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#1. The commercial media … help citizens feel as if they are successful and have met these aspirations, even if they have not. They tend to neglect reality (they don't run stories about how life is hard, fame and fortune elusive, hopes disappointed) and instead celebrate idealized identities – those that, in a commodity culture, revolve around the acquisition of status, money, fame and power, or at least the illusion of these things. The media, in other words, assist the commercial culture in "need creation", prompting consumers to want things they don't need or have never really considered wanting. And catering to these needs, largely implanted by advertisers and the corporate culture, is a very profitable business. A major part of the commercial media revolves around selling consumers images and techniques to "actualize" themselves, or offering seductive forms of escape through entertainment and spectacle. News is filtered into the mix, but actual news is not the predominant concern of the commercial media. - Author: Chris Hedges
Corporate Culture quotes by Chris Hedges
#2. Once we get our corporate culture the way we want it, we have to hire people who fit. Otherwise, the wheels fall off the wagon and we quickly find ourselves back where we started. - Author: Quint Studer
Corporate Culture quotes by Quint Studer
#3. Apple's approach to career development is yet another way it runs contrary to the norms at other companies. The prevalent attitude for workers in the corporate world is to consider their growth trajectory. What's my path up? How do I get to the next level? Companies, in turn, spend an inordinate amount of time and money grooming their people for new responsibilities. They labor to find just the right place for people. But what if it turns out all that thinking is wrong? What if companies encouraged employees to be satisfied where they are because they're good at what they do, not to mention because that might be what's best for shareholders?

Instead of employees fretting that they were stuck in terminal jobs, what if they exalted in having found their perfect jobs? A certain amount of office politics might evaporate in a corporate culture where career growth is not considered tantamount to professional fulfilment. Shareholders, after all, don't care about fiefdoms and egos. There are many professionals who would find it liberating to work at what they are good at, receive competitive killer compensation, and not have to worry about supervising others or jockeying for higher rungs on an org chart. - Author: Adam Lashinsky
Corporate Culture quotes by Adam Lashinsky
#4. I expected, as I approached the corporate world, to enter a brisk, logical, nonsense-free zone, almost like the military - or a disciplined, up-to-date military anyway - in its focus on concrete results. How else would companies survive fierce competition? But what I encountered was a culture riven with assumptions unrelated to those that underlie the fact- and logic-based worlds of, say science and journalism - a culture addicted to untested habits, paralyzed by conformity, and shot through with magical thinking. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Corporate Culture quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#5. Trust is a collective mind - the corporate culture. You can't build and nourish trust without creating a conducive environment of trust. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Corporate Culture quotes by Pearl Zhu
#6. They've been screaming about the death of literacy for years, but I think TV is the Gutenberg [printing] press. I think TV is the only thing that keeps us vaguely in democracy even if it's in the hands of the corporate culture. If you're an artist you write in your time. Moaning about the fact that maybe people read more books a hundred years ago - that's not true. I think the same percentage has always read. - Author: Sherman Alexie
Corporate Culture quotes by Sherman Alexie
#7. To be an enduring, great company, you have to build a mechanism for preventing or solving problems that will long outlast any one individual leader. - Author: Howard Schultz
Corporate Culture quotes by Howard Schultz
#8. Every milestone in the history of the company, even when forecast with heaps of hoopla, was ultimately played out according to some secret timeline of geologic tedium, so that it was drained of all interest and drama well before it took place and afterward went all but unnoticed. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
Corporate Culture quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#9. If Americans wish to preserve a country they will recognize, then the first step is to recognize the enemy. Public education is the enemy. The entertainment industry is the enemy. The corporate culture is the enemy. The advertising industry is the enemy. And most of the politicians in both parties are the enemy. An enemy is defined as anybody, or any organization, which is attacking the traditional beliefs of Americans. - Author: Charley Reese
Corporate Culture quotes by Charley Reese
#10. Like Nazis at a Ku Klux Klan rally, they were comfortable ideologically, but not in terms of corporate culture. - Author: Paul Beatty
Corporate Culture quotes by Paul Beatty
#11. In corporate culture, in sports culture, in the media, we honor those who win at all costs. - Author: Jackson Katz
Corporate Culture quotes by Jackson Katz
#12. But in the military you don't get trusted positions just because of your ability. You also have to attract the notice of superior officers. You have to be liked. You have to fit in with the system. You have to look like what the officers above you think that officers should look like. You have to think in ways that they are comfortable with.
The result was that you ended up with a command structure that was top-heavy with guys who looked good in uniform and talked right and did well enough not to embarrass themselves, while the really good ones quietly did all the serious work and bailed out their superiors and got blamed for errors they had advised against until they eventually got out.
That was the military. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Corporate Culture quotes by Orson Scott Card
#13. [Corporate programming] is often done to the point where the individual is completely submerged in corporate "culture" with no outlet for unique talents and skills. Corporate practices can be directly hostile to individuals with exceptional skills and initiative in technical matters. I consider such management of technical people cruel and wasteful. - Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
Corporate Culture quotes by Bjarne Stroustrup
#14. How can even the idea of rebellion against corporate culture stay meaningful when Chrysler Inc. advertises trucks by invoking "The Dodge Rebellion"? How is one to be bona fide iconoclast when Burger King sells onion rings with "Sometimes You Gotta Break the Rules"? How can an Image-Fiction writer hope to make people more critical of televisual culture by parodying television as a self-serving commercial enterprise when Pepsi and Subaru and FedEx parodies of self-serving commercials are already doing big business? It's almost a history lesson: I'm starting to see just why turn-of-the-century Americans' biggest fear was of anarchist and anarchy. For if anarchy actually wins, if rulelessness become the rule, then protest and change become not just impossible but incoherent. It'd be like casting a ballot for Stalin: you are voting for an end to all voting. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Corporate Culture quotes by David Foster Wallace
#15. Companies preach creativity, hire for conformity and call consultants when they fail who tell them to be more creative. - Author: Richie Norton
Corporate Culture quotes by Richie Norton
#16. Negative people often tend to create negative cultures whereas positive corporate cultures are created by positive people. - Author: Jon Gordon
Corporate Culture quotes by Jon Gordon
#17. The point being we used to have a system that wasn't as rigged in how the tax structure functioned. The president [Barack Obama] and I have been trying to get rid of some of these loopholes for some time. Look, we have to change the corporate culture. - Author: Joe Biden
Corporate Culture quotes by Joe Biden
#18. The greatest change in corporate culture - and the way business is being conducted - may be the accelerated growth of relationships based ... on partnership. - Author: Peter Drucker
Corporate Culture quotes by Peter Drucker
#19. You would be surprised at how many corporations "none of your business" applies to! - Author: Steven Magee
Corporate Culture quotes by Steven Magee
#20. In many ways, the status quo is human nature; people are often paradoxically afraid of change and also afraid of staying the same – but when push comes to shove, staying the same seems safer. - Author: Sean A. Culey
Corporate Culture quotes by Sean A. Culey
#21. There is a great need to be needed. Remember, you feel good whenever you are needed. Sometimes, even if it brings misery to you, even then you love to be needed. - Author: Osho
Corporate Culture quotes by Osho
#22. A healthy corporate culture is built through proper man-management techniques put into action, which in turn aids in shaping a peacefully coherent work environment with healthy interactions capable of drawing out the maximum potential from the employed. - Author: Henrietta Newton Martin
Corporate Culture quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin
#23. Just as black anger often proved counterproductive, so have these white resentments distracted attention from the real culprits of the middle class squeeze - a corporate culture rife with inside dealing, questionable accounting practices, and short-term greed. - Author: Barack Obama
Corporate Culture quotes by Barack Obama
#24. Defining a job candidate who is a "cultural fit" is about the person being open minded, looks for the positive in others and knowing that life is too short to focus on differences. When interviewing someone, I ask them to describe something they are proud of and why. The best answers are a challenge they overcame using a unique approach. - Author: Tom Golway
Corporate Culture quotes by Tom Golway
#25. The word attitude doesn't mean you should be committed and loyal to your supervisor. Attitude means dedicated, committed and more clinical to the work you do and the company you're doing the work for. - Author: Vivek Thangaswamy
Corporate Culture quotes by Vivek Thangaswamy
#26. A sour corporate culture can actually make an entire society unhappy. This means that a strong corporate culture can have a positive impact on a society. - Author: Simon Sinek
Corporate Culture quotes by Simon Sinek
#27. In fact the "mask" theme has come up several times in my background reading. Richard Sennett, for example, in "The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism", and Robert Jackall, in "Moral Mazes: The World of Corporate managers", refer repeatedly to the "masks" that corporate functionaries are required to wear, like actors in an ancient Greek drama. According to Jackall, corporate managers stress the need to exercise iron self-control and to mask all emotion and intention behind bland, smiling, and agreeable public faces.
Kimberly seems to have perfected the requisite phoniness and even as I dislike her, my whole aim is to be welcomed into the same corporate culture that she seems to have mastered, meaning that I need to "get in the face" of my revulsion and overcome it. But until I reach that transcendent point, I seem to be stuck in an emotional space left over from my midteen years: I hate you; please love me. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Corporate Culture quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#28. Technical problems can be remediated. A dishonest corporate culture is much harder to fix. - Author: Bruce Schneier
Corporate Culture quotes by Bruce Schneier
#29. If every day at work feels like a Friday, then you are doing what you were meant to do. - Author: Alan W. Kennedy
Corporate Culture quotes by Alan W. Kennedy
#30. The momentum of all those wheels are too great for one person's passionate will. - Author: K. Melissa Kennedy
Corporate Culture quotes by K. Melissa Kennedy
#31. Company cultures are like country cultures. Never try to change one. Try, instead, to work with what you've got. - Author: Peter Drucker
Corporate Culture quotes by Peter Drucker
#32. Thinking of others isn't a problem as long as you don't fall into the trap of giving and never asking for anything in return from the people you're networking with. - Author: Fran Hauser
Corporate Culture quotes by Fran Hauser
#33. We need a cybersecurity renaissance in this Country that promotes cyber hygiene and a security centric corporate culture applied and continuously reinforced by peer pressure - Author: James Scott
Corporate Culture quotes by James         Scott
#34. Saying "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" many times doesn't fix the fact that your process is a mess and you are not addressing it even now - Author: Daren Martin
Corporate Culture quotes by Daren Martin
#35. I don't know whether I see it as slipping inside the villains, but part of what makes Ralph Nader and Michael Moore such effective speakers and communicators is that they know how corporate culture works, how our lawmaking bodies really work, and where the bones are buried. - Author: Jello Biafra
Corporate Culture quotes by Jello Biafra
#36. Successful companies will almost always be described in terms of a clear strategy, good organization, strong corporate culture, and customer focus. But whether these things drive company performance, or whether they're mainly attributions based on performance, is a different matter. - Author: Phil Rosenzweig
Corporate Culture quotes by Phil Rosenzweig
#37. It is important to focus on present work. It is more important to align your present work with future outlook and desires. - Author: Abhishek Ratna
Corporate Culture quotes by Abhishek Ratna
#38. We are constantly evolving as we are interacting with the world. Mindfulness and growth mindset drives our evolution faster and on right tracks. - Author: Amit Ray
Corporate Culture quotes by Amit Ray
#39. Whoever said you have to be an A$$ to be a boss, should never get to be a boss. Especially in a democratic society. Being an A$$ boss in a democratic society only causes resentment and disloyalty. Motivate your employees by instilling pride in them for themselves and for their work brand. - Strong by Kailin Gow on how to build a Strong Company - Author: Kailin Gow
Corporate Culture quotes by Kailin Gow
#40. I try ... to use my own voice in a way that shows caring, respect, appreciation, and patience. Your voice, your language, help determine your culture. And part of how a corporate culture is defined is how the people who work for an organization use language. - Author: Frances Hesselbein
Corporate Culture quotes by Frances Hesselbein
#41. Since the 1970s, Japanese quality has become a byword, and many a book and article has been penned on the subject of Kaizen, 'improvement,' a form of corporate culture in which employers encourage their workers to submit ideas that will polish and improve efficiency. The writers on Kaizen, however, overlooked one weakness in this approach, which seemed minor at the time but has seriously impacted Japan's technology. Kaizen's emphasis is entirely on positive recommendations; there is no mechanism to deal with negative criticism, no way to disclose faults or mistakes - and this leads to a fundamental problem of information. People keep silent about embarrassing errors, with the result that problems are never solved. - Author: Alex Kerr
Corporate Culture quotes by Alex Kerr
#42. Successful change can only come in the context of a clear understanding of what may never change, what the organization stands for. This is what Peter Drucker calls the organization's culture. Culture, as he uses the term, is that which cannot, will not, and must not change. We talk a lot about changing corporate culture, as though it were just another parameter of the organization, like an SIC code or address. But Drucker would have us look at culture entirely differently, as the bedrock upon which any constructive change will have to rest. If nothing is declared unchangeable, then the organization will resist all change. When there is no defining vision, the only way the organization can define itself is its stasis. Like the human creature that fights wildly to resist changing whatever it considers its identity, the corporate organism without vision will hold on to stasis as its only meaningful definition of self. - Author: Tom DeMarco
Corporate Culture quotes by Tom DeMarco
#43. Companies have to nurture [creativity and motivation]-and have to do it by building a compassionate yet performance-driven corporate culture. In the knowledge economy the traditional soft people side of our business has become the new hard side. - Author: Gay Mitchell
Corporate Culture quotes by Gay Mitchell
#44. I don't mind being a team player. I'm just tired of being the soccer ball. - Author: Quentin R. Bufogle
Corporate Culture quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
#45. The paradox of change is that while everyone says they want change, not many people actually like it, and even less want to lead it. - Author: Sean A. Culey
Corporate Culture quotes by Sean A. Culey
#46. The corporate system is interconnected and now share a common invested interest, the ability to control through business, the people. It is an inevitable path the parameters set will take the beast down following the easiest way to collective profits, to control the ones that provide them. It is also logical to protect your own, from ones that are shedding light through Art on the grey water they may have stepped into to reach their fullest profit potentials. It is the logical solution to what would be, just business. So the Matrix story albeit written to lift for all the ceiling of what is possible, has inevitably shined a light on the entire path that was chosen and the pre-chosen road ahead that collective corporations were on creating a separate state of politically connected elite and those seeking award through serving them. A natural progression of what was set in place from the beginning. The flaw was in the design of the collective corporate system, globally intertwined now, and immersed in politics, protecting its own, making the question real this time, how to balance the equation. - Author: Tom Althouse
Corporate Culture quotes by Tom Althouse
#47. The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital. You'd better get the human capital part right. - Author: Dave Bookbinder
Corporate Culture quotes by Dave Bookbinder
#48. It all sounds almost silly, but the fact is that the only way to change a corporate culture is to just change it. - Author: Gordon Bethune
Corporate Culture quotes by Gordon Bethune
#49. If you go to the workplace thinking that you are a mere employee, you can only be an employee. If you go with an Entrepreneur consciousness, you can definitely become an Entrepreneur - Author: Rajasaraswathii
Corporate Culture quotes by Rajasaraswathii
#50. People who always arrive early aren't worth waiting for. - Author: Crystal Woods
Corporate Culture quotes by Crystal Woods
#51. Samsung's future hinges on new businesses, new products and new technologies. We should make our corporate culture more open, flexible and innovative. - Author: Lee Kun-hee
Corporate Culture quotes by Lee Kun-hee
#52. She represents something about the corporate world that repel me, some deep coldness masked as relentless cheerfulness. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Corporate Culture quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#53. The speed of modern life is an oppressive thing, and the corporate world is quick to punish those with an honest heart. - Author: Fennel Hudson
Corporate Culture quotes by Fennel Hudson
#54. As one Questioner pointed out, 'The Rebels' best asset is their voice of dissent. We shouldn't try to school it out of them, or to corporate-culture it out, or shame it out. It's there to protect us all. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
Corporate Culture quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#55. Superior execution is vital to sustaining the success initiated by an innovative service concept. An innovator's service quality is usually more difficult to imitate than its service concept. This is because quality service comes from inspired leadership throughout an organization, a customer-minded corporate culture, excellent service-system design, the effective use of information and technology, and other factors that develop slowly in a company, if at all. - Author: Leonard L. Berry
Corporate Culture quotes by Leonard L. Berry
#56. Culture, which by definition serves no purpose, has now found a role as the consort of business. Right off the bat we have a beached whale, since there is nothing that disdains culture as much as business does ... In fact, 'corporate culture' is nothing more than the crystallization of the stupidity of a group of people at a given moment. - Author: Corinne Maier
Corporate Culture quotes by Corinne Maier
#57. People being encouraged to make up their own minds and think for themselves is so important. This world talks endlessly about freedom of choice, but we've never been [nothing] more than a nation of robots. Everybody is seduced by corporate culture. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Corporate Culture quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#58. People want guidance, not rhetoric. They need to know what the plan of action is, and how it will be implemented. They want to be given responsibility to help solve the problem and authority to act on it. - Author: Howard Schultz
Corporate Culture quotes by Howard Schultz
#59. There will be others, many others. You'll try desperately to digest a single word through the acronym-laden gibberish, while beginning to wonder what the point of all this is, and also why you didn't feel that staple you just sent into your thigh. You usually do. You'll wonder what your company even does. After six years, you have no idea what an information system is, do you? Maybe you should ask. Maybe that's how this ends. You'll imagine how poetic it would be to simply unmute yourself and say, "Sorry to interrupt, guys, but what's an information system?"
Still, your mind will drift further, envisioning how much more tolerable this call would be if you could just slowly masturbate during it. So you do. You masturbate during it. And it's beautiful. Masturbating, invisible within your three-walled fortress. Invisible ... invisible ... practically invisible. - Author: Colin Nissan
Corporate Culture quotes by Colin Nissan
#60. People often ask why I left CNN - I didn't like management. I liked my colleagues in the news gathering but the corporate culture that seized management when AOL came in (Steve Case and Gerry Levin) was disgusting. - Author: Greta Van Susteren
Corporate Culture quotes by Greta Van Susteren
#61. The Establishment is amassing wealth and aggressively annexing power in a way that has no precedent in modern times. After all, there is nothing to stop it. - Author: Owen Jones
Corporate Culture quotes by Owen Jones
#62. Groupon as a company - it's built into the business model - is about surprise. A new deal that surprises you every day. We've carried that over to our brand, in the writing and the marketing that we do, and in the internal corporate culture. - Author: Andrew Mason
Corporate Culture quotes by Andrew Mason
#63. One thing I've always loved about the culture at Microsoft is there is nobody who is tougher on us, in terms of what we need to learn and do better, than the people in the company itself. You can walk down these halls, and they'll tell you, 'We need to do usability better, push this or that frontier.' - Author: Bill Gates
Corporate Culture quotes by Bill Gates
#64. I'm persuaded today that the only way you can get into another country with a different culture from your own is to find a local partner who knows the market. Discovering this felt like small children discovering that if you put a bobby pin into an electric plug you get a shock! - Author: Roberto Civita
Corporate Culture quotes by Roberto Civita
#65. There's much more to black history than pain and hard times, and romance authors, more than anyone else, know it. A writer friend told me that's what he thinks some people outside of the culture don't get about blackness: the sheer joy of it, especially given so many are only fixated on the struggle. Black romance thrives on complexity and nuance, on black solidarity and achievement, on the triumph of everyday life lived well, in spite of the odds.
-Black Romance Novels Matter Too. Shondaland 2/22/20 - Author: Carole V. Bell
Corporate Culture quotes by Carole V. Bell
#66. Bureaucratic regimentation was in fact part of the larger regimentation of life, introduced by this power-centered culture. Nothing emerges more clearly from the Pyramid Texts themselves, with their wearisome repetitions of formulae, than a colossal capacity for enduring monotony: a capacity that anticipates the peak of universal boredom achieved in our own day. This verbal compulsiveness is the psychal side of the systematic general compulsion that brought the labor machine into existence. Only those who were sufficiently docile to endure this regimen-or sufficiently infantile to enjoy it-at every stage from command to execution could become efficient units in the human machine. - Author: Lewis Mumford
Corporate Culture quotes by Lewis Mumford
#67. There was some admiration for the way he handled himself. At least back then, there was a sense he would be loyal to his friends. That was the culture of the time. It was incredibly tribal, and the gang affiliation meant so much to poor city kids. - Author: Dick Lehr & Gerard O'Neill
Corporate Culture quotes by Dick Lehr & Gerard O'Neill
#68. But genius, and even great talent, springs less from seeds of intellect and social refinement superior to those of other people than from the faculty of transforming and transposing them. To heat a liquid with an electric lamp requires not the strongest lamp possible, but one of which the current can cease to illuminate, can be diverted so as to give heat instead of light. To mount the skies it is not necessary to have the most powerful of motors, one must have a motor which, instead of continuing to run along the earth's surface, intersecting with a vertical line the horizontal line which it began by following, is capable of converting its speed into lifting power. Similarly, the men who produce works of genius are not those who live in the most delicate atmosphere, whose conversation is the most brilliant or their culture the most extensive, but those who have had the power, ceasing suddenly to live only for themselves, to transform their personality into a sort of mirror, in such a way that their life, however mediocre it may be socially and even, in a sense, intellectually, is reflected by it, genius consisting in reflecting power and not int he intrinsic quality of the scene reflected. - Author: Marcel Proust
Corporate Culture quotes by Marcel Proust
#69. Had my father loved my mother? He never spoke of her. I always imagined a traditional marriage between them--one built with the strong bones of respect, but stripped of the soft skin of love. - Author: Kay Honeyman
Corporate Culture quotes by Kay Honeyman
#70. I want to experience as many different tastes, sights, emotions, conflicts, and cultures as possible, so that I can expand the canvas of my memory and enrich my comedy. - Author: Patton Oswalt
Corporate Culture quotes by Patton Oswalt
#71. When we heed God's Word, we are rejecting how the world tries to disciple us. - Author: Matt Chandler
Corporate Culture quotes by Matt Chandler
#72. I'm not really all that familiar with comic book culture. - Author: Christoph Waltz
Corporate Culture quotes by Christoph Waltz
#73. I was never either pro-culture or counter-culture. I was in a kind of middle state. - Author: Don DeLillo
Corporate Culture quotes by Don DeLillo
#74. People are everything in education, just as in the corporate world. - Author: Wendy Kopp
Corporate Culture quotes by Wendy Kopp
#75. In the United States, both the upper levels of the Republican and Democratic Parties are in the pay of the corporate media and communication giants. - Author: Robert Waterman McChesney
Corporate Culture quotes by Robert Waterman McChesney
#76. The Arts are fundamental resources through which the world is viewed, meaning is created, and the mind developed. To neglect the contribution of the Arts in education, either through inadequate time, resources, or poorly trained teachers, is to deny children access to one of the most stunning aspects of their culture and one of the most potent means for developing their minds. - Author: Elliot W. Eisner
Corporate Culture quotes by Elliot W. Eisner
#77. Our current modes of rationality are not moving society forward into a better world. They are taking it further and further from that better world. Since the Renaissance these modes have worked. As long as the need for food, clothing and shelter is dominant they will continue to work. But now that for huge masses of people these needs no longer overwhelm everything else, the whole structure of reason, handed down to us from ancient times, is no longer adequate. It begins to be seen for what it really is ... emotionally hollow, esthetically meaningless and spiritually empty. That, today, is where it is at, and will continue to be at for a long time to come. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Corporate Culture quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#78. Sometime in your life, hope that you might see one starved man, the look on his face when the bread finally arrives. Hope that you might have baked it or bought or even kneaded it yourself. For that look on his face, for your meeting his eyes across a piece of bread, you might be willing to lose a lot, or suffer a lot, or die a little, even. - Author: Daniel Berrigan
Corporate Culture quotes by Daniel Berrigan
#79. Instant gratification is no more essential to magical culture than bigotry to religious culture or psychopathy to science, and yet times of magical revival do go hand in hand with a rise in individualism - Author: Lionel Snell
Corporate Culture quotes by Lionel Snell
#80. I love Canada, and I dated someone who was Canadian a few years ago, and she brought me into a deeper understanding of the greatness of the culture. - Author: Eileen Myles
Corporate Culture quotes by Eileen Myles
#81. I have never been a poster boy for serenity, but I knew I needed to restore some semblance of inner peace. In search of a fix much quicker than my weekly forays into the talking cure, I came upon an ancient and proven practice, one that exists in every culture and religious tradition as a means to attaining calm and an alternate plane of consciousness: an extended fast. Buddha did it, Jesus did it, even Pythagoras and George Bernard Shaw did it. It's like a Cole Porter song from the world's least-fun musical. - Author: David Rakoff
Corporate Culture quotes by David Rakoff
#82. It is through the acceptance of a variety of aethetic and intellectual points of view that a culture is given breadth and density. - Author: Louise Bogan
Corporate Culture quotes by Louise Bogan
#83. I like YOU! I've liked you since before hitting puberty! Since before dinosaurs walked the Earth! Since before the old Taylor Swift died! - Author: Chloe Seager
Corporate Culture quotes by Chloe Seager
#84. I'm not becoming western; I am still following my Pashtun culture, and I'm wearing a shalvar kamiz, a dupatta on my head. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
Corporate Culture quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#85. We face a conflict between civilisation and culture, which used to be on the same side. Civilisation means rational reflection, material wellbeing, individual autonomy and ironic self-doubt; culture means a form of life that is customary, collective, passionate, spontaneous, unreflective and irrational. - Author: Terry Eagleton
Corporate Culture quotes by Terry Eagleton
#86. We owe the origin and development of human society and, consequently, of culture and civilization, to the fact that work performed under the division of labor is more productive than when performed in isolation. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Corporate Culture quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#87. Liberals tend to view traditions, policies, and morals of past generations as arbitrary designs put in place by less enlightened people. Because of this, liberals don't pay much attention to why traditions developed or wonder about possible ramifications of their social engineering. - Author: John Hawkins
Corporate Culture quotes by John Hawkins
#88. It was a whiny culture, we were finding. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Corporate Culture quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#89. Tech companies have a finite lifespan: For the successful ones, an IPO or exit is never more than a few years off. But by recruiting locally and developing homegrown talent, companies can build something that remains after they're gone. People, skills and a culture of innovation persist. - Author: Ryan Holmes
Corporate Culture quotes by Ryan Holmes
#90. Like the burning of the ancient library at Alexandria or the supremely ignorant incineration of stacks of invaluable Mayan codices, the loss of knowledge we are experiencing as the last of the traditional elders pass from this physical plane of existence without heirs to their knowledge- as well as the very environment in which sacred plants grow- is a tragedy occurring right now as you read these lines, one that could well be beyond redemption. - Author: Jonathon Miller Weisberger
Corporate Culture quotes by Jonathon Miller Weisberger
#91. The real problem here is a massive elephant in the room: our own culture. Our social values, our media - so influential on impressionable young girls - that have been allowed, for millenia, to send out this powerful, alienating message about girls and sport: that sport is unfeminine, that sport makes you sweaty and muscular, that sport is swearing and violence, that sport is ugliness in a world where women's sole priority, value and focus should be beauty and becoming an object of desire. - Author: Anna Kessel
Corporate Culture quotes by Anna Kessel
#92. Look at this charming donkey! - Author: Kenneth Clark
Corporate Culture quotes by Kenneth Clark
#93. Like any currency of value, the human imagination is a coin with two inseparable sides. It is our faculty of fancy that fills the disquieting gaps of the unknown with the tranquilizing certitudes of myth and superstition, that points to magic and witchcraft when common sense and reason fail to unveil causality. But that selfsame faculty is also what leads us to rise above accepted facts, above the limits of the possible established by custom and convention, and reach for new summits on the degree of courage, determined by some incalculable combination of nature, culture, and character. - Author: Maria Popova
Corporate Culture quotes by Maria Popova
#94. Our political culture is now so debased that we regularly hear 'do gooders' getting the blame for things. Enviromentalists trying to stop a coal-burning power plant or a new runway that will (let's just remember) DESTROY THE EARTH are branded as our enemies, these 'do gooders'. Like doing good is a bad thing. You read all the time in the press that 'do gooders' are to blame - a sweepingly derogatory term. Or even worse, the 'so-called do gooders'. I've never once read that the blame was being put fairly and squarely on 'cunts', and let's face it 'cunts' must be behind fucking things up far more things than 'do gooders'. If it's not 'cunts' then I blame those 'so-called cunts'. - Author: Frankie Boyle
Corporate Culture quotes by Frankie Boyle
#95. When I took over as chair of the fashion program, I was horrified that only the faculty member was allowed to speak in a critique. I'm talking about perfectly nurturing teachers. But the rule was there would be no call of hands for students to contribute their feedback. It was embedded in the department's culture. That was alarming to me. When I was teaching, I was the least important person in the room as far as I was concerned
my students' points of view mattered most. I wanted to learn who they were and teach them to respect one another's perspectives.
I would start off by saying something like, I am having trouble understanding how this work solves the problem at hand. Here are some things about the work that I appreciate: X, Y, Z. But I see these virtues independent of the problem we're solving. - Author: Tim Gunn
Corporate Culture quotes by Tim Gunn
#96. Some researchers attribute the increase in gluten intolerance and celiac disease to the fact that modern breads no longer receive a lengthy fermentation. The organic acids produced by the sourdough culture also seem to slow our bodies' absorption of the sugars in white flour, reducing the dangerous spikes of insulin that refined carbohydrates can cause. (Put another way, a sourdough bread will have a lower "glycemic index" than a bread leavened with yeast.) Lastly, the acids activate an enzyme called phytase, which unlocks many of the minerals that, in a seed, have been carefully locked up (or "chelated") for the eventual use of the germinating plant. To - Author: Michael Pollan
Corporate Culture quotes by Michael Pollan
#97. African-Americans are always forced to learn the other culture, but the other culture is not forced to learn ours. I went to acting school at Juilliard, and we learned Shakespeare and Shaw, but we never did the work of a single African-American playwright, not August Wilson or Ntozake Shange or Imir Baraka. - Author: Tracie Thoms
Corporate Culture quotes by Tracie Thoms
#98. To paraphrase Hannah Arendt - as portrayed in the recently released movie of the same name - the Nazi war criminal's actions stemmed from her well-known phrase "banality of evil," not as a result of mental illness but as a result of a lack of thinking. Their greatest error was delegating the process of thinking and decision-making to their higher ups. In Rudolf Höss's case, this would have been his superiors, particularly Heinrich Himmler.

To many this conclusion is troubling, for it suggests that if everyday, "normal," sane men and women are capable of evil, then the atrocities perpetrated during the Holocaust and other genocides could be repeated today and into the future.

Yet, this is exactly the lesson we must learn from the war criminals at Nuremberg. We must be ever wary of those who do not take responsibility for their actions. And we ourselves must be extra vigilant, particularly in this day of accelerated technological power, heightened state surveillance, and global corporate reach, that we do not delegate our thinking to others. - Author: Thomas Harding
Corporate Culture quotes by Thomas Harding
#99. For a company culture to change, the top executives must be on board with changing it. This means they must understand what the change means for them. - Author: Janet Gregory
Corporate Culture quotes by Janet Gregory
#100. The trick of making movies in this culture is how to not give up everything that makes them worthwhile in order to get them made - and that's a tricky balance. - Author: Alex Winter
Corporate Culture quotes by Alex Winter
#101. Again, as a gay man I look at that and say there's a hopelessness that surrounds it, but as a human being I look at it and say 'Why? Where's this disparity coming from, and why can't we as a culture and society dig deeper to examine that?' We're terrified of facing ourselves. - Author: Zachary Quinto
Corporate Culture quotes by Zachary Quinto
#102. When the playful me shows up, I am ready to be a serious learner ... a culture of playfulness is closely related to the capacity to learn. - Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
Corporate Culture quotes by Rosemary Sutcliff
#103. If your culture doesn't like geeks, you are in real trouble. - Author: Bill Gates
Corporate Culture quotes by Bill Gates
#104. If you find yourself right now in a place where you are heartbroken, I want to remind you that Christ is very close to the broken. Our culture throws broken things away, but our Savior never does. He gently gathers all the pieces, and with His love and in His time, He puts us back together. - Author: Sheila Walsh
Corporate Culture quotes by Sheila Walsh
#105. there is no place of politics in education. The moment you let politics invade your education system, you inadvertently welcome chaos into the future of young India. Educational institutions have nothing to do with political propagandas. So, open your eyes, and throw any kind of political agenda out of your institutions. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Corporate Culture quotes by Abhijit Naskar

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