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#1. When you choose a language, youre also choosing a community. The programmers youll be able to hire to work on a Java project wont be as smart as the ones you could get to work on a project written in Python. And the quality of your hackers probably matters more than the language you choose. Though, frankly, the fact that good hackers prefer Python to Java should tell you something about the relative merits of those languages. - Author: Philip Greenspun
Smart Snacking quotes by Philip Greenspun
#2. I love this book! There are very few cookbooks published today that add something truly new and distinctive to the literature of food and cooking. Jennifer McLagan's Fat is a smart, thoughtful book that ultimately asks us to understand our food better. - Author: Michael Ruhlman
Smart Snacking quotes by Michael Ruhlman
#3. Everything in life had its phases, and if you were smart, you learned to appreciate them all.

What really mattered, though, were the people in those moments with you. Memories are what we have and what we keep, and I held mine close. The ones I knew well, like a night on the beach with a boy who would always live in my heart, and the ones yet to come with another. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Smart Snacking quotes by Sarah Dessen
#4. There was no point in fighting with Celia once she got mean," Evelyn says, "If things got too tense, I tended to back off before they came to a head. I would tell her I loved her and I couldn't live without her, and then I'd take my top off, and that usually ended the conversation. For all her posturing, Celia had one thing in common with almost every straight man in America: she wanted nothing more than to get her hands on my chest."

"Did it stick with you, though?" I ask, "Those words?"

"Of course it did. Look, I'd be the first person to say back when I was young that all I was was a nice pair of tits. The only currency I had was my sexuality, and I used it like money. I wasn't well educated when I got to Hollywood, I wasn't book-smart, I wasn't powerful, I wasn't a trained actress. What did I have to be good at other than being beautiful? And taking pride in your beauty is a damning act. Because you allow yourself to believe that the only thing notable about yourself is something with a very short shelf life. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Smart Snacking quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#5. Not all babies are cute when they're born no matter how many new parents try to convince you otherwise. This is yet another lie the half-baked "theys" lead you to believe. Some babies are born looking like old men with wrinkled faces, age spots, and a receding hairline. When I was born, my father George took my hospital picture over to his friend Tim's house while my mom was still recuperating in the hospital. Tim took one look at my picture and said, "Oh sweet Jesus, George. You better hope she's smart." It was no different with my son, Gavin. He was funny looking. I was his mother, so I could say that. He had a huge head, no hair, and his ears stuck out so far I often wondered if they worked like the Whisper 2000, and he was able to pick up conversations from a block away. - Author: Tara Sivec
Smart Snacking quotes by Tara Sivec
#6. Eve supposed everything about Nadine looked mag, from her sweep of streaky blonde hair to the toes of her jazzed shoes. She had a foxy, angular face, observant green eyes, and a slim body that curved appropriately in her on-camera suit of power red. She was smart, she was sneaky, she was cynical. And for reasons Eve imagined neither of them fully understood, they'd become friends. - Author: J.D. Robb
Smart Snacking quotes by J.D. Robb
#7. God will always bless the readers of his words:josuha:1:8, - Author: Smart Oyejide
Smart Snacking quotes by Smart Oyejide
#8. If you were smart," Genghis said, "you would have borrowed the silverware of one of your friends."
"We never thought of that," Klaus said. When one is forced to tell atrocious lies, one often feels a guilty flutter in one's stomach, and Klaus felt such a flutter now. "You certainly are an intelligent man."
"Not only am I intelligent," Genghis agreed, "but I'm also very smart. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Smart Snacking quotes by Lemony Snicket
#9. Most of the time, according to the results of the study, Roy is smart, decent, reasonable, kind, and trustworthy. His frontal lobes are fully functioning, and he is in control of his behavior. But when he's in a state of sexual arousal and the reptilian brain takes over, he becomes unrecognizable to himself. - Author: Dan Ariely
Smart Snacking quotes by Dan Ariely
#10. And do I ask, wherefore my heart
Falters, oppressed with unknown needs?
Why some inexplicable smart
All movement of my life impedes?
Alas! in living Nature's stead,
Where God His human creature set,
In smoke and mould the fleshless dead
And bones of beasts surround me yet! - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Smart Snacking quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#11. Harvard freshmen are smart, interested, and excited, and it's fun hearing their different perspectives and stuff that they will share. - Author: Lisa Randall
Smart Snacking quotes by Lisa Randall
#12. Despite all the videos you see from the Ministry of Defence or the Pentagon, and all the sanitised language describing smart bombs and pinpoint strikes, the scene on the ground has remained remarkably the same for hundreds of years. Craters. Burned houses. Mutilated bodies. Women weeping for children and husbands. Men for their wives, mothers children. - Author: Marie Colvin
Smart Snacking quotes by Marie Colvin
#13. I never took my SAT's. I never applied to college. I moved right out here and jumped into the thick of things. Whether that was the smart move or not, I'm sitting here talking to you now, so it paid off. - Author: Scott Foley
Smart Snacking quotes by Scott Foley
#14. When he marched to the altar, all the women in smart hats leaned away from the aisle, their long strands of pearls all swaying to one side as if the deck of a ship listed beneath them. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Smart Snacking quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#15. My love, why did you leave me on Lexington Avenue in the Ford that had no brakes?
It stalled in the traffic and broke down outside her window. She was writing a letter: I love you very much: Careful Now in capitals.
That was a different letter.
Yes, but I get confused. One day she saw a golden oriel in the orchard. One day she said, Then have your orgy with Blondie, work out your passion on her.
I see it all, the poop of burnished gold. If I got angry and made a scene?
But No. No.
No, I believe you, of course, I believe you for didn't you say I was the one? Yes, you said, Take care of this girl for she is what makes my blood circulate and all the stars revolve and the seasons return.
This was my dream, and why I had circles under my eyes this morning at breakfast. Everyone noticed it, and I think one of them sniggered.
You don't take much interest in politics, do you? You never read the newspapers? I drank my coffee, but I had a slight feeling of nausea. It's to be expected, I don't mind it at all, it's nothing.
My love, are you feeling better?
He can't talk, he can only mutter.
O my dear, O my dear, drink a little milk, lie down and rest a little. I will comfort you. I can carry love like Saint Christopher. It is heavy, but I can carry it. It's the stones of suspicion I stumble on. Did I say suspicion? No.
No. No. It's nothing. I love you. A slight feeling of nausea, that's all.
After a while I got out into the - Author: Elizabeth Smart
Smart Snacking quotes by Elizabeth Smart
#16. Boys do suck the brains out of smart girls. - Author: K.A. Tucker
Smart Snacking quotes by K.A. Tucker
#17. I am disappointed. Violette knows how I feel about smart girls turning into needy sex objects for dumb boys. - Author: Melina Marchetta
Smart Snacking quotes by Melina Marchetta
#18. Why, aren't you just about as sweet as syrup on a sundae? I sure would appreciate that, ma'am." He winked. "How'd you like ta stroll the deck of this fine ship with me and watch the sunset? I need a purty girl to put her arm around me and steady this bow-legged cowboy as he finds his sea legs." I raised an eyebrow and affected a southern accent. "Why, I think you're a pullin' my leg there, Texas. You've had your sea legs a lot longer than I have." He rubbed the stubble on his face. "You might be right at that. Well then, how about you taggin' along to keep me warm?" "It's about eighty degrees." "Shoot, you're a smart one, you are. Then how 'bout I jes say that a feller can get pretty lonesome by hisself in a strange country and he'd like to keep compn'y with you fer a while longer. - Author: Colleen Houck
Smart Snacking quotes by Colleen Houck
#19. He thought of smart as a circle. Go too far towards smart, and you find yourself back at dumb. - Author: Thomas Cobb
Smart Snacking quotes by Thomas Cobb
#20. Another thing I've been trying to do on my walks is to know what I'm looking at, when I'm looking at it. I want to be smart. When I walk down the sidewalk I see about a hundred different kinds of bugs and all I do is point at them like a caveman and say 'Ugh, look, a bug,' but I know each one of them must have a different name and a different reason why and how it came to be on the planet, and I don't know any of that stuff. - Author: Jack Gantos
Smart Snacking quotes by Jack Gantos
#21. Some people just fated to fuck up even when them smart enough to know better. - Author: Marlon James
Smart Snacking quotes by Marlon James
#22. Smart people learn from everything and everyone,
Average people from their experiences,
Stupid people already have all the answers. - Author: Socrates
Smart Snacking quotes by Socrates
#23. You, have this whole tall, dark stranger thing going on. Not to mention the tortured artist bit.
And you, have that whole blonde cool and collected perfect smart thing going on.
You're the boy all the girls want to rebel with.
You, are the unattainable girl in homeroom who never gives a guy the time of day. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Smart Snacking quotes by Sarah Dessen
#24. Pretty,eh?"
I jumped a foot. "Nonna!"
She was standing in my doorway, beaming like a demented gnome. "For your underwater dance."
"It looks like....a toga."
"Toga," she sniffed as she stalked across the room to lift the dress from its hanger, "is for boys at silly parties. This is for a goddess." She held it up to me. "You will be Salacia, Roman goddess of water."
It still looked like a toga, and not a very big one, although it did almost reach the floor. My legs would be covered, which was all well and good, except that, other than going a little too long without defuzzing, I didn't have much of a problem with my legs. I did know this wasn't going to work. I just had no idea at the moment how I was going to make it not happen.
"This is awfully...pagan of you, Nonna."
She rolled her eyes. "Ai, sixteen, with the smart mouth and such certainty. You think I just read the Bible? A goddess, she has more fun than a saint."
"Ah!" She poked me in the center of the chest with her middle finger. "Fun, si, but a bad end if she thinks to hold the heart of a boy who wants only to play. Salacia, she let Neptune chase her and chase her and prove his heart was true."
I didn't argue. My grasp of Greco-Roman mythology is shaky at best, and derived mostly from the Percy Jackson books. I had my doubts about Neptune's heart, but figured it would only be smart-assy to mention that to my grandmother. - Author: Melissa Jensen
Smart Snacking quotes by Melissa Jensen
#25. And it wasn't just because Oprah was awesome. Oprah is without a doubt, the best talk show host on the planet and incredibly smart, insightful and kind. And she was awesome. But we have established that she has always been awesome and still, before the Year of Yes, the old Shonda would have suffered some kind of nuclear panic attack, resulting in total amnesia. Oprah will always be amazing in this scenario. The difference was me. I had no armor on. I had nothing to hide. I was worried about nothing. I was . . . fearless. And so we had a conversation. We had a chat. We talked. What had I always been so afraid of? What had I been guarding? What was I so nervous about? - Author: Shonda Rhimes
Smart Snacking quotes by Shonda Rhimes
#26. As physics students, we are taught that physicists are smart, that chemists are moderately acceptable, and that biologists are certainly not very intelligent. So I wasn't inclined to take a biology course. But my father insisted, and maybe what he had in mind was that, if there were no jobs in physics, I would end up being a doctor. - Author: James Rothman
Smart Snacking quotes by James Rothman
#27. CNN and MSNBC, our primary competitors, are trying to figure out how to beat us. There are some good, smart people at those networks, and even occasionally a blind pig finds an acorn. - Author: Roger Ailes
Smart Snacking quotes by Roger Ailes
#28. Because Carter's not your only fan." When I looked back up, I saw Roman's green eyes were deadly serious. "You're a remarkable woman, just by your own nature. Smart. Funny. Compassionate. But what's really great is that you're so easy to underestimate. I did when we first met, you know. And Hell is now. No matter what their reaction to your appeal is, I guarantee most of them doubt you have a chance. You're going to prove them wrong. You're going to break the unbreakable. And I'll be there helping you, as much as I can. - Author: Richelle Mead
Smart Snacking quotes by Richelle Mead
#29. What it 't to us, if taxes rise or fall,
Thanks to our fortune, we pay none at all.
Let muckworms who in dirty acres deal,
Lament those hardships which we cannot feel,
His grace who smarts, may bellow if he please,
But must I bellow too, who sit at ease?
By custom safe, the poets' numbers flow,
Free as the light and air some years ago.
No statesman e'er will find it worth his pains
To tax our labours, and excise our brains.
Burthens like these with earthly buildings bear,
No tributes laid on castles in the air. - Author: Charles Churchill
Smart Snacking quotes by Charles Churchill
#30. I don't care how smart you are. You'll never understand how little you really know until you've had a woman. - Author: Andrew Levkoff
Smart Snacking quotes by Andrew Levkoff
#31. Fishing is a hard job. Fishing at night. Rain. Day, night. You have to be wise and smart. And quick. - Author: Mariano Rivera
Smart Snacking quotes by Mariano Rivera
#32. In the smart home of the future, there should be a robot designed to talk to you. With enough display technology, connectivity, and voice recognition, this human-interface robot or head-of-household robot will serve as a portal to the digital domain. It becomes your interface to your robot-enabled home. - Author: Colin Angle
Smart Snacking quotes by Colin Angle
#33. Pretty?' I said, swivelling in the driver's seat to face him, 'you want to ask me out because I'm pretty?' 'Is there a problem with asking you out because you're pretty?' 'I think you blew it,' said Tiger with a grin. 'You should be asking her out because she's smart, witty, mature beyond her years and every moment in her company makes you want to be a better person - pretty of face should be at the bottom of the list.' 'Oh, blast,' said Perkins despondently. 'It should, shouldn't it? - Author: Jasper Fforde
Smart Snacking quotes by Jasper Fforde
#34. It's not that I don't want to, Keel. Because I do. I really do. It's just, I can't do it like this. You have too much already going on. You just told me you can't choose between Nick and the Demon. I don't want to be another option for you to choose from. And I can't just be a distraction. I could say screw it and enjoy this moment, but we would both regret it. Nick's my friend, and the way I want to be with you, it's sort of in a long term way. I'm smart enough to know that if I kissed you now, it would end up being a bitter memory for both of us. I can't share you. And I can't lose you. - Author: Cheryl McIntyre
Smart Snacking quotes by Cheryl McIntyre
#35. Sanchez got the phone call, listened carefully, glanced over at Spencer, in Whittaker's office, having his morning coffee. Hung up the phone, got up, went and knocked on the door, asked if he could see Spencer a moment, and lowering his voice said, "Carl downstairs just called me because someone wants to file a vagrancy report.
Spencer slapped him on the back. "Detective Sanchez, thank you for bringing the particulars of your job description to my attention. Well done. Go to it.
Sanchez hemmed and said, "The young woman says she is Lily Quinn. Specifically asked for me, Carl says.
Spencer didn't slap him on the back this time. He stared at Carl and then said, "All right smart-ass, go back to you desk.
"That's what I thought," said Sanchez. - Author: Paullina Simons
Smart Snacking quotes by Paullina Simons
#36. I rarely see intelligence used intelligently. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Smart Snacking quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#37. Like a grindhouse version of Grimm's Fairy Tales, Wallwork's fiction is smart, innovative, and a hell of a lot of fun. - Author: Carlton Mellick III
Smart Snacking quotes by Carlton Mellick III
#38. There are three avenues of opportunity: events, trends, and conditions. When opportunities occur through events but you are unable to respond, you are not smart. When opportunities become active through a trend and yet you cannot make plans, you are not wise. When opportunities emerge through conditions but you cannot act on them, you are not bold. - Author: Sun Tzu
Smart Snacking quotes by Sun Tzu
#39. Diana: "Gilbert told Charlie Sloan that you were the smartest girl in school, right in front of Josie."
Anne: "He did?"
Diana: "He told Charlie being smart was better than being good looking."
Anne: "I should have known he meant to insult me. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Smart Snacking quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#40. New York City is a tinderbox. The Sons of the Serpent - a white supremacist group with a twisted history, deep pockets, and long reach - declared it a combat zone. As they have many times before, they're unashamedly ginning bigotry and hatred into violence and bloodshed. But this time, they've gotten smart about it. Instead of parading through the streets in hoods and robes ... they've gone undercover. Dozens upon dozens of them, hiding inside the New York justice system so they can control the law. Control the people. And as God is my witness, I will drive them out and strike them down ... no matter what the cost. - Author: Mark Waid
Smart Snacking quotes by Mark Waid
#41. Need I remind you that this Selection was your idea?"
She sighed.
"Listen to your daughter," Dad said. "Very smart girl. Gets it from me."
"Don't you want some more sleep?" she asked flatly.
"No, I'm feeling very refreshed," he said. I wasn't sure if it was because he wanted to continue the conversation or if he felt he needed to keep his attention on Mom. Either way, he was clearly lying.
"Dad, you look like death punched you in the face."
"You must get that from me, too."
"Dad! - Author: Kiera Cass
Smart Snacking quotes by Kiera Cass
#42. He asked about the newspaper strike, and true to form, he couldn't understand why both parties didn't simply communicate with each other and solve their problems.
I told him not everyone was as smart as he was. - Author: Mitch Albom
Smart Snacking quotes by Mitch Albom
#43. Creating a meritocracy requires equal participation by both the hippo, who could rule the day by fiat, and the brave smart creative, who risks getting trampled as she stands up for quality and merit. - Author: Eric Schmidt
Smart Snacking quotes by Eric Schmidt
#44. I'm a meathead, man. You've got smart people, and you've got dumb people. I just happen to be dumb. - Author: Keanu Reeves
Smart Snacking quotes by Keanu Reeves
#45. Is there anyone out there who is the next Steve Jobs? I think Jeff Bezos is pretty close. He is very smart. He is extremely creative. He has completely reinvented the way in which commerce is done online. - Author: John Sculley
Smart Snacking quotes by John Sculley
#46. The main reason that we felt positive was because all of the trends were so negative. This was not just to be stubbornly or rigidly contrarian - because being a true contrarian means not to go slavishly against the grain, but to be always independent in your thinking. It was simply that we and the short-term smart money were operating according to different time frames. - Author: Mark Mobius
Smart Snacking quotes by Mark Mobius
#47. The great challenge is how to make smart, intelligent art that can speak to everybody. - Author: Vik Muniz
Smart Snacking quotes by Vik Muniz
#48. Fortunately, because of the spread of smart devices, people take games for granted now. It's a good thing for us, because we do not have to worry about making games something that are relevant to general people's daily lives. - Author: Shigeru Miyamoto
Smart Snacking quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
#49. How could I admit that the All-American Girl's force field of stoicism and self-reliance and do-unto-others-and-keep-smiling wasn't working, wasn't keeping pain and shame and powerlessness away?

From a young age I had learned to get over - to cover my tracks emotionally, to hide or ignore my problems in the belief that they were mine alone to solve. So when exhilarating transgressions required getting over on authority figures, I knew how to do it. I was a great bluffer. And when common, everyday survival in prison required getting over, I could do that too. This is what was approvingly described by my fellow prisoners as 'street-smarts,' as in 'You wouldn't think it to look at her, but Piper's got street-smarts. - Author: Piper Kerman
Smart Snacking quotes by Piper Kerman

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