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In our lifetime, wouldn't it be sad if we spent more time washing dishes or swatting flies or mowing the yard or watching television than praying for world missions? ~ Dave Davidson
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Dave Davidson
Allegedly, 50 per cent of Americans believe that the Earth was created less than 10,000 years ago, which if true says something rather sad about the most expensive education system in the world. ~ Terry Pratchett
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Terry Pratchett
I have spent all my years
accepting sad truths.
- Quebrado ~ Margarita Engle
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Margarita Engle
In a matter of moments, I awakened to a life that wasn't mine. It was like peering into a dark hidden world that I wasn't supposed to know about and that my mind didn't want to believe existed. ~ Mike Ericksen
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Mike Ericksen
I'm happy if everybody else is. I'm a big brother, the oldest. If you're happy and I'm not, I'm cool with that. If I'm happy and you're not, I'm sad. ~ Chris Rock
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Chris Rock
The sad truth was that the United States had not been reduced to a smoking rubble by the first World War. ~ Tom Wolfe
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Tom Wolfe
I`ve realized that in all the great stories, even if there`s a happily-ever-after ending, there`s something sad. ~ Emma Thompson
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Emma Thompson
Have to be honest with you Darquesse, I cannot feel that. That must be one of your special abilities, because to me, it looks like you just killed a whole bunch of people for no reason."
"Oh," said Darquesse. "That's so sad ~ Derek Landy
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Derek Landy
I know we just met and i know this is gonna sound crazy, but if i could fix it, i would. I'd do anything to never have to see you sad or worried again. ~ M. Leighton
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by M. Leighton
It's sad when you realize that people you've loved (whether friends, family, or loved ones) are going down paths you know you can't take. It's especially sad when you realize that it's because you don't want to take it, because you two are too different. It's sad when people who used to energize you with their presence, now only drain you with their mere words. ~ Jennifer Megan Varnadore
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Jennifer Megan Varnadore
RVM's Thought for the Day - Everybody Counts- the Happy ones Count their Blessings and the sad ones Count their Troubles. ~ R.v.m.
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by R.v.m.
She'd been prepared for him to say he was too old, she must put away that sweet but impractical idea, they would forget all about it and go back to being good friends. She had almost hoped he would say that; it would forestall the complication and entanglement, yet leave her with a grief to harbor, sad but tender, grief like a secret, soothing companion. But this! There was nothing soothing about this. ~ Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Oh, trust me Sydney Tar Ponds, you aren't the first Personification to be forgotten by somebody ordinary," Mearth sighed with a falsely-reassuring smile. Alecto stepped back from her, glaring hatefully. "Sydney Tar Ponds," Mearth added, "I've had so many ordinary people as friends in my life that by now I've forgotten all their names. At first it was difficult ... very sad ... to see them always leaving, dying, disappearing, ignoring, but after a while I realized that they weren't worth the trouble. I'd rather be in the company of other Personifications. At least they aren't always dropping dead like houseflies or sailing away to parts unknown. Nil sa saol seo ach ceo, i ni bheimid beo, ach seal beag gearr. Wouldn't you agree?"
"No," Alecto told her. "I think you're insane. ~ Rebecca McNutt
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Rebecca McNutt
It's sad that the murdering of children abroad is a normality within our present day and within our culture as Americans. On a spiritual note the murdering of any individual, child or adult, man or woman is never justifiable and we should be outraged over all atrocities no matter where or when tragedies as such occurs... ~ Kenneth G. Ortiz
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Kenneth G. Ortiz
Want to hear a sad story about the Dukakis campaign? The governor of Massachusetts, he lost his top naval advisor last week. His rubber ducky drowned in the bathtub. ~ Dan Quayle
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Dan Quayle
You never know if happy memories are going to become sad ones. They glow and shine in the vast realms of our subconscious, making that part of our brain feel like it's filled with glitter. We pick them up and cradle them like expensive cats, or wriggle into them like they are jumpers we've left to warm on a radiator. Until the day when, for one reason or another, life can suddenly make this happy memory into a sad memory instead. Good memories exist in the naivety of not knowing any better. ~ Holly Bourne
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Holly Bourne
Furthermore, I refuse to wear a burqa. Of all the burdens they've put on us, that's the most degrading. The Shirt of Nessus woudn't do as much damage to my dignity as that wretched getup. It cancels my face and takes away my identity and turns me into an object. Here, at least, I'm me Zunaira, Mohsen Ramat's wife, age thirty-two, former magistrate, dismissed by obscurantists without a hearing and without compensation, but with enough self-respect left to brush my hair every day and pay attention to my clothes. If I put that damned veil on, I'm neither a human being nor an animal, I'm just an affront, a disgrace, a blemish that has to be hidden. That's too hard to deal with. Especially for someone who was a lawyer, who worked for women's rights. Please, I don't want you to think for a minute that I'm putting on some sort of act. I'd like to, you know, but unfortunately my heart's not in it anymore. Don't ask me to give up my name, my features, the color of my eyes, and the shape of my lips so I can take a walk through squalor and desolation. Don't ask me to become something less than a shadow, an anonymus thing rustling around in a hostile place. ~ Yasmina Khadra
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Yasmina Khadra
Dimitri is dead," she said.
It was a statement, not a question, but she was looking to me for confirmation. I wondered if I'd given away something, some hint that there was still more to the story. Or maybe she just needed the certainty of those words. And for a moment, I considered telling them that Dimitri was dead. It was what the Academy would tell them, what the guardians would tell them. It would be easier on them ... but somehow, I couldn't stand to lie to them - even if it was a comforting lie. Dimitri would have wanted the whole truth, and his family would too.
"No," I said, and for a heartbeat, hope sprang up in everyone's faces - at least until I spoke again. "Dimitri's a Strigoi. ~ Richelle Mead
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Richelle Mead
It is my sad observation that some men always want more. ~ Joe Abercrombie
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Joe Abercrombie
Save for thee and thy lessons, man in society would everywhere sink into a sad compound of the fiend and the wild beast; and this fallen world would be as certainly a moral as a natural wilderness. ~ Hugh Miller
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Hugh Miller
The muffled drum's sad roll has beat; The soldier's last tattoo; No more on Life's parade shall meet; The brave and fallen few. On Fame's eternal camping-ground; Their silent tents are spread, And Glory guards, with solemn round; The bivouac of the dead. ~ Theodore O'Hara
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Theodore O'Hara
a rule that I had no less devastatingly laid down for myself, and it was this: that I had no right to be happy unless the people I loved - especially my children - were happy too. I have come to believe that is not true. I believe instead that we all of us have not only the right to be happy no matter what but also a kind of sacred commission to be happy - in the sense of being free to breathe and move, in the sense of being able to bless our own lives, even the sad times of our own lives, because through all our times we can learn and grow, and through all our times, if we keep our ears open, God speaks to us his saving word. Then by drawing on all those times we have had, we can sometimes even speak and live a saving word to the saving of others. ~ Frederick Buechner
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Frederick Buechner
On the way home Mary Lou said, "Some things are so sad you can't say them." But I pretended not to hear. ~ Joyce Carol Oates
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
But if time exists only in my head, and I'm the last human being, it will end with my death. The thought cheers me. I may be in a position to murder time. The big net will tear and fall, with its sad contents, into oblivion. I'm owed some gratitude, but no one after my death will know I murdered time. Really these thoughts are quite meaningless. Things happen, and, like millions of people before me, I look for meaning in them, because my vanity will not allow me to admit that the whole meaning of an event lies in the event itself. ~ Marlen Haushofer
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Marlen Haushofer
There will be peaks of great joy from which to crow and vales of tears out of which to climb. When and why they will happen, no one can say, but they will happen. To all of us. We will all go back and forth from one to the other countless times during a lifetime. This is not some call to bipartisanship between inimical sides. The Happy and the Sad are the same population. ~ David Rakoff
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by David Rakoff
Most people have given back to life the power to make themselves happy. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
There're songs to make you smile, there're songs to make you sad. But with a happy song to sing it never seems as bad. ~ Stevie Wonder
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Stevie Wonder
Wednesday, March 23 I know now that I love Clarimonda. That she has entered into the very fiber of my being. It may be that the loves of other men are different. But does there exist one head, one ear, one hand that is exactly like hundreds of millions of others? There are always differences, and it must be so with love. My love is strange, I know that, but is it any the less lovely because of that? Besides, my love makes me happy.

If only I were not so frightened. Sometimes my terror slumbers and I forget it for a few moments, then it wakes and does not leave me. The fear is like a poor mouse trying to escape the grip of a powerful serpent. Just wait a bit, poor sad terror. Very soon, the serpent love will devour you.

"The Spider ~ Hanns Heinz Ewers
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Hanns Heinz Ewers
And as fall turned to winter, the Darlington peach trees started dropping their leaves again, gently, like they were letting them go. It wasnt the same as giving them up. It wasnt the same as losing them. ~ Jodi Lynn Anderson
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
This has nothing to do with us being anchors. This is about me wanting you, and you wanting me."
"You're very sure of yourself. And you mistakenly seem to think you can be very sure of me." She pouted. "How sad for you. ~ Suzanne Wright
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Suzanne Wright
That year, a middle-aged acquaintance asked me what my favorite book was and I said "On the Road." He smiled, said, "That was my favorite book at sixteen." At the time , I thought he was patronizing me, that it was going to be my favorite book forever and ever, amen. But he was right. As an adult, I'm more of a Gatsby girl-more tragic, more sad, just as interested in what America costs as what it has to offer. ~ Sarah Vowell
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Sarah Vowell
Skylark,Have you seen a valley green with SpringWhere my heart can go a-journeying,Over the shadows in the rainTo a blossom covered lane?And in your lonely flight,Haven't you heard the music in the night,Wonderful music,Faint as a will-o-the-wisp,Crazy as a loon,Sad as a gypsy serenading the moon. ~ Johnny Mercer
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Johnny Mercer
I'm supposed to a man who never blows his composure
A boy trapped in a war, forced to be a solider
The weight of the world just put on top of my shoulders
But if there's one thing I know for sure
It's that my mind has had its exposure
And my emotional turmoil has finally had its closure ~ Tommy Tran
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Tommy Tran
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by David Rat
Why is it that so many of us persist in thinking that autumn is a sad season? Nature has merely fallen asleep, and her dreams must be beautiful if we are to judge by her countenance. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Tony Benn and I were very close, very close friends for 30, 40 years. We talked to each other a great deal, and we were great friends. And I was with him shortly before he died, talking about prospects of the world and prospects for peace. And I'm very sad that he's gone. ~ Jeremy Corbyn
Babri Masjid Sad quotes by Jeremy Corbyn
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