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I've always loved horror, I've always loved collecting, I've always loved weird and macabre things, and I've always loved conventions. So what could be better than having your own Fear FestEviL where all those great and crazy things can be enjoyed by like-minded people under one pretty cool roof? Nothing! ~ Kirk Hammett
What Could Be quotes by Kirk Hammett
Librarians and romance writers accomplish one mission better than anyone, including English teachers: we create readers for life - and what could be more fulfilling than that? ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
What Could Be quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
From such beginnings of governments, what could be expected, but a continual system of war and extortion? ~ Thomas Paine
What Could Be quotes by Thomas Paine
Could it be fear? But what could be worse than living a sad, gray life, in which every day is the same? What could be worse than the fear that everything will disappear, including my own soul, and leave me completely alone in this world when I once had everything I needed to be happy? ~ Paulo Coelho
What Could Be quotes by Paulo Coelho
If there is not laughter in intimacy, it becomes heavy, burdensome, and dull. At my best moments, the love dialogue I try to carry on with You each day is comic-what could be more comic than a human addressing the Ground of Being as an intimate? It's a kind of blasphemy that I dare because you have called for it, and that is pretty humorous, too. ~ Andrew Greeley
What Could Be quotes by Andrew Greeley
It was the rare souls full of hope who showed the world what could be done; and then came the thundering herds, those doubters and naysayers who had once put up barriers, now shoving everyone out of their way. ~ Hugh Howey
What Could Be quotes by Hugh Howey
We don't experience things collectively or cathartically anymore. Viewing has become an intensely private, fetishistic, compulsive process that happens separately from others, and that reflects not only our relation to cinema as a space of possibility, belief, and imagination. But more generally, of what could be, of readiness, which is what the movies have historically been about - the ability to act on things and change. ~ Masha Tupitsyn
What Could Be quotes by Masha Tupitsyn
I wondered over again for the hundredth time what could be the principle which, in the wildest, most lawless, fantastically chaotic, apparently capricious work of Nature, always kept it beautiful. ~ George MacDonald
What Could Be quotes by George MacDonald
Real gold doesn't start its journey in a display window at Tiffany. It's dug out of the dirty earth. Sometimes true gold doesn't glitter. It may need a little polishing, but don't let that bit of needed patience or effort trick you into discarding what could be the greatest treasure of your life. ~ Cleo Coyle
What Could Be quotes by Cleo Coyle
Between what is and what could be? ~ Gloria Steinem
What Could Be quotes by Gloria Steinem
There seems scarcely any limit to what could be done in the way of producing a good world, if only men would use science wisely. ~ Bertrand Russell
What Could Be quotes by Bertrand Russell
We are not optimists because we can predict a bright and beautiful future, but we're not pessimists either, because the future is unknown and unknowable. We are, rather, active participants in possibility, willing workers in the fields of what could be, but is not yet. We are compelled by love- love of children and youth, love of a world in need of repair- and powered by hope. ~ William Ayers
What Could Be quotes by William Ayers
What could be more advantageous in an intellectual contest - whether it be chess, bridge, or stock selection - than to have opponents who have been taught that thinking is a waste of energy? ~ Warren Buffett
What Could Be quotes by Warren Buffett
You can count on one hand the white rappers that have made it. So I just wanted to show the point of view of an actor in Hollywood, because what could be more soft than that. Rapping about auditions and acting and stuff. I thought it was just uncharted territory to clown on, so that pushed through with Dirt Nasty. ~ Simon Rex
What Could Be quotes by Simon Rex
One cannot reflect for long on moral precepts without being astonished at seeing them, at one and the same time, revered and neglected, and without wondering what could be the reason for this vagary of the human heart, whereby it clings to principles of goodness and perfection from which it deviates in practice. ~ Antoine François Prévost
What Could Be quotes by Antoine François Prévost
When the ramp leveled off, he was met by a scarred farmhouse table surrounded by a mishmash of twenty chairs, scattered at all angles as if a seated crowd had sprinted into the night. Past the dozens of half-finished wine bottles. Past the coffee cup ashtrays. Past dried-out lime wedges, empty bottles of stronger spirits, and fruit-flyed glasses. Past the residue of drugs, the residue of nights. Past it all was the wonder of what could be hidden if this much was left to be found. ~ Will Chancellor
What Could Be quotes by Will Chancellor
Can you guess what I'm doing?"
"Cutting my heart out."
"You took mine when I was ten; I want yours now. We are lovers of justice, you and I - what could be more just than that? ~ William Goldman
What Could Be quotes by William Goldman
I'm not known as a singer, but in life I like to do things that are a bit beyond my reach to keep myself from slipping. I find that technology has made it so that we don't need to have a memory system, and as I get older I want to do things that challenge me. What could be more challenging than doing this show with a knee that's been replaced, after tearing my Achilles heel with a baker's cyst on the back of my knee? And then I have to try and dance! ~ George Hamilton
What Could Be quotes by George Hamilton
These were the things that built the world. Not to know or care about them was a betrayal of fundamental principles, a betrayal of gender, of species. What could be more useless than a man who couldn't fix a dripping faucet - fundamentally useless, dead to history, to the messages in his genes? I wasn't sure I disagreed. ~ Don DeLillo
What Could Be quotes by Don DeLillo
What could be better than walking down any street in any city and knowing you're the heavyweight champion of the world? ~ Rocky Marciano
What Could Be quotes by Rocky Marciano
Everybody should come here. Everyone should see how complicated, how deeply troubled, and yet at the same time, beautiful and awesome the world can be. Everyone should experience, even as the clouds gather, what's at stake, what could be lost, what's still here. ~ Anthony Bourdain
What Could Be quotes by Anthony Bourdain
What could be more natural for me than to look upon the Abbot as representing the highest human ideal worth striving for, just as the position of the humble village priest had appeared to my father in his own boyhood days? ~ Adolf Hitler
What Could Be quotes by Adolf Hitler
Here in your mind you have complete privacy. Here there's no difference between what is and what could be. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
What Could Be quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
People like ourselves may see nothing wondrous in writing, but our anthropologists know how strange and magical it appears to a purely oral people - a conversation with no one and yet with everyone. What could be stranger than the silence one encounters when addressing a question to a text? What could be more metaphysically puzzling than addressing an unseen audience, as every writer of books must do? And correcting oneself because one knows that an unknown reader will disapprove or misunderstand? ~ Neil Postman
What Could Be quotes by Neil Postman
How does Forrest Gump have sex? What could be more of a revelation about a character than watching them have sex? That says a lot about them, how they touch another person in bed. ~ Paul Thomas Anderson
What Could Be quotes by Paul Thomas Anderson
He was directly invited to join their party, but he declined it, observing that he could imagine but two motives for their choosing to walk up and down the room together, with either of which motives his joining them would interfere. "What could he mean? She was dying to know what could be his meaning?"
and asked Elizabeth whether she could at all understand him?
"Not at all," was her answer; "but depend upon it, he means to be severe on us, and our surest way of disappointing him will be to ask nothing about it. ~ Jane Austen
What Could Be quotes by Jane Austen
Sanctum, a holy or sacred place. What could be more sacred than possessing the power of your own true thoughts? Sanctum. It is both lock and key. ~ Madeleine Roux
What Could Be quotes by Madeleine Roux
What could be better in al-Qaeda's mind than to have India and Pakistan going at each other? What more to further their aims? ~ Richard Armitage
What Could Be quotes by Richard Armitage
...to settle into silence, to trust what was or what could be. ~ Sheila O'Connor
What Could Be quotes by Sheila O'Connor
To be able to look ahead while also celebrating now is a delicate kind of art, to imagine what could be without discounting what is. ~ Emily P. Freeman
What Could Be quotes by Emily P. Freeman
He hated Egypt and he's buried in Egypt. "What could be worse than being buried in a cemetery where you know nobody, Monsieur Jacques?" he would ask.
"And I tell you what. Worse than dying is the thought that no one will ever come to your grave, that no one will come wash the letters of your name. Everyone remembers for a few months, a few years, on anniversaries, and then, a generation later, they forget you. And the earth might as well make dust of you, for you're as good as unborn - you never were born - even if you live to be a hundred. ~ Andre Aciman
What Could Be quotes by Andre Aciman
Boy oh boy, this man is trouble. He was slowly tearing down the wall she'd built around her heart, brick by brick. Could any man be this perfect? He must have some faults. Maybe he is a chauvinist pig ... no, doesn't seem like it. He is kind to animals and children, he is a fireman, he looks like sex on a stick. What could be wrong with him? Maybe he snores. Oh, wouldn't I like to find out? ~ Tamara Hoffa
What Could Be quotes by Tamara Hoffa
You have told yourself that you have found your knight in shining armor, my brother Rick. Isn't that the truth? You met him and he fit the bill, so you have told yourself a wonderful story and, stubborn brat that you are, you have been clinging to it ever since. After all, what could be more appropriate than for Francesca Cahill, reformer extraordinaire, to fall in love with my reform-minded Republican brother? But wait! Being as this is a love story, there has to be an unhappy middle and the perfect hero isn't quite so perfect after all. For he is married. Oh, wait! It isn't that bad, after all, for as it turns out he is a man of virtue, and he really loves you, while he despises his wife! And did I forget to mention that she is vile and evil? So the story can limp along, and true love might survive after all! Does this sound at all familiar, Francesca?"
"I almost hate you," she whispered. And she felt a tear sliding down her cheek. ~ Brenda Joyce
What Could Be quotes by Brenda Joyce
But many, many stories were told; from what could be gathered, all fifty of the mine's inhabitants had reacted on each other, two by two, as in combinatorial analysis, that is to say, everyone with all the others, and especially every man with all the women, old maids or married, and every woman with all the men. All I had to do was to select two names at random, better if different sex, and ask a third person, "What happened with those two?" and lo and behold, a splendid story was unfolded for me, since everyone knew the story of everyone else. ~ Primo Levi
What Could Be quotes by Primo Levi
Leaders are fascinated by future. You are a leader if and only if, you are restless for change, impatient for progress and deeply dissatisfied with status quo. Because in your head, you can see a better future. The friction between 'what is' and 'what could be' burns you, stirs you up, propels you. This is leadership. ~ Marcus Buckingham
What Could Be quotes by Marcus Buckingham
Never judge a book by the cover, you may miss out on what could be your favorite book ~ Sharon Watkins
What Could Be quotes by Sharon Watkins
While you were leaping headlong into an ambush you should have foreseen, she might have been attacked. She might have been killed or worse.'
Rupert came to a halt. 'What could be worse than her being killed, do you think?'
'I thought I had communicated to you Mr. Salt's opinions and wishes in the matter of Mr. Archdale's disappearance,' Beechey said. 'I thought I used easily comprehended terms.'
'You did,' Rupert said. 'I told Mrs. Pembroke about it in much the same way.'
'You told -' After a pause, Beechey went on, his voice strained, 'You cannot have revealed our suspicions about the - ahem - places of dubious repute. This is one of your jokes, I daresay. Ha ha.'
'She said her brother was not in a brothel or opium den and I was on no account to go to such places looking for him,' Rupert said. 'I obeyed, as I was obliged to do. You did tell me I wasn't to upset her, did you not?'
There followed the kind of furious silence with which Rupert was more than familiar. ~ Loretta Chase
What Could Be quotes by Loretta Chase
So everything is necessary. Every least thing. This is the hard lesson. Nothing can be dispensed with. Nothing despised. Because the seams are hid from us, you see. The joinery. The way in which the world is made. We have no way to know what could be taken away. What omitted. We have no way to tell what might stand and what might fall. ~ Cormac McCarthy
What Could Be quotes by Cormac McCarthy
Someday they will die, their children will die, all children will die. Someday stars will wind down or blow up. Someday death will cover us all like the water of a lake and perhaps nothing will ever come to the surface to show that we were ever there. But we were there, and during the time we lived, we were alive. That's the truth- what is, what was, what will be- not what could be, what should have been, what never can be. If we die, then our death has meaning to the rest of the universe. Even if our lives are unknown, the fact that someone lived here, and died, that will have repercussions, that will shape the universe. ~ Orson Scott Card
What Could Be quotes by Orson Scott Card
What could be heavier and more impenetrable than a rock, the densest of all forms? And yet some rocks undergo a change in their molecular structure, turn into crystals, and so become transparent to the light. ~ Eckhart Tolle
What Could Be quotes by Eckhart Tolle
And what could be more frightening than a child with total power? A spear and sword are terrible, God knows. That is why the knight who carries them is first taught pity, justice, mercy, and only last
force. ~ John Steinbeck
What Could Be quotes by John Steinbeck
What could be more heavier and more impenetrable than a rock, the densest of all forms? And yet some rocks undergo a change in their molecular structure, turn into crystals, and so become transparent to the light. Some carbons, under inconceivable heat and pressure, turn into diamonds, and some heavy minerals into other precious stones. ~ Eckhart Tolle
What Could Be quotes by Eckhart Tolle
Always say "yes" to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? what could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say "yes" to life - and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you. ~ Eckhart Tolle
What Could Be quotes by Eckhart Tolle
Hope is when you look out the window and you go, 'It doesn't look good at all, but I'm going to go beyond what I see to give people visions of what could be.' ~ Anna Deavere Smith
What Could Be quotes by Anna Deavere Smith
Dogs are masters of creating emotionally safe space just by being themselves. ... it is as if something deep within our souls resonates with their energy, their unwavering unconditional love and unbridled joy to be in our presence, their undivided loyalty, and complete trust in us. Dogs make us feel special, and teach us by example to relish simple pleasures and live totally in the moment. They teach us there is only now and only who you are, who you are with, and what you are doing right then–and
what could be better than to sniff the wind and be in the company of those you love? ~ Val Silver
What Could Be quotes by Val Silver
There is but one world and everything that is imaginable is necessary to it. For this world also which seems to us a thing of stone and flower and blood is not a thing at all but is a tale. And all in it is a tale and each tale the sum of all lesser tales and yet these are also the selfsame tale and contain as well all else within them. So everything is necessary. Every least thing. This is the hard lesson. Nothing can be dispensed with. Nothing despised. Because the seams are hid from us, you see. The joinery. The way in which the world is made. We have no way to know what could be taken away. What omitted. We have no way to tell what might stand and what might fall. And those seams that are hid from us are of course in the tale itself and the tale has no abode or place of beind except in the telling only and there it lives and makes its home and therefore we can never be done with the telling. Of the telling there is no end. And . . . in whatever . . . place by whatever . . . name or by no name at all . . . all tales are one. Rightly heard all tales are one. ~ Cormac McCarthy
What Could Be quotes by Cormac McCarthy
What could be worse than being born without sight? Being born with sight and no vision. ~ Helen Keller
What Could Be quotes by Helen Keller
We were all too human then, the vast ocean surrounding us and the tiny island we inhabited. We were two small beating hearts in this world, yet what we sought now seemed enormous. What we wanted and what could be created between us, a spark of life, so small and fragile, was too overwhelming to fully comprehend. My heart beat heavily in my chest with the weight of what we were trying for. ~ Meredith Wild
What Could Be quotes by Meredith Wild
God, in the end, gives people what they most want, including freedom from himself. What could be more fair? ~ C.S. Lewis
What Could Be quotes by C.S. Lewis
We lawyers do not write plain English. We use eight words to say what could be said in two. We use arcane phrases to express commonplace ideas. Seeking to be precise, we become redundant. Seeking to be cautious, we become verbose. Our sentences twist on, phrase within clause within clause, glazing the eyes and numbing the minds of our readers. The result is a writing style that has, according to one critic, four outstanding characteristics. It is (1) wordy, (2) unclear, (3) pompous, and (4) dull. ~ Richard C. Wydick
What Could Be quotes by Richard C. Wydick
Think about this for a moment. What would happen if you were to begin speaking to people's potential rather than their performance? What if you made it a habit to dispense the same type of grace to others as has been poured out on you? What would happen if you intentionally laced your conversations with notions of what could be true of the people around you? ~ Andy Stanley
What Could Be quotes by Andy Stanley
What could be more physical than what you eat, where you live, and who you live with? These are all very physical issues. ~ Sharon Gannon
What Could Be quotes by Sharon Gannon
Madison, or "Maddie," as she preferred, wondered what could be at the end of that road. ~ Alice Marks
What Could Be quotes by Alice Marks
What could be more interesting than thinking of mysterious happenings, finding the answers to intriguing questions, and making up new worlds? ~ Jeanne DuPrau
What Could Be quotes by Jeanne DuPrau
Bread and books: food for the body and food for the soul - what could be more worthy of our respect, and even love? ~ Salman Rushdie
What Could Be quotes by Salman Rushdie
Tomorrow is the day of the yearly election of the Well-Doer. Tomorrow we shall again hand over to our Well-Doer the keys to the impregnable fortress of our happiness. Certainly this in no way resembles the disorderly, unorganized election days of the ancients, on which (it seems so funny!) they did not even know in advance the result of the election. To build a state on some non-discountable contingencies, to build blindly - what could be more nonsensical? Yet centuries had to pass before this was understood! ~ Yevgeny Zamyatin
What Could Be quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
I'm sleepin' in your pee pee, and I'm dreaming of what could be." That's just the chorus of a little love song I recently wrote. ~ Jarod Kintz
What Could Be quotes by Jarod Kintz
What could be more superstitious than the idea that money brings forth food? ~ Wendell Berry
What Could Be quotes by Wendell Berry
When I compare life to a dream I do not mean to denigrate it as some sort of meaningless fantasy. Life is too wonderful to be called an "illusion" unless we whisper the word in amazement, as we might when witnessing the most astonishing magic trick. What could be more magnificent than this glorious universe, in all its multifarious extravagance? Its awesome vastness and delicate detail. Its impersonal precision and intimate intensity. Its harsh necessities and lush sensuality. This dream of life is truly marvelous. ~ Timothy Freke
What Could Be quotes by Timothy Freke
The bus was crowded, standing room only, and he clung apelike from a bar that hung down from the ceiling. It was humiliating to be packed in with all these people; it reminded him of a cattle car or worse, a sardine can, or worse...but what could be worse than this? ~ Joseph G. Peterson
What Could Be quotes by Joseph G. Peterson
What could be more exciting than an October day? It's your birthday, Fourth of July and Christmas all rolled into one. ~ Peggy Toney Horton
What Could Be quotes by Peggy Toney Horton
Growing up with my father's legacy, we never felt that we had to do anything, but we were always raised to think: What could be better than to explore the wonders of the world and share that with people? To try and make the world a better place. And I guess it stuck. ~ Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
What Could Be quotes by Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
What a dull universe it would be if everything in it conformed to our expectations, if it held nothing to surprise or baffle us or confound our common sense. A century ago no one foresaw the existence of black holes, an expanding universe, oceans on Jupiter's moons, or DNA. What could be more enriching than to know that we share a common origin with all living things, that we are kin to chimpanzees, redwoods and mollusks? And isn't it a source of wonder to realize that the iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones were created in the bellies of supernovas? ~ Steven Pinker
What Could Be quotes by Steven Pinker
Music for a long time has been telling what the world is like. What music has to say now, in a manner that has both logic and emotion in it, is that the world has a structure persons could like; be stronger by ... [If] the world is the oneness of opposites - and music says it is - the world is given an everlastingly sensible basis; for what could be more sensible that to be calm and forceful at once, reposeful and intense at once? ~ Eli Siegel
What Could Be quotes by Eli Siegel
I happen to find ceilings much lovelier than the night sky myself. Sometimes I just stare at them for hours and wonder what could be up there. ~ Bauvard
What Could Be quotes by Bauvard
I had the analysis of a million or so SNPs [single nucleotide polymorphisms] just to see what was there. That's partly because I was writing a book about DNA and personalized medicine and I thought it would be a little bit disingenuous to talk about what could be done without actually having the experiment done on yourself. ~ Francis Collins
What Could Be quotes by Francis Collins
I'm really not comfortable with you being naked," I said, struggling for a normal tone and failing.
His brow arched. "Why should it unsettle you, pet? After all, you just said I meant nothing to you beyond mere gratitude. And you've seen a man's body before, so don't pull that blushing act with me. What could be bothering you, then? I know what's bothering me." The smoothly bantering tone changed to a low, furious growl. "What's bothering me is that you dare to stand there and tell me what I do and do not feel about last night. That kissing you and holding you meant nothing to me. Then, to top it all off, that you were only reacting to me because you were impaired! That's rich. You know what those drugs did to you in the first dose, before the second one made you comatose? They killed the bug up your arse! ~ Jeaniene Frost
What Could Be quotes by Jeaniene Frost
What's of more concern: If I don't shut down my brain soon, my imagination will take off so far about what could be with this guy, that nothing will ever be able to just be. ~ Rachel Cohn
What Could Be quotes by Rachel Cohn
You see, the penis, it's so graceless, wouldn't you agree? When it's cold and shrivelled up, it looks like W.H. Auden in his old age; when it's hot, it flops and dangles about in a ridiculous way; when it's excited, it looks so pained and earnest you'd think it was going to burst into tears. And the scrotum! To think that something so vital to the survival of the species, fully responsible for 50 per cent of the ingredients--though none of the work--should hang freely from the body in a tiny, defenceless bag of skin. One whack, one bite, one paw-scratch--and it's just the right level, too, for your average animal, a dog, a lion, a sabre-tooth tiger--and that's it, end of story. Don't you think it should get better protection? Behind some bone, for example, like us? What could be better than our nicely tapered entrance? It's discreet and stylish, everything is cleverly and compactly encased in the body, with nothing hanging out within easy reach of a closing subway door, there's a neat triangle of hair above it, like a road sign, should you lose your way--it's perfect. The penis is just such a lousy design. It's pre-Scandinavian. Pre-Bauhaus, even. ~ Yann Martel
What Could Be quotes by Yann Martel
The gods we make in our own image are tribal gods. They tell you how very, very little you should tolerate outsiders, who are less favoured of the Lord. Amazingly, there are no recorded cases of the holy man going up the mountain and finding that it's the others who are right. It always turns out that God wants unbelievers to suffer, and what could be more noble than to help him a little? When religion rules, toleration disappears, for you cannot cherish the verdict of death to the infidels, yet also tolerate those who disagree - for those are the very same infidels ... ~ Simon Blackburn
What Could Be quotes by Simon Blackburn
Once you begin reviewing judgment calls, which in basketball there are many, you put yourself on a very slippery slope in terms of what could be reviewed, and ultimately the number of reviews that could take place that would make it unwieldy. ~ Stu Jackson
What Could Be quotes by Stu Jackson
Creativity is the basis of self-expression. Why are some people supposedly more creative than others, and why can't others open themselves up enough to be able to express who they are? Creation is the birth of something, and something cannot come from nothing. When someone creates something: a painting, a poem, a photograph, the creativity comes from an idea, from a feeling, from emotion, or from a combination of ideas, feelings and emotions that are somehow 'reborn' from all our experiences and perspectives. Creativity is the desire to express ourselves. To formulate these expressions, we have to draw from our reservoir of experience, dreams, desires and experimentation and mix together what was, what is, and what could be… I don't think you can learn it, it is rather something that evolves. Your perception of everything in your life fills up this reservoir. ~ Peter Lindbergh
What Could Be quotes by Peter Lindbergh
What could be safer than the bus center with its lamps and wheels? ~ William Golding
What Could Be quotes by William Golding
We live on a spinning rock suspended in darkness, which evolves around a dying star. Our spinning rock was once ruled and owned by gigantic reptiles, all over! In sea, land, and air, gigantic reptiles roamed! Then a smaller rock fell from the sky and made a hole in the ground, so big that all the giant reptiles died! We live on a spinning rock we got from dragons flying through the air, and on this rock we kill each other over things like religion and money! And on this rock we make friends, we fall in love, we work hard to earn papers so we can buy things. On this rock we have dreams at night that remind us of beautiful places we have never been to, beautiful wonders we have never imagined before... we write stories and we make books, we try to travel to other rocks around us, we wonder if anyone else is out there. Our planet, and our existence as a human species, is bizarre! Our reality is bizarre! What we think is normal, when spelled out, is not normal at all. It's only normal because we are familiar with it. We are residents of a universe that is expanding at a rate of more than 5 billion meters per every few seconds, forming new realities and new substances with each expansion! We will never become familiar with even the very tip of what actually is! So why are any of us afraid of the possibilities of what could be? Why does this frighten us, why does this scare us? When we actually never know anything at all! ~ C. JoyBell C.
What Could Be quotes by C. JoyBell C.
People think that I've committed myself to idealism, to solipsism, or to doctrines of the cabala, because I've used them in my tales. But really I was only trying to see what could be done with them. On the other hand, it might be argued that if I use them it's because I was feeling an affinity to them. Of course, that's true. ~ Jorge Luis Borges
What Could Be quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
Most movies use older actors, but I thought, if I could just put kids on camera and get them to be themselves, what could be easier? ~ Gia Coppola
What Could Be quotes by Gia Coppola
What could be a better use of your time than establishing a game plan for your life? ~ Michael Hyatt
What Could Be quotes by Michael Hyatt
What could be more real than the chemestries of our bodies being in perfect sync? And I don't think I want you, I know it."

~Ethan ~ Rosalie Lario
What Could Be quotes by Rosalie Lario
There is proverbially a mystery among most men of new wealth, how they made their first ten thousand; it is the qualities they showed then, before they became bullies, when every man was someone to be placated, when only hope sustained them and they could count on nothing from the world but what could be charmed from it, that make them, if they survive their triumph, successful with women. ~ Evelyn Waugh
What Could Be quotes by Evelyn Waugh
What could be worse than having to be seen resorting to your own life? ~ Gary Lutz
What Could Be quotes by Gary Lutz
He was talking about the sign that said 'THE COMPLICATED FUTILITY OF IGNORANCE.'
'All knew was that I didn't want my daughter or anybody's child to see a message that negative every time she comes into the library,' he said. 'And then I found out it was you who was responsible for it.'
'What's so negative about it?' I said.
'What could be a more negative word than "futility"?' he said.
'"Ignorance,"' I said. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
What Could Be quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
Because what could be more Casablanca? Suddenly Harlow saw that what she'd always wanted was a man of principle. A man of action. A domestic terrorist. Every girl's dream, if she can't have a vampire. ~ Karen Joy Fowler
What Could Be quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
What could be worse than Hell ?" he said
"Purgatory." I said. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
What Could Be quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
Don't make listening a chore. It doesn't have to be hard work. Make it fun. Make it a game. Make it a treasure hunt. What could be more interesting than discovering new things and increasing our powers of perception? Listening is a never-ending journey along an ever-improving road. ~ Joseph Deitch
What Could Be quotes by Joseph Deitch
It will be the proudest moment of my life leading Liverpool out. I've dreamed of this day since I was a kid, kicking a ball against the wall in the street where I lived. What could be better than leading Liverpool out for the Champions League final? Only lifting the trophy. We need everyone, all 11 players who start and the subs, to be ready to give everything. We need that mentality, when everyone has to put everything on the line for Liverpool. That is what it will take to win. We have to make sure we don't have any regrets at the final whistle. ~ Steven Gerrard
What Could Be quotes by Steven Gerrard
I like to read and dream and create music that is based on the imagery of text. If you have the combination of a great book and a great filmmaker, what could be better for the composer? ~ Howard Shore
What Could Be quotes by Howard Shore
Businesses fail when they over-invest in what is at the expense of what could be. ~ Gary Hamel
What Could Be quotes by Gary Hamel
It's a very Greek idea, and a very profound one. Whatever we call beautiful, we quiver before it. And what could be more terrifying and beautiful, to lose control completely? To throw off all the chains of being for an instant, to shatter the accident of our mortal selves? ~ Donna Tartt
What Could Be quotes by Donna Tartt
What could be more than being friends? What could be more than what it felt like to wait by the phone to hear that she was okay? More than waiting to discuss every case with her? ~ Sonali Dev
What Could Be quotes by Sonali Dev
Our works and our play. All our pleasures experienced as the pleasure of love. What could be better that? To feel in one's work the tender and flushed substance of one's dearest concern. ~ Mary Caroline Richards
What Could Be quotes by Mary Caroline Richards
Once again I was the center of an intoxicating whirlwind. The French Gestapo contained the following two fascinating elements: treason and theft. With homosexuality added, it would be sparkling, unassailable! It would possess the three virtues which I set up as theological, capable of composing so hard a body as Lucien's. What could be said against it? It was outside the world. It betrayed (to betray: signifying the breaking of the laws of love). It indulged in pillage. And lastly, it excluded itself from the world by pederasty. It therefore established itself in an unpuncturable solitude. ~ Jean Genet
What Could Be quotes by Jean Genet
A wish is the link between what is and what could be. It is a vine woven into a bridge between the two. Once complete, the bridge is crossed and the wish then turns into what is while a far distant what could be becomes the catalyst for another wish. So you see, life is nothing more than a string of wishes connected by our own handwoven bridges. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
What Could Be quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
She loved all the wolves behind her house, but she loved one of them most of all.
And this one loved her back. He loved her back so hard that even the things that weren't special about her became special: the way she tapped her pencil on her teeth, the off-key songs she sang in the shower, how when she kissed him he knew it meant for ever.
Hers was a memory made up of snapshots: being dragged through the snow by a pack of wolves, first kiss tasting of oranges, saying goodbye behind a cracked windshield.
A life made up of promises of what could be: the possibilities contained in a stack of college applications, the thrill of sleeping under a strange roof, the future that lay in Sam's smile.
It was a life I didn't want to leave behind.
It was a life I didn't want to forget.
I wasn't done with it yet. There was so much more to say. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
What Could Be quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Typically we learn to "argue" by assertion. That is, we tend to start with our conclusions - our desires or opinions - without a whole lot to back them up. And it works, sometimes, at least when we're very young. What could be better? Real argument, by contrast, takes time and practice. Marshaling our reasons, proportioning our conclusions to the actual evidence, considering objections, and all the rest - these are acquired skills. We have to grow up a little. ~ Anthony Weston
What Could Be quotes by Anthony Weston
Today is sacred - for it will never come again. What could be more important than living this day with attention and the intention to be of benefit, to the best of your ability, to all you encounter? ~ John Bruna
What Could Be quotes by John Bruna
What could be worse than another person's happiness? Not that his unhappiness would make us happy, but we need it in order to bear our own. ~ Hansjorg Schertenleib
What Could Be quotes by Hansjorg Schertenleib
When we start understanding that all challenges are really opportunities to learn and grow and become all that we are becoming, which is all being guided by nature and her desire to maintain perfect balance, then what could be wrong? If there is nothing wrong, then the burden of humanity has been lifted from my shoulder and I'm free to be me - to play, to cry, to laugh, to work, to explore, to serve, to unfold and grow. ~ Bryan Kest
What Could Be quotes by Bryan Kest
The tragedy of Central Appalachia is that it is becoming more marginalized in American life just when the country needs more than ever what it has to offer. At a time when the bonds of community and family are visibly failing and people feel more alone than ever, and as they are bombarded from all sides with more demands, and with more "data" that they can possibly digest, Appalachia offers a model for a less frenetic and more measured way of life. People of Appalachian descent elsewhere in the nation-and they number many millions-still feel deep ties to some Appalachian hamlet or hollow as to an ancestral homeland, though they may never have even visited it. As they make their way in the big world of getting and spending they know that something valuable has been lost for all they may have gained. That less frenetic way of life is deeply embedded in Appalachian culture, which has proved incredibly tough and enduring. Yet Appalachia has now been so thoroughly bypassed and forgotten that it cannot give, because the rest of America will not take, what could be it's greatest gift. ~ Harry M. Caudill
What Could Be quotes by Harry M. Caudill
I think of the future all the time. All my life I've chased dreams of what could be. For the first time in my life, I've actually caught one. I'll give you one day at a time, Claire. But remember, I'm thousands of days ahead already. ~ Sarah Addison Allen
What Could Be quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
Psychology, unlike chemistry, unlike algebra, unlike literature, is an owner's manual for your own mind. It's a guide to life. What could be more important than grounding young people in the scientific information that they need to live happy, healthy, productive lives? To have good relationships? ~ Daniel Goldstein
What Could Be quotes by Daniel Goldstein
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