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#1. What I learned as a young actor is that no matter how many times you've played a role, every single performance is an excavation, a rehearsal in front of an audience, where you play, dig, explore, and unleash your spontaneity to bring a fresh vitality to the character and an unpredictable magic to every moment. - Author: Rainn Wilson
Single Momma quotes by Rainn Wilson
#2. The Akielon march into the fort was the flow of a single red stream, except that whereas water swirled and swelled, it was straight and unyielding.
Their arms and legs were crudely bare, as if war was an act of flesh impacting on flesh. Their weapons were unadorned, as if they had brought only the essentials required for killing. Rows and rows of them, laid out with mathematical precision. The discipline of feet marching in unison was a display of power, and violence, and strength. - Author: C.S. Pacat
Single Momma quotes by C.S. Pacat
#3. There is always a thought of marriage between a single female and a personable gentleman, if not in his mind, quite certainly in hers. - Author: Georgette Heyer
Single Momma quotes by Georgette Heyer
#4. If you're single, use this time now to make the biggest impact you can for God's Kingdom. Enjoy how God uses you as a single adult to show His love to others because you are in a unique place to minister to others where married adults could not! - Author: Jack Graham
Single Momma quotes by Jack Graham
#5. And what impels him to repeat this process at every single lesson, and, with the same remorseless insistence, to make his pupils copy it without the least alteration? He sticks to this traditional custom because he knows from experience that the preparations for working put him simultaneously in the right frame of mind for creating. The meditative repose in which he performs them gives him that vital loosening and equability of all his powers, that collectedness and presence of mind, without which no right work can be done. - Author: Eugen Herrigel
Single Momma quotes by Eugen Herrigel
#6. Always put off writing by reorganizing my entire house and spending way too much time and money buying office supplies and organizing systems. Every single time. - Author: Brene Brown
Single Momma quotes by Brene Brown
#7. It is no longer an unwritten law of American capitalism that industry will attempt to maintain wages at a level that allows a single wage to support a family. - Author: Christopher Lasch
Single Momma quotes by Christopher Lasch
#8. Even more difficult to explain, than the breaking-up of a single mass into fragments, and the drifting apart of these blocks to form the foundations of the present-day continents, is the explanation of the original production of the single mass, or PANGAEA, by the concentration of the former holosphere of granitic sial into a hemisphere of compressed and crushed gneisses and schists. Creep and the effects of compression, due to shrinking or other causes, have been appealed to but this is hardly a satisfactory explanation. The earth could no more shrug itself out of its outer rock-shell unaided, than an animal could shrug itself out of its hide, or a man wriggle out of his skin, or even out of his closely buttoned coat, without assistance either of his own hands or those of others. - Author: Amadeus William Grabau
Single Momma quotes by Amadeus William Grabau
#9. The Western States nervous under the beginning change.
Texas and Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas, New Mexico,
Arizona, California. A single family moved from the land.
Pa borrowed money from the bank, and now the bank wants
the land. The land company--that's the bank when it has land
--wants tractors, not families on the land. Is a tractor bad? Is
the power that turns the long furrows wrong? If this tractor
were ours it would be good--not mine, but ours. If our tractor
turned the long furrows of our land, it would be good.
Not my land, but ours. We could love that tractor then as
we have loved this land when it was ours. But the tractor
does two things--it turns the land and turns us off the land.
There is little difference between this tractor and a tank.
The people are driven, intimidated, hurt by both. We must think
about this.

One man, one family driven from the land; this rusty car
creaking along the highway to the west. I lost my land, a
single tractor took my land. I am alone and bewildered.
And in the night one family camps in a ditch and another
family pulls in and the tents come out. The two men squat
on their hams and the women and children listen. Here is the
node, you who hate change and fear revolution. Keep these
two squatting men apart; make them hate, fear, suspect each
other. Here is the anlarge of the thing you fear. This is the
zygote - Author: John Steinbeck
Single Momma quotes by John Steinbeck
#10. My life had a tendency to spread, get flabby, to scroll and festoon like the frame of a baroque mirror, which came from following the line of least resistance. I wanted my death, by contrast, to be neat and simple, understated, even a little severe, like a Quaker church or the basic black dress with a single strand of pearls ... - Author: Margaret Atwood
Single Momma quotes by Margaret Atwood
#11. The industrial civilisation is based on the consumption of energy resources that are inherently limited in quantity and that are about to become scarce. When they do, competition for what remains will trigger dramatic economic and geopolitical events; in the end, it may be impossible for even a single nation to sustain industrialism as we have know it in the twentieth century. - Author: Richard Heinberg
Single Momma quotes by Richard Heinberg
#12. You never know where your next job is going to lead you, down the road. One single episode that might seem so far removed from what you might end up doing in the future might spark somebody's memory bank. Just one little line you said or a look you gave might be what they want to pursue with a character. - Author: Amanda Schull
Single Momma quotes by Amanda Schull
#13. Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these one is wandering in a dark labyrinth. - Galileo Galilei, The Assayer, 1623 - Author: Max Tegmark
Single Momma quotes by Max Tegmark
#14. Attention, aboard the shuttle! You are under arrest! Surrender immediately! Come out slowly, in single file, with your hands behind your heads! Leave all weapons behind. Comply and your lives will be spared! - Author: Christina Engela
Single Momma quotes by Christina Engela
#15. With the exception of the geometrical series, there does not exist in all of mathematics a single infinite series the sum of which has been rigorously determined. In other words, the things which are the most important in mathematics are also those which have the least foundation. - Author: Niels Henrik Abel
Single Momma quotes by Niels Henrik Abel
#16. This, really, is the bottom line, the chief attraction of the opposite sex for all of us, old and young, men and women: we need someone to save us from the sympathetic smiles in the Sunday-night cinema queue, someone who can stop us from falling down into the pit where the permanently single live with their mums and dads. I'm not going back there again; I'd rather stay in for the rest of my life than attract that kind of attention. - Author: Nick Hornby
Single Momma quotes by Nick Hornby
#17. Ink marks the page/where you execute your will like a doe announcing an/ox-stern mate with a single, bleary blink. - Author: Melissa Lee-Houghton
Single Momma quotes by Melissa Lee-Houghton
#18. We have a game we play when we're waiting for tables in restaurants, where you have to write the five things that describe yourself on a piece of paper. When I was [in my twenties], I would have put: ambitious, Wellesley graduate, daughter, Democrat, single. Ten years later not one of those five things turned up on my list. I was: journalist, feminist, New Yorker, divorced, funny. Today not one of those five things turns up in my list: writer, director, mother, sister, happy. - Author: Nora Ephron
Single Momma quotes by Nora Ephron
#19. I always asked my mother, I said, 'Momma, how come is everything white?' I said, 'Why is Jesus white with blond hair and blue eyes? Why is the Lord's supper all white men? Angels are white, the Pope, Mary, and even the angels.' I said, 'Mother, when we die, do we go to Heaven?' She said, 'Naturally we go to Heaven.' I said, 'Well, what happened to all the black angels?' - Author: Muhammad Ali
Single Momma quotes by Muhammad Ali
#20. Passion or venom? And you ask me what my choice is? The venom. Every. single. fucking. ounce of it. - Author: S. Williams
Single Momma quotes by S. Williams
#21. A single assembly is apt to grow ambitious, and after a time will not hesitate to vote itself perpetual. This was one fault of the Long Parliament; but more remarkably of Holland, whose assembly first voted themselves from annual to septennial, then for life, and after a course of years, that all vacancies happening by death or otherwise, should be filled by themselves, without any application to constituents at all. - Author: John Adams
Single Momma quotes by John Adams
#22. Daddy, Momma! I made a friend. His name is Ike, and he ain't got no tail because they chopped it off, but Aidan didn't cop it off. Tourists chopped it off. But then Aiden went and fought the tourist. I hope we don't get no tourists here. We would have to hide all the dogs. - Author: Sophie Oak
Single Momma quotes by Sophie Oak
#23. Above all, I craved to seize the whole essence, in the confines of one single photograph, of some situation that was in the process of unrolling itself before my eyes. - Author: Henri Cartier-Bresson
Single Momma quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson
#24. If you make it through dinner without bolting, we can come back here and I'll fuck you on every single surface this hotel room has to offer." Her breath stalled in her lungs. "I thought you were already going to do that." "Nah, I was already going to fuck you until you couldn't walk right. This is something else altogether." She - Author: Katee Robert
Single Momma quotes by Katee Robert
#25. Having my first number one single and being able to travel to places I've never been before has been amazing. The tour was also fantastic. There are so many things which I've experienced this year which I never even dreamed of. - Author: Gareth Gates
Single Momma quotes by Gareth Gates
#26. The single easiest way to find out how you feel about someone. Say goodbye. - Author: Phil Knight
Single Momma quotes by Phil Knight
#27. the art of living is to be found in doing things well: every single action, every single day. In a dualistic world - one of polarities, perceived by our ego as one of separateness, filled with objects and subjects - it means using everything we have, secular and spiritual, to do things well. In this way, we create a life that manifests the divine, creates beauty, and does not seek achievement as its purpose. This requires full attention to everything we do: not making things "right" or perfect, but making them consciously, based in the authentic being we are - Author: Claude Poncelet
Single Momma quotes by Claude Poncelet
#28. Every single fat comic uses his weight as a punchline. There is something sad about that. - Author: Gene Weingarten
Single Momma quotes by Gene Weingarten
#29. The first album I ever bought with my own money was 'Ten.' Every single song reminds me of my childhood. - Author: Aaron Paul
Single Momma quotes by Aaron Paul
#30. Never again will a single story be told as though its the only one. - Author: John Berger
Single Momma quotes by John Berger
#31. Men are noisy, narrow-band devices, but their nervous systems have very many parallel and simultaneously active channels. Relative to men, computing machines are very fast and very accurate, but they are constrained to perform only one or a few elementary operations at a time. Men are flexible, capable of "programming themselves contingently" on the basis of newly received information. Computing machines are single-minded, constrained by their "pre-programming." - Author: J. C. R. Licklider
Single Momma quotes by J. C. R. Licklider
#32. Can you every single day tell a true testimony of who you are? That's really what life is about. - Author: Cory Booker
Single Momma quotes by Cory Booker
#33. I looked at my surroundings but there wasn't much to see. In the feeble glow of the single bulb above the music rack, Feely and I might as well have been castaways on a tiny raft of light in a sea of darkness. By - Author: Alan Bradley
Single Momma quotes by Alan Bradley
#34. We are not a monolithic group of individuals, not every single person believes the exact same thing. - Author: Joseph Crowley
Single Momma quotes by Joseph Crowley
#35. There will be others, many others. You'll try desperately to digest a single word through the acronym-laden gibberish, while beginning to wonder what the point of all this is, and also why you didn't feel that staple you just sent into your thigh. You usually do. You'll wonder what your company even does. After six years, you have no idea what an information system is, do you? Maybe you should ask. Maybe that's how this ends. You'll imagine how poetic it would be to simply unmute yourself and say, "Sorry to interrupt, guys, but what's an information system?"
Still, your mind will drift further, envisioning how much more tolerable this call would be if you could just slowly masturbate during it. So you do. You masturbate during it. And it's beautiful. Masturbating, invisible within your three-walled fortress. Invisible ... invisible ... practically invisible. - Author: Colin Nissan
Single Momma quotes by Colin Nissan

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