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Nations in their great ages have not been great in art or science, but in art and science. ~ Jacob Bronowski
Obray Art quotes by Jacob Bronowski
Sex is perhaps like culture - a luxury that only becomes an art after generations of leisurely acquaintance. Why we scarcely approach either as individuals - it's mass propulsion still! ~ Alice B. Toklas
Obray Art quotes by Alice B. Toklas
Writing is the one art form that really should allow you to hang yourself. ~ Peter Sotos
Obray Art quotes by Peter Sotos
If conversation be an art, like painting, sculpture, and literature, it owes its most power charm to nature; and the least shade of formality or artifice destroys the effect of the best collection of words. ~ Henry Theodore Tuckerman
Obray Art quotes by Henry Theodore Tuckerman
He had come abroad to enjoy the Flemish painters and all others; but what fair-tressed saint of Van Eyck or Memling was so interesting a figure as Madame de Mauves? ~ Henry James
Obray Art quotes by Henry James
I'm from the South, and there's a different understanding of how to chop. There's a syllable play. It's a delicate art. Your accent has a lot to do with it. If you're from a certain area, words don't roll of your tongue as slick. ~ Yelawolf
Obray Art quotes by Yelawolf
I am inspired by life, past experiences, what's to come, women around me, art, colors, paintings, and emotions. ~ Rachel Roy
Obray Art quotes by Rachel Roy
Thabit ibn Qurra (AD 836-901, and also born in Harran), would have had little patience with loaded terms like "star idolatry" which seek to place the "paganism" of the Sabians on a lower level than the deadly, and often bigoted, narrow-minded and unscientific clerical monotheism of religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Thabit was well aware that, underlying the ancient Sabian practices misunderstood by these young religions as "star idolatry," were indeed exact sciences of great benefit to mankind, and thus he wrote: 'Who else have civilized the world, and built the cities, if not the nobles and kings of Paganism? Who else have set in order the harbors and rivers? And who else have taught the hidden wisdom? To whom else has the Deity revealed itself, given oracles, and told about the future, if not the famous men among the Pagans? The Pagans have made known all this. They have discovered the art of healing the soul; they have also made known the art of healing the body. They have filled the earth with settled forms of government, and with wisdom, which is the highest good. Without Paganism the world would be empty and miserable. ~ Graham Hancock
Obray Art quotes by Graham Hancock
The world is filled to suffocating. Man has placed his token on every stone. Every word, every image, is leased and mortgaged. We know that a picture is but a space in which a variety of images, none of them original, blend and clash. ~ Sherrie Levine
Obray Art quotes by Sherrie Levine
Most people don't realize the many steps that a pop-up goes through. There are a variety of "Dummies" (the sketch phase of the book). Then finally the pencil "dummy", then the finished art which is like painting pieces of a jig saw puzzle. ~ Tomie DePaola
Obray Art quotes by Tomie DePaola
Making lyrics feel natural, sit on music in such a way that you don't feel the effort of the author, so that they shine and bubble and rise and fall, is very, very hard to do. Whereas you can sit at the piano and just play and feel you're making art. ~ Stephen Sondheim
Obray Art quotes by Stephen Sondheim
What I like about baroque is the reemergence of pre-Christian religion. The art of baroque mixes ancient pre-Christian myths with Christian imagery and each reflects upon the other. ~ Camille Henrot
Obray Art quotes by Camille Henrot
Science is not just there for technology. It's part of what addressing who you are in the universe and understanding your place in the cosmos. Good art, good literature, good music - all of that is for that and science is a part of it. ~ Lawrence M. Krauss
Obray Art quotes by Lawrence M. Krauss
Entering into the spirit of this interior, you will discover the best possible atmosphere in which to show fine paintings or listen to music. It is this atmosphere that seems to me most lacking in our art galleries, museums, music halls and theaters. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Obray Art quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
Sex, creativity, music, art, family, love, beauty, and creative imagination are all part of the spiritual path in the tantric traditions. So I think that for today that has a lot to say to us about not dividing ourselves from ourselves. ~ Surya Das
Obray Art quotes by Surya Das
I'm tired of 'pretentious' just being used as an excuse to dismiss anything that fucking expects you to have a brain. ~ T.J. Kirk
Obray Art quotes by T.J. Kirk
Wildlife is and should be useless in the same way art, music, poetry and even sports are useless. They are useless in the sense that they do nothing more than raise our spirits, make us laugh or cry, frighten, disturb and delight us. They connect us not just to what's weird, different, other, but to a world where we humans do not matter nearly as much as we like to think.
And that should be enough. ~ Richard Conniff
Obray Art quotes by Richard Conniff
I always wanted to be an artist, I just didn't know that you could be, or how you could be. I went to an art high school but they never even took me to a gallery. ~ Francesca DiMattio
Obray Art quotes by Francesca DiMattio
What were prizes but one more level of control imposed on Art by the establishment? ~ Margaret Atwood
Obray Art quotes by Margaret Atwood
Is there not a certain satisfaction in the fact that natural limits are set to the life of the individual, so that at the conclusion it may appear as a work of art? ~ Albert Einstein
Obray Art quotes by Albert Einstein
Philosophy is the art of dying.Philosophy is an activity that has always been concerned with how one seizes hold of one's mortality, and I see myself continuing a very ancient tradition that goes back to Socrates and Epicurus, which is that to be a philosopher is to try and learn how to die. In learning how to die, one learns how to live. ~ Simon Critchley
Obray Art quotes by Simon Critchley
We are part of the world creation, and we ourselves create nothing. Our knowledge allows us to make use of all the forces already in existence, our art to interpret emotions already felt. One big war, an epidemic, and we collapse into ignorance and darkness, fit sons of chimpanzees. ~ Arshile Gorky
Obray Art quotes by Arshile Gorky
Think of this: If it weren't for greed, intolerance, hate, passion and murder, you would have no works of art, no great buildings, no medical science, no Mozart, no van Gogh, no Muppets and no Louis Armstrong. The civilization that devises the infrastructure to allow these wonderful things to be created is essentially a product of war - death and suffering - and commerce - deceit and inequality. Even your liberty to discuss the shortcomings of your own species has its foundations in blood and hardship." "That's a depressing thought, ~ Jasper Fforde
Obray Art quotes by Jasper Fforde
I wonder if more students would do better in elementary and high school if teachers taught more about individual exploration of subjects and less about sliding smoothly along observational ruts. Exploration is a liberal art, because it is an art that liberates, that frees, that opens away from narrowness. And it is fun. ~ John R. Stilgoe
Obray Art quotes by John R. Stilgoe
I have no idea where I'm going but here's the real question: What am I doing here in the first place? ~ Art Buchwald
Obray Art quotes by Art Buchwald
I think you can leave the arts, superior or inferior, to the conscience of mankind. ~ William Butler Yeats
Obray Art quotes by William Butler Yeats
Political events are part of everyday life [in Colombia], so art and politics came to me as a natural thing, something that has been very much present in my life from the start. ~ Doris Salcedo
Obray Art quotes by Doris Salcedo
I really wanted to take the viewer to the 'here and now' regarding the exterminations, and communicate directly in a visceral way. The art of cinema can communicate that way, and that's why I wanted to do it that way. ~ Laszlo Nemes
Obray Art quotes by Laszlo Nemes
A game of chess holds many secrets. Fortunately! That is why we cannot clearly state whether chess is science, art, or a sport. ~ Garry Kasparov
Obray Art quotes by Garry Kasparov
Stories are not just entertainment, not to me. A story records and transmits the experience of being human. It teaches us what it's like to be who we are. Nothing but art can do this. There is no science that can capture the inner life. No words can describe it directly. We can only speak of it in metaphors. We can only say: it's like this - this story, this picture, this song. ~ Andrew Klavan
Obray Art quotes by Andrew Klavan
Is being burnt a requisite for the making of art? Personally, I don't think it is. But art is poultice for a burn. It is a privilege to have, somewhere within you, a capacity for making something speak from your own seared experience. ~ Molly Peacock
Obray Art quotes by Molly Peacock
What was any art but a mold to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself- life hurrying past us and running away, to strong to stop, too sweet to lose. ~ Willa Cather
Obray Art quotes by Willa Cather
The lucid dream, located as it is at a crossroads between worlds and states of consciousness, places the magician in a unique position to influence the delicate balance of consciousness and the interplay it has on matter in the waking state, and is thus an opportunity to test one's ability in the art of adjusting the mutable fabric of Maya. ~ Zeena Schreck
Obray Art quotes by Zeena Schreck
Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms. ~ Roy Lichtenstein
Obray Art quotes by Roy Lichtenstein
Resolve, and thou art free. But breathe the air
Of mountains, and their unapproachable summits
Will lift thee to the level of themselves. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Obray Art quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Some day you will be able to step back and see the entire work of art. In that moment you will understand how truly remarkable and beautiful your life was. You will realize that every brush stroke had a purpose. When you finally see the masterpiece in its entirety you will understand that there was no other way it could have ever been painted. ~ Alex Alexander
Obray Art quotes by Alex Alexander
No one can really explain in a rational way what makes a good photograph or a bad photograph ... This is why the art world will not throw billions of dollars at photography the way it has at painting; and that is what makes it an exciting medium. ~ David Wojnarowicz
Obray Art quotes by David Wojnarowicz
I owe much to mother. She had an expert's understanding, but also approached art emotionally. ~ David Rockefeller
Obray Art quotes by David Rockefeller
Those wildly scary stories you tell yourself that give you anxiety attacks come from the same source (your imagination) that helps you create wildly imaginative works of art. ~ Carrie Bloomston
Obray Art quotes by Carrie Bloomston
Civilization is paralysis. ~ Paul Gauguin
Obray Art quotes by Paul Gauguin
But now the artist is in the amphitheatre. Of necessity, his voice is not quite the same; it is not nearly so firm. ~ Albert Camus
Obray Art quotes by Albert Camus
I grew up in a martial arts gym surrounded by men and boys, and I pretty much call myself a tomboy. ~ Katheryn Winnick
Obray Art quotes by Katheryn Winnick
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