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What I am interested in, what I write and care about, exists in the slow lane, somewhere between hand-ploughed fields and a pint of real ale. ~ Fennel Hudson
Pace Of Life quotes by Fennel Hudson
I like to start slowly, and then ease up as the day progresses. ~ Fennel Hudson
Pace Of Life quotes by Fennel Hudson
In truth I suspect that merely slowing down is not a very satisfying answer. What I need has less to do with my pace of life than my peace of life. At any speed, I crave a deep and lasting inner peace. And if it's solace I'm after, I don't need to pace myself like a turtle, change jobs or set up house on a quiet island. It is usually frenetic living, not high energy, that robs my peace of mind. ~ Steve Goodier
Pace Of Life quotes by Steve Goodier
If industrialism, with its faster pace of life, has accelerated the family cycle, super-industrialism now threatens to smash it altogether. ~ Alvin Toffler
Pace Of Life quotes by Alvin Toffler
Its hard to explain what you want from your life. The best way to know is to keep your head up, your soul clean and keep moving with the pace of life. It will reveal all to you, when the time is right and the moon is bright. ~ Guru S Gill
Pace Of Life quotes by Guru S Gill
Move fluidly by earth of water and stop to listen to the wind as it whispers your whereabouts. . . Savour the path and enjoy the sun. ~ Nick Bantock
Pace Of Life quotes by Nick Bantock
The pace of life feels morally dangerous to me. ~ Richard Ford
Pace Of Life quotes by Richard Ford
My hope, for all future generations, is that they will have (in addition to sunshine, fresh air, clean water, and fertile soil) a somewhat slower pace of life, with plenty of time to pause, in quiet places . . . haunted places - everyday, accessible places, open to the public - places that are not too radically transformed over time - places susceptible of cultivation, where people can express their caring, and nature can respond - places with tough, gnarled roots and tangled stalks, with digging mammals and noisy birds - places of common remembrance and hopeful guidance - places of unexpected encounters - places that breed solidarity across difference - places where children can walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before - places that are perpetually up for adoption - places that have been humanized but not conquered or commodified - places that foster a kind of connectedness both mournful and celebratory. ~ Aaron Sachs
Pace Of Life quotes by Aaron Sachs
There is something eternally satisfying about lying motionless for hours on end, watching the world move around us like the shadow on a sundial. ~ Fennel Hudson
Pace Of Life quotes by Fennel Hudson
It's not the pace of life I mind. It's the sudden stop at the end. ~ Thomas Hobbes
Pace Of Life quotes by Thomas Hobbes
Has being on Duck Dynasty made you more comfortable in the public eye?

Jess: I never thought I'd get up and speak in front of thousands of people. The show has made us braver. I'm willing to show the world who we are, to tell our story, and to use this opportunity God has given us to share His love and His Word with other people. Anyway, it's all from Him, and we know we are blessed.
Jep: I want to be a great role model, and so I'm willing to get up and tell my story, even the hard parts, if it will help others. I also want to help people get back to the old ways with hunting and how much joy it is to provide for your family. I don't ever want to lose that and be some kind of a rich guy who has it made. Also, I never want to move away from Louisiana. I want my kids to grow up with their grandparents, cousins, and uncles and aunts. I learned so much from my granny, and I want my kids to have those relationships and teachable moments too. There's something about being in a smaller town; the pace of life here is so different, but in a good way. ~ Jep Robertson
Pace Of Life quotes by Jep Robertson
I miss you more than ever and do not know what to do.
I remember waking up at dawn,
but can't expect to live another day without you.
The mirror does not lie.
I feel so different.
I miss you you.
People spend and spend as long as the pace of life seems wrong.
I was so different when you were here.
It was so different when you were here.
There is nothing more difficult than living without you.
I'm suffering in the hope to once again see.
You get the cold out of my body and it asks for you.
But I do not know where you are ...
If you had been here, I would be so happy.
But there is nothing more difficult than living without you ... ~ Jose N Harris
Pace Of Life quotes by Jose N Harris
Life is not a race but a pace we need to maintain with reality. ~ Amit Abraham
Pace Of Life quotes by Amit Abraham
There are many different techniques and forms of meditation. The common element among these techniques is that the person takes time out from the daily pace of life to close their eyes and reflect on thoughts or images that create internal feelings of peace and relaxation. ~ Tim McCarthy
Pace Of Life quotes by Tim McCarthy
Our slower pace of life, our thoughtfulness, our spiritual and intellectual depth, and our listening abilities are prophetic qualities for the evangelical community, calling us to a renewed understanding of God and a fresh reading on the abundant life Jesus came to give us. Yet because of the extroverted bias in many of our churches, introverts are leading double lives. We are masquerading as extroverts in order to find acceptance, yet we feel displaced and confused. We are weary of fighting our introversion, and we long to live faithfully as the people we were created to be. ~ Adam S. McHugh
Pace Of Life quotes by Adam S. McHugh
Mine is a so-called vintage existence, anachronistic living, made all the more rewarding by keeping a raised eyebrow on the absurdities of modern life. ~ Fennel Hudson
Pace Of Life quotes by Fennel Hudson
Over the slow pass of winters and summers, Amanda had grown to understand the cycles that made up small-town life. She knew that fewer tourists meant easier work for the staff, but fewer tips for the servers, and less chance of picking up extra hours. A busy summer kept everyone hopping and the tills full, but it also shifted the steady pace of life, tugging it into a frenetic rate. ~ Danika Stone
Pace Of Life quotes by Danika Stone
I had come to the conclusion that I must really be French, only no one had ever informed me of this fact. I loved the people, the food, the lay of the land, the civilized atmosphere, and the generous pace of life. ~ Julia Child
Pace Of Life quotes by Julia Child
Hollywood is McWorld's storyteller, and it inculcates secularism, passivity, consumerism, vicariousness, impulse buying, and an accelerated pace of life, not as a result of its overt themes and explicit story lines but by virtue of what Hollywood is and how its products are consumed. ~ Benjamin R. Barber
Pace Of Life quotes by Benjamin R. Barber
My new deliberate and slower pace has created a higher quality in my experiences. ~ Lisa J. Shultz
Pace Of Life quotes by Lisa J. Shultz
And yet the time saved did not seem to mean additional leisure or greater opportunities for meditation and reflection. Instead, with each new wave of technology, the pace of life increased; there was more to do, more choices to make, more things to experience, and people eagerly seized upon those experiences and filled the hours that had only moments ago become empty. ~ Richard Paige
Pace Of Life quotes by Richard Paige
The more monetized society is, the more anxious and hurried its citizens. In parts of the world that are still somewhat outside the money economy, where subsistence farming still exists and where neighbors help each other, the pace of life is slower, less hurried. In rural Mexico, everything is done mañana. A Ladakhi peasant woman interviewed in Helena Norberg-Hodge's film Ancient Futures sums it all up in describing her city-dwelling sister: "She has a rice cooker, a car, a telephone - all kinds of time-saving devices. Yet when I visit her, she is always so busy we rarely have time to talk."

For the animal, child, or hunter-gatherer, time is essentially infinite. Today its monetization has subjected it, like the rest, to scarcity. Time is life. When we experience time as scarce, we experience life as short and poor. If you were born before adult schedules invaded childhood and children were rushed around from activity to activity, then perhaps you still remember the subjective eternity of childhood, the afternoons that stretched on forever, the timeless freedom of life before the tyranny of calendar and clocks.

"Clocks," writes John Zerzan, "make time scarce and life short." Once quantified, time too could be bought and sold, and the scarcity of all money-linked commodities afflicted time as well. "Time is money," the saying goes, an identity confirmed by the metaphor "I can't afford the time. ~ Charles Eisenstein
Pace Of Life quotes by Charles Eisenstein
Those who sprint might travel quicker, but we'll all end up in the same place at the end. ~ Fennel Hudson
Pace Of Life quotes by Fennel Hudson
I had often thought that if I managed to live through the war I wouldn't expect too much of life. How could one resent disappointment in love if life itself was continuously in doubt? Since Belgorod, terror had overturned all my preconceptions, and the pace of life had been so intense one no longer knew what elements of ordinary life to abandon in order to maintain some semblance of balance. I was still unresigned to the idea of death, but I had already sworn to myself during moments of intense fear that I would exchange anything - fortune, love, even a limb - if I could simply survive. ~ Guy Sajer
Pace Of Life quotes by Guy Sajer
The twin aspects of genius, the passive and the active, are possessed by the fully realized artist; they also form the necessary equipment of the Adept. Yet in very few people are these twin aspects manifested. Nearly everyone has a capacity for the passive aspect, which involves some sort of appreciation of aesthetic values. There are few people totally unresponsive to the beauties of nature, and none at all that is not responsive to its ferocious manifestations.Fewer are able to respond profoundly to the beauty of natural phenomena, and fewer still to so-called works of art. It takes a degree of genius to respond to such manifestations the whole time. Artists in this category are among the saints, some of whom thrilled with rapture at the constant awareness of the total unity, harmony, and beauty of things.

Such were Boehme, Ramakrishna, etc. Some yogis are immersed in an unsullied and vibrant bliss derived from the incessant contemplation of this 'world-bewitching maya'4-the breath-taking wonder of the great and glamorous illusion which surrounds us.
On the other side of the fence, on the side of active or creative genius, there are yet fewer. Active or creative genius means nothing less than the ability to translate the wonder or the terror of the great lfla (the great play of life) in terms of visual, tactile, audible, olfactory, or some other sensual presentation of phenomena.

But there is a third aspect of genius which is yet more rare. It is ~ Kenneth Grant
Pace Of Life quotes by Kenneth Grant
Something has to be incomplete in our life to make us understand life. Only when we miss something do we realize the importance of that something in our life.

We don't begin to live life when we have everything. We begin to live life when we have something missing and still we find meaning in that existence! ~ Avijeet Das
Pace Of Life quotes by Avijeet Das
A grateful environment is a substitute for happiness. It can quicken us from without as a fixed hope and affection, or as the consciousness of a right life, can quicken us from within. ~ George Santayana
Pace Of Life quotes by George Santayana
Enjoy today. It is one of the "good old days" you will miss in the future! ~ Etta Sawyerr
Pace Of Life quotes by Etta Sawyerr
She is vaguely satisfied; in fact she is on the cusp of complete satisfaction, she teeters there, undecided. To give into complete satisfaction is to allow that it can disappear as quickly as it arrived. Once you feel it, you will want it forever. And you cannot have it forever. Because life is not perfect. ~ Jami Attenberg
Pace Of Life quotes by Jami Attenberg
Her other paramour was a student at the UASD
one of those City College types who's been in school eleven years and is always five credits shy of a degree. Students today don't mean na; but in Latin America whipped into a frenzy by the fall of Arbenz, by the stoning of Nixon, by the Guerillas of the Sierra Madre, by the endless cynical maneuverings of the Yankee Pig Dogs
in a Latin America already a year and a half into the Decade of Guerilla
a student was something else altogether, an agent for change, a quantum string in the staid Newtonian universe. Such a student was Arquimedes. He also listened to the shortwave, but not for Dodgers scores; what he risked his life for was the news leaking out of Havana, news of the future. Arquemides was, therefore, a student, the son of a Zapatero and a midwife, a tirapiedra and a quemagoma for life. Being a student wasn't a joke, not with Trujillo and Johnny Abbes scooping up everybody following the foiled Cuban Invasion of 1959. ~ Junot Diaz
Pace Of Life quotes by Junot Diaz
It would have been so much in accordance with the wisdom of life, which consists in putting out of sight all the reminders of our folly, of our weakness, of our mortality; all that makes against our efficiency - the memory of our failures, the hints of our undying fears, the bodies of our dead friends. ~ Joseph Conrad
Pace Of Life quotes by Joseph Conrad
I miss my mother every day," I said. "But this is my life and everything that has made me who I am, so I can't dwell on what might have been." I'd always be out of step with most people my age who'd been given many more chances to get it right, whose parents were there to scoop them up when they faltered and to point them in the right direction when indecisions were met. I had quickly learned that my own safety net had sizeable gaping holes in it, which likely explained why lately I felt like I was at sea without a life preserver. ~ Meredith Wild
Pace Of Life quotes by Meredith Wild
Life is a wonderful journey
no one knows what will happen in the future
we have to go ahead of the moon and stars
we have to reach beyond the skies
this world will be left behind
who knows what the future is ~ Hlovate
Pace Of Life quotes by Hlovate
So many of the chemical reactions occurring in living systems have been shown to be catalytic processes occurring isothermally on the surface of specific proteins, referred to as enzymes, that it seems fairly safe to assume that all are of this nature and that the proteins are the necessary basis for carrying out the processes that we call life. ~ John Desmond Bernal
Pace Of Life quotes by John Desmond Bernal
I was working at the 'New York Times,' ruing every second of my life, thinking how was I ever going to get out of here, and thinking that one could only do it the way newspaper people have always done it. I needed a scoop, and I would go out and I would dream upon coming upon fires or the sky falling in front of me or anything. ~ Michael Wolf
Pace Of Life quotes by Michael Wolf
His throat bobbled. His kiss that time was deep and thorough, unhurried and intent.
I let the dawn creep inside me, let it grow with each movement of his lips and brush of his tongue against mine. Tears pricked beneath my closed eyes.
It was the happiest moment of my life. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Pace Of Life quotes by Sarah J. Maas
These fits of jealousy, which of late had been more and more frequent, horrified him and, however much he tried to disguise the fact, estranged him from her, although he knew the cause of her jealousy was her love for him. How often he had told himself that to be loved by her was happiness; and now that she loved him only as a woman can for whom love outweighs all that is good in life, he was much farther from happiness than when he had followed her from Moscow. ~ Leo Tolstoy
Pace Of Life quotes by Leo Tolstoy
For many, graduation marks the end of formal student life - the end of long spring breaks and of thinking that a 10 A.M. class is far too early. ~ Alexa Von Tobel
Pace Of Life quotes by Alexa Von Tobel
Gentleness is a great strength. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Pace Of Life quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
My wife, who is the linchpin of my life, claims that I have a presence much bigger than my physique. She says that people measure me by the impression I make on them.
I find this notion ludicrous. It is bullshit born of love. ~ Dean Koontz
Pace Of Life quotes by Dean Koontz
I think it may truly said that if you are tired of San Francisco, you are tired of life. ~ Charles McCabe
Pace Of Life quotes by Charles McCabe
The first thing he noticed was how quiet it was. This was nothing like the kind of quiet he heard when he woke up in the middle of the night after a bad dream. When that happened, there were always strange, unidentifiable sounds seeping into his room from the tiny gaps where the windowpanes weren't sealed together correctly. At those moments he could always tell there was life outside, even if all that life was fast asleep. It was a silence that wasn't silence at all. ~ John Boyne
Pace Of Life quotes by John Boyne
That's silly," said Princess Farukhuaz. "A king would never risk his own life to get rid of a single evil spirit in some smelly provincial town."
"Ah," said the nurse, "but this one did. Not all kings are cruel immoral men who send others to do the work they are too frightened to carry out themselves."
"You're trying to trick me into softening my heart toward marriage," said Farukhuaz. "It won't work. But please continue."
"Very well," said the nurse ~ G. Willow Wilson
Pace Of Life quotes by G. Willow Wilson
Thank God for them all, of course, and for that strange interval, which was most of my life, when I read out of loneliness, and when bad company was much better than no company. You can love a bad book for its haplessness or pomposity or gall, if you have that starveling appetite for things human, which I devoutly hope you never will have. "The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. ~ Marilynne Robinson
Pace Of Life quotes by Marilynne Robinson
They think that your body creates a desire and makes a choice for you just about in some such way as if iron ore transformed itself into railroad rails of its own volition. Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a man's sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. ~ Ayn Rand
Pace Of Life quotes by Ayn Rand
No mortal ever has been, no mortal ever will be like the soul just launched on the sea of life. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Pace Of Life quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
And in the fall, the cold would wither that which was known, scattering new seed. In the spring, that which had been sleeping awoke and a new season of beauty began. For Life seeks life and builds a bridge across the darkest valley. ~ David Paul Kirkpatrick
Pace Of Life quotes by David Paul Kirkpatrick
For I do not believe God means us thus to divide life into half halves - to wear a grave face on Sunday, and to think it out-of-place to even so much as mention Him on a weekday. Do you think he cares to see only kneeling figures, and to hear only tones of prayer - and that He does not also love to see the lambs leaping in the sunlight, and to hear the merry voices of the children as they roll among the hay? Surely their innocent laughter is as sweet in His ears as the grandest anthem that ever rolled up from the 'dim religious light' of some solemn cathedral? ~ Lewis Carroll
Pace Of Life quotes by Lewis Carroll
Don't let life's challenges discourage you. Some things are just out of your control. Make it work for you! The most painful lessons of the past can teach you how to survive in the present . ~ Carlos Wallace
Pace Of Life quotes by Carlos Wallace
It's a memoir of various events in my own life, but it's also a teaching book: along the way I explain the writing decisions I made. They are the same decisions that confront every writer going in search of his or her past: matters of selection, reduction, organization and tone. ~ William Zinsser
Pace Of Life quotes by William Zinsser
Optimism sprouts from the knowledge that you are in control of your own life, not your past and not those around you. Part of being in control is taking responsibility for how you feel. This means not just admitting to uncomfortable feelings but then examining your circumstances to see what can be done to change these feelings at the source. ~ Augusten Burroughs
Pace Of Life quotes by Augusten Burroughs
Some people in this life really enjoy being sent up and Nicholas Parsons is one of them because he's a sadomasochist. ~ Derek Nimmo
Pace Of Life quotes by Derek Nimmo
Kids need stuff which is different than what their life is that they can kind of live through. ~ Kathy Valentine
Pace Of Life quotes by Kathy Valentine
And I'll tell you something else. I'm not worried that you'll find someone else, because there isn't anyone else on the face of the earth who could ever love you as much as I do. It's impossible because no man has ever loved a woman as much as I love you. And I'm not worried about me finding someone else, because you brought me back from the dead and gave me a second chance at life. ~ Katy Regnery
Pace Of Life quotes by Katy Regnery
Because I had children relatively late - in my 40s rather than in my 20s - it wasn't anything I ever knew that I would do. It kind of happened to me: I met the right woman and we had children. It was a revelation because it suddenly makes me realize, 'Oh, I get it. Now I know what to do with the rest of my life.' ~ Mark Strong
Pace Of Life quotes by Mark Strong
As life becomes harder and more threatening, it also becomes richer, because the fewer expectations we have, the more good things of life become unexpected gifts that we accept with gratitude. ~ Etty Hillesum
Pace Of Life quotes by Etty Hillesum
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