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#1. I've always been a bit ambitious, but I do think the Green Party is the real opposition. - Author: Caroline Lucas
Ambitious quotes by Caroline Lucas
#2. Traditionally women have been more reticent to acknowledge their ambition and to say it with pride. So I like having people who work for us who are ambitious, engaged, respectful. Mis-hiring is a huge mistake. It's a tremendous opportunity cost throwing the position to the wrong person. - Author: Ivanka Trump
Ambitious quotes by Ivanka Trump
#3. Major Major had lied, and it was good. He was not really surprised that it was good, for he had observed that people who did lie were, on the whole, more resourceful and ambitious and successful than people who did not lie. - Author: Joseph Heller
Ambitious quotes by Joseph Heller
#4. I look at him. He's the same Caleb I've always known. Restless, ambitious, always yearning for more. It's only now I realize how deep that plague of ambition has spread inside him. Like a disease, it rules him now: his thoughts, his actions, the things he chooses to see, the things he chooses to ignore. And, like a disease, one day it will be the death of him. - Author: Virginia Boecker
Ambitious quotes by Virginia Boecker
#5. Very few people are ambitious in the sense of having a specific image of what they want to achieve. Most people's sights are only toward the next run, the next increment of money. - Author: Judith M Bardwick
Ambitious quotes by Judith M Bardwick
#6. I think the difference between me and some people is that I'm content to do my little bit. Sometimes people think they have to do big things in order to make change. But if each one would light a candle we'd have a tremendous light. - Author: Thea Bowman
Ambitious quotes by Thea Bowman
#7. Among all kinds of Writing, there is none in which Authors are more apt to miscarry than in Works of Humour, as there is none in which they are more ambitious to excel. - Author: Joseph Addison
Ambitious quotes by Joseph Addison
#8. My work comes out of a deep psychological place, so it's not like I'm Object Man at home. Theoretically, I'm not against objects, but, personally, I'm not comfortable attaching myself to them - I don't seek them out. What you can say about my home is that it's not very ambitious. - Author: Tino Sehgal
Ambitious quotes by Tino Sehgal
#9. Those, who are believed to be most self - abased and humble, are generally in reality the most ambitious and envious - Author: Baruch Spinoza
Ambitious quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#10. The way you wield your power is about using it to afford you opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise have. So I'm very creatively ambitious, and I just hope people notice it; that's all I want. - Author: Bat For Lashes
Ambitious quotes by Bat For Lashes
#11. [ Marco Rubio] overly ambitious, too young, and I have better hair than he does. - Author: Jeb Bush
Ambitious quotes by Jeb Bush
#12. Well, Chinese used to be seen as low, right? Working on the railroad, in laundries, and stuff like that. Now they're seen as smart and wealthy. I mean, isn't there the stereotype of the model minority? I read an article for school that said people like us - not you, Dr. Rosen - are now labeled as inquisitive, persistent, and ambitious. With ingenuity, fortitude, and cleverness. - Author: Lisa See
Ambitious quotes by Lisa See
#13. Sense never fails to give them that have it, Words enough to
make them understood. It too often happens in some conversations,
as in Apothecary Shops, that those Pots that are Empty, or have
Things of small Value in them, are as gaudily Dress'd as those that
are full of precious Drugs.
They that soar too high, often fall hard, making a low and level
Dwelling preferable. The tallest Trees are most in the Power of the
Winds, and Ambitious Men of the Blasts of Fortune. Buildings have
need of a good Foundation, that lie so much exposed to the
Weather. - Author: William Penn
Ambitious quotes by William Penn
#14. Great nations are simply the operating fronts of behind-the-scenes, vastly ambitious individuals who had become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
Ambitious quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#15. The omission of an expected conjunction is called an asyndeton. Caesar is supposed to have said about Gaul: I came, I saw, I conquered. Lincoln concluded the Gettysburg Address, That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.Caesar seems to have omitted his conjunction to speed things up; he is emphasizing how quickly the conquest of a place follows from its being sighted by a great and ambitious general. Lincoln's omission is more subtle - Author: Arthur Quinn
Ambitious quotes by Arthur Quinn
#16. Success lulls you. It makes the most ambitious of us complacent and sloppy. In a way, you have to cultivate a kind of amnesia and forget all of your previous prosperity. - Author: Pat Summitt
Ambitious quotes by Pat Summitt
#17. My 'act' was schoolwork. I was your basic, garden-variety, ambitious, upwardly mobile, hard-working Jewish boy from Brooklyn. I was bound to go beyond my parents. It was simply the way things were. - Author: Clive Davis
Ambitious quotes by Clive Davis
#18. Some handsome and ambitious men believe they are above all morality, and a woman's virtue becomes a mere challenge to them. - Author: William Safire
Ambitious quotes by William Safire
#19. It is a mistake to think of the expatriate as someone who abdicates, who withdraws and humbles himself, resigned to his miseries, his outcast state. On a closer look, he turns out to be ambitious, aggressive in his disappointments, his very acrimony qualified by his belligerence. The more we are dispossessed, the more intense our appetites and illusions become. I even discern some relation between misfortune and megalomania. The man who has lost everything preserves as a last resort the hope of glory, or of literary scandal. He consents to abandon everything, except his name. [ . . . ]

Let us say a man writes a novel which makes him, overnight, a celebrity. In it he recounts his sufferings. His compatriots in exile envy him: they too have suffered, perhaps more. And the man without a country becomes - or aspires to become - a novelist. The consequence: an accumulation of confusions, an inflation of horrors, of frissons that date. One cannot keep renewing Hell, whose very characteristic is monotony, or the face of exile either. Nothing in literature exasperates a reader so much as The Terrible; in life, it too is tainted with the obvious to rouse our interest. But our author persists; for the time being he buries his novel in a drawer and awaits his hour. The illusion of surprise, of a renown which eludes his grasp but on which he reckons, sustains him; he lives on unreality. Such, however, is the power of this illusion that if, for instance, he works in some factor - Author: Emil M. Cioran
Ambitious quotes by Emil M. Cioran
#20. It is only the mind which does not belong that can be alone. And aloneness is not something to be cultivated. You see this? When you see all this, you are out, and no governor or president is going to invite you to dinner. Out of that aloneness there is humility. It is this aloneness that knows love - not power. The ambitious man, religious or ordinary, will never know what love is. So, if one sees all this, then one has this quality of total living and therefore total action. This comes through self-knowledge. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Ambitious quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#21. When I was 14, I thought, 'How wonderful to be a science fiction writer. I'd like to do that.' I have never lost touch with that ambitious 14-year-old, and I can't help chuckling and thinking, 'You did it, and you did it right.' - Author: Robert Silverberg
Ambitious quotes by Robert Silverberg
#22. If your goals are ambitious and crazy enough, even failure will be a pretty good achievement. - Author: Laszlo Bock
Ambitious quotes by Laszlo Bock
#23. [French] authors are more afraid of offending delicacy and rules, than ambitious of sublimity. - Author: Horace Walpole
Ambitious quotes by Horace Walpole
#24. Aggressive and hard-charging women violate unwritten rules about acceptable social conduct. Men are continually applauded for being ambitious and powerful and successful, but women who display these same traits often pay a social penalty. Female accomplishments come at a cost. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Ambitious quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#25. When they saw him making money, they said, "He is a man of business." When they saw him scattering his money about, they said, "He is an ambitious man." When he was seen to decline honors, they said, "He is an adventurer." When they saw him repulse society, they said, "He is a brute. - Author: Victor Hugo
Ambitious quotes by Victor Hugo
#26. The classic scenario unfolds like this. An ambitious and successful woman heads down a challenging career path with the thought of having children in the back of her mind. At some point, this thought moves to the front of her mind, typically once she finds a partner. The woman considers how hard she is working and reasons that to make room for a child she will have to scale back. A law associate might decide not to shoot for partner because someday she hopes to have a family. A teacher might pass on leading curriculum development for her school. A sales representative might take a smaller territory or not apply for a management role. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Ambitious quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#27. Here is a story of a young prince who suddenly sees that the ambitious world is a big game of king
of the mountain, a boy scrambling up a pile of sand to call out, "I am king"; then another
throws him off to make his momentary claim, then another and so on. - Author: Rumi
Ambitious quotes by Rumi
#28. I'm ambitious and I'm determined and I know where I'm going to be. It's not where I want to be, but where I'm going to be. - Author: Ricky Whittle
Ambitious quotes by Ricky Whittle
#29. Thou Moon! Sun of the Night, Sister mystic of the Day; Look down, pause in thy flight! Calm me with thy aural ray, Enchanting souls to silver sleep. Look down from out thy airy keep, My fevered senses hypnotize; Shut out the World, whereto Mind flies
Ambitious Mind, with travail sore; Its fibre rest, its calm restore. - Author: William Batchelder Greene
Ambitious quotes by William Batchelder Greene
#30. Prose of the World is an enormously compelling and vivid study. The result is an ambitious, timely, and eloquent account of the relationship between early-twentieth-century fiction and the contemporary global novel in English. - Author: Rebecca L. Walkowitz
Ambitious quotes by Rebecca L. Walkowitz
#31. Like the women in my family, I've found the women in my lab a hard-nosed, ambitious lot who have gone on to be faculty members at top universities. In my own family, it is my father who is prone to bursting into tears. - Author: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Ambitious quotes by Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
#32. All my girlhood I always planned to do something big ... something constructive. It's queer what ambitious dreams a girl has when she is young. I thought I would sing before big audiences or paint lovely pictures or write a splendid book. I always had that feeling in me of wanting to do something worth while. And just think, Laura ... now I am eighty and I have not painted nor written nor sung."
"But you've done lots of things, Grandma. You've baked bread ... and pieced quilts ... and taken care of your children."
Old Abbie Deal patted the young girl's hand. "Well ... well ... out of the mouths of babes. That's just it, Laura, I've only baked bread and pieced quilts and taken care of children. But some women have to, don't they? ... But I've dreamed dreams, Laura. All the time I was cooking and patching and washing, I dreamed dreams. And I think I dreamed them into the children ... and the children are carrying them out ... doing all the things I wanted to and couldn't. - Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich
Ambitious quotes by Bess Streeter Aldrich
#33. What do you have in mind?
It was too dark for her to see his smile, but she could hear it in his voice. Probably too many things for the amount of time that we've got, but you never know. I'm an ambitious man. - Author: Thea Harrison
Ambitious quotes by Thea Harrison
#34. Think of fossil fuels that go into mining and smelting, manufacturing, transporting, and assembling a wind turbine before it starts pumping 'clean' electricity into the grid, and you begin to glimpse just how deeply wedded even the most ambitious plans for the future are implicated in the energy of the past. - Author: Ziya Tong
Ambitious quotes by Ziya Tong
#35. Having this, we want that.
Owning some, we want more.
Standing here, we wish to be there.
If it's impossible, we struggle to make it happen.
Why are we like this? Why not be content with some, here, and now? Why is enough not enough?
Because humans are ambitious creatures not meant to be idle or fruitless. We strive to learn, to grow, to achieve, to amass; therefore, we will never be content. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Ambitious quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#36. I'm enthusiastic and ambitious, and I work hard. - Author: Jason Statham
Ambitious quotes by Jason Statham
#37. I am naturally fond of adventure, a little ambitious, and a good deal romantic - but patriotism was the true secret of my success. - Author: Sarah Emma Edmonds
Ambitious quotes by Sarah Emma Edmonds
#38. If you've got no responsibility and don't have to generate a certain amount of cash each month, and can live on a shoestring, and are ambitious enough, then you might have a chance. You can be dedicated but that is no guarantee that you'll make it. I rely on a hunch, a little luck, and some cunning. - Author: Elliott Erwitt
Ambitious quotes by Elliott Erwitt
#39. A strength to harm is perilous in the hand of an ambitious head. - Author: Elizabeth I
Ambitious quotes by Elizabeth I
#40. Learning how to walk through walls was an ambitious but inexpensive enterprise. - Author: Jon Ronson
Ambitious quotes by Jon Ronson
#41. If they who are appointed to instruct and rule over men had wisdom and virtue themselves, realities, and not fantasies, would enable them to govern better; but scoundrels, quacksalvers, ambitious ruffians, or low sneaks, the lawgivers have ever found it easier to lull nations to sleep with bedtime tales than to teach truths to the public, than to develop intelligence in the population, than to encourage men to virtue by making it worthwhile for sound and palpable reasons, than, in short, to govern them in a logical manner. - Author: Marquis De Sade
Ambitious quotes by Marquis De Sade
#42. I knew that I was talented. I was positive about that. I wasn't sure exactly what I was talented at, but I was ambitious enough to wait it out and see what turned up. - Author: Sara Sheridan
Ambitious quotes by Sara Sheridan
#43. I think the Ambitious Lovers never got their due- we had terrible management and at that point, we were on major labels and we didn't have any music business savvy which we could have used. We made a series of hilarious mistakes not in terms of music but in terms of making it happen. - Author: Arto Lindsay
Ambitious quotes by Arto Lindsay
#44. The tallest Trees are most in the Power of the Winds, and Ambitious Men of the Blasts of Fortune. - Author: William Penn
Ambitious quotes by William Penn
#45. I've known ambitious people with no aptitude for the thing they did. Most of whom, rather terrifyingly, tended to succeed. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Ambitious quotes by Neil Gaiman
#46. The ambitious man has never found his true vocation ... - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Ambitious quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#47. Money is power, and you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it. - Author: Russell Conwell
Ambitious quotes by Russell Conwell
#48. Without knowing it he drew a very pleasant picture of an affectionate, happy family who lived unpretentiously in circumstances of moderate affluence at peace with themselves and the world and undisturbed by any fear that anything might happen to affect their security. The life he described lacked neither grace nor dignity; it was healthy and normal, and through its intellectual interests not entirely material; the persons who led it were simple and honest, neither ambitious nor envious, prepared to do their duty by the state and by their neighbors according to their lights; and there was in them neither harm nor malice. If Lydia saw how much of their good nature, their kindliness, their unpleasing self-complacency depended on the long-established and well-ordered prosperity of the country that had given them birth; if she had an inkling that, like children building castles on the sea sand, they might at any moment be swept away by a tidal wave, she allowed no sign of it to appear on her face. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Ambitious quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#49. Who can wonder at the attractiveness ... of the bar, for our ambitious young men, when the highest bribes of society are at the feet of the successful orator? - Author: Marsilio Ficino
Ambitious quotes by Marsilio Ficino
#50. Post-national, welfare-state, cooperative, pacific Europe was not born of the optimistic, ambitious, forward-looking project imagined in fond retrospect by today's Euro-idealists. It was the insecure child of anxiety. - Author: Tony Judt
Ambitious quotes by Tony Judt
#51. Psychologically speaking, one may say that the hypocrite is too ambitious; not only does he want to appear virtuous before others, he wants to convince himself. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Ambitious quotes by Hannah Arendt
#52. From early childhood, I had been told how smart I was, and throughout my life various people had tried so hard to teach me everything there was to know. But it occurred to me then how negligent they had been in teaching me how to love. I had two example of love in life - my mother's, absolute and over- burdened, the trial of love; and my father's, the cold and ambitious pursuit of meaning in love, the desire to turn it into a product with a worth that could be measured. Of the two options, I had skewed towards the former, disappointed with my father's method, and so I had bestowed a sort of unconditional love on Carly without really understanding what it meant. I wished that just one person had taught me a way to love her less. If I had loved her less, maybe I wouldn't have hated her so much. And maybe then I could have forgiven her. - Author: Anna Jarzab
Ambitious quotes by Anna Jarzab
#53. [In eighteenth-century Britain] engineers for the most began as simple workmen, skilful and ambitious but usually illiterate and self-taught. They were either millwrights like Bramah, mechanics like Murdoch and George Stephenson, or smiths like Newcomen and Maudslay. - Author: John Desmond Bernal
Ambitious quotes by John Desmond Bernal
#54. I was always ambitious - not to make money: to be published. - Author: Edmund White
Ambitious quotes by Edmund White
#55. It's not precisely that I'm not ambitious. I love what I do, and I love doing it, and I love getting better at it. I just am not willing to risk ... much ... to go on to the next level. - Author: Summer Phoenix
Ambitious quotes by Summer Phoenix
#56. Black female entrepreneurs don't make excuses, we find solutions. We're leaders, resourceful, ambitious, hardworking, and creative. We're powerful, unstoppable, confident, smart, and fearless. We're Exquisite Black Queens that represent Black Excellence… We are success! There's no denying it… Black female entrepreneurs are resilient and we rock! - Author: Stephanie Lahart
Ambitious quotes by Stephanie Lahart
#57. Man is by nature competitive, combative, ambitious, jealous, envious, and vengeful. - Author: Arthur Keith
Ambitious quotes by Arthur Keith
#58. When we find that God's ways always coincide with our own ways, it's time to question who we're really worshipping, God or ourselves. The latter moves the nature of godliness from the King to our servant to a slave, a deduction into the realm of selfhood and then the lower, slavehood. It's a spiritual mathematics in that men who need God in his godhood are humble yet strong and spiritually ambitious while men who need a slave in their selfhood are ultimately paralyzed and will remain paralyzed. - Author: Criss Jami
Ambitious quotes by Criss Jami
#59. As the nation divided into Federalists and Republicans, each group called the other the worst name possible: "party". Most Americans feared the idea of party; believing that a society should unite to achieve the public good, they denounced parties as groups of ambitious men selfishly competing for power. Worse, parties were danger signals for a republic; if parties dominated a republic's politics, its days were numbered. - Author: R.B. Bernstein
Ambitious quotes by R.B. Bernstein
#60. I am not covetous, but as ambitious as ever any of my sex was, is, or can be; which makes, that though I cannot be Henry the Fifth, or Charles the Second, yet I endeavour to be Margaret the First; and although I have neither power, time, not occasion to conquer the world as Alexander and Caesar did; yet rather than not be mistress of one, since Fortune and Fates would give me none, I have made a world of my own; for which nobody, I hope, will blame me, since it is in everyone's power to do the like. - Author: Margaret Cavendish
Ambitious quotes by Margaret Cavendish
#61. Lots of ambitious work by young artists ends up in a dumpster after its warehouse debut. So an unknown artist's big glass vitrine holding a rotting cow's head covered by maggots and swarms of buzzing flies may be pretty unsellable. Until the artist becomes a star. Then he can sell anything he touches . - Author: Charles Saatchi
Ambitious quotes by Charles Saatchi
#62. Young professionals seeking cities to live and work in, and a wave of immigrants in inner-city neighborhoods and inner suburbs that eventually produced second-generation college graduates who moved into the center city to live and work. These groups joined the gays and artists who have always chosen to live in urban communities.12 Edward Glaeser points out that not all cities have succeeded in the past generation - and he points to Detroit, Michigan, and Leipzig, Germany, as examples. But most cities have found the power to reinvent themselves, argues Glaeser, because the essence of what makes a city a city is the bringing of people together to innovate. At one level, this means bringing together the most highly trained and talented people, the "elites." Yet at another level, it means bringing together the most energetic, ambitious, and risk-taking people from among the - Author: Timothy Keller
Ambitious quotes by Timothy Keller
#63. Ron told Pippa that during the six years he had spent on the book, Valerie Chernow had developed a powerful identification with Hamilton's wife. "She used to say, 'Eliza is like me: She's good, she's true, she's loyal, she's not ambitious.' There was a purity and a goodness about the character, and that was like Valerie," he says. In 2006, after 27 years of marriage, Valerie passed away. For her gravestone, Ron chose a line from the letter that Hamilton wrote to Eliza on the night before the duel: "Best of wives and best of women. - Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Ambitious quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
#64. The Stoics taught a life of restraint and control, the personal cultivation of learning, beauty, and reason. The Stoics asked the Romans to realize that much that is encountered in life is beyond the individual's control. Make the best of what can be humanly cultivated. It is a kind of Platonism shrunk to a pursuit of private feelings and thoughts: Do the best with what you can control and refine, and let the rest go.
"The world is rational, but it is only amenable to active intervention within the limits of the individual's capacity. Do not try to be an overachiever. Do not dream of social transformation. Private cultivation rather than social action makes for the good life. Although the slave Epictetus was one of the principal Stoic writers, the emperor Marcus Aurelius's upper-class background is more typical of its devotees.
"Stoicism is a narrow ethic, one suitable to the emotional and intellectual needs of aristocrat and slave alike, but less useful for the ambitious middle class. - Author: Norman F. Cantor
Ambitious quotes by Norman F. Cantor
#65. Is it not indeed, possible that, while a high order of genius is necessarily ambitious, the highest is above that which is termed ambition? And may it not thus happen that many far greater than Milton have contentedly remained "mute and inglorious"? I believe that the world has never seen - and that, unless through some series of accidents goading the noblest order of mind into distateful exertion, the world will never see - that full extent of triumphant execution, in the richer domains of art, of which the human nature is absolutely capable. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Ambitious quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#66. My career is very important and I'm pretty ambitious. Marriage is not a priority, not the focus of my existence. Of course, you don't plan something like that, do you? It always catches you by surprise. - Author: Megan Gallagher
Ambitious quotes by Megan Gallagher
#67. When someone like myself points out the rather obvious and compelling evidence that God is cruel and unjust, because he visits suffering on innocent people of a scope and scale that would embarrass the most ambitious psychopath, we're told that? God is mysterious. - Author: Sam Harris
Ambitious quotes by Sam Harris
#68. It's hard to be ambitious if you're content, isn't it? - Author: Tucker Carlson
Ambitious quotes by Tucker Carlson
#69. In any case, I hope that it will be a good thing when we understand how our minds are built, and how they support the modes of thought that we like to call emotions. Then we'll be better able to decide what we like about them, and what we don't - and bit by bit we'll rebuild ourselves. I don't think that most people will bother with this, because they like themselves just as they are. Perhaps they are not selfish enough, or imaginative, or ambitious. Myself, I don't much like how people are now. We're too shallow, slow, and ignorant. I hope that our future will lead us to ideas that we can use to improve ourselves. - Author: Marvin Minsky
Ambitious quotes by Marvin Minsky
#70. Close the Bible and open the Manu Smriti. It has an affirmation of life, a triumphing agreeable sensation in life and that to draw up a lawbook such as Manu means to permit oneself to get the upper hand, to become perfection, to be ambitious of the highest art of living. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Ambitious quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#71. Yet it ought to be clear that a minimum wage law is, at best, a limited weapon for combatting the evil of low wages, and that the possible good to be achieved by such a law can exceed the possible harm only in proportion as its aims are modest. The more ambitious such a law is, the larger the number of workers it attempts to cover, and the more it attempts to raise their wages, the more likely are its harmful effects to exceed its good effects. - Author: Henry Hazlitt
Ambitious quotes by Henry Hazlitt
#72. For at least a century, anthropologists have largely played the role of gadflies: whenever some ambitious European or American theorist appears to make some grandiose generalizations about how human beings go about organizing political, economic, or family life, it's always the anthropologist who shows up to point out that there are people in Samoa or Tierra del Fuego or Burundi who do things exactly the other way around. - Author: David Graeber
Ambitious quotes by David Graeber
#73. I am very ambitious and have set goals for myself. I really don't keep a tab on what my contemporaries are doing. I want to push myself as an actress and don't want to get into the rat race. With every film, I want to grow as a person and an actress. The character I play needs to change me in real life. - Author: Sonam Kapoor
Ambitious quotes by Sonam Kapoor
#74. Admittedly, I advance some ambitious theories of my own in this book.
But I must stress that I consider them provisional, and I would urge you
to consider whether I might be mistaken. Please, I would ask, consider
that I might be mistaken particularly if my book makes you feel really,
really good inside. Feelings of exactly this type, shared between author
and reader, seem likely to have led the entire discipline of political philosophy
systematically astray for much of its history. Do not trust them. - Author: Jason Kuznicki
Ambitious quotes by Jason Kuznicki
#75. People ask why I always play crazy people and free spirits. I guess it is because I like to have fun. But I am more ambitious than your average free spirit. This job is hard enough that, without drive and hard work, you will never make it work. - Author: Lucy Punch
Ambitious quotes by Lucy Punch
#76. Man's brain, enlarged fortuitously, invented words in an ambitious effort to learn how to think, only to have them usurped by his emotions. But we still try.
Nero Wolf in Death of a Dude. - Author: Rex Stout
Ambitious quotes by Rex Stout
#77. The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise. - Author: Maya Angelou
Ambitious quotes by Maya Angelou
#78. It's important to redefine what it means to be ambitious. I think that ambition doesn't have to be married to consumerism or materialism or capitalism. Ambition can embody compassion. It's not just about the most for yourself. It's about creating the most for everyone, and pushing forward so that other people can come along or take over. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
Ambitious quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#79. I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
Ambitious quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#80. The Scottish government set a goal of increasing exports by 50% by 2017. That is ambitious. Is it achievable? - Author: Tom Hunter
Ambitious quotes by Tom Hunter
#81. We must humble ourselves before [others] so we may learn from what others have lived. It is only when we have added their expertise to our own that we can truly excel towards our most ambitious goals and reach our fullest potential. - Author: A.J. Darkholme
Ambitious quotes by A.J. Darkholme
#82. Regardless of whether one subscribes to the aims of the four movements whose stories we have told, there is much to appreciate about them as movements. They have overcome schisms; disbandment; leadership scandals; and/or the deaths of their founders. They have developed a highly innovative strategy - bypassing the state - to overcome the obstacles that their ideological strictness; ambitious agendas; and reluctance to compromise present. They have shown a strong entrepreneurial spirit in building effective social service agencies, medical facilities, schools, and businesses that often put the state's efforts to shame. While they are not the Christian militias, al-Qaeda cells, or Jewish extremist groups whose terrorism has attracted much attention, the Muslim Brotherhood, Shas, Comunione e Liberazione, and the Salvation Army, with their strategy of rebuilding society, one institution at a time, may well prove more successful in sacralizing their societies than movements that use violence. - Author: Robert V. Robinson
Ambitious quotes by Robert V. Robinson
#83. A young man, just beginning the study of musical composition, once went to Mozart and asked him the formula for developing the theme of a symphony. Mozart suggested that a symphony was rather an ambitious project for a beginner: perhaps the young man might better try his hand at something simpler first. "But you were writing symphonies when you were my age." the student protested. "Yes, but I didn't have to ask how." - Author: James Keller
Ambitious quotes by James Keller
#84. I am equally proud of all of my architectural projects. It's always rewarding to see an ambitious design become reality. - Author: Zaha Hadid
Ambitious quotes by Zaha Hadid
#85. Among novelists I know, no one is more ambitious than I am. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
Ambitious quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#86. Is it better to be extremely ambitious, or rather modest? Probably the latter is safer; but I hate safety, and would rather fail gloriously than dingily succeed. - Author: Vita Sackville-West
Ambitious quotes by Vita Sackville-West
#87. Think of the many articles one can find every year in the Wall Street Journal describing some entrepreneur or businessman as being a "pioneer" or a "maverick" or a "cowboy." Think of the many times these ambitious modern men are described as "staking their claim" or boldly pushing themselves "beyond the frontier" or even "riding into the sunset." We still use this nineteenth-century lexicon to describe our boldest citizens, but it's really a code now, because these guys aren't actually pioneers; they are talented computer programmers, biogenetic researchers, politicians, or media monguls making a big splash in a fast modern economy.

But when Eustace Conway talks about staking a claim, the guy is literally staking a goddamn claim. Other frontier expressions that the rest of us use as metaphors, Eustace uses literally. He does sit tall in the saddle; he does keep his powder dry; he is carving out a homestead. When he talks about reining in horses or calling off the dogs or mending fences, you can be sure that there are real horses, real dogs or real fences in the picture. And when Eustace goes in for the kill, he's not talking about a hostile takeover of a rival company; he's talking about really killing something. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Ambitious quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#88. One way of understanding a graphic novel is that it's an ambitious comic and one way or another my comics have had ambitions. I have no problem with escapism. When I get my depressions all I want to do is escape reality. - Author: Art Spiegelman
Ambitious quotes by Art Spiegelman
#89. I mean a man whose hopes and aims may sometimes lie (as most men's sometimes do, I dare say) above the ordinary level, but to whom the ordinary level will be high enough after all if it should prove to be a way of usefulness and good service leading to no other. All generous spirits are ambitious, I suppose, but the ambition that calmly trusts itself to such a road, instead of spasmodically trying to fly over it, is of the kind I care for. - Author: Charles Dickens
Ambitious quotes by Charles Dickens
#90. And thus they form a perfect group; he walks back two or three paces, selects his point of sight, and begins to sketch a hurried outline. He has finished it before they move; he hears their voices, though he cannot hear their words, and wonders what they can be talking of. Presently he walks on, and joins them.
'You have a corpse there, my friends?' he says.
'Yes; a corpse washed ashore an hour ago.'
'Yes, drowned; - a young girl, very handsome.'
'Suicides are always handsome,' he says; and then he stands for a little while idly smoking and meditating, looking at the sharp outline of the corpse and the stiff folds of the rough canvas covering.
Life is such a golden holiday to him young, ambitious, clever - that it seems as though sorrow and death could have no part in his destiny. ("The Cold Embrace") - Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Ambitious quotes by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
#91. Take us generally as a people, we are neither lazy nor idle; and considering how little we have to excite or stimulate us, I am almost astonished that there are so many industrious and ambitious ones to be found - although I acknowledge, with extreme sorrow, that there are some who never were and never will be serviceable to society. And have you not a similar class among yourselves? - Author: Maria W. Stewart
Ambitious quotes by Maria W. Stewart
#92. The middle class and the world class might live in the same world, but they do not share the same level of freedom. While this infuriates the masses, it motivates the ambitious to get rich. - Author: Steve Siebold
Ambitious quotes by Steve Siebold
#93. Professional ambition is expected of men but is optional - or worse, sometimes even a negative - for women. "She is very ambitious" is not a compliment in our culture. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
Ambitious quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#94. Look, people need to conform the external reality they face daily with this subjective feeling they likewise experience constantly. To do this they have two options. First, they can achieve what passes for great things. Now the external reality matches their feeling; they really are better than the rest and maybe they'll even be remembered as such. These are the ambitious people, the overachievers. These are also, however, the people who go on these abominable talk shows where they can trade their psychoses for exposure on that box, modernity's ultimate achievement. Not that this tact, being ambitious, is not the preferred course of action. The reason is it's the equivalent of sticking your neck out which we all know is dangerous. Instead many act like they have no ambition whatsoever. Their necks come back in and they're safe. Only problem is now they're at everyone else's level, which we've seen is untenable. The remedy of course is that everyone else needs to be sunk. This helps explain racism's enduring popularity. If I myself don't appear to be markedly superior to everyone else at least I'm part of the better race, country, religion et cetera. This in turn reflects well on my individual worth. There are other options, of course. For example, you can constantly bemoan others' lack of moral worth by extension elevating yourself. Think of the average person's reaction to our clients. Do these people strike you as so truly righteous that they are viscerally pained by our cl - Author: Sergio De La Pava
Ambitious quotes by Sergio De La Pava
#95. I have reached far beyond my competence and have probably secured for good a reputation for flamboyant gestures. But the times still crowd me and give me no rest, and I see no way to avoid ambitious synthetic attempts; either we get some kind of grip on the accumulation of thought or we continue to wallow helplessly, to starve amidst plenty. So I gamble with science and write. - Author: Ernest Becker
Ambitious quotes by Ernest Becker
#96. Its subtlest, most appealing accomplishment may be in how other characters respond to Gregorius' precipitous swerve onto the spiritual path. ( ... ) That said, Night Train to Lisbon is a very long, ambitious book that's feverishly overwritten. ( ... ) Think of W.G. Sebald recast for the mass market: stripped of nuance, cooked at high temperature and pounded home, clause after clause. Some of the clumsiness derives from Barbara Harshav's inelegant translation
we're often aware of her struggle
but she can't be blamed for the pervasive bloat. - Author: Michelle Huneven
Ambitious quotes by Michelle Huneven
#97. In order to understand how engineers endeavor to insure against such structural, mechanical, and systems failures, and thereby also to understand how mistakes can be made and accidents with far-reaching consequences can occur, it is necessary to understand, at least partly, the nature of engineering design. It is the process of design, in which diverse parts of the 'given-world' of the scientist and the 'made-world' of the engineer are reformed and assembled into something the likes of which Nature had not dreamed, that divorces engineering from science and marries it to art. While the practice of engineering may involve as much technical experience as the poet brings to the blank page, the painter to the empty canvas, or the composer to the silent keyboard, the understanding and appreciation of the process and products of engineering are no less accessible than a poem, a painting, or a piece of music. Indeed, just as we all have experienced the rudiments of artistic creativity in the childhood masterpieces our parents were so proud of, so we have all experienced the essence of structual engineering in our learning to balance first our bodies and later our blocks in ever more ambitious positions. We have learned to endure the most boring of cocktail parties without the social accident of either our bodies or our glasses succumbing to the force of gravity, having long ago learned to crawl, sit up, and toddle among our tottering towers of blocks. If we could remember those earl - Author: Henry Petroski
Ambitious quotes by Henry Petroski
#98. Work dominates life in Eden-Olympia, and drives out everything else. The dream of a leisure society was the great twentieth-century delusion. Work is the new leisure. Talented and ambitious people work harder than they have ever done, and for longer hours. They find their only fulfillment through work. The men and women running successful companies need to focus their energies on the task in front of them, and for every minute of the day. The last thing they want is recreation. - Author: J.G. Ballard
Ambitious quotes by J.G. Ballard
#99. The Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration will be a building that will connect the excitement of science to the surrounding streets, river and highway. These forms are ambitious and dynamic. They appear to reach out beyond their physical limits. - Author: Cesar Pelli
Ambitious quotes by Cesar Pelli
#100. I am very ambitious. I want to enjoy this and then really go for it. - Author: Ronaldo
Ambitious quotes by Ronaldo
#101. I am content with nothing, restless and ambitious ... and I despise myself for the vanity, which formed half the stimulus to my exertions. Oh would that I were one of those plodding wise fools who having once set their hand to the plough go on nothing doubting. - Author: Thomas Huxley
Ambitious quotes by Thomas Huxley
#102. Honesty, good intentions and industry, you will have of course. Without these your career would soon end with the loss of your good name. But you must be ambitious to be a good deal more. Webb Hayes, his son, went on to found what had become the Union Carbide Corporation. - Author: Rutherford B. Hayes
Ambitious quotes by Rutherford B. Hayes
#103. I was very ambitious at a young age. When I was six, I would tell everybody that I wanted to be an authoress. - Author: Mary Harron
Ambitious quotes by Mary Harron
#104. The morning, when I need to have opinions and answers across the board very quickly, is a constant fight between ease and inspiration, what will make our lives easier versus what will make us excited because we were ambitious. - Author: Allison Silverman
Ambitious quotes by Allison Silverman
#105. These works are handed down from teacher to pupil, from parent to child, almost without question, like DNA. They are memorized, recited, discussed in book reports, included in university entrance exams, and once the student is grown up, they become a source for quotation. They are made into movies again and again, they are parodied, and inevitably they become the object of ambitious young writers' revolt and contempt. - Author: Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Ambitious quotes by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
#106. The history of each and every territory is written in the blood of those who died trying to fulfill the aspirations of their ambitious leaders. - Author: D.J. MacHale
Ambitious quotes by D.J. MacHale
#107. In Paris, Julien's position with regard to Madame de Renal would very soon have been simplified; but in Paris love is the child of the novels. The young tutor and his timid mistress would have found in three or four novels, and even in the lyrics of the Gymnase, a clear statement of their situation. The novels would have outlined for them the part to be played, shown them the model to copy; and this model, sooner or later, albeit without the slightest pleasure, and perhaps with reluctance, vanity would have compelled Julien to follow.

In a small town of the Aveyron or the Pyrenees, the slightest incident would have been made decisive by the ardour of the climate. Beneath our more sombre skies, a penniless young man, who is ambitious only because the refinement of his nature puts him in need of some of those pleasures which money provides, is in daily contact with a woman of thirty who is sincerely virtuous, occupied with her children, and never looks to novels for examples of conduct. Everything goes slowly, everything happens by degrees in the provinces: life is more natural. - Author: Stendhal
Ambitious quotes by Stendhal
#108. I was a young guy who started as a fact checker," he said, "but I always knew - and was told - that I would get a shot at reporting, writing, and editing. For a young, ambitious, talented woman, that elevator was out of order. - Author: Lynn Povich
Ambitious quotes by Lynn Povich
#109. I think in the end, when you're famous, people like to narrow you down to a few personality traits. I think I've just become this ambitious, say-whatever's-on-her-mind, intimidating person. And that's part of my personality, but it's certainly not anywhere near the whole thing. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
Ambitious quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#110. No ruler can ever get far with only militaristic power. The easiest way to conquer is to crush people's faith and convert them to your own ideology, often portraying it as heroic. I am an ambitious man – I am not just a casual pirate to steal only people's riches. I am an emperor – I shall steal people's hearts, hopes, and faith so that they will eventually have no one but me to turn to. If you put yourself in the role of a saviour, people are sure to follow you, just like a pack of lambs always follows a mighty shepherd. - Author: Tamuna Tsertsvadze
Ambitious quotes by Tamuna Tsertsvadze
#111. The term girl not only serves to avoid certain anxiety-arousing connotations inherent in the word woman regarding aggression, sexuality, and reproduction, it also serves to impart a tone of frivolousness and lack of seriousness to ambitious, intellectual, and competitive striving that women may pursue. - Author: Harriet Lerner
Ambitious quotes by Harriet Lerner
#112. The undiscriminating vulture is not our real danger: open scandal would simply drive him into profitless exile again, and would be no possible advantage to us. Neither should we fear our sturdy patriots who, like your father, are busy with their loyalties in queer and crooked ways. Our danger lies with the men who want to take this country by trunk and limb and wreak it into such a shape that it will fit them and their children for hose and jerkin in their old age."

"Some of them are sincere," said Lymond.

"I know: and such men will wreck us yet. Preserve us above all from the honest clod and the ambitious fanatic. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Ambitious quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#113. In a lot of ways, if I were ambitious about anything - besides my career - I'd be ambitious about love. Ambitious in the sense that I really hope to find true love. - Author: Sonam Kapoor
Ambitious quotes by Sonam Kapoor
#114. You dare travel on the own sacred road. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Ambitious quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#115. I think you may judge of a man's character by the persons whose affection he seeks. If you find a man seeking only the affection of those who are great, depend upon it he is ambitious and self-seeking; but when you observe that a man seeks the affection of those who can do nothing for him, but for whom he must do everything, you know that he is not seeking himself, but that pure benevolence sways his heart. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
Ambitious quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#116. In fact, ambitious tension actually limits our ability to succeed because it keeps us in a state of contraction emotionally and physically. It seems to give us energy but doesn't really. Like the white sugar of mental health, there's a short high followed by a crash. The cultivation of mental rest or surrender is like eating healthy food. It doesn't give us an immediate rush, but over time it provides a lot more energy. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Ambitious quotes by Marianne Williamson
#117. It is not because the touch of genius has roused genius to production, but because the admiration of genius has made talent ambitious, that the harvest is still so abundant. - Author: Margaret Fuller
Ambitious quotes by Margaret Fuller
#118. An ambitious and beautifully produced fever dream. Don't wake me up, I want to stay in. - Author: Jonathan Hickman
Ambitious quotes by Jonathan Hickman
#119. There was a touch of prairie about the fellow.
--hans vollman

--roger bevins iii

Like stepping into a summer barn late at night.
--hans vollman

Or a musty plains office, where some bright candle still burns.
--roger bevins iii

Vast. Windswept. New. Sad.
--hans vollman

Spacious. Curious. Doom-minded. Ambitious.
--roger bevins iii

Back slightly out.
--hans vollman

Right boot chafing.
--roger bevins iii - Author: George Saunders
Ambitious quotes by George Saunders
#120. It's hard to remain patient when it seems so debilitating to do so. The balance comes with staying ambitious while being patient. - Author: Seamus Dever
Ambitious quotes by Seamus Dever
#121. A Book of Glass
On the table, a book of glass. In the book only a few pages with no words But scratched in a diamond-point pencil to pieces in diagonal Spirals, light triangles; and a French curve fractures lines to

The last pages are simplest. They can be read backwards and
thoroughly. Each page bends a bit like ludicrous plastic. He who wrote it was very ambitious, fed up, and finished. He had been teaching the insides and outsides of things

To children, teaching the art of Rembrandt to them. His two wives were beautiful and Death begins As a beggar beside them. What is an abstract persona? A painter visits but he prefers to look at perfume in vials.

And I see a book in glass - the words go off In wild loops without words. I should Wake and render them! In bed, Mother says each child Will receive the book of etchings, but the book will be
incomplete, after all.
But I will make the book of glass. - Author: David Shapiro
Ambitious quotes by David Shapiro
#122. Everybody is ambitious. The question is whether he is ambitious to be or ambitious to do. - Author: Jean Monnet
Ambitious quotes by Jean Monnet
#123. A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Ambitious quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#124. Well, OK then." He narrowed his eyes. "How about you? Do you have any ... romances I should know about?"
"Nope. Not one."
"Well, good. Excellent. There'll be plenty of time for boys when you leave college and become a nun."
She smiled. "I'm glad you have such ambitious dreams for me. - Author: Derek Landy
Ambitious quotes by Derek Landy
#125. Battles over job and career, over every picture published. She had never been ambitious out of vanity. All she ever wanted was to escape from her mother's world. Yes, she saw it with absolute clarity: no matter how enthusiastic she was about taking pictures, she could just as easily have turned her enthusiasm to any other endeavour. Photography was nothing but a way of getting at 'something higher' and living beside Thomas. - Author: Milan Kundera
Ambitious quotes by Milan Kundera
#126. If a man is endowed with a noble and courageous soul, if he is painstaking, proud, ambitious, without meanness, of a profound a deep-seated intelligence, I dare assert that he lacks nothing to be neglected by the great and men in high office, who fear, more than other men, those whom they cannot dominate. - Author: Luc De Clapiers
Ambitious quotes by Luc De Clapiers
#127. Ambitious young women today are taught to ignore or suppress every natural instinct, if it conflicts with the feminist agenda posed on them. All literary and artistic works, no matter how great, that document the ambivalence of female sexuality they are trained to dismiss as "misogynous." In other words, their minds are being programmed to secede from their bodies ... there is a huge gap between feminist rhetoric and women's actual sex lives, where feminism is of little help except with a certain stratum of deferential, malleable, white middle-class men. - Author: Camille Paglia
Ambitious quotes by Camille Paglia
#128. There's nothing noble or selfless about politicians and there never has been. Putting it charitably, Profiles in Courage is a compendium of Democratic mythology, ghostwritten for an ambitious young Massachusetts Senator who never did a thing for himself if he could pay to have it done by others. - Author: L. Neil Smith
Ambitious quotes by L. Neil Smith
#129. The appointment of Jesus to be the Savior of the world was contested by one of the other sons of God. He was called Lucifer, son of the morning. Haughty, ambitious, and covetous of power and glory, this spirit-brother of Jesus desperately tried to become the Savior of mankind - Author: Milton R. Hunter
Ambitious quotes by Milton R. Hunter
#130. When I'm given a role, the first thing I do is read the play over and over again. I scour the script and write down everything the character says about himself and everything that everyone else says about him. I immerse myself in my character and imagine what it might be like to be that person.
When I played Cassio in Othello I imagined what it would be like to be a lieutenant in the Venetian navy in 1604. I sat down with Ewan McGregor and Chiwetel Ejiofor and together we decided that Othello, Iago and Cassio had soldiery in their bones.
I took from the script that Cassio was talented and ambitious, with no emotional or physical guard - and that's how I played the part.
For me, acting is about recreating the circumstances that would make me feel how my character is feeling. In the dressing room, I practise recreating those circumstances in my head and I try to not get in the way of myself. For example, in act two of Othello, when Cassio is manipulated to fight Roderigo and loses his rank, some nights I would burst into tears; other nights I wouldn't but I would still feel the same emotion, night after night. Just as in life, the way we respond to catastrophe or death will be different every time because the process is unconscious.
By comparison, in Chekhov's Ivanov I played the young doctor, Lvov. Lvov was described as "a prig and a bigot … uprightness in boots … tiresome … completely sincere". His emotions were locked away. I worked around the key phrase: - Author: Tom Hiddleston
Ambitious quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#131. If ambitious fantasies make people blush, and sexual fantasies make people blush and feel guilty, fantasies of violence and death may make people blush and feel guilty-and frightened too. - Author: Judith Viorst
Ambitious quotes by Judith Viorst
#132. His [Luke]letter went something like this: "Dear Mr President, Thank you for introducing me to the Hall of Famers and for showing me the Oval Office. I think if I work really hard I will have a chance for both."
The next time I saw the president I told him about my son's ambitious plans. His response was beautiful: "Never get between a boy and his dreams - Author: Tim Russert
Ambitious quotes by Tim Russert
#133. For men tied fast to the absolute, bled of their differences, drained of their dreams by authoritarian leeches until nothing but pulp is left, become a massive, sick Thing whose sheer weight is used ruthlessly by ambitious men. Here is the real enemy of the people: our own selves dehumanized into the masses. And where is the David who can slay this giant? - Author: Lillian Smith
Ambitious quotes by Lillian Smith
#134. There is no one more sinister or dangerous than an ambitious yet characterless Politician! - Author: Robert Anthony Kerr
Ambitious quotes by Robert Anthony Kerr
#135. Comfort: The enemy of progress. - Author: Jenny Bicks & Bill Condon
Ambitious quotes by Jenny Bicks & Bill Condon
#136. She had thrown herself into one ambitious reading project after another, but things had rarely gone according to plan. It was boring to think of books as something you should read just because others had, and besides, she was much too easily distracted. There were far too many books out there to stick to any kind of theme. When - Author: Katarina Bivald
Ambitious quotes by Katarina Bivald
#137. In physiology, as in all other sciences, no discovery is useless, no curiosity misplaced or too ambitious, and we may be certain that every advance achieved in the quest of pure knowledge will sooner or later play its part in the service of man. - Author: Ernest Starling
Ambitious quotes by Ernest Starling
#138. You don't climb the second mountain the way you climb the first mountain. You conquer your first mountain. You identify the summit, and you claw your way toward it. You are conquered by your second mountain. You surrender to some summons, and you do everything necessary to answer the call and address the problem or injustice that is in front of you. On the first mountain you tend to be ambitious, strategic, and independent. On the second mountain you tend to be relational, intimate, and relentless.
It's gotten so I can recognize first- and second-mountain people. The first-mountain people are often cheerful, interesting, and fun to be around. They often have impressive jobs and can take you to an amazing variety of great restaurants. The second-mountain people aren't averse to the pleasures of the world. They delight in a good glass of wine or a nice beach. (There's nothing worse than people who are so spiritualized they don't love the world.) But they have surpassed these pleasures in pursuit of moral joy, a feeling that they have aligned their life toward some ultimate good. If they have to choose, they choose joy. - Author: David Brooks
Ambitious quotes by David Brooks
#139. Although Poets are vain and ambitious, their vanity and ambition are of the purest kind attainable in this world. They are ambitious to be accepted for what they altimately are as revealed in their poetry. - Author: Stephen Spender
Ambitious quotes by Stephen Spender
#140. Noble literature lasts for centuries; every ambitious writer aims for that. When a writer's words kept preserved for generation after generation, it is proof that what he or she wrote left a positive impact on humanity. If you are a writer keep that in mind, your words may last after your death, so ask yourself: Am I leaving what is worth to be read over and over again? Make this your compass. - Author: Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi
Ambitious quotes by Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi
#141. An Ambitious woman shewes her selfe to bee a troublesome disturber of the world, powerfull to make smale things great, and great monstrous - Author: Thomas Overbury
Ambitious quotes by Thomas Overbury
#142. If we insist that public life be reserved for those whose personal history is pristine, we are not going to get paragons of virtue running our affairs. We will get the very rich, who contract out the messy things in life the very dull, who have nothing to hide and nothing to show and the very devious, expert at covering their tracks and ambitious enough to risk their discovery. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
Ambitious quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#143. Some people are natural inventors who prefer to work without the pressure and expectations of the later business phases. Others are ambitious and see innovation as a path toward senior management. Still others are particularly skilled at the management of running an established business, outsourcing, and bolstering efficiencies and wringing out cost reductions. People should be allowed to find the kinds of jobs that suit them best. - Author: Eric Ries
Ambitious quotes by Eric Ries
#144. I've always been ambitious since I was nine years old and that was never going to change. - Author: Katy Perry
Ambitious quotes by Katy Perry
#145. Ambitious people understand intelligent people far better than intelligent people understand ambitious people; therefore, ambition will always triumph over intelligence. Once you appreciate this reality, civilization becomes clearer and unfortunately, more distressing. - Author: D.A. Blankinship
Ambitious quotes by D.A. Blankinship
#146. Communism was replaced by the threat of ambitious environmentalism. - Author: Vaclav Klaus
Ambitious quotes by Vaclav Klaus
#147. For the mob, habituated to feed at the expense of others, and to have its hopes of a livelihood in the property of its neighbors, as soon as it has got a leader sufficiently ambitious and daring, being excluded by poverty from the sweets of civil honors, produces a reign of mere violence. - Author: Polybius
Ambitious quotes by Polybius
#148. One of the things that happens in my house on the holidays is after dessert, we sit down to a very ambitious men-versus-women game of Trivial Pursuit. It's brutal. And there's a trophy. - Author: Bobby Flay
Ambitious quotes by Bobby Flay
#149. People think they have to be ambitious. But at a certain age, all you want is to be around nice, decent people. - Author: Graydon Carter
Ambitious quotes by Graydon Carter
#150. Theology, however implausible many of its truth claims, is one of the most ambitious theoretical arenas left in an increasingly specialized world - Author: Terry Eagleton
Ambitious quotes by Terry Eagleton
#151. The difference lies in the intention behind wanting money. Your reasons for why you want to create more money is typically why you're ambitious to get it. You're either genuinely ambitious or selfishly hungry. - Author: Aeriel Miranda
Ambitious quotes by Aeriel Miranda
#152. Not being ambitious of martyrdom, even in the cause of gastronomical enterprise, especially if the instrument is to be a contemptible, rank-smelling fungus, I never eat or cook mushrooms. - Author: Mary Virginia Terhune
Ambitious quotes by Mary Virginia Terhune
#153. All I want is that Americans still be able to read the alphabet in a hundred years. I am not very ambitious. - Author: Gore Vidal
Ambitious quotes by Gore Vidal
#154. Aubrey obviously plays Karen's, Sarah Michelle Gellar's, younger sister. And, um, she's sort of always been the underdog in the family and somebody who is not as ambitious or driven as her sister, as Karen's character, so she's sort of always felt like she's had to follow in her sister's footsteps. - Author: Amber Tamblyn
Ambitious quotes by Amber Tamblyn
#155. Women give men a place to go. A man is a useless piece of equipment whose purpose is lost if it were not for women ...
It's like this. A man might go out and get a job, but only for someplace to go during the day. And he's only working that job to give the money to his wife. And then, if he does really well ... to buy her good jewelry. And only because she asks for it. Diamonds aren't a man's idea. The first woman sent the first man into a hole in the ground, and when he emerged with the first diamond she looked at it and said, 'It's too small. Dig farther. Men are not ambitious outside of their desire to impress women. A woman, in return, gives a man's life shape. A context. A place to go. It's very simple. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
Ambitious quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#156. For us ambitious galactic travelers, exploration of other galaxies in person will forever be a dream. - Author: Rajesh`
Ambitious quotes by Rajesh`
#157. I have neither the scholar's melancholy, which is emulation; nor the musician's, which is fantastical; nor the courtier's, which is proud; not the soldier's which is ambitious; nor the lawyer's, which is politic; nor the lady's, which is nice; nor the lover's, which is all these: but it is a melancholy of mine own, compounded of many simples, extracted from many objects, and indeed the sundry contemplation of my travels, which, by often rumination, wraps me in a most humorous sadness. - Author: William Shakespeare
Ambitious quotes by William Shakespeare
#158. I'm not ambitious about my career, but I am ambitious with each job. I can be fairly annoying to work with. - Author: Mads Mikkelsen
Ambitious quotes by Mads Mikkelsen
#159. It's nice that established and emerging stars agree to appear in ambitious low-budget films. Such pro-bono work gives the movie a higher profile and the actors a potentially more distinguished resume. - Author: Richard Corliss
Ambitious quotes by Richard Corliss
#160. There's no use getting behind the steering wheel of a car if you only know how to walk. - Author: Anthony T. Hincks
Ambitious quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#161. I'm the most ambitious person you ever met. - Author: Vin Diesel
Ambitious quotes by Vin Diesel
#162. The same is true for those who do not work hard to find
a good and rewarding job, perform the kind of work they
like to do, and secure a good position in their chosen
career. Even if they achieve a good standard of living, no
amount of material wealth can relieve the emptiness in
their hearts. They experience the same anxious spiritual
state. They live a life of discontentment because they are
so passionately attached to this world, they remain ambitious
for wealth and possessions, and they regard everything
and everyone around them as simply another opportunity
for personal profit. - Author: Harun Yahya
Ambitious quotes by Harun Yahya
#163. Whose interest does egg freezing serve? The woman's or that of an ambitious, still pretty unforgiving culture that doesn't really ever see childbearing for female employees as convenient? - Author: Randi Hutter Epstein
Ambitious quotes by Randi Hutter Epstein
#164. I was very conceptual about what I was doing; I had the first five albums planned out, and all the songs on every album, and the artwork. I always had these ambitious musical projects in mind. - Author: St. Lucia
Ambitious quotes by St. Lucia
#165. Black Barbie? Nah… I'm an unapologetic Exquisite Black Queen who's intelligent, creative, courageous, confident, ambitious, and authentic. My beauty is just a bonus! - Author: Stephanie Lahart
Ambitious quotes by Stephanie Lahart
#166. I'm often asked how I define "success." It's an overused term, but I fundamentally view this elusive beast as a combination of two things - achievement and appreciation. One isn't enough:
Achievement without appreciation makes you ambitious but miserable.
Appreciation without achievement makes you unambitious but happy. - Author: Timothy Ferriss
Ambitious quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#167. I have never been an ambitious person, and my participation in this industry is a fluke, but only male writers can afford to be coy and self-deprecating. - Author: Diablo Cody
Ambitious quotes by Diablo Cody
#168. The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream. - Author: William Shakespeare
Ambitious quotes by William Shakespeare
#169. I think for a few moments. Sometimes I think that the reason I'm not ambitious and I don't care about what my family cares about is that I'm lazy and....not all that smart. Dr. Desai gives me one of those get serious looks. - Author: Francisco X. Stork
Ambitious quotes by Francisco X. Stork
#170. It is an uneasy lot at best, to be what we call highly taught and yet not to enjoy: to be present at this great spectacle of life and never to be liberated from a small hungry shivering self - never to be fully possessed by the glory we behold, never to have our consciousness rapturously transformed into the vividness of a thought, the ardor of a passion, the energy of an action, but always to be scholarly and uninspired, ambitious and timid, scrupulous and dim-sighted. - Author: George Eliot
Ambitious quotes by George Eliot
#171. Like dogs in a wheel, birds in a cage, or squirrels in a chain, ambitious men still climb and climb, with great labor, and incessant anxiety, but never reach the top. - Author: Robert Browning
Ambitious quotes by Robert Browning
#172. The highest kind of writing - which must not be confused with
the most ambitious kind ... belongs to the realm of grace. Talent is
part of it, certainly; a thorough understanding of the secret laws,
absolutely. But finding the subject and theme which is in perfect
harmony with your deepest nature, your forgotten selves, your hidden
dreams, and the full unresonated essence of your life - now that
cannot be reached through searching, nor can it be stumbled upon
through ambition. That sort of serendipity comes upon you on a
lucky day. It may emerge even out of misfortune or defeat. You may
happen upon it without realising that this is the work through
which your whole life will sing. We should always be ready. We
should always be humble. Creativity should always be a form of
prayer. - Author: Ben Okri
Ambitious quotes by Ben Okri
#173. Ambitious men spend their youth in rendering themselves worthy of patronage; it is their great mistake. While the foolish creatures are laying in stores of knowledge and energy, so that they shall not sink under the weight of responsible posts that recede from them, schemers come and go who are wealthy in words and destitute of ideas, astonish the ignorant, and creep into the confidence of those who have a little knowledge. - Author: Honore De Balzac
Ambitious quotes by Honore De Balzac
#174. If you are ambitious of climbing up to the difficult, and in a manner inaccessible, summit of the Temple of Fame, your surest way is to leave on one hand the narrow path of Poetry, and follow the narrower track of Knight-Errantry, which in a trice may raise you to an imperial throne. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes
Ambitious quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
#175. 'Pleasantville' seems tonally ambitious, but it can handle a wide breadth of tone because it's so fanciful. - Author: Gary Ross
Ambitious quotes by Gary Ross
#176. To presume a want of motives for such contests as an argument against their existence, would be to forget that men are ambitious, vindictive, and rapacious. To look for a continuation of harmony between a number of independent, unconnected sovereignties in the same neighborhood, would be to disregard the uniform course of human events, and to set at defiance the accumulated experience of ages. The causes of hostility among nations are innumerable. There are some which have a general and almost constant operation upon the collective bodies of society. Of this description are the love of power or the desire of pre-eminence and dominion - the jealousy of power, or the desire of equality and safety. There are - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Ambitious quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#177. It's a very smart and heartfelt movie and that's why, I think, we're all drawn to it. We really showed up for this with this collective idea that it was really ambitious, but we felt we all really had something to gain from it. - Author: Robert Downey, Jr.
Ambitious quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
#178. I'm ambitious, I want to play in the Champions League, and that's the aim with Tottenham - to start qualifying for the Champions League on a consistent basis. - Author: Gareth Bale
Ambitious quotes by Gareth Bale
#179. [Ginsburg's] feminism was very sweeping and very ambitious and very consistent. Justice O'Connor had a more case-by-case, pragmatic approach to her feminism. They were not entirely the same, [but] I think that they shared the most important thing, which is the belief that they were worthy and that therefore other women were worthy. - Author: Linda Hirshman
Ambitious quotes by Linda Hirshman
#180. Ambitious of vision and swooping of camera, 'I, Frankenstein' is no 'I, Robot,' let alone 'I, Claudius,' but it's definitely watchable on a cold Jan. evening or, a few months from now, on your I, Pad. - Author: Richard Corliss
Ambitious quotes by Richard Corliss
#181. All people are meant to be creative in a certain way. What way? Perhaps I was cut out to be a wonderful housewife, with a marvelous sense of cooking, being with my friends, running a perfect house. But I am not ambitious towards anything. - Author: Diana Vreeland
Ambitious quotes by Diana Vreeland
#182. I tell myself I write because I want to say something true and original about the nature of evil. That is very ambitious - to say something about the human condition that hasn't been written before. Probably I will never succeed but that is what I strive to do. - Author: Jo Nesbo
Ambitious quotes by Jo Nesbo
#183. The only social change presented by most SF has been towards authoritarianism, the domination of ignorant masses by a powerful elite - sometimes presented as a warning, but often quite complacently. Socialism is never considered as an alternative, and democracy is quite forgotten. Military virtues are taken as ethical ones. Wealth is assumed to be a righteous goal and a personal virtue. Competitive free-enterprise capitalism is the economic destiny of the entire Galaxy. In general, American SF has assumed a permanent hierarchy of superiors and inferiors, with rich, ambitious, aggressive males at the top, then a great gap, and then at the bottom the poor, the uneducated, the faceless masses, and all the women. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Ambitious quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#184. I never saw myself as being ambitious, I saw myself as being in love with the profession. I'm a people person. I love to get to know different kinds of people. - Author: Jack Kelley
Ambitious quotes by Jack Kelley
#185. I'm an ambitious person, and Harvard makes me feel successful, just having gotten in here. That's the ugly side of why I'm proud of being at Harvard Law School. Another reason is because there's a spirit of serious intellectual endeavor here. - Author: Scott Turow
Ambitious quotes by Scott Turow
#186. That your spirit grow in curiosity, that your life be richer than it is, that you bow to the earth as you feel how it actually is, that we - so clever, and ambitious, and selfish, and unrestrained - are only one design of the moving, the vivacious many. - Author: Mary Oliver
Ambitious quotes by Mary Oliver
#187. And at the end of the evening he and Dym had made plans, airy ambitious plans, of all that they would do after the war. Euphemia had laughed at the planners. "What boundless energy you have, Jacob!" she had said.
Jacob had turned - Tony could see the dark, curly head and sparkling eyes quite plainly - and smiled at her. "Madam," he had said, "if I had a thousand lives, I could fill them all. - Author: Constance Savery
Ambitious quotes by Constance Savery
#188. Tim sends me a fairly ambitious workup in notebook form noting the passages we're going to cover and the chronology of the biblical events, and his commentaries on those things he's read and written. - Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
Ambitious quotes by Jerry B. Jenkins
#189. He was a secretive man, who kept his own counsel. He was an ambitious man of humble origins, with colossal designs on the future. And it would always be advantageous not to be closely known, never to be transparent. Passing a farmer on a day, he would tip his hat and grin. Everybody knew him. Nobody knew him. He would play the fool, the clown, the melancholy poet dying for love, the bumpkin. He would take the world by stealth and not by storm. He would disarm enemies by his apparent naiveté, by seeming pleasantly harmless. He would go to such lengths in making fun of his own appearance that others felt obliged to defend it. -Daniel Mark Epstein. - Author: Daniel Mark Epstein
Ambitious quotes by Daniel Mark Epstein
#190. So long as mankind shall continue to lavish more praise upon its destroyers than upon its benefactors war shall remain the chief pursuit of ambitious minds. - Author: Edward Gibbon
Ambitious quotes by Edward Gibbon
#191. Most crime fiction plots are not ambitious enough for me. I want something really labyrinthine with clues and puzzles that will reward careful attention. - Author: Sophie Hannah
Ambitious quotes by Sophie Hannah
#192. In Gypsy [Rose Lee] the musical, her mother, 'Mama Rose', is portrayed as a slightly eccentric, pushy, ambitious stage mother, but that version doesn't come close to the truth. - Author: Karen Abbott
Ambitious quotes by Karen Abbott
#193. Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Ambitious quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#194. Anne Boleyn was a warrior forced to use the only tools available to a woman in her position at that time. She was bold and ambitious, and had she had a son, history would have been very different. - Author: Lydia Leonard
Ambitious quotes by Lydia Leonard
#195. During the Q&A periods after my speeches, it is the men who say to me, "Help me understand how I am going to balance my work and my family." Now, let me tell you why I believe they see it that way. Because when they look around the room, they see the women who are going to be in their lives, the choices they will have for a spouse. And they realize that these women are educated, ambitious, and have every intention of having careers of their own. - Author: Vicki Donlan
Ambitious quotes by Vicki Donlan
#196. You see, people in the depressive position are often stigmatised as 'failures' or 'losers'. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. If these people are in the depressive position, it is most probably because they have tried too hard or taken on too much, so hard and so much that they have made themselves 'ill with depression'. In other words, if these people are in the depressive position, it is because their world was simply not good enough for them. They wanted more, they wanted better, and they wanted different, not just for themselves, but for all those around them. So if they are failures or losers, this is only because they set the bar far too high. They could have swept everything under the carpet and pretended, as many people do, that all is for the best in the best of possible worlds. But unlike many people, they had the honesty and the strength to admit that something was amiss, that something was not quite right. So rather than being failures or losers, they are just the opposite: they are ambitious, they are truthful, and they are courageous. And that is precisely why they got 'ill'. To make them believe that they are suffering from some chemical imbalance in the brain and that their recovery depends solely or even mostly on popping pills is to do them a great disfavour: it is to deny them the precious opportunity not only to identify and address important life problems, but also to develop a deeper and more refined appreciation of themselves and of th - Author: Neel Burton
Ambitious quotes by Neel Burton
#197. Weapons are never the implements of good fortune, and they are to be detested. Therefore, the wise leader avoids them. Normally the wise leader values patience, but when at war he values action. Since he is opposed to the use of weapons, he uses them only when it is unavoidable, and even then with great restraint. To praise victory in war is to rejoice in the slaughter of men. The slaughter of men causes grief and sorrow to the people, therefore he who rejoices in this will not be successful. Fortune follows the restrained, misfortune follows the ambitious. Therefore victory in war should not be celebrated, but instead should be met with mourning. - Author: Lao-Tzu
Ambitious quotes by Lao-Tzu
#198. Active or ambitious women were not only rare but often evil. Wonder Woman flipped this paradigm by embodying the strength, assertiveness, and independence usually associated with bad girls and villains in a positive heroic light. The Golden Age Wonder Woman was a blatant rejection of the good girl/bad girl binary and even offered a critique of the good girl role. - Author: Tim Hanley
Ambitious quotes by Tim Hanley
#199. No studio in Hollywood wanted 'Cold Mountain.' None. No one wanted 'Ripley,' no one wanted 'The English Patient.' That tells you there isn't really an appetite for ambitious movie-making out there. - Author: Anthony Minghella
Ambitious quotes by Anthony Minghella
#200. I was a Shoemaker, & got my living by my Labor. When this Rebellion come on, I saw some of my Neighbors got into Commission, who were no better than myself. I was very ambitious, & did not like to see those Men above me. I was asked to enlist as a private Soldier. . . I offered to enlist upon having a Lieutenants Commission; which was granted. I imagined my self now in a way of Promotion: if I was killed in Battle, there would be an end of me, but if my Captain was killed, I should rise in Rank, & should still have a Chance to rise higher. These Sir! were the only Motives of my entering into the Service; for as the Dispute between Great Britain & the colonies, I know nothing of it. . . - Author: Howard Zinn
Ambitious quotes by Howard Zinn

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