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How does Macy Gray or Kid Rock not win over Christina Aguilera? ~ Courtney Love
1970s Rock quotes by Courtney Love
There's room for everyone. There's room for pop country, for 'rock & roll' country, for stone-cold country, and everything in-between. Great music is great music. ~ Miranda Lambert
1970s Rock quotes by Miranda Lambert
I am fond of the sound of horses in the night. The lifting of feet. Stamping. The clicking of their iron shoes against rock. They mouth one anothers withers and rear and squeal and whirl and shuffle and cough and stand and snort. There is the combined rumblings of each individual gut. They sound larger than they are. The air tastes of horses, ripples as though come alive with their good-hearted strength and stamina. ~ Mark Spragg
1970s Rock quotes by Mark Spragg
There is in the world no rock or tower of such a height that it cannot be scaled by any man (provided he lack not feet) if ladders are placed in the proper position or steps are cut in the rock, made in the right place, and furnished with railings against the danger of falling over.
If we examine ourselves, we see that our faculties grow in such a manner that what goes before paves the way for what comes after. ~ John Amos Comenius
1970s Rock quotes by John Amos Comenius
Be thou of Zen. Remember, in tranquillity, that the Absolute, the Tao, is within thee, that no priest or cult or dogma or book or saying or teaching or teacher stands between Thou and It. Know that Good and Evil are irrelevant, I and Thou irrelevant, Inside and Outside irrelevant as are Life and Death. Enter into the Sphere where there is no fear of death nor hope of afterlife, where thou art free of the impediments of life or the needs of salvation. Thou art thyself the Tao. Be thou, now, a rock against which the waves of life rush in vain. ~ James Clavell
1970s Rock quotes by James Clavell
When I was in high school in the early 1970s, we knew we were running out of oil; we knew that easy sources were being capped; we knew that diversifying would be much better; we knew that there were terrible dictators and horrible governments that we were enriching who hated us. We knew all that and we did really nothing. ~ Carl Safina
1970s Rock quotes by Carl Safina
Marcail sank onto the large slab of rock and let her head drop into her hands. She had known her time with Quinn would be short, she just never expected him to be gone so soon. Too soon. ~ Donna Grant
1970s Rock quotes by Donna Grant
In the famous Darley and Batson Good Samaritan study in the early 1970s, a large number of seminary students were subjected to a time constraint and told to walk past a person who was writhing in pain and needed help. The victim was actually a paid actor who had been strategically positioned to participate in the experiment. They found that students' willingness to stop and help the victim strongly correlated to the perceived urgency of the time constraint - low hurry, 63 percent stopped to help; medium hurry, 45 percent stopped; and in the high-hurry scenario only 10 percent offered any form of assistance at all. Only an average of 40 percent of seminary students stopped to help. ~ Don Johnson
1970s Rock quotes by Don Johnson
As I define it, rock and roll is dead. The attitude isn't dead, but the music is no longer vital. It doesn't have the same meaning. The attitude, though, is still very much alive - and it still informs other kinds of music. ~ David Byrne
1970s Rock quotes by David Byrne
People of color challenge racism everyday; we've never had a choice. Yet since we did not build, and fortify for centuries, a system of white supremacy as American as the Constitution, and as old as Plymouth Rock, we alone cannot be expected to undo it.

That, white people, is on you - and your privilege. ~ Renee Graham
1970s Rock quotes by Renee Graham
Tom, will you let me love you in your restaurant?
i will let you make me a sandwich of your
invention and i will eat it and call
it a carolyn sandwich. then you will kiss my lips
and taste the mayonnaise and
that is how you shall love me in my restaurant.

Tom, will you come up to my empty beige
apartment and help me set up my daybed?
yes, and i will put the screws in loosely so that
when we move on it, later,
it will rock like a cradle and then you will know
you are my baby

Tom, I am sitting on my dirt bike on the deck.
Will you come out from the kitchen
and watch the people with me?
yes, and then we will race to your bedroom.
i will win and we will tangle up
on your comforter while the sweat rains from your
stomachs and foreheads.

Tom, the stars are sitting in tonight like gumball
gems in a little girl's
jewlery box. Later can we walk to the duck pond?
yes, and we can even go the long way past the
jungle gym. i will push you on
the swing, but promise me you'll hold tight. if
you fall i might disappear.

Tom, can we make a baby together? I want to be
a big pregnant woman with a
loved face and give you a squalling red daughter.
no, but i will come inside you and you will be
my daughter

Tom, will you stay the night with me and sleep
so close that we are one person,
no, but i will l ~ Carolyn Creedon
1970s Rock quotes by Carolyn Creedon
I've never supported this concept of going after Napster. I think the rock bands who fought this were wrong. ~ Michael Moore
1970s Rock quotes by Michael Moore
That's one of the things that always grabbed me about rock music: There's a song, and you know how it goes, and you can sort of predict it, but a lot is left up to chance and interaction. ~ Greg Saunier
1970s Rock quotes by Greg Saunier
Must you always speak with so many pop culture references?"
"I must, yes, but no one's making pop culture anymore, so I'm starting to feel dated. I haven't seen a new movie in two years. And you know what else I just realized?"
The doctor stared at him.
"I'm never going to find out what the hell was going on with Lost. I mean, was it just sheer coincidence their plane crashed on the island or was it this Jacob guy pulling the strings all along? And how did most of them end up back in the 1970s with the Dharma people? ~ Peter Clines
1970s Rock quotes by Peter Clines
I know I express myself best singing love songs, and Jim Steinman gave me my rock style, which I have always wanted. I can express myself best putting a lot of emotion into singing rock songs. ~ Bonnie Tyler
1970s Rock quotes by Bonnie Tyler
Radio is paid by advertising. They decide what songs to play that'll keep people listening. And that's what promoters and the Classic Rock people do. ~ George Thorogood
1970s Rock quotes by George Thorogood
I think people will always love a heavy Sabbath riff because it's fundamental to rock. ~ Stone Gossard
1970s Rock quotes by Stone Gossard
Todays rocks are tomorrows diamonds. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
1970s Rock quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
I'm not saying the 1970s was a golden age - I don't believe such a thing exists in art ... It would be like talking about a golden age of science. But it's true that those were slightly more ideological times, and the relevance of artists wasn't established by their CVs but by their work. ~ Maurizio Cattelan
1970s Rock quotes by Maurizio Cattelan
I can tell you now that if you break things off with Alana, I'm gonna want to high five you in the face with a hammer before we reach New York. ~ Eden Summers
1970s Rock quotes by Eden Summers
I just know that, right now, ... the biggest record selling business there is is rock and roll. ~ Elvis Presley
1970s Rock quotes by Elvis Presley
And we were all of us alone, clinging to a rock spinning through the star-strewn darkness and trying desperately to matter. To make some sort of everlasting mark, however true or awful that mark may be. Spinning endlessly alone - until we're not alone, and we stumble into someone else trying to mark the chaos, and we cling tighter to that person than we ever have to the world itself. That spark in another, that resonation of the soul - a counterpoint in the dark - was more real and more important than the earth beneath our feet. ~ Joe Ducie
1970s Rock quotes by Joe Ducie
Cade hiked his shoulders, pretending nonchalance. "Tell me about the vampire, or not, dove. But none of us really wants to be here."
"I'll tell you," Nïx said, her gaze rapt on his horns. "But only if you let me lick your rock-hard horns - "
"Nïx!" Regin's attention snapped back to this conversation.
Eyes wide, Nïx cried, "Who said that?? I didn't say that! Oh, very well - the vampire's named Conrad Wroth. Best be careful with that one. He single-handedly took down Bothrops the Lich."
"That was Wroth?" He'd heard of the assassin before. Cade grudgingly admitted that the leech did nice work, dealing deaths with a unique, gruesome signature to them. Which was important in their line of business. "Where is he?"
"To find him, you need to trail the one who seeks him in sleep."
"Soothsayerese? I don't speak it," he said, but she didn't elaborate. "That's all you're going to divvy?"
"Wanna know more?" Nïx raised her brows. "Then you should have let me lick your horns. ~ Kresley Cole
1970s Rock quotes by Kresley Cole
Composers don't just sit in a room and write things that are in their heads, they actually listen to a lot of music, pop music, jazz, rock and roll, any combination of music that catches their ear. ~ Hilary Hahn
1970s Rock quotes by Hilary Hahn
I think the 1970s will always be the decade for me. Obviously, I grew up in that era, but the beauty standard was touchable, kissable. ~ Tom Ford
1970s Rock quotes by Tom Ford
Women play cellos and violins in symphony orchestras. They're playing Beethoven and Bach. What do you mean they can't play rock and roll? ~ Joan Jett
1970s Rock quotes by Joan Jett
What do you want, MacGuffin, a duel?"
"No." Julian held out both hands, one palm flat, the other held over it in a fist. "Rock, paper, scissors. Two out of three."
Ty rolled his eyes and held out his fist, apparently willing to play. Julian hit his palm three times, and Ty kept time with his fist in the air. But when Julian threw a paper, Ty reached into his jacket with his other hand and pulled his gun, aiming it at Julian.
"Ty!" Zane said in exasperation from the front seat.
"Glock, paper, scissors. I win."
"You are an ass," Julian muttered. ~ Abigail Roux
1970s Rock quotes by Abigail Roux
A study done at the University of London found that constant emailing and text-messaging reduces mental capability by an average of ten points on an IQ test. It was five points for women, and fifteen points for men. This effect is similar to missing a night's sleep. For men, it's around three times more than the effect of smoking cannabis. ~ David Rock
1970s Rock quotes by David Rock
Lets Rock Cancer's World ~ Benny Bellamacina
1970s Rock quotes by Benny Bellamacina
Greed, crowned emperor,
rules the earth with cold disdain
for harmony's path. ~ Aberjhani
1970s Rock quotes by Aberjhani
I love comedy and drama equally and music too. I just sort of follow my nose to whatever seems really exciting at the time. Eventually, I might want to do a rock opera. ~ Jack Black
1970s Rock quotes by Jack Black
People ask all the time, 'What would you be doing if you weren't Kid Rock?' It's simple: I'd be broke Kid Rock. ~ Kid Rock
1970s Rock quotes by Kid Rock
Rock music is not meant to be perfect. ~ Ozzy Osbourne
1970s Rock quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
The Lord is my Rock. He has always been there, always present at good times and bad; and to me when I feel His presence, my life is full. ~ Aaron Rodgers
1970s Rock quotes by Aaron Rodgers
Making this movie as a period piece about a period that was very recent in people's minds. I was in Taiwan [during the 1970s], so I hope I did all right. Otherwise, it could be the biggest embarrassment of my life. Also, the story is not linear, it's patchy, like a cubist painting, and there is always the possibility it will not hold together, it will fall apart. The tone is part satire, part serious drama, part tragedy, all mixed together, and it has to hit an emotional core. That's also very scary. ~ Ang Lee
1970s Rock quotes by Ang Lee
Being a rock widow is not my job, so I would hire people to do it for me. ~ Courtney Love
1970s Rock quotes by Courtney Love
For centuries, economic thinkers, from Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes, have tried to identify the elusive formula that makes some countries more prosperous and successful than others. My curiosity about this topic spurred me, as a young professor of economics in the late 1970s, to research new ways of measuring national competitiveness. ~ Klaus Schwab
1970s Rock quotes by Klaus Schwab
In the past, the U.S. has shown its capacity to reinvent its gifts for leadership. During the 1970s, in the aftermath of the Nixon abdication and the Ford and Carter presidencies, the whole nation peered into the abyss, was horrified by what it saw and elected Ronald Reagan as president, which began a national resurgence. ~ Paul Johnson
1970s Rock quotes by Paul Johnson
Last night you sat there singing to me 'nothing to hide, believe what I say' and not ten hours later you're standin' in front of me lyin ~ Kristen Ashley
1970s Rock quotes by Kristen Ashley
Whatever your pleasure, I can facilitate. You need weed, you need meth- hey, you need Prozac, I'm your man. I know how you white boys always deal with that depression. I mean me personally, I don't understand what you white boys are all depressed about. Hey, you're white! Smile! ~ Chris Rock
1970s Rock quotes by Chris Rock
Last night I dreamed of the "happy hunting ground." I passed through a place of bones that looked human, but weren't--the skulls were wrong. Then I came to a place where the days were the best of every season, the sweetest air and water in spring, then the dry heat where deer make dust in the road, the fog of fall with good leaves. And you could shoot without a gun, never kill, but the rabbits would do a little dance, all as if it were a game, and they were playing it too. Then winter came with heavy powder-snow, and big deer, horses, goats and buffaloes--all white--snorted, tossed their heads, and I lay down with my Army blanket, made my bed in the snow, then dreamed within the dream. I dreamed I was at Fleety's, and she told me the bones were poor people killed by bandits, and she took me back to the place, and under a huge rock where no light should have shown, a cave almost, was a dogwood tree. It glowed the kind of red those trees get at sundown, the buds were purple in that weird light, and a madman came out with an axe and chopped at the skulls, trying to make them human-looking. Then I went back to the other side of both dreams. --from a letter to his mother, Helen Pancake, where he describes a dream that seems to encapsulate the play between violence and gentleness in his life. ~ Breece D'J Pancake
1970s Rock quotes by Breece D'J Pancake
Are we so desperate for entertainment that we will fall for a Trickless magician?? Saw a woman in half. Pull a rabbit out of a hat. Do something! What tricks does this guy have? "I'm in a box ... and I ain't gonna eat.". "I'm in a box ... and I ain't gonna eat!!" That ain't no trick! That's called living in the projects! ~ Chris Rock
1970s Rock quotes by Chris Rock
I tried to describe impossible things like the scent of creosote - bitter, slightly resinous, but still pleasant - the high, keening sound of the cicadas in July, the feathery barrenness of the trees, the very size of the sky, extending white-blue from horizon to horizon, barely interrupted by the low mountains covered with purple volcanic rock. The hardest thing to explain was why it was so beautiful to me - to justify a beauty that didn't depend on the sparse, spiny vegetation that often looked half dead, a beauty that had more to do with the exposed shape of the land, with the shallow bowls of valleys between the craggy hills, and the way they held on to the sun. I found myself using my hands as I tried to describe it to him. ~ Stephenie Meyer
1970s Rock quotes by Stephenie Meyer
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