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Most frontmen are not born hams like David Lee Roth. We're more like Joey Ramone: awkward geeks who somehow find our place in the world on the stage. ~ Chris Cornell
Ramones Joey quotes by Chris Cornell
And some people have less star appeal than others, but sometimes they shine far brighter than those with more. ~ Mickey Leigh
Ramones Joey quotes by Mickey Leigh
I'm really proud of my team. They have given me great cars all year long. Today, we finally got to show what kind of cars they have been giving me. We were up front, leading laps and showing how good this No. 22 Ford is. Once again today, my team showed they have my back and that will only make us better going forward. ~ Joey Logano
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Logano
Too fast?" she asked. Had he read her mind, or did he share her concerns?
"Can't tell. It moves like it moves. The trick is to make the in-between time quick, but draw out every moment like this"
he leaned down, kissed her again, proving the point by keeping the kiss going long enough she was breathless when he was done
"so it feels like the kind of forever you want. Then you have no regrets. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
How did he look at me?" I whispered, suddenly craving validation of Jack's feelings from anyone but myself and my subjective imagination.

Joey sighed, resigned. "Like you were the last chopper out of Baghdad, the last IV in the field hospital, the last funnel cake at the fair. Jesus, I don't know. ~ Natasha Boyd
Ramones Joey quotes by Natasha Boyd
I pop a cassette into the Buick's stereo. It's the Ramones. I turn the volume up high and roll down the windows. The highway air tastes of fumes, but it still feels goddamn good to breathe ~ Hank Moody
Ramones Joey quotes by Hank Moody
My art became very public. ~ Joey Skaggs
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Skaggs
Great thinkers think inductively, that is, they create solution and then seek out the problems that solution might solve; most companies think deductively, that is, defining a problem and then investigating different solutions. ~ Joey Reiman
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Reiman
I think that my favourite animal is a baby possum, or a joey. The face of a really little joey is so divine - so, so gorgeous. ~ Mem Fox
Ramones Joey quotes by Mem Fox
Nobody's perfect, but I hold myself accountable. I think about the choices I make because they not only affect me, they affect all of my fans and my family. ~ Joey Lawrence
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Lawrence
What I try to do is create an energy, create an excitement, but at the same time keep everybody focused and realize it's still just a game, that we have to move the football. ~ Joey Harrington
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Harrington
If you're not into Metal - you are not my friend! ~ Joey DeMaio
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey DeMaio
Joey and Big Ed loved each other with the kind of straight-boy-devotion that started wars, terror attacks, and video game companies. ~ Sherman Alexie
Ramones Joey quotes by Sherman Alexie
Because Logan is shirtless too. And in the immortal words of Joey Lawrence . . . whoa. ~ Emma Chase
Ramones Joey quotes by Emma Chase
I just do my best to put the ball in play and put it in play where no one's going to make a play on it and hopefully drive some runners in. ~ Joey Votto
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Votto
Most reporters who come to me get their stories directly from press releases. Very few do what one would consider to be their professional duty. ~ Joey Skaggs
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Skaggs
You're mean. "
"You have no idea", he managed. "Trip my sadist trigger, baby, and I'll make you regret it. There will be flowers. Candy. Kenny G. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
The Temple that the Jews will build on their return to Jerusalem will probably be destroyed by the Earthquake..." (Clarence Larkin, The Book of Revelation, 1919) ~ Joey Faust
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Faust
I can pinpoint the session that brought me back to the world. That session cost $75. $75 is two weeks of groceries. It's a month of bus fare. It's not even a school years worth of new shoes. It took weeks of $75 to get to the one saved my life. We both had parents that believed us when we said we weren't OK, but mine could afford to do something about it. I wonder how many kids like Joey wanted to die and were unlucky enough to actually pull it off. How many of those kids have someone who cared about them but also had to pay rent? I'm so lucky that right now i'm not describing Joey's funeral. ~ Neil Hilborn
Ramones Joey quotes by Neil Hilborn
Acknowledge people, not their jobs. ~ Joey Reiman
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Reiman
Most people play a fair game of golf - if you watch them. ~ Joey Lauren Adams
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Lauren Adams
Josh, what are you saying?"
He looks into my eyes and smiles. "I'm hoping you want to give us a chance when we get out of here. I know I don't deserve it, but I want to see where we can go with this. I still don't like the idea of being married and I'm not saying we need to divorce, but win or lose, I'm hoping for a chance. ~ Heidi McLaughlin
Ramones Joey quotes by Heidi McLaughlin
I love Jessica Chastain. I love her; she's amazing, and she's such a good actress, and she's been nominated for Oscars, and she's just a big role model to me. I love her. ~ Joey King
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey King
I'm not afraid of you. I'm not afraid of anything."
"Yes, you are, on both counts. You're afraid of everything. In England there are castles with stone walls that go up over a hundred feet, built during a time when it was the strength of your fortress that won battles. Each time I look at you, I marvel at the feat of organic engineering that's allowed you to create such a fortification within a perfect composition of female flesh. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
It's not like that anymore really, but back in the day, nobody would let the Misfits open up for them, not the Ramones, not the Cramps, nobody. ~ Glenn Danzig
Ramones Joey quotes by Glenn Danzig
We live in an abstract world that created the physical universe. ~ Joey Lawsin
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Lawsin
It shouldn't make any difference, but Friday and Saturday nights are the worst. They're the worst because the loneliness is magnified. The best you can do is hope that there is someone else like you out there, but if there is, you will never meet this person because she doesn't get out either.
So, you're left with your thoughts, and your thoughts are living people in your brain who call and hang up and lounge around like armed security guards who happen to be beautiful. In between these thoughts, you think about what's going on out there. The girl of your dreams is being ravaged by a man who doesn't have a care in the world. Just to hear her voice would make you happy for a week, but he gets to spend the day and night with her and thinks nothing of it. (…), there are boyfriends and girlfriends, people in love, wide awake. They hang out. They hang out. They hang out. They do nothing worthwhile except each other. Friends, friends, friends. Fiends. Inside jokes. There are so many stupid conversations going on right now. You could be having a meaningful conversation with a taxi driver. You could talk to him about how Travis Bickle's taxi was a metaphor for loneliness. (…) You have a gray tint on your contact lenses. But you have your work. They don't have that. They are cowards. Everyone seems so afraid to be alone. It takes strength to lie there alone and take it. They just want to copulate, and that's their biggest concern of the night. You want a tragedy. An assassination ~ Joey Goebel
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Goebel
I don't like to go trampling on other people's sounds. That's really about it - I don't gravitate towards it, I try to move away from it. ~ Joey Santiago
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Santiago
When answering the question "Who won?"
"Peter. Damn mutant cyborg. He can run the fastest. I guess that's a good thing, since when people are trying to blow you up or put bullets in your ass, being fast is important."
Lucas in Controlled Response ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
The New Kids took some hits for, you know, not writing their own music. But on a songwriting standpoint, I mean, I'd never written music before when I was in the group, ... Now the music is my music, so it's kind of like my baby, and that was a whole different experience. ~ Joey McIntyre
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey McIntyre
It's every teenager's dream to be in a band, tour the world and be famous. ~ Joey McIntyre
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey McIntyre
Finding that one person," he added, touching her hand to bring her gaze back to him, "it's a shift of paradigm that changes everything. What we always thought we wanted, what we know, what we don't. But when it clicks into place, that's also when everything makes sense, often for the very first time of our lives. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
If you can eliminate the yelling and listen to the message, there's a great message there. ~ Joey Galloway
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Galloway
What I have is surface. Grooming, good genetics, whatever. Whether you've rolled out of bed an hour ago without having had a shower for three days, or you're wearing a designer suit, there is a deep, perfect beauty to you that takes my breath away. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
Call had never thought much about age. Charlie Goodnight liked to talk about it, but Call found the talk tedious. He was as old as he was, like everyone else; as long as he could still go when he needed to go, age didn't matter much. He was still able, within reason, to do what he had a mind to do. But he'd had a mind to kill the large doe, and he hadn't. Of course, he wasn't an exceptional shot. He had missed mule deer before, but the fact that he had missed this one just when he had, was troubling. They were just coming into the home country of the young bandit, a boy with a keen eye and a German rifle with a telescope sight. Getting a knuckle stuck in a trigger guard would not be wise, in a contest with Joey Garza. ~ Larry McMurtry
Ramones Joey quotes by Larry McMurtry
Art isn't just paint and music, art is breaking glass and the sounds we make without realizing. ~ Joey Comeau
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey Comeau
Soundgarden and Metallica, The Ramones, Everclear ... I think they all wanted to see if we still knew how to play. ~ Rick Nielsen
Ramones Joey quotes by Rick Nielsen
Oh, for Christ's sake. Nothing is going to make your boy straight, Elaine. I didn't drag him into anything. But you're absolutely right. This is a battle for his soul, and while you may think I'm Lucifer, you sure as hell aren't God. This isn't about you or me. It's about the gift that defines his soul more than you or I will ever hope to do. If he doesn't have that for himself, neither of us will have anything. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
Tyler wrote:
Dearest Marguerite:
You've taught me a great deal about stillness. About the many things that can drift into your mind and heart when you shut down the barricades created by noise. Unexpected gifts of insight, revelation and wisdom. < ... >
But you taught me that love is found in stillness. It is the space between objects. It's the star you can't see if you look directly at it in the night sky, but if you look away, look forward, you see it in your peripheral vision, beside you, watching over you. If you lie down on the earth it's there, beneath you, cradling you.< ... >
You're my angel, my tormentor, my woman, my love.
God, Tyler is such a gentleman! He is gentle AND a gentleman. ~ Joey W. Hill
Ramones Joey quotes by Joey W. Hill
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