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Drake chimed in, "No, Mortimer or Horatio - something long suffering and filled with angst."
"Mortimer? Horatio? What the hell is angst? What kind of word is that? Dude, have you been reading a thesaurus again? What did I tell you about using words you can't understand? ~ Kris Michaels
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Kris Michaels
His eyes searched hers. I'd rather just be me. Feel comfortable in my own skin and be able to speak my mind without having to carry a damned thesaurus. Sure doesn't seem worth giving up who you are to please others. Far as I'm concerned, they either like me or they don't. Their choice. ~ Leah Braemel
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Leah Braemel
The most difficult thing for spiritual seekers to do is to stop struggling, striving, seeking, and searching. Why? Because in the absence of struggle you don't know who you are; you lose your boundaries, you lose your separateness, you lose your specialness, you lose the dream you have lived all your life. Eventually you lose everything that your mind has created and awaken to who you truly are: the fullness of freedom, unbound by any identifications, identities, or boundaries. ~ Adyashanti
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Adyashanti
Specialness as a primary mode of death transcendence takes a number of other maladaptive forms. The drive for power is not uncommonly motivated by this dynamic. One's own fear and sense of limitation is avoided by enlarging oneself and one's sphere of control. There is some evidence, for example, that those who enter the death-related professions (soldiers, doctors, priests, and morticians) may in part be motivated by a need to obtain control over death anxiety. ~ Irvin D. Yalom
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
Don't ya'll have anything better to do than to mess with Myles?" she asked. "Sadly, Mom, they don't," Myles said. It's the only respite they have from their monotonous, inconsequential tedium of an existence." Amir's eyes widened. "Duck, Pop! He's gonna big word us to death." Amir lifted his forearm. "Thesaurus-shields up! ~ Marcus Major
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Marcus Major
In college, unable to be "special" - or in demand - as a girl, I made myself useful, even essential, in my microcosm - as a writer and photographer for the band, particularly for the band director. My "specialness" was to produce something of value, not to look like something (with that different kind of "value"), so I was still fundamentally invisible, but had a significant purpose. ~ Cris Mazza
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Cris Mazza
Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule. ~ Stephen King
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Stephen King
Didn't I realize that each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake of special unique specialness? ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
I'm just Phil from Rossendale. And now people are screaming for me 'cause I make YouTube videos - it's just crazy! ~ Phil Lester
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Phil Lester
I had recently come into the possession of a Thesaurus. You would not believe how many words there are! When I opened that book, I was like, whoa! Word party! ~ The Harvard Lampoon
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by The Harvard Lampoon
This is what I will forever hold against men in general: that they have carefully selected out and inoculated intelligent women with a sense of specialness: you're not like other girls. Damn, for a woman, you sure are bright as hell! ~ Dorothy Uhnak
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Dorothy Uhnak
No ... big ... deal." He wasn't saying "bad," and he wasn't saying "good." He was saying that these things happen and they can transform your life, but at the same time don't make too big a deal of them, because that leads to arrogance and pride, or a sense of specialness. On the other hand, making too big a deal about your difficulties takes you in the other direction; it takes you into poverty, self-denigration, and a low opinion of yourself. ~ Pema Chodron
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Pema Chodron
Many Spirit-filled authors have exhausted the thesaurus in order to describe God with the glory He deserves. His perfect holiness, by definition, assures us that our words can't contain Him. Isn't it a comfort to worship a God we cannot exaggerate? ~ Francis Chan
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Francis Chan
Monogamy, it follows, is the sacred cow of the romantic ideal, for it is the marker of our specialness: I have been chosen and others renounced. When you turn your back on other loves, you confirm my uniqueness; when your hand or mind wanders, my importance is shattered. Conversely, if I no longer feel special, my own hands and mind tingle with curiosity. The disillusioned are prone to roam. Might someone else restore my significance ~ Esther Perel
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Esther Perel
Every artist needs canvass, mine just happens to be Microsoft Word and a Thesaurus. ~ Lori Lesko
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Lori Lesko
There are tools that help sharpen freestyle skills like having a diverse vernacular, some sense of music theory, being outspoken, phrasing, spacing, cross word puzzles, thesauruses, the ability to expand on an issue and embellish that with more descriptive terminology. ~ Myka 9
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Myka 9
I also decided I want to have a meaningful relationship. But only with one person. And then stay with that person for a long time. Like, uh, monography."
Stephen types a few keys in a quick rhythm. "It's shame your epiphany wasn't accompanied by a thesaurus. ~ Valerie Z. Lewis
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Valerie Z. Lewis
We will never fight again, our lovely, quick, template-ready arguments. Our delicate cross-stitch of bickers.

The house becomes a physical encyclopedia of no-longer hers, which shocks and shocks and is the principal difference between our house and a house where illness has worked away. Ill people, in their last day on Earth, do not leave notes stuck to bottles of red wine saying 'OH NO YOU DON'T COCK-CHEEK'. She was not busy dying, and there is no detritus of care, she was simply busy living, and then she was gone.

She won't ever use (make-up, turmeric, hairbrush, thesaurus).

She will never finish (Patricia Highsmith novel, peanut butter, lip balm).

And I will never shop for green Virago Classics for her birthday.

I will stop finding her hairs.

I will stop hearing her breathing. ~ Max Porter
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Max Porter
One has the sense of her deciding roughly at Page 2 whether or not a book is worthy; reading the rest of it to gather evidence for her case; spending some quality time with the Thesaurus; and then taking a large blunt hammer and pounding the message home. ~ Ben Yagoda
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Ben Yagoda
A writer who has never explored words, who has never searched, seeded, sieved, sifted through his knowledge and memory ... dictiona ries, thesaurus, poems, favorite paragraphs, to find the right word, is like someone owning a gold mine who has never mined it. ~ Rumer Godden
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Rumer Godden
British diplomats and Anglo-American types in Washington have a near-superstitious prohibition on uttering the words 'Special Relationship' to describe relations between Britain and America, lest the specialness itself vanish like a phantom at cock-crow. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Christopher Hitchens
Because, ten-year-olds of the world, you shouldn't believe what your teachers tell you about the beauty and specialness and uniqueness of you. Or, believe it, little snowflake, but know it won't make a bit of difference until after puberty. It's Newton's lost law: anything that makes you unique later will get your chocolate milk stolen and your eye blackened as a kid. Won't it, Sebastian? Oh, yes, it will, my little Mandarin Chinese-learning, Poe-reciting, high-top-wearing friend. God bless you, wherever you are. ~ Sloane Crosley
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Sloane Crosley
I tried to find a word for it in my thesaurus, but there isn't one. At least, not one that doesn't belittle the plight of POWs and victims of famine. I guess we can just call it beyond suck. -Lulu Dark ~ Bennett Madison
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Bennett Madison
It's funny, this - so many words to describe the same thing," she smiled..."Penis is simply an anatomical appendage, as exciting as a finger or a phalange. A willy is something small and flaccid, and at least slightly humorous. Prick is the organ as viewed with distaste, perhaps with so much as to describe the entire body it's attached to, like a dick, but more so. Phallus is a symbol of fertility, but my favourite...is the cock, which is only ever the hard, real thing, unleashed and ready to dive head-first into any waiting orifice. Or hole, while I'm in thesaurus mode. ~ Morgana Blackrose
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Morgana Blackrose
Within just about every serial predator, there are two warring elements: A feeling of grandiosity, specialness, and entitlement, together with deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness and a sense that they have not gotten the breaks in life that they should ~ John E. Douglas
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by John E. Douglas
My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They're intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law based country it's appropriate to have policies that reflect that They don't comport with natural law. I happen to think that it represents (to put it politely; I need my thesaurus to be polite) behavior that is not healthy to an individual and in aggregate is not healthy to society. ~ Ken Cuccinelli
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Ken Cuccinelli
Sometimes I think people think poetry must be filled with flowery language, thesaurus-driven vocabulary or the dreaded "purple prose," which is often prevalent in my genre...But oftentimes the best poetry isn't difficult to understand at all. It's the juxtaposition of the words. The line breaks. The enjambs. The shape of the poem. Or the double meanings the positioning of the words make the reader feel or think or do. ~ R.B. O'Brien
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by R.B. O'Brien
Some people are special because they're princes or princesses; or queens or kings! Some are special because they're presidents and senators; or because you can watch them on film! But what is the stuff that makes any person special? That makes any person more special than the world and everything in it? That would be love. Once you love someone? They're special, they're important. You make them important, it's your love that makes them more important than the whole world and everything in it! And guess what? That kind of important is real. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by C. JoyBell C.
My son's always showing me pictures of dinosaurs and asking me what their names are. I dont know so I make stuff up: That son is a thesaurus. ~ Craig Ferguson
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Craig Ferguson
Her mind returned to Dr. Chaturvedi's testimony. He had turned to Christianity because he had discovered that he was not special. He seemed happy enough, but was he really happy? Was Christianity just a club for people who had managed to lose their specialness? Was it a last resort for people when they realized that their dreams were not going to come true? Did they embrace Christianity because they could use their "faith" as an excuse for their failure? They could pretend that their Christian convictions were all that was standing between them and success, and they could declare that they would be on top of the world if they had not chosen to willingly give it all up to follow Jesus. ~ Joyce Swann
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Joyce Swann
I am bravery. I am courage. I am valor. I am daring. I am holding a thesaurus. ~ Demetri Martin
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Demetri Martin
When you're a child the world forbears you, allows you your flights of imagination, your feelings of specialness. But sooner or later the privileges are withdrawn, and all you're left with is a stunned bitterness at the realisation that you're just the same as everybody else. ~ Michael Marshall Smith
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Michael Marshall Smith
That is the challenge of a spiritual teacher: not to take on board the projections of specialness people have. This is especially dangerous for spiritual teachers who only have contact with disciples or followers, who may live in an ashram. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Eckhart Tolle
You have to remember one thing about the will of the people: it wasn't that long ago that we were swept away by the Macarena. ~ Jon Stewart
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Jon Stewart
What she did NOT appreciate was the homework. Captain Wilkes had scrounged textbooks for her to study. Not just Marine manuals, either. Math, science, English. Chemistry. Yuck! With weekly tests. And he was making her do all her platoon reports, then "annotating" them. He had given her a dictionary and thesaurus, among other things, and after the first report after giving them to her told her she was "not allowed words of more than two syllables." It was worse than fucking school. "Recess" was killing zombies. ~ John Ringo
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by John Ringo
What has been given is a new perspective on living life, and what has been taken away is the illusion of limitless life and the belief in a personal specialness exempting us from natural law. ~ Irvin D. Yalom
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
it's going great. Two months in, and I've created three apps."


"For people who buy my book as an e-book --which will be everybody. The first is called Don't Look. It's for the overly sensitive. It blurs and turns the type red when a dog dies or a baby is born with a birth defect. Stuff like that. My second is It's Not Okay When You Say It, and it delivers an electrical zap if the reader laughs at a racial slur. My third is Jesus Thesaurus, which replaces explicit sexual language with church words. So, when one of my characters 'saints' a guy's 'disciple', He'll beg her to 'cavalry' his 'Baptists' and 'shout amen'. ~ Helen Ellis
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Helen Ellis
Thesaurus [10w]
There's no synonym for thesaurus ~
the closest one is hashtags. ~ Beryl Dov
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Beryl Dov
Yet, when I'm alone, I rarely feel lonely. If I were writing the thesaurus entries for alone, the synonyms would include: authentic, free, individual, indulgent, open, peaceful, protected, pure, quiet, rejuvenating, solitary. Thanks to the amount of time I spend alone, I'm on intimate terms with myself. I have a running internal dialogue that informs my life, my writing, my relationships. I observe and absorb the world around me. I'm good at being alone. ~ Cynthia Kim
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Cynthia Kim
I entered the word "crisis" into Thesaurus.com, it suggested "hot potato" as a synonym. I could not write this book without letting you know that Thesaurus.com lists "hot potato" as a synonym for "crisis. ~ Aziz Ansari
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Aziz Ansari
There's a lot of cultural pressure around specialness and seeing your family. I feel like everything gets jacked up a little bit because of all of these expectations of love and family bonding. ~ Joe Swanberg
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Joe Swanberg
You don't want to sound as though you used a Sharper Image catalogue for a thesaurus. ~ Renni Browne
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Renni Browne
Her efforts received encouragement. In fact, they were welcomed as the Tallises began to understand that the baby of the family possessed a strange mind and a facility with words. The long afternoons she spent browsing through the dictionary and thesaurus made for constructions that were inept, but hauntingly so: the coins a villain concealed in his pocket were 'esoteric,' a hoodlum caught stealing a car wept in 'shameless auto-exculpation,' the heroine on her thoroughbred stallion made a 'cursory' journey through the night, the king's furrowed brow was the 'hieroglyph' of his displeasure. ~ Ian McEwan
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Ian McEwan
I'm not sure plays tell people anything. I think plays include an audience in an experience that is happening in that moment, and that's the specialness. What people take away has almost as much to do with what they bring as what we do. ~ Anna D. Shapiro
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Anna D. Shapiro
I wrote it three times - with a Thesaurus. ~ Gypsy Rose Lee
Specialness Thesaurus quotes by Gypsy Rose Lee
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