by Katie McGarry
Light may seem at times to be an impertinent intruder, but it is always beneficial in the end. ~ John Gresham Machen
Uncertain Times quotes by John Gresham Machen
They (his Street scene paintings and drawings) originated in the years 1911-14, in one of the loneliest times of my life, during which an agonizing restlessness drove me out onto the streets day and night, which were filled with people and cars. ~ Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Uncertain Times quotes by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
The Revolutionaries of all times have not known that anarchy, being the conflict of Lusts and the fatal reign of Violence, substitutes might for right, and paves the way ever for the rule of the most audaciously criminal. ~ Gareth Knight
Uncertain Times quotes by Gareth Knight
I think history has less of an impact on current times than the stories that we tell ourselves about that history [do]. ~ Annie Leonard
Uncertain Times quotes by Annie Leonard
I had a hard time on TV, the last time on television, so I wasn't sure that I wanted to do that again. But, I really am a big fan of Jenji and I knew this is her next thing, so I read it. And once I read the script, I was really, really impressed that there was a woman who was the centerpiece of her own story, and that she was in the center of her own narrative. ~ Taylor Schilling
Uncertain Times quotes by Taylor Schilling
Since ancient times, sacred texts from around the world foretold about a time period in human history when a mighty demi-god would appear on earth. Whether we call this figure Perseus, Krishna, or Messiah, he is epitomized in the figure of Jesus Christ - the modern equivalent of which is Superman! ~ Eli Of Kittim
Uncertain Times quotes by Eli Of Kittim
I have crazy friends, so a lot of times when we're out, people recognize me on the street, but they will yell, 'This is Cameron Boyce!' and just run! They do that. Then I'm in the middle of the street with people looking at me. ~ Cameron Boyce
Uncertain Times quotes by Cameron Boyce
First of all, the most important, that is to learn everything good that has survived from other times, and carefully to watch the bad - and throw it out. ~ Ninette De Valois
Uncertain Times quotes by Ninette De Valois
Well, I think that a lot of times when you're working on a film, there aren't really opportunities to get to know all the people you have to work with. ~ Alexis Bledel
Uncertain Times quotes by Alexis Bledel
It is pleasant at times to play the madman. ~ Seneca The Younger
Uncertain Times quotes by Seneca The Younger
She was swamped by a feeling of utter hopelessness as she waited for him to destroy her with a few caustic words. But he continued to watch her silently, his face unreadable. It seemed almost as if he were waiting for some cue from her. The dilemma lasted for several seconds, until Sara solved it by bursting into tears. She jerked her hands up to her face, blotting her streaming eyes. "I'm so sorry," she gasped.
Suddenly he was next to her, touching her shoulders and arms lightly and then jerking his hands back as if burned. "No, don't. Don't. You're all right now." Gingerly he reached out to pat her back. "Don'y cry. Everything's fine. Bloody hell. Don't do that."
As she continued to weep, Derek hovered over her in baffled dismay. He excelled at seducing women, charming and deceiving them, breaking down their defenses... everything but comforting them. No one had ever required it of him. "There, now," he muttered, as he had heard Lily Raiford say a thousand times to her crying children. "There, now."
Suddenly she was leaning on him, her small head testing at the center of his chest. The long skeins of her hair draped everywhere, entangling him in a fine russet web. Alarmed, he lifted his hands to ease her away. Instead his arms slid around her until she was pressed against him length to length. "Miss Fielding," he said with great effort. "Sara..." She nestled deeper against him, muffling her gulping sobs in his shirtfront.
Derek swore and furtively presse ~ Lisa Kleypas
Uncertain Times quotes by Lisa Kleypas
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