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The president's dead, no one can find his head, its been missing for two weeks. But no one seemed to notice it. ~ Lou Reed
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Lou Reed
Nas looked at Vik from across the room, and when he felt her eyes on him and lifted his head, she lowered her glance. It wasn't the first time in the past two weeks that I saw them do this. It also didn't escape Lev's notice that Viktor had stopped coming around. They hadn't spoke in that time.
Something had happened between them, and Nas was not opening up, probably because it was still too painful to talk about.
All I knew was that Nas was miserable and Vik had developed the temper of a T-Rex with itchy balls.
Relationships were collapsing around us, but Lev and I were going stronger than ever. ~ Belle Aurora
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Belle Aurora
There is a difference between executive producing and producing. Producing, you have no life for two years. You take everything personally, you want to kill everyone, you're depressed and angry, and then in the end you feel excited when it actually works. But executive producing, you can go home at the end of the day. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
I got a call from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah had chosen Spanx as one of her favorite products in 2000. I had boxes of product in my apartment and I had two weeks notice that she was going to say she loved it on TV and I had no shipping department. ~ Sara Blakely
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sara Blakely
Crushes are wonderful-they make you feel like you're two years old, and you say the stupidest things. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
Opening night is in a week. Already announced to the papers, already sent out in the newsletter in fancy, glossy, full-color glory. Which means I have two days, max, to finish the framing - easily a week's worth of work - and then four days for drilling the star maps I've already marked on the plywood, painting, wiring, installing, and finessing.Leaving me only one day - the day of the evening gala - to clean and get the actual exhibits set up.
It's impossible.
I will make it happen or die trying.
I don't realize I've said that last part aloud until I notice Michelle's horrified face. ~ Kiersten White
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Kiersten White
When I graduated from college, I went straight to work for a federal contractor, a desk job, and they were great to me, they loved me, I was like their mascot, but I just couldn't stand working in an office. I just hated it. And so one day I went in and said, 'I'm sorry, this is my two-weeks notice, I'm quitting to become an artist.' ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
It was the American middle class. No one's house cost more than two or three year's salary, and I doubt the spread in annual wages (except for the osteopath) exceeded more than five thousand dollars. And other than the doctor (who made house calls), the store managers, the minister, the salesman, and the banker, everyone belonged to a union. That meant they worked a forty-hour week, had the entire weekend off (plus two to four weeks' paid vacation in the summer), comprehensive medical benefits, and job security. In return for all that, the country became the most productive in the world and in our little neighborhood it meant your furnace was always working, your kids could be dropped off at the neighbors without notice, you could run next door anytime to borrow a half-dozen eggs, and the doors to all the homes were never locked
because who would need to steal anything if they already had all that they needed? ~ Michael Moore
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Michael Moore
I was working at a restaurant, I booked the role in 'Twilight,' put in my two weeks' notice, got fitted, flew to Portland, filmed, and then it started getting hype. That helped me get my foot into certain doors before the movie even came out. ~ Ashley Greene
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Ashley Greene
It was as if he stopped time for them two weeks out of every year, cut them off from both the past and the future so that they had only this present in a brand-new place, this present in which her children sought the sight and the scent of her: a wonderful thing, when you noticed it. When the past and the future grew still enough to let you notice it. He did that for her. This man she'd married. ~ Alice McDermott
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Alice McDermott
As a member of Fleetwood Mac, for two weeks I was still working at the restaurant because I'd given them notice. I didn't just want to walk in there and say, "'I'm going to be a famous rock star so I quit and I never liked your food anyway". ~ Stevie Nicks
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Stevie Nicks
Wait," I repeated.
The darkness vanished, leaving Rhysand in his solid form as he grinned. "Yes?"
I raised my chin as high as I could manage. "Just two weeks?"
"Just two weeks," he purred, and knelt before me. "Two teensy, tiny weeks with me every month is all I ask."
"Why? And what are to … to be the terms?" I said, fighting past the dizziness.
"Ah," he said, adjusting the lapel of his obsidian tunic. "If I told you those things, there'd be no fun in it, would there?"
I looked at my ruined arm. Lucien might never come, might decide I wasn't worth risking his life any further, not now that he'd been punished for it. And if Amarantha's healers cut off my arm …
Nesta would have done the same for me, for Elain. And Tamlin had done so much for me, for my family; even if he had lied about the Treaty, about sparing me from its terms, he'd still saved my life that day against the naga, and saved it again by sending me away from the manor.
I couldn't think entirely of the enormity of what I was about to give - or else I might refuse again. I met Rhysand's gaze. "Five days."
"You're going to bargain?" Rhysand laughed under his breath. "Ten days."
I held his stare with all my strength. "A week."
Rhysand was silent for a long moment, his eyes traveling across my body and my face before he murmured: "A week it is."
"Then it's a deal ~ Sarah J. Maas
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sarah J. Maas
I have a theory about marriage, Monsieur Boustouler. And it's that nearly always you will know within two weeks if it's going to work. It's astonishing how many people remain shackled for years, decades even, in a protracted and mutual state of self-delusion and false hope when in fact they had their answer in those first two weeks. ~ Khaled Hosseini
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Khaled Hosseini
I texted Jason exactly two weeks after we'd met. Hi ~ Sarah Louise Smith
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sarah Louise Smith
Then he started his period. One week in bed. Two doctors in. Three painkillers four times a day. And later a letter to the powers that be demanding full-paid menstrual leave twelve weeks per year I see him still, his selfish pale face peering at the moon through the bathroom window. The curse, he said, the curse. ~ Carol Ann Duffy
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Carol Ann Duffy
In the initial stages of my journey, I was trying to travel too fast by horse by sticking to a 'five days on and two off' schedule. On the steppe, time is not measured by days, weeks or hours but the fall of the seasons and condition of the animals. ~ Tim Cope
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Tim Cope
America is the country where you can buy a lifetime supply of aspirin For one dollar and use it up in two weeks. ~ John Barrymore
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by John Barrymore
Filming in India was one big adventure. For 'The Cheetah Girls', we were in Mumbai for two weeks, then Rajasthan for six weeks. Every day after shooting, I would hop into a rickshaw and start exploring the city. I even learned a bit of Hindi. It's such an amazing place to visit. ~ Michael Steger
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Michael Steger
I hated my whole childhood, hated it, hated it, hated it. There was no place for me. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
Every two weeks on 'Doctor Who,' the set is completely different, the world is different and there are new actors coming in. So, it's constantly surprising, and it's a pressure that you relish, actually. ~ Matt Smith
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Matt Smith
I love getting the pontoon boat out, and I don't get to do it as much anymore. If I know in two weeks or a month from now I've got three days off, I can start planning for that stuff, getting out there with friends and family and relaxing, just floating around and hanging out. ~ Blake Shelton
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Blake Shelton
Gabito isn't deceiving anyone," she said with an innocent smile, "but sometimes it happens that even God needs to make weeks that are two years long. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
That's exactly two weeks - starting the second you step through the Trans. If you don't make it, eventually you'll end up dead. The room should've ~ James Dashner
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by James Dashner
I'm very musically inclined. My parents were opera singers. As a young child, I could hear operas and I knew if they were sad, or if they reminded me of something, or they brought back a memory. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
I like lists, I'm controlling, I like order. I'm difficult on every level. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
First they burned her - that was last month. Actually just two weeks ago. Now they're starvng him. When he's dead, they'll burn him too.
Oh, how jolly. All this burning of family members in the summertime. ~ Lydia Davis
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Lydia Davis
I have these big piano-playing hands. I feel like I should be picking potatoes. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
When I went back to Iraq again, after the liberation was complete, I was myself engaged on a sort of "dig", and I decided to travel with Paul Wolfowitz. It was in its own way an archaeological and anthropological expedition. Here are some of the things we unearthed or observed. Unnoticed by almost everybody, and unreported by most newspapers, Saddam Hussein's former chief physicist Dr. Mahdi Obeidi had waited until a few weeks after the fall of Baghdad to accost some American soldiers and invite them to excavate his back garden. There he showed them the components of a gas centrifuge
the crown jewels of uranium enrichment
along with a two-foot stack of blueprints. This burial had originally been ordered by Saddam's younger son Qusay, who had himself been in charge of the Ministry of Concealment, and had outlasted many visits by "inspectors". I myself rather doubt that Hans Blix would ever have found the trove on his own. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Christopher Hitchens
I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has purchased Break in Two, and especially to those of you who took the time to review it. Your thoughtfulness and kind words have made the past two weeks most incredible.

This whole writing thing was an experiment to see if I could do it. You have inspired me to continue on! I had no idea this would be such an incredibly gratify experience.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you. All the best to you and yours this holiday season!
MJ ~ M.J. Summers
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by M.J. Summers
The beauty of voice-over work is that maybe you come in and record once every two weeks for a couple of hours and do a couple episodes a session. It's awesome! You spend an afternoon playing in the booth, and there you have it. It doesn't interfere with much. ~ Emmanuelle Chriqui
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Emmanuelle Chriqui
In the ensuing two weeks Ian managed to buy back Elizabeth's emeralds and Havenhurst, but he was unable to find a trace of his wife. The town house in London felt like a prison, not a home, and still he waited, sensing somehow that Elizabeth was putting him through this torment to teach him some kind of well-deserved lesson.
He returned to Montmayne, where, for several more weeks, he prowled about its rooms, paced a track in the drawing room carpet, and stared into its marble-fronted fireplaces as if the answer would be there in the flames. Finally he could stand it no more. He couldn't concentrate on his work, and when he tried, he made mistakes. Worse, he was beginning to be haunted with walking nightmares that she'd come to harm-or that she was falling in love with someone kinder than he-and the tormenting illusions followed him from room to room.
On a clear, cold day in early December, after leaving instructions with his footmen, butler, and even his cook that he was to be notified immediately if any word at all was received from Elizabeth, he left for the cottage in Scotland. It was the one place where he might find peace from the throbbing emptiness that was gnawing away at him with a pain that increased unbearably from day to day, because he no longer really believed she would ever contact him. ~ Judith McNaught
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Judith McNaught
The majority of things in life are about picking your battles. You'll learn that too. And that will never be clearer than when you're at IKEA. You'd have to visit a Danish vacation village after two weeks of pouring rain and no beer to come across as many couples arguing as you'll hear in the IKEA section for changeable sofa covers on any given Tuesday. People take this whole interior design thing really seriously these days. It's become a national pastime to over interpret the symbolism of the fact that "he wants frosted glass, that just proves he never listens to my FEELINGS." "Ahhhhh! She wants beech veneer. Do you hear me? Beech veneer! Sometimes, it feels like I've woken up next to a stranger!" That's how it is, every single time you go there. And I'm not going to lecture you, but if there's just one thing I can get across then let it be this: no one has ever, in the history of the world, had an argument in IKEA that really is about IKEA. People can say whatever they life, but when a couple who has been married for ten years walks around the bookshelves section calling one another words normally only used by alcoholic crime fiction detectives, they might be arguing about a number of things, but trust me: cupboard doors is not one of them. Believe me. You're a Backman. Regardless of how many shortcomings the person you fall in love with might have, I can guarantee that you still come out on top of that bargain. So find someone who doesn't love you for the person you are, ~ Fredrik Backman
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Fredrik Backman
Some people would say it's a bad idea to bring a fire-spider into a public library. Those people would probably be right, but it was better than leaving him alone in the house for nine hours straight. The one time I tried, Smudge had expressed his displeasure by burning through the screen that covered his tank, burrowing into my laundry basket, and setting two weeks' worth of clothes ablaze. ~ Jim C. Hines
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Jim C. Hines
It was an old hunter in camp and the hunter shared tobacco with him and told him of the buffalo and the stands he'd made against them, laid up in a sag on some rise with the dead animals scattered over the grounds and the herd beginning to mill and the riflebarrel so hot the wiping patches sizzled in the bore and the animals by the thousands and the tens of thousands and the hides pegged out over actual square miles of ground the teams of skinners spelling one another around the clock and the shooting and shooting weeks and months till the bore shot slick and the stock shot loose at the tang and their shoulders were yellow and blue to the elbow and the tandem wagons groaned away over the prairie twenty and twenty-two ox teams and the flint hides by the hundred ton and the meat rotting on the ground and the air whining with flies and the buzzards and ravens and the night a horror of snarling and feeding with the wolves half-crazed and wallowing in the carrion.

I seen Studebaker wagons with six and eight ox teams headed out for the grounds not hauling a thing but lead. Just pure galena. Tons of it. On this ground alone between the Arkansas River and the Concho there were eight million carcasses for that's how many hides reached the railhead. Two years ago we pulled out from Griffin for a last hunt. We ransacked the country. Six weeks. Finally found a herd of eight animals and we killed them and come in. They're gone. Ever one of them that God ever made is gone as if ~ Cormac McCarthy
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Cormac McCarthy
I've made mistakes, and I know why I made them, but I made that choice. Nobody's ever made a choice for me. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
My Luftwaffe is invincible ... And so now we turn to England. How long will this one last - two, three weeks? ~ Hermann Goring
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Hermann Goring
My forehead hit the table again with a thud. Ow. The words left me in a rush.
I heard the hiss as Robin sucked his breath in between his teeth. "Ouch."
"Yeah." I sighed, my forehead rubbing against the table as I nodded miserably. At least he didn't try to deny the idiotic part.
"You know there's absolutely no way that can end well."
"Duh. ~ Amelia C. Gormley
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Amelia C. Gormley
I'm really just trying to hash out the next two weeks of my life. So, something that is potentially four months down the road is not just a mile down the road for me, it's a million miles down the road. ~ Adam Carolla
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Adam Carolla
Strange game, this stating the obvious," Suri said, shaking her head. She got up and joined Minna at the woodpile. "Pointless, but popular. Everyone plays it. You're eating our bread. That isn't your bed. You have a wolf. But as you can see, I'm getting the knack of it. Tura told me to blend in at villages, especially the dahls. She said people who live inside walls are crazy and can be dangerous. Touched animals are, too. Cursed by the gods, sort of like you, and even a tainted squirrel's bite can make you that way."
"I merely meant, well…" Persephone hesitated. "I didn't think you'd still be here."
Suri pointed at the treetops visible over the rear wall of the dahl where the gray spears had become a curtain of green. "Was waiting on the leaves."
Persephone laughed. "It's been two weeks."
The mystic twisted her face, thinking hard. "You have two ears." She smiled proudly. "I'm starting to see the fun of this. Using a part of what another person says makes it harder, doesn't it? Probably gets more challenging late in winter when you've been sealed up for months - I assume you can't repeat the same thing twice, right? ~ Michael J. Sullivan
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
I had a sympathetic role in 'thirtysomething,' and in two weeks I'm going to do the role again. But in the movies, I just love the heavies. It's much more fun. Villains are a ball. People have been laughing at me for 50 years, so I love to sit in the back of the theater and listen to them hate me. ~ Alan King
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Alan King
I'll do anything for free stuff. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
I will do comedy until the day I die: inappropriate comedy, funny comedy, gender-bending, twisting comedy, whatever comedy is out there. ~ Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Sandra Bullock
When I got to the hospice I was under the impression it would be a two- or three-week stay. But here I still am, six weeks later, and I've gotten so well Medicare won't pay for me anymore. ~ Art Buchwald
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Art Buchwald
I don't think the summer is short. I would rather play hockey than work out in the gym. It would be tougher if summer was longer. You have your two or three weeks to take off. You have plenty of time to go back and see family and friends. I don't want summer to be any longer. ~ Henrik Zetterberg
Sandra Bullock Two Weeks Notice quotes by Henrik Zetterberg
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