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The secrets of success are a good wife and a steady job. My wife told me. ~ Howard Nemerov
Transwomen Wife quotes by Howard Nemerov
When my wife got sick, I didn't understand why God was doing what he was doing. ~ Marvin Sapp
Transwomen Wife quotes by Marvin Sapp
An interesting example is that the worst woman in the book, who is so cruel and violent, is the sorceress in "The Prince of the Black Islands." She's a beautiful young woman, and she has turned her husband into stone from the waist down. A traveling sultan finds him, in his dreadful state, and the man petrified from the waist down tells his sad story ... how his wife comes every afternoon and beats him until the blood runs down. She's just unwontedly, arbitrarily cruel. ~ Marina Warner
Transwomen Wife quotes by Marina Warner
I agree with you one hundred percent." Diana batted her lashes. "I think you've made a very wise decision,
He ran his palm up her bare arm. "And I think you're picking up the finer nuances of being a wife faster than I'd
ever imagined you would. How the hell did I wind up agreeing to spend Christmas with Margaret Fulbrook?"
"How the hell did I wind up pregnant and unemployed and financially dependent on a man for the first time in my
"You forgot barefoot," he said with satisfaction. "At the moment you're barefoot, pregnant and unemployed."
She started to tickle him in the ribs. A few minutes later Colby's sexy laughter aroused Specter. The dog sighed
heavily, got up and padded down the hall to find some peace and quiet in the living room. ~ Jayne Ann Krentz
Transwomen Wife quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
If a wife lost a husband, there was a whole new word to describe who she was: she was now a widow. A husband became a widower. But if a parent loses a child, there was no special label for their grief. They were still just a mother or a father, even if they no longer had a son or daughter. ~ M.L. Stedman
Transwomen Wife quotes by M.L. Stedman
I do not grieve for him as a wife, as Anne Devereux has grieved for her husband William Herbert. She promised him she would never remarry, she swore she would go to her grave hoping to meet him in heaven. I suppose they were in some sort of love, thought married by contract. I suppose they found some sort of passion in their marriage. It is rare but not impossible. I do hope that they have no given my son ideas about loving his wife; a man who is to be king can marry only for advantage. A woman of sense would marry only for the improvement of her family. Only a lustful fool dreams every night of a marriage of love. ~ Philippa Gregory
Transwomen Wife quotes by Philippa Gregory
I miss being a mistress. I enjoyed it. I loved it, in fact. I never felt guilty. I pretended I did. I had to, with my married girlfriends, the ones who live in terror of the pert au pair or the pretty, funny girl in the office who can talk about football and spends half her life in the gym. I had to tell them that of course I felt terrible about it, of course I felt bad for his wife, I never meant for any of this to happen, we fell in love, what could we do? The truth is, I never felt bad for Rachel.... She just wasn't real to me, and anyway, I was enjoying myself too much. Being the other woman is a huge turn-on, there's no point denying it: you're the one he can't help but betray his wife for, even though he loves her. That's just how irresistible you are. ~ Paula Hawkins
Transwomen Wife quotes by Paula Hawkins
I really don't want to thank my wife because I could be bussing tables at the Daily Grill right now if not for her. Jesus, what a gig that'd be. ~ Robert Downey, Jr.
Transwomen Wife quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
I met Zach's wife today."
"Ah, the once and future Mrs. Easton. What did you think of her?"
"I think he'll go back to her."
Søren nodded. "That was inevitable."
Nora swallowed. "And last night meant nothing."
"I'm sure your night together meant a great deal to him. More than you may ever know. The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home."
"She is his home. I could see that in her eyes. She's perfect, Søren."
"Perfect for him perhaps. To me, Eleanor, it is you who is flawless."
Nora's heart beat heavy in her chest. Søren's love never ceased to humble her.
"I'm as flawed as it gets."
"You are human. And that is the better part of your beauty. But you always knew your editor longed for his wife more than anything. This can't be a surprise to you. What else? ~ Tiffany Reisz
Transwomen Wife quotes by Tiffany Reisz
I want to be a good wife, a good mother, a good person. ~ Peaches Geldof
Transwomen Wife quotes by Peaches Geldof
The fact that I can make a living and support three kids and my wife doing what I love to do ... who does that? That's golden. It's a very privileged thing. ~ Mark Ruffalo
Transwomen Wife quotes by Mark Ruffalo
If all of the money was gone from my life,
Would you still love me?" a man asks his wife.
"Of course," she replies. "Come here, let me kiss you.
I'll love you forever, but boy would I miss you! ~ David Rakoff
Transwomen Wife quotes by David Rakoff
Winning is the only thing that makes me happy. Ask my wife. I don't get happy about anniversaries or birthdays. I don't care about that. Just winning. ~ Jeff Kent
Transwomen Wife quotes by Jeff Kent
Juggling produces both practical and psychological benefits ... A woman's involvement in one role can enhance her functioning in another. Being a wife can make it easier to work outside the home. Being a mother can facilitate the activities and foster the skills of the efficient wife or of the effective worker. And employment outside the home can contribute in substantial, practical ways to how one works within the home, as a spouse and as a parent. ~ Faye J Crosby
Transwomen Wife quotes by Faye J Crosby
Lady Catherine quoting Lizzie Bennet:
She had the impudence to reply that, whilst these would be heavy misfortunes, your wife must have such extraordinary sources of happiness necessarily attached to her situation, that she could, upon the whole, have no cause to repine. ~ Janet Aylmer
Transwomen Wife quotes by Janet Aylmer
Y'know, dear old boy- not my business- but she don't mean an ounce of harm! Only saying to George last night; dear little soul! Not up to snuff at all!'
'No, my God!' agreed the Viscount feelingly.
'Tell you what, Sherry: if I had a wife, which I'm deuced glad I haven't, I'd rather have one like your Kitten than all the Incomparables put together.'
'You would?' said Sherry, staring at him.
'I would,' said Mr. Ringwood firmly. ~ Georgette Heyer
Transwomen Wife quotes by Georgette Heyer
Instead of trying to see things my way, I try to see things her [wife's] way, and if it honestly makes sense then I will submit to her instead of being a tyrant and a dictator. ~ Tony Gaskins
Transwomen Wife quotes by Tony Gaskins
My parents didn't have the opportunities that my wife and I have now, from a quality of life standpoint. ~ Derek Fisher
Transwomen Wife quotes by Derek Fisher
It has been an honor to work in the Obama Administration and to serve this President, particularly during a period of unprecedented change in the broader Middle East. Obviously, there is still work to do but I promised my wife I would return to government for only two years and we both agreed it is time to act on my promise. ~ Dennis Ross
Transwomen Wife quotes by Dennis Ross
A month ago, Gavin had given his employer four weeks' notice. "I'll get a job around here," he'd told her. "Something low-stress, part-time, maybe. We're not paying rent, and Dad's left us plenty. You should quit, too." A year earlier this news would have filled her with delicious, full fat, chocolate-coated joy. But now, after a grueling routine of shitty work, shitty- weird home life in a house where the shadow of a dead boy walked more solidly than the grownups, shitty headaches, shitty worry about a husband who couldn't keep his dick out of other women, the golden offer just weirded Laine out. She didn't trust it. ~ Stephen M. Irwin
Transwomen Wife quotes by Stephen M. Irwin
I loved the fact that Obama is multi-racial. I thought that was terrific, as my wife is the same racial make-up. ~ Clint Eastwood
Transwomen Wife quotes by Clint Eastwood
Emotions don't know how to stitch back the way flesh could. How do you go to a person, your wife of two decades, and tell her you want to start over again? How do you say, "Forget everything we've got together. Forget the kids and the fights and all the good times, too. I take it all back." How do you do that? It ain't a lizard's tail, those years. It ain't something you walk away from and start over. ~ Hugh Howey
Transwomen Wife quotes by Hugh Howey
My wife never look at me anymore, my children, my wife ... we only die once in our life. I'm dying every day when I get up in the morning. ~ Bikram Choudhury
Transwomen Wife quotes by Bikram Choudhury
I sold my chastity for a book. If I had only resisted him, would I be here now? "I want you to read to me," he murmured as he turned to the first page. I stared at the Cyrillic script. "I can't. I don't know how." Simple conversational Russian was one thing, but the complex language of Jane Austen was another. "You will learn," he informed me. "I will help you." A small furrow appeared between his brows as he turned his eyes to the text. "It is generally accepted that a rich man should need a wife," he read, butchering the classic first line. I ~ Julia Sykes
Transwomen Wife quotes by Julia Sykes
Wherever you find a wife and mother-in-law slugging it out, you'll find a son who's not speaking up to either his mother or his wife. ~ Harriet Lerner
Transwomen Wife quotes by Harriet Lerner
Lyrically, there's a lot of songs that are influenced by my wife. They're about my wife and I. ~ Scott Weiland
Transwomen Wife quotes by Scott Weiland
Here it is. Let's say you're married, you love your wife, but you're attracted by another woman.'
'Excuse me, but I absolutely cannot understand how after eating my fill here I could go past a bakery and steal a roll. ~ Leo Tolstoy
Transwomen Wife quotes by Leo Tolstoy
I can't say the connection is one I've made consciously, but quitting drinking allowed me to be less selfish. My wife would definitely say that one of the major benefits of me quitting drinking is that I have more time and focus for other people. ~ Andy Daly
Transwomen Wife quotes by Andy Daly
It's not my dreams that get me in trouble, it's what my wife dreams I did. My wife punched me in the middle of the night; I woke up and went Oww! What was that for?, and she goes I dreamt you were making out with Faith Hill. I said I wasn't dreaming anything! Send her over to my dreams, and we'll both be happy. ~ Jeff Foxworthy
Transwomen Wife quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
I know several couples who experienced adultery in their marriages, but because in each case there was a wife who was willing to pray and a husband open to allowing God to change and restore him, the marriages are still intact and successful today. Only prayer, a submitted heart, and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit can work those kinds of miracles. ~ Stormie O'martian
Transwomen Wife quotes by Stormie O'martian
My wife is funny. And I dabble in it. So being funny is big around our house. But what's surprised me is my daughter can do an English accent. I don't know how she learned this. ~ Jerry Seinfeld
Transwomen Wife quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
My wife said to me: 'If you won the lottery, would you still love me?' I said: 'Of course I would. I'd miss you, but I'd still love you.' ~ Frank Carson
Transwomen Wife quotes by Frank Carson
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