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Waste equals food, whether it's food for the earth, or for a closed industrial cycle. We manufacture products that go from cradle to grave. We want to manufacture them from cradle to cradle. ~ William McDonough
Oyono Products quotes by William McDonough
I think there are lots of opportunities to improve the product. When you read the press, people say, "Oh, the product needs improvement." I look at that and say, "Hey, that's an exciting thing to get behind!" Because they can improve that product. That leaves more upside from an innovation and revenue potential than you're gonna find in [a] lot of places. So you could say that's a downside, I see that as an opportunity. ~ Steve Ballmer
Oyono Products quotes by Steve Ballmer
Is it OK for Amazon to know every word of every book you've read? Are you comfortable with that? Maybe you are. Is it OK to let everybody know you eat Corn Flakes? OK, but then there are certain products you might not want people to know that you're using. ~ Jesse Schell
Oyono Products quotes by Jesse Schell
Liz pasted on a smile, trying to appear normal in light of the fact that he had possibly incriminating knowledge on her from the background check. She hoped her application for a marriage license with Craig wasn't in the report. Or her long shopping record for organization systems from The Container Store. Or her many Internet searches for breeds of nonshedding dogs (she was waiting for the house with a yard before getting one). Or her long-time obsession with new cleaning products. ~ Kylie Gilmore
Oyono Products quotes by Kylie Gilmore
One of the gabelle's most irritating inventions was the sel du devoir, the salt duty. Every person in the Grande Gabelle over the age of eight was required to purchase seven kilograms (15.4 pounds) of salt each year at a fixed high government price. This was far more salt than could possibly be used, unless it was for making salt fish, sausages, hams, and other salt-cured goods. But using the sel du devoir to make salted products was illegal, and, if caught, the perpetrator would be charged with the crime of faux saunage, salt fraud, which carried severe penalties. Many simple acts were grounds for a charge of faux saunage. In the Camargue, shepherds who let their flocks drink the salty pond water could be charged with avoiding the gabelle. ~ Mark Kurlansky
Oyono Products quotes by Mark Kurlansky
Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery. ~ Ram Dass
Oyono Products quotes by Ram Dass
Apple's goal isn't to make money. Our goal is to design and develop and bring to market good products. ~ Jonathan Ive
Oyono Products quotes by Jonathan Ive
Somewhere down the line, I realised that dairy products were giving me acidity, so now I am a vegan. ~ Kangana Ranaut
Oyono Products quotes by Kangana Ranaut
We are not the ones driving the boat of our behavior, at least not nearly as much as we believe. Who we are runs well below the surface of our conscious access, and the details reach back in time before our birth, when the meeting of a sperm and egg granted us with certain attributes and not others. Who we can be begins with our molecular blueprints - a series of alien codes penned in invisibly small strings of acids - well before we have anything to do with it. We are a product of our inaccessible, microscopic history. ~ David Eagleman
Oyono Products quotes by David Eagleman
Not since the digital revolution in the early '90s has technology placed such a comprehensive burden on business, employees and individuals to reinvent their business plans, services and products, and themselves to keep pace with the changing marketplace. ~ Simon Mainwaring
Oyono Products quotes by Simon Mainwaring
The most effectual encouragement to population is, the activity of industry, and the consequent multiplication of the national products. ~ Thomas Malthus
Oyono Products quotes by Thomas Malthus
I made my money with software - encoded knowledge without which few products and services can exist today - and so it seemed imperative that this would be the field where I would give something back. ~ Hasso Plattner
Oyono Products quotes by Hasso Plattner
I don't know that I can give a definitive answer to that, I can only say that if we create the right climate those who are producing those products will have the opportunity to move into a higher value product if changes are needed if we get this right. ~ John Anderson
Oyono Products quotes by John Anderson
There are now businesses and entire industries that exist solely as a result of federal patronage. Profiting from government instead of earning profits in the economy, such businesses can continue to succeed even if they are squandering resources and making products that people wouldn't ordinarily buy. ~ Charles Koch
Oyono Products quotes by Charles Koch
We have the whitest kitchens and the most shining bathrooms in the world. But in the lovely white kitchen the average [person] can't produce a meal fit to eat, and the lovely shining bathroom is mostly a receptacle for deodorants, laxatives, sleeping pills, and the products of that confidence racket called the cosmetic industry. We make the finest packages in the world, Mr Marlowe. The stuff inside is mostly junk. ~ Raymond Chandler
Oyono Products quotes by Raymond Chandler
Junk food, junk religion, and junk products just leads to excessive numbers of junk people living junk lifestyles. ~ Peter J. Carroll
Oyono Products quotes by Peter J. Carroll
Am I an Apple bigot? No. I can critique their products and their customer service philosophy. But overall, they do better than any other player. ~ Donald Norman
Oyono Products quotes by Donald Norman
Wealth is not a given or an accident of history. It is not bestowed on us like rain from above. It is the product of human creativity in an environment of freedom. The freedom to own, to make contracts, to save, to invest, to associate, and to trade: these are the key to prosperity. ~ Llewellyn Rockwell
Oyono Products quotes by Llewellyn Rockwell
Founders should think of their company as a product and build it and shape it with the same passion and care. ~ Roelof Botha
Oyono Products quotes by Roelof Botha
Pinterest has been helpful to my business. Making inspiration boards is really key to developing products. When I was getting married, I literally cut out tear sheets and put my own boards together. Had I known about Pinterest, I would have been able to do it so much more easily. ~ Dylan Lauren
Oyono Products quotes by Dylan Lauren
Since we started putting together our makeup collection, Kardashian Beauty, I've been extra invested in our list of no-no ingredients. It's an ingredients black list that we don't allow into the products - no parabens, no sulfates. ~ Kourtney Kardashian
Oyono Products quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
In a world dependent on international trade and commerce, and staggering under a heavy load of international debt, no policy is more destructive than protectionism. It cuts off markets, eliminates trade, causes unemployment in the export industries all over the world, depresses the prices of export commodities, especially farm products of the United States. It is the crowning folly of government intervention. ~ Hans F. Sennholz
Oyono Products quotes by Hans F. Sennholz
I think you can write very good comedy without a partner, but what I love about it, working with a partner, is that you get to places you'd never get on your own. It's like when God was designing the world and decided we couldn't have children without a partner; it was a way of mixing up the genes so you'd get a more interesting product. ~ John Cleese
Oyono Products quotes by John Cleese
What this implies at a deeper level is that many of what are now widely accepted principles of good management are, in fact, only situationally appropriate. There are times at which it is right not to listen to customers, right to invest in developing lower-performance products that promise lower margins, and right to aggressively pursue small, rather than substantial, markets. ~ Clayton M Christensen
Oyono Products quotes by Clayton M Christensen
What I'm saying is we're making product with chitlins. T-shirts! That's the most we can make. ~ Kanye West
Oyono Products quotes by Kanye West
The vast preponderance of evidence in modern epidemiology shows that those who eat more whole plant foods and fewer animal products and processed foods have lower rates of chronic disease and longer lifespans. ~ Joel Fuhrman
Oyono Products quotes by Joel Fuhrman
I never went round to loads of managers saying 'this is what I have, this is my product and I'm going to be famous so you'd better sign me up.' They came to me. ~ Amy Winehouse
Oyono Products quotes by Amy Winehouse
Now it seems that everything in the world stems from sources other than God, since the products of nature have their source in nature; deliberate effects can be traced back to human reason or will as their source. There is no need then to assume that God exists. ~ Thomas Aquinas
Oyono Products quotes by Thomas Aquinas
When it comes to jobs, jobs are just like products in the sense that the free market operates and sees that somebody gets paid what they're worth. ~ Wayne Rogers
Oyono Products quotes by Wayne Rogers
Poetry, whose material is language, is perhaps the most human and least worldly of the arts, the one in which the end product remains closest to the thought that inspired it. ~ Hannah Arendt
Oyono Products quotes by Hannah Arendt
You just have to do the thing that you feel is true to your vision, and then the audience will make the decision. But as soon as you feel like you're creating a product to just cater to what you think they want, it never works. It always feels phony. And the audience can tell immediately. ~ Rob Zombie
Oyono Products quotes by Rob Zombie
The course of time, all of Apple's competitors lost their WHY. Now all those companies define themselves by WHAT they do: we make computers. They turned from companies with a cause into companies that sold products. And when that happens, price, quality, service and features become the primary currency to motivate a purchase decision. At that point a company and its products have ostensibly become commodities. As any company forced to compete on price, quality, service or features alone can attest, it is very hard to differentiate for any period of time or build loyalty on those factors alone. ~ Simon Sinek
Oyono Products quotes by Simon Sinek
The only barrier to entry you can create is to consistently build a great product. ~ Aaron Levie
Oyono Products quotes by Aaron Levie
I am not antiwhite, because I understand that white people, like black ones, are victims of a racist society. They are products of their time and place. ~ Shirley Chisholm
Oyono Products quotes by Shirley Chisholm
Man tends to regard the order he lives in as natural. The houses he passes on his way to work seem more like rocks rising out of the earth than like products of human hands. He considers the work he does in his office or factory as essential to the har­monious functioning of the world. The clothes he wears are exactly what they should be, and he laughs at the idea that he might equally well be wearing a Roman toga or medieval armor. He respects and envies a minister of state or a bank director, and regards the possession of a considerable amount of money the main guarantee of peace and security. He cannot believe that one day a rider may appear on a street he knows well, where cats sleep and chil­dren play, and start catching passers-by with his lasso. He is accustomed to satisfying those of his physio­logical needs which are considered private as dis­creetly as possible, without realizing that such a pattern of behavior is not common to all human so­cieties. In a word, he behaves a little like Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush, bustling about in a shack poised precariously on the edge of a cliff.
His first stroll along a street littered with glass from bomb-shattered windows shakes his faith in the "naturalness" of his world. The wind scatters papers from hastily evacuated offices, papers labeled "Con­fidential" or "Top Secret" that evoke visions of safes, keys, conferences, couriers, and secretaries. Now the wind blows them through the street for anyone to read; yet no ~ Czesław Miłosz
Oyono Products quotes by Czesław Miłosz
We all declare for liberty, but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Oyono Products quotes by Abraham Lincoln
There are people who are uncanny, who are finished products at a young age. I wasn't, thank God. ~ Itzhak Perlman
Oyono Products quotes by Itzhak Perlman
We can't be won back with hipper worship bands, fancy coffee shops, or pastors who wear skinny jeans. We millennials have been advertised to our entire lives, so we can smell b.s. from a mile away. The church is the last place we want to be sold another product, the last place we want to be entertained. ~ Rachel Held Evans
Oyono Products quotes by Rachel Held Evans
My dad kept me away from people who treat children wrong. It's just amazing that there is such a way to raise a person without giving them complexes. But nobody does it. They think it should be the old school. But look at the products. Wouldn't it be great if you could avoid the complexes? Then you could deal with the complexes of life. ~ Juliette Lewis
Oyono Products quotes by Juliette Lewis
In the history of enterprise, most of the protagonists of major new products and companies began their education - not in the classroom, where the old ways are taught, but in the factories and labs where new ways are wrought ... nothing has been so rare in recent years as an Ivy League graduate who has made a significant innovation in American enterprise. ~ George Gilder
Oyono Products quotes by George Gilder
Stay positive, joyful, and optimistic in your activism, even in the face of adversity. Understand that most people continue to consume animal products because they are unaware of the hidden cost - animal cruelty - not because they are bad or apathetic. Offer information, support, and resources in a friendly and supportive manner, as few people have begun their journey toward a compassionate lifestyle by being shamed or ridiculed. Turn anger and frustration into motivation to be as effective as possible. ~ Nathan Runkle
Oyono Products quotes by Nathan Runkle
Nobody talks about boring companies, boring products, or boring ads," argues one prominent word-of-mouth advocate. ~ Jonah Berger
Oyono Products quotes by Jonah Berger
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